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Homeopathic Treatment for Lipoma

homeopathic medicine for lipoma

Have you felt that soft and smooth lump under your skin that slips away when you put a finger to examine it? There are fair enough chances that it is a Lipoma. It is a very common benign (non-cancerous) tumour, composed of fat cells developing under the skin. Lipoma is harmless, painless in most cases and people seek treatment just out of cosmetic concern. Homeopathic Medicines for Lipoma are made of natural substances which are completely safe without any side effects that provide a very effective treatment for Lipoma.

Homeopathic Treatment

There’s a general tendency to go in for a surgical removal of Lipoma even if there is no possible harm because of its presence. People move towards surgery for cosmetic reasons. Surgery is not a permanent solution and Lipoma can regrow even after surgery. But Lipoma is entirely curable with the use of internal homeopathic medicines without any application of external painful measures. Homeopathic medicines for Lipoma give effective recovery and there is no need to go in for a surgery. With the use of properly selected homeopathic medicines, not only do the Lipomas dissolve, but the body’s tendency to Lipoma formation is diminished from its root. The Homeopathic treatment for Lipoma always remains constitutional — constitution is basically the symptom picture formed by conjoining the mental and physical symptom peculiarities found in each individual case.

Homeopathic Medicines For Lipoma

The best homeopathic medicines for Lipoma treatment are Calcarea carb, Baryta Carb, Phytolacca, Lapis Albus, Uricum Acidum and Thuja.

1. Calcarea Carb – Top Grade Medicine for Lipoma

Calcarea Carb is the one of the top constitutional Homeopathic medicines to treat Lipoma. Calcarea Carb exhibits a marvellous action in dissolving abnormal growths in body including Lipoma, some other examples are polyps, fibroids, cysts. Calcarea Carb will help to gradually decrease the size of Lipoma and dissolve the lump by breaking down and dissolving the fat cells in it. This medicine can be of great benefit in dissolving Lipomas in those who are obese, fatty, and overweight. They may have tendency to sweat excessively especially on the head. Additionally, they can have marked sensitivity to cold air. Calcarea Carb is a leading medicine to help cases of Lipoma that have occurred from excessive alcohol drinking.

2. Baryta Carb

Baryta Carb is second on the list to treat Lipoma. Though mentioned at the second place, it is equally effective as Calcarea Carb when it comes to treating Lipomas. Though it can be given for Lipoma on any body part, Baryta Carb acts most effectively on Lipomas that occur on the neck. This medicine will shrink fatty lumps on neck wonderfully. The results here vary depending on the number of Lipomas, its size and time period.

3. Phytolacca

Phytolacca is the next best herbal medicine given in homeopathic literature to treat Lipomas. Those needing it may have single or multiple Lipomas. The skin is dry, rough and harsh. These kind of Lipomas appear in overweight people. Phytolacca is an anti-fat remedy which acts both ways, in reduction of weight as well as absorption of fatty tumours.

4. Lapis Albus

Lapis Albus is an effective medicine to help cases of abnormal lumps and tumours. It is recommended to treat cases of different kinds of benign as well cancerous tumours. Lapis Albus is mentioned in the book “Homeopathic Medical Repertory by Dr.Robin Murphy” under the list of indicated medicines to treat Lipomas. There is no specific indication of this medicine for Lipoma so it can be used in general to treat Lipoma based on therapeutic indication in this book.

5. Uricum Acidum

This medicine has shown great clinical improvements in Lipoma cases where they are large in size. It can dissolve large Lipomas quite effectively. This indication is inferred from information of a cured case of a large Lipoma recorded under this medicine use in a homeopathic book “ A Dictionary Of Practical Materia Medica By John Henry Clarke, M.D.). Talking in little detail about this case, a Lipoma as large as a man’s head located between abdomen and breast on left side has been cured with this medicine mentioned in above-mentioned book.

6. Thuja

Thuja is a general homeopathic medicine that is of great help in treating abnormal growths originating anywhere in the body. Thuja possesses a powerful ability to help in the complete dissipation of fatty accumulations. If a person with Lipomas has high blood cholesterol levels, Thuja is very beneficial.

What Are Its Signs And Symptoms?

Lipoma are slowly-growing lumps under the skin that are rarely harmful.

1. Incidence: Lipomas are very common and one out of every 1000 persons tends to get at least one Lipoma in their life. Males are more affected by Lipoma as compared to females.

2. Composition: All Lipomas are composed of fat cells but certain types also contain blood vessels and fibrous tissue along with fat cells.

3. Location: It can occur on any part of the body but the common sites are neck, shoulder, upper limbs, back, forehead and thigh. Rarely, these can form in bones, muscles or internal organs chances of which are very minute. These are dangerous if formed in internal organs like in gastrointestinal tract that may result in ulcer, bleeding and obstruction.

4. Number: Lipoma can be single or multiple. The presence of multiple Lipomas is known as Lipomatosis.

5. Shape: Lipoma can be round or oval in shape.

6. Size: The size of Lipoma usually vary between 1cm and 5cm, but in some cases may even grow more as large as 10 cm or even more. Such big Lipomas are termed giant Lipomas.

7. Pain / Painless: Lipoma in most cases is painless but in rare cases, pain may occur when a Lipoma presses on a nearby nerve or have nerve tissue present in it (called Neurolipoma). If a Lipoma has multiple blood vessels in it, even then can be painful.

8. On physical examination: Lipoma feel soft, doughy and move easily under skin when pressed with finger

What Is The Cause And Risk Factors Behind Lipoma?

Cause behind Lipoma is still unknown. Persons having a family history of Lipoma may be at risk that indicates genetic factors play a role. Lipoma may form at a site of injury as a research shows. This is termed post-traumatic Lipoma. Though it may affect persons of any age but is more common in age group between 40yrs to 60 yrs. In some rare cases, Lipoma may be present at the time of birth as well.

Risk Factors

Some medical conditions are known to increase risk of Lipomas. These include:

1. Hereditary / Familial multiple lipomatosis: This disorder is inherited that runs in families in which multiple Lipomas form on trunk and limbs.

2. Dercum’s disease (Adiposis dolorosa): Multiple painful Lipomas form on trunk, legs and arms. Besides, a person also feels fatigue.

3. Madelung’s disease (benign symmetric lipomatosis):Lipoma grows mainly on neck and shoulders and occurs in males who drink alcohol in excess. Though it occurs in alcoholics, those who do not drink alcohol can be affected as well.

4. Gardner syndrome: Multiple polyps form in the colon (large intestine) along with tumors in area other than colon like Lipoma osteoma (tumor made of bone that forms in the skull), desmoid tumours (growths in connective tissue).

Besides the above, the following reasons may increase the risk of Lipomas:

1. Family history

2. High cholesterol, lack of exercise and obesity

3. Diabetes and glucose intolerance

4. Liver disease and alcohol use disorder

What Are The Different Types Of Lipoma?

The Lipomas are classified under various types depending on the tissue found in microscopic study:

1. Conventional Lipoma: It’s the most common type containing white fat cells

2. Hibernoma: Lipoma is composed of brown fat

3. Angiolipoma: Lipoma contains fat and large number of blood vessels and are usually painful

4. Fibrolipoma: Made of fat cells and fibrous tissue

5. Spindle cell Lipoma: Lipomas have fat cells that are spindle (slender round rod) shaped that are longer as compared to their width.

6. Myelolipoma: There is presence of fat cells and tissue that produce white blood cells

7. Pleomorphic Lipoma: These Lipomas contain fat cells with different size and shape

8. Atypical Lipoma: Deep fat and larger number of cells are present

9. Chondroid Lipoma: These are deep-seated yellow lumps that occur particularly on legs of women

Lipoma vs Liposarcoma – Are These Same?

Though these two lumps mimic each other and can be mistaken during diagnosis as well but both are different conditions. Lipoma is a non-cancerous lump of fat cells under the skin while liposarcoma is a cancerous lump of fat tissues. In case of cancerous lump, it remains fixed which means it does not move on applying pressure, increases in size rapidly and is painful. While non-cancerous lump is soft, movable on pressure application, and painless. Researches suggest Liposarcoma does not develop from Lipoma and is classified as a different type of tumour. On the contrary in very rarest of rare cases, Lipoma may turn cancerous and few cases of Lipoma in kidney and bone have been reported.

How Is Lipoma Diagnosed?

1. Lipoma can be diagnosed simply by physical examination in most cases.

2. Biopsy: If the lump is painful, large, fixed and if it is suspected to be cancerous – biopsy (removal of part of tissue to be sent to laboratory for microscopic examination and other cellular / tissue study) may be advised to rule out of if it is Lipoma or liposarcoma.

3. Ultrasound, MRI or CT scan: In some cases, these tests may be recommended to check if this is a cyst or Lipoma and if the physician has doubts, or if Lipoma is large, seems to be deep rooted and fixed. These tests will also check how deep the tumour is, presence of blood vessels or if it is pressing any nearby nerve.


