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Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Worms

Worm infestation is a very common disorder among children. The common worm infestations include pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis), roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides), tapeworm and hookworm (Ancylostoma duodenale). Homeopathic medicines for worms help treat the problem naturally and are safe for use in children. homeopathic medicines for worms

Symptoms of Worm Infestation

The main symptoms of worm infestation include anal itching, vaginal itching, irritability, sleeplessness, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive hunger, teeth grinding, anemia, weight loss, seizures, cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing.

Homeopathic Medicines for Worms

Homeopathy is a safe and reliable mode of treatment of worm infestations. These medicines strengthen the infection fighting mechanism of the body to eradicate the disease. Homeopathic medicines for worms not only eradicate the worms, but also help improve the overall health condition of the individual. Homeopathic medicines are natural and non-toxic remedies with zero side effects and therefore, most suitable for children.

The top three recommended Homeopathic medicines for worms are Cina, Teucrium and Spigelia. Among these, Cina is the best choice for worms where the condition is accompanied by excessive hunger, irritable mind, teeth grinding, picking at the nose and bed clothes. Teucrium is a top grade Homeopathic medicine to manage anal itching from worms while Spigelia is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for worms that cause pain around the umbilical region.

1. Teucrium and Cina – For Worms causing Anal or Vaginal Itching

Anal or vaginal itching is mainly the symptom of pinworm infection. Top grade medicines for worm infections of this type are Teucrium and Cina. Teucrium is the best-suited remedy for anal itching from worms where a crawling sensation and anal itching get worse during the evening or when in bed. Cina is useful where anal itching is accompanied by teeth grinding. Caladium is one of the best medicines for worms with vaginal itching.

2. Cina, Santoninum and Merc Sol – For Worms Leading to Teeth Grinding

The best medicines for worms where the person grinds his teeth are Cina, Santoninum and Merc Sol. Cina and Santoninum are mostly selected in cases where the teeth grinding is marked at night. A child prescribed these medicines grates the teeth constantly while sleeping. Merc Sol is a good choice among medicines for worms where teeth grinding is attended with copious salivation from the mouth.

3. Cina and Spigelia – For Worms causing Abdominal Pain

Highly effective medicines for worms causing abdomen pain are Cina and Spigelia. Cina is chosen when cramping, pinching, cutting colic in the abdomen is experienced from worms. The pain gets better by applying pressure. Spigelia is an excellent choice among medicines for worms where colicky, pinching pains are centered around the umbilical region. Nausea may accompany navel pain.

4. Cina and Natrum Mur – For Worms causing Excessive Hunger

Cina and Natrum Mur feature among the best medicines for worms leading to excessive hunger. Persons prescribed Cina and Natrum Mur experience ravenous, canine hunger which is renewed soon after eating. The person feels the need to eat constantly yet will not gain weight.

5. Cina and Abrotanum – For Worms causing Irritability in Children

Wonderful medicines for worms leading to irritability in children are Cina and Abrotanum. Cina is the most effective among medicines for worms indicated in children where extreme irritability is present. The child is ill-humored, very cross with a tendency to strike and bite. Teeth grinding accompanies these symptoms. Abrotanum is also prescribed when the child is ill-humored and irritable. Marked emaciation is also seen among children needing Abrotanum.


  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Wash undergarments and bed linen in hot water
  • Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating
  • Get children into the habit of washing hands after using the washroom and before eating
  • Restrict the child from playing in the soil
  • Boil drinking water or use water purifiers to prevent worm infections

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  1. Touhidur Rahman says:

    My female baby is 22month. She has worm in her urinary shot. She cried out after sleep. We checked a worm biting her pussy. It happens sometimes. I already used allopathy medicine 10 days ago. But it comes out again. What should I do ?

  2. My daughter is 3years 10months and weight about 11.6kg.she had the worms from 7month onwards.I tried the bandy plus and mebex prescribed by the pediatrician,but still she is having the same and not gaining her weight.

