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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Weakness

What is Weakness?

Weakness is a term to explain lack of strength and energy to perform any activity. The main reasons behind weakness include anaemia, diarrhoea, childbirth, bleeding, fever, old age, copious menstrual bleeding, sexual excesses and nervous exhaustion. Diabetes mellitus, thyroid problems and myasthenia gravis are a few medical conditions that lead to much weakness.

Advantages of Homeopathic Treatment of Weakness

Homeopathic medicines are natural and safe, and work as a tonic for recovery from weakness. They are helpful in treating both mental and physical weakness. The medicines are selected on a case-to-case basis, as per the cause. Homeopathic medicines set off the body’s own restoration processes and help it fight the disease on its own. These medicines have shown remarkable recovery in case of weakness, making the person feel energetic and rejuvenated.

Homeopathic Medicines for Weakness

Recommended Homeopathic medicines for weakness are China, Kali Phos, Cocculus Indicus and Gelsemium. China is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for weakness after bleeding, diarrhoea and from anaemia. Kali Phos is excellent for nervous exhaustion. Nerve weakness from stress, worries, strain points towards the prescription of Kali Phos. Homeopathic medicine Cocculus Indicus is recommended for weakness from profuse menses while Gelsemium is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for weakness after fever.

Ferr Met, Ferr Phos and China – Best Homeopathic medicines for weakness from anaemia

Ferr Met, Ferr Phos and China are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for weakness from anaemia. These medicines are indicated when a person feels weak, tired and fatigued all the time. Energy levels are very low in such cases. Marked prostration is present. Such a person would usually have an aversion to any kind of physical exertion or activity because of lack of strength. Homeopathic medicines for weakness work well to aid recovery in such cases and restore energy levels by increasing haemoglobin levels.

China and Arsenic Album – Effective Homeopathic medicines for weakness after diarrhoea

Highly effective Homeopathic medicines for weakness after diarrhoea are China and Arsenic Album. China has shown excellent results where weakness appears following diarrhoea. The blood pressure drops with weakness in such cases and the person may also faint. Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album also helps in prompt recovery from weakness that has resulted from diarrhoea. It is indicated when debility, exhaustion from profuse diarrhoea appears. The person is prostrated with rapid sinking of body strength. Restlessness and intense thirst for water may also appear along with weakness in cases where Arsenic Album will aid recovery as one of the top rated Homeopathic medicines for weakness from diarrhoea.

Kali Carb and China – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for weakness after delivery

Two prominent Homeopathic medicines for weakness after delivery are Kali Carb and China. Homeopathic medicine Kali Carb has aided recovery in several cases of post-childbirth weakness. Women who need to be prescribed Kali Carb have markedly low energy levels after delivering a child. Debility is usually accompanied by backache where Kali carb is indicated. China is most helpful among Homeopathic medicines for weakness where anaemia and weakness follows childbirth. Rapid diminution of strength is observed in such cases. Vertigo and fainting spells may also be frequently experienced.

Hamamelis, China and Carbo Veg – Top Homeopathic medicines for weakness after bleeding (haemorrhage)

Hamamelis, China and Carbo Veg are considered three highly valuable Homeopathic medicines for weakness following bleeding. All of them are equally effective and are prescribed in persons where excessive bleeding has led to a feeling of complete exhaustion and low strength. The blood pressure may also drop from loss of blood in such cases and the person may experience palpitations. The weakness makes it difficult to carry out normal activities like walking, talking etc.

Gelsemium, China and Alstonia Scholaris – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for weakness after fever

On the long list of Homeopathic medicines for weakness that follows fever, the highly prominent are Gelsemium, China and Alstonia Scholaris. Gelsemium is selected when the main symptoms are marked weakness with dullness and drowsiness. There is general prostration and the pulse may also be weak and slow. China is one of the best restorative Homeopathic medicines for weakness following fever that is accompanied by debilitating sweat. Weakness following malaria fever is also best treated with Homeopathic medicine China. Alstonia Scholaris is also one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for weakness and is considered a tonic for debility resulting from exhausting fever.

Cocculus Indicus, Carbo Animalis and Alumina – Homeopathic medicines for weakness after periods (menses)

The majorly indicated Homeopathic medicines for weakness that appears after the menstrual cycle are Cocculus Indicus, Carbo Animalis and Alumina. Cocculus Indicus and Carbo Animalis work well where women feel exhausted from copious menses. The menses are profuse, long lasting, followed by marked weakness. In fact, the weakness is so pronounced that even speaking is a task. Alumina, on the other hand, is considered one of the best Homeopathic medicines for weakness in cases where the menstrual flow is scanty.

Ambra Grisea and Conium – Homeopathic medicines for weakness in elderly people

Suitable Homeopathic medicines for weakness in elderly people include Ambra Grisea and Conium. Ambra Grisea is rated among the most useful Homeopathic medicines for weakness in aged people with sluggish bodily functions. Numbness and coldness of various body parts may appear in such cases. Homeopathic medicine Ambra Grisea is also helpful in elderly people with concentration difficulties. Conium is another Homeopathic medicine which is profoundly helpful in elderly people suffering from weakness. Conium is selected when weakness in the elderly is most marked while walking. The gait is also uncertain. Energy levels drop markedly while walking in such cases and the legs may feel stiff and weak. Trembling of legs and palpitations have also been observed in cases where Conium will work as one of the most reliable Homeopathic medicines for weakness in old age.

Staphysagria, Selenium and Acid Phos – Best Homeopathic medicines for weakness from sexual excesses and loss of seminal fluids

Staphysagria is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for weakness from sexual excesses. Sexual desire increases. The person requiring Staphysagria constantly dwells on sexual matters. Excessive indulgence in sexual activity results in weakness and backache. Homeopathic medicines Selenium and Acid Phos help in weakness resulting from loss of seminal fluids. They are considered the most effective Homeopathic medicines for weakness, exhaustion and debility from involuntary semen discharge while urinating, while passing stool or during sleep.

