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Homeopathic Medicines for Infertility

 Homeopathic Medicines for InfertilityOften, couples take a long time to acknowledge infertility and even when they’re ready to face the problem, they grapple with the dilemma of what treatment is best suited. Are you in such a situation, where you are unable to have a child and unable to decide which remedy to go in for? Well, homeopathic medicines offer huge hope and a clear advantage over conventional treatments and how.

But, first, it’s important to identify the condition. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive (get pregnant) despite having regular unprotected sex for one or more than one year (six months’ limit if the female’s age is more than 35). If it takes beyond this time period, medical help is needed and must be sought. The cause for infertility can be either present in the male or female, while in 20 per cent of the cases, the cause is present in both partners. The biggest fallout of this problem is the psychological and social inadequacy that the couple suffers for being childless. Homeopathic medicines offer huge hope to a couple faced with infertility.

Homeopathic remedies for this condition are safe, successful and shorn of any side-effects. Since homeopathic medicines use the body’s own defences to counter the infertile condition, compared to conventional treatments, this treatment is comparatively safer and non-intrusive. Its main advantage is that homeopathic medicines are drawn from natural substances, which makes them toxin-free.

 Causes of Infertility:

 Infertility in Males:

Small/undescended testes, Testicular injury, Abnormal/Low sperm count, Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Prostatitis, Orchitis, Varicocele, Infections(STD’S including Chlamydia, gonorrhoea), Vas deferns/Ejaculatory duct obstruction.

 Infertility in Females:

Structural abnormality in uterus/cervix, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS), Irregular periods, Hormonal imbalance, Pelvic Inflammatory disease(Chlamydia, gonorrhoea), Uterine fibroid, Pelvic T.B., Pelvic adhesions due to infection or following surgery, Blocked fallopian tubes due to salpingitis, or Thyroid disorders.

 Combined causes or risk factors in male/female that increase the risk of infertility:

Advancing age, obesity, alcohol intake, smoking, diabetes mellitus, emotional stress, exposure to radiation, and intake of certain drugs are the primary causes for this condition.

 Homeopathic angle and advantage:

Homeopathic treatment of infertility is mainly achieved through the administration of constitutional homeopathic medicines found most suitable after a detailed case analysis. A detailed case analysis includes the general physical and mental constitutional make-up of the patient plus the symptoms in the sexual sphere and the underlying cause that is hindering the fertility process and needs to be corrected. Homeopathic medicines for infertility are natural medicines that help by raising the patient’s immunity to remove the obstruction that is hindering the process of fertility in a couple. Homeopathic medicines for infertility are non-toxic and carry no risk of side-effects.

 Homeopathic medicines for infertility in females:

1. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in females due to acid vaginal discharges:

Borax and Natrum Phos are top-grade homeopathic medicines for infertility in females due to acid vaginal discharges. These homeopathic medicines for infertility in females are used where the vaginal discharges are acrid, destructive and kill the sperms. Borax is a homeopathic medicine for infertility in females when the vaginal discharge is like the white of an egg, acrid, copious and warm. In such cases, Borax favors easy conception. Next homeopathic medicine Natrum Phos is indicated for infertility in women who have acrid, irritating, creamy, honey-colored vaginal discharges. The discharge also smells sour.

 2. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in females due to too profuse or too prolonged periods (menorrhagia):

Two excellent homeopathic medicines for infertility in females from profuse or prolonged periods are Calcarea Carb and Aletris Farinosa. Calcarea Carb is mainly used when a female with infertility has too profuse and too long lasting periods. The periods also appear before time. To prescribe Aletris farinose, the main symptoms are early and copious menses with infertility.  Leucorrhea, anaemia, weakness, tiredness and fatigue may also persist with menorrhagia. Among these homeopathic medicines for infertility in females, Aletris Farinosa is also prescribed where a tendency for frequent abortions is present.

 3. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in females with short, scanty periods:

Pulsatilla and Sepia are suitable homeopathic medicines for infertility in females resulting from short, scanty periods. Pulsatilla is a natural homeopathic medicine for infertility in women who have faced menstrual irregularities since their menarche. The menses always get delayed and never appear on the expected date. The menstrual discharge is also scanty and remains for a very short time. Pulsatilla also tops the list of homeopathic medicines for infertility in females suffering from PCOD. Next medicine Sepia is prescribed for infertility in females where the menses are short, scanty and suppressed. Along with this a prominent symptom of bearing down sensation in uterus may be present.

 4. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in females with decreased sexual desire:

Agnus Castus and Sepia are prominently indicated homeopathic medicines for infertility in females with decreased sexual desire. Among these homeopathic medicines for infertility in females Agnus Castus is used when aversion to sex is there. Excessive masturbation may be a cause behind this. The genitals are also relaxed with transparent vaginal discharges. Next homeopathic medicine Sepia is also used for infertility in females having low sex drive. The vagina may be excessively dry with pain while intercourse. Bearing down sensation is also a marked feature that may appear.

  6. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in females due to non retention of sperms:

Among the various homeopathic medicines for infertility in females from non-retention of sperms Natrum Carb occupies highest rank. Natrum Carb is very effective for women who have sterility from non retention of sperms. Offensive and irritating vaginal discharges may also be present.

 Homeopathic medicines for Infertility in males:

1. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in males with erectile dysfunction:

There are some top-notch homeopathic medicines for infertility in males from erectile dysfunction. Homeopathic medicine Agnus Castus is best picked up when both sexual desire and physical ability are lacking. Genitals are relaxed, flaccid, and cold. Another homeopathic medicine, Caladium, is the best choice for impotency with mental depression. Sexual desire is present but the genitals are relaxed with weak erections. Homeopathic medicine Selenium is also best among the various homeopathic medicines for infertility in males from erectile dysfunction. Selenium is helpful for slow, weak erections with rapid emissions. Involuntary semen discharges may also be present.

 2. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in males with low sperm count.

X Ray tops the list of homeopathic medicines for infertility in males from a low sperm count. It helps to increase sperm count. It helps in both improving the quality and quantity of sperms.

 3. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in males with orchitis:

Conium is the top-grade medicine among the chart of homeopathic medicines for infertility in males with orchitis. It is used when the testicles are swollen, hard and enlarged. It is also effective when a history of suppressed sexual desire is present.

 4. Homeopathic medicines for infertility in males with wasting of testes:

Sabal Serrulata is one of the best homeopathic medicines for infertility in males with wasting (atrophy) of testes. It is also the perfect medicine for infertility in males with prostate enlargement or prostatitis.



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  1. Arshid Mehmood Mirza says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to request for a medical advice in the following case.

    My son, age 32 years was married nearly six months ago.His wife did not conceive so he contacted a path lab for semen testing. The test revealed ” No Sperm seen”.Later another test revealed higher level of serum FSH.

    Can this b treated through homeopathic treatment. Very kindly advise.

    Looking forward with kind regards,

    Prof. Arshid Mehmood Mirza,


    Cell # 0333-8615406

  2. Hi Dr, my AMH level is 0.23. My age is 45 and been married for 15 years without a child. Kindly advice on what to take for increase of AMH. I want to have my own baby.

  3. DhabalrajRay says:


  4. nidhi srivastava says:

    i am having infertility since 4 year now my age is 33 yrs. I am having Thyroid issue and Low AMH four years not a single time get pregnant. Pls. suggest

  5. Hi, I have a child with infertility treamtents help (150mg of Clovis and ovidrel). I am now trying for a second and it’s been 3 years and multiple rounds of iui and Clomid and femera later nothing. I want to turn to homeopathic medicine and acupuncture and need advice!! Please! I know my left overy doesn’t produce anything even with medicine and the right overy does with help of modern medicine. I think the dr missed something like the acid vaginal discharge. Please help me!!

  6. I am suffer from low AMH level . Please tell me how homeopathy can help increase my AMH level?

  7. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 46 years old. Have a sperm count of 5 million. With only 5 percent sperm being grade 1 and mobile. I also had a problem of burning sensation at the base of pennies post ejaculation once every few months and a slightly enlarged prostate for last 10 years. Which medication and what dose do you recommend.
    Best Regards

  8. Surender Arora says:

    My daughter-32 married 9 months back is facing lot of tension after knowing about high level of FSH-121 and LH 97. Besides she has problem of leuchorrea and irregular menses for the last 20 months.Cyst in both ovaries is another cause of tension.
    She has stopped taking allopathic medicines and is taking Sepia-30 one week, thuja-200-OD intercurrent and aurum iod-6 OD.
    I will definitely be obliged if you can help me in getting rid of this problem.

  9. Doctor my husband is having problem of low motility and premature ejaculations, we are planning to have baby since 8 years, but i never conceived, we tried hundreds of medicines but couldn’t get success, plz advise us what to do? Which medicines should be taken?

  10. Hello sir , my amh level is 0.08 and my one overy is blocked and another one overy hole is very small and my age is 32 year and my marriage is 8 year old and I already done all test another test report is ok and in follicular test egg is released but not delevop but stomuch size is ok what I will do to increase my problem I don’t want to go ivf want my own pls reply and help me



  12. Kiran Jan says:

    My sister in law has become pregnant twice. But both times she had a miscarriage due to molar pregnancy. She is 27 years old. Could you please recommend a homeopathic medicine

  13. Nadeem khan. says:

    Sir it has been passed 12 years to marriage, got very costly english medicines and treatments but all fruitless. The main problem diagnosed is the period cycle irregular, and the eggs donot reach to its maturity level. Age is 34 years weight is 55kg. Living pakistan lahore. Please advise some homeo medicines

  14. I have undergone laparoscopic surgery for polycystic ovary. All other reports are normal. Trying to convince from last 6 years. Some times I feel pain in tubes. Slight swelling is also felt. Have gas problem when periods are approaching. Sometimes yellow discharge very scanty is observed. I have observed that the temperature of the lower abdomen is high and acidic discharge is also there. Please guide me what to do my father was also a homeopathic consultant but now he is no more. So please help me . I have faith in homeopathic medicine.

  15. Hi there . I like to gat pregnant agin and I am is 53year old so is that possible I can get pregnant again???? Pls give me answers and what food I have to take to get fertility hormone for my body. Pls and thank you

  16. Hi doctor two years back I undergone nullyporous prolapse operation and one month back undergone dye laparoscopy becz of blockege of tube now only my right tube and ovry is good and utres is healthy and follicles are growing good . And my husband having less mobility of sperm. Is there any treatment for getting pregnant except IVF. Plz suggest me

  17. Subhendu Deo says:

    Hello sir,
    From last one year I used to visit doctor with my wife for the pregnancy problem. Comes to know that the follicle is not growing as required. Medicine and HMG150 injection is taking since last one month. But no result till yet. Would you please help me.

