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Homeopathic Medicines For Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can feel like an electric shock, or like a pinprick or even a burning sensation. Nerve pain is a symptom of various medical conditions. It can disturb and alter your life. The countless nerves are the body’s messaging system — conveying sensations like a pain to the brain. In the case of nerve pain, the messaging system gets disturbed because of damage to the nerve from a physical injury or a disease. It is thus not easy to recognise the cause of the nerve pain. The Homeopathic medicines for nerve pain are of great help in providing relief to the patient without any side effects as these are made of natural substances. These natural remedies are given after carefully noting down the symptoms, identifying the reasons for nerve pain and extricating from the root the underlying causes of nerve pain.   homeopathic medicines for nerve pain

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Nerve Pain

1. Magnesium Phos: For Severe Nerve Pain where Warm Applications Provide Relief

Magnesium Phos is the top natural medicine to treat nerve pains. It is very beneficial in cases of severe nerve pain where warm applications or pressure provide relief to the patient. The pains are excited or worsened by cold air exposure. The nerve pain can be of shooting, cutting or stitching type. The pain is almost unbearable.

2. Hypericum: For Nerve Pain with Tingling, Burning

Hypericum is a powerful natural medicine prescribed for treating nerve pains. This medicine is best for patients who complain of tingling and burning pains in nerves. Numbness accompanies the pain at times. For nerve pain after trauma or injury, Hypericum is the best remedy. Pain in the back after spinal injuries can be wonderfully treated with this medicine. Hypericum is also very effective in treating nerve pain in fingers and toes after injury by sharp instruments like nails and needles.

3. Kalmia: For Nerve Pains with Numbness

Natural Homeopathic medicine Kalmia is the top remedy when the nerve pains are accompanied by numbness. The pains are of a shooting nature. The unique feature of pains for using this Homeopathic remedy is that the nerve pains always shoot in the downward direction.

4. Aconitum Napellus: For Nerve Pain after Sudden Exposure to Cold

Aconitum Napellus is a very beneficial natural medicine for nerve pain after sudden exposure to cold winds. The patient becomes very restless due to severe nerve pains. There is marked physical and mental anxiety. An increased thirst for cold water is always felt.

5. Belladonna: For Sudden Nerve Pain Attack

Belladonna is a natural medicine that is of great help for treating nerve pain that appears suddenly in short attacks and disappears suddenly. The nerve pain is accompanied by marked redness and heat in the body. The pains get worse by touch or noise of any kind.

6. Chamomilla: For Unbearable Nerve Pain with Irritability

Chamomilla is another top natural medicine for nerve pain. This is very beneficial for patients in whom the nerve pains are unbearable and accompanied by irritability and violent anger.

Other Important Remedies

1. Magnesium Phos and Spigelia: For Nerve Pain in Face

Magnesia Phos is one of the best natural remedies for nerve pain in face mainly on the right side. This remedy is prescribed when the nerve pain in face gets better by warm applications or pressure. Spigelia is the medicine that is considered the ideal remedy for left-side nerve pain in face. The patient who can greatly benefit from Spigelia complains of worsening of pain from touch and cold.

2. Paris Quadrifolia and Hypericum: For Nerve Pain in Shoulder and Arms

Paris Quadrifolia is the best natural medicine for nerve pain in shoulders and arm. This remedy is very beneficial for left-side nerve pain in arms. The pain is accompanied by stiffness and numbness of arm. The patient also feels weight at the back of neck. Hypericum is mainly prescribed when the nerve pain in arms is accompanied by tingling and burning sensations. Numbness can also be felt. Hypericum is also among the top remedies if the nerve pain in the arm is the result of an injury.

3. Hypericum and Causticum: For Nerve Pain in Hands due to Compression of Median Nerve

Hypericum is the best natural medicine for nerve pain in hand due to compression of the nerve. This is prescribed when the nerve pain in hand is associated with tingling and burning sensations in hand. The patient may also complain of a crawling sensation or numbness in the affected hand. Causticum is another medicine that can be given to patients who have nerve pain in hands which gets worse in cold air and better by warm application.

4. Bryonia Alba and Ranunculus Bulbosus: For Nerve Pain in Chest in Between Ribs

Bryonia Alba and Ranunculus Bulbosus are very effective natural medicines for treating nerve pain in chest. Bryonia Alba is the ideal remedy when there is a stitching type of nerve pain in the chest. The pains get worse by motion and better by taking absolute rest. Ranunculus Bulbosus is prescribed for a sore and bruised kind of nerve pain in the chest. The pains get worse on inspiration or drawing of air into the lungs. There is a cold feeling in the chest.

5. Colocynth, Magnesium Phos and Gnaphalium: For Nerve Pain in Legs

Colocynth is prescribed for left-side nerve pain in the leg. The guiding feature for its use is relief from pressure and warm applications. Magnesium Phos is a medicine that is similar to Colocynth, but is meant for right-side nerve pain in leg. The patients requiring Magnesium Phos also get relief from nerve pain of leg with warm application and pressure. Gnaphalium is the ideal remedy when the nerve pain in leg is accompanied by numbness.

6. Ranunculus Bulbosus, Mezereum and Arsenic Album: For Post-Herpetic Nerve Pain

Herpes is a skin disease in which eruptions appear onthe skin along the course of nerves with a severe nerve pain. Even when the eruptions disappear, the nerve pain persists for a long duration, which is referred to as post-herpetic nerve pain. This condition can be very effectively treated with natural medicines. Ranunculus Bulbosus is the top medicine for nerve pain after herpes. This can be used when the nerve pain gets worse by touch and atmospheric changes. Mezereum is prescribed when the nerve pain is accompanied by a burning sensation. Arsenic Album gives good results when the nerve pains are relieved by warm applications.

7. Phytolacca and Sulphur: For Nerve Pain in Feet

These medicines are considered excellent nerve damage remedies wherein Phytolacca gives excellent results when the nerve pain is felt mainly in toes. The character of pain is like electric shocks and is of a shooting nature. Sulphur is the best nerve pain relief, when the nerve pain in feet is accompanied by a hot sensation in soles. The complaint is worse at night.

8. Hypericum and Ledum Pal: For Nerve Pain due to Injuries

Hypericum is one of the best treatment for nerve pain due to injuries. This medicine is almost always used as a first line of treatment for nerve pains after injuries. This can be used in all cases of nerve pain in fingers, feet, arms and spine after injury. The injury can be due to a fall on the spine or by pointed objects like nails or needles. The pain is severe with a tingling and burning sensation. Numbness can also accompany the pain. This medicine also has the power to prevent tetanus after injuries. Ledum Pal is the ideal remedy when the nerve pain is accompanied by coldness of the affected part. Here, the nerve pain is the result of sharp-pointed instruments like nails or stings of insects.

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  1. Lori Payne says:

    Hello, I had an appendectomy and now I believe I have nerve damage from surgery….severe burning and stabbing pain
    What remedy would be best? Not sensitive to cold.

    Thank you,

    Lori Payne

  2. Mona Archuleta says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I was in bad accident in 2012 and started with 2 herniated discs L-4 and L-5. Now after all these years, all 5 discs in my Lumbar spine are herniated and I have nerve impingement at L-4 to L-5 and L-5 to S1. The specialist wants to put me on Gabapentin but I do not want to be on that strong of a medicine. Do you know of or have a homeopathic combo that would work to take care of the pain I get especially at night. I have weakness in my low back, I can no longer lift more than 10 lbs. and cannot just bend over (I have to stoop to pick things up off the floor. Most of my pain goes down my rt. leg to top of foot. I also have Osteoporosis real bad in both hips and osteopenia going up the spine into my neck along with arthritis of the spine. I do have a lot of stomach problems from a Hiatel hernia, gastritis, diverticulosis and IBS so I need something that is sublingual. I am only a 59 year old female and feel like I am 80. I can’t go on living like this. I want to enjoy my kids and grandkids again. Please help!

  3. Mrs Margaret Allen says:

    Hi, I have suffered ‘all over body’
    nerve pain for over 20 years. Doctors have never taken me seriously, they have just dismissed my symptoms every time. I am at my wits end and feel I really cannot go on like this.
    I am 67 years old.
    I’m better when I’m busy, as it keeps my mind off the constant pain. But night after night I find it impossible to sleep. I really am desperate.
    I was hit by a car about 40 years, ago, that started off a, stutter which I get especially now if I’m tired. But its getting more and more worse.
    I’m desperate. Thank you.

  4. Nazmul Ahmed says:

    I fell down from a two storied building andy feet is injured quite some time ago. Due to the injury my feet feels its burning and there is numbness below the knee. Is it some sort of nerve damage or something else?
    Any information on this subject will be extremely helpful.
    Thank you.

  5. Lauren McIntosh-Edwards says:

    Hi – I had COVID over a year ago and was hospitalized for five weeks. Since then, I have severe episodes of a burning back, forearms, and front thighs. I have them several times a day and night. I have no fever nor redness in affected areas – just unbearable burning sensation. Is there a remedy you can suggest? Thank you

  6. roy says:

    Nurve narrow due to pain hand

  7. SALEEM PIRANI says:

    My mother is 76 years old and having radiating right leg pain. Some times, She even spend night by just sitting as lying on the bed severely increases the pain. Neuro surgeons have refused to do any surgery due to age and the previous surgeries like, both knee replacments, laminactomy and left hip joint replacement. Please suggest any homeo remedy which can relief her fro this unbearable pain and situation.

  8. Teresa O Reilly says:

    My husband has trigiminal neuralgia. It’s v debilitating. He has facial pain while eating, shaving, sneezing, coughing, laughing etc.
    He needs help fast. Would magnesium phos help him?

  9. Donna Tritto says:

    My husband has been on this medication for 2 wees now. He woke up yesterday with extreme tingling all over his body. What are the side affects for this medicine?

  10. Bev Harper. For Jim says:

    My husband has had non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy for many years. It is usually pain in his right foot, but sometimes his left stump. It was probably triggered by exposure to Agent Orange in 18 months of service in Vietnam. He has had an amputation of left leg below the knee due to collapsed ankle. (Sharko) His main pain drugs were Fentenal patch and Gabapentin.. The Fentenal was recently replaced with Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen. He had a spinal stimulator put in last year with poor results. (He takes 6 other prescriptions for other conditions.) I have tried Hypericum, up to 200C, and several other remedies. . Not much help. He describes the pain as “standing in fire” or “a little guy with an icepick stabbing away”. It prevents him from sleeping, and is usually worse at night, getting more severe. Ice pack treatments sometimes help. He is 80 years old.
    I am looking for anything to give him some relief.

  11. What are the medicine for tingling in left side of head

  12. rakesh kacchwah says:

    Dear sir,

    after Post covid ,iam having sevear muscle & nerve pain throughout night i have to keeep changing my sleep position to get relive fron it .
    Post covid Symtoms.
    1)Sevear Muscle & Neve pain in body
    2)Pain in nasal cavities
    3)Burning sansation in eyes
    4) frequent memory loss.

  13. hay i have nerve pain like needle in tibia.age56.sugar patient since 15 years

  14. Hello. From Last 1 year I am suffering from nerve pain previously this pain in left side bottom to neck and head. After alophathy medicine now pain rises in neck and head same left side. Not always some time when weather changes. Kindly tell me which medicine is useful. THANKS

  15. Ajay Anand says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I have burning sensation in my thigh and butts whenever I sit on the chair for more than 30 minutes.
    It has started in Feb this year and continuing till date. I have treated in Allopathy, but it does not go completely.
    Please help.

  16. Davendra K Gupta says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma ji,
    my wife of 78 years had SHINGLES (Herpes) on the left side on the back in belt position; it is getting healed but the nerve pain is really very painful;
    Kindly advise,
    Thaks with regards,


  17. Tony Katz says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma I suffer from chronic CIDP for 5 1/2 years now and have suffered what I have been told is irreparable nerve damage the worst of my pain is usually from the knuckles to my finger tips and from my calves/ankles to my toes. Is there anything I can do or tke to help relieve the constant pain

    Thank you.

    Tony Katz

    • Samrat Som says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      I am suffering from cervical spondylosis for 3 years, symptoms include pain, spasms, numbness and tingling, sensation in fingers and toes. Also pain in ankles and knees symptoms of osteoarthritis.
      Kindly advise.
      Samrat Som

  18. L Gupta says:

    I am suffering Feet Pain for past more than 10 years. No injury, no apparent sign. It is shooting pain in toes and soles. Also feel hot sensation but may get worse with cold pad. I have tried various insoles to treat as plantar fasciitis , but of no use.
    I have tried Aconite for past 3 years with limited relief in the beginning but of no use any more. I have also tried Hyper , but no relief.
    I tried Phytolacca and Sulphur for about 15 days only but I did not feel any better. Do I need to continue Phytolacca and Sulphur for a long time to see its effect.
    Do you provide treatment over email and what will be your charges.
    L Gupta

    • Harpreet Singh Pahwa says:

      Hi Dr
      Good evening..
      Im. 70 year old., diabetic and hypertensive..
      I have great discomfort due to persistent nerves excitation in the abdominal area.. Pubic area and it extends upto the thumbs of the feet. . I don’t remember any day during last one week that I had even winked eye.
      Kindly advise.
      Thanks and warm regards..!!

  19. Kristie Daly says:

    I gave birth 6 years ago and right after I had numb feet for about 6 months to a year…it then subsided but I’m now noticing again that my toes and feet feel numb again comes and goes..
    Sometimes if I lay on my stomach and do a yoga pose to stretch using my hands to pick up my upper body it causes like a tickling feeling in my legs and feet..
    Which remedy will help these nerves heal fully ?

  20. AK Khanna says:

    Dr.Sahib, my mother is 84 years old, suffering from severe pain in right side lower back and hip extending to leg underneath.

    For last 6 months, doctor was giving a variety of pain killer and vitamins etc. Now pain has suddenly increased and and pain killers are not giving any relief.

    Kindly help Sir.


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