Kali Phos and Nux Vomica – Homeopathic medicines for weakness of nervous origin

Kali Phos is one of the top listed Homeopathic medicines for weakness of nervous origin. It is very successful in treating neurasthenic conditions. Weak memory, forgetfulness and nerve tire are all indicative symptoms for using Kali Phos. It works best when a person lacks the mental and physical strength to do any kind of work. Weakness from mental stress and worry also point towards prescription of Kali Phos. Nux Vomica is one of the ideal Homeopathic medicines for weakness that follows prolonged mental strain. Mental fatigue, including brain fag among students and businessmen, is best covered under Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica.

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  1. L3-L4 L5 S1 affected by compression report from mri plate what will I do sir?
    Now quite painless.

  2. Younas rajput says:

    For wakness and loss fait belly of lady age 45 year

  3. Harshdeep kaur says:

    I am 28 years old.i need to strengthen my body and boost my immune system.i feel very tired and weak.suggest me !!


    I am 48 years old. I m suffering from weakness, insomnia, flatulence and constipation. What should i use?

  5. Abdullah jan says:

    I m diabetes type2 .I have erectile dysfunction problem.what should I use.age 51years

  6. Carol Travers says:

    I feel severely week after an emotional experience. I have tried aconite , both 30c and 200c. It helps temporarily but weekness returns. Can you please suggest a remedy that can help me

  7. p. Venkatachalapathy. says:

    I am 72 yrs old with type 2 diabetes in control. Feels very weak & tired after about 3km walk daily. I am taking metformin 500mg 1-0-0, zyloric 100mg 1-0-0, thyronorm 50mg 1-0-0, ecosprin av 75mg 0-0-1. I am pure vegetarian. My general health is o.k. except forgetfulness. Kindly suggest medicine for strength & stamina. I reside in bangalore, r.r.nagar 560059.
    Thank you sir with regards

  8. Since last few hrs I had loss of balance while walking but could travel in train & bus alone without support.Now since last two yes I am unable to walk without support of some body.i also can’t stand for a minute without support.i am 80 & healthy otherwise.Pl help me so that I can walk without help. I have consulted experts who suggest operation of spine as having lower back pain.

  9. Amit Saxena says:

    My father is aged 83years and has suddenly developed marked weakness, what medicine should be given, other symptoms are numbness in legs,

  10. My mother is 77 years old. She had suffered a heart attack followed by a brain stroke. She had improved a lot. Now after the death of my father in 2019, she has become very weak. It seems she is depressed because she doesn’t want to either talk or watch TV etc. She complains of loss of appetite. She has also complained of too much urination. She can’t get up from the bed. In this lockdown time it’s difficult to her doctor as well. I will be thankful to you if you can suggest some homeopathic medicines so that she improves.

  11. Abid hussain says:

    hi ms doctore how are you i am ABID hussan from pakistan madam please help me i am pationt one and haff years on the bad my all body have urcacid now i can walk 10 metrs but note pin my body but to much weakness please you are guaidnse me wich midecine i use please so bettar for my weekness solave please please

  12. Inderjit SINGH says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am 60 year old mail and having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last 20 years.
    In fact it started when I was 20 year old after some fever .

    I am always tired , muscle aches , feels like crying . No pain medicine helps me . Always want to sleep and take rest but still the result is same , tired , achy muscles , all buddy tired.

    Any treatment in homeopathy. Please advise. Thanks

  13. javed rana says:

    I feel un-stable when I get up from siting position..

    Also generally week at age 85

    General health is reasonable well

    Use Stick occasionally while walking

  14. Iam 35age old .I feel very weak and my body also weak please give me suggestions

  15. Alihussein says:

    I’m a paralytic person I can walk with a walker but can’t keep the balance of my body. The stroke had came to me last year. At present I take tablet telma20 for bl pressure and eco asprin for blood thing and Liapvas 20 for cholastral purpose pl guide me. I do exercise and massaging Thanks.

  16. My mother age 60 years
    She feel weakness every time
    Actually she was depress so what medicine u prescribe

  17. Manoj kumar sharma,Agra says:

    My father age is 75 years. He is also diabetic and heart patient.last 2 or 3 years he is very week if he go to toilet and comeback he feels very tired and he takes very long air sunction . So please sir give us treatment about it.

    • Good Day Sir,
      Me,Mr Arif,age 44 around. very poor concertaion.feel stay alone, good health but feel weak. thinking freeqiently much if i see any known person in the street or any where that what will be my talk with that person. thay is why i trty to avoid the incident. making poor sexual inrecourse but feeling too in mind. requesting you.plz precribe any honeomedince. thank u

  18. Sir I have been masturbution for 7 i am very very weak physically and mentally.what medicine should take?

  19. Ahsan Iqbal says:

    Thanks for your writing and best suggestions


    Sir, I am aged 75 and feel exhausted all daylong, no hunger, and feel shotness of Breath, feel better lying down but then too much is also bad, suffer from indigestion too, what should i take, I have 1,Nux Vomica 2,Selenium 3,Nat-rum more ,4 Ginseng 5, Arnica, 6,Lycopodium 7,Carbo Veg and Prostonujm These are the medicines that I have kept in my home and all are 30 Potency, How can help you help me by using these medicines, is any of these medicine can help me to use and if Yes then when and how many times a day do.

    Regards Capt Pritmohinder Singh

  21. I am male 48 years i am facing physical weakness as wel as sexual weakness also.kindly guide me the medicines for the concern. i am not diabetic patient I am loosing interset in sex and sex performance.

