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Homeopathic Medicines for Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia refers to chronic pain in the vulva (the external female genitalia) without any identifiable cause that lasts for at least three months or more than that. The external female genitalia includes the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and vaginal opening. Homeopathic medicines for vulvodynia offer relief from symptoms like burning, stinging, and throbbing sensations felt in the region of the vulva.  

In some cases the pain in this condition can be felt in the entire vulva (generalized vulvodynia). While in other cases pain occurs in a one certain place of vulva (localized vulvodynia), for example at the opening of vagina called vestibule. Along with pain a female having this condition may have irritation, burning, stinging or rawness in the external genitalia. This condition is chronic and can last anywhere from months to years.

Homeopathic medicines for vulvodynia

Homeopathic Medicines for Vulvodynia

Homeopathy is very effective in treating numerous gynaecological conditions including vulvodynia. This condition can be treated wonderfully with homeopathic medicines. The homeopathic medicines for vulvodynia are prepared from naturally occurring substances that provide excellent relief in a very safe, gentle and natural manner. These help ease the pain of vulva or female external genitals. They also help to manage irritation, itching in the vulva. Women who have complaints of painful intercourse (dyspareunia) from this condition can also be benefited with homeopathic medicines. With use of homeopathic medicines the frequency and intensity of symptoms of this condition gradually decreases with time. The most suitable medicine for a given case is selected based on the characteristic individual symptoms present in that case.

For Pain in Vulva

Sepia – Top Grade Medicine 

It is a top-grade medicine to manage pain in the vulva. Most women needing it have burning pain in the external genitals. This is most times worse from sitting. They also complain of severe itching of vulva. They have redness and soreness of labia with above symptoms. Other than this their sexual parts are very tender to touch. They also have stitching pain in the vagina. Lastly they have complaint of pain during sex which is intolerable. In many cases needing this medicine some sort of hormonal changes or history of vaginal infections in the past may be present.

Merc Sol – For Burning and Throbbing Pain

Merc Sol is a well indicated medicine for cases that present with burning or throbbing pain in the external genitals. The throbbing pain is better by lying still in such cases. The burning tends to get worse from washing. Along with this itching in the external genitals is also marked. Rawness, swelling and inflammation in the genitals may be present with this. 

Conium – For Cutting Pain in Labia

This medicine is valuable to treat cases that have cutting pain between the labia. This is mostly worse while urinating. In some cases needing it severe stitching pain in the vulva is noted. The external genitals are sore to touch. Along with pain, violent itching of the vulva is frequently present. The itching is usually felt after menses where this medicine is needed.

Staphisagria – For Stinging Pain

Homeopathic medicine Staphisagria is prepared from seeds of a plant Delphinium staphisagria, also known as Stavesacre. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is helpful when there is stinging pain in the vulva. A smarting sensation and itching can accompany this. The genitals are also sensitive with pain that is mainly worse while sitting.  

Calcarea Carb – For Stitching Pain

This medicine is very useful when there is stitching pain in the vulva. With this the genitals can also have burning and soreness. Few females needing it also have violent itching of vulva. This itching usually gets worse towards evening time.

Berberis Vulgaris

This medicine is prepared from plant Barberry. This plant belongs to the family berberidaceae. The part of this plant used to prepare homeopathic medicine is the bark of the root. It is prominently indicated for females having pain in the external genitals that increases from motion. The pain for using this medicine is mainly burning in nature. Lying down can help relieve the pain in them. Sometimes smarting pain in vagina along with soreness is also present.

For Soreness of Vulva

Platina – For Extreme Soreness and Sensitivity 

It is a leading medicine for cases when female genitals are extremely sore and sensitive to touch. The females needing it cannot bear to touch the genitals due to intense soreness. The sensitivity is worse during coition. Sometimes their muscles around vagina go into spasm (vaginismus) during intercourse. They may also have itching or tingling sensation in the vulva in addition to above symptoms.

Belladonna – For Sensitivity and Inflammation 

Belladonna is prepared from a plant named deadly nightshade. This whole plant when beginning to flower is used to prepare homeopathic medicine Belladonna. This plant belongs to the family solanaceae.This medicine works well when genital area is sensitive to touch along with inflammation. The external genitals appear very red. Sometimes there appear stitching pain in the vagina along with heat and dryness. Its use is also considered to manage cases having throbbing pain in the genital area.

Thuja – For Soreness and Smarting Sensation

This medicine is prepared from plant Thuja occidentalis which is commonly known by the name of Arbor Vitae. Fresh green twigs of this plant are used for preparation of homeopathic medicine. The family of this plant is coniferae. It is used when there is soreness and smarting sensation in the vulva. Other than this it is indicated for managing pressing types of pain in the vulva felt especially while sitting. Burning and smarting sensation in the vagina can also be felt when walking and sitting in cases needing it.

For Itching of Vulva

Kreosote – For Extreme Itching 

Kreosote is a top grade medicine to manage itching in the vulva. Most females who require this medicine have violent itching in the genitals. The itching gets worse in the evening time. After scratching they feel soreness and burning in these parts. They may also have swelling and heated sensation in the external genitals.

