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6 Best Homeopathic Medicines For Keloids

keloid_scar_homeopathy_medicinesA thick, raised, firm and mostly irregular growth over a scar that is usually red or pink in colour is called Keloid. Any injury to the skin results in a scar forming as a part of the normal repair process of the body. In some cases, however, the amount of scar tissue exceeds what is required in a normal healing process. This results in formation of a thick, raised, firm growth over the scar area. Another term used for scars is Cicatrices. Keloids give a shining appearance and have a smooth surface. Itching and pain in Keloids may also occur. The cause behind scarring is injury to skin, including accidental traumatic injuries or surgical cuts, burns, vaccination site, acne, chicken pox, piercing of ear lobes. Keloids can be effectively treated with Homeopathic remedies. The Homeopathic treatment for keloids is based on natural medicines which are absolutely free from side effects. The time taken to completely treat Keloids with Homeopathic remedies varies from case to case, depending upon the size and duration of the presence of the firm growth on the skin.

Top natural Homeopathic Medicines for Keloids

The Top Homeopathic medicines for keloids are Thiosinaminum, Graphites, Silicea, Nitric Acid, Fluoric Acid, Causticum, Calendula and Thuja

Thiosinaminum: One of the Best Homeopathic treatment for Keloids

Thiosinaminum is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines to treat Keloids. This natural Homeopathic remedy is very strong and powerful enough to dissolve the scar tissue. It can be prescribed for the treatment of all kinds of Keloids irrespective of the cause. The use of Homeopathic medicine Thiosinaminum is totally free from side effects.

Graphites: One of the best Homeopathic Medicines for Keloids in early stage

Graphites is a Homeopathic medicine of great help for the early stage of Keloid formation. Graphites acts very effectively in the very beginning of Keloid formation to absorb the scar tissue and dissolve the Keloid. Homeopathic remedy Graphites puts a halt in the progression of Keloid, followed by its complete disappearance.

Silicea: One of the Best Homeopathic medicines for Keloids that are Painful

Silicea is an excellent natural Homeopathic medicine to deal with Keloids that are painful. Silicea has a great power to decrease the pain and dissolve the unnecessary cicatricial tissue resulting in formation of Keloids. Silicea is one of the top Homeopathic medicines for keloids having an affinity for treating a variety of skin diseases. In addition to painful Keloids, excessive offensive sweat on feet and sensitivity towards cold air may be present.

Nitric Acid: One of the top Homeopathic medicines for Keloids with sharp,  splinter-like pain

A few patients having Keloids may also have sharp pains that feel like splinters and Nitric Acid is the most appropriate natural Homeopathic remedy for such patients. The Keloid looks irregular in shape and is often jagged in appearance. A very peculiar feature for using Homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid is highly offensive urine.

Fluoric Acid: One the Top Grade Homeopathic Medcines for Keloids with Itching

Homeopathic medicine Fluoric Acid is the best natural mode of treatment for Keloids that itch. The itching disappears following the use of Fluoric Acid. Side by side, the Keloid also begins to shrink with the use of Homeopathic remedy Fluoric Acid. The itching may get worse by heat.

Causticum: Best Homeopathic medicine for Keloid formation on scars due to burns

Causticum ranks as the top natural Homeopathic medicine for Keloid formation following burns. It works well in treatment of both Keloid formation soon after burns and when old burn scars resurface and re-freshen, leading to Keloid formation.

Calendula: Homeopathic medicine for Keloid formation after traumatic and surgical injuries

Calendula is one of the top Homeopathic medicines in treating skin injury cases. This natural Homeopathic remedy can be used in all cases of Keloids that have formed following skin injuries either due to accidental trauma or cuts from surgical operations. Calendula can also act as a preventive Homeopathic medicine against Keloid formation with the application of Calendula tincture over the affected traumatic side as soon as possible. In such cases, Homeopathic remedy Calendula makes sure to heal the wound by first intention with least possible scar tissue formation. The scar disappears on its own and there is no chance of its overgrowth.

Thuja: Homeopathic medicine for Keloid formation at vaccination sites

An ideal Homeopathic medicine for treating Keloids at vaccination sites is Thuja. This natural Homeopathic remedy is very beneficial as a treatment for Keloids that are formed at vaccination sites.


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  1. I have a keliod on my chest and back and it’s growing bigger and bigger day by day.. I have done laser surgery and took steriod injection too but it’s not working… Please suggest me

  2. Aparna Nag says:

    Aparna from India, I have keloid from childhood and it is growing.
    Want to cure it with homeopathy.

    Pls help.

    Thank u

  3. My 9 yrs old daughter is suffering from keloid after ear piercing. Its irritational and painful.

  4. Sir I had been suffering from keloids from last 3-4 years earlier we dont know it is kelodis…we thought it is nrml acne…Day by day they are going big in size. Please help me sir…I am also taking homeopathy treatment. But there is no results. Please help sir.🙏

  5. can you please tell me something for nose piercing bumps, its painless and theeres a little inflammation,

  6. Mahesh Kumar says:

    I have been affected by keloid

  7. Akhilesh Kumar says:

    Good evening sir, In the My chest to be keloid. From it trouble me. Please give any advice.

  8. Akhilesh Kumar says:

    Good morning sir, In the My chest to be keloid. From it trouble me. Please give any advice.

  9. I have keloid in both ears. It’s itching and painful at times, I’ve had surgeries three times and it’s still growing.. Please help me how to prevent this keloid from growing now it’s even bigger than my ears

  10. Ajit Kumar says:

    Sir, I have keloid in my chest since 5 year and itching to much. Suggest me how to decrease it

  11. JL Narayana says:

    My wife.. Padmaja 67.. had a Keyloid on right arm.. She suffers24x7 with pain n burning.. Please suggest a remedy.. Regards..

  12. Abhishek Sinha says:

    Hi Dr. I am having 3-4 keloids on my chest for more than 6 years. Symptoms iching and pain some time so plzzz guide me what I do.

  13. Thank you Dr. Sharma for this information.

    I’m 35 year old female. I’m suffering from few keloids on my upper back caused due to acne. One of them is 2yrs old and rest are almost 9-10 year old. These keloids are not painful however, i do feel itching, not always around the edges of the Keloids.

    I would be very grateful if you could advise medication to cure these keloids permanently.

    • I have 2 keeloids on my upper back..and they are itchy at times.they started appearing before a year n now the size is almost 1/2inch.what is the best homeo remedy / ointment to apply? I want a permanent solution?

  14. jitendra patel says:

    Hi Dr. I am having a keloids my chest for more than 6 years. Symptoms icching and pain some time so plzzz guide me what I do.

  15. Sir, I have keloid in My chest.


      Sir I have a big keyloid on my chest. Every time I have itching sensation. I want to get rid of it . Please help me sir. I have tried a lot of medicine like kenacort 40 injection but of no use. Please help me in this regard. Thank you sir

  16. Aswini kumar pradhan says:

    Hi Dr. I am having a keloids my chest for more than 6 years. Symptoms icching and pain some time so plzzz guide me what I do.

  17. dear dr, I’m having keloids for more than 25 yrs , mostly in acne site multiple keloids , symmetrical on my shoulders , upper arm, hips etc.previously i used to have itching . can u syggest me a good medicine

  18. Could I please have information regarding which homeopathic medication is available for the following condition.

    Daily eruption of painful inflammatory skin lesions on chest , neck area. This is linked to diet even though I already have restricted diet due to advice sought from homeopathy previously.

    Also have keloid scarring on chest which becomes inflammatory lesions.

  19. hi dr, i have chronic multiple keloid and very itch and infection comes accurs , i have taking azithomycine 500 mg and only cure 1 month and after re infection come

    • My mom had open heart surgery about a year and a half ago… The surgery left a very bad, red, painful itchy scar. We have tried all kinds of creams and tapes. Nothing is helping. Is there anything in the homeopathic field that we can do to help her? If yes are the items to take orally or creams to apply topically… Or both?

  20. Saroj kashyap says:

    Hello dr Sharma , thanks for info but you did not mention for potency ,frequency & duration of treatment , how long should be given . Need to know for my own family member .

  21. Dear Doctor,

    I have a long red raised keloid in the middle of my chest for the last 5 years, is it possible to reduce it through homoeopathic treatment….?

  22. Hello,,

    Could I please have a product which is useful for 10 year old keloid scars which are painful and inflammatory. Some of them keep proliferating and become larger.

  23. Shubhangi Roy says:

    Dear ma’am.
    I have keloid on my thighs and near neck bone for about 10+ years. And I also have keloid on my ear for about 7 years. I have taken Tricot injection that reduces the size much of my ear lobe but they are very very painful so I stop taking injections. Please advice me mam how can I stop keloid growth and treat them permanently. Please…!!

  24. i have keloid in my chest for last 10+ years. how can i remove it with hemopatic medicine

  25. mohammad alamgir says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter age is 15 years last two years she getting scar keloids in hand shoulders and beck side and face also see acne.She study in class iX.
    Please advise how can cure scar keliods permanent.
    We are stay i saudi Arabia.



  26. Paritosh Das says:

    i have keloid in my chest for last 5+ years. how can i remove it with hemopatic medicine

  27. Tanishka malviya says:

    Hi mam. I eagerly want your help.. Mam I’ve a keloid on my earlobe due to piercing.. N Dr is saying that it will appear after surgery also.. It has no surety.. Please help me with some homeopathy medicine ?

  28. Hello Sir
    I have Keloids on my chest since 2006

    They pain for exactly 8 minutes whenever I start exercise in Gym, then pain stops. Again after 1 hour or so after intense exercise, it starts paining.

    Can you suggest me medicines to cure this

  29. Asoke Sen says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a senior Indian citizen, aged 80+ years. I am physically active with no sign of disability as yet. I have developed a Keloid in the middle of my chest,nearly two inches long,somewhat swollen and pinkish in color. The Keloid is about 3 years old. It does not pain but it itches when the skin gets dry. On application of a steroid cream,the itching subsides instantly but reappears after a day or two.
    I am a non-veg but mostly subsist on vegetables,fish and chicken. I sincerely request you to advise me with a homeopathic medicicine that would cure me from this irritating problem.

  30. Atma Rai says:

    Dear sir,
    I have keloid on my chest for last 15years ,and some new keloid are beging,
    Please suggest me

    • Firoz Khushnood says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I am 80 years old. I have more than 20 years old and hard keloids on my chest. I have lots of
      itching problems. Please advise me proper treatment for my keloids problems


  31. Erinjobi Simeon says:

    Please help me with your medicine that can cure Kaloid in my body

  32. sujana Shrestha says:

    Dear Maa’m

    I am sujana Shrestha. I am from Nepal. I have keloid on my chest. I am suffering from keloid past 15 years. I have been doing treatment by Ultra pulse Leaser for7 month And it’s a little better.
    But I want to know what can be reduced keloid from homeopathic medicine?
    please suggest me.

