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4 Excellent Homeopathic Medicines for Vaginal Dryness

Women of any age group can suffer from vaginal dryness though women of menopausal age are major sufferers of this condition owing to reduced estrogen levels. Lack of vaginal lubrication mainly leads to pain during intercourse (dyspareunia). This can be accompanied by itching, burning and bleeding at times while coition. Apart from menopause, childbirth, lactation and anti-estrogen drugs can cause vaginal dryness. Homeopathic remedies for vaginal dryness are natural and work at the root level to increase vaginal lubrication. homeopathic remedies for vaginal dryness

These medicines are safe and without any toxic side-effects. They can, therefore, be given to women of all age groups. Homeopathy medicines are most effective in treating complaints of painful sex and bleeding after intercourse from vaginal dryness. Women going through their menopause suffer the most as a result of vaginal dryness owing to lowered estrogen levels. Other accompanying complaints such as hot flushes, mood swings, irritability, and low sex drive also appear as the woman transitions into the menopausal phase. This mode of treatment is known to offer effective recovery from these symptoms, including vaginal dryness.

Homeopathic Remedies for Vaginal Dryness

Top three medicines for vaginal dryness are Sepia, Lycopodium, and Natrum Mur. Sepia is one of the best medicines for vaginal dryness where painful sex and bleeding following intercourse result. Sepia is an excellent remedy for vaginal dryness in women going through menopause as well. Lycopodium is best suited where vaginal dryness is accompanied by burning in the vagina. Natrum Mur is a good choice among medicines for vaginal dryness where the symptoms include itching, soreness and smarting pains.

1. Sepia and Lycopodium – For Vaginal Dryness

On a long list of medicines for vaginal dryness, Sepia and Lycopodium are rated top grade remedies. Sepia is recommended where vaginal dryness is attended with marked itching. Pain from vaginal dryness during intercourse also indicates the use of Sepia. Sepia is also the best suited among medicines for vaginal dryness during menopause and after childbirth. Sex drive may be low in such cases. Lycopodium is selected where burning accompanies dryness in the vagina. Pain and burning are worse during and after coition.

2. Sepia and Natrum Mur – For Vaginal Dryness during Menopause

Sepia and Natrum figure among top grade medicines for vaginal dryness during menopause. Pain while coition is also noticed with occasional bleeding in such cases. Apart from vaginal dryness, Sepia also helps deal with hot flushes and mood swings that accompany menopause. Bearing down sensation in the uterus and prolapse of the uterus are other common complaints for which Sepia is frequently used. Natrum Mur is the most effective among medicines for vaginal dryness in cases with symptoms of soreness, itching and smarting pain along with dryness in the vagina. Women who need Natrum Mur also complain of dyspareunia from dryness of vagina.

3. Sepia and Platina – For Dryness with Pain during Intercourse (Dyspareunia)

Highly recommended medicines for vaginal dryness leading to dyspareunia are Sepia and Platina. Sepia is a good choice for pain during intercourse from vaginal dryness. Bleeding may also appear during coition. Women who are prescribed Sepia usually have a low sex drive. Irritability and mood swings may also be noted. Platina works well where hypersensitivity of genitals accompanies dry vagina. Platine is prescribed for both dyspareunia and vaginismus, making it one of the excellent medicines for vaginal dryness of this type. Itching may also accompany dryness of vagina in such cases. Sexual desire is high in cases where Platina is indicated.

4. Argentum Nitricum and Sepia – For Bleeding after Intercourse

There are many medicines for vaginal dryness leading to bleeding during intercourse. The most prominent among these are Argentum Nitricum and Sepia. Argentum Nitricum is the most suitable among medicines for vaginal dryness in cases where sex is painful and bleeding follows intercourse. Sepia is another excellent choice of medicine for bleeding after intercourse arising from vaginal dryness, but mainly in women of menopausal age. The women experience an aversion to sex. The genitals are tender to touch in such cases.

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  1. I am 64. Menopause at age 50. Last few months having discomfort in vagina. No discharge is there..just intermittent soreness. No itching or redness..which medicine can I take

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,
      I am 62, menopause at 50…. severe vaginal atrophy…itching, dryness, just wiping irritates the skin.
      I have tried vaginal estrogen cream, cortaid, triamcynelone, etc etc and nothing helps. Sex is impossible. Is there anything??? Been to 3 doctors with no answer…. please help!

  2. Ashok Bharane says:

    Hi Dr Sharma , greetings of the day.
    I’m 60 + , my spouse is 55 she had postmenopausal, and less in libido , having dryness. There is no vaginal lubricants naturally , I know due to menopause, decrease the estrogen levels so vaginal dryness is natural. Dr I’m alopath dr ,but in this case I want homiopathic medicine for this with home supply of medicine .Is it possible .?
    Reply me.

    • Hi Dr Sharma. I’m post menopausal, 62 years. Vaginal dryness has been a problem for the past few years. Which homeopathic remedy or remedies would you suggest please? Also I need something to increase libido and make orgasm easier. I never took HRT because of the risk of breast cancer and I don’t like chemicals. As it is I have to take paracetamol daily for osteoarthritis. Thank you for your help. Devina

  3. Hi dr I have been sa firing from pain full intercorse dryness and little bleeding after intercores what can I take ????

  4. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I’m premenapausal, I am interested in what suppliments to take for night sweats, hot flashes, headaches, low libido, vaginal dryness, interrupted sleep, overactive bladder and over active mind. Thank You!

  5. Vladimir Krasovitskiy says:

    i am in postmenopause .i have overactive bladder,vaginal dryeness.It means atropick vaginatis.Which homeopatick medicine can i take?Please,please help.I cant take estrogen because my mother had cancer breast.Thanks

  6. Harinath Banerjee says:

    Vagina itching burning during intercourse.pleasesuggest medicine.

  7. hello! dr. Sharma. My wife is 23 years aged. But after our marriage ther from 5 years she have been suffering vaginal dryness problem. usually she suffer from itching, burning in vagina. And always feared the sex. Now how can she relief from the desiges?

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