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Restless and Painful legs at night? 6 Homeopathic Medicines That Work

Homeopathic medicines for restless leg syndrome Do you have this irritating tendency to keep twitching your leg all the time while sitting at your computer desk? Or do you suffer from this annoying habit to keep rocking your legs constantly while sitting in front of the TV at home with your spouse? This seemingly trivial annoyance may, in fact, be a medical disorder. Homeopathic medicines for restless leg syndrome provide a simple, safe and successful line of treatment to such patients as they are drawn from natural, non-toxic substances and have no side-effects. Their selection is based upon the individual constitution of the patient and customized to suit his/her unique requirements.

Restless leg syndrome refers to a condition whereby a person has an irresistible desire to move the legs to relieve discomforting sensations felt in the lower limbs. Not really a life-threatening disorder, this condition, however, could create inter-personal or social problems for the affected persons due to the annoyance or disturbance caused to people around them at home, work or public place.

Homeopathic Medicines for Restless Leg Syndrome

The various medicines used in the conventional system for treating restless leg syndrome are temporary and, beyond a point of time, they stop working and become ineffective. They also carry a risk of side- effects, including day drowsiness, fatigue, and nausea. Homeopathic mode of treatment, on the other hand, offers complete recovery from the restless leg syndrome. There is no chance of any side-effects in this mode as the medicines used are of natural origin with zero toxic effects. Homeopathic medicines help in relaxing the nervous system. The various discomforting sensations in the legs that lead to restless leg syndrome are wonderfully controlled with homeopathic medicines and the patient can thereby have a sound sleep.

1. Top Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

The highly recommended medicines for restless leg syndrome are Zincum Met, Tarentula Hispanica and Rhus Tox. Zincum Met and Tarentula are the best medicines for restless leg syndrome which disturbs the person at night. They are used when marked uneasiness in the legs is present. The person finds it impossible to relax and find a comforting place for the legs when at rest. The constant motion of legs is needed to find little relief. Rhus Tox is a wonderful remedy for restless leg syndrome when the legs are restless from an aching pain in leg muscles. It is also useful when a person finds it difficult to keep the legs in a relaxed position at night after heavy exertion during day time.

2. For Restless Leg syndrome with Marked Uneasiness at Night

Two top-notch medicines for restless leg syndrome with marked uneasiness at night are Zincum Met and Tarentula Hispanica. Persons needing these medicines have weakness, numbness, jerking and twitching of legs at night time. This is accompanied with marked uneasiness in the legs. The person constantly moves the leg in bed to relieve the numbness and weakness. The uneasiness also makes the person wake up and move constantly to ease the symptoms.

3. For Restless Leg Syndrome from Aching in Legs

 Highly suitable medicines for restless leg syndrome from aching in legs are Rhus Tox and Medorrhinum. Rhus Tox is an excellent medicine when the syndrome occurs due to aching in the legs. Along with aching, a crawling, tingling sensation may also appear in the legs. Rest worsens the symptoms. Constant motion of legs provides relief. Rhus Tox is also considered when restless legs at night appear after over-exerting activities in the daytime. And Medorrhinum is the appropriate choice when legs ache all night, with a difficulty in keeping them still even for a moment. Burning in the feet may be an accompanying symptom.

4. For Heaviness of Legs and Rigid Calf Muscles

Argentum Nitricum, Causticum, and Arsenic Album are effective homeopathic medicines for restless leg syndrome resulting from the heaviness of legs and rigid calves. Argentum Nitricum provides good relief when a person has restless legs from rigid calves. Legs feel heavy like a log of wood. Next medicine Causticum is considered when the person has a twitching sensation in the legs along with heaviness. There is a need to move the feet constantly or walk about to relax. Last medicine Causticum is needed when the legs are restless from heaviness and stiffness in the calf muscles. Along with this, there may be a complaint of an electric shock-like sensation in the legs.