  33. Balasaheb Dagadu Kadam says:

    Sir/Madam My father has large keliod at various part of the body

    • sujana Shrestha says:

      Dear Maa’m

      I am sujana Shrestha. I am from Nepal. I have keloid on my chest. I am suffering from keloid past 15 years. I have been doing treatment by Ultra pulse Leaser for7 month And it’s a little better.
      But I want to know what can be reduced keloid from homeopathic medicine?
      please suggest me.

  34. Akhoy Kr. Ghose says:

    Dear Dr. Sarma , my son was suffering from pylinidial sinus and got operation on 21/11/18 . Now the stitches form keloid like structure which I feel . This external growth increasing day by day. So I want your advice how to cure this external growth by homoeopathic medicine. Thanking you. Waiting for your reply.

  35. Swapan Kumar Das says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Good morning

    This is Dr. Das who is seeking your kind and expert opinion on my ‘Keloid’ growth over my upper anterior part of chest wall, though located at upper third, mid-point of Sternum (mostly growing towards left side encroaching towards my left nipple area) since long (31 years). It first started following development of an Acne over my upper aspect of anterior chest wall (mid-line-Sternum). I think I scratched and it did bleed a little and then onward the scar gradually developed into a Keloid. I had once took local intra-tissue Steroid injection as per Dermatologist’s advice way back in the year 1995 which was very painful. Now, at this juncture, the lesion is little bit itchy at times during the night, otherwise it is NOT painful or stingy.

    Kindly advice and suggest an appropriate homeopathy medicine/treatment for the above.

    Your kind advice and assistance is highly appreciated.


    Best regards,

    Dr. Swapan Kumar Das

  36. What Homeopathic Med will I used for my keloid? I have keloid approx 4″ on my abdomen due to surgical cut and exactly 1yr today. Thanks

  37. Shweta Shah says:

    Which is the soap I can use regularly for my body as I have multiple keloids on my both shoulders , area below neck n also few on breasts.

  38. maria velez says:


  39. Kritika das says:

    Sir I am suffering from past 1 year for nose pierced keloid. .plz tell me how to remove it?

  40. In how many days can i get rid of a keloid….
    If now i have started taking the thiosinaminum???
    ”I have a small keloid on my abdomen and of approx 2months old”’

  41. Good day ,
    I have keloids on several parts of my body and face. The ones on my chest and face most painful and itchy . How can I cure them permanently. I have had some for over 15 to 20 years now. I live in Nigeria

  42. How to use graphite,nitric acid,silica for prevent the keloids.

  43. shruthi r raju says:

    Ma’am I have keloid on my chest. Sometimes it feels itching. I’m a breastfeeding mom of a two months old baby. Can I take homeopathy medication to get rid of keloid?

  44. Sir, my wife is several suffering from keloidis , please suggest me how to overcome this problem. Thank you

  45. Nader Dabestabi says:

    Doctor, I want to go for hair transplant, but am worried as I have tendency to develop keloids on my body. Is there any homeopathy medicine I can take as a preventive so that FUE transplant does not give rise to keloids and after transplantation also what medicine to use ?

  46. Satyabrata Nayak says:

    Sir…there is a keloid on my pls prescribe me the medscine…thank u sir

  47. Poulami chanda says:

    I have kelloid on public area from 8 yrs back.after corticosteroid injection kelloid cure almost.but it recurring repetately can homeopathy cure this?

  48. Sebastian Francis says:

    My daughter is having a keloid scar on her chest. She is going to have a c section for the delivery. Can Homeos can cure this

  49. J CHANDRA SEKHAR says:

    sir , let me known the usage of medicines for keloids , i am suffering from since long. I have keloids on both hands and legs and one keloid on the stomach near navel region.
    As the above 6 medicines how can i use daily at what intervals.
    Request you to suggest and pathfarward for further usage.
    1. Graphites 200
    2. silicea 200
    3. Fluoric Acid 200
    4. Causticum 200
    5. Calendula 200 and Thuja 200 , Thiosinaminum 200.

    please suggest the prescription for daily usage..

  50. Shama Bagga says:

    Dear Doctor
    My mother had undergone tracheostomy due to some breathing problems. As a result she developed granulation in her trachea just beneath her larynx. Now the doctors recommend surgery to remove that scar tissue. Is there any homeopathic remedy for her condition. Please help

  51. Dr. I have a develop keloids after getting my vaccines they I’m developing new ones on my chest. The old ones have grown and are super itchy and painful. What do you recommend?

  52. Harpreet singh says:

    Dr. Sharma my daughter had 20 percent burn injury 5 months before.Her wounds are fully cured,but she has developed Keloids on her wrist. Keloid is not painful but it itchy sometimesPlease suggest me homeopathic medicine to cure keloid.

  53. Sir MERI cest p Bina wjh keloid hogaya Mene starting me homyopathy treatment Kara but koi khaas asar Nahi hua then Mene lnjp me Kuch injections lagwaye thoda flat hogaya but usi k nichey ek aur hogaya I confused knkiya Karu Kabhi aur bada na hojaye plz

  54. Ekta Singh says:

    Hello This is Ekta my 12 year daughter is having the same problem. which homeopathic medicine will be best for her

  55. krishna singh says:

    Dear doctor.
    I have keloids(scar) on injury site rise scar but not pain only itching. which best medicne use for this disease in homeopathic. please

  56. Mathew Abraham says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have undergone heart surgery one year back. Keloid has developed in the scar line. Sometimes slightly itching. Kindly suggest good homeopathic medicine for this.
    Again my grant daughter suffered burn injury with hot water on her thighs 5 years back when she was 2 years old. After healing the burn injury, keloid developed on the scar. Can you please suggest me dine to cure her keloid?

  57. John Okoh says:

    Hello Doctor, can I get a cure for my keliod. I have it in about six places on my skin, some started when I was still very small. I need help on this please.

  58. Manpreet Kaur says:

    I am suffering from problem of keloid which occurred in 2006 when hot cabbage from mixer grinder fell on me. It turned into keloid and ot is very painful,itchy as well as its size goed on increasing with some treatment. I don’t even able to sleep sometimes due to it. Kindly suggest some medicine

  59. Col (Dr) AK BHANDARI says:

    My wife has got laser removal of Keloid. Could you please advise which homeopathy medicine should she start to prevent recurrence of keloid formation. Thanks.Regards.
    Col (Dr) A K Bhandari (Retd)

  60. Hi Doctor… I need Thiosinaminum cream for my scar tissue. Can u give me a name and let me know where I can buy it from?

    Thanks and regards,

  61. I have a keloid on my face on both the cheeks it is bulky, it happens due to burn.
    Is it curable with homeopathic medicines,please help me.

  62. Nivedita Katial says:

    I stay in Dubai and my daughter is 21 years old. She has keloids on her neck and arm due to acne. Can you please advise who should I go here or in what dose I should by medicine here so that she xan be cured. She is studying in USA.
    I do not want any surgery or allopathy medicine,
    Thank you so much

  63. Hi I am having very big approximately half inch to 2 inches big kiloids on my back and arms .pls suggest me the medicine

  64. shantilal chopda says:

    I have very painful keloids . Keloids were formed after surgeries, For the first five/six years they were OK.
    for last 4/5 years they have become extremly painful and very itchy after bath.

  65. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My father has had a catheter removed from his urethra but he has been told to expect scar tissue to reoccur and make urinating naturally no longer an option, as this happened previously. Is there a remedy that can help to stop /slow this process? Thank you.

  66. Dr. Devendra Sharma vet says:

    I have problem of peyronie is there any most effective homoeopathic remedy for this problem. Please mention.

  67. Rakesh gupta says:

    I had a pimple on my nose,then i suppressed my nose with my hand and now after that pimple has been cured but a over growth like dead skin remained on my nose. Plz suggest effective medicine for completely cure.

  68. Hello sir
    Mere kandhe par keloid ho gya hai meri age 25 hai
    Ye 9 saal se hai
    Ab kuch salo se isme khujali aur dard rahta hai kaise thik hoga

  69. Tamarra D Miller says:

    My keloids are itchy, painful, large in size. What can I do for this to decrease the size and pain.

  70. Sunil Sharma says:

    I have keliod scar on my arm it’s almost 12 years old scar can it be cured ?

    • Farheen shaikh says:

      My son has keliod on his above palm area since one year due to burn can it be treated in homeopathy.please let me know which medicines to give him

  71. Runjhun Gupta says:

    I have many keloids on upper shoulders n chest, and there was no skin injury or anything, it seems acne comes and that leads to keloids, which medicine should I apply. They are itchy n painful n tender at times.

  72. K PTiwari says:

    My wife aged 53 years has a old keloid between neck and breast for 30 years.Igot the homeopathic treatment from different renowned doctors of area for long period but without any result. meantime the size has increased. It started with chickenpox in 1987. It is very painful and itch.
    Kindly advise.
    K P Tiwari

  73. Sohail Akhtar says:

    Dear Doctor

    I am 65+ years old and have Keloid in the Chest. It is about now 20 years since it have covered one end to other end of below Nipples. it is red in color and lot of itching. This was started with a simple mole in Chest and i consulted a non practicing Homeopath who gave me Homeopath medicine that it will desolve in Blood. Since then it spread. So far I have not consulted any other Doctor. I am little afraid that it may put me in more trouble.
    I have good Friends of Doctor and all are Allopatic Consultant/ Specialist.
    Please suggest me as how this can be cured. I have gone through the list of Doctors for treatment of Kolid but so far not consulted ant one. It is now itching and painful also and have become little Stiff/ little hard.

    Kindly suggest please.

  74. Lalit bachakwar says:

    Sir, my age now is 41 years. I have kelloid on my chest. Since last 7-8 years, it was located on my chest. But as consult with Homeopathic doctor 2 & half years ago, it confirmed that it was kelloid. Currently it’s length approx 2 cms long. Pl suggest the procedure to 100% disappear the same.

  75. Dear Foktof
    My Grand dother have kelod on her Chest since 6 years old,
    now she is 16, she had plastic surjery, this year
    criofherapy ,but not results.
    Please help my grand dogher.
    Thank you

  76. Hi sir ,

    I have a keloid on my right shoulder that was formd due to an accident and the other one on the hip portion which resulted as a part of surgery .Kindly do give the recommendation to treat this keloid .

  77. Piyush Nipane says:

    Hi, I have two keloids on my left hand.
    I want to remove it as early as possible,
    Because it creates so much problems in my course.
    Please guide me, help me.

  78. I have completed radiation for breast cancer and it did shrink my radiated breast. I understand this is due to fibrous matter. I do not want it to shrink to the point of deformity. It is however a bit smaller than the other side and upsets me. Is there a remedy that might help?

    • Abdul Basith says:

      Sir my name Abdul Basith sir I hive keloids on chast 8to 10 which Medician I use please tel me I use acid net and sl 200 and calcarea Fluoric 6x all this I use

  79. I have ordered for thuja 200 CH , silicea 200 CH and Cf 6x.. will it help cure keloids

  80. BLESSING says:


  81. J P Gupta says:

    Dr sharma good after noon sir IWant to know how to use thiosininum for cabg scar please write to me thanks

  82. Kaushal Kishore says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife have a keloid on the chest and on the lower place of navel. It is itching and day to day growth in size. Which medicine is better for treatment the same. We have one child of 7 years old. He has also the keloid on the left side of the chest but it is in a size of pea. It is genetic disease? Please suggest for better cure treatment.

