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Natural Homeopathic Medicines For Water Brash

Water brash also called acid brash is one of the symptoms that a person having gastroesophageal reflux may experience. In a person having GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disorder) the stomach acid backs up into the food pipe even up to the throat. This may lead to production of an increased amount of saliva. Homeopathic medicines for water brash are an effective and natural way to treat its root causes.

A water brash occurs when stomach acid mixes with saliva and rises to the throat. It mostly has a sour taste. The person may also feel heartburn with this due to irritation by the stomach acid.

Homeopathic Medicines For Water Brash

Water brash occurs in case of GERD. When we eat food it goes down through the Esophagus (food pipe) into the stomach. When the food reaches the lower end of the food pipe the muscle called Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) relaxes and opens and the food enters into the stomach. After the food has reached the stomach the LES closes. This prevents the food and the acid in the stomach from moving up back into the food pipe. In the case of GERD, this LES gets weak, relaxes and gets open abnormally causing back flow of the stomach acid into the food pipe. It results in symptoms of heartburn, water brash and some other symptoms related to acid reflux.

There are some of the factors that increase the risk of GERD and hence its symptoms including water brash. Firstly, it includes obesity (obese people have an increase in the internal pressure within the abdomen from excessive fat. It leads to back up of stomach acid). Second risk factor is smoking  that leads to relaxation of LES from its nicotine content resulting in back flow of stomach acid. Thirdly, taking certain medicines ( like NSAID’s means non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, birth control pills and some of the antidepressants) also predisposes a person to acid reflux. Another factor is the risk of acid reflux getting high during pregnancy (this is from changes in the hormones that relax LES and pressure to the stomach caused by growing foetus. Both these factors combined leads to rising of stomach acid back into the food pipe and throat). Hiatus Hernia is another factor that increases the risk of GERD. Hiatus hernia refers to a condition in which the upper part of the stomach bulges out through the hiatus opening in the diaphragm which is muscle that separates chest from the abdomen.

Other than above there are certain food substances (spicy food, fried food, chocolates, citrus fruits etc) that trigger symptoms of acid reflux. Taking alcohol, coffee, stress, lying immediately after taking meals are some factors that tend to make its symptoms worse.


Water brash is one symptom that appears along with other symptoms of GERD. These other symptoms include heartburn (burning sensation felt in the food pipe behind the sternum I.e the breastbone), difficulty in swallowing food, sensation of food sticking in the food pipe, chest pain, sour taste in mouth, nausea and vomiting. Sore throat and cough can also arise when the acid irritates the throat. In the long term the acid reflux can inflame, damage or cause ulcers in the esophagus. 

Homeopathic Medicines For Water Brash

People having complaints of water brash can be highly benefited with homeopathic medicines. These medicines are of natural origin that are very effective to relieve water brash. These medicines work towards treating the root cause behind it – which is GERD and acid reflux to give wonderful results. These gradually decrease the intensity and frequency of water brash. Additionally, they also work towards relieving the associated symptoms like heartburn, nausea, vomiting and difficulty swallowing whenever present. 

  1. Carbo Veg – Top Listed Medicine 

This is prominently indicated medicine for cases of water brash. In cases needing it heartburn is also there. Belchings after eating are also present. The belchings are bitter or sour most of the time. Another attending symptom is nausea in the morning. 

  1. Arsenic Album – For Regurgitation of Acrid, Bitter Substance and Heartburn

This medicine is indicated when acrid, bitter substance regurgitates. It is attended with heartburn. Sometimes acid bitter substance excoriates the throat. Nausea and vomiting can arise after eating or drinking. Apart from the above burning pain in the stomach may also be there. 

  1. Nux Vomica – For Complaint After Eating

This medicine is helpful when water brash occurs after eating. With this burning in the food pipe is there. Regurgitation of food may also be there.  Vomiting of undigested food or sour mucus is another symptom that can be present. Sometimes there is a sour taste in the mouth. Other than  above it is well indicated for water brash and heartburn in persons who take alcohol. Persons who require this medicine have stomach derangements from taking spicy food, coffee, tobacco other than alcohol.

  1. Lycopodium – For Water Brash Of Bitter Water

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is prepared from a plant named Lycopodium Clavatum having the common name club moss. This plant belongs to family lycopodiaceae. It is a beneficial medicine for water brash from bitter water. There is bitter belching mainly in the morning. Constant nausea may accompany. Another main symptom that can attend is fullness of abdomen from eating even a little food. 

