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10 Remedies to Relieve Vaginal Itching

homeopathic medicines for vaginal itching

Vaginal itching is an uncomfortable symptom that can be the result of an infection or irritation. While mild, short-term vaginal itching is not a reason for concern, it can sometimes become painful. But in severe and persistent cases of vaginal itching, a gynaecologist should be consulted to rule out the cause of it. Homeopathic medicines for vaginal itching are of natural origin that aim to treat the root cause of the problem and give long term relief.
Vaginal itching can arise from skin conditions, infections, STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) and chemical irritation. Certain skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis can also lead to vaginal itching. Then there are certain yeast and bacterial infections of the vagina that can cause persistent itching. Certain sexually transmitted diseases that can cause vaginal itching include genital herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, and gonorrhea.
Another common cause of vaginal itching is irritation of the skin around the vagina due to the chemicals and perfumes that may be present in soaps, douches, ointments, creams, tampons and feminine deodorants that are commonly used by women in everyday life. In most cases, identifying the irritant and discontinuing its use can help treat the problem.
Diabetes mellitus, menopause, and stress can also contribute to vaginal itching. Along with itching, a burning sensation and eruptions on genitals along with discharge from the vagina may also be present. These symptoms vary from case to case.

Homeopathic Medicines for Vaginal Itching

There are excellent medicines that can bring relief in vaginal itching. Vaginal itching accompanying genital eruptions, infections, vaginal discharges/dryness all can be managed wonderfully with the help of natural medicines. The top medicines to treat vaginal itching include Kreosote, Sepia, Merc Sol, Natrum Mur, and Calcarea Carb.

1. Kreosote – For Managing Violent Itching of the Vagina

Kreosote is a very beneficial medicine for managing violent itching in the vagina. Itching is intolerable, making the person rub the area compulsively. Itching is worse during the evening, and the soreness and burning in the vagina is felt after scratching. A smarting and stitching sensation is present in the vagina. Vaginal pain is felt after urinating. Burning in the vagina may be present during intercourse. Acrid, corrosive, gushing and highly offensive discharge from the vagina may be present. The vagina may be highly inflamed in cases requiring Kreosote.

2. Sepia – For Itching attended with Discharges

Sepia is highly recommended for treating vaginal itching with prominent vaginal discharges. The vaginal discharges vary in nature – they may be yellow or greenish or milky. Excessive vaginal itching is accompanied by a lumpy discharge. The discharge is excoriating and also cause burning. Sepia is also indicated in cases of severe itching of the vulva with the presence of pimples/vesicular eruptions. It is also a top-listed medicine used for the treatment of vaginitis and vaginal infections.

3. Merc Sol – For Vaginal Itching with Marked Burning

Merc Sol is useful for managing vaginal itching when accompanied by marked burning. Smarting, corroding and biting sensation is also felt in the vagina. Itching in vagina worsens from contact of urine in most cases needing Merc Sol. Vaginal discharges may be there that are worse at night time. The discharge from the vagina tends to be green in color. The discharge may be sticky.

4. Natrum Mur – To Manage Vaginal Dryness and Itching

Natrum Mur is a significant medicine for treating vaginal dryness and itching. Itching usually occurs after menses. There is burning and soreness felt in the vagina that appears mainly after urinating. Natrum Mur is also indicated for pimples on the external genitals with marked itching. In such cases, sometimes falling of hair from the genital may be noticed. Apart from the above, Natrum Mur is a prominent medicine to treat itching in cases of genital herpes.

5. Calcarea Carb – For Vaginal Itching that Worsens in Evening

Calcarea Carb is a well-indicated medicine to manage vaginal itching that worsens during the evening. The itching worse after going to bed. Along with this, vaginal discharges of white milky character may be present. Itching on the vulva may be present along with soreness. Stitching pains are also felt on the vulva along with excessive sweat on the genitalia. Itching and burning in the vagina before and after menses is also indicates towards the use of Calcarea Carb.