  83. Maria Pappas says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    I have read your article and I have found it really heplful.

    I suffer from keloids on my shoulders caused by acne. I had a laser surgery and made them worse. I would like some advice about what homeopathetic medicine I could get. Age 31.

    Thank you in advance.


    Respected doctor, I am suffering from kellides on chest since four years
    So sir ,what should I do? Have medicine for that, please give me an advice sir. PATIENT NAME-PACHIPULUSU.VAMSIKRISHNA AGE-26 YEARS. REPLY

  85. Bishnu Dutta says:

    Respected Doctor,

    My wife is suffering keloid in her left ear since last near about two years.

    so Sir, what should I do ?

    Have any medicine for that,

    Patient name : – Mrs. Pampa Dutta, Age 38 Years,

    Please give an advice.

  86. Sanjeet kumar singh says:

    My daughter is suffering from keliod in her left hand and I want your suggestions.

  87. Philemon Gandhi says:

    Dear Doctor: I have hypertrophic scars on my chest and on my left arm, at the incision sites, for bypass surgery and bypass grafting. There is loss of elasticity at these sites. Kindly advise. Thanks!

    • s

      • SAMIRAN RAY says:

        Respected Doctor,
        My daughter has a keloid on chest for 7 (seven) years about 1.5/1 inches. That is pink in colour with itching. Several Doctors ( Both Homeopath & Allopathic) have treated her, no significance result found there. Now She is 14 years old and under the treatment of a Homeopathy medical college recently. The honourable Doctor has prescribed Graphite 0.5 for galloping 16 days. In this regard you are requested suggest myself for my child best please.
        Thank you.

  88. Hi Dr Sharma
    Where can I buy this and other priduvts

  89. Popesh sutar says:

    Mujhe chest par 4 kiloide colors ka hai.aur itching , painful bhi hai.mai abhi thuja 200 aur silicia 200 aur cal.flour6x le raha hu.aap upay bata dijiye please…..

  90. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have keloid scars on my upper stomach due to gall bladder operation. These scars are growing and itching.
    Can you please advise me the homeopathic treatment.

  91. Dr.what the write medicine of keloids because I try to use the scaro gel but no improvement my keloids not pain but the colour is red and after that like a burn

  92. Sir muje two keloid hai
    Chest or left hand me
    Is pain full & itching

    Sir muje he dawa kese kese lena hai

  93. Philemon Gandhi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma: I have developed hypertrophic scars on my chest and left arm following incisions at these sites for bypass surgery that was done in September 2017. Have applied Contractubex Gel for 2 months with no improvement. Am now applying Vaniza Gel since 20 days with no improvement. Have been massaging the above gels on the scars as advised.
    Please note, there is loss of elasticity around these scars, causing tightness.
    Kindly advise.
    Thanks and regards,
    Philemon Gandhi

  94. My 2 year’s baby hot water burns and turns into keloids on stomach please suggest us so worried

  95. Kind attn Dr. Sharma

    Please guide me a good ointment or a tablet for keloid problem. I am having this issue for more than 3 to 4 years. I want this to be gone naturally, since i dont want to get any surgery done. I have no other issues like BP or diabetes. Hoping to hear from you asap, I am 45 years old and weigh around 60 kgs.

  96. hii my name is divya rai… and i have facing keloid problem in my ear for last 4 year i had doing many dr treatment bt my keloid continue grow please can you suggest me any best cream for my keloid

  97. Atul Pandey says:

    Good morning Dr.I have a keloids on my chest.its very hard and itching some time.what type of remedy you suggest for keloids.I’am32 yr old.

  98. kiran raj k says:

    Hello sir

    my name is kiran raj i have a keloid on my chest & back in last 15 year i have shown many doctors but not get any good result i am tired with this, These keloid have some times painful and itching. Please suggest me medicine to remove keloids

    Thank you

  99. Hi sir my daughter got burn in 27th june at shoulder region after that she has developed keiloids n I hv shown to many Drs but steroid injection is the only treatment they said what to do my daughter is just 5 yr old can suggest if treatment available in homeopathy

  100. Hai Doctor,
    I wanted to know whether Homeopathy medicine can heel keloids. I have a keloids on my chest and back. The chest portion around one inch. It is getting bigger slightly… please give me a solution for this…

    • Roxanne Ahmed says:

      I have multiple keloid scarring due to acne please can you advise some form of treatment.

    • Harish Patel says:

      sir, i have a keloid on my chest from 9 years. through chicken pox sometimes it pains. I have took an injection it pains a lot plz give me medicine for this

  101. Abhinav Rajpoot says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma My name is Abhinav I have keloid on my chest which is more than 4-5 years old . It is being big in size . These keloid have some time itching. Please suggest me medicine to remove keloids from my chest thankyou.

  102. Dr 2 years back i had a that wound is appeared keloid.wat i is on my stomach.i am very tensed about it.whether this cure dr?

  103. Dr. Shantilal Korde says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma My name is Shantilal I have keloid on my chest which is more than 8 years old . It is big in size . These keloid have some times painful and itching. Please suggest me medicine to remove keloids from my chest thankyou.

  104. Sanjay Dutta says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have keloid which is more than 20 years old. My age now 45+. It is big in size. It is in middle of chest. what type of medicine can I use and how to use, please advise me.

    Thanks & regards

    S. Dutta

  105. Angel Hurst says:

    Hello, I hope you can advise me. I had Achilles’ tendon repair surgery one year ago (December 6,2016) since I have developed a Keloid at the scar tissue area, which is painful every step I take. The doctor says basically “it is what it is” is can live with it or have it surgically removed along with the sutures inside for the Achilles repair, I do not want another surgery, can you advise me on a Homeopathic remedy. Calendula seem closets to my needs? He also gave me an informational sheet for Deep Vein Thrombosis?? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

  106. GirishChGupta chest. Gupta says:

    My chest bones are paining scratching and also feels very sensation around the stitchings sides, old advice homeopathy medicines my open CABG X graft done on 1st. Jul 2014 (6 blockages was found)

    • My wife age 72 is having keloids on the stiches after CABG more than 3 years. there is pain & itching even now
      can you advise a remedy ?

  107. ashok dolai says:

    My name is Ashok.I have been suffering with keloid on my chest,plz give me best medicine pain & itching ,that how to remove keloid from my chest.

  108. Jalaj Gupta says:

    Sir,In my right thigh keloid skin jumps and feel itching, please suggest medicine

  109. Neha Kamath says:

    I have big hypeetropic scars due to post burn skin grafting surgery. It happened 3 years back. Kindly help. what can i apply to get rid as i am losing my patience

  110. Chelimo linda says:

    Hello doctor, I got a keloid on my ear after piercing it. It’s now coming to a year and at times it itches,.please help me with the best treatment for it. Am aged 21 and in Uganda. But I can try to buy the medicine you prescribe for me. Thank you.

  111. I am ponraj from Trichy, I have keloid scars from last 6 years , I can’t get good result from English medicines will homeopathy helps me to remove keloid scars.

  112. I have been suffering with keloid on my chest since 7 years. I took many medicine but not got relief please give me any ideas that how to remove keloid from homeopathic treatment in my chest.

  113. ashok Kumar yadav says:

    hiii. my name is ashok yadav I have been suffering with keloid on my chest since 7 years. I took many madician but not got relief please give me any ideas that how to remove keloid from my chest

  114. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have encapsulation of an implant after breast cancer surgery. It’s hard and massage doesn’t really help. Is there anything that can help with internal scar tissue?

    Thank you in advance.

  115. AMANDA SANZ says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Enjoyed reading your homeopathic cures for keloids. It gives me some hope.

    I developed a chest keloid from scratching chickenpox bump. I tried several treatments like cortisone injections and cryo. However, these helped smaller keloids but not this one.

    Whenever I apply any cream like mederma, scar creams, etc. it becomes larger!!

    It has become quite big growing sideways spreading out. Any advice? I’m very frustrated as it looks quite ugly 🙁

    Thank you so much

  116. Help dr.sharma I had stitches on my face and now
    Very recently I’m having problems with keloids.
    I’m looking to find if any doctors can make it

  117. so if you have keloids and you don’t know what they are from but they are causing pain after having them for years. They didn’t have pain for years and just now are starting to be painful. An achy painful. It could have been from getting injured but if it was, it was a long time ago. I think there are a couple I would try but how do you know what potency to try? They are not growing and haven’t grown for years.

  118. Hello doc.. I Met with a lab accident two months back where conc nitric acid fell on my hand.. Now recently all dressings have stopped and so sad to see keloid formation through out the hand.. Can I hope some remedies in homeopathy? These keloids have sometimes pearcing pain and itching.. Looking forward ur reply .thank u

  119. Khamarl mahs says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am writing in regards to the kelloids i have and it keeps getting bigger and worser and i need help..i will like to know what are my options.than k you and looking forward to hear from you soon..i can provide with photis if needed.

  120. Sabika Hasnain says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a keloid on my chest since i was in second standard.Its 3 inches long and sometimes its very itchy and painful. Cn tou plz suggest me some medicine for it.

  121. i also have keloid scars. two of them are giving burning sensation. one is growing haphazardly.

    surprising that there are so many persons asking questions but there is no reply on the website.

  122. Richa Kumar says:

    I tried almost all the above medicines but my kelloid is still growing and always painful .. what should i take next to reduce the grown and pain

  123. I am having growth of granulation tissue inside my trachea, after tracheal resection and reconstruction surgery. It is not getting fixed even by tracheal stent.
    What would you prescribe for me?

  124. Good morning Dr.I have a keloids on my chest.its very hard and itching some time.what type of remedy you suggest for keloids.I’am32 yr old.

  125. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Me and my blessed with baby girl and now she is near to age 1 year but my wife is suffering from keloid from the time of ceserian operation. A keloid was formed from cesarian stitches, till today it wasnt dissolve, sometimes its causing pain, itching too, so please refer us medicine for the keloid.

  126. Emmanuel k martey says:

    I am Emmanuel k martey from Liberia , and I have a keliod scar on m ear , chest , back and legs.
    and I really need help to get them removed from my body pls tell me the way forward and help me .

  127. Hie Doctor, I have keloids on chest, waist, back and shoulders. They’re painful and itchy, how can I get rid of them please.

  128. Looking for cure of keloids

  129. Sir
    I have got keloid in chest and also in neck .
    It has become almost more than 2 years as per the advice of doctor I am using flutica cream and scar gel . does it really beneficial for me.
    Waiting for your advice

  130. Tanmay Bisht says:

    dear sir,
    i am a 13 years old boy. a keloid has grown on my chest which was probably due to chickenpox which happened to me 2-3 years back .

    over the last two years its size is regularly growig and has become 17 mm from 8 mm 2 years back. i am taking homeopathic medicine but no improvement results. kindly help me. will be very grateful to ypi.