  18. masuma akhter says:

    good afternoon

    me 44 years ki hu. rr hospital me ivf k liye treatment kar rhy thi.mera amh 2.64 hy.dr ne kaha et karne k liye.par uparwala ki marji se me normally conceive kya tha last February me par blidding hui thi or 2 month me miscarriage ho gya.mere period av v nhy aya.kya me firse conceive kar sakti hu.

  19. hummamir says:

    hello sir my fsh level is high and AMH level is 0% means low plz guide me my eggs r almost finshd my age is 4o

  20. am siva age 41yrs. My sperms count is low 18 million,less than 50%,mortality and morphology. I am trying for baby last 2 years. I got marriage November 2015. My wife age is 28 yrs and her all test done by a doctor is good. Plssss tell me what I can do for this I am mentally disturb now.i want increase my sperum count.

  21. Infertility from eight years

  22. Puran Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    I am PURAN Kumar Sharma age 38 yrs. My sperms count is low 18 million,less than 50%,mortality and morphology. I am trying for baby last 2 years. I got marriage November 2015. My wife age is 26 yrs and her all test done by a doctor is good. Plssss tell me what I can do for this I am mentally disturb now.

  23. Neha kaushik says:

    Sir ,
    Im neha from Mumbai suffering from pcos , past 3 years i have irregular periods … & recently i tested my blood on the 3rd day of cycle. .. my LH hormone has increased .its 18.6.
    Im worried can you please help me out

  24. Having issue with decreased sex desire…period I am having every month at specific time but the flow is very very scanty and stays for 2 days only.
    Actualy I got married 2 yrs back but because of mt husband s having ED ,my sex desire has been less. I have done the AMH test as per doctor suggestion, it is 2.99 .. Can you please suggest me the medicine which I shall take for this problem and is it possible to concieve.


  25. Hello sir my problem is I have pcos but my periods are regular last 6 months but I can’t conceived. My age is 34 n my husband age is 38. In 2014 I gave birth a baby girl but after 18 days she is no more. At that pregnancy I also conceived with medicines . plz sir suggest us a medicine to get pregnant. Thanks

    • Hello,
      I am 44 years old and was given a prescription of HCG 5000IU twice a week, bromegon twice a day, 200mg of zinc and coq10plus for low sperm count for 3 months.
      At the end of the therapy, i went for a sperm analysis but the results came out as zero sperm count. I had 5Million per ml count some time last year while on Fertilisan M.
      Please how can I correct this anomaly with homeopathy. My wife and I are advanced in age and have not been able to conceive.

    • Arvind Sharma says:

      Madam Ap Chuna (lime) subah gungune water ke Seth lijiye bahut half I result ayega
      Not in alopethik but ayurved many medicine

      More information

  26. selvakumaran.M says:

    Dear Sir
    I am M.selvakumaran marrried 5 years ago.I am 38 years old and my wife 34 years old.My problem is after the periods i have not sexual desire with my wife. my wife did not able to conceive.She has thyroid,PCOD problem.Kindly make suggestion

  27. Akodu Titilola Abayomi says:

    My problem is prolong PID, I’ve been treating it for d last ten years but not forth coming .

  28. HELLO Dr. Sir, I am Mr . Ahmed. I have infertility problem which is azoozpermia. For this problem we have no children . My age 33. My wife is ok. Please give us suggestions.

  29. Ajay Dubey says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    Went through this blog and I am certain that it is helping many out there. Much appreciated, and a lot of respect _/\_.

    My wife’s tests reveal that there is low level of AMH 0.2, and possibly that is the reason for us not being able to be parents again ( we have a 5 year old daughter and trying for her sibling now) , in the details above, I could not relate this situation with any remediation listed, so writing to you to get advice. Please suggest, I am 36 year old and my wife is 34. Allow me to provide any other detail as required.
    Intently hoping to hear back from you.

  30. Hello Dr. I m patient of endometriosis… What should I do. There is swelling in my fallopian tubes. Dr’s. R saying tubes r filled with liquid

  31. Which homeopathy medicine can be taken to make endometrium lining thick … Pls reply

    • Hello Doc
      I am unable to concieve I am married for more than 2 years.
      I took allopathy treatment and I found myself pregnant
      In ultrasound it was seen a small sac, also urine test was confirmed
      But in the mean time of two months no growth was found, and it results in miscarriage with excess bleeding and pain, bleeding continues for more than 10 days.
      Now what should i do
      pls help


  33. Sir I am rajkumar more mules haipho thoracic air sex me big problem aarahai motive active 20% total count 30%

  34. Hello Doc
    We have been married for 5 years with no issue.we had ourselves tested and it came out that my husband was having low sperm count.Now the sperm count has risen to 33, initially it was 9.Mean while have also run some test and it came out that am fine.Still no results what should we do

    • chandana biswas says:

      I am 32 yers AMH is very low. so I ask u to any medicine are available to growth my egg

  35. Ilhan Aden says:

    I’m 32 years with two children , I had depo only one 3 month depo shot 7 years ago after that I couldn’t convince seen . I went to see
    A Doctor for fertility treatment. He discove that my two tube were blocked and he order to be flushed after that he said my Amy in low .56 and fhs in normal eggs is normal . Please help I want medications that will work for me to convince.

    • I m 38year old nd my husband is 40our ten years married life v can’t VA a baby v try many Dr but all is vein our all test r clear this time my Fsh level is high 30.1 v need ur help lz suggest any medicine

  36. Ritu arora says:

    I am 24 yrs old suffering from typical husbnd reports are right fallopian tube us doctor gave me follicle stimulating medicine and injections but still egg is not formed.please suggest me homepathic medicine for egg formation.plz help me i really need it.i will be very thankful to you.and in how many days or weeks it will help me

  37. Hello, I need some help with ovulating. I have been trying to conceive for sometime and its not happening.

  38. rita sarker says:

    Sir i am rita rani. I conceive naturally 2 times but misscarrege. After that my both tube r blokked. Its called billateral cornual blokege. If any medicine for unblok tubal blokege. Please help me. I am helpless.

  39. dr.mahesh bhalala says:

    hello self dr.mahesh
    i got married before 5 yr,1 yr my wife was pregnent so,she take mtp medicine but retain product present then she was going to gyenecologist,her advised for D&C then procedure done.then after 1 yr she was pregnet but ambelical artery was absent in 7 month oa amenorrea then got delivered boy but he was exparied.then after 2 yr she was pregnent but 2 month cadiac activtiy not presnt then again do D&C then menses not come within 6 month,then hormonal therapy taken but not response then hystroscopy done
    hystroscopy report normal then 2nd time hormanal therapy taken in high dose,then menses was come short and minimal,each and every report normal , 5 gyenecologist consultation done,finally conclusion is endometrium tissue damage after D&C,endometrium thicness is less then 4mm ,advied sarogecy.
    plz,help me u can suggetion for homoeopathic medicine for increase in endometrium thickness

  40. Mitali Rahaman says:

    Dr. I’m 45yrs old .I have a daughter who is 13 year. I want to conceive again .After my daughter was born I got pregnant three times but due to some problems had to abort .please help .please prescribe a medicine. I will be very great full

    • Hello Dr, my name is Millicent from Ghana. I’ve been trying to conceive for almost 4years now after marriage. I am 31years and had a fibroid surgery after which the Dr said my tubes were blocked. Can you assist with homeopathy pls

  41. Hello dr.
    I m 32 years old my Amh level is 1.81. we done 4 times tubes n uterus are normal my cycle is Ave 26 days but sometimes I got follicular cyst. My doc now suggested me to do IVF but I m not ready for husband’s reports are also normal but still we can’t conceive. Is there any medicine in homeopathy to conceive national

  42. Sonia N Sharma says:

    Hlo Dr. My right fallopion tube has free spillage but thr left tube shows restricted spillage… After hsg test.
    Have been trying since 10 months… Do help

  43. Edwige Tsafack says:

    Hello Dr,
    Two years ago, my fiance was diagnosed with Azoospermia/testicular failure. Multiple semen analysis shown zero sperm count. The conventional fertility doctor suggested surgery to see if there are any sperms that could be harvested for an eventual IFV. My fiance is not very comfortable with the idea and we have researching other options. We read about homeopathy and it seems to be a good alternative , there are so many homeopaths out there and it has become hard to know who can really do the work. Have ever encountered or treated someone with azoospermia? If so did get any result? after how long? My fiance is 50 and i’m 46. I have an 11 years old daughter and my fiance isn’t her biological father.
    Please give me your take on this

  44. I am a 37 years old woman, in June 2017, I got married. in August 2017, my period becomes irregular and it is continually up to now. in October 2017 I received the FSH and LH result that was very high FSH 96 and LH was 64. I started to take fennel and Vetagnus. in Dec 2017 I went India; my FSH result was 13 and LH was 9, but the AMH was 0.14. I want to have a baby from my own eggs. therefore kindly request you to assist me. for your kind information, I have polycystic kidney diseases but the kidney function is good. none of my family members have PKD

    • Anonymous says:

      My hormones level are similar to u i want to know the real name and everything about vetagnus medicine so that i could start it immediately

  45. Ranjit Singh says:

    Please suggest how to concieve with low AMH level of 0.81, age 31 , married four year back….

  46. Dr. Khorshed Alam says:

    Thanks Dr. Sharma for ur writings. My younger sister is suffering in infertility with blocked fallopian tube. She has also thyroed problem. Her period are done frequently at 10 -15 days. Is it possible to remove the block by homeopathic medicine? I am also am homeopathic physician from Bangladesh. Plz advice me.

  47. Respected dr.
    My amh level is 0.rtng/ml and fsh is 10.45ng/ml.can i conceive by homoeopathy it useful for me.plz give me a reply.I need your answer as soon as posaible.I am in a depression due to this situation.plz help me.

