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Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines for Shoulder Pain

The human shoulder is made up of a shoulder joint and different muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is one of the largest joints of the body that accommodates a wide range of movements. This complex joint is highly movable but is also one of the most unstable joints in the body. Any pain arising in the shoulder joint or the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons is called shoulder pain. Homeopathic medicines for shoulder pain provide relief by stimulating the body’s natural healing process. homeopathic medicines for shoulder pain

Homeopathic Medicines for Shoulder Pain

Sanguinaria Can, Ferrum Met, Rhus Tox, Phytolacca Decandra, Colchicum Autumnale, Bryonia Alba and Ruta Graveolens are the most commonly indicated medicines for shoulder pain.
These medicines also help manage accompanying symptoms like stiffness, swelling, and tenderness. They further aim at decreasing any inflammation and help heal the muscles, tendons, and ligaments by encouraging natural healing within the body.

Natural medicines for shoulder pain are made from natural substances and do not cause any side effects. They help alleviate pain by restoring the body’s natural healing process. The most commonly used homeopathic medicines for shoulder pain include:

1. Sanguinaria Can – For Shoulder Pain on Right Side

Sanguinaria Can is the medicine indicated for shoulder pain that occurs on the right side. People who need Sanguinaria Can experience difficulty in raising the arm due to excessive shoulder pain. This pain extends to the right upper arm. Stiffness in the neck may also occur along with shoulder pain. The pain tends to get worse during night time or when turning in bed.

2. Ferrum Met – For Shoulder Pain on Left Side

Ferrum Met is a medicine indicated for treating shoulder pain on the left side. This medicine is recommended for people who experience worsening of pain due to motion and are unable to raise their arm.
Ferrum Met is used when the nature of shoulder pain is tearing, drawing or boring in nature. The pain from the shoulder may shoot down the arm. Application of warm compress over the shoulder helps relieve the pain. Other symptoms indicating the need for this medicine include cracking in shoulder joint and aggravation of the pain at night.

3. Rhus Tox – For Shoulder Pain that gets Better with Motion

Rhus Tox is a well-indicated medicine for shoulder pain in cases where motion provides relief from pain, and the pain gets worse with rest. Along with pain, stiffness, and swelling, cracking in the shoulder joint is also present. Relief through massage and warm applications on the shoulder also indicate the need for this medicine. Rhus Tox is also helpful in cases where overstraining, overstressing or injury is the cause of shoulder pain.

4. Phytolacca Decandra – For Shoulder Pain that is Shifting in Nature

Phytolacca Decandra is a medicine used for treating shoulder pain that is shifting in nature. The guiding feature that indicates the use of this medicine is pain that keeps on wandering from one shoulder-joint to the other. The pain may be shooting or electric shock-like in nature. Worsening of pain in damp weather conditions also indicate the need for this medicine.

5. Colchicum Autumnale – For Shoulder Pain from Gout

Colchicum Autumnale is a medicine used for shoulder pain that arises from gout. The shoulder joint feels stiff and hot, coupled with pain which may be stitching in nature. This medicine works well for people who complain of shoulder pain that worsens on touch; where slight touching of the shoulder results in unbearable pain.

6. Bryonia Alba – For Shoulder Pain Worse with Motion

Bryonia Alba is a medicine used for shoulder pain that gets worse with the slightest motion. The pain may also get worse with deep breathing. The shoulder can also appear shiny-red and swollen. The pain from the shoulder extends down the arm.
This medicine works in cases where resting helps ease the pain.

7. Ruta Graveolens – For Shoulder Pain due to Inflamed Tendons

Ruta Graveolens is a medicine indicated for shoulder pain due to inflamed tendons. Shoulder pain that occurs due to overstretching or injury of the shoulder tendons is also treatable with this medicine. It is used in cases where the shoulder is sore, bruised, and hanging the arms down worsens the pain. Ruta Graveolens helps reduce shoulder pain as well as the inflammation of tendons.

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  1. Sharda gupta says:

    My right shoulder is paining due to fall. I have difficulty in raising arm upside . Movement is there but pain is there

  2. Arshi khan says:

    Hlo sar mere cousin ko shoulder blade me pain h pls help

  3. P.seshagirirao says:

    Ther is left shoulder pain after electc shock .what is the homoeo drugs

  4. Gurmeet singh sarao says:

    Dr.sharma ji namashkar
    I am gurmeet singh 56 years old and i am suffering pain in my right shoulder and pain moves from neck to arm and upto my hand dr. pl. suggest me best homeopathic medicine at night time i feel more pain but day time is less i am use nonveg but no drinks thank you very much

  5. Partap Sharma says:

    I’m 66 yrs.n suffering from acute pain in left shoulder only
    while sleeping at night on left side. I can move shoulder without pain while sitting/standing. Left elbow too disturbs with pain duing sleeping hours. I m vegetarian n do some exercises and walking daily.
    Pl suggest medicine to get rid of this problem.
    Thanx in anticipation for the help.