Helonias – For Intense Itching and Burning 

This medicine is prepared from plant Helonias dioica, commonly known as unicorn – root and also blazing star. This plant belongs to family melanthiaceae. This medicine proves very beneficial when there is intense itching of vulva. With this the vulva is red and swollen. Burning sensation and heat is also present in this part.

Ambra Grisea – For Itching and Swelling 

This medicine is indicated when there is itching of the vulva along with swelling of labia. The labia is also sore. With this burning sensation in the vulva is also present. Women needing it have worsening of the burning and itching during urination. 

Kali Carb – Itching on External Genitals 

Kali Carb is a significant medicine for managing itching of external genitals. The females requiring it also complain of tearing, pinching or stitching pain in the vulva. They also feel soreness and burning in vulva. Lastly they can have sore pain in the vagina during coition.

To Manage Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia)

Sepia – Top Grade Medicine 

Sepia is a very effective medicine to manage complaints of painful intercourse in women. The genitals are tender to touch with painful coition in females who need it. Sexual intercourse is intolerable for them. There may be a history of vaginal infections with prominent vaginal discharges in the past in cases needing this medicine.

Platina – For Extreme Soreness 

Platina is an excellent medicine for managing complaints of painful intercourse arising from extreme soreness and sensitivity of the genitals. Here genitals are sensitive to slightest touch. The females needing it may also have complaints of vaginismus in which the muscles around the vagina go into spasm which means contract during coition.

Natrum Mur – For Soreness and Burning 

Natrum Mur is well-indicated to manage complaints of painful intercourse with soreness of vagina. Burning and smarting sensation most times attends it.  Itching in genitals can be present along with above symptoms.


The exact cause behind vulvodynia is not known yet. However there are certain factors that are thought to be linked with vulvodynia. These include a history of vaginal infections in the past, hormonal changes, nerve injury or irritation around the vulvar area, sensitive skin, frequent antibiotic use, a localized hypersensitivity to yeast, skin allergies and genetic factors. 


The symptoms in case of vulvodynia appear all of sudden. The main symptom of vulvodynia is pain in the external genitalia. The pain can be described as burning, stinging, throbbing or sharp in nature that varies from one woman to another. Along with this soreness, rawness, irritation, itching can be felt in the vulva. Some women may have complaints of painful intercourse (dyspareunia). The severity of symptoms varies from case to case. The symptoms can be constant means present all the time or it can appear occasionally. The pain in the vulva can occur when it is touched, sitting for long periods, during walking, exercise, sexual intercourse or inserting tampons. Most of the times the vulva appears normal but sometimes it may appear a little inflamed and swollen.


This condition can have a huge impact on a woman’s life. It can lead to impairment of sexual activity due to pain or spasm of the muscles around vagina (vaginismus) from fear of having sex. It can have many emotional effects and can cause anxiety, depression, poor self image, relationship problems and sleep issues. 

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  1. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I believe I am suffering from this condition. I have had painful sex since I can remember, about the age of 20 and I am 45 now. I have had 5 children and I’m in absolute misery every day, I can’t live like this anymore. I don’t know what to do… I’m lost, and in pain. It hurts so bad, the only time I feel good is when I’m lying down. As soon as I stand or sit, it feels like stinging, burning, inflamed, cutting pain.

    Can you please help me with some suggestions on how to use the above products?

    Thank you so much

  2. natalie gracey says:

    Hi Dr, I have had vulval pain for years, it only gets worse if I wear anything but 100% soft cotton clothes (no underwear) I have had pudendal nerve decompression surgery but the vulvadynia is speedster the surgeon says…. it’s winter here and cold in the uk, I don’t know what to wear? I can’t wear tights / jeans / joggers? Loose linen is the only comfortable item of clothing I can wear. An you help? Please please?

  3. Prasad kumar says:

    Is there any medicine to reduce 2 inches long clitoral disease? Please suggest.

  4. Hello doctor,

    I have vulva dynia and i was using lidocaine for my pain before having sexual intercourse. I got married a year ago, but due to by burn and pain i do not enjoy sex, though i want to. Lidocain numbs me, which helps a little with pain and burn, but it ommits the pleasure of having sex. I am ry frustrated now. Before it used to burn only during pur intercourses, but now a days it just burns randomly without doing anything. I feel that it is getting worse and worse. Please help me. Thank you.

    • Sweta Agarwal Jain says:

      Hello dr.
      I am having symptoms of vulvodynia since last 4-5 months .Its mainly burning sensation at the vulva, vaginal opening and labia region with a bit of redness and sometimes cutting pain too.I had anal fissure surgery in December 2019 and I feel symptoms occurred after that. Currently am showing a dermatologist and I am taking trugaba-M 75 and sometimes applying flutivate cream.Also am taking newcita plus 0.5 mg at night before dinner as I could not sleep after my surgery. So taking this medicine from mid or March .

      Please advise as I usually remain upset with my vulvodynia issue.

      Sweta Agarwal Jain

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