  48. Any homeopathic medicine to have a baby boy

  49. Dr nil kamal bharti says:

    A lady suffering from infertility while she have a one child ,I gave the medicine syphlinum1m,10m,pulsatila 200,nat phos 200,n.p 6x,abroma Augusta q

    • my wife is facing infertility after one child on 09/08/2010 a miscarriage also happens on 2016
      what you will suggest for her

  50. Prabhakar shamrao B says:

    Doctor namaste

    My age is 50 and my wife age is 44 years
    I have absent of vas deferan bilateral by birth since we have tried ivf for 7-8 times by way of sperm donor
    My wife is now in condition of menopause for last 3 years I have been heard that by way of sperm retrieval from testicle ivf can able to be done
    Still I am eager to undergo for ivf so you may kindly request please suggest me are there any opportunity for me to became child father by using homeo medicine if so how long can we required to take the medicine
    Please suggest me successful method of treatment to quench my deep desire with homeo medicine pl reply at earliest I eagerly await your reply


    Good morning Sir, I have allready two daughters and I want to third and last chance of baby boy. Is that anay medicine in homeopath to make my Y chromosome strong. Pls adwise me medicine name which availabel in India and medicine does.

    Thanks & Regards

  52. dr sharma u are doing anicest job i am dr asif majeed paul of homoeohealth on google praise your worthy work sir

  53. Dr. Satish Rana, MD says:

    Sir! Your write up is good for guidance to laymen as well as professionals.

  54. Robbie Bhogal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My wife is 29 years old and She is experiencing Premature Ovarian failure according to the doctor. Can you please advice if you have the medicines or treatment at your centre for my wife.

    Kindly find below the values that we received from the tests. I can also send you all the reports as well in detail.
    Thank you so much for your response and interest.

    Sheena’s Analysis
    Age 29 years old
    Height – 5′ 5″
    Weight – 82 Kgs

    FSH 20.7 IU/L { range mid cycle peak 2.55 – 16.69 }
    LH 29.67 IUL { range mid cycle peak 7.59 – 89.08 }
    PRL 19.64 ng/ml { range 4.8 – 23.4 }
    AMH value shows 0.04 ng/ml (reference range 2.2 – 6.8 ng/ml).

    She has only Asthma and takes Ventolin (puffer sometimes only when breathing gets difficult – during humid conditions.)

    Please let me know if you require anything else. You can contact me anytime on my Cell phone or via whatsapp at 00965 – 94060037

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello ,
      could u plz tell me that what drs told u because i have 100% similar case as yours and i am seeking for treatment .

  55. R shilpa sree says:

    age : 28
    i am married(2009) but still i dont hve baby one time i got abbosshan because that baby dont hve heart beat…plz can give solution for me…my number 9686431593 plz leave msg in my number…
    Tq sir

  56. Gabriela Rose Deburgomaster says:

    Pulsatilla, agnus castus amd all the other options, how does one take them? Are these pills?

  57. Hi, we are trying for baby since last 4 years but my wife not concieve. While doing treatment, we got to Know that fallopian tube of my wife was blocked and doctor suggested IVF treatment which is very costly and no surity of results. Please suggest,is treatment of blocked fallopian tube is possible in homeopathic and we can get our baby.

  58. I’m unable to conceive as I have pcos…from 6 month I’m taking allopathic medicine still unable in conceiving

  59. Sir iam 42 years old men want a baby boy i have three daughters already plz suggest to activate my Y chromosomes well.

    • I’m unable to conceive as I have pcos…from 6 month I’m taking allopathic medicine still unable in conceiving

    • I’m unable to conceive as I have pcos…from 6 month I’m taking allopathic medicine still unable in conceiving

  60. wasim sajjad says:

    Dear sir i am suffering from erectile dysfunction. please guide me. mu age is 23 year and body weight is 76 kg. i am suffering from 3 years.

  61. Theresa Dominic says:

    Hello Dr I am suffering from Endometriosis and unable tk co conceive my.question is will homeopathy works for this condition

  62. JAHANGIR ALAM says:

    hello.I have a child of 4 years but since then we can’t conceive.I had oligospermia 5 years ago even though we did conceive normally.but now do you have any medicine by which we can conceive naturally without wife doesn’t have any problems.I am 39 and my wife is 32 years old.

  63. hi this is preksha Have one six old daughter trying to plan for second one…..have suffered chocolate cyst 3 yrs back which was operated ….now am not able to conceive be coz of poor n scanty eggs ….had one miscarriage too at 3 months ….a year back Dr suggest me to go for ivf but my endometrium size is not good n even eggs doesn’t grow….plsss suggest

  64. Hi.. Dr Sharma I have a hydrosalpinx in left side and my right tube is block.. Is there any medicine in homeopathic which help me to conceiving.. Thank u

  65. i am sonali deb, age 38 my amh level is .68 so that is why i cannot consive naturally pls help me






  67. will you please suggest me, what potency should i use for remedy X-ray which is indicated for low sperm count????. Patients age ti 34yrs. no other comorbidities. please help

  68. Gajendra Kumar says:


  69. My age is 42 I got late marriage at age of 35 I never conceived till .My AMH is v v low . I tried medicine but fruitless doctor said only IVF will help u.
    Now since 2 months I don’t have period and pregnancy test is also negative. can homeopathy help me at this stage I am worrying about menopose also because if it occur all my hope will dashed.
    Plss suggest me.

  70. alkesh singh says:

    Dr Sharma even my wife AMH level is 0.02 here age is 38 years 9 years since to our marriage we have one daughter aged 8 years we r trying to conceive since 3 years please suggest me the treatment

  71. Sir my sparm nil and fsh serum in 24.04 iu/ml

  72. Supriya Roy says:

    Any clinic in Kolkata?

  73. Supriya Roy says:

    My AMH is .58 and thyroid is 5.9
    My age is 39 I want to conceive a baby , which medicine is perfect for me.

  74. Hello…iam 31 years female with high fsh levels (31)
    Any medicine for this…can it be treated with homeopathy

  75. puja tulsiani says:

    hey i have been using homeopathy medicines for hormone imbalance and gall stone and acidity, please confirm if it is safe for if I am pregnant and during pregnancy (for the baby)/ if I am planing for pregnancy

  76. Dhananjay kumar says:

    Age of my wife is 33 yrs.

  77. Dhananjay kumar says:

    Sir my wife has very low Amh as 0.12 ng/ml. We r married for 7 yrs. But she is unable to conceive. Is it possible to treat amh in homeopathic?

  78. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    Dear sir,
    Main Priyanka, umr 22 years, humamare first baby normal paida huya tha paida hone ke 3din ke age me septisemiya(lung infection) mara gaya tha 1sal pahle, avi pichhle 3 mahine se kousis kiya ja rahi hoon lekin bachcha nehi aa raha hain. Pahle peroid normal nehi tha pichhle 4 mahine se period normal ho rah hain. Kya remidy hain jisse jald se jald bachcha aa jaye???

  79. I am suffering with azoospermia one of my testis was damaged other was too small but it is working.Is there any chance to reduve my FSH level to produce sperms through homeopathy

  80. Dear Sir. I am Zubair. I m married​ for 7 years. My wife is suffering from raised FSH. In 2nd year after marriage she had a miscarriage of 12 weeks. Some time her menses also become irregular. We also have tried IVF but failed. Kindly​ guide me and advise homeo medicine with continuity and quantity. I shall be highly obliged for you. Thanks

  81. Maria Fayyaz says:

    Hi my name is Maria. I suffer from irregular periods where I don’t have periods for 3 months and when I do sometimes they can last Upto a month and very heavy. I’ve been married for a year and half and trying for a baby. What best medicine would you advise to regulate periods so I can conceive.

  82. Mizanur Rahman , says:

    dear sir
    Hope you are fine.My semen analysis as follows-
    1.Volume # 02ml.
    2.Sperm Count # 30million/ml
    3.Sperm motility # 00% ActivlyMotile,10% FeeblyMotile, 90% Non-Motile
    4.Sperm morphology # 10%Sperm are abnormal
    5.Opinion # Oligoasthenozoospermia
    My age 42.I am from Chittagong , Bangladesh .Its my secondary infertility problem.My daughter age 12.Last six-seven years we are trying for second but failed.Plz suggest me .

  83. Hi,

    I am 36 and my wife is 33 now. Married in 2009 and failed even in IUI treatment. No problem has been identified yet. No doubt, stress is part of our lives and lack of funds to continue with expensive allopathic treatments.

    Do let me know how we can start Homepathic treatment. Also, let me know the restrictions in homopathic treatment.

  84. Dear sir is in nashik your centere available. is oligoasthenozoospermia 100% curable through homeopathy treatment

  85. Dr.Amjad Rafique says:

    Hello.Sir, My name is Amjad Rafique from Pkistan, i am a Homeopathic Doctor, A patient 25/ years female.fsh=81.800 mlu/ml and lh=23,400 mlu/ml
    Any medicin?

  86. muhammed riyas says:

    dear sir
    my wife AMH level 0.55 can this level improve with homio

    • alkesh singh says:

      Dr Sharma even my wife AMH level is 0.02 here age is 38 years 9 years since to our marriage we have one daughter aged 8 years we r trying to conceive since 3 years please suggest me the treatment

  87. Dear Dr.
    My married life is going on 06 years,after one years ago 2 baby had misscarraged,now my phelopion tube block,what can i do?? plz reply,


    Dear Dr, Sharma,

    My partner and I we been trying for a baby in the past 3 years.
    Recently we went both of us through tests and everything is fine. I know that I am not young but we need a baby in our lives.Please could you help us through this method .

    Thank you.

  89. MD.ABU TALIB says:


  90. agnes chandiru says:

    Dear Dr.sharm
    I hope you fine
    I need you help on my side i have been trying to conceive for about 12 year but i fail will a lot of advice from various Doctor
    I will be very happy when you help me

  91. Fouzia sheraz says:

    A.o.a 3year s hu ghy hai shahdi ko babi ni hwa.boht c medcin li hai pr koi farq ni para.
    uters mai fiber hu g hai doctr khati hai ya boht smal hu is sy koi issue ni.plzz ap ko medcin bata dy jiss su Allah tala mujhy b olad jasi namet dy dy…

  92. Dr Sharma

    Pls helps and refer any good doctor in Chennai
    I need to consult doctor as we are trying for a baby for last 3yrs
    We already had consult many allopathy doctors, but our effects are vain , Kindly revert to mail id

    Arun S

  93. Dr saheb pranaam
    Have tested positive for antibody sperm antibodies 40.6 was the count more I don’t know some HIs etc test were done otherwise I have no disorder in body lastly I got in august 2017 2nd iui done failed although got two matured follicles both tubes pen all tests done am h best pls guide me with any medication please I am 35 I want one more child please help me please Dr Saab I will always be thankful I have no parents no one only my husband and two children I conceived naturally one boy 10 years and one girl 5 years I want to increase my family pls help me Dr Saab pls
    Regards anu

  94. Dear Sir, I have been married for last 6years and both are diabetic. My wife is 30 and I am 36. She is on insulin while I am on medicine. She did get pregnant in Oct 2014 but had to terminate as her HbA1c was around 11. She has not been able to conceive after that. Please suggest course of action for homeopathy.