  22. M.K.GUPTA says:

    dear sir,
    i am male 60 years i am facing physical weakness as wel as sexual weakness also.kindly guide me the medicines for the concern. i am diabetic patient but now a days sugar is normal.I am loosing interset in sex and sex performance.
    warm regards

  23. Nirvikar Goel says:

    I am 72, kindly prescribe me homeopathic medicine for feeling of weakness after morning walk of 4 KM and light exercise.

  24. My uncle ages 75 is bedridden for six months.i want him to be treated by you ,sir.

  25. Hello sir,My name is Harish age 37,my problem is I am suffering from nerve weakness numbness in legs, trembling when I walk down downstairs I have taken Ayurvedic medicine as doctor said it’s due to lack of blood circulation & nerve weakness I took medicine for 3 months but not even 5 percent of improvement so please suggest a suitable medicine for this problem

  26. Pawan garg says:

    I m diabetic and now a days I m feeling lethargic and weakness how can I recover from this

  27. bharat bhushana bawa says:

    I am Bharat Bhushan Bawa, age 69+ having diabetes for the last 14 yrs but well under control. fasting 88 and pp 120
    I doe feel weakness while walking. this happened when I met with an accident and was on bed for 20-30 days. while climing chairs, feel tired. while walking legs are tired.
    please suggest remedy.
    thanks and profound regards

  28. Amreen taj says:

    My name is amreentaj iam 30 years old and iam suffering from myesthenia gravis diseases from 5 years and iam on steroids for long term. Right now iam taking 20mg prednisone and methotrexate 20mg weekly once. Plz help me. I want to start homeopathy medicine and get well soon.

  29. KIRAN SONI says:

    My name is Mrs. K Soni aged 69 years. At present I am feeling quite weakness whole day do not feel like walking as routine due to weakness Whether Conium medicine will work for me Suggest German made Company or Best Indian Company to buy Homeopathic medicine

  30. Qaiser Hussain says:

    My son age 17 year very thin weightless hight 5.5 feet last three week his hart beet increase some time daily his weight 40 kg. Doctors apply drip but after some hours hart beet increase his body temperature 99 f no take water properly food whole day tow &three slice of bread and very little fruit water take two & three glass only please advice medicine for his

  31. attiya shams says:

    do you have a book. we can buy that is a summary of this website

  32. Prabhat kumar says:

    My 3yr baby pass stool hard heavy with difficulty

  33. Dr Jan (environment) says:


    Dear, I have genetic B.P (130-150/90-98) issue and minor Pile on-off due to some irregular food use. But the serious and important issue is my physical weakness i.e MUSCULAR weakness/deadness. i cant work with full energy and not give much time to my spouse.
    My request is, please advice me (Age-43) for muscular weakness issue and spouse angle. But keep in mind BP not disturb the medicine.

    My Diet Plan: Breakfast: Tea (no sugar)+ almond+ raisen
    Lunch: Normal veg/meat/chicken etc and sometimes fruit.
    Dinner: Tea + 2 spoon olive oil extra virgin

  34. Hope you are with good health and happiness. Sir, I am facing some trouble as given here:-

    I am 52 now. Faced heart attack in 2011 and 2016 and underwent angioplasty and lived well.

    I am taking heart medicine (lipiget, revestatine, asprine etc) and after this I felt no physical or sexual problem. I am an office worker and sits in chair all the day and have smoking habit too (avg 8-10 cig daily). However, Two months back, one day my head started spinning when I changed my head from lone side to other side or moved up/down (this was also happened last year and allopathic doctor diagnosed it as Positional Vertigo and suggested medicine with two type of tabs) Both times this problem lasted 20-30 days to complete recovery gradually. This time the same medication was suggested, however, I think with passage of time and taking juices and other light foods I am well now. However, this time it left a strange impact as:-

    1. I felt 5/6 days tense back of neck. Later eventually not constantly (My doctor says your medicine like revastatine have weaken you nerves of back of neck because it has some type of salt that leaves impact on nerves).

    2. Whenever penis get aroused the arousal ends after a while itself. But at the time of intercourse it does not diminish but loses erection for 30-40% and premature ejaculates.

    3. In General when I touch and get erection with my hand or for any other reason, I have drops of semen after urine even if I go for urine after one hour or so. I had complaint of drops earlier but not regular. However, in morning urine, this does not happen. I also have UTI problems for 7 to 8 times in entire life but not regular. The worst is that my sexual desire has almost gone while two or three months earlier I used to go for intercourse for 2/3 times in a week. My wife is of age fellow and has no serious health problem.

    Sir, I do not understand what happened within two or three months. I shall be grateful if your goodself suggest some homeopathic medicine which would be helpful to recover my disease. Please mark Dr. Schawabe or other German product as these names are available easily in market.

    With best wishes ever,


  35. Hi ,
    Hope you are doing good. My mother who is above 60 and a diabetic and hypertension patient as well. However, both the diseases are under control by allopathic medicines. Last week she got viral fever, and got over with it by allopathic medicines again…but , she is coughing a lot and feeling very low and weak. Can u suggest some good homeopathic treatment.

