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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Wrist Pain  

The wrist is a joint connecting the hands and forearm. The bones that participate to make wrist joint are eight carpal bones (present in the wrist), the distal end of ulna and radius (bones of the forearm) and proximal ends of five metacarpal bones (bones located in the hand and extending between the wrist and fingers). The carpal bones are scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, and hamate. These bones of the wrist are connected with each other, with the bones of the hand and forearm by ligament bands. Muscles get attached to bones via tendons. The wrist also has a carpal tunnel – a passage on the palmar side of the wrist through which several tendons and median nerves pass. Damage to any of the structures forming the wrist joint can lead to wrist pain. Homeopathic medicines for wrist pain are natural remedies that treat the problem from the root.    homeopathic medicines for wrist pain

Along with pain, swelling and stiffness in the wrist may also be present. Numbness, tingling in the hands and fingers are other accompanying symptoms. Among the various causes of wrist pain, the major ones are rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, tendinitis, fractured bones, carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, ganglion cyst and repetitive stress.

Homeopathic Medicines for Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can be wonderfully treated with natural homeopathy medicines. The medicines help in wrist pain by focusing to treat the main cause behind it. Homeopathy medicines for wrist pain are selected based upon the causative factors and the major modalities individual to every case. Actea Spicata, Caulophyllum, Arnica, Rhus Tox, Causticum, Hypericum and Silicea are the top remedies for wrist pain.

1. Actea Spicata and Caulophyllum – For Wrist Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Actea Spicata and Caulophyllum top the list of medicines for wrist pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Both of these medicines are equally effective in treating the condition. The symptoms guiding the use of medicine Actea Spicata are a pain in the wrist, along with redness and swelling. The pain gets worse with movement. Fatigue and exertion also tend to worsen the wrist pain. Caulophyllum is indicated for aching pain in the wrist. Caulophyllum is also one of the most useful medicines for wrist pain where other small joints of the hands and fingers are also in pain along with the wrist. The pain may shift from one to the other joint involved.

2. Arnica and Rhus Tox – For Wrist Pain from Injuries

Arnica and Rhus Tox are considered highly suitable medicines for wrist pain from injuries. Arnica is mainly useful for wrist pain from blunt injuries, fall, and contusions. The wrist is very painful and gets worse with the slightest touch. Sore, bruised pain is complained of in such cases. Rhus Tox is one of the most effective medicines for wrist pain from sprains and strains. Rhus Tox is also best suited among medicines for wrist pain from a repetitive stress injury.

4. Causticum and Hypericum – For Wrist Pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Causticum and Hypericum are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for wrist pain in carpal tunnel syndrome. Causticum is indicated for dull, tearing pain in the wrist, along with weakness of the hands. Hypericum is most applicable among Homeopathic medicines for wrist pain where the pain is attended with numbness, tingling and burning sensation in the fingers.

5. Ruta and Rhus Tox – For Wrist Pain from Tendinitis

Ruta and Rhus Tox are majorly indicated medicines for wrist pain from tendinitis. These medicines will reduce the inflammation and soreness of tendons in the wrist and the associated wrist pain. These medicines will also reduce stiffness where it is present along with pain in the wrist.

6. Silicea and Benzoic Acid – For Wrist Pain in Ganglion Cyst

The two highly effective medicines for wrist pain in ganglion cyst are Silicea and Benzoic Acid. These medicines help considerably reduce the wrist pain by dissolving the ganglion cyst.

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  1. Hello ma’am,

    My cartilage in wrist is torn and too painful
    I don’t want to have painkillers

    Can you please suggest me some homeopathy medicines to rebuilt Cartland bear pain

  2. Hello, I am 63 years old with wrist pain and a possible ganglion cyst. What dosage of silicea or and benzoic acid would be appropriate? Thank you Jeffrey

  3. What is the medicine for

    radiocarpal arthritis

  4. Since three years I am unable to grip things with my right hand .my wrist is swollen.what medicine should I take to get my gripping and have pain also at the rear side of fingers.please guide me
    Thanking You
    With Regards

  5. Shobha gandhi says:

    I am suffering from trriger thumb from last 1year now there is pain starting in my wrist n elbow and hand also so what medicine can I take please help me

    • Saima A Tahir says:

      My dad has wrist pain left side only wrist, no extension to any other part, better for lying still, worse for motion,since a week, happend when he picked up a cup heard a noise, and next day it started,

  6. Gurupati Paul says:

    My wife have been suffering from right hand wrist joint pain and stiffness since three months. Stiffness is happening at very dawn. Joint pain is always going on there. She is also an arthritic patient. Medicine please.

  7. Shaji Thomas says:

    I have a problem in my right wrist,My left wrist makes an angle of 90 degree.whereas my right wrist doesnot make 90 degree and as aresult I am unable to hold things properly and cannot grip two wheeler.Since three years I am facing this problem.Along with this I have pain in my right elbow also.May I get a remedy for this problem so that I can do my job perfectly.
    Thanking You
    With Regards

  8. JyotiPuri says:

    slight bone projection on wrist under thumb on left hand.

  9. SANTOSH KUMAR says:

    Good Morning Sir,
    My right wrist got pain during movement & lowering hand & minor swelling at little finger side. This is from about 3 months.

    May be this will caused from my daily work like aata mixing to cook roti for self/two person two times.

    Requesting you kindly Suggest appropriate homeopathic medicine to cure it.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Santosh Kumar

    • Kathleen Bosenick says:

      My right hand wrist is sore when i make certain movements I do not have swelling or pain
      Just started wearing a wrist support brace .
      Wondering what may be the best homeopathic wrist ointment that can help it, heal fast
      Many Thanks

  10. GAUTAM GUHA says:

    Hi Sir Namaskar,
    I am 57 year old male and suffering from RA. Pain in fingers and elbows. Also pains in spine and other joints. Should I take actea spicata or also rhus tox in combination or any thing else.

  11. Dr Mohamed Mustafa Alim says:

    Thanks for information about medicines

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