  3. R. K WADHERA says:

    Dr Sharma, I had been a patient of emebiosis with geardia lamblia and black pin worms etc in my stools and wad advised to take Amicline tablets along with intestopan tablets (Allopathic medicines) during my young age . I took the medicines as advised and had some improvements. Now at the age of 66 I am experiencing constipation and at times after having some laxatives like Isabgole etc I pass more amount of stools, sometimes spongy in appearance laded with some mucus. I am taking very balanced home cooked easy digestible vegetables in my diet. Also I regularly take fruits (Citrus fruit like Mausami; Pomegrenates, Papaya etc) . I am a Sugar patient taking Insulin (Human Insulin R & N) and my sugar fluctuates despite my deciplined food intake. I have a strange problem of getting itchy and irritable very often on small reasons causing lot of uneasiness. I feel that some worms in my intestine may be the cause for such irritable behaviours with me, so I seek your advice for dewormimg medicine or any other advice that be of use to me. kindly help and give your valuable advice. Thanks . R.K.WADHERA MOB:- 9415568580 (My Whatsapp No) My mail Address:- rkwadheralucknow

  4. Good evening Doctor, my husband is 54 years old and is now sick. he is vomiting with diarrhea. The color of his stool is green and also what he vomits. He is also losing weight beside that he is also suffering of sever pain in his knees and joints. His feet parang may tusok-tusok and namamanhid. He has also ringworm in some part of his body. Does he have parasite? What is the best treatment of his illness now? Please help me. Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply.

  5. Dr. My child is 6 and half years old, often she gets stomach worms, from 6 years to completely rid of this problem.. please suggest.

  6. I would not restrict any child from playing in soil. I would however give them a bath and wash their dirty clothes afterwards.

  7. A K singh says:

    I am suffering from of hardening stool, gas and acidity. Acidity is extended to foot and sometimes to chest.
    While I sleep my body is getting hot due to acidity and I am looking strength and weight. When stool gets clear, acidity vanishes for 3 to 4 hrs.

  8. Debeswar Pal says:

    Can i use cina for 19 months children?

  9. SUVANKAR DAS says:

    I’m suvankar das 33 years old. I have some black spot (like burnet spot) between and around two eyes including eye leafs. This is for las 1years.can i get a solution of this??

  10. Actually my daughter frequently fall in cold and coug. She usually feeling itching at anal region. Some time she feel stomach ache. She is 5 years of age. What is the cause may be it. How do I treat her. Please give me the suggestion.

  11. arpan ghosh says:

    hi i am 26 years old suffering from worms problem please suggest me the homeopathy medicine to get rid out of it.

    • My mother age 60 is suffering pain with distended abdomin since 4 month and vaginal itching.Pain persists round the clock and agrevates after meals.She has been talking allopathic medicine but no results.I think she is also suffering worms also.Please advise.

    • Puneet kanodia says:

      I am 53 years old male having hypothyroidism for the last five years. I also have fatty liver. For the last three months i am having pain on my back which comes up to the right shoulder and I feel that my body is shaking. But after some time when some gas is passed it subsides
      Kindly help me out of this problem.

  12. megha jain says:

    My kid is 5 yr old and has abdominal pain and grind her teeth in night. which medicine should I give her to get relieve?

  13. Sir, I have another 5 years boy, loosing body weight , lose of apttite ,teeth grinding , and restles while sleeping ,

  14. Sir, I have 2 years 5 month baby , she loss of apptite , she is habbit to bite his elder brother,she is loosing waight , comlaining stomache pain, ithing in vegina ,

  15. Dear Dr chlid age 14 year pain in abdonimal and Teath grinding please suggest medicine

  16. Hello sir
    How much rime we will give cina dose how many days

  17. Manoranjan tudu says:

    4-5 sal se worms ho Raha hai, dugle patle ho gaye hay, pet ki samasha hay,Mathe ki Bal jhad Raha hay, Bajan that Raha hay,gas ki samasha hai, please mujhe kuch ilaj bataye,,,,,

  18. Dr Homeo: A case of colerectal cancer with fissure from colon to bladder. Urine causes extreme pain. Particles coming through penis and when inactive; faeces coming through penis with urine. Cachexia from antibiotics creating wasting away; lack of appetite; frequent diarrhea or constipation from pain medications. I am at my wits end. Thank you very much.

  19. Hi there
    What treatment can a patient safely take in pregnancy for thread worms with anal itching?


    Dr Sharma, I am 65 years of age, sudden reduce of weight, some time see some kind of yellow 2 centimeter long floating thing in the stool.
    Just want to take homeopathic treatment with your advise.