  131. Hello Doctor,
    Am having keloid just below my neck and on my shoulder since last 7yrs.. its very itchy and sometimes very painful too.. it was in the size of a pimple bt now it has grown to 2inch size.. before 2yrs I used homeopathy medicine for nearly 5months bt couldn’t continue further … Now I would like to have a treatment for it but am breastfeeding my 8months old baby… Is it possible for me to take homeopathy medicines while breastfeeding and will it have any side effects.. Kindly advice me…

  132. RAJIB DHANK says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have keloids last 4yrs and i have naver consult any homeopathy only consulted dermatologist many times but not solved. some times they they give injection and ointment no improvement. now my keloids are growing day by day ,and its heavy painfull ,it is in chest

    recently i saw video in youtube about keloid treatment, in video dr recomand this medicine :
    1. Thuja 200 (once daily morning in empty stomac 2 droops)
    2 CALCAREA FLUORICA 6X ( dalily 4 times 4 tabs)
    3 silicea 200 (2 droops only night)

    kindly advice can i continue this medicine..
    or any suggestion

  133. Hello doctor
    I am having a keloid on chest for past 12 years.
    Now it is increasing its size.And also its been infecting frequently. Is there any medicine for the cure of this keloid in homeopathy.its 7-8 cm long and 5 cm wude one.please suggest me tge best treatment for the cure if this kelloid

  134. good afternoon doctor

    my daughter iss 6 yrs old.
    she had keloid in earlobe for
    the past 3 and half years. one year back she had undergone surgery and removed the keloid. but after 3 months it started to grow.
    we want to remove it permanently. give me suggestion sir.

  135. Sir,I have a Keloid on my right shoulder for the last 25yrs . Plze suggest me the quantity of thuja

  136. Sir,I have a Kellie on my right shoulder. Plze suggest me the quantity of thuma

  137. N K SHARMA says:

    Dr SHARMA, My son 14 years old have Keloid 2 inch long and .5 inch wide on foot upper part. Keloid appeared when dressing completed and healing completed it is 15 days old in its early stage.

    Please suggest the best treatment.


  138. I want to get rid of the keloids I have after my Knees replacement surgery. Though they are not painful.

  139. Hlo.doctr..i hve multiple keloide on my in the centre is little bigger…during summer it itches badly…it is for last 8 is hard..i hve been using your medicine for last one month,but i dnt find any improvemnt till now…sow how long will it take to show some sign of improvement…??

  140. Hello Doctor.. I have nose piercing bump after every 3 weeks I’m getting it. It’s painful and fills with pus my doctor has suggested silicia I have taken after that it became again so what I should do.

  141. Ali, Sardar says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I’ve been suffering from keloid problem since 4/5 years after a by-pass surgery. The keloid is a bit overgrown and has been suppurating since, now from here then from there with intermission of 2- 4 weeks. The suppuration is sometimes only puss and sometimes mixed with blood; again sometimes only blood. I’ve taken Acid Four 200, Heper Sulph 200 -IM (when it is very sensitive and painful) but if it has acted as it should, I don’t know because maybe a week or two it has relapsed. I’ve taken Theosinaminum 6 also but nothing significant has come out. Of course I’m not sure if those medicines were good enough. Now I’m confused what I should do. I’m 70+ and of average health with almost no other complaint. Would you please help me?
    Thanking you in anticipsation.

  142. Dear Dr Sharma

    I have an historic Keloid (30 years) which was caused by a vaccination.

    Does the Thuja treat the scar by shrinking it? It is on Shoulder and has grown over from school age to now [mid 40’s]. Can this scar be treated/shrink after such a long time?

    Many Thanks

  143. Hello sir

    My daughter is four years old. She got burns due to hot tea in the month of March this year. After that we had to go for grafting as the wound was not healing. Now that the wound has healed but has developed keloid.. I want a medicine for treating scar and keloid.

    Thanks in advance

  144. Lourdes Francisco says:

    My daughter tripped when she was 4 on the garden hitting herself to ground she had and scars…on her knee which eventually turned into keoloid but she’s already 16 yrs of age still her keloid still bothers her with ovation a itchy Ness redness and slight pain what do you recommend we do for her

  145. Kanika sharma says:


  146. Raushan Kumar shrivastava says:

    Sir hamare chest par kiloied hai hum lagata 15,month se dava kha rhe hai ,custicum ,30 cal, flour 200 thuja 30 aur wartex ,and wartex cream .Par thik nhi ho PA rha hai koie aisa homeopathic medicine bataie jisse thik ho jaie .Ye karib 8year se hai chest par hai.pls koie achha Sa hpmeo medicine batae

  147. Hello ..i had chicken Pox when i was 16yrs…when it was done left a keliod on My chest the size of a pea over they years it grew….now the size of a quarter….it has been flat…for the last week or so it has be hurting…and swollen a lil….why is that..plsss help

  148. Shankar k says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a keloid on my chest around 1cm length from 3 yrs. I had taken steroid injection 4 times and the keloid got flat and within a month it reoccurred. So I had gone cryogenic treatment once but no any change. It’s sometimes itching and painful I want to get rid of this problem. I have a keloid only on my chest and no any other area of my body.

  149. kantulal dey says:

    Hi Dr.Sarma I have two keloid with itching from 18 years. pl suggest me the perfect dose of fluoric acid

    • Keloids on my chest back shoulder and on the knee and elbow joints small in size an one is on my thigh small in size..but on chest is some what larger but on the back it is larger only few.i have taken injection of corticosteroid some of them removed only two injection… I discontinued it and scar remain same but some improvement have seen… any medicine helpful.during course of injection is it prescribed to take homoeopathic medicine .any problem tell me

  150. Anita singh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My self Anita Singh, I m suffering from severe endometriosis and infertility. Past I had two laparoscopic surgeries for ovarian cysts. My last surgery in 2013. After surgery, developed extensive adhesions and scar in pelvis area. After surgery my period is irregular and came before. Heavy bleeding, labour like pain in pelvic area before, during and after the menstrual period, during period vomiting, always swelling in abdomen or pelvic area, nausea, infertility, always blood pressure low, during period feeling cough, hairloss, hair growth in chin and neck, weight gain. My MRI report is bulky uterus, multiple small adenomyosis, bilateral tubal blockage. During period I take painkiller injections. After period I take painkiller tablet. Please help me.

  151. Abhijit Das says:

    My baby Bedagya has injured by hot water. It has burned near left ear side and left hand upto elbow. We have treated him at burn care unit in a hospital. Now it is seen that some keloids are formed entire the burn areas.
    Is there any treatment for him..

  152. saber mohsen says:

    Dear Sir
    I have sevral pains in my both legs and also ifeel terbble
    My age is about 65
    I live in saudi arabia

  153. Naranbhai v patel says:

    I am man of 82 12 years ago I had open heart surgery
    Since I have painful itching and very soars in bearable
    To touch or wear under wear or shirt I have tried all
    Sort of cream silicon etc still very bad if could help
    To solve my problem I would greatful Dr. Sharma.

  154. I have keloid scar on my body

    • Hi Dr

      I’m 35yr unmarried women
      I suffer from multiple keloids all over my body
      With little itching
      Please suggest me medicine to cure my problems

  155. Resmi Anil says:

    i have a huge ugly looking keloid in my vaccin site of upper left arm that is extremely itchy and painful too. Pls help

  156. madhusmita jena says:

    Good afternoon Dr.Sharma,
    I have keloid in my back which is grown day by day and its itching and some time painfull.. its since last 2-3 year old. Kindly advice homeopathy medicine for cure of the keloid and also confirm what is the duration of keloid treatment and is it completely cuea le or not.

    Thanks and regards,
    Madhusmita jena

  157. I have keloids. It began as small but very itchy bumps above the chest area. Upon Dr advice, I had surgical procedure to remove about 12 years ago. Now, it has grown in size 1.2 inches x 2.4 inches, bumpy, at times excruciating pain, as if something pulling from inside; painful, rough and cannot even rest.

  158. I have a keloid and no best treatment yet now

  159. karishma shah says:


    please advice for keloids medicine as i am having multiple keloids on my body. Please suggest some best medicine as it is giving burning sensation and big in size and it is old scars.

  160. prashant says:

    Dr. please advise me the medicine for keloids, i have 4 to 5 keloids on my back shoulder out of that 2 have developed 2cm , there is some keloids on my chist

    • S. Jadhav says:

      Sir please advise me the medicine for keliids & i hv already given some injuction ( like kencort ) but no i’m very depress & please give advise to decrise my keloids..plz helf me sir….

    • Can these remedies also be used to treat scarring in the lungs from fibrocystic lung disease?

      Thank you
      Barb Edson

  161. Dr. Arul Selvi. A says:

    Hai Dr Sharma

    I wanted to know whether Homeopathy medicine can heel kelloids. I have a kelloid below my neck above the chest portion around 3cm. It is getting bigger slightly… please give me a solution for this…

    thanking you….

  162. I have nose post piercing bump on both sides of piercing.
    I am worried.
    I have tried alot of home remedies which haven’t worked.
    My question is will homeopathy work on ppst jose piercing bump??
    And if yes, then how much time will it take to get healed?

  163. Hi dr.sharma, I am sandhya from Bangalore….I delivered a baby girl on march 1st 2017, observed that my c section scar looked different from others, when consulted gynic,she said it might be keloid…I have 2 smal keloids on my ear, I want to undergo the treatment but I am breastfeeding right now, is it safe to take treatment while nursing ?? Please suggest doctor

  164. p.sivaprasad says:

    sir I have three keloids in middle chest…. full itching&painful…. Siva Prasad.9951463260

  165. okram sanjoy singh says:

    I have scar in my chest so i concerned to doctor and confirmed as keloid but i want medicine to cure that keloid. There is very problem for me

  166. shabbir mohd says:

    Dear sir,
    I have four keloids in middle of chest last 5years
    what is the best remedy for keloids, that itchingh and are painful.

  167. Sachidananda mohapatra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have one keloids in meddille of chest last 10 years some time it may pain and (khujuli) and also flat bothside so i request kindly give some sugessition and name of the medicne which availabele in market for remove forever.

  168. Sheetal Dhar says:

    I am 19 years old.. I started having keloids on my chest almost 5 years back. I went to some doctors and they gave me injection for that. They were gone after a while leaving scars which fortunately faded in these years. But since last two years i have started having a lot of keloids on my chest, back, shoulders and my jawline is heavily infected with those. I am having treatment for those since a long time but they keep on coming back and it is taking too much of time and it almost feels uneffective to me. Due to side effect of injections i am having more pimples around those areas. I am having more keloids over different places. Please suggest me some permanent remedy for those. I am really very sad because nothing is effective on those and I am facing a lot of problems because of that. Please it would be very helpful if u suggest me the permanent solution.

  169. My son hs keloid on his back due to acne, his age is 21, please prescribe the medicine along with dosage. I want appointment in ending 3rd week of june. Please provide your address

  170. Manoj Sikka says:

    My daughter suffering from ear keloid after piercing. Is there any treatment for it, kindly suggest.