6. Graphites – To Relieve Vaginal Itching before Menses

Graphites is a well-indicated homeopathic medicine for relieving vaginal itching before menses. Along with this biting or smarting in the vagina may be present. Vesicular eruptions or excoriations in the vagina may be present. Acrid, excoriating, profuse, gushing leucorrhea may be present. In most cases, the leucorrhea is yellowish-white in color that excoriates the skin. Itching pimples on the vulva and the labia that may cause a smarting sensation and be painful also suggest the use of Graphites.

7. Lycopodium – For Vaginal Itching during Menses

Lycopodium is prepared from the spores of a plant Lycopodium Clavatum commonly known by the name of Club Moss or Wolf’s-Claw. This plant belongs to natural order Lycopodiaceae. Lycopodium is helpful to manage vaginal itching experienced during menses. Dryness and burning sensation in the vagina may also be complained of. In some cases, a milky, acrid vaginal discharge with burning in the vagina may be present.

8. Conium – For Vaginal Itching felt after Menses

Conium is beneficial to manage vaginal itching experienced after menses. The itching is violent in nature. It is felt deep in the vagina. Stitching pain in the vagina may also be present. White or yellow, acrid vaginal discharge with burning or smarting sensation in the vagina may be present.

9. Sulphur – For Itching, Burning, Soreness

Sulphur is a useful medicine to treat vaginal itching, burning, and soreness. This tends to worsen by sitting. Intense itching of the vulva with pimples also indicates for using Sulphur. Chronic thin and profuse vaginal discharge causing burning and smarting sensation in the vulva is also treated well with Sulphur.

10. Nitric Acid – For Itching attended with Stitching Pains

Nitric Acid is a suitable medicine for managing vaginal itching when attended with stitching pains. Itching in the vagina may worsen after intercourse. Burning in the vagina is also felt and vagina may be swollen too. Nitric Acid also offers help in cases of ulcers in the vagina with burning and itching.

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  1. Ms trivedi says:

    Hello doctor,
    im a 23 yr old female
    i recently developed a white patch on both sides of vulva(on the outer lips) and it is causing an itch..
    there is no vaginal discharge of any kind..
    just itchy and white patch on both sides
    Please help me doctor

  2. .sreepriya says:

    Vaginal itching after periods and a fluid discharge occurs after periods

  3. LibbyAnn Capaldi says:

    I am 75 female
    itching mostly right ear it is dry
    itching outer labia of vagina
    constant nasal drip into my throat causing dry cough
    digestive system problem starting at sternum to large intestine
    slight headaches /pressure most days
    fatigue lack of motivation

  4. Hi Dr

    My wife is suffering from itching problem in vagina just after her dates and during dates. She used no of home remedies but in vain. This will happen differet interval of time after one or two months period. The outer part of vagina became swell and radish and she feel severe itching inside vagina. Kindly suggest medicine for her

  5. Hello mam ..
    My wife feel itching mostly in night but no discharge … Please suggest any good medicine


    Hello sir I am Lipsa Priyambada. I am suffering from seviour itching in my left side vagina wall, anus and inside thigh corner since 3 years. How can I get relief from it.

  7. Hi there I will try to condense this as best as possible… Diagnosed with Lyme and Babesia symptoms join tonight where the pain memory issues.Was put on long-term antibiotics and anti-malaria drugs.Dramatically helped joint and arthritic and memory issues… But 40 days on medication I developed serious Traveling itchy hives,Heart palpitations high blood pressure anxiety got stopped all is now four weeks later joint pain is back and itchy hives are still there but improving ..But my most annoying issue is the itchiness travels down to the inside of my vagina and anus causing severe itching and burning but no discharge.. obviously everything else I’m going through now it’s extremely frustrating… But the itching burning is the most frustrating… It comes and goes when my itchy hives come and go and seems to be at its worse when I first wake up in the mall Good morning midday near dinner time and your bedtime any recommendations would be graciously appreciated

  8. Need help with vulva itch..had a 6 plus 6 day treatment with a cream to be applied at night into the crops up again ..ive had shingles last Nov n suffer solar urticatia as soon as my skins exposed to the sun..must wear a hat n keep to the shade..
    Im 59 now ..have used homeopathy in india in new zealand now..yet to try a paste of soda bi carb and coconut oil..the vaginal opening itches ..the foldsof thevulva did have a greyish covering ..v thin …before i took the 2 treatments ..OTC creams..i feel i need to get rif ofit totally..