  21. sachin gajanan gore says:

    मँडम मला 20 वर्षापासीन worm चा त्रास होत आहे एलोपँथीक अषध्या खुप खाल्या पण दोन दिवस आराम होते आणि पुन्हा तसेच हौते होमोपँथी मध्ये permant ऊपचार आहे का

  22. Rajkumar says:

    Canker sore with itching on anus

  23. DOLAN DE says:


  24. Dear sir,

    Is the Anthelmina anti worm syrup is safe for my 2 year old child???

  25. Plz suggest medicine for tape worms in cats….

  26. अखलेश says:

    में लगभग 5- 6 सालो से वर्म की समस्या से परेशान हूँ कृपया मेडिसिन बताए

  27. Hope it helps says:

    Homeopathic Remedy Artemisia Cina Dosage
    200 pellets, thrice daily for 14 days.


    Never apply this medicine at morning and evening. It should be kept in mind that this medicine should never be taken at morning and evening. It gives best result when the medicine is administered at Noon and at Night before eating.

  28. Deepa Tamrakar says:

    Sir once i hd extreme pai in my left shoulder , i always felt needle priking pain in my shoulder.I suffered 3 years and finally a doctor diagnoised “Ascaris” worm around my painful region.
    Now after few years i m having chest pain…itching, chest tighteness , burning chest sensation.
    Undergone Full Heart checkup and Angiography
    but everything is ok.. ! No problem in Heart.
    But the Chest pain needle priking is unbearble.Please suggest me .

  29. Debasish Mitra says:

    The best homeopathic medicines for worms with symptom of weight loss,anemia,headache,seizer, weight loss,irritabily

  30. satyakam kumar says:

    Sir! Good morning, my 4yrs. male baby eaching the toilet placce of body pls. Recomaned the medicine.

    • My 2yr old grandaughter is suffering from worms,and has had two lots of medication from the gp but keeps getting re-infected….worms look like spaghetti…would Cina alone kill the worms? She is a happy active child but gets very irritable and occasionally hits out/bites and is super active. Wouls Cina and Abrotanum be better ? She is two years of age.

  31. Hi dr ,
    My daughter is 4 years n weigh only 12 kgs deworming done two months back ,had two tapeworm out ..but again she is not feeling hungry n not gaining weight ,should I repeat deworming

    • Dear Doctor

      I am a 53 year old woman and at the stage of menopause . For the past two years I am feeling indigestion, crawling sensation , anal itching at night (evening), irritability, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and Gas troubles. Many a time I have seen small white worms. I have taken de-worming tablets like Albentazole and tab Zental in regular intervals. But no relief. After one or two weeks it again persists. Please help me to get rid off this.

    • Hi, I saw your post that deworming medication is given to your female child, which resulted in getting 2 tapeworms out of her. Can you please let which medicine you used for tapeworms & the dosage info.

  32. Rajendra Gupta says:

    Sir I’m Rajendra gupta of 38years from Kolkata I’m suffering from stomach worm since long years,anal itching is my main problem.
    But now my child age is now 2 & half years old he has also itching problem,his body weight and hair is not growing-up properly,he has also suffering from anaemia.
    My wife has also teeth grinding problem.
    My 14 months baby also haven’t good physical growth.
    Now we are taking a ayurvedic worm medicine.
    Sir please sujest me what we have to do.

    • Manoj Saraf says:

      First of all, wash everything you eat nicely.
      Foods which are grown below earth surface like carrot, should be avoided for sometimes.
      Fruits should be peeled before eating.
      Always wash hand with soap before eating anything.
      Because everybody is having worm problem in your home, so I think virus is going through food in your stomach.

  33. Vaani Harkhyal says:

    Hello dr sharma
    I am Vaani Harkhyal from India.
    My daughter is 3.5 yrs old and weighs 13 kha.
    she is always Complaining of anal and vaginal itching. She is irritable unrealistic demands and cranky and cries for unreasonable things
    and keeps putting her finger in the nose despite telling her to stop. She only prefers sweet food and medicine also.
    Please suggest the medicine along with dosage

  34. Shubhi Mehrotra says:

    Please tell the treatment for Ascariasis/ ascaries infection, for the whole family. Names and duration of taking the medicine. Any restrictions on eating may also be mentioned. I shall be highly obliged.