  95. Babun Saha says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 39 years old mother of 9year old. I am trying to get pregnant for 2years and can not get pregnan.
    Doctor did every require test, I can’t did HSG test, rest everything is fine with no problem.
    But fertilization is not happening.
    Please advise me homeopathy medicine that will help me get our second child.
    If you tell me the medicine name, I can buy it from my near by homeopathy store.
    Soma Saha

  96. irfan.ullah says:

    Azoospermia problem

  97. Victoria Chukwubueze says:

    Good day Doctor,
    My wife have been going infirtility problem for the past eleven years her symptoms
    Ceaseation of menstrual period for eight months now.
    Lower abdominal pain
    Wax like fluid nipple discharge.
    Please I want to know how homeopathic medicine can help.
    Thank You.

  98. Nikhat parveen says:

    Sir how to give this medicines in which potency

  99. Ajit Kumar Renu Kumari says:

    Want consultation on fertility problem 9939794698

  100. Pranay Debnath says:

    Hello doctor, I m pranay from Tripura. My wife is diagnosed with PCOS in her left ovary. We got married last year only. How can we start her treatment for getting conceived?? Kindly suggest.

  101. Dear Sir,
    I am 40 years old mother of 11year old. I am trying to get pregnant for 2years and can not get pregnant.
    This month I had very intense period after 30 day cycle, usually I have 29 day cycle.
    Doctor did Pap smear, everything is fine with no problem.
    I did ovulation test and I ovulate.
    But fertilization is not happening.
    Please advise me homeopathy medicine that will help me get our second child.
    If you tell me the medicine name, I can buy it from my near by homeopathy store.

  102. Dear Sir,
    My sperm count is very low & motility also. 6million count and motility only 8%. i married since 4years back. Still i have no baby.So kindly suggest how can i improve my sperm count. Your urgent response highly appreciated. Which medicine i have to use.

  103. I m married about 15 years but no child and no pregnancy cause is me,because my testes very small aur report semen nil please suggest any homoeo drops for this problem erectile dysfuntion also

  104. Hello dearest dr.Sharma my problem is that im married 7years ago but still we r a single couple without any child and my family is incomplete.. We tried alot to concieve but everything is useless and i dont have any such big problems with my health. Im 35years old and my blood group is Onegative and genetically antibodies is less. Twice I conceived naturally but first my pregnancy end with abortion because no heartbeat were found and the second is miscarriage. Then i tried IUI 3faild and IVF 2faild. So i just want to ask u if it will be a little hope to start homeopathy medicine? Pls help me.
    Thank u

    • abhishek singh says:

      I hope you can use netrm phos 30 & Borex 30
      after that your problem will be solved. If any problem contect M.r abhishek mo. 7364979261


  106. musrat raja says:

    hello sir, i am 39 year old after 10 year of marraige still no baby. i have a fibriod in my uterus 2 time i concieve but embroy not grow due to fibriod plz sir i need ur advised any medicine which help me to shrink fibriod

  107. Hello Dr……is there any medicine to conceive a baby boy…if there is then please suggest me

  108. srinivas says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is srinivas, aged 40 Years. I got married 10 Years back and still waiting have no children. I am diagnosed with Oligo Astheno Teratozoosperma. I also have acute shooting acute pain stating from right testicle to top right of kidney. I have done tests for verecociele and did not find any defect. If I go for treatment then with in how much time (least possible) time I will be able to recover and will be perfect for fertilization. Even my sperm count and motility are less and frequently fluctuating along with puss cells

  109. My name ayub . 32 year old .before 7 year get marrie. my sperm report nil . Testicular Biopsy all stages of spermatogenesis are seen johnsen score 9 . lEFT SIDED EJACULATORY DUCT IS MILDLY DIALATED

  110. What is the best homeopathy medicine for someone who has endometriosis and had ruptured ectopic and has one tube

    • Halo Doctor,
      i am 40 years old ,working ksa
      i have low testosterone (0.17) & low FSH (1.1)
      shown no sperm count-azozspermia .
      i want kids.
      my history -stress job past 20 years,now changed job and reduced stress.
      Please help me. waiting for your information.

      thank you

  111. Dr Mrs Sushma Joiya Pandit says:

    It is observed that my patient is suffering from fallopian tube blockage and being an Homeopath I am interested to treat her with Homeo system of treatment under your guidance. Please guide me as to how we could open the fallopian tube for quick fertilization.

    Dr Mrs Sushma Joiya Pandit
    Chairperson I C W E

  112. dhananjay kumar says:

    Hello sir I got married in 2010 but we don’t have any child . my wife amh is very low as 1.02 . her age is 33 yes. Is there any option to increase amh and get pregnant naturally

    • Sabubhai parmar says:

      Sir I have 7 year daughter and we are trying for second.. my wife have very low amh. We are trying for last 4 years . We have done iui two times but failed. Please suggest me homeopathy treatment prolactin test is also low.

  113. Two abortions reason – No cardiac activity
    All test reports are normal including kariyo type
    We are trying from six months not able to conceive
    Not able to find what is the exact problem,
    Please help us

  114. hi doc I have unexplained infertility so I need yr help.

  115. Good morning sir.I have a kid aged 6 yrs and trying for 2nd kid for more than two yrs but going on failue.been operated twice for bartholin me out with a best medicine since iam already 34 yrs.

  116. Good morning sir.I have a kid aged 6 yrs and trying for 2nd kid for more than two yrs but going on failue.been operated twice for bartholin me out with a best medicine since iam already 34 yrs.

  117. Dr md afaque alam says:

    A pt of age about 35yrs newly married.complaining of early ejaculation,sexual desire present but never satisfied his wife.h/o masturbation.body parts is vrey hot,two fans not cool him.relation is going to breaking point.Her wife want divorse…iveg solution

  118. When you’re used to the bottom falling out, it’s impossible to relax. But I managed to cure my infertility and get pregnant with this method:

  119. afifasajjad says:

    Sir im 39 years old. 7 years to marriage but still not concieve. Leprosopy result is also ok. My husband test is ok. Since 2003 my periods r irreguler and l can say absent periods also. My overies are large and doctor diagnosed me pcos my weight is 85 kg. And I was using from last 2years glocuphage duphaston primulute n and inofolic and after only by use these treatment my periods comes. Iui also done but not successful. Before 2 months one homeopathic Dr advise to homeo treatment pulsitila bioplasgen 15 me used. But periods still absent. Sir I want baby and 4 that plz suggest any advise and medicine. I’m free sugar but l have 10 years high blood pressure history sir I’m waiting for ur kind reply plz help me my harmone test also ok

  120. afifasajjad says:

    Sir im 39 years old. 7 years to marriage but still not concieve. Leprosopy result is also ok. My husband test is ok. Since 2003 my periods r irreguler and l can say absent periods also. My overies are large and doctor diagnosed me pcos my weight is 85 kg. And I was using from last 2years glocuphage duphaston primulute n and inofolic and after only by use these treatment my periods comes. Iui also done but not successful. Before 2 months one homeopathic Dr advise to homeo treatment pulsitila bioplasgen 15 me used. But periods still absent. Sir I want baby and 4 that plz suggest any advise and medicine. I’m free sugar but l have 10 years high blood pressure history sir I’m waiting for ur kind reply plz help me

    • Sabubhai parmar says:

      Sir I have 7 year daughter and we are trying for second.. my wife have very low amh. We are trying for last 4 years . We have done iui two times but failed. Please suggest me homeopathy treatment prolactin test is also low.

      Pls Reply me,w e

      • Sabubhai parmar says:

        I have 7 year daughter and we are trying for second.. my wife have very low amh. We are trying for last 4 years . We have done iui two times but failed. Please suggest me homeopathy treatment prolactin test is also low.

        Pls reply me. We are waiting for your reply



  122. I am 28 years old, have a son who is 18 months and is still nursing. I did not have too much trouble becoming pregnant with him, despite having quite irregular cycles (65 days and 42 days for example). However, I have not had my cycle return since I gave birth to him and my husband and I are starting to think about when we would like a second baby. My ob/gyn says that I have to wean my son from nursing if I want my cycle to come back to try to become pregnant. I know that women are able to become pregnant while nursing and am looking to homeopathy to potentially help. I don’t really want to wean my son since I love the closeness and bond I have with him during nursing, however, I don’t want to wait too long to have another baby. Any advice you have would be fantastic

  123. I m male and my age 38 and my wife age 38 years but problem is my I check all my reports ok but fatty liver shown and left kidney infection but my wife problem is my I check first month pregnancy show the lady doctor blood report and check pregnancy with stick ok but back pain and right egg pain then 8 weak 5 days after check the lady doctor report missed misscarriage then after three lady doctors check and say misscarriage then lady doctor give medicene cleaning this date 24/1/2017 first miscarriage and month April 2nd time pregnancy but my wife does not know dogh bleeding but after month may feeling to much pain belly and check lady doctor say u misscarriage second time after this he reports poor eggs and broken egg please hum ko baby chahye good medicene for infertility eggs problems solution name who available in pakistan my report 70% to 80% sperm count in April check I need baby my marriage two years before

  124. nilofer sameer khan says:

    hi i m nilofer khan suffering infertility upto last 8yrs .my husband sperm count is low around 35%.we people also suffer frm some kind of depression n frustation due to infertility

  125. My wife recently done endometroisis leproscopy,we start ivf cycle but after 5 day dr. Said eggs rcgud in numbers but poor in quality,stop injecting and suggest for doneted eggs,.
    She has there both fellopian tube blocked
    Please suggest

  126. ch durga prasad rao says:

    hello sir i have low sperm count problem when doctor suggest me to fsh test after testing i found low fsh.sir please give me suggestion to any effective homeo medcine to solve this problem.

  127. Asmasaeed says:

    Hye I am 40 year old and I have never prignent due to follicles premature and one cyst in left overy kindly help me and guid me some medicine thanx

    • Tanushree Chakraborty says:

      Hye,I am 28years old female married for 5 years diagnosed both side fallopian tube tortuous and scalvated ,so it is blocked.can I be pregnant and what will be the medicines?

  128. Binish Irshad says:

    Hi ,
    Dr Sharma ,
    I am 37
    Trying to conceive for ten years. Before it,
    Had a baby boy who could not servive.
    My All reports are clear Drs say it’s UN explained infertility
    My husband is 41 having low motility but not very low sperm count is ok Dr say it’s not the main issue
    I have taken many homeopathic treatments but it has not been working
    Can you help me plz

    • This is a problem found among many working women,due to hypertension and stress,it’s becoming tough to conceive..take a break from stressful life and try.