  36. Sir I am Kumar done masturbation for 10years now my problem is nightfall. Ed,ocd,nervesweakness,panic attacks and if nightfall occurs got severe body pain.loss of strength.
    Please advice me valuable medicine. Mainly to cure
    severe nightfall,and thinsemen

    I spent more money but no effect and I am not in job for this problem
    From chennai

  37. Dinesh ahuja says:

    Sir,my mother is suffering from mild fever ,a lot of tests were conducted which seem to point to urine infection though pus cell are in range of 4-6 as medication is also continuing.She bas to undergo calibration 2-3 times in a year.In last six months around 4 times she developed lot of shivering with high fever which became normal as fever came down.Please suggest medicines as she has developed weakness also she had suffered fracture 2 years back and uses stick to walk.Thanks, Dinesh

  38. Saibal Dasgupta says:

    I am feeling weak, lethargic and lacking in motivation. I have the feeling of someone who has just emerged out of fever and is sweating a little.
    I am male aged 61. I have diabetes for more than 30 years, high BP that was diagonised five years back, and cardiac problems since 2010. I have two stents in my heart. But I have been doing pretty well with my medications. (I also have a little vitiligo).
    But this bout of weakness and tiredness is about five weeks old. It started with two weeks of feeling cold during the evenings and nights. The sense of chill is now reduced but the weakness remains.
    A blood test two months back showed low iron levels but not below the expected level.
    Please advise.

  39. Hello Sir,

    Could you recommend which nux vomica will be suitable for 22 year old student for mental clutter, for clear stream of thoughts and light intolerance (vision) with the dosage ?

    Please explain the same with kali phos.

    Thanking You

  40. Hi Dr Sharma

    What remedies would you recommend for ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndromes?

    Thank You


  41. Balwant S. says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My wife is 70 years old and has a stout body. But when she gets up early in the morning she feels exhaust and sometimes feels numbness in the body as a result nothing does by her..
    Dr. If is there any medicine please get me prescribe.

  42. Hello Doctor,

    My father has weakness started from legs from last 3 years and its progressed slowly, now the condition is; he is unable to stand on his own, unable to hold anything, he is unable to stand. Weakness is in his whole body now, especially arms and legs.
    EMG test reveals that he has motor neuron disease.
    I just want to know that is there any cure for him?

  43. Dr. Kazi Rejwanul Huda says:

    Thanks for a nice post

  44. Hi Dr i m diabetic patient n my major problem is to much weakness from head to toe. Plz help me in this case. Thnx

  45. Hi dr Sharia
    Can you please suggest some homeopathic remedies for my son who has weak leg (hypermobilty) and fine motor skills. He also has short attention span. He turned 3 in February and has very limited language. He wakes up at night and mutters few words and he has imaginary friends… can you please help me.

  46. nkmisra says:

    Sir, i feel as if my body has lost strength.i feel very light weight & while walking i feel as though i will fly.As a result i feel that i am becoming unstable & tend to fall forward when i walk very fast .

  47. Dr. Lily Mitra says:

    I am a paralytic (right side) patient sourcsed from mild stroke 6 years back. I am 66 yrs old but still working as chief consultant with Govt. I had sugar & high blood pr. when phased mild stroke at night. Now, I have recovered 75%through physiotherapy ,regular exercise & willpower, but still phasing imbalanced while walking at road for which I have to bear a stick. I understand , myself has a nerve poblem. I do all my houpsehold work including cooking. But alwayos feel lmbalansed on my right side(things dropped from right hand. Is there any homeo medicine to strengthen nervous system, kaliphos or nuxvomica,then what will be the strength. kindly let me know.


    hello Sir,
    my son had motorcycle accident last year 11/03/2016.he has multiply injury by the trouma. all injury parts already recovery by doctors prescription but His right hand can not get saying his his nerve c6,c7,injury and TI AND C8 AVULSION.My son son age 25 yr.
    Sir if any remedies by homeopathy please sugest me for uses.

  49. Akash jana says:

    I feel laziness and sleepiness during study what is the best medicine to overcome this. My age is 18 years.

  50. Akash jana says:

    I feel laziness and sleepiness during study what is the best medicine to overcome this

  51. Reshmasamadshaikh says:

    I’m 44 year women with weight 92 kg and also i m arthritic i have weak and brittle bones as dr says as these i have major knee problem and recently i gone through x ray test with result of calcaneal spur in my right foot but the main reason of messaging you is i was also insominiac but nowadays my world goes topsy turvy instead of above problems i was very fast at my work and sincere. But since 3 month the life is horrible and shocking i can’t manage my house hold work neither i control my sleep my body is suffering from too much of weakness i don’t want that life i m very conscious and particular about my work please help me and do the needful… expecting some best advice

  52. Mohammad Amil says:

    Dr Sb my wife Munni Khatoon age 47 yrs suffering from Depression for 27 yrs. Atpersent I am getting treatment from SGPGI, Lucknow. I am taking medicine from one month but till now there is no any benifit. So pl advice me. Thanks

  53. My mensurational periods are continuously for 7 days and my body is weak enough to perform any task and there’s lack of calcium in my body so please tell what medicine is recommended for me.

  54. Suman kant tigga says:

    Dear Doctor, My father is 83 years old, had stroke once. Have joint pain and bad apetitie. Day by day he seems to look going frail and also sleeps a lot. Can you suggest medicine for strength.

  55. Dear Doctor, my 10 months old baby’s legs and arms are weak. She is trying to crawl but her legs are failing to support on knees. Her armature fast and she can do push ups much.

  56. Kalyan Sarkar says:

    Though I am 68 but my penis is often cold, rare it becomes hard after embracing women. General health is not bad. No blood sugar or B/P. That hard position is quickly decrease. some days ago quite white things discharging from penis. local Doctor prescribe Pulsitilla 30 and it is cured. Now I wish to gain sex according to age that may be able to intercourse satisfactorily.