  35. SANJAY BISWAS says:

    my baby is 3 .9 year old, she is infecting round worm in every two months after getting medicine.

    please suggest homeopathy medicine and doses.

  36. Rajesh Kumar Shaw says:

    Dear sir, my left shoulder is paining due to frozen shoulder, although I keep moving my hand but it’s pain tremendously sometime, what should I do, please recommend me. I need your advice.
    Your kind cooperation would be highly appreciated.
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,
    Rajesh Kumar Shaw

  37. Tarkeshwar Mahato says:

    I am suffering from stomach worm for a long time, resulting poor physic, gas, and irregularity in daily stool . I take several time worm killing English Medicine, but I did not get any good results.My Stomach worm problem is same as before. For my poor physic ,I always in worried. So kindly give me a fruitful suggestions and treatment and oblige.My age is 45 years.

  38. Surya bhattacharya says:

    My child age 3 year and last 4 day potty time I see 8 to 9 worms in potty.
    So what medicine I use for this and kindly mentioned the dose.

  39. sir i have been taking homeopathy medicine for 4 months but still there is itching at my back and my motion is in very small pieces with a lot of holes and in my stool test there was a cyst of e.coli. Should i continue taking homeopathy medicine.

  40. kumar Prince says:

    Sir, I m 31 yrs old male, feel itching/vibrating around anus, feel jerks during sleep, even cramps in abdominal region, allergy in the form of itching of skin with small gram size eruption which subside in 1 hour…… let me know the medicines which I have to take…. for deworming.

  41. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Hi doctor,
    My son 9 yr’s Is behaving rudely and also gaining weight (53kg). Can you suggest if I could deworm him with cina? Plz let me know the dose for him.

  42. Ulisses Ditlef says:

    hello doctor,

    I have a dog that has intestinal worms issues, with a little bit of blood in its feces. Its seems to be cranky and agreesive and with anal itchiness. Which homeopathy do you its the best for this case?

  43. Sohini Chakraborty says:

    Hi Doctor

    My son 3.8years is behaving rudely and have irritation in anus around evening time. He is also not gaining weight and have sleeplessness since last 1month. Can you suggest if i could deworm him with cina? Please let me know the dose for him

  44. Sohini Chakraborty says:

    Hi Doctor

    My son 3.8years is behaving rudely and have irritation on anus around evening time. He is also gaining weight and have sleeplessness since last 1month. Can you suggest if i could deworm him with cina? Please let me know the dose for him

  45. Anindita Majumdar says:

    Dear doctor, my 6 yr.old daughter has lost her appetite and grows.irritability in her behaviour.sometimes I notice some dirty.practice of licking bed linens or spitting at the family members.I am afraid that she is suffering from worms.what shall I do to recover her overall health? I need your help. AninditaMajumdar.

  46. After using anthelina medicine i feel itching in skin before using this two weeks before i used albendazol

  47. R. P. chowdhury says:

    chronic acute anal itching problem, male, age 49

  48. Ram Prasad Chowdhury says:

    acute anal itching for 6 months. age 49, male

  49. itching sensation on body followed with red colour small patch which dries within 2 days

  50. Shiv Yadav says:

    Sir, I m 49 yrs old male, feel itching around anus, lots of bloating after eating food, feel jerks during sleep, even cramps in abdominal region, allergy in the form of itching of skin with small gram size eruption which subside in 1 hour…… let me know the medicines which I have to take…. for deworming. Regards

  51. nadeem akhter says:

    A.A Dr. Sb. my age is 39 years i m suffering from worms.
    symptoms are anal itching, irritability,irritable mind, sleeplessness, some time diarrhea, excessive hunger, anemia, , seizures, cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing.

    kindly send me a better medicine. i shall be very thankful to you

  52. Mera brother 27year old hai.uske pet me tapeworm and hookworm hai.bahut saari allopathy dawa khaya lekin kira nahi nikala hai.please help me kaun sa homeopathy medicine leni chahiye aur kitane dino tak.please help me.please….