  9. Roslin Donaldson says:

    Hello I have had a pro with vulval itching for over two years now. The lips are swollen and distorted. Not been sexually active for 13 years. It worse when I wash it especially in the evenings. I use soap and I wash my laundry with ecover. I have high blood pressure and 63. Had last period about 51.

  10. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering with very bad itching in my back side in the middle part, probably called rectum and in the front side in side of vigina at top,very bad itching, very bad.
    I am 56yrs and periods stopped
    Could you please please prescribe me the medicine to ichiness
    Many thanks

  11. Hi dr.
    I am having problem vaginal itching . At the bed time mostly i am facing urine problem. 5 6times i am going toilet. Last 4 days i am facing itching problem in vaginal Area and lyning area. Please suggest me medicine. Thank you

  12. Vaidyanath prasad says:

    Viginal infection from five_six year . itching increase during night .almost daily it requires hot water wash . whole night patient spent time by walking.
    Dear Dr
    Your vnpd

  13. I have vulvar itching accompanied by the symptoms of lichen sclerosus such as shiny white layer of skin with tears and boils on the vulva. Now my external symptoms of lichen sclerosus have reduced, i. e., my skin colour is almost returning to its normal colour with a light layer of white skin present still. My tears of the skin have healed. But my itching is still very intense in the vulva it is very stressful. It is constantly itching very vigorously throughout the daytime as well as night time. What shd I do? There is no Homeopathy clinic in or around my area. So instead of Homeopathy medicine suggest some home remedy that I can do.

  14. dr sahab i have swere itiching in my vangina during manses it conditions worse and felling wet all the time and specially atnight i m very tense
    my attention all the time in my vengina what shoud i do

  15. Hi Doctor

    My vagina itching sometime before or after my menstrual
    White discharge sometime n even smelly Not all time. I think is kind of dryness too..

    When I have intercourses I feel burning sensation during
    after . I don’t have sex drive anymore ..
    all happened after my miscarriage it’s been nearly 16 month.. itching n burning sensation after sex.. Don’t feel have intercourse ..

    I went to see my gp he gave me kind of tablet put inside my vagina one week before n after my menstrual for 5 month still didn’t stop..

    Could you plz help me

  16. I am 50 yrs old suffering from vaginal infection along with itching pre and post mensural dates which are worse at nights. There are small pimples. I have Blood pressure. Please advice me with the right set of homeopathy medicine. I have high bloodpressure which i am under alopathic treatment.

  17. Lakshminidhi says:

    I m 55yrs lady.period stopped 2yrs before.I am suffering with vagina itching since 4 months.urine is hot and has burning night I felt more.lhave kidney stone and gall bladder stone too.plz help me dr .

  18. Tripti Saha says:

    I’m suffering from vaginal infection from last 4 months.It occurs just after and before periods ,during menses it doesn’t itches only rashes remains present around my vulva. Discharge is transparent sticky and with a bit foul smell but sometimes discharge becomes white sometimes curd like thing is present in discharge. Rashes are present throught the month near vulva in the vagina’s opening and after itching burning occurs and vulva gets swollen and red. Problem increases from evening till next day morning and worsens at betime. Gets relief from cold water and sometimes from indirect warm suppression above vulva from a cloth or warm palm of my hand.
    Taking sepia 200 4drops 2times a day from 2 weeks, and also arsenic album 30 2 drops 3times a day from 2 days now
    Also have taken echinaceaq 10 drops 3 times for 2 weeks a month ago. Felt relief for 3 days but again it occurred.

  19. dr k h md munayemul bashar says:

    make most makedly disease wise treatment

  20. Ekta mishra says:

    Mitch jaisi Jalan Hoti h sex k tym pe..balm aur bhi bdh jati h jb semen aata h..itching bhi hai..vulvar wall swell bhi krta h.. please advise me the medicine

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