  57. Ravikiran, Hyderabad says:

    Wonserful subject work, Superb Link, Thanks To Dr. SHARMA

  58. S. C. RAWART says:

    I am 86 year old male, try to maintain an active routine – a non smoker, do not take alcoholic drinks or aerated or soft drinks. regularly walk 4 km daily. Retire at 11 pm and get up at 7 am.sleep well but get up 4-6 times to urinate at night.
    At breakfast I take a bowl full of oats (boiled in water) 2 boiled eggs, one toast and 15 crushed almonds. My meals consist of chapati, dal and boiled vegetables, fruits (1 apple and one banana) and occasionally chicken (I avoid masala), an occasional sweet. As advised by doctor i do not take milk, instead take glass of horlicks at night. Sugar intake 2 tea spoon full each with oats, cup of tea and horlicks.
    I am sober,reserved few words but like company. not sulking and rarely in complaining mood. reconciled to my situation.
    BP ranges 130- 140/ 65-75 without medication. Colastrol within limits , but high triglisride. sugar within limits but on the boarder line. not constipated but bowels do not get cleared fully and have to go to toilet again later. Stool slurry. no abnormality noticed in urine
    No medication except various vitamins.
    Complaint. Get up very tired and lathrgic in the morning stiff body pain in the back and th swelling remains in the feet. This condition continues during day but slightly reduced.
    kindly advise.

  59. Arjun Singh rawat says:

    sir I m suffering from nightfall since childhood due 2 masturbation.can It b treated.

  60. Kishor Dalvi says:

    I had suffering from Alceratives colaities. 4grade colaeties last 9 years. But 3 years passed .I am well. Take 1-1 mesacol ..twice. a day. Now I am 45years old. Still weakness

  61. N R Sreenivasamurthy says:

    Sir My son Manjunath 42 years old. Multiple Sceloris patient.Suffering from chronic Fatigue . Which remedy do you suggest.Please help.

  62. R Ojovathi says:

    Link is very useful. Thanks

  63. KN VENUGOPAL says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    i have undergone testicle removal suegery to address the PROSTATE CANCER and subsequently under medication
    -abiraterone acetate or ZELGAR.

    Due to the removal of testicles i have lost half of my energy in legs. earlier i was very energetic and engaged in much physical activities. I am the owner of a small manufacturing unit and am able to engage in its activities.
    i can walk for a KM and would like to regain my strength at least partially.


  64. Asok Kumar Das says:

    My left side of the body, specially leg & hand are tremoring. My age is 64 years.I am using medicine of blood pressure and heart.(stamlo 5, Metocad xL 25 & clopitab CV 10).At the time of walking am feel drowsiness in motion.Legs became heavy.My stamina is decreasing gradually.Disbalance in cycling and walking. Pl. suggest medicine.Thanking you,
    Asok Kumar Das

  65. Asmat Ullah khan says:

    Hy Dr I’ve greyhounds (Racing hounds) plz tell me the best homeopathic medicine for warm up my hound and after racing it lose it’s energy so plz tell me the median for stiffness and tyerness quickly.

  66. Meenu Puri says:

    my friend was operated for cancer in breast ìt was removed.but now she feels externally week please suggest some tonic. she is67 year old

  67. Zeeshan Ahmad says:

    Dear sir i am 37 yrs old. I think i have a nerve problem actually i was doing job in govt sector i was very hectic out there so much of mental torture . I left the job after 4 years due to the environment .now i am doing my own business from the last 4 months things are no getting much better but still i feel mentally tired and impatient. And due to it my stomach usually upset. I loose weight up to 5 kilos . Can i recover from this severe nervous weakness. Please help me

  68. Dharmbirsinha says:

    I am 68 years old male. Taking medicine URIMAX D for last 3 years for treatment of Prostate enlargement.
    Since last year feeling exhausted all the time, problem in walking barefoot (feel like walking on loose and soft cotton and difficulty in balancing – however, no problem with shoes), numbness and pain in both palms.
    Walking regularly 2kms. in the morning and taking normal diet. No other problem of worry.
    Request help.
    Regards !

  69. sohail unsar says:

    I am 26 years and my body is so week and I want tremove. Weeknes I ues the medicine but not working
    So if you have a medicine please send that’s medicine name

  70. I am 77 sufferring from loss of balance walking since last 2-3 yrs. Legs start paining while walking.

  71. Adnan Murtaza says:

    I am a disabled person from my due to typhoid from my both legs and you can say from all of my body. My arms and legs are weak but 2 years before I could walk properly but now suddenly I am becoming weak so I just want if you would you like to suggest any type of medicine to improve my strength. Thank you so much Mr Sharma I hope you would help me.

  72. Anish kumar says:

    My wife is week from low blood pressure and blood. which medicine are usefull my wife

  73. khalid khan says:

    Dear Dr . suggest me best medicine to solve my semen problem that is much too much low (only 2%)0.5 million.

  74. Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have questions about my daughter. If you will be kind enough to please read her history as this will help you understand why she is what she is, I would be forever grateful.

    My daughter, aged 12 years and 9 months now, went through severe stomach problems as an infant (because I had to travel in between countries – I was going through some domestic problems), until I finally settled when she was 4 years old. During these 4 years, she developed a phobia for food because every time she ate she’d get a stomach ache. She never developed an appetite for food, and as I always tried to give her healthy home-made food, she now has a phobia of healthy, home-cooked food. Also, she began to develop eye problems, and was soon wearing glasses. At the moment, the power of her glasses is negative 4 in one eye. and negative 4.5 in the other.

    I was still going through problems, which meant my daughter was exposed to a lot of stress. Probably as a result of this, she got her period just before her 11th birthday, when even her ovaries hadn’t developed fully yet. As a result, her periods were very irregular, and generally heavy, extensive flow. These increased in intensity. until she had her period for 3 months consecutive right after her 12th birthday. Her body temperature used to be high, and she had to take regular showers to cool herself. She used to develop skin rashes and longed for icy drinks.