  53. Pravin kumar says:

    Hi sir, please help me. I am 27 Year
    Test show , I have hookworm and tapeworm.
    I have tried many drug but they would not work treating me. I urgently need your help sir

  54. I am trying to decide which homeopathic remedy is best fit for my son for worms. He is 3.5, slim, craves sugary items (chocolate, fruit) breads. Whiny boy, clingy. Is always biting his nails. Does not grind teeth, does not itch on bottom nor is crossed. I have seen some worms in the stool but do not know what kind they are. I believe I have seen liver flukes and some 1/4 inch skinny worm (do not know what it was). He is hot natured when sleeping and is always wanting something to eat. Has not gained weight for about a year. Thank you so much.

  55. Silviya Ivanova says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, my son is 6 year old and have Threadworms, what will be good for him and for the whole family

  56. Ayegwalo Anthony says:

    please, can you help me. i am 24 years student, and test shows i have Hookworm and tapeworm in me, i have tried many drugs but they would not work in treating me. i urgently need your help Sir.
    Anthony Ayegwalo, Rivers State, Nigeria

  57. Gouri Sankar SahA says:




  58. Manish Kumar says:

    My daughter 2 year old she is a habit of chew cloth, chew pencil sometime lying on floor, touch the floor with tung

    What medicine I should give

  59. ashok kumar says:

    hair loss and dandruff

  60. Moushumi dutta says:

    My daughter is 8 years old and is having itching near the mouth of the anal.I have Cina-30.(made in Germany)but don’t know the dose of the medicine.Please let me know the correct dose and number of times it should be given on aday.

  61. Jayanta Kumar Mitra says:

    Pain surrounding navel remains after passing stool in the morning.Itching at the anus during midnight and early morning.Urge and urination every 1 or 2 hours throught the night.

  62. Vinod bamniya says:

    Pat dard or santo ka dard

    Worms problem


    I have a son aged about 04 (four) years. He is suffering from worm infestation which results in anal itching and he is so weak and losing his weight and vomitis while eating foods. He is not interested in taking foods.. please suggests some medicines in homeopathy and preventive remedy.

  64. Hello sir..
    My son is 5+….he frequently complains abt pain in his night he always grind his teeth…he is stagnant wid his growth..neither he’s gaining height nor weight..i have given him medicine of deworming twice but of no wht medicine should be goven to him

  65. Dear Dr. Sharme,

    Me and my child have parasites. I feel burning in my lungs and under my skin. What is your suggested protocol?

  66. Mujhe or mere dono bacho Ko gude me eatching Hoti hai uska jar se kya ilaj hai.

  67. Dr. My 4 Year old girl,Ameya is always saying that she had pain in umblical, vaginal and anal region. She had reccurent uti. Once on culture it is diagnosed as ecoli infection.She crys always for long time for simple things, wear footwares on opposite side, Very caring on makeup,spells letters not in order.Not willing to face strangers and keep her face down.

  68. My son is 4 .5 years old is suffering from loose motion after consumption of deworming tablet. 5 To 6 times a day since 5 days. He is active but I could see that he lost his weight. What treatment can be given?

    • Umesh K Salian says:

      How long one should take homeopathy treatment to get a Colet cure? I have been taking treatment for the last two months yet I still feel the crawling sensation at the anal region which shows that the worms are still there and active. How long it takes to completely cure? My age is 70 years and I live in Bangalore. Kindly guide me.

  69. Snehalatha says:

    In the prior years i used to suffer with constipation and due to that sometimes blood used to drip from the walls of ny anus… i took treatment from my homeo doctor and i got well and i stopped d taking medicine abruptly… bcoz of that some muscle is formed… due to that, stools are strucking over there and Thread worms are getting multiplied there and Causing pinching sensation at the anus… i always maintain neatness outside the body… but Inside me iam suffering with this problem… shall i use cina for this problem… if so, let me know the dose…. please

  70. Sailesh modi says:

    Ithing at anus.also under weight.white spots on face.teeth rash itching reddish.
    Pls suggest medicine

  71. Deepankar says:

    Sir I m suffering from worm in my stomach. My anal is continuously itching. And stool always as loose motion with mucus in it. And my stomach is always bloating. I have taken allopathic and homeopathic treatment but it’s not cured. Please recommend something effective.