  129. Sabubhai parmar says:

    My wife have 1.02 anti mullerian hormone and doctor suggest ivf treatment . We want natural pregnancy.. pls suggest us. We are trying from last 4 years..

    • Binish Irshad says:

      Hi ,
      Dr Sharma ,
      I am 37
      Trying to conceive for ten years. Before it,
      Had a baby boy who could not servive.
      My All reports are clear Drs say it’s UN explained infertility
      My husband is 41 having low motility but not very low sperm count is ok Dr say it’s not the main issue
      I have taken many homeopathic treatments but it has not been working
      Can you help me plz

    • I am 42 have two children second one born in 2008. I have been taking inhaler for asthama which has effected my health badly. Due to the side effects I have hair loss and weak bones. It has also effected my sexual health. Doctor says my sperms are abnormal and have low mobility. My wife is 40. We are trying for the baby since 3 years now. Please suggest some medicine to improve the mobility and sperm count.

      Thank you in advance.

  130. Ponnappan.C.M. says:

    Sir ,
    What I want know is what miasmatic remedies can be administered safely at long intervals weekly or monthly
    during pregnancy to reduce the miasmatic effect for the going to be born.?Iremember to have read or heard in some work shop on holistic medicines.Please clear this doubt

  131. Dr .please suggest dose of pulsatilla medicine as i have pcod for last 3 years.From which day of menses should i start this.I have 1 child but now facing difficulty in concieving.i m 35 years old,5.6 in height and64in kg wt.I am facing problem of scanty blood flow with bleeding for less than 1 day.Although my periods are regular.Cycle lenght is 30 to 35 days.Presently taking cyproteroneacetate and ethinyloestradiol tablets and metformin

  132. Dr sahab
    I have hormones problem due to reason eggs are not generating so please proscribed medicine

    • age 30.amenhorrhoa patient.. the overies had shrinked .is there a cure in homeo for shrinked overies?

  133. Ruddra Pratap das says:

    I want to know is there any homeopathy medicine used for PCOS treatment can effect the results of home pregnancy test??

  134. Hello

    I am facing problem in conciving, below is my detailed history
    1. i had one abortion in 2007
    2 I concived in 2008 and gave birth to a girl in Jan 2009
    3. I am trying for the second child since 1 year but not able to concieve, as per allopathic treatment, My egg was forming and geting ruptured on time. my Tubetest is okay. All other tests of mine and husband are okay.
    So they conducted Hystero Lapro, and found mild endeometriosis and mild hydrophlinx i.e. swelling at the end of the tubes (hand like shape).
    Even after they had checked 2 cycles but could not concieve.

  135. Dear Dr. Sharma!

    I am 35 years old in 19 of April 2017. My partner and I have almost two years trying to have a baby.
    A year ago we got some homeopathy treatment and then we stoped.
    we did some test and my AMH test 0.2 ( very low) while my husband, 33 years old, had only 4% good sperm with a normal amount.

    We did some treatment with homeopathy, suggested from a homeopathy doctor and we stoped after 5 months. I got sepia from the first till 200c. while my husbant got conium.
    After 5 months we had a low ipmrovement. My AMH WAS 0.6 while the sperm a bit good from the prevoius one.
    I would like to prove again sepia in a very moderate dosage if it is possible. or any other remedy you think should be more agresive for my age and to increase my level of AMH.
    If you recomend sepia or any other remedy please I need to know the dosage and the usage.

    I am looking forward to hear from you!

    Wish you all the best

    • fabiana lemosim says:

      I have peritubal adhesions. my falopian tubes are amh is 0.388 can I have babies naturally if get homeopathic treatment?

  136. Dr Bajwa Narowal Punjab Pakistan says:

    Dr Sharma for most helpful informations.

  137. Hi, I m in periods from last 4 years. Doctor gave me ovral g to stop period. I am also taking sepia n carcula carb. How ever it doesn’t recover. I want to stop taking pills but homepathic medicine don’t stop bleeding. Shall I take aletris farinosa n Martin carb?

  138. Renu Trivedi says:

    Hello Dr,

    My Name is Renu and aged 43 now, been married for 10 years and still dont and have any children. I have undergone one IVF cycle which failed. My AMH level is very low it is 0.3. I conceived trice naturally but before completion on three months had miscarriage.

    please help me.


  139. naga seshu yadavalli says:

    sir my wife is facing not moving eggs in the follopian tubes. please suggest best drug alongwith potency.

  140. shahbaz ali says:

    sir i have small testicle size and due to that i face infertility
    my sperm count is 52 millions/ml and my motility is about 10 %.
    and i have erectile dysfunction
    kindly recommend me for better homeopathy medicine to overcome this disease

  141. Dear Mr. Sharma,

    I am 37 years old and suffered from ED due to mobile vibration shock, my penis went flaccid, thin and very low sperm. I consult a doctor but not affected much. I got diagnosed with Low T. Hence, I took 20 inj. of Testosterone 3 month and the problem raise to another level. My testes also shrank hard. Then again Dr. asked for more tests and I got the problem with Low LH and Low T. My LH is 0.10 and T is 2.88. Now, I am taking Gonadorapin Inj. till now I have taken 4 inj. and no improvement is there.

    Please advice me some homeopathic med.

  142. ALOK SHUKLA says:

    Respected Dr., I am writing you in connection with infertility problem of my wife.She has cyst on right overy and took treatment with Gynecologist. It was around 5 cm. Once Dr. removed by puncture method. Further she tried to help in pregnancy by IUI method, there is no success and adviced for further next after taking some medicine. One my friend suggested me to take advice from Homeopath.I am fine and no problem from my side. My wife has problem for infertility due to cyst and egg is less and week. What should I do? Please suggest me. I am living in Ashiana Colony near Banglabazar, Lucknow.Thanks and with best regards. Alok

  143. Sir, i had a previous episode of pid around 8months ago. Since then even after taking many antibiotics there is frequent recurrence of its symptoms like itching, foul smelling watery discharge(if left wth out taking antibiotics it develops into thick white discharge wth fishy odour), loose motions, I’m gradually developing fever after tht. Antibiotics are relieving me from symptoms temporarily but Immediately aftr stopping them, situation s repeating. I also have pcod. Im afraid of infertility. Please suggest me homeo treatment for my problem.

  144. Dt.. anju rajeev ranjan says:

    Sir my AMH is low some time my period prolong plz help

  145. my wife to get pregnent. Both tests are ok. any homeo pathic medicine….?

  146. Myself vibha..38 years old …my AMH is 0.02..very low….i am consulting dr.Jyoti homeopathic treatment… after 3 minths there are no any improvement. I have pcos problem …but it already operated in October 2015..after this in April 2016 my period has not comes…then i go dr.jyoti homeopathic clinic. Because dr.says if i want a baby …then egg donation is compulsory. I have no any issue. I am worry… if any suggestion… please reply.
    Thanks and regards

  147. Azoospermia problem

  148. Sansmira says:

    Have a blocked tube.. 2 failed ivfs.. Diagnosed with implantation failure. Am 37. Any advice is welcome

    • Hi Dr Sharma
      I am 31years old and married for 10years now. I have been trying to conceive for last 18 months but didn’t succeed. My specialist found out my fallopian tubes are partially damaged and suggested me IVF which I don’t want to go for. I was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer stage 1 in 2013 and given radiotherapy after a full abduction of thyroid. Do you think homeopathy can help me?
      Best regards

  149. Iam forty years old woman.try to conceive from nine amh level is very low how to increase it

  150. I’m 28 years old female fighting with infertility since 5 years, I was diagnosed with genital tuberculosis in both fallopian tubes, also has taken 6months of att, after completion of att medication given number of iui tries with ovulation induction too but I failed to conceive, can you suggest some treatment options in homeopathy

  151. Age is 32 year but without a baby, PCOD and blocked tube is diagnosed so far, please suggest a right way of treatment.

    (For needy people)
    Oral Homeopathic life time Vaccination
    100% proved
    (1st time in Pakistan)
    Even Cancer
    COMPLETE HOMEOPATHIC PREGNANCY COURSE 4 normal delivery of healthy n gorgeous baby
    Homeopathy is not slow now
    Works fastr
    No Side Efcts
    4 comp detail

    • Dear doctor mughe azoospermia daignos huwa he aue FSH levil is very high merit age 40 sal he wazan 81 kg air 1 sal pehle daibtes the ho gaie he meri shadi ko 8 sal ho gaie han mere liye medison prescribe kar drain Thai you sir pleas replay sir

  153. Hi Doctor I have asthenozoospermia with pre mature ezaculation. Which medicine should I take.

      (For needy people)
      Oral Homeopathic life time Vaccination
      100% proved
      (1st time in Pakistan)
      Even Cancer
      COMPLETE HOMEOPATHIC PREGNANCY COURSE 4 normal delivery of healthy n gorgeous baby
      Homeopathy is not slow now
      Works fastr
      No Side Efcts
      DR GOHAR
      4 comp detail

  154. hi dr Sharma this is dr imran from Pakistan,please as i am new in homeopathy and will you give me some guide for the practice. I have a clinic in a rural area of islamabad and mostly 12/13 patients are comming in a day.

  155. Hi,
    I am sneha and i am diagnosed with bilateral hydro salphinx in HSG as well as 3D ultrasound. I am also having the problem of endometriosis for which i had undergone laproscopy in 2014 and haemorrhagic cyst was removed from right ovary.
    i want to conceive naturally. CAn you please suggest any effective medicines.

  156. Asma Jahan Shibly says:

    Hello, Good day. My husband hs oligospermia. He has only 20% live shukranu. Need your help about this matter. His age 38.



  157. Cysts in both ovaries
    Bilateral tubal hydrosalpinx
    Fibroid in uterus.. plz help want to do

  158. my sperm count less than 20 percent
    puss cell 10 – 12
    11 year marriage
    my age 37 year
    physicaly every thing good
    what can i do

  159. Respected sir
    My age is 29 yrs my sperm count is very low about 5%.
    Can this problem will be solved by using homeopathic medicines? Which medicines are usful?