    This resulted in extreme weakness and very low Haemoglobin, 7 to be exact. I was under a lot of pressure from the doctors to begin hormones but I didn’t. I resorted to alternate medicine and by the Grace of the Almighty, she improved. Over the past 6 months, she has had 3 periods of 5 days each. She took iron supplements for a while, her health and appetite improved, and she grew a bit tall. Now she is 5 ft in height, and her body weight has improved. She is a very smart girl, but she gets a headache when she reads, or does any form of sport or physical activity. She says she doesn’t feel as weak at school as she does at home. I don’t know if this is due to the atmosphere at home (although the state of things has immensely improved now) or if she is fresher in the sunlight hours as compared to evening.

    Another thing is, she cannot sleep unless she is tired enough. For example, if she is at home without the exertion of going to school and back, she will sleep late. And then she will wake up late next morning. The next day she will sleep even later, and wake up at noon tomorrow. It’s as though she has a 26-hour day instead of a 24-hour one. She has had this problem ever since she was a baby. I was too occupied with other things in life to be able to focus on her sleep patterns. 🙁 Although, now since she has grown to understand, she takes steps to control this as much as she can. She is a very responsible and sensible child, and understands the drawbacks of conventional medicines.

    So overall, she has a problem with diet, which probably affected her eyes and appetite. She feels weak in the head and eyes, and gets headaches in the forehead and the back of the head above the neck. She gets out of breath just after slight physical exertion and finds it very difficult to climb stairs. If she cannot get enough sleep because of the clash in her sleep schedule and school timings, she gets a fever and sore throat. If you could please explain to me what is going on in her body and suggest medicines accordingly, I would be forever grateful.

    I thank you immensely for your kind suggestions on your website.

  75. Shyama Prosad Ghosh says:

    Sir, take my respect. I have been suffering from weakness, heart palpitation after discharging stool. The amount of stool is much.
    Sir, suggest me medicine as soon as possible.

    Shyama Prosad Ghosh

  76. Arvind Tandon says:

    Sir, I am suffering from continuous pain in thigh lower side. Please help & advise homeopathic medicine. Thanks & Regards.. Arvind Tandon

  77. Leman Raheem says:

    Hi Doctor.
    I forget most things easily and often feel weak. Is there any drug or fruit that can help restore it back?

  78. Hi dr ,

    Rite now i m facing weakness in whole body esp in my legs when i sit for long my leg get numb . After sex also i felt like my whole energy is squeeze out from my body . Most of the i feel like dull n slow . Yes i sleep late daily but apart from wich homeo med wud u prefer. Pl suggest

  79. herniated bulging disc L4 L5 and weakness and tiredness in legs ,numbness at times and feet seem to be heavy and as if glued to the floor ,it takes effort to walk and when tired have to be dragged instead of being lifted

  80. muhammad shafiq says:

    please suggest remedy for weakness of brain after masterbation

  81. md.Nasiruddin says:

    sir i am suffring from weakness… due to
    weakness my leg in start pain.
    which medicine is soutable for me. my age is 29

  82. md.Nasiruddin says:

    sir i am suffring from weakness… due to
    weakness my leg in start pain.
    which medicine is soutable for me.

  83. Respected Sir,
    My age is 45 yrs male,as my self diagnosis I am suffering from hypersomnia disease.My daily routine is I go for sleep at 1:30 am in night and get up at 12:30 pm in afternoon.I am also getting very tired at night while going to sleep and feeling pain in eyes,limbs ang legs while getting up in afternoon.I am very much disappointing,my wife is also disappointed due to all of this.This is happening with me since 4 yrs.
    I had tried allopathic medicine for hypersomnia which give me some relief but drug contraindicate with severe stomach ache and diarrohea so I stop the medicine.Homeopathic medicine”coffea cruda “and”rhus tox” also create same problem.I also visit to the somnologist at delhi he also done my sleep study but no results get.Now I am taking hom.medicine “acid phos 30” and “damiana” which getting me some relief.
    Please suggest me proper homeopathic treatment for my disease.I am agree to pay the consultation fee.

  84. Rao Karamat AAbid says:

    I always feel weekness/ tirness (Lower body and legs) after over sweetting.
    My age is 50

  85. BANITA PANDA says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,
    Namaskar. My name is Mrs. BANITA PANDA.Now I am at the age of 44 years.I am blessed with one daughter and one son. My problem is: I am observing pain in my left side (hand) femur due to some vein always I am pressing my femur in other hand. Now the same problem is arising in my left feet.If I will press the veins then feeling well.The pain is starting from below my left knee.In the night if I will sleep by folding the two knees keeping up, after some time the legs will fall with a sound and after that I will not sleep for a long time and will be wakeup. my request is what is the disease, whether nerve weakness or what is the treatment for this. kindly inform me as soon as possible.




  87. Hameedullah says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I’m Hameedullah from Pakistan
    My daughter
    Date of Bith april 1996
    was quite healthy upto 4,5 years.
    we felt that her legs are weak after this age.
    Doctor said she is weak but well they after some tests wrote Brofen and widayline syrups.
    she became weak and weak slowly and gradually. her legs, with the passage of time became weak.
    MRI and ECG reports show no disease.
    she now even cannot stand on her leg. feet are a bit bent. they are sensible.
    she’s anemic and weak. very sensible.
    kindly write some medicines for her
    Thank you

  88. MEHBUB SHEIKH says:






    • herniated bulging disc L4 L5 and weakness and tiredness in legs ,numbness at times and feet seem to be heavy and as if glued to the floor ,it takes effort to walk and when tired have to be dragged instead of being lifted

  89. Vijay Kumar Gupta says:

    डां साहेब
    हमको 15 साल से मधुमेह है अभी कुछ दिनों से मेरे दोनो पैर के नसे मे दर्द होता है चलने फिरने मे मुसकिल होता है कबज रहता है सरीर मे काम करने की क्षमता घटती जी रही हैं
    सो आप इसका इलाज और दवा भेज दे
    मेरा नाम
    विजय कुमार गुप्ता

  90. otaga uru mumuni says:

    I do go to toilet like four to five times daily, I do feel feverish, regular back pain, stomach noisy and always feeling weak after sex so what can I do doctor.