  171. Lakshmiprasad says:

    I have keloids​ all over my c’est upper arm arm​and on my back they are about 15 years old and stturburn with itching and shooting pain some time can you suggest a remidy. I am a woman

  172. Dorothy Kirby says:

    My chihuahua had an op for slipping kneecap 6months ago, still “skipping” on thst leg, vet said its scar tissue, anti inflamitories not helping, taken a combination of silica, graphites and thiosinamine 12c , 1 x 3 times daily for almost 4wks now , still picking her leg up, how long should i give her it, is the dosage right

  173. ajit naik says:



  174. Ajeet kashyap says:

    Sir I have been suffering. From keloid since 2012. I have been injected 7-8 times but there is no any improvement. Now it itches and pain every time.
    Sir please provide me homeopathic medicine for cure. Of keloid.


    Hi i am Parmanand Mishra..
    i am eeffected with Keloid fro. about 2007…08 and i had get treatment from Skin Dr. they injected me for the same averytime but still there is no improvment. pls help me for the same. Noe a days this si paininga nd itchhing..


  176. AJIT MATHKAR says:


  177. Dr. MP verma says:

    respected Doctor
    in my panic both side of urethra below the half portion of glance panic a fibrous tissue have been developed, hardness and size of hard lump is increasing i am taking homeo treatment but no relief

  178. Dr. MP verma says:

    respected Doctor
    in my panic both side of urethra below the half portion of glance panic a fibrous tissue have been developed, hardness and size of hard lump is increasing i am taking homeo treatment but no relief

  179. ASHISH NANDE says:

    I have keloid on my back from 8years. I had taken injection but after some days it had grow again.pls suggest best homeo medicine for this problem

  180. I have keloid above chest.size of eclair chocolate…it is itchy.8 injections has been done last year …then no itching at all..these days itchy..can you please suggest me.

  181. Raees Khan says:

    Keloid on neck since six month i am diebatic patient painfull right heel

  182. Vanessa Muange says:

    Pls I live in Ghana and i have severe keliod pains on my chest and under my breast. Pls help me with yohr drugs. How much does it cost

  183. Mahi ajju says:

    Hlo doctor I am writing to you about my kelloid almost 3/6 yrs m suffering from. Repeatedly two years from I have been under go by surgery now doctor has suggested me for leser I am very worried and my family too…Please provide me some solution…

    Mahi , 29 yrs

  184. Arun Roy says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a patient of Keloid. Keloid was seen in my childhood at vaccination site but later it spread in my chest and right shoulder. these are itching . I earnestly need your advice and I want to know, am I cure completely from Keloid ?
    Hope you reply .
    Thanks with regards

  185. Ronald A Pinto says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I underwent a bypass surgery in 2002.I developed a keloid scar in the sternum region and the same got infected recently. It was staphylococcal negative infection and was treated with Taxim-o antibiotic. Though the infection was controlled, the scar did not heal for almost 3 months.
    I was then put on rifampicin 600 mg for 30 days along with antibiotic ointments and almost on the 30th day the wound healed.But the thickness of the keloid along with itching and slight inflammation is still there. Will you be kind enough to suggest a good homeopatic treatment to me to reduce the size of the scar?

    I will be grateful to you. I am 67 years old.


  186. rupal gumgaonkar says:

    Pls help me

  187. Anurag sukhija says:


    I have infectitious keloid with pus and blood oozing every now and then. Also, it is spreading due to this pus and infection.

    Can you suggest some medicines which can prevent keloid from spreading and also kill infection.

  188. I am diagnose of uterine adhesion and I don’t know if there is treatment you can recommend to it.
    Thank you

  189. Having keloids in chest since 5 years. Regular itching continues. Last 1 year paining ..consulted homeopathic as well but still no luck.

    Please help me

    • Hi sir …i have almost 4 keloids on my back and one of on my arm I’ve taken so many medicine of allopathy but nothing gain now I had one more keoid near the other one is I need to know that can it completely heal with homeo pathy treatment and is it a cencer stage and what should I do about the new keloids which is looks like a pimple but don’t have any head and it’s hard aswell

  190. Hi mam,

    Am 24 yrs old. Having Keloid problem for past 10 years. First I had in middle of my chest and now I have on my shoulders and back also am much worried about that. Have tried many medicines like ayurveda sidhha but no improvement. I heard that homeopathy is good for Keloid.please help me out

    Please mail me the solution

  191. I have keloids scar on my chest ,keloid was gone but only scar is on

  192. supriyo saha says:

    Having keloids in chest since 15 years. Regular itching continues. Last 1 year paining with bleeding and oozing pooj. The area not drying at all. Very problem. Just fed up I am. Please reply with remedy age 31.

  193. Golda pereira says:

    I have keloids on chest which are very painful. My age is 72 yrs. Pls help which is the best medicine

  194. Virat Baurai says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I met with an accident long back post which, despite of the consumption of allopathic medicine a keloid errupted on my left hand just above the elbow area.

    My Mom suggested me “‘why don’t you see a Homeopathic doctor” as she always take those medicine.

    Few days back I Visited a Homeopathic doctor for consultation and he acknowledged this fact stating that:
    “There is no cure for Keloid in Homeopathy, whosoever doctor claims it that he/she can cure it.
    He/she might have not studied the subject in detail.
    What all you can do is apply coconut oil to it, to soften the Keloid.”

    Kindly suggest on the same that is there nothing I can do for it, or there are medicines that need to be taken for long time to get the results.

    Waiting in anticipation.

    Virat Baurai
    Ph. : 8447295563)
    Mail id:

  195. Greeting Dr. Sharma,
    Can we have that medicines for keloids without prenscription ?

    • D. R. Joshi says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      I have keloids on chest. First started about 20 years ago. Second at about 5 years ago & third about 3years ago. All are in centre on chest.
      These keloids are pain full & itching.
      Pl. advice

      D. R. Joshi

  196. Nikhil Jindal says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have a Cousin and she is having Keloids at several parts of her body. It is just equal to little pieces of stone gravel and it has become so around in 6 years . Now she is in great worry. She has found some thing that it will spread in future and might spoil her wedding future . So i just want to know is her worries are really right ? Please guide me for some proper treatment so that i can help her to finish her worries.

  197. blessing A K says:

    what is the best remedy for keloids on the breasts that ich and are painful.

  198. mahantesh Sankeshwar says:

    Plz tell me Above all medicine are available in madical store?

  199. ABRAHAM. P.I says:

    Dr. I am keloid patient in chest. I have chronic pain in the affected part. Kindly advise me Silica is advisable and in which potency it is applied?
    Awaiting your early reply.
    Abraham, H.B.112, Panampilly Nagar, Cochin-682036.

  200. ashutoah bhatt says:

    sir. my daughter is 10 yr old. she has a keloieds back side of an ear and itching sometimes in surrounding area .The keloid is over the ear piercing but appeared just after she had chicken pox.
    suggest me which medicine is best for her and how to use ?

  201. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    sir mujhe chest per keloids hai maine
    homeopathic ki calcaria floric use kar raha hu per koi bhi fark nahi hai agar koi aur dawai ho to pls bataye thanks

  202. sudeep bhatt says:

    sir namaste sir muje keliod chati ke upar wali skin par hi upar side ucme hol hi abhi pragent time usme upar hol hi jis me se kabhi kabhi pachs ata hi homo. dawai bhut khai par farak nahi padta abhi pragent me keliod par suling hi ectcing bhi ho rahi hi and dard bhi hi

  203. Dr Sharma has not replied in ages to any of the questions by posters. I hope he is alive and in good health

  204. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I had few surgeries few years ago at the scortum area that caused keloid hypertrophic scars internally. The lump is almost the size of golf ball. It also hurts. I am wondering which homeopathic remedies you would suggest out of the one listed in your article

    • Muhammad Aslam says:

      Dear r u
      i m aslam from sindh Pakistan i use medicen for Acne on Bank,Chest & Shoulder my dr.sugesst me course of Acne for 6 months so use medicen last 2.5 month i m felling well but after 6 month my dr.says keliod not remove without injection & i m feeling side effect of medicen used by dr.preseption pls give me way can i stop treatment & follow homepathy.

  205. Sagar patil says:

    Sir muje killoid ki problem hai but iska upchar doctor na bolte hai agar ispar koi upchar hai to me treatment ke liye ready hu please contact my no. 8141260525

  206. keloid on cheat I have questions if there is any medicine that is avavilable. The injection is sompainful are there something else you can recommend. Can laser help to reduce the redness?

    • You can go radiotherapy,, but i suggest not to go for injection ie, steriods it may give u side effects later stage,,

  207. Debdas Kundu says:

    How many power used nitric acid or fluoric acid. kindly quick answer

  208. Hi doctor.

    I have hypertrophic scars(similar to keloid scars). I have undergone a treatment in which my doc inserted some injections for the elevated part of keloid to get it settled. After that, he told me that there is no further treatment. After 6 months, my scar is again elevated and it is paining and itchy. Does homeopathy have a permanent solution for it ?

  209. Arun debnath says:

    sir, i am suffering for keloid scare in my chest, it some iching but now the size is becoming big n sores developed in painful and fluid coming.
    Is it cureable by hemeophathy medicine.

  210. sir I had a keloid on my chest from last 7yrs.I tried many allopathic medicine (injection),but it doesn’t affect my keloid.Right now iam very sad please recomment me,how can I get rid of this?.
    Sir please reply me as possible as soon.

  211. Sanjeev Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Sanjeev and I have Keloid developed due to Chicken Pox scar residual on my chest (center).
    I suffered chicken pox in the year 2010. Over a period of last 2 years, it has started becoming big and itching and sensation is felt on the keloid.
    Which homeopathic medicine should I start using.

  212. pagoti.siva Prasad says:

    sir…keloid come to ten years…sir full pain&full hitching….

  213. im suffering my keloid for past two years,can u pls help me reduce it?thank you

  214. I am suffering from keloid from past 5 years. Suggest me to reduce the keloid

  215. i was suffering from keloid from 8 years please help me

  216. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My son had teenage acne and has taken 2 courses of roaccutaine. The acne has gone but resulted in keloids. Mainly on his shoulders and a few on his face.

    I have the remedy Thiosinaminum 30c
    after reading your article. Is this the right potency? How often does he take this and for how long?

    Would taking his constitution with this be of any benefit?

    Thank you.

  217. Dr Rajeev Tiwari says:

    Respected Dr Sharma
    I would like to know if one can practice homoeopathy in western countries. Are there any Homoeopathic medical colleges in USA/Canada/Europe/Australia/New Zealand and do they hire faculties from India i.e do they recognize Indian homoeopathic degree(BHMS).
    . I would be very thankful if you could provide me the required information.

