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Homeopathic Treatment for Vocal Cord Paralysis

The vocal cords are a band of muscle tissue fold located inside the larynx (voice-box). Vocal cords are also known as vocal folds. The function of the vocal cords is to produce sound for speech, protect the airways from getting choked by food, drink or saliva and regulating air flow in the lungs. During inhalation, the vocal cords move apart (get abducted). These vocal cords then adduct or come close together while swallowing and sound production. Any hindrance of nerve supply to the larynx may result in vocal cord paralysis. This condition is also known as vocal fold paresis,  recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis, or vocal fold paralysis. Speaking, breathing and swallowing are the functions that get affected if the vocal cord gets paralyzed. Homeopathic remedies for vocal cord paralysis carry a good scope of treatment. Cuasticum, Gelsemium, and Cocculus Indicus are the top homeopathic medicines used to treat vocal cord paralysis.

vocal cord paralysis homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines for vocal cord paralysis.

Homeopathic Treatment for Vocal Cord Paralysis

The homeopathic mode of treatment is quite effective for managing vocal cord paralysis. From the long list of effective homeopathic medicines used to manage cases of vocal cord paralysis, the major ones are Causticum, Gelsemium, Cocculus Indicus, Lachesis, Stannum Met, Nux Vomica, and Phosphorus. Homeopathy is a symptom-based science where the symptoms provided by the patient provide the key towards the medicines required for a particular case. The chances of recovery in each and every case of vocal cord paralysis are highly variable. Various factors like the duration of complaint, intensity of symptoms, unilateral/bilateral involvement collectively decide the scope of homeopathic treatment. It needs to be noted that in cases of complete bilateral vocal cord paralysis (where the vocal cords are held tightly close together in the midline), there is a decrease in the airflow. This leads to a major difficulty in breathing. In such cases, urgent alternative help (other than homeopathy) should be taken. The homeopathic medicines for vocal cord paralysis should be taken after consulting a well-qualified homeopathic physician.

Homeopathic Medicines for Vocal Cord Paralysis

Causticum – Homeopathic Medicine for Hoarseness of Voice in Vocal Cord Paralysis

Causticum is a natural medicine for hoarseness of voice in cases of vocal cord paralysis. In cases needing Causticum, hoarseness of voice is most marked in the morning and evening. There is also an inability to speak loudly. Shortness of breath may also be present

Gelsemium – Homeopathic Remedy for Weak Voice in Vocal Cord Paralysis

Gelsemium is a natural remedy prepared from the bark of the root of a plant Gelsemium Sempervirens, which is commonly known as Yellow Jasmine. This plant belongs to the natural order Loganiaceae. Gelsemium is indicated for cases of vocal cord paralysis that causes the voice to become weak. A burning sensation in the larynx may also be felt.

Cocculus Indicus – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Tremulous or Broken Voice in Vocal Cord Paralysis

Homeopathic medicine Cocculus Indicus is prepared from the seeds of a plant named Indian Cockle. The natural order of this plant is Menispermaceae. Cocculus Indicus helps in managing tremulous voice or broken voice in cases of vocal cord paralysis. Oppressed or difficult breathing may be an accompanying symptom.

Lachesis – Effective Homeopathic Remedy for Loss of Voice in Vocal Cord Paralysis

Lachesis offers a natural treatment for loss of voice in cases of vocal cord paralysis. This remedy is most indicated for vocal cord paralysis of the left side. Episodes of choking on eating may also be present along with the above features.

Stannum Met – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Hoarse and Weak Voice

Homeopathic preparation Stannum Met works well in cases of vocal cord paralysis presented with either hoarse or a weak voice. Hawking mucus may improve voice quality. A need to take frequent deep breaths may accompany the above symptoms.

Nux Vomica – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Vocal Cord Paralysis with an Inability to Speak Loudly

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic cure indicated for vocal cord paralysis where the person is unable to speak loudly. A frequent throat clearing may be present along with a cough while eating.

Phosphorus – Natural Treatment for Vocal Cord Paralysis with a Hoarse Voice

Phosphorus is another homeopathic medicine that is used to treat hoarseness of voice in cases of vocal cord paralysis. The voice may also be husky or rough. Prolonged speaking worsens the complaint.

Causes of Vocal Cord Paralysis

The causes of vocal cord paralysis include an injury to the vocal cord or recurrent laryngeal/vagus nerve, tumors, certain viral infections, thyroid surgeries, and cancer in rare cases.