  160. We are looking for homeopathic treatment . As my wife is suffering with low AMH
    Do I have any treatment for same

  161. ಭೀಮಸೇನ says:

    ನನ್ನ ಪತ್ನಿಗೆ ಏರಡು ವರ್ಷದಿಂದ ಮುಟ್ಟು ಆಗಿಲ್ಲ ಥ್ಯರಾಯಿಡ ಪ್ರಾಬ್ಲಮ ಇದೆ ದಯವಟ್ಟು ಪರಿಹಾರವನ್ನು ತಿಳಿಸಿ

  162. Muhammad Yasir Tariq says:

    Dear doctor, I am diagnosed to astheno teratozoospermia means low sperm count with damaged morphology but sperm count is 35 million/ml. Please recommend some homeopathic medicine as i ts now 7 years passed since marriage.

  163. DASARI KALYAN says:




  164. Navaid Khan says:

    Dear Sir. Madam,
    I am Navaid Khan 37 male from Pakistan, i got marriage 2 years back but I can’t success to get any baby yet, just 2 days back i have done my semen analysis test from a very well know lab known as AGA KHAN LABS. Please kindly study to my report and let me know that my report is okay or is there any problem which may lead to infertility.

    My Semen Analysis Report are as under:

    QUANTITY …… 3.0 ML.
    TIME OF COLLECTION …… 05:50.
    PH …… 7.5.


    TOTAL COUNT ………… 105 MILL/ML.
    LIVE COUNT ……….. 50 MILL/ML.


    NORMAL FORM …….. 25%

    LARGE OVAL ……. 10%
    SMALL OVAL …..10%
    ROUND …… 20%
    PIN …. 10%

    GERM CELL…01
    WBC’S… 01

  165. barun chakraborty says:

    Dear Sir, my name is Barun Chakraborty age 44 years and my wife is 32, we are completing 4years of oue marriage life but we have no child. my doctors says me go to ivf for child, my spam mortility is vary low . sir I wants to know what kind of medicine in homeopathi to incrise my spam motility is possible.

  166. im 30 yrs old hsg report told both of my tubesr elongated fimbria block is there any medicine to unblock tubs pls help me

  167. dr i am sriram 47 years old.i am undergoing treatment for T2dm,schozophrenia, hypertension and cholesterol. my wife is 46 years old.her health is far we haven’t had any sexual intercourse though we r married 16 years back. what r the chances of ourself having a child. thank u.

  168. Hello Dr…. I am 31 yrs old women. Married 2yrs ago. For the last one year we are trying for a baby.. diagnosed with trapped egg syndrome and the same being corrected with homeopathic medicine.. done almost all test including HSG and my tubes are clear…Also All my hormone levels are for optimal pregnancy and my ovulation occurs on the 13th day by homeopathic medicine…could you please suggest me whether I could go for further treatments or should be patient enough for somemore time…

    • Hello dr my problem is I hv a 8 year daughter and now from three yrs I cannot conceive.I had a pco problem when I was not married.thwn I took the medicine and I was ok and give birh to a my peroids were again irregular anot too bleeding.I am taking medicine from dr nedopar.,myfolic sachets.and pregnacare conception.plz give me medicine to ovulate properly and enhanced the. Egg I can conceive

  169. Nisha singh says:

    Hello Dr ….I am 38 years women.i had pcod …After homeopathic treatment I got periods .But I can’t concieve…At the time I am on Ayurvedic medicines but can’t concieve…I am trying to conceive last six years…Plz suggest medicines.On my face hairs specially chin and acne..Skin becomes dull.any cream didn’t suit me..Plz help me I am so frustrated….

  170. Dear sir,
    I am facing the problem with early discharge during contact with sperm is also thin and upper part of penis vein is to thick
    Pls help suggest

    • I am facing with early discharge during contact with paartner. My sperm is also thin. Puss cell 10-12. Age 36 and after 3 yeats of marriage i have no any child. My wife conceive teo time but after conceiving one and two month miscrage and loss the child. No any medical problem.

  171. Santanu Banerjee says:

    Hello sir
    I have got married 4years ago, but no more baby my wife (32 years) her both fallopian tube blockage and ovarian endometriosis.
    So kind advice best homeopathic medicine and dosage system for clear the problem.

  172. punam sinha says:

    hello Dr,
    Its indeed relieving to find a forum to get expert advice and its cure tips. ( homeopathy) for infertility in woman. I am woman of 30+ yrs, I have a son of 5 yrs and I did not have any issues of conceiving him, I had a notmal delivery. B ut now we had been planning a second child since 3 yrs, undergone expensive treatments but to no avail. I hav been detected with hypothyroidism for which I am tsking 50 mg of thyroxin tablet every mtng. My periods are irregulat and diagnosef eith PCOS. I am taking glucophage 1000 mg evety day. I do not have proper ovulation. Please suggest me a homeopathy medicine to eradicate my infertility problems, enhanced healthy egg production count and proper ovulation so that i can conceive.
    Thanks & Regards
    Mrs Punam SInha

    • Hello dr my problem is I hv a 8 year daughter and now from three yrs I cannot conceive.I had a pco problem when I was not married.thwn I took the medicine and I was ok and give birh to a my peroids were again irregular anot too bleeding.I am taking medicine from dr nedopar.,myfolic sachets.and pregnacare conception.plz give me medicine to ovulate properly and enhanced the. Egg I can conceive

    • Arvind Sharma says:

      For thyroid you can use Dhaniya
      Than for pregnancy other mediation

      More information
      Arvind sharma
      9111807248 whatsup

  173. Rajeshree Sarvaiya says:

    Hi sir,

    I am suffering from endometriosis. I want pregnancy. can i gt pregnancy due to this problem? i want to start this medicine. can I?

  174. MåMöñâ Müdäśãr says:

    Asslam u alaikum dr.sharma m from Pakistan my age is 24 .1 year before I got merried. Yet not concieve a baby.i have no menstrual problem..instead of heavy bleeding in every husband has 60 millions sperms count with 40 % me to concieve a baby

  175. Bikas Sharma says:

    Sir can you please suggest me the best Homeopathic medicine for blocked fallopian tubes.

  176. Hi dear doctor my age is 29 and married a year ago.
    After continuous physical contact for a year we are not able to become parents then I had a test and doctor told that oligo astheno oligoapermia

    I have been using homeopathic medicine but no change til now

    I have very small testicles of size 3 c.c both sides and there no varecocele or any blocks because I took scrotum Doppler test
    I have a good penis of size six inch and small testicles

    I have erection of 15 minutes so everything is good
    Please help me

    I’ll be waiting for your answer
    I never took alcohol
    But I had smoking ten years ago and that too only smoked three to five times

    • alikhanaco says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma, how can I found the homeopathy medicine for low sperm count that my farmer brother know frustrated me and his wife. please help us.
      thank you for you understand me.

  177. Sir my wife is no interest In sex now.after giving a birth. last five year we have lost our past sexual life.even she has suffering vagainal dryness and burning In vagain.plz give me some advice.

  178. Swathisingh Swathi says:

    Hi my name s Swathi my marriage history s 5years and we are trying to get conceive from past 2years but can’t able to do as my husband has some problem in sperm oligospermia &pH s low so he took the treatment but can’t able to improve I m fed up of these things pls can homeopathy ll be helpful or wt let me know

  179. Dr.Bhushan Waghe. says:

    Sir , i have a patient aged 35 for infertility. 14 yrs of marriage. Had gone through i.v.f.1 cycle. But for next cycle dr reportedly said that her ovum quality , no. , and production is poor ,not up to the mark. Therefore not to repeat the cycle. Nw she consulted me as a homoeopathic physician. How i can help her please guide.

    • Genera Dewang Shah. says:

      Hello, Dr.I am geera 48 years old, I have all ready 2 cycle done of ivf treatment from nova puls,A’bad.but, fail one after 4 months,& 2nd with in a 10 days.,so,plz. Suggest what I can do for further success in natural pregnancy……Thanks From: Geera.

  180. Facing irregular period problem from past 2 year.
    Age 32
    Thyoride checked and doctor told to take tablets.

  181. I got marriage on 20008 but till now I am not getting pregnant, I because the tube has blocked and one side hydrosulfine. So Please give guidelines what treatment I have to take.

  182. T.Shashikala says:

    Hello docter I have 31 years old. I got marriage in 2013. Still I am not getting pregnant due to adhession fimbrial ends and pcods.since 1 year iam suffering with diabetic problem also.there is any treatment in homeopathic medicines reveals this problems and get pregnant naturally. Docters suggested me ivf but iam interest in ivf. Pls replay answer sir any treatment in homeopathic got pregnant normally

  183. Homeopathy to treat hydrosalpinx please

  184. Jyoti agarwal says:

    Hello sir mai 2 year se concive karna Cha rhi hu Lekin ni ho rha … All reports are ok but AMH is high. Phle pcos tha lekin abi vo Shi h .. Plzz Mera treatment kijiye..

  185. I HV been 6yrs time pregagnant and missit of 3month .irregular period.on hsg report left fallopain tube is seen ballooned up in distal half and right side tube is not seen.please suggest best medicine.

  186. i hv been married 6 yrs. not pregnant yet. 2 iui failed. diagnosed with AMH 0.52. and anovulation. irregular periods.only withdrawal bleeding. pls help me i tried all medicines pls suggest me medicine to improve egg quality and to conceive. no prob with my hubby.

  187. timothy n t says:

    pls my wife was diag.nosed of hydrosappingitis and am having sperm count below,we are up to 38/40,pls us on what’s to be taken,we children

  188. tanjila nila says:

    I am nila from Bangladesh .sir main 4 years try kar raha hoon but consive nahi ho rahii .all report r OK.but my weight is 98 age 27 .. sir if possible so plz suggest me your treatment .thanks

  189. Hello Doctor
    I hv been married fr 3.5 yrs and unable to concieve. I have endometriosis fybroid and had a laproscopy bt it reocurred abd also hv adhesions. Plz can u suggest how effective is homeopathy with treating these and concieving. Does it also help with adhesions.

  190. Husna Afeef says:

    A lady married in 42 yrs and having no child after 7 yrs of marrige. After investigating it comes to know that this lady has no production of ovum. What do u suggest?

  191. sharmila naik says:

    Hi i m 33 years old my 1st child is 10 years old and we try for 2nd child for last 3 years. I found endometriosis during the treatment and done laproscopy surgery at last year. My pregnancy chances is very low plz help me.

  192. Dear Dr. Namaste im shiv from lko i m suffering witl low sperm count and my wifr has blockaga fallopian tube suggest

    • Dear Dr. Namaste im shiv from lko i m suffering witl low sperm count and my wifr has blockaga fallopian tube suggest

  193. I m 34 yrs old. HSG report told , both of my tubes r damaged. Is there any medicine to unblock tubes . Pls help me.

  194. Respected Sir
    Right now we’ve one child. We don’t want another baby, but both of us want sex regularly without condoms. Can you suggest us any medicine?