  6. VED PRAKASH Sharma says:

    Good afternoon Dr saheb Iam 64year diabetic, Iam having left shoulder pain which goes down to muscle and some time to elbow and wrist. Pain starts in the night while at sleep, gets worse, cannot sleep, hot foment relief pain

  7. Sangeeta Agrawal says:

    Dear doctor
    Good morning
    I am having unbearable acute pain in my left hand from shoulder to elbow since last three nights. Pain starts in night. In day hours I perform all my domestic duties even cooking also. But in nights it become unbearable.
    My life style is normal and body is also normal. I have no BP and sugar.
    Please help me.
    Sangeeta Agrawal

  8. Vimala Subbiah says:

    Good morning Doctor
    I’m having shoulder pain as well low back pain for the past couple of months which makes me very much uncomfortable to do my day to day work. Please suggest how can I solve this problem. I am 72 years.. Thank you.

  9. Pragati Sharma says:

    Respected sir
    My age is 42 and I need to travel 2 times a month for about 8-9 hrs which has resulted in continuous lower back and shoulder pain .can you please suggest some not even able to sleep and move normally due to this and yes I’m fat

  10. Patrica Batten says:

    i am getting a boring pain in the back just below left shoulder. it spreads up into shoulder, into left side of neck, and down left arm to just above elbow. it is better for heat, better for rest , as long as i rest on back .

  11. N. Krishnan Iyer says:

    I am having mild bearable pain in my left shoulder for last 5 months. The pain is in the arm too muscle region. The pain is like as you have taken a penicillin injection. As per your advice above Can i mix the medicines Ferrum Met and Colchicum Autumnale medicine for this ailment? What is the dosage for Ferrum Met? And if mixed medicine is given what is the dosage?

  12. Hi my Symptom similars to medicine 1,3 and 7 for right shoulder inflammation pain . Can I take all three at the same time

  13. After receiving a pneumonia vaccination 4 months ago, my husband is still experiencing shoulder pain in his muscle when lifting it up over his head. He’s had no injury or pain prior to this. What homeopathic remedy would you try first?
    Thank you.

  14. Shahbaz ashraf says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have too much rt shoulder pain,any movement make it get more worst,so please advise me any good homeopathic remedies..
    Thank you.

  15. Jagmohan Katyal says:

    My upper arm pains when I raise it to shoulder level what medicine will suit

  16. devarsi majumder says:

    i have a right rhomboid strain and not sure if i should take bryonia or ruta gravelons it is a muscle injury. can you help to tell me which medicine i can take i am currently taking arnica 6 thanks

  17. I have pain which increases with exertion
    Pain at right arm below shoulder joint and in joint also.
    Pain goes in neck also
    Pain in left arm and shoulder joint at same places is also there but less pain
    I have a history of cervical pain and back Pain also
    I do regular exercise also but pain is off and on
    My age is 57 years

  18. Subhash Chandra kaushik says:

    Dear Sharma ! I have pain in my right elbow ,some times lifting a jug of water . I also feel pain at right knee . When I take Rhus Tox for 1/2 days , I get relief . But pain shifts to left shoulder on top point .
    ,some times it’s very painful .kindly suggest me ,I’m a visitor from India
    S C Kaushik

  19. NARINDER SINGH says:

    Dear Doctor, I am having pain in my right shoulder for past more than a year, which happened probably due to sudden jerk endured while hurling stone. Of late since past three months the pain has increased beyond tolerant limit at times. If you can suggest some medical treatment

  20. ANMOL KUMAR says:

    I am a senior citizen of 64 years. I have developed shoulder pain in my left shoulder for last few months. While I can move my arm 360 degree, there are certain painful positions. Even when in rest I feel pain. I am using heating pad for more than a month on my shoulder. While it comforts while using the pad, post heating there is no effect.
    Kindly advice.

  21. Subburaj says:

    I am 60 years old. I have left shoulder pain for the last 6 months. Pain slowly increased to left arm muscle. From rest if i stretch my hand at times I get shooting pain. After doing some hand movement like stretching and rotation gets some relief.
    Wearing of shirts and removing shirts, stretching of left hand gives severe muscle pain.
    Consulted ortho X ray taken its normal no injury.
    Doctor said its diabetic Gave paracetamal and gel while taking tab and applying gel I get temporary relief

    I am taking diabetic medicine for one year Melmet 500 mg
    Blood test report dated 02/06/20
    Fasting. 107
    PP. 166
    HbA1C. 6.5

    Kindly advise doctor

  22. I have shoulders blade pain in both of them,and also have shin pain from knee to age is 58 and no BP and no diabetes.

  23. Biswajit.S.Baidya says:

    For last one year I am suffering from right hand muscle and shoulder pain,which got due to minor injury in staircase.I have taken treatment by many alopathic doctors and most of the doctors suggest for operation.As per MRI report I am suffering from total disruption of supraspinatus on its anterior aspect near insertion site with adjacent tendon edema and subchondral hyperintense signal near attachment site noted.Subacrominal and subdeltoid bursal fluid noted suggestive of bursitis. I have taken Kalmia Latifolia,1M for 2 months but no use. waiting for your valuable suggestion and medicine.
    with regards.