Symptoms of Vocal Cord Paralysis

While both the vocal cords may get paralyzed, in most cases only one cord is affected. The symptoms of vocal cord paralysis include – hoarseness of voice, effortful speech, breathy voice, weak voice, vocal fatigue, and inability to speak loudly. Other symptoms that may appear in cases of vocal cord paralysis are – shortness of breath, choking and coughing after eating/drinking, throat clearing and aspiration of food/drink in the lungs.

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  1. Loretta Van Coppenolle says:

    I was diagnosed with left vocal cord paresis in Jan. 2021, though I have had the problem, apparently due to laryngopharyngeal (silent) reflux, for at least 3 years. I have no pain but have occasional difficulty swallowing, and my voice is low, hoarse, and not very audible, especially toward the end of the day. I like to talk and I tend to eat late in the day or during the night. I have refused conventional medical treatment as unacceptable. I would like to know if homeopathy could help me and how I can access Dr. Sharma’s treatment and at what cost. Thank you.

  2. Tanuj kumar says:

    My father Shri shodan singh have vocal chords paralysis from three months, he is not able to speek loudly and not able to eat and drink, he is use food pipe which is entered through the nose kindly suggest treatment in homeopathy. Thanks.

  3. सुहेली मेहता says:

    मुझे लगभग 15 दिनों से वोकल कॉर्ड लकवा हो गया है लेकिन आज पता चला.. बोल नहीं सकती … बहुत प्रयास से फुसफुसाता हूँ, और जब वह कुछ खाता या पीने में खांसी हो जाती है। डॉक्टर ने कहा कि उसका बायां स्वर तार स्थिर है। कहा कुछ नहीं किया जा सकता। मैं होम्योपैथी में बहुत विश्वास रखती हूँ .. क्या कोई होम्योपैथिक दवा है जो वह अपनी स्थिति में सुधार कर सकता है?

    • Sourav Subhendu says:

      Dear sir I m suffering from vocal cord paralysis in left side.I voice is very low.also cyst in volcano. What medicine I take for speedy recovery.I am an please help me sir…My life is totally depend on my voice… Please help

      • My uncle suffering from laryngeal mass with fixed vocal cord one side and other vocal cord is free, he is unable to swallow food not willing for allopathy. Having stridor

  4. Fauzia Hasnain says:

    My father developed vocal chord paralysis around 2 months ago … can’t speak… whispers with great effort, and coughs when he eats or drinks anything. The doctor said his left vocal chord is stationary. Said nothing can be done. I am a great believer in homeopathy .. is there any homeopathic medicine he can take to improve his condition?

  5. super job in thesearticles shabash

  6. Tanya Ni Ceirin says:

    hi Dr Sharma I am 9 weeks post covid and whiel it was only mild and treated at home for the past month I have a very hoarse weak voice which fails me completely on continued use so at the moment am staying quiet. I did suffer breathlessness and coughing but the hoarse/ loss of voice has replaced that symptom in the past month. I am aware of a scrathing sensation on teh right and left outer edges of the larynx at night and do feel the need to clear my throat (which I avoid) regularly. I tend to be thirsty. And not to want to sleep at night..

  7. SIR,

  8. Dear Dr Sharma

    I’m writing you from Scotland. I came across your page while searching for a home remedy on vocal paralyses
    I lost my left vocal cord first week on June 2018 and since then life has never been the same again.

    I’ve had several classes with the speech/vocal therapist, been to my ENT countless times until this pandemic.

    I was told there’s n out Hong they can do for me for that I’m believing God to help me find natural remedy for it until I came across your page.

    It’ll gladden my heart of you could help me with a recommendation of what I could use to regain my vocal cord back.

    My best regards

  9. abdul jaleel says:

    Hello sir my mother has vocal cord paralysis
    I just scope today and know she is difficulty in breathing and hearing sound loudly
    So please tell me any treatment in homeo and how long it will take

  10. Hello sir,, I am a 27 yrs old female, some years ago I had an accident in which my vocal cords got damaged, n I lost my voice for about a year,, after that I undergone some throat surgeries n tracheostomy tube & M tubes n keel were inserted for time period,,,, after that gradually I got some husky n horse voice back ….after completion of treatment for 3yrs,,,, my doctor said my left vocal cord has been paralyzed so my voice can’t get normal again,,, it’s better to live like this, instead of undergoing more surgeries whose results were not guaranteed……… So please let me know if there is any medication in homeopath that can help me to improve my condition…….