  195. Dr,
    I am 37yrs is there any way I can conceived naturally my tubes has been removed through salpingectomy surgery due to tubes blockage I also under go ivf but it failed pls I need your help

  196. Manjulavani says:

    My marriage was done over 8 years, since 8 years no pregnancy even I have undergone iui test also ,doctor said canalisation problem, I am very tense about my pregnancy, my husband all test are normal even sperm analysis. Please suggest me is there any treatment for canalization problem in homeopathic treatment.


  197. M 25 years…had pcod…no period for 4 months…gone through laproscopy surgery but no use…my eggs are not growing…there are numrous follicles arround 20 per overy of 6-7mm…overys are muscular 21cc,23cc…tried so many things but didnt get any result…ttc for help

  198. My problem is that my husband sperm use to come out immediately after sex pls wots d solution

  199. diwan bava says:

    dear dr,
    i have suffered from low sperm count with active 5% active motility to increase the sperm motility above 50%?

  200. Moumita Samanta says:

    sir,calendula off Q,arnica Q external apply on others problem in this pragnent time situation. & eating silicea 30,belladonna 30 in this time?

  201. Respected sir.,
    I had been masturbating fir the last 10 years often and now I am very much tensed thinking about my sex life
    Plzzz suggest me the best Homeopathic medicine which can cure my problem effectively..

  202. I am Ganesan I was married past 8 years no children we areboth medicial report is normal please I am interested homeo remedies for female please help me

  203. Rajendra das says:

    My age is wife age is 28.due to my no sporm,we have no conceive.advice me which medicine good 4 me.

  204. Jacqualine says:

    Hello, I need suggestions. I have uterine fibroids and I am trying to conceive. I am currently taking fraxinus am as a way to shrink the fibroids but now I am experiencing having no fertile cervical mucus. What can I do o increase my cervical mucus using homeopathic remedies?

    Thank you,

  205. Dear Dr, I m 39 dr found genital TB with cavity in uterus and fabroids , we have no child pls help

  206. gud day doctor my period is on n off at times it will come n won’t come sometimes.It was lasting for 7 days n changed to 3 days n changed again to a day with just a drop now have seize for 3 months n have been to so many hospitals still, now am married n want conceive about a year now.Am 27

  207. gud day doctor my period is on n off at times it will come n won’t come sometimes.It was lasting for 7 days n changed to 3 days n changed again to a day with just a drop now have seize for 3 months n have been to so many hospitals still, now am married n want conceive about a year now

  208. I m 37 yrs old & have a child of 8 yrs. HSG report told , both of my tubes r blocked. Doctor told to do laporoscopy. But I didn’t do. Is there any medicine to unblock tubes . Pls help me.

  209. I am 32 year old I don’t have child 12 year my marriage I am stuffing in fertylity 2 time gone to I vf conceived but under 20 days loss I am suffering daibities type 2 from 10 year so please you sagest madicine for me fynaly test my AIG is not robcher the natural time

  210. Dharmapada pradhan says:

    Sir can I visit your clinic please give your address

  211. Good day Dr. Sharma

    Iam a 40 year old woman and met a wonderful guy. However, I have been with him for 4 years now and no baby. He have a daughter and I have 4 kids aged between 16 and 9. I was diagnosed with oligoamenoria before I had my kids but was mainly due to being underweight. We would love to have a baby but I’m afraid I’m running out of time. We haven’t been doing anything major beside taking vitamins and self diagnosing because we weren’t exactly stressing bout it. I have a regular 28 day cycle, I bleed heavy on the 1st day nd less the 2nd and spotting for 2 to 3 days then I’m done. I’m 100% sure I ovulate because my discharge increases but is more watery than stretchy, the cervix is high nd soft and opens up. Yet I also experience pain on alternating sides and my sex drive goes into overdrive. I do however experience lots of lower back and hip pain with my periods and ovulation. Any advice or remedies would be highly appreciated. Many thanks,

  212. Saradindu Pan says:

    Dear doctor I need ur help my wife had one miscarriage 5 month year of 2001 due to aboration,but fever to 7months for tuber culaicis. Fallopian tubes(both) blockage,28days regular period, menses upto 3-4days, weak 59kg, Age 36, married 16years ago. not conceived yet . we need baby


  213. fallopian tubes(both) blockage,28days regular period, heavydischarge, overbleeding(thick clotted dark red) menses upto 7days, pain in both ovaries,heavy hair fall from roots, thin,lean,weak 47kg, piles problem only on first day, even gas cannot be passed easily(cant sit easily1stday), anaemia . on ovolution day(15) pain on both breasts& thick stiff mucus on day10 to 15. Age 24, married 2years ago. not conceived yet . we need baby

  214. pramod kr.singh says:

    Hair I am Pramod 33years old I am suffer ing from low spermcount and poor motility. I have taken so many English medicine and aurvedic medicine. But not find desire result. Suggest to me.

    • Dr.L.Girija says:

      with Homoeopathic dynamic medication we can treat this condition.before that a detailed case taking and investigations are necessary. for that couple should visit OP, any in convenience they have to fill up a questionnaire

  215. hai Dr. i m salma my problm is pcod . cyst range is 6-8 mm in both overies .my menstruation is not correct .m married .so i consulted in english medicine but not effect .we need a baby .so what treatment i want to take plz reply

  216. I’m Ashiba I got my last month period at 10.8.2016 and this month 21.9.2016 and my period is not over bleeding itz about some bleeding and what is the way and I need homeopathy treatment. .. contact me wats app me 9786796232 am from india kanyakumari district

  217. Hello,
    My Spouse is having short, scanty periods. test say Anti Mullerian Hormone level >9.4 NG/ML.
    Also I am having Weak erection some times.
    Can you suggest any homeopathy medicine.

  218. Sangita shishodia says:

    Sir I m sangjta my amh report r very poor 0.13. so Dr advice me. I should go for done egg.please u suggest me. Should ido.

  219. Hello
    I am 30 year male , just got hrt for low testosterone. Now my testosterone levels are quite good but my lh and fsh level are near to zero.
    Suffering from erictile dysfunction.
    Kindly suggest best medicine as i am not able to satisfy my wife these days.

  220. I am infertility patient I had started treatment of homeopathic but than also I did not find any result.

  221. hi, i am fatima i am 46 year old i have two children . i will trying get pregnancy after 15 years but i don`t get

    pregnant my all test is normal but i have no egg and also my period cycle abnormal , please help me i want

    i want two more children please .

    best regaed s

  222. How the Homoeopathy acts if both the tubes are blocked in females or her AMH value is below 1.

    Husband azoospermic.

    In the above conditions the couple has to go for ART treatment or IVF or any thing else.

    Pls reply.

    • Hi dear

      If possible then call me at sunday on this no 8969503314/7544011625
      I have a sure success treatment of infertility.
      Thanks and regard
      Dr. Braj kishor

  223. Hi doctor
    Iam neha 35 year old and married for one and half year, but still I am not pregnant I got a treatment but no resonce my doctor told me AMH is 0.68 please tell me any homeopath treatment for pregnant.

    With regards


  224. Hi Doctor,

    I am Hemavathi and i got married 2.5 yrs. i took treatment for my infertility for the past 1 yrs but not successful. I am planning to take homeopathy treatment. I suffered from thyroid, PCOD and in fallopian tubes my gyne told right tube is better than left. so can you pls tell me how the treatment will be for these kind of problems?


  225. Richa jain says:

    hlw dr.
    gd evening.

    I had a very high AMH level 14.4 . I am 29 years old having a girl we want one more chance but my period cycle is irreguler. After taking many medicines like metlong ,dyne n ovicare saches.there is no relief and regularaty.
    Plz suggest me the homeopatic medicines for high AMH.

  226. Nasira naz says:

    How we can treat a case of azoospermia

  227. hi iam 34 yrs old. iam a mother of seven yrs old son. i want my second issue and for this iam trying for last six month. my thyroid profile is normal. my period is two/three days advance.

  228. Aarti Thakkar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 39 & married for an year now. I am not able to conceive. Meducal reports show very low AMH levels and decreased egg count. Can homeopathy help me as I have been advised to go for test tube baby. Can homeopathy help me to conceive naturally? Please advise.

    • Hii arti
      If possible than call me at 7544011625/8969503314 at sunday
      i have a sure certain treatment.

      thanks and regard
      Dr. Braj Kishor
      BHMS kolkata

  229. Hello Sir.I m 24 yr old..I have irregular periods problems.. It comes after 4-5 month…when I take treatment it comes regular… After that its comes irregular…. Can u plz tell homeopathy is this permanently treatment possible???? Plz give me reply sir ..I have very tensed..

  230. Kaleem akram says:

    Dear doctor
    I need ur help my wife had one miscarriage due to nt having growth of a child after that she conceived soon after 1 month which lead to premature delivery box of high blood pressure we had a daughter who expire after one day of birth now my wife is not concieving we had take many fertility drugs but all in vain plz suggest medicine which will work out

  231. S pokharnikar says:

    Respected sir
    My age is 29 yrs my sperm count is very low about 5%.
    Can this problem will be solved by using homeopathic medicines? Which medicines are usful?

  232. Nagmani Rai says:

    I have bee married to my wife for years now and nothing to show for it. When I release inside her the sperm comes out and I my self had done some test I was told my Soren movement is sluggish and the shape is not good , what the the solutions.

  233. Dr.Md.Afaque Alam says:

    Pt is somewhat flabby,short ht,copious and irregular menses.She having 5yrs old child but since that time she never follipian tube block.sperm mortility of her husband is less than normal.sexual desire in female is not satisfactory.Both( couple)are doing job in govt sector with handsome saliary.wanting 2nd issue…..

  234. Felix okeke says:

    I have bee married to my wife for years now and nothing to show for it. When I release inside her the sperm comes out and I my self had done some test I was told my Soren movement is sluggish and the shape is not good I don’t know if it’s because of my genotype ss

  235. sujata Srivastava says:

    Dr. sharma,

    My age is 32 and my husband age is 35. We got married in january 2013. Three and half years had passed but I am not able to conceive. The major reason behind this is I frequently caught Vaginal infection (almost in every 1-2 month). This infection transfers from me to my husband and vice-versa. Besides lots of treatment I am unable to get rid of it. In Jan 2016 me and my husband have gone for tests (Pelvic ultrasound, blood test, sperm count test) also and everything came normal. I also feel sperms do not stay in me they immediately flew away. How can I make the sperm stay in my body for longer duration? I and my husband also want to stay safe from infection, so that I can try for baby. One more thing I caught depression in year 2002. It continued with me for 7-8 years(I was on allopathic as well as homeopathic medication).