  91. Thomas J DSouza says:

    Dr Sharma
    Your blogs are very very scholarly, informative and useful. I love to read them.
    Thank you.
    Please do continue to share your knowledge.

  92. Hai sir I am taking treatment in homeo from fast 2 years for back pain(disk bulges) and stress head ache no sleep weakness plz give remedy

  93. saurabh baranwal says:

    dr saab namste. meri age 35 year hai mera weight bahot hi km hai 45 kg please weight badhane wali medicine btane ki kripa kre

  94. Kitty Kaur says:

    My mother is 87 years old and has Alzheimer’s. Besides her mental faculties declining, her physical ability to walk on her own is also declining. She has fallen many times now and I would like you to suggest some medicine for her. She sits all day long with no exercise whatsoever and it is probably due to the weakness in her legs Her legs swell up and her toes have become blue
    and her toe nails are all gone.

    • Harleen Narula says:

      My father is 86 and has Alzheimer’s.Besides his mental faculties decling. ,his physical ability to walk on his own is also decling.He has fallen two three times and while getting up his ankle joints got twisted as a result ,there remains swelling in his feet ,till the ankle joint.This swelling is not there in the morning when he gets up ,but starts incresing gradually after he starts his daily routine work.At the end of the day when he goes to sleep his feet till the ankle joint are swollen I would like U to suggest some medicine for him.He sits all the day long with no exercise what so ever ,this is probably due to the weakness of the legs.He goes to Gurdwara holding the hands or with awalker every day.

  95. Col B.N.Sharma says:

    My brother in law 99 years old male has difficulty in standing own legs ,legs cannot sustain body.Rest all functions normal.

  96. B.H.Mahalingappa. says:

    My wife is 57 year,she is suffering from knee pain.knee joints have been weakened and gap increase the leg pain.Walking and standing for longer time is very difficult.No relief even after applying many creams.


    I am 84. i am otherwise alright, except that I feel weakness in legs and groin while walking. No Pain.


  99. faisal khan says:

    no homomeopathic remedy is working on me and i did wrong think in my my teenage so god punish me me and disaster is going to happen with me any day because god is not happy with and that why no hpathy medicine is working on me i am suffering from phobia of night discharge and phobia of having disaster from god to me for sins and there is no medicine for me for my treat because god give a great and uncurable disease only god god is one who forgive me then i will cureable other wise my life become hell on earth as well as on sky i am suffering from future phobia night discharge phobia life threatning phobia and my whole problem increses by intercourse and by night dischages plz pescribed me remedy for lack of vital power cfs and lack of energy insomnia and impotentcy also occurs in me chronic disease take place due to sinsfull life p

  100. Alasingachar Vasudevan says:

    Dear Dr.Sarma.
    I am on homeopathy for last 40 yrs. I have been cured of , skin eczema, digestive disorders, sinus, asthmatic allergies, throat irritants and am healthy compared to other 77yr old males in my relationship groups. I am also active.
    I need your advise on a medicine like resume remedy to keep me fit and alert for few more years so that I can continue my work, that involves travel, fatigue, work fatigue, cognitive stress, talking for one hour sessions etc.
    I am on regular ferryman phos twice daily. I like to reduce weight by 5 kegs. For a height of 5’8″ I am 76kgs now averaging.
    I do yoga and Vipasanna, and live in an eco friendly community outside bangalore. My diet is liquids in the evening, one solid meal and a fruit and protein breakfast every day. I have whisky once a week and beer during summer fternoons .
    Whatever you think I can benefit from your advise please do. Thanks and Good day.

  101. Shamsul Tawhid says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 62 and had been through lot of failures, heavily mentally stressed over employment, daughters are not married, no savings. I was born premature – 7th month. Suffered from Typhoid 3 times, malaria 2 times, chicken pox, hepatitis A – Bilirubin was 22. osteoarthritis – right knee – now better after homeo medication.

    I feel physically and mentally exhausted, chronic insomnia (take sleeping pills regularly), flatulence, weak digestion, chronic constipation (I take Hortuki soaked water in empty stomach in morning), very weak brain function, weak and tired eye, sinus with occasional headache in temples, palpitation at slightest exertion ( i am taking Arjun Q, CR), I also have a Lipoma on my head (it was operated 20 years back during my appendicitis operation, later it grew bigger from a pea nut to one inch by 3/4 inch. It shrinks i little when I wake up, then gradually expands, tests showed fatty cyst – no pain). Dry skin.
    Best wishes & kind regards.
    Tawhid, Dhaka

  102. Vivek Bhattacharya says:

    Respected Doctor,
    My daughter, 27 years old, healthy and in good health. She had been preparing for a competitive exam since last 6 months .
    Till now she was able to cope up with her 12 – 13 hours of per day study , without any interruption.

    She is eating well and sleeping 8 hours a day ( 5 Hrs in the night & 3 hours during daytime ).

    Can you please suggest me some Homeopathic or Biochemic medicines to overcome this problem.