  218. Sir,

    I have kiloied on chest done several treat ment but until now all treat ment causing bigger then bigger to much irritating appearance & itching coming reddish if can do any good treat ment Iam ready kindly assist to to treat

  219. Dear Dr.Sharma ,
    I have undergone many surgeries .In some of the sites I have painful ,itching keloids .I will be thankful to you if you could help me with this.
    Thanking you

  220. Ashok Kumar Gupta says:

    Dear Doctor Sa’b,
    I have a Keloid (Scar) on the Chest after By-pass Surgery, I have located the following medicines for the purpose;-

    1. Nitric Acid,
    2. Fluoric Acid,
    3. Calendula.

    Would you please let me know which of the above three medicines would suit in my case.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    • p s suryagandh says:

      sir i have keloid on my chest. i have given many treatmen. but no result. and its infection in keloid. please reply me on my mob no. 9594901481

  221. Which medicine u recommend for big keloid due to sergery to remove small cyst on chest. This scar itches a lot and have sharp needle like pain when lying down.

  222. Anindam Bagchi says:


    My mother has keloid because of a laparaoscipic operation for gall bladder in 2002. initially the keloid was on the upper central hole made for laparoscopy. It’s a big one with unbearable pain and itch. Now it’s started in the naval region as well. Request you to help with the correct medication

  223. Dr Ramveer Singh says:

    Sir chronic keloid with itchin<perspiration.

  224. Dr. Devaindra Singh Chandel ortho surgeon says:

    I have keloids on my chest and shoulder following scar formation from acne. Can you advise whether homeopathic treatment is effective against it.

  225. Kanika sharma says:

    Sir I have an keloid just below the neck which has been operated and surgeries 10 years ago but now it is much large as before and there is itching also in it sir I have loose the hope if u can able to cure my keloid may God always blessed u my whole family will always give u the blessing

    • Hello Sir,

      I am 31 year old. There is one keloid on my chest in horizontal direction, i am getting treatment of homeopathic medicine since 1.9 year but there is no changes. Please suggest me the remedy.


  226. Respected Sir,
    I HV keloid on chest for last 15 year, treated with various home medicine.But results are less effective.As I know there is no any injury, surgery in that area. It growed gradually, length and width wise. Please suggest . My age is 44.
    Yours sincerely
    Samastipur, Bihar

  227. sir
    I want to take Thiosinaminum , what the process to take these medicine

  228. sir. my daughter is 7 yr old. she has two keloieds back side of both ear and itching sometimes. suggest me which medicine is best for her and how to use ?

  229. sir, my 24yo daughter has recurrent acne which turn into keloids specially on back and chest. she already has 4-5 keloids. sometimes they are painful. now that she has exams and that she is stressed her acne has increased and may smaller keloids have erupted. she has such acne on scalp too. sir what could be the underlying cause? and is there a treatment for this? and what could be the duration of treatment?

  230. Sean Edward says:

    Doc, what about Thiosinaminum with Clematis for weak urine stream along burning sensation, feeling non emptied bladder, drops after urinating?

    Age 35, suffering from above since 2-3yrs.

  231. Y.Madhusudan says:

    Dear Dr Sarma,

    I underwent bypass surgery in March 2014. Event bough the cut on sternum healed well, keloid of about six inches long and quarter inch wide formed along the cut after about six months. There is severe itching all along the keloid sometimes piercing in nature. When I consulted the surgeon I was told to leave the keloid as it is and not to meddle with it. Some times the becomes unbearable.

    I would be thankful if you can suggest best homeopathic medicine .



  232. sangita kumari says:

    Hello sir .I am 43 year old lady.i have a keloid after piercing my ear.since2013.last year i operated this.but after operation it grew bigger. Please recommend me some homeopathic medicines

  233. Dear Dr Sharma

    I have subglottic stenosis scaring at the top of the trachea. I need to have it lasered periodically so I can breathe. I also suffer with bronchiectasis which involves a lot of mucous and it gets caught in the trachea. My periods between surgery are getting shorter and I only had 4 months between the last 2 surgeries and the specialist is thinking that I may need to have a trachiostimy in again which I had for 4 years. What homeopathic remedies assist scaring in the trachea? I would be grateful for your assistance. Thank you so much.


  234. M.selvasubramanian says:

    My daughter had keloid in foot stomach thyes in past 10 years.she is take steroid injection in affected area for tha last 10 years.still she take homeopathy medicine.if there is any possibilities for curing keloid.

  235. Are these products available in south Africa?whats their trade name?.i have a very unpleasant keloid on my boobs that developed after havinga cyst removed.

  236. Respected sir I am Utpal sen I am 28 yrs old I have 4 keloids on chest one of them is very big. These are itching and painful I am suffering from this disease approximately 4 yrs I have tried alopathy and Homeopathy but no response plz help sir

    • on my chest a big keliod on and grow every year and ithcing and all body ithcing with sugar ithcing allergy please tell what treatment and medicine and grow another place slowly other keloids on chest and neck

  237. sandeep mathur says:


  238. Respected sir
    Good evening
    My daughter Swati, age 9 years old,keloid tissue on shoulder.kindly suggest me for any medicine.

  239. Sandeep veer says:

    Respected sir. I am sandeep veer from Punjab , last 3 month before I had early stage of keloid in middle of chests that size as 02mm , I was use alopatic medicine but no response well ,so I decided use homeopathic medicine ,please sir suggest me for any medicine … Thanks sir.

  240. Dear sir,
    My heart surgery has gone on 25.07.2015 at operated line keloid developed as a thick line. what are chances to stop its growth. and medicine for dissolved this.please help i am very tensed. what will be period for cure.

  241. Frances Wonzo says:

    I have been dealing with keloids all my life and I can’t seem to get them to go away and stay away because they keep growing back,I need a homeopathy remedy to get them to go away without any side effects. I’m not a person with a lot of money, I’m a person that is disabled and stressing everyday with these embarrassing itchy keloids and I need your help.

  242. brijanand prasad says:

    I am Brijanand prasad got keloid on chest since 25 years

    • Poornima Ramesh says:

      My husband is 54 yrs. He has butterfly keloid on chest which is often infected and very painful. Pls tell whether it is curable or not and where to consult.

    • Sir . I am veeresh i have 15 keloid on my chest my age 26year old. What is the chance reduce this keloid . Sir.. i m very tensed plz tell me tretmen
      Mob. 8271397882

  243. suraj G Gaikwad says:

    Hello sir,
    i am suraj gaikwad from solapur Maharashtra age 28 yr old i have keloid on right side of chest,
    is keloid curable ?what are chances to reduce its size or stop its growth.please help i am very tensed.
    thank you in advance

  244. Sir
    What is the best medicen for the scar to shrink?
    I also thought about making tatoo on top of that.
    Pls tell me what you think.

  245. Lakhimi Boruah says:

    Sir,I am a keloid patient having several keloid including surgical mark ,suffering from 2002. I hv completed some alopathic treatment like leisure treatment,sreroid injection &applying external ointment.but no improvement.Sir prescribe me curable medicine…


  246. Amiya Bhusan Chatterjee. says:

    After CABG surgery in 2011 scar developed on chest which Doctor confirmed keloid.Prescribed ointment application has no fruitfulness result.Please suggest the suitable homeopathic medicine.




  249. My sister now 23 yrs ,village near Madras,had first keloid on scar from injury on top of foot with broken wire when she was 1 year old. N then on her lower back 2 pussy acne spots hardend ,n flessy became like keloid in the size of pea n now thin almond .if is pressed you can see a mouth of hard pus in it , feels tender n itchy at times not always
    She is prone to small acne spots on forehead n chin area off n on ,

  250. m.v.paargavi says:

    Hello doctor
    iam jayanthi from nagercoil .My daughter m.v.paargavi finished her spriengel shoulder surgery on leftside shoulder on april 20/ she is fine but she got a keloid and hypertrophy scar in left sideof sholder at back is there any treatment to cure this .she is now 9yrs old

  251. Ravindra Patel says:

    Dear sir,
    My relative have back side keloid sence 6 years and mostly time pain before three times operations occurs but not clears so please sugges me.

    Ravindra Patel

  252. Amalendu mukherjer says:

    Sir. I have many keloids on my chest since 10 years and its painfull i am using thuja 30 since 1 month its quite relefe from pain and littlebit shrink but whist is the best effective medicine and uses for speedy recovery.
    Thanking you

  253. Doctor,
    I have keloids in both my shoulders and I dono the reason behind the cause of it. It keeps spreading now. And my doctor prescribed thuja only. Am afraid it will start spreading to my face. Wat is the best treatment for this? And how to stop it from spreading

  254. Mohan Divekar says:

    My wife underwent CABG recently. She is now tending towards developing hypertrophic scar at one or two sites on suture line of leg at on chest. There is mild itching and hypersthesia at that site. Dr . has advised laser therapy. Is there any remedy to cure it completely in homeopathy?

  255. Narasimhsmurthy S c says:

    I am having irregular keloids on my chest.consulted a skin specialist who gave some tablets and also gave gel called contractubex to apply two times. I am taking the treatment since more than a year, size of the keloids reduced but suffering from more itching and pain .kindly suggest some treatment. Thanking you,

  256. Prasanta Kumar behera says:

    Sir goodmorning. I am 42yes old heart patient. I am operated DVR on 2011. And redo avr on 2014. Now my problem is tissue ggrowth and pannus formation across av prosthesis. If any curable treatment for it please sir kindly mail me as soon as possible. Yours PRASANTA. Thanks.

  257. Dear Dr Sharma,
    i am 59 years old. have keloids on my chest which sometimes itch . specially in summer season. have been taking homoeopathic medicine. part of keloids dissolved but now there is very very slow response to medicine . moreover more keloids are coming on my abdomen. please advise.

  258. Sir iam69 yr iwent CABG in2002 along the scar kelloids are there for last one month upper part of scar about 2 in is infected pus formation Dr pres me antibitics after taking for7 days infecion gone but after few days again infected got pus tested for C/S resultokplease suggest some homoeo medicine tocure infection itching & pain also there thanks

  259. I’m fed up with keliid.Kindly you pls give me an effective medicine.

    • jaydeep chouhan says:

      sir im 20 year old parson how have killoid in chest kindly preescraib me a very bast medicine if you done

  260. Mary Jean Francisco says:

    I really ask for these types of treating keloids as homeopathy is where will I get these medicines

  261. atul tiwari says:

    I have keloid last 5years i was taking ayurved treatment last 2 year initially its shrink but now its not shrinking .i have 4 keloids on my chest

    • Shashiranjan kumar singh says:

      Sir, I have keloid last 5years was taking English medicine last 6 month but it is not shrinking i have three keloids on my chest so please reply me how treading my keloids

      • Fayazuddin khan says:

        Sir, i had bypass surgery in the 2006.
        , aftr 3 year a small scar start growing on sternu.Now its size is about nearly 2″ it is very painful . some times i feel cardiac pain . pain on both the side of sternu.
        kindly help me to getred of this painful disease.
        thanking you,
        fayazuddin khan.

  262. Hi Dr Sharma, my keloid has grown gradually over the years, my chest area is covered with itchy painful keloids from teenage acne, it progressive growth
    Was heitened after I turned 40, & the growth has been rapid, painful & very itchy since then!, is there any working remedy to help me out of the itching & saro burning pain please?
    Thanks, I’m waiting to hear from you, would fluidic acid or thiosinaminum be the answer to this burning problem?