5. For Restless Leg Syndrome with Iron Deficiency

Among the best medicines for restless leg syndrome from iron deficiency are Ferrum Met, Ferrum Phos, and China. These medicines are very beneficial to relieve symptoms of restless leg syndrome resulting from depleted iron reserves of the body. They ensure complete recovery in the most natural way. These medicines help a person to relax, keep their legs still and have a sound sleep.

6. For Restless Leg Syndrome with Pricking or Numbness in Feet

Kali Phos is the perfect medicine for restless leg syndrome from pricking or numbness in feet. It stands among the best remedies for restless leg syndrome resulting from peripheral neuropathy. It is considered when restless legs syndrome occurs along with a numbness or pricking sensation in the feet. The person feels exhausted. Kali Phos is also prescribed in cases where the feeling of fatigue predominates.

Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome cannot be attributed to any specific causes. A familial tendency towards developing the restless leg syndrome has been noted. Other conditions linked with restless leg syndrome are iron deficiency, varicose veins, diabetes mellitus, peripheral neuropathy, alcoholism, pregnancy.

Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

The restless leg syndrome manifests itself in a couple of ways as follows:

  • Compulsive or uncontrollable urge to move legs to get rid of various unpleasant sensations felt in the legs.
  • The various sensations vary from creeping, crawling, pin-pricking to aching and throbbing sensations.
  • The symptoms are worse at rest mainly at evening/night time, in lying or sitting position.
  • Movement, stretching, walking relieves the symptoms.
  • These symptoms make sleeping difficult at night with a resultant day- time drowsiness the following morning.

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  1. Hi Dr Sharma,
    your article is really interesting, i would like to try an homeopathic approach, when can we emeet?

  2. Shekar Chandra says:

    hi sir…. I am dr.shekar. I am a big fan of your articles sir…

  3. Bhikhu Patel says:

    Suffering with RLS for last 10years. Age 76. Uncontrollable urg to move legs to get rid of varous unplasent sensations felt in the leg.
    Symtoms are worse at night time in laying or sitting position.
    This symtoms make difficult to sleep at night.
    Now I am using following medicine for last 5 years. .
    1Pregalin sr 75.
    2. Pramipex 0.25
    3 .ativan 1 mg
    Pl. kindly Suggest appropriate and effective Homeopathy medicine .
    B. H. Patel

  4. Mohd Adnan says:

    suffering with RLS for last 5 years. Age 57. taking pramipex tab but want to drop this as it is causing me side effects. want effective homepathic medicine. please advise. living in delhi

  5. Saleem Humayou says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma , I m Saleem from USA my age 38 y I m suffering restless legs syndrome last 10 y & at the moment I’m using Gabapantene 300 also I used homeopathic R30 ointment for rub this ointment help me lot .now I need your help to solved this problem,I have a lot a problem at night I also have some iron deficiency.
    Kindly suggest me some homeopathic medicine.

  6. Alpurappa says:

    Hello Madam since last one year I am suffering from Compulsive or uncontrollable urge to move legs
    Movement, stretching, walking relieves the symptoms
    Please suggest good homeo medicine to get rid of this problem

  7. J P DWIVEDI says:

    I am suffering from RLS for the last 4 and half years. Despite various allopathy treatment, could not get permanent relief.
    Based on details available online I have purchased following homeo pathic medicine :-





    These are liquid solutions from SCHWAABE company. These I have selected based on symptoms I feel.

    Kindly suggest which one or combition should I start taking and how . I mean doses, timing etc.
    MEDORRHINUM has also been mentioned in above article. May kindly suggest about that also.

  8. I have been suffering from RLS for more than 2 years. I am currently on Ropinirole .5mg. Is there any natural treatment for severe RLS that you have had success with? I have tried magnesium, I take a lot of vitamins, and have a healthy diet. I even tried acupuncture. Nothing has worked. I’m desperate!

  9. Denise A Barry says:

    I have been suffering from RLS for more than 40 years. I am currently on Ropinirole 20 mg. Is there any natural treatment for severe RLS that you have had success with? I have tried magnesium, I take a lot of vitamins, and have a healthy diet. I even tried acupuncture. Nothing has worked. I’m desperate!

  10. Yogesh Gajanan kulkarni says:

    Dear ma’am
    I have wrist and elbow heavy stiffness at every night near 4 am and it comes down after hot bath and day condition small pain and weakness of joint plz suggest proper remedy

  11. Doctor, i hv been suffering rls since long time n couldn’t find any medicine to get rid of it… It gives me trouble to sleep at night… whenever I feel sleepy or drowsy it starts troubling me… I already tried allopathy medicine vitamin c and vitamin d too but all in vain…
    So pls suggest me medition for this…

  12. Pamela Wunderlich says:

    My dog was exposed to covid and became sick. She has now a strange ongoing problem that we believe could be restless anal syndrome as she tries and tries with no luck to eliminate and if anything comes at all it is watery and scant. I know there is a formula for restless legs syndrome and these problems are caused by nerve problem and she has now a constant urge and the veterinarian said he thought there might be irritation of a nerve near the sphincter. It is miserable for her. Do you have a remedy?
    Would the formula for restless legs work for that possibly?
    Thank you!
    She has been weak, losing weight and cannot eat much. Feels better when I walk her on the beach. Worse in the small hours of a.m.

  13. Susan Ethridge says:

    Hi, I have been taking 4 mg of Requip. It is not working like it use to. I need to take it earlier in the day and a higher dose. I don’t have burning or tingling. I have to move my legs and they twitch and jump. It is worse at night or if I have to sit still. What homeopathic medicine do you recommend?

  14. keshavbansal says:

    Respected Dr Sharma Ji
    Me Keshav Bansal age 58 years suffering from RLS for the last 15 years ,now i am taking Tab Pemipax 0.75 Mg daily at 9 Pm ,next day feeling lazy ,not fresh ,every time in wants to take short sleep but can’t due to irritation in legs even during travelling by car ,means when small sleep any time irritation starts .
    if there is any solution in Homeopathy for this i want to be relax and fresh and want to drop Premipax tab
    keshav bansal

  15. My husband has restless leg – his left leg which has a prosthetic knee. He says the feeling of the leg becoming electric and a sort of creeping insect. Its both above and below the knee and in the knee joint. The kick is automatic and not controllable. We are whole food vegans and are taking extra zinc/magnesium and B vitamins. 3 years ago he had shingles for the second time and this has resulted in PHN – which persists today. We do not drink and eat a really healthy varied unprocessed diet. We have ginger and curcumin daily and do not eat sugar or much “white” rice/pasta and also are generally gluten free. He is 77. He exercises daily – a bit of yoga and a few minutes aerobic. We go to bed at 10.30 – but it does seem as if his circadian rhythm is disturbed as he wakes up frequently and is wide awake. Any ideas?

  16. Lindsay Lockhart says:

    I have had restless legs for many years. It also happens in my arms too. I’ve been on 4mg of Requip XL for years. It is now making me sick when I take it. My restless does affect me more at night but also anytime during the day when I drive or just try to sit around and relax. Please help

  17. I experience twitching of the muscles in my arms, hands, legs during the day and from approximately 1am each night my legs are constantly moving for the rest of the night. I wake feeling fatigued for the rest of the day. Can you help please? Any advise on what to take please?

  18. I experience twitching of the muscles in my arms, hands, legs and feet from approximately 1am each night for the rest of the night.

  19. Dr. Swapan sasmal says:

    Thanks for narrating fidgety of legs covering c suitable remedy for the respective symptoms.

  20. Istimrosh khan says:

    I m 66 have surged survicle vertb 10 year ago still i m unable to walk much exer done pls advise homeo medicine

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