  11. Virpal singh says:

    This is virpal singh from ghaziabad UP. On 24 June all of a sudden my voice become hoarse i consulted with ENT Doctor. By endoscopy vocal chord paralysis left side diagnosed. Please suggest remedy. Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Virpal singh says:

      Taking lachesis 30 ch three times a day and causticum 30 ch ..if any other medicines to be added. Please suggest. How long it will take to recover my voice.
      Thankingyou in anticipation

  12. Vijay Pathak says:

    Hello Doctor…good day
    I had a normal voice and was a singer.
    But before 5 years or so I inhaled Hit mosquito repellent for some time. next day my voice became hoarse and now after 5 years I cannot speak loudly and cannot call out loud to call someone at a distance.
    Morning I can talk somewhat ok but after 2 to 3 hours my voice goes hoarse and voice is weak. Cannottalk at normal range.i cannot sing at all and feel short of breath.cannot say OMin a breath…
    Please help communication is almost finished..

  13. Christina Hernandez says:

    I have a 2 months old who is currently in the Nicu, he was diagnosed with bilateral vocal cord paralysis . He was able to bottle feed and breath normally on room air since day one. They perform anterior posterior cricoid split with 2 balloon dilation. The issue he is having is that when he gets worked up he begin to pull when breathing and you can get it in his chest and also you can hear the stridor. He condition is all upper airway problems . Since he’s procedure the right side vocal cord is moving a little. All of his test have come back normal it’s not genetic , his brain , heart and spine. MRI X-rays came back normal. He has been in the hospital for two months straight and we still have no idea when he will be coming home and if they going to still decide if he will need a trach. I am overly upset with this situation and him being on strong medication for so long . I just want to wake up and I hear that his vocal cord are working normally and we have our baby boy home

    • Kanhaiya Joshi says:

      I am suffering from vocal cord palsy ( left vocal cord). All tests( CT Scan etc) were done and are normal, doctors say. I am worried because six months are completing. Doctor prescribed a medicine ( Nurokind Plus) daily one.
      Kindly suggest me treatment.Can I take homoeopathic medicines with Nurokind Plus.
      Kind regards

      Dr K . L. Joshi
      Sr. Scientist

  14. Claudia Franco says:

    Hi there,
    I’m just enquiring about the right remedy to give a friend of mine who is about to go for a third surgery to try and fix his larynx which was damaged after surgery to removed a tumour.

    Vocal cord left larynx damaged the nerve
    Nerve got damaged due to the surgery after cancer . Stuck in the middle
    Airway needs to be bigger
    Half of the nerve is paralized and the doctors said his voice will get affected if he goes ahead with the surgery so I am trying to tell him to delay the surgery to see if there is something in homeopathy to help him breath better at night because sometimes he feels like he can’t breath and it’s very scary even during the day if he shows me what happens at night he gets all choked up and can’t breath for a few seconds.

  15. ABDUL AZEEZ. says:


  16. Nitish Barman says:

    When I was studying my engineering in 1990 suddenly my voice distorted and I could not speak loudly. And still now hoarse voice and I feel always cough etc getting stuck in my throat. I can speak loudly and during any meeting or public address or any tension it increases.
    Suggest for remedy.
    Nitish Barman
    Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.

  17. DR D K MALL says:

    Dear sir
    I have been told by a doctor that one of my vocal card is paralysised.
    It occurred 6 days before.
    Tell me some homeopathy treatment

    • P.K.Goyal says:

      I am 71 and for the last 10 months suffering from vocal card palsy.I am taking homeopathy tratment fron Dr.Mrs Bawa(Chandigarh)for the last 2 months but no inprovement.My voice is hoarse and sometones weak.I can not speak loudly now previously my voice was quite loud.I feel a lump in my throat and sonetimes there is burning sesation in my throat.Kindly guide

  18. Jayatri Acharya says:

    suddenly my mother tries to talk about her speech but she could not talk anything. HER muscle is also damage. her brain is showed mild cerebral atrophy. partially empty sella.

    • Deepak kumar says:

      Dear sir
      My doctor told me that one of my vocal card is paralysis
      It occurs 1 month ago
      Please tell me homeopathic treatment

      • Kanhaiya Joshi says:

        I am suffering from left vocal cord palcy since one month.Kindly suggest me best treatment for which I shall be highly grateful to you.

  19. Vijay Pathak says:

    I have problems while speaking. This happened due to inhaling HIT insect repellent spray.
    I may have vocal cords paralysis due to HIT spray. I cannot shout or speak loudly and have a hoarse uncommon voice and cannot speak normally. My voice has become irritable to the listeners.

  20. Right vocal cord is not working… Horness in voice..nd no appitetie for food ..

    • Deepak Dikshit says:

      Hello Dr Sharma,
      I need your kind advice on my problem with vocal chord.
      ENT Dr says that one vocal chord is paralyzed.While voice is normal in morning by evening it is almost gone.This has happened after prolonged throat infection and viral fever.

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