  24. Navneet kumar says:

    shoulder joint pain

  25. Marcia Rigonati says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I have tendinitis on my left shoulder, my doctor prescribed a anti inflammatory and a muscle relax, but these medicines has a lot of side effects, and I am very sensitive to pharmacy medications due to my stomach, also I have tinnitus which was cause by a meloxican… I have difficult to sleep over my left shoulder due to pain. I feel that I am losing motion on my left arm. I am 59 years old and very active woman.

    Can you prescribe me something more natural?
    Thank you

  26. Sudhir kumar verma says:

    Both the shoulders having too much of pain

  27. O P Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, Here is O P Sharma, a retd Bank officer. I am suffering a left shoulder pain due to broken ligaments ( as advised by my Orthopaedic surgeon ). This pain occured since last 18 months when I played Badminton with my grand daughter and due to jerk on left side my shoulder wounded. Now I feel difficulty in sleeping on left shoulder due to pain. In hands stretching , I also feel little pain. You r requested to please advice Homeo medicine for the Same. Thanks.

  28. O P Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, Here is O P Sharma, a retd Bank officer. I am suffering a left shoulder pain due to broken ligaments ( as advised by my Orthopaedic surgeon ). This pain occured since last 18 months when I played Badminton with my grand daughter and due to jerk on left side my shoulder wounded. Now I feel difficulty in sleeping on left shoulder due to pain. In hands stretching , I also feel little pain. You r requested to please advice Homeo medicine for the Same. Thanks.

  29. Vilas Murlidhar Kadu says:

    I have pain left elbow and left shoulder with ra.kindly guide

  30. 3 days ago i found that , i feel uncomfortable when i lift my left arm . i feel pain when i try to lift my left arm on my shoulders. now lifting my left hand overhead becomes little difficult .lifting a small dumbbeel of 2.5 kg felt difficult.

  31. Dear Doctor It is me Sheereen! My stomach is in disorder. If I eat a little I feel I am full. I also feel vomiting and burden on chest. feel sore at rectum I mean urine place. some times irritation on cloca. Headache or migraine remains mostly and if some painful untoward or torturing moments occur then also this headache develops. Mostly under go constipation and leokorrhea and some times white little gel type water comes out with urine. I am also suffering from severe bach ache and lower on left side. I am also facing irregular menstruation with pain in lower abdomen mostly delayed to 2 to 3 months. They donot occur naturally. I am also having thyroid problem which is lessened to 6 point due to taking boiled water with coriander. I am also facing hair on chin and slight moustaches and black spots on cheek. I have dignosed myself as the patient of stomach disorder, and this migraine or backache or irregular menstruation or lekoria etc are due to this stomach disorder or harmone imbalace or liver disorder. Kindly guide me and tell me accurate single remedy covering all my symptoms. I considered Nux Vomica as totally fit medicine for me but the Problem is that it is for males while I am female. And it is for thin people but I am suffering from bad cholestrol, my abdomen is developed and wight put up. kindly guide me and prescribe me accurate single homeo remedy. Thanks and regards.

  32. Rajbir singh says:

    I have pain in my right shoulder for the last four months…we have shifted our residence this pain could have been by my lifting some heavy items …pain shifts at time but is generally outside upper arm …pain gets worse during night ..and am unable to sleep peacefully. I am 60 year old male height 6 ft weight 80 kg

  33. aI am suffering from Left shoulder pain and fealing stiffness in shoulder and neck .

  34. Subhash sharma says:

    Dear Doctor. Please advise medicine for the pain in both the shoulder joints. It started in right joint first and extended to my biceps muscle and forearm muscle and further to my wrist and finger muscle. It has also started in my left shoulder and further down in biceps muscle but not that sever like that of right shoulder. My shoulder bone make cracking sound when move them. One Doctor gave me Ruhstox 200 but very little relief. Please advise Medicine. Thanks and regards. Subhash Sharma. Age 70. My weight is 92 kg.

  35. Rizwana iqbal says:

    Hello dr im dr rizwana iqbal
    I want to consult you

    • Rizwana iqbal says:

      Im rizwana I want to consult about cancer
      Since two years im having a left side breast cancer
      6 o’clock hard and 3mm lymph node
      Its first stage . My breast has inverted iv taken calcariea flour
      But no releaf so plz tell me the medicine
      Thanks regarding Rizwana

  36. Nalini Kanta Mohapatra says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am 66, diabetic, taking medication for diabetes, high b.p. and cholesterol.
    Pain in right arm since six months, unable to move hand backwards pain during night while sleeping and raising hand upwards.
    Had taken Alpha-MP, no significant relief.
    No thirst and no desire to drink water. No taste in food.
    Kindly suggest a homeopathic remedy with power and frequency of taking the medication.

  37. दत्तात्रेय सिताराम जगताप says:

    हाय,माझे दोन्ही खांदे सकाळी झोपेतून ऊठल्या नंतर दाहा मिनिटे फार वेदना होतात नंतर झोपेपर्यंत नौरमल राहