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Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Numbness in Feet

Numbness in feet can be occasional, momentary and short-lived in many cases eg, that arise simply from wearing shoes that are too tight, sitting on the feet or sitting cross legs for too long. While persistent and progressive numbness can arise from a number of medical conditions, it is usually the result of damage, irritation or compression of a nerve that supplies the feet. It can also result from conditions that affect the blood vessels supplying blood to the foot. Homeopathic medicines for numbness in feet help treat the condition from the root for long-term relief.        homeopathic medicines for numbness in feet

While the main cause of numbness in feet and toes is diabetic neuropathy, other reasons include herniated disc, sciatica, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury/foot injury, peripheral arterial disease, alcoholism, Guillain-barre syndrome, vasculitis, Morton’s neuroma, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and frostbite.

Symptoms of Numbness in Feet

There is little to no sensation in the feet in case of numbness. Some other symptoms that may accompany numbness are tingling, burning, crawling, prickling or pins-needles sensation in the feet and toes. In some cases, there may be a feeling of weakness in the feet. This also makes it difficult to walk because the person may be unable to properly position the foot on the ground.

Homeopathic Medicines for Numbness in Feet

Homeopathy medicines are highly effective to treat numbness in feet. These medicines treat the root cause of numbness in feet and yield great results. The topmost remedies indicated to treat numbness of feet include Agaricus, Kali Phos, Arsenic Album, Phosphorus and Hypericum.

1. Agaricus – Top Grade Medicine for Numbness and Tingling in Feet

Agaricus is a top listed medicine for treating numbness in feet. Along with numbness, formication (crawling ants sensation) and tingling sensation in the feet is present. Weakness and heaviness in the feet are also complained of. A crawling or prickling sensation in the toes also appears. Agaricus is also prominent medicine for numbness of the feet and toes linked with frostbite. Numbness of legs upon crossing them is also indicative of Agaricus use.

2. Kali Phos – For Numbness and Prickling in the Feet

Kali Phos is a Schussler’s biochemic remedy for treating nervous complaints. It is a well-indicated medicine for treating numbness in feet attended with prickling. Along with this, burning in toes and soles is present. A general prostration and debility are marked with the above symptoms.

3. Arsenic Album – For Numb, Weak, Weary Feet

Arsenic Album is the next beneficial medicine for numbness of feet. Along with numbness, weakness and weariness in feet are marked. In a few cases needing Arsenic Album, numbness of feet is accompanied with occasional pain in feet. Swelling of feet may also be noted in some cases.

4. Phosphorus – For Numbness of the Feet and Toes

Phosphorus is a valuable medicine to treat numbness of feet and toes. The toes feel as if they have fallen ‘asleep.’ The feet feel heavy as lead, and there may be clumsy movements of the feet, causing the person to make missteps when walking. Formication in feet along with a pins-and-needles sensation may also arise. Numbness with pins – and – needles sensation in the lower limbs is also characteristic to use Phosphorus.

5. Hypericum – For Numbness of Feet from Nerve Injury

Hypericum is a natural remedy prepared from the plant Hypericum Perforatum commonly known by the name of St. John’s Wort. This plant belongs to the natural order Hypericaceae. It is used to treat numbness of feet from a nerve injury. A crawling sensation in the feet is also marked. Tingling in the feet may also be present. Another accompanying feature is a burning sensation in feet. Sometimes, a sensation in the feet as if they are being pricked with needles may also appear.

6. Apis Mellifica – For Numb and Cold Feet

Apis Mellifica is helpful for numb and cold feet. The feet may feel stiff. There may be swelling of the feet, and the tip of the toes may get numb, indicating the need for this remedy.

7. Carbo Veg – For numb and sweaty feet

Carbo Veg is a valuable medicine to treat numb and sweaty feet. The sweat has a foul odor, and the feet become red and swollen. The feet feel insensible to touch and may also feel very cold during the evening. There may be numbness of thighs, particularly upon walking.

8. Alumina – For Numbness particularly around Heels

Alumina is a significant medicine for treating cases of numb feet, especially the heels. Heels feel numb on stepping. A burning sensation under the toes may appear. Heaviness in lower limbs may also be present, leading to staggering while walking. Numbness and insensibility of the legs at night along with stiffness is also a key symptom to use Alumina.

9. Sepia – For Numbness in Feet mainly the Soles

Sepia is a wonderful medicine to treat numbness in the feet, particularly the soles. A tingling sensation in the soles is prominent, and there may be swelling of the feet while sitting or standing. This sensation gets better while walking. Burning or heat in the feet appears during the night. In some cases, numbness in lower limbs with a sensation as if they have gone to sleep when walking may be present. Excessive weakness in the lower limbs is present along with the above symptoms.

10. Calcarea Carb – For Numbness of Feet in the Evening or Night

Calcarea Carb is an excellent medicine to treat numbness of feet arising majorly in the evening or during the night in bed. Coldness and dampness of the feet are present. Sweat on the feet having a sour smell is also marked.

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  1. Gopal bhalotia says:

    I am 72 year male caused cv stroke before 5 years having numbness and tilling miss steps while walking and weakness please tell how to use phosphorous

  2. Nalinikant Mishra says:

    I am a diabetic since last 10 years and taking allopathic medicine. Since last three months I felt numbness in my feet.Can it be cured through homoeopathy.Please suggest if it can be cured.

  3. shobha Tanwar says:

    I have tingling and burning in my right thigh, leg and feet. I was told that a pinched nerve in L5 is causing it. I am going to try hypericum. How and how many times a day should I take? I also had Epidural injection in my back due to back pain in September 2023. It’s after the injection I started having numbness and tingling issues.

  4. अभय कुमार सिन्हा- उम्र 80yrs. says:

    पैरो के तलवे मै जलन और सूई चुभने जैसा, नंगे पेर चलने पर लगता है जैसे मोटे गद्दे पर चल रहे हो- विशेज कर एडियो के नीचे, चुभन का अनुभव पैरो की उँगलियों में ज्यादा महसूस होना- रात्री मै इनका ज्यादा महसूस होना

  5. पैर में जलन होने लगती है।
    Medicine bataye

  6. Shiva ji Prasad says:

    Mere dono pairon ki ungaliyon me jhinjhini h Jo chalne par jyada ho jati h. Aur dono pairon me sunapan sa lagta h.


    I use Indian toilet after a few minutes both my feet become numb. Only after completion and after I get up it slowly becomes normal. It happens for my hands also while sleeping. Your advise and guidance please.

  8. Vijay Vyad says:

    I am suffering from foot drop problem . I have got numbness behind my toe, and cannot lift my foot, i have to drag while walking. Pain behind my foot fingers and surrounding. I am 69 years old male.

    • Vijay Vyas says:

      I am suffering from foot drop problem . I have got numbness behind my toe, and cannot lift my foot, i have to drag while walking. Pain behind my foot fingers and surrounding. I am 69 years old male.

  9. Akhtar Aleem Ansari says:

    I am having a burning and tingling sensation since last 2 months in my right feet only (in lower upper portion side) just below the three centre finger and that too during night time only during sleep hours.
    Please give some good homeopathic medicine.

  10. Kandasamy says:

    Dr.Sharma, I am suffering from numbness of feet while walking for 10 minutes and if I sit for 2, 3 minutes, it will be alright. Again I walk and it’s repeated. Kindly advise good Homeopathic medicine for this. Thanking you doctor.

  11. सौरभ शाक्य says:

    मेरी मम्मी का आधा शरीर सिर से पांव तक सुन्न हो गया है जिसमें झनझनाहट (चीटी के काटने जैसा) लगता रहता है इस समस्या को लगभग दो-तीन महीने हो गए हैं लेकिन अभी तक आराम नही मिला है। कोई उपचार हो तो बताए।

  12. Dr Swaroopa says:

    Numbness in the feet feels as if walking on cotton balls .Present through out the day .
    Age 59yrs old and female

  13. Judith Lyew says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I experience numbness and very cold feet – I also have burning/tingling sensation in my legs from knee down- the legs also get cold, but feel like they might be burning

    Judith Lyew

  14. Saima akram says:

    Aslam o alaikum mam
    I am from Pakistan and multiple sclerosis patient since having much numbness and tingling along with vibration. But legs strength is much less kindly suggest any good homeo madicine

  15. Hari Mohan says:

    My wife is having right side shoulder pain upto elbow from last 3 yers. Age of my wife is 67yrs.

  16. pair me jhun jhunat&handfingers mejhunjunat

  17. Due to anxiety for last 5 month I have feeling of pricking of needles in different parts of body .is their any treatment in homeopathy

  18. Shankar Velankar says:

    Numbness in feet for the last 4/5 days. Difficulty in walking . Feels that I may fall. Cannot.walk without some support. Some numbness in hand figures also.

  19. Sir iam having numbness in foot past 3 to 4 month any medicine or machine to prevent numnness

    • Shankar Velankar says:

      Numbness in feet for the last 4/5 days. Difficulty in walking . Feels that I may fall. Cannot.walk without some support. Some numbness in hand figures also.

      • having numbness in foot past 1 to 2 month any medicine or machine to prevent numnness

        • सौरभ शाक्य says:

          मेरी मम्मी का आधा शरीर सिर से पैर तक सुन्न हो गया है और सुन्न वाले हिस्से मे झनझनाहट (चीटी के काटने जैसा)लगता रहता है ।इस समस्या को लगभग दो तीन महीने हो गये हैं। कोई उपचार हो तो बताए।
          धन्यवाद ।

  20. Khalid Saeed says:

    Dear Sir.
    I have NUMBNESS in my left feet’s last two fingers and similarly in left hands last two fingers kindly advice some medicine.

    Thanks and Best Regards.
    Khalid Saeed.

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