  103. rajiv kumar says:

    hello sir
    hame sir me bharipan aur pure badan me dard aur wekness rahta hai aur sir ghoom raha ho jaise lagta hai kya kare

  104. waqas Ahmed says:

    I am diabetic type 1 injecting insulin for controlling it now I feel much mental and physical weakness what should I do for over coming it thanks

  105. Sherrie popal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    Iam 70, white female and have recently been temporarily diagnosed with myasthenia gravis or Guilian Barre. Whatever it is, my symptoms are extreme fatigue, and unable to hold my head up. My head feels like a 100 lb weight. My hands are very shaky keeping me from any kind of hand writing. Also having my head down without one hand holding it up, i begin to choke, and speaking becomes a real task. my dr. prescribed pyridostigmine bromide tablets 60 mg taken three or more times a day. This is causing way too much mucus which causes me to choke more often.
    Please advise me of a homeopathic remedy that will help with the fatigue.
    Thank you for your attention to this request

  106. PVDcoldness of left leg not severe weakness bitter taste

  107. Lav kumar shrivastava says:

    Seminal fluids during sleep from last two weak alternately causes backache,headache and weakness!

  108. manik sarkar says:

    please tell me anti-fungal medicine

  109. Hello sir ,I Mohd age is 34 year having b.p from last 2years and having diabetes from 5 year taking insulin ,my sugar level also under control level ,sir ,iam a teacher in a college ,sir iam facing a problem of stress, and weakness,and iam not getting a good sleep also I am also facing a body pains ,
    so sir plz suggest a medicine for me so that I must be energetic to do work and to improve and boost up the immune system .thanking u , waiting for your response.

  110. MOHD RIHAN says:

    Sir, I have symptoms like pressure in nerves, mental fatigue, difficulty in retaining and recalling information, weakning eye sight. It is due to severe exhaustion and mental work by study.provide me solution.

  111. I am desperate I have a chronic cough. Tired all the time. Brain fag. Exhaustion and chronic respiratory infections and cough. Please help

  112. Dear dr sb
    Plz advise homeo remedy for long period of patient of cancer operated esophagitis.entire weakness lack of food eating

  113. Abubakarr Bah says:

    Hello Sir.
    I have BRAINFAG .
    So please sir i would like you to help me with the medicines ,
    please sir i would also like you to list them for me ..

  114. ravishanker says:


    i having burning sensation in the feet of the both the legs, i am taking medicine for hypo thyroid started one year back, taking thyrol drops 2 times a day , because of these burning sensation in the feet , doctor says diabetic neuropathy, please prescribe some medicine for diabetic neuropathy please, (very little blood sugar found in recent report i am taking diaboherb tonic medicine.)

    please suggest some medicine for burning sensation in both the feet of the legs

    • Rajesh Srivastava says:

      Sir my mother 72 years age,October 19 she facing heart attack, after angioplasty she provides a stain, but now she feel much weakness, please suggest any homeopathy medicine, she is vegetarian non alcoholic simple house wife,work much hardworking women, but now feel weakness.

  115. Abdullah Khan says:

    Reply me dear doctor

  116. Abdullah Khan says:

    Which potency use staphysaira and acid phos and selenium

  117. AMITAVA RAY says:

    After having sex why do i feel so sleepy and tired for about 12 hrs from then. I am taking R41 (10 drops twice a day) for last one month. Effect seems to be positive. Can u suggest any medicine so that i feel the same energy level after having sex as before sex. I am 48yrs old. Do not have any such health problem. Please suggest.

  118. saif ahmad says:

    Hello sr
    My name is ahmad .I amsuffering from nerves prbolemin both side injaw open and close in sound coming .And pain.And left leg pain please advice me which medecine use

  119. lucky rathour says:

    I was suffering from since 20 I m feeling too much can I get energy as well as strainght.i want to
    become healthy.this weakness going to kill medicine is going on.but I will be end sir recommed me what to do?

  120. Ive been experiencing chronic insomnia for over 10 yrs now. I also suffer severe immediate unexplainable waist pain and also upper back pain usually when I don’t sleep at all for three days.
    There is also needle prick and burning sensation when
    when I stand or sit at one place for about 15 minutes of my foot.
    Thanks and If you can recomned the necessary and effective homeopathic drugs foe me

  121. Sri my son is suffering from nerve damage or weakness he is not able to walk property , he bends on his knees while walking and also not able to stand for few minutes . Before this he walking properly and he was riding cycle also. This any treatment in homepathy and please say it’s curable are not Sri I want to see my son as he was before thank you.

  122. Hello Dr, I have muscle and nerves degenerating disease, I feel weak, unable to walk properly, I can’t use my both hands as before relatively paralysis and my speech is becoming slurred. Please what homeopathy medicine would be effective for my condition, thanks.

  123. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from nervous weakness. I get tired easily after any mental or physical activity. Taking ample amount of sleep is also not helping me to get over with this problem, can u please suggest any homeopathic medicine for nervous weakness?

  124. mirza ahsan ali beg says:

    sir i have continiusly whole body pain and dulness and sex weekness.i am suffring this problem last one year.i meet the orthosurgen and gernal phygician he take the medicine but aftet quit the medicine restart same b p,sugar ,thyriode is normal i am 45 years old pl.suggess homeopathy best medicine.


    My mother is 74 years old. She is totally vegetarian . She has no interest in food from last two month. So she is now feeling weakness . please give me some medicine name with doses which increase her interested in food and also physical strength .
    Thank you Sir .
    Achintya Chatterjee

  126. Sexual weeknes help me

  127. Dr. Sharma! The way you explain the utility of homeo medicine is very simple & compact. Grateful.

  128. Syed Amir Abbas Zaidi says:

    Age 50 years ,weight 100 kg, i am feeling weakness which increase day by day , i am patient of hy blood perisher and take one tablet of zafnol daily kindly suggest tonic for me .

    • Respected sir,I am R.Raman. I feel dullness in brain all the day with tired eyes want to remain close and eyesight is also going down.Some physician told me it is due to slow blood circulation and prescribed me gingko biloba.But,no significant result found. Kindly suggest me medicine. Thanks.

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