  263. Laura ifada says:

    I have keloid on shoulder.i need effective treatment

  264. Sir,
    I have a surgical scar afte thyroud surgery it irritates and itches and looks horrible.i have taken Ayurveda and allopathy treatments. kindly suggest what can be done to reduce it

  265. Shahabuddin Hashmi says:

    Sir I am suffering from keloids for 8 years. First it was only one on my chest and now it is 28 keloids in different sizes. Please suggest me what I do.

  266. Dasaratha Meher says:

    Thanks u Sir
    I want to know all above are taken orally or it will be applied on site? please tell .

  267. Sir I have keloid from 2003 first it was only one so I did not notice.. But as time went It went on increasing upto 32 of different size ..please suggested medicine ..waiting for reply

  268. aditya bhardwaj says:

    i have keloid on my face . it occurs when i applied pimple treating cream . it is almost 2 yrs ,i am facing it . please reply how it can be cured

  269. Dr, Rangaswamy. says:

    Dr. sharma sir good morning. I am rangaswamy from kurnool of AP. I have been using medicine (homeopathy} for keloid for the last 9 years. But there is no significant healing. I have been suffereing from keloid for the last 7 years. There is a small lump on my chest. Now it has become one inch flat shape . Could you plz suggest medicine and its use and I shall begrateful to you sir.
    Yours faithfully, Rangaswamy.

  270. Sir my mother had keloid scar since 25 years how her age is 45 and keloid is increasing in her chest i want to kindly guide us for a good treatment

  271. gopal sharma says:

    i have keloids in chest and back , chest keloids are vary painful pl help.

  272. Aman dhiman says:

    Sir my sister had keloid on her chest since she was 5, now she is 13 and this keloid is increasing at an expontial rate we are giving her homeopathic treatment but her keloid start swelling from the middle part and burst leading to release blood without any control
    I just wanna ask u is this normal or can it posses some threat to her. And guide us for a good treatment for this disease

  273. Devinder Kumar Aggarwal says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I underwent open heart surgery over three years back. There is keloid formation of about 6 to 8″ on my chest and ia irregular shape and around 1/4″ thickness. It is causing me lot of irritation, sort of heaviness feeling and un-easiness. I consulted many doctors but gather that there is almost no treatment available.
    Having seen this information I look forward for you treatment in this regard.
    Await your immediate response,


  274. Rupa Dasgupta says:


    One and half year back , I got my daughter’s ears pierced and she has developed Keloid at the back of her right earlobe. it has no pain but it itches sometimes. Our doctor says even we go for surgery , it will grow again. I read it in internet also. Is there treatment in homeopathy so that it totally flattens and doesn’t come back again ?

  275. Arun Kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    . . . . . . . . . . With regard and respect i arun kumar request you to kindly give me an advice as i am also suffering frim keloid on chest which are really very hard and itching.
    So i request you to advice m
    With regards
    Arun Kumar

  276. Namaskar
    I have keloids nearly ten or fifteen some 6_8 ” long
    30 to forty yrs old.please suggest remedy

  277. Gauri Smrita Gogoi says:

    I have a keloid on my chest since last 8 years.. I went for injections but it didnot cured. Plese suggest me a homeopathy treatment.

  278. Anil Sharma says:

    I am suffering with chest keloid. Operated in august-1995. Discharge started in Nov. 2006. Taken homeopathic medicine and discharge stopped. I am taking the medicine from the same doctor but keloid size now increased about 2cm and getting itching. Kindly suggest the homeopathic medicine and oblige.

  279. sarfraz ul haq says:

    After CABG in 2002 ,keloids formed on stitches on chest,which are now itchy and very sensitive. Shall appreciate if a homeopathic prescription is suggested.

  280. Ashish Lahoti says:

    My brother has Kelloids. Allopathy treatment has not helped much. He has around 7-8 Kelloids on various parts like chest,sider arm, back. Along with Kelloids he is suffering from acne. Will homeopathy help under such severe situation?
    He got Kelloids since his childhood and now he is 27 studying medicine. Appreciate your help and response.
    I am reachable on 9130080039.

  281. Manish Chendvankar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I’m 42yrs old man suffering from Keloids since last 20 yrs now. Width almost 2 1/2 inch and length is 4 1/2 inch. It is very itchy and sometime puss is also coming from it. Pls suggest any effective medicine available with you.

    Awaiting your suggestion.



  282. lucia favaloro says:

    dopo 40 giorni dalla rottura del polso sx e dopo gesso sempre 40 giorni è uscito fuori sul palmo
    della mano il duyputren ,mai avuto.ora leggendo e documentandomi volevo mettere nella parte
    delle gocce di thiosinaminum.cosa ne pensate.grazie

  283. maxwell addo says:

    Hello doctor Sharma I have had a keloid for about seven to eight years and I have tried so many things including nitric acid however it isn’t getting any better.pls now it brings out a liquid which smells and also has a lot if hair under it which itches me , what can i do

  284. Hi dr sharma
    My name is Odi and I have a keloid growth on my chest .Ive had it for over 6 years. I once had some injections but I stopped cause I couldn’t stand the pain and Most of the time I try to tell my self it doesn’t bother my self ester but it does . I just need a way to get rid of it that doesn’t have to do with injections or surgery please . Reply asap

  285. I have one keloid on the left side of my chest from surgery(a curbuncle operation).and 1keloid on by back due to chikn pox….these are 9 years old keloids.please doctor suggest me the the right medicine for complete cure…please doctor

  286. Chioma Okoronkwo says:

    Gudevening Dr, tanx for these write up, i have dis keloid growth on my chest over 15yrs now its painful and itchy.. I have been of 6weeks injection for 1yr, immediately i stopped d treatment, d growth resumed. Am pregnant and am confused if dis keliod wil affect breastfeeding my baby.

  287. I had 2 surgeries on my hand i have this keloid for almost 6 yrs now.. its sometimes painful and itchy.. pls help..


  288. Zahid Khan says:

    Sir I have a keloid,I had already used medicine in homeopathy last 2 years but no result,sir please tell me right solution

  289. mantu kumar says:

    Dear sir
    I have 1st keloid on mid chest and 2nd right back shoulder max.. size of all 1 inch from 6-8 years. please sir send a complete solutions sir

  290. sardarsali says:

    I underwent open-heart surgery in 2007. Then a keloid grew on the scar. It was not troublesome until 2011. Then suddenly it began to suppurate. Since then many alopathic as well as homeo remedies were administered; but it did not give any permanent result. Towards the end of last year, it became so immensely painful that it stole my sleep. Now though the pain has been less but not gone. I’m now on homeo medicine like Acid Flouric and Heper Sulphur 2 doses of each alternately. What should I do now? All else of my health is 90% ok. Would you please make any suggestion?

  291. Jyoti Roy says:

    After delivery I got them in 2008 Sept please suggest homeopathy medicine

  292. Sir I have a keloid,I had already used medicine in homeopathy last 7 months but no result,sir please tell me right solution

    • Sir i have keloids after hair transplant surgery before one year on my chest,back of the head and on under the chin how can i cure them

  293. Dear Sir, I m also a homeopathic student, I have keloids on my chest (10) and right shoulder (15), left shoulder (5) from last 10 years, these are very itchy and worse due to heat. Kindly plz advice me medicine with quantity, I m married and 32 years old.

  294. M VIJAYA KUMAR says:

    Please show me a remedy for an itchy and pain keloid scar formed after heart bypass surgery 6 years ago . The scar has become very sensitive and have used different creams, but itching is not decreasing and pain also is there.

    • RAJINDER SINGH says:

      Iam having one kiloid on my chest in horizontal direction Iam 41 years old. Please suggest me the remedy.

      Thanks & Regards

  295. Preeti Tyagi says:

    I have keloid on my chest and I had brain surgery last month , in my stitches also developing keloid ..pls suggest me ..I want to remove it completely..

  296. Please tell me cure for keloids and where can I find it

  297. says:

    My friend got keloid removed after surgery. Now what are the precautions



  298. J. Madikane says:

    I have my whole chest area full of big keloids, my neck and just below the chin. I request you to guide me on how I can have them removed.

  299. Sir,
    Iam having one kiloid on my chest in horizontal direction and second keloid on my right hand shoulder since 10 years. These are itching and irritating to me. How these are developed on my body is could not understand. In that locations I did not get any scars, surgery etc..
    Iam 37 years old. Please suggest me the remedy.

    Thanks & Regards

  300. SUSMITA BASAK says:

    Dear Doctor, I had pierced ears of my daughter 2 years ago. Last november suddenly her left ear piercing got infected. still it is not completely cured. A red swelling appears then after 1/2 day pus comes out but again it swells up. this process is continuing. previously I had given her LEDUM SILICA then ARNICA but it does not get cures. PLEASE HELP.

  301. Dinesh Raniga says:

    Please show me a remedy for an itchy keioid scar formed after heart bypass surgery 5 years ago . The scar has become very sensitive and have used different creams – Cetamacrogal , placentrex , vitamin E , aloe vera , etc. to no effect .
    kind regards

  302. Azam Khan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Keloid on my chest please suggest homeopathic medicine

  303. Roopesh Kothari says:

    Respected Madam,

    My daughter is 6 year old, have done piercing on both ears. Now she has developed keloid on one ear.
    Is it curable? How much time it would take in treatment for the same?

  304. sir keloid on my chest please suggest medicine Thiosinaminum doses. some times scar area itching keliod size now increase 2mm to 18mm when take kenakot 40mg injection. please help to guide me


  305. Please suggest a homeopathy medicine for keloid due to acne.

  306. Robin Rose says:

    Aloha Dr Sharma
    This is helpful – I am seeking an approach for scarring on a more systemic level – the unifying factor approach as it were – for someone with history of repeated fibrotic illness – fibroid uterus, fibroid breasts, sclerotic cornea, plantarfibrosis. Would welcome any insights. Thanks.

  307. i had keloids in both my ear lobes during my pregnancy they grew very big. post delivery i got them operated now after 1.5 years of my operation again a small keloid formed in my right ear. my left ear is alright now but my right earlobe is very hard from inside n now a small bulging is appearing on the surface aswell. i dont want to go into surgery again can you plz help me with this. i will be very grateful to you.

  308. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    have a good day.
    I just want to enquire about the homeopathic medicine for treatment of keloid. My daughter 20 years old is having c
    Keloid formation at upper portion of her chest. It was happened due to chickenpox when she was around 8years old. Can we use Thiosinaminum or Fluoric Acid? Please advise and also inform us how can we get these medicines. Is there any side effects?
    Thanks & best regards

  309. Umesh A Patil says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from 3 keloid which are on my chest, one is on my left arm, one is on stomach & one small is now started on back.
    please suggest me a Good Homeopathic Dr. nearby kalyan, suburb of Mumbai.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Mr. Umesh A Patil

  310. Balasubramaniam says:

    I am 37 yrs old. I have a keloid on my chest since very long now.
    I tried various treatments for curing this.
    The latest one being a surgery 3 years back, but it grew back bigger again
    I’ve left it as it is since.
    Every now and then I get slight pain and itch.
    Kindly suggest a cure


  311. Sir,

    I have around 8-9 keliods on my chest which so much irritating me, its almost 5 to 7 years old, is it curable Sir, kindly suggest, its really irritating ( itching , burning and sometimes paining) me like anything. Kindly help

  312. Hello Sir,

    i have a keloid on my chest, can i remove it permenantly ? can i have my skin as befor?

    please advise,

    Praveen Battu

  313. sonal rajpoot says:

    Sonal says. Hello sir ,i have keloid in middle chest.cause of parrot cutted.which is itch daily. i take injection but no respons.then i take homopathy treatment please guide me medecine.