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  1. Rhoda Pertuset says:

    I have, what I believe to be, a lipoma on my face near my jaw line. It’s about 1cm. It’s non-painful and moves easily. I’ve had it near 7 months now, and would like to find a treatment outside of surgery.

  2. Aysha Quinn says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    there is a history of lipoma and fat (or fibrous?)body accumulations in my material family. I have had several large ones removed. At this time, not only lipoma but likely fibrous growths in thighs and large fatty deposits around inside of knee and collecting below on right leg. (the origin of fatty deposit on right knee was edema from surgery for a 5 1/2 in long fatty growth in the nerve budle, wrapping around the artery. I have more and more, small, painful growths below the skin on thighs. I’m 79 years old – they hurt. But I am not overweight – just the opposite – I’ve dropped so much weight, it scary, although I was skinny as a child/teen. So what would be the correct remedy(ies) in this case? any advice greatly appreciated. I’ve been a lay student of homeopathy since 60’s but no longer have a mentor.

  3. Elizabeth Harris says:

    Just noticed what I believe is a Lipoma – I am not overweight, the lipoma is at the base of my neck, no pain ~ feels like a fatty tumor I might find on a dog. Phytolacca sounds like the remedy for my issue.

  4. Sandeep Singh says:

    डाक्टर साहिब मेरी Left Arm पर 3 से 4 लिपोमा गांठ हैं,, इनमें से एक तो 6,7 साल पुरानी है और साईज कम से कम 7 सेंटी मीटर है,, अन्य छोटी हैं। मेरी जांघ के दोनो तरफ belly fat में भी लीपोमा गांठें हैं। में 3 महीने से बरिएटा कार्ब 200 use कर रहा हूं पर अभी कोई satisfatory results नज़र नही आ रहे। कॉलकेरिया कार्ब 200 भी एक महीना use की है। मुझे किया करना चाहिए।

  5. Praveen ojha says:

    Abdominal peritoneal lipoma. Size- 95mmx80mmx101mm.
    Patient age.11yrs.
    No pain.
    Seen in CT scan 2 month before.

  6. Good after noon Respected, Dr. Sharma, i have lipomas on my abdomen/ belly and food tract which is very small in size but uncountable i have also done operate 2 times or biopsy and blood test but Thank god nothing comes into reports. I am also using homeopathic medicine from almost a month but now my lipoma becomes painful. Doctors tell me these are all in size or painless so don’t worry when it will become in big size then we will remove theses with surgery. Plz suggest me a suitable treatment with medicine or homeopathic medicine. I will await your response dear doctor.

  7. Good morning Dr Sharma. i am having a swelling below the is not painful. i dont know whether it is lipoma. i want it to be removed without surgery. please advice.

  8. sunil kumar mahto says:

    मेरी उम्र 39 साल है और मुझे लिपोमा लगभग 5 साल पहले से है , पहले तो मुझे मालूम नही चला पर अभी उसका आकार बढ़ने पर 2 या 3 साल पहले से मॉलूम चला है कृपया उपचार बताये।

  9. I have lipoma oval shape on my right side on the loweside of my face kindly advice the medicine I am not overweight I am a skinny person

    • Good morning Dr Sharma. i am having a swelling below the is not painful. i dont know whether it is lipoma. i want it to be removed without surgery. please advice.

  10. Good Morning Dr Sharma, I have multiple lipomas on both arms (about 10-15 each arm) as well as on both my thighs (about 8-10 each thigh). I am very interested in trying out one of these Home Remedies. How do I go about getting a prescription?
    Thank you for your time and writing this article. Very informative. Amy

  11. Dear Dr Sharma

    How do i get hold of Baryta Carb? I have lipomas on both my arms and one on the neck.
    The lumps on my arm are getting obvious and the one on my neck, it only obvious when I tilt my head back.

  12. Mohammed Qaseem jafri says:

    Assalamualaikum Dr sahab mere right side pr cervical ki tarf hai guilti hai me iski surgery krwane ka soch rha hoon agar ap sure hain k medecine se ye guilti khatam hojati hai tu mujhe confirm btaen me surgery na krwaaon

  13. Sudhis Mitra says:

    is Calcarea Carb an effective medicine for my lipoma? Thanks and regards. Sudhis Mitra

  14. Dear Dr,
    I have lipomatosis on (deltoid muscle) upper left arm with 10 cm. Is there any treatment by homeopathy. If there is, plz help by giving me prescription. I will give you consultancy fee.

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