  236. MD. Naushad Ansari says:

    Dr sharm my wife has AMH 0.03 and in HSG both tube block she has less ovum of bed quality . So suggest best medicine 9771483676

  237. Vijayakumar.R says:

    i am disabled person, i am 40 years old, i am married last year october. i take a semen test,but no spermatozoa in dilution.i also take a blood testthat is FSH is 5mlu/ml, LH IS 1.5mlu/ml, my semen fructose is 192mg/dl. please help me sir.

  238. Kalidoss says:

    Dear sir i am 43 years male and in primary infertility due to low testosterone ie 191 and fsh level is 14 and also atrophic testes. Is it possible to cure my problems to go for ics. Kindly help me Yours kalidoss

  239. I’m anchu,aged 36.done 3 ivf. One ectopic and lost right fallopian tube. Nw its7 years after marriage.low amh1.2. Sir plz suggest

  240. AMELIA SHIBA says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    am a lady of 43 years and have been married for 20 years now with no child. we have tried ivf treatment for at least 4 times with no success, we have done everything and have lost hope. i once tested positive after doing the third ivf treatment but later miscarried.

    can homeopathy help us, we are very very desperate.

  241. vishwanath says:

    Dear Doctor Mr. Sharma Sir,

    We required small suggestion my age is 50 and my wife age is 48 .we married in 2005 since then we are trying for children
    we have undergone IVF treatment in 2009 but it is not successful .
    Now we would like to go for further treatment in Mysore or Bangalore.

    Please advise on priority on my mail

  242. dear sir my husband has azoospermia how can we do the treatment for this reason we want as soon as possible plz help we r 31 yrs

  243. Dr leena kalambhe says:

    My amh is low it’s 0.80 so can we go for Homeopathic treatment for natural pregnancy

    • hello Dr sharma me and my husband both having the problem. we r in the treatment of homeopathy. so how long we will have to take the treatment.And my husband has very low sperm count.and he is alcoholic.

  244. ametorxe richard says:

    I did a lab test and it shows that my sperms are abnormal and not liquifying is there any treatment and hope for me at all l need children badly to save my marriage please kindly furnish Me with information about my condition thanks

    • Hi dear
      If possible than call me at sunday my mob no is 7544011625/ 8969503314.
      I have a sure success traetment of infertility.

      Thank and regard
      Dr. Braj kishor
      BHMS Kolkata.

  245. Or whatapp him : +2348077686213

  246. Hi ,

    i am sufferinf from erectile dysfunction and premature ejacuation. Please suggest me medicine . I have marriage in october this year.


  247. hi. Dr. sharma. I am having problem to conceive since 8 years. I got married 8 years ago and got pregnant couple time but miscarriage in 7 to 8 wks of pregnancy. Then I had IVF done 2 yrs ago,got a child. I had 4 embryos left frozen. a week ago they transfer 2 good condition embryos but a wk I had negative result. Now i want to start homeopathic to conceive again. please prescribe the med
    my age is around 40

  248. gurwinder singh says:

    Sir , please help me …. My age is 25 male and i am suffering from depression i am taking homopathic medicine till now . but i also do masturebate atleast from 4 5 years . i am unmarried but i afraid if i canot satisfied my wife when i will be married . i have never do sex . please tell me sir is masturebate damage my penis satrenth . i have to take homopathic medicine or it is ok ..

  249. Sir I am diabetic patient since 7 years and also suffers from infertility I am 45 yers complited women recntly IVF failed due averqge egg quality. Is it possible to concieve in homeopathy and suggest me Homeopathic medicine. I have used volix trio 1mg for diabeties thrice a day

  250. Pro(Dr)Subhash Kumar Mishra.Principal says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    I am subhash”geographer”and want to sarve in social feiled through homoeopath in pregnancy for child only.kindly help me in this can i start.
    Pls give some books name for pregnancy only
    In hindi medium only.

  251. hi sir my wife is 28 year old .she has a problem about not concived.periods are regular but eggs makes very weak and small size. plz prescribe best medicine for her.thanks

    • Iam 33 yrs old and got married 7 yrs back. My periods are regular.We have been trying from past 4 yrs but not able to. I am taking some alopathy medicines for ovulation and fertilization. But after 7 months of treatment doc say that it is unexplained in Husb count is normal and motility is note than 50%. So please suggest me some drugs which help in fertilization.

  252. hi sir I am 42 years and suffering from azoosperimia. plz prscribe me medicine .

  253. Ghulam Ahmad says:

    Sir,We are married couple from 7 years still waiting for issue.The AMH level of my wife is 0.22 .Tubes are patent .menstrual cycle is regular.There is miscarriage of 10 weeks before 4 years.My fresh semen examination with 40 million with 50%motility.The doctors have advised for ivf with egg donor..but we can’t do that..So kindly Advise if there is any way to improve egg quality as well as AMH to conceive naturally.Thanking You Sir.

  254. suvrad mt says:

    respecetd Dr Sharma,

    i am doing my PhD research in the area of infertility. i want to know what are the homoeopathic approaches , theories , and associated conditions human infertility.. expecting your reply . thank you sir

  255. Debanjan says:

    Sir, Can homeopathic medicine treat salpingitis blocked tubes ?

  256. Dr sharma i got married 10 year ago witin 3 months i got pregnent. Then i had a misscarrige after that i can not concive and i have menses prolbm also it takes 6 months also i have 2 wait i have tried many of dr and every thing in my reports the say overys are too small i am 36 year old now i have started homeopatic medicne if u help me out right now i am using caulophyllum thalictroides 200 5 drop daily 3 time pirscripted by homeo dr

  257. subodh sharma says:

    hi sir i m 40 yr and suffering from azoospermia.. plz prescribe me medicines.. thanx

  258. Christy says:

    Can homeopathic drugs treat hydrosalpinx blocked tube

  259. raju sunar says:

    I have problem of sperm mortility .I have 10 % how to increse by useing best medicine .please advice me .

  260. Sandhya Verma says:

    I’am Female Age 38 Years FSH-110.0 mlU/ml, LH-50.62mlU/ml & PROLACTIN-9.27ng/ml, UTERUS is small in size and shape, Endometrial thickness measures 2 mm, myometrium shows hormogenous echotexture. no. hypoechoic or hyperechoic lesion seen, Right & Left Ovary is normal size TEST Report Date on 22/03/2016, TSH Test Report Dated-06 may 2015 TSH-C.L.I.A-3.88uIU/ml. But My eating TSH Medicine THYROX-25mg 1 Years. RT Blocked fallopian tubes, acid vaginal discharges. Eagg 0% count, 10 Months Menstruation Closed. Please Kindly Help me TSH & LH Control Homeopath Medicine. I’am Present eating Ayurvedaic Medicine.

  261. I’m 30 years old.I’m suffering from PCOS problem.and hormones imbalance. there is no egg seen during folicile study.plz suggest us homeopathy medicine for my problem.thank u

  262. BISWAJIT KALITA says:

    I have two failed ivf , have an problem of low rapid linear progression we tried every thng from homeo to aleopathic but failed can u help us. my wife also have no desire in sexual intercourse. we got married in 2010. we want to consult

  263. Abeera saeed says:

    I have two failed ivf my husband have an problem of low rapid linear progression we tried every thng from homeo to aleopathic but failed can u help us

  264. hello sir.

    m sonia (31) have low AMH level (0.4) and doctor advised me to go for IVF . Is there any way improve my AMH level.

    please help …


  265. Respected sir
    I am 35 am my amy level is very is. 5 can homeopathic medicines help me in increasing amh level.I have endometriosis cyst in right overy

  266. Dr sb a patient complain pre ejectulation he used many but fail pls

  267. Brijesh shah says:

    Dr.sir my wife age 35 has very more blood flow in running menstrual. Sonography report is normal. No any fibroid in uterus. No any smell in starting color of menes is bright red and after be dark. On heavy flow of blood she be anemic. And HB down at 7-8 gm. Homeopathic Dr. Is prescribed thalaspi B.p. Is it right medicine ?she is not take this medicine till today. .if change of medicine tell me sir. Thanks.

  268. Salam khan says:

    I have a less active sperm and pus cell. Plz recommended homeopathicedicine

  269. pradip wale says:

    I have problem of blockage in ejaculatory duct calcification .my simen is not come out and dry organism. Which homeopatjy remedy help pls reply

  270. fabeeha faraz says:

    is there any homeopathic medicine to improve quality of eggs after 40.

    • I believe me having chlamydia for a long period of time without treatment after i had an abortion by the same dirty man when i was 18-19yrs old is the reason i can’t have children now. I had a daughter prior to this. I am now 41 about to get married and would love to give my husband a child being that he has none. Can you advice me. From reading i think i need the Borax and do u know how long it would be to conceive if possible. Thank you for your advice in advance

      • am 31 year old lady and have never been pregnant before. my menses has stopped coming for about three month now but am about to get married and I want to get pregnant please help me

  271. Hi Dr .Sharma I have no sperm ivf.infertility specialist in Canada say me y sperm no working 0 count.if u have any medicine in homeopathic plz send me name because I beleve Homeopathy medicine.if u give me name then I find in Canada.i have 4years married but no baby plz help me by Rafi

  272. Melissa, I could not be more excited for you and Charley! Y’all are such an aweosme couple and family. Thanks for sharing that blog! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity.

  273. Lemessa Gudeta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, how can I found the homeopathy medicine for low sperm count that my farmer brother know frustrated me and his wife. please help us.
    thank you for you understand me.

  274. nitika khanna says:

    Age 33. suffering from endometriosis..operated once for 12cm chocolate cyst in right ovary in June 2014..not able to conceive..present condition ..cyst regrowm again..5 cm in right ovary and 3.5 cm in left ..plz suggest remedy and medicine for it

  275. Congrats again sis! Love the pics. I don’t think I can top the reaction and silly giiglgng that accompanied the rest of that call so I’ll just say I love ya and can’t wait to see the new Grooter mobile that Charlie is going to have to build to hold all of you!!

  276. dr ashrifa says:

    tretment to oligospermia?

  277. I married3 years ago i have no child and have some erectile problem. I am taking anti depression medicine. All reports of my wife is ok. My sperm count is a little less. Plz suggest me homeopathic medicine.

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