  1. Natrum Phos – For Water Brash With Heartburn 

It is a very suitable medicine for treating cases of acidity. Here it is useful for water brash with heartburn. Sour risings may also be present. Nausea and vomiting of sour, acid fluids may also be present along with this.  

  1. Robinia – For Water Brash With Vomiting Of Intensely Sour Fluid

This medicine is prepared from a plant Robinia pseud – acacia commonly known as yellow locust. This plant belongs to family leguminosae. It works well when there is water brash with acid bitter risings. Vomiting of intensely sour fluid occurs with this. Constant belchings of sour fluid may be present. Heartburn and acidity also arise especially at night while lying down.

  1. Bryonia – For Profuse Water Brash

This medicine is prepared from roots of plant Bryonia alba commonly called as wild hops or White Bryony. This plant belongs to the family cucurbitaceae. It is well indicated for cases of profuse water brush. The water brash may either be tasteless or sour where this medicine is required. Belchings arise after eating. The belchings may be sour, bitter or tasting like food that has been eaten. Sometimes there is vomiting of food which is thrown up immediately after eating. 

  1. Sulphur – When Sour Water Brash Occurs With Heartburn All Day

This medicine is significant to treat cases in which water brash is attended with heartburn all the day. The heartburn is intense and a person is afraid to eat anything. There is regurgitation of sour matter, of food or drink. In cases needing it, complaints of water brush are felt more in the morning.

  1. Phosphorus – For Water Brash and Sour Belching

It is a helpful medicine for water brash with sour belching. Excessive heartburn is also present with this. There is also a sour taste in the mouth. Vomiting of food, acidic liquid, or of sour matter may occur in addition to above symptoms. It is a prominent medicine for cases where water brash appears mainly after eating acid things.

  1. Alumina – For Sour Risings And Difficulty Swallowing

Alumina is a great medicine for cases where sour rising is there and swallowing is difficult. With sour rising there is excessive flow of water from mouth. Swallowing is difficult especially for solids. Persons requiring it can eat food only in small pieces at a time. Other than this they have complained of chronic belchings for years. 

  1. Pulsatilla – For Water Brash With Foul Taste in Morning

This medicine is prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known as wind flowers. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is particularly used for water brushes with foul taste in the morning. Additionally frequent belchings tasting like food, acid or sour are there. With this nausea and vomiting after eating or drinking can be present. Apart from above its use is also considered for belchings of sour liquid after drinking coffee. Persons who need it in general get stomach problems from eating fatty food.

  1. Causticum – When Water Brash is Salty

This medicine is mainly indicated when water brash is salty. Nausea and sour vomiting accompanies. Belchings of burning nature are also there along with above symptoms. It is good medicine for stomach upset occurring from acids and sour things.

  1. Ipecac – When There is Water Brash and Constant Nausea

It is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from the dried root of plant Cephaelis ipecacuanha. This plant belongs to family rubiaceae. It is a suitable medicine when a person complains of water brash and constant nausea. With this there is accumulation of excessive saliva in the mouth. Vomiting of ingesta or of a sour fluid may attend it.

  1. Sulphuric Acid – For Acid, Bitter, Salty or Sweetish Regurgitations

This medicine is indicated when there is regurgitation of acid, bitter, salty or sweetish matter. Sour belchings occur with this. Intense heartburn may also accompany.

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  1. Dr. Chhabi Chowdhury says:

    My son is 28 years, morbidly obese, hypertensive ( takes olmisartan 20mg), mildly asthmatic ( takes montelukast 10mg daily), smokes 15-20 cigars daily, take very spicy and fried food, cabonated drinks…..taking pantoprazole40-domstal10 combination for last 2-3 years, previously once daly, followed by twice daily, and now for few months, he has developed symptoms of water brush, even with twice daily dose of PAN-D. for last 10 years he is in abroad for study and took junk food, no fruits, no vegetables, and very irregular food habit with long gaps in between meals, and someday he takes a large dinner ater whole day fasting and go to bed then and then. Stress and very less sleep might also be important factors for his riflux.

    His water brush is tasteless and fortunately no complaint of regular heart burn yet, no complaint of nausea also.

    Please advice which homeopathic medicine should he take and in what doses?

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