    I underwent CABG in 2002 Ever since then I have keloid in my chest which itches daily and I have scratch in the sides . Many a time it remains an unknown cause for my irritable moods. The wounds in both legs have healed but only that in chest remains. Here too it has healed on upper and bottom places but middle remains sensitive. Shall be grateful to know the medicine(s) I should take and its dosage. I have Homeopathic Shops dispensing the mother tincture as well as globules. Kindly help me I am aged 80+

  315. hi doc sharma I av keloid on my ear lobes which occurred in 1999 after ear piercing.I av operated twice and the keloid keeps on reappearing and has irregular shapes.they itch when it’s hot n pains during cold seasons.plz doctor which homeopathic medicine can help me heal this problem please help thanks in advance

  316. I have keloid of 3 inch in centre of chest since 2 years and taking steroid injection periodically

  317. gnana pragasam says:

    Sir, My son has got keloid at chest and face. please suggest remdy in homeo

    • I have keloid of 3 inch in centre of chest since 2 years and taking steroid injection periodically i am 45 years old

  318. Harpreet singh says:


    My 10 yr old son had a open heart surgery 9 months back and there is keloid formation on the surgical cut .The keloid is not painfull .Please suggest what medicine we should give him to remove that keloid .

    Waiting for your prompt reply

    Harpreet singh

  319. Sumit Bhage says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, Hope you doing well… This is Sumit 23 years old boy having 2-3 keloid on my chest from past 6-7 years now and I’m very much worried about it because it swell,itch sometimes and I have to get rid of it ASAP please suggest me something that really works because I tried many things and that haven’t worked.

  320. Dr, I am looking for most effective way to treat burn keloid on the legs of my 4 year lod daughter, this burn has healed leaveing keloid on her legs please I am in need of your medecins to treat her , this keloid is less than a year old now i am in nigeria west africa please response
    Asap thank you


    My daughter has the 6×6 mm size spot developed after CHICKEN FOX. But there is no pain ,itching etc for the same.

    Kindly advise the suitable medicine and process of use.

  322. Hello Dr,
    I had a tummy tuck procedure after losing some excess amount of fat. Its been two years and the scar is still raised and dark. I have been applying a topical oinment melacare during alternate months. Have not been able to see any progress . Would any of the above solutions work, now that two years have elapsed?

  323. Vikram Bhatia. says:

    Hi Dr . Sharma
    i have keloids on my chest. Very itchy and painful.
    Please help.

  324. pulkit srivastava says:

    i am suffering from keloid issues on my chest and chin> Kindly let me know how i can get them treated

  325. Hi doctor,

    I am 31 year old. I started developing the keloids from my college days. In the beginning I was not aware but later with lot of searching on the internet I found that I have keloids. I have a 4 month old baby and I am nursing him. Would the consumption of homeopathic remedies cause any problems for the infant as I am breastfeeding him. I have spontaneous keloid son back of shoulder and on my upper arms i.e.; injection sites. I feel less confident and sad because of them. Please help

  326. than u for helping suggest

  327. surjeet Singh says:

    chest keloids

  328. smitee misra says:

    Hiii….. I have been suffering from keloids from last 5 yrs…. I took injection but didn’t cure can u just help me out

  329. I have had kileod on the chest and back for several years and tried all kinds of treatment without result. It comes with very sharp, itchy and uncomfortable. Kindly recommend appropriate treatment and how/ where to get it.


  330. Jalpa Patel says:

    Hi I have had keiolds for the past 5 years and I have tried surgery and steroid injection but nothing seems to work I have about 22 of them on my front and back


  331. Hi Sharma,

    I am suffering with Keloid tendency. From the past 3 years i am suffering with Keloids on my Backside. When i consult doctor he made one surgery but unfortunately it grown more and it was painful and itching now. Could you please advise how to overcome this situation.


  332. Dear Doctor sir please write me Thiosinaminum, Graphites, Silicea, Nitric Acid, Fluoric Acid, doses for keloid treatment. keloid on chest but these doses taken continue 1 year but not any improvement. so please suggest me.

  333. my name shan iam handicaped 34years old in kerala iam suffering by keloyide chest and ear .thise is smal type plese help thise problem choose the medicine

  334. DearvDoctor,

    I am 76 years old. I underwent bypass surgery ( CABG) on 13th March 2014.a keeloid formed all along the surgical cut on the chest after about 8 months. It is presently about 7inch long, 3/4 inch wide and about 3/4cm 3/4

    3/4cm height. There is lot of itching especially during nights. Can you suggest any homeo medicine without any side effects.


  335. Vaibhav Kadam says:

    Hello Dr,

    Please let me know how to treat chest keloids with Homeopathy traetment. I tried injection but it wont help. Pls advice.


  336. Ezhilarasan says:

    Dr ji guday,
    Every time an injury turns into dark keloid how can be cured

  337. Philip Hexter says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have a urethral stricture, which stopped me being able to urinate. I had an operation to widen the urethra and self catheterise most days, but I still have problems urinating. Would you recommend thiosinaminum, and if so what dosage would you recommend and how long should I take it for?

    Thanks for your time.

  338. Dear Sir,

    I am 31 yr old. I started getting keloids some te years back. Any trauma to my skin causes keloids and some new ones also appear suddenly.

    The keloids are growing in size and itching and rarely pricks… Please suggest a suitable solution to my problem. I am feeding my baby also. Will this affect my baby.


  339. Apraxia of speech, adolescent boy, lots of jumping and bouncing, tall, thin, huge difficulty to go to sleep but sleeps peacefully on back, sensitive to noise and sunlight, afraid of large or barking dogs, not afraid of heights, loves flying, jumping, running, skipping, and loves water (bath 3x per day, and watches water rolling, waterfalls, the ocean, loves surfing). Makes only one sentence at a time, with weak air and weak pronunciation without correct tongue placement. Sweet natured, giddy, laughing, smiling, hugs female strangers.

    Thank you for ideas to treat with homeopathic remedies.

  340. Muzzamil Ahmed Khan says:

    l have keloid on my chest. lt first appeared some 20 years back and with the passage of time it has spread
    in size and there is itching and now splinter like pain.
    l m diabetic also sugar remains high despite taking insulin. l had bipass in May 2013. Age 72 .kindly advise homeo medicines which may solve all the problems.

  341. harish kumar says:

    Sir some keloids in my chest from one year now i am worry dr inject from 6 month but no result ples help me i am so worried to this n send me some sample so try i am from very low family

    harish 971705772
    B8//48 sector 18 rohimi delhi 85

  342. Sir how does homeopathic treatment work for keloid

  343. Hi. Thank you for this information. Will these remedies also work for internal scarring? My husband has recurring tracheal stenosis due to intubation injury. Along with wanting to reduce stenosis he is interested in clearing mucous as cilia have been destroyed in airway from surgeries and laser treatments. Mucous thickens and gets hung up on stenosis. Thank you for any suggestions including dosing.

    • Hello,
      i was thinking of Thiosinaminum for my sons Keloid scar.
      is this taken internally, or put on the scar?


  344. hel inject them with stoierds he did this once on one of the keloids, within 2 months the keloid was gone! it was completley flat was very happy, he started to inject the other keloids, ive had about 4 steroid injection visits, the rest are flattening nicely, i need about another two visits 2 get them to complete satisfaction,But heres my problem, the doctor keeps saying ohh this would cost a lot of money ur lucky im doing this for you, i say im very grateful but its like hes begrudging it worried he wont finish the keloids for me get them completeley flat as it is a cosmetic procedure, but he keeps saying this would cost a3250 a time so im thinking is he hinting something at me! im very grateful for the injections but end up feeling guilty asking for more treatments as i do want them as flat as possible, Is the doctor meant to be doing this for free ? or should i stop asking for more treatments as he kinda makes me feel bad like i should be paying or something ? but i cant argue because i guess its cosmetic nothing to do with my health so maybe hes thinking why should he keep injecting me as its not a health matter,Im just wandering if anyone knows where i stand should i keep asking him to do more injections ? these keloids have really got me down in the past i h8 looking at them, so if the doctor is able to fix it for me surley he should offer to carry on until they are less noticable as he can see how well the treatments going?By the way merry xmas all happy new yr!

  345. Dear Sir, I am 40yrs im have suffering from depression from last 25yrs ihave taken lots allopathy,ayur ,homeo but of no help so can i know how to use homeo med myself as the dr are no more helping me as i want to know how to use med like acid phos 30d or 200ch or mother tinctures how to know the values of the medicines and to take tincture,diluttion in water or small white granules also i suffer from fibromyalgia,keliods i had to quiet job due to my pains so please please HELP me as i am in Maharashtra and very painful life iam having so please help me, i want to know if iam many tinctures so i can mix all the tinc in half cup of water and have it.
    thanking you,

  346. I have a very old scar (about 40 yrs) on my face from stitches. I also have a mark left on my neck from a big boil that had erupted by itself about 30 yrs ago.
    Pls advise which medicine would help.

  347. Habib khan says:

    HI There,
    sharp cut on my upper arm about 9 in long long time ago,appear after stiching ,please advice me that the homeopathic medicine Thiosinaminum the sympotoms are close to this medicine.Could me please inform me the batter potency.
    With Regards,

  348. Billye Graham says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I have three pressing health challenges. I have cataracts in both eyes complicated by corneal abrations in both eyes due to injury. Secondly I have no cartilage in both knees, bone on bone. And lastly I have Rheumatoid Arthritis with much deformity in the hands and inflammation randomly and periodically. Also an issue with periodic encountenance and long standing keloids on back and abdomen. If it is any help to you I am 66 years old, female, and African American. Thank you for your time and consideration of my concerns.

  349. sunil bawa says:

    Doctor my wife has problem of TRIGGER FINGER . Gets locked on bending and very painful to straighten the finger. She is troubled by backache on rising from bed. Both feet pain just below little finger but pain subsides on wearing running shoes.
    Very active in household work and any very fast in other work.

  350. A few years ago an eye surgeon removed a small cancerous growth from under my eye. He said he was an amazing surgeon and there would be no scarring. Well, of course, there was and he wanted to inject cortisone. I already was aware of the relationship between cortisone use and asthma so I said no. My homeopath told me to take Staphysagria 30 C 3 X per day for 3 days. The keloid scar was practically gone within 2 days. Yet, I never see Staph recommended for scarring! What gives?

    • Sir is really staphysagria is really effective or help to remove keloid ? Please reply sir Please !!

  351. respected sir I have been suffered from keloids at my chest and lot of keloids on my back since 2008 due to acne

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