  72. santokh singh says:

    i am suffering from e.coli vaktaria woms as per stool culture test every time. my stomathc is out of order

  73. Hi Dr.Sharma,
    My 2 and half year old daughter is suffering from pinworms I believe again after having her treated a month and a half ago. The first onset I gave Cina 200 once daily for 4 days. Then I changed to giving her Cina 30 once daily for 4 days but she is still getting up through the night (sometimes crying and sometimes just awake)and wanting a snack and is peeing out of her diaper every night.

    She never tries to scratch her bum or anything but weeks ago she was rubbing her nose a lot. I don’t see anything there when I use the flashlight the last 3 nights but I did see a worm last week.

    I also don’t know if she grinds her teeth, I don’t see any saliva on her sheets. I have noticed a couple of days ago she had a clear discharge coming from her vagina.

    She is in a daycare and I believe it will be ongoing as it is impossible to keep all kids worm free in those types of facilities.

    What remedy and dosage should I be giving her and for how long?

    Is there anything she could take to prevent the worms from coming back.


  74. Anwaruz Zaman says:

    I am suffering from Trichinosis. My age 70 years waiting for death, can you help me by giving your address
    so that I can meet you.
    with best regards

  75. Cina, spigelia and teucrium combined dosage
    4 pellets 3 times a day is recommended for aged 55 yrs to control parasites.
    Please confirm your views

  76. Srikanta Mishra says:

    Hi sir my child having anal itching and irritating so suggest medicine

    Thank you

  77. Snehalatha says:

    Dr Iam 55 years old, and very frequently iam suffering with these thread worms just bcoz there’s some mussel is blocking in the right side of rectun… and its bcoz stool is gettig stuck near that mussel.. it’s bcoz i used to suffer from piles earlier and i went for homeopathy and there is no problem eith that so i discontinued using medicine… abruptly i stopped medicine.. so Its not completely cured… would you pls tell me which medicine should i use for the complete cure… let me know the name of the medicine pls. For thread worms i’ll use cina and let me know the dose pls

  78. Raji Damuluri says:

    Have a itchy body with swelling, bloating some think blocking in throat abdominal pain, headache and irritability. Not sure what medicine i have to use, please advice

  79. Dear Sir,
    Our child is a 5+male.
    He is continuing a cycle of deep congestion in chest. While being treated with alopathy the congestion reduced to develop a new symptom of puss in the middle ears with adenoid gland inflammation. This cyclic process is continueing with paediatrician & ENT for last 4 months.
    Blood tested for infection, none found so far.
    Doctors here are referring one another but clueless of the root cause.
    Please suggest.
    Tumpa Nandi

  80. mahipal singh shekhawat says:

    dr.good morning
    i m feeling itiching in anal area it looks as some worm or some keeda is moving inside anus since last one month what should i take
    it bleeds some times at the time of motions and a small lump has come out of anus what should be the line of treatment
    mahipal singh shekhawat
    human rights council, alwar rajasthan

  81. Hi
    I would like to use Cina for me and for my child 8years old to get aut from worms. Can you advice me how i should use Cina?

    Many thanks

  82. 3year old my dauther teeth grind at night

  83. kapil anand says:

    Respected sir, My son is 8 year old. He usually grinds his teeth, and have abdominal pain and not able to sit ideally have irritable. What type of medicine you recommend? We have tried so many but all our effort are in vain. he recovers and again report those symptom after 3-4 month.

  84. gurpreet kaur says:

    res sir, i have boy age 3.4 yrs. From his birth he is sufeering from many problem such as worm which cause iteching on ractum. Also every time when season change specialy month of Nov to Feb he suffers from cough and cold. Even I have noticed cold morning but till evening there is very hard to breathe for him.He also suffer from skin elergy.yeh sari problem ek bad ek jaise skin problem hui hai m,ane medicine di to cold cough ki problem hi jayegi….uske sath hi sans lena tough ho jata hai….hame use nebulize karna parhta hai aur antyboitic such as Advent deni parhti hai…
    When I consult to a doctor he say he has problem of elergy. Plz tell me solution fot this

  85. Anita jha says:

    Hello sir my suffering from stomach worm and due to that i think he always fell vomiting and diarrhoea. Can u please help me.


    Hello Dr.
    please note,I am 54 for the last 6 months after stopping IBD medicines continued for one year, based on local Dr.advise,I was having leg muscles pain, unable to walk fast, vision blurry etc.

    with loss of appetite forced eat on time, but after lunch I need go for bowl movement, normally semi solid stool fallowed by fatigue forced to rest for 2-3 hrs with drowsiness,also observed something moving in rectum & anul eaching,family Dr adviced twice day ornio felt OK with no gastric or motion after lunch observed… after the course aThanks for understanding the health condition.
    please note, for the last 6 months after stopping IBD medicines based on local Dr.advise,I was having leg muscles pain, unable to walk fast, vision blurry etc.
    with loss of appetite forced eat on time but after lunch I need go for bowl movement, normally semi solid stool fallowed by fatigue forced to rest for 2-3 hrs with drowsiness,also observed something moving in rectum & anul eaching.a family Dr adviced twice day ornio felt OK with no gastric or motion after lunch… after the course again same issues repeating..then Dr adviced Bandy plus tablet for day and internal/ external hermeriod ointment.

    after first night of tablet found next day was good and condition is neither improved nor detonated..can advise the solutions same issues repeating..then Dr adviced Bandy plus tablet for day and internal/ external hermeriod ointment.

    after first night of tablet found next day was good and condition is neither improved nor detonated..can advise the solutions,though the dosages bandy plus(anti worm)
    for one day,but I took it for 5 days as it was giving good relief, my muscles around anus,testicles are relieved.

    Now after two days again same condition is recurring, this is affecting my work life..kindly advice a permanent solutions for worms ?

  87. My children are suffering from worms and are not having proper diet because of low appetite.They are in a habit of eating all the time mitti and because of this they are loosing weight due to poor digestion.Pls tell me wat should I do?

  88. Dear sir,
    I am a mother of 10 months old girl baby. She has been irritable since 3 days. Seems like she is hungry but when she eats a little she starts crying and spitting the food out. Very irritable and throws things . Aggravation in the night . Restless sleep. She itches her nose . Thought it was due to coryza . Bites everything and everyone. Gave chamomilla single dose in the morning which called her for sometime . But now I really feel like if she has worm infestation .

  89. My son aged 22yrs having problem worms from childhood now before six month ago feeling very heaviness in upper part of abdomen and going in syncope for 6 seconds four times now we take the course albendazole but now after six months with heaviness in abdomen he gone in syncope can it may be due to intestine worms because his eeg report is normal give me suggestion


  91. My daughter of 8yrs seems to be facing problem related to worms. I have given her allopathic Bandy but it didn’t affect her much as she still grinds her teeth. I went to homeopathy and he started giving medicine. It’s been 3 weeks but can’t see any changes in her grinding ….moreover homeopathy doctor said that it’s going to take 3 months for the whole course. I can’t give medicine for 3 months . I end up paying 300/- for a weeks medicine. It’s too expensive aswell. Kindly suggest the best remedy.

  92. Gourav Kumar sinha says:

    Dear sir
    My children of 3 and 8 years old having problem of teeth grinding and dribbling while sleeping.
    My mother of aged about 68 years old she having diabetes no gall bladder and do not want to have any thing properly and problem if gastric.
    Kindly help me.

  93. Dear Sir
    My baby is two and half year old. Yesterday I noticed some pin worms with her stool. She eats well. She gets vaginal itching very frequently. What medicine will suit her? Please advise.

    • Nand kishor says:

      hello sir I m Nand kishor my age 30 . mujhe pet me kide h 8 saalo se bahut pareshan hu . bhookh bahut bahut zyada lagti h . mouth se paani aata h daant apas me takrate h raat ko bahut dawaye kha chuka hu aaram nhi. plz medicine bataiye .

  94. My name is rajesh my age is 35 years, I am suffering from worm from 4 -5 years.

    Please help me and guide me perfect homeopathic medicine and use of it. THANKS.

    • saurabh ratna says:


  95. baljinder singh says:

    DR Sharma please suggest the potency of medicine

  96. Laura Ross says:

    I have a urethral caruncle that I would love to be rid of. Two years ago it became very large and resulted in surgical removal. I still have it however even though it is smaller. It appears to be growing larger again. Is there any homeopathic treatment that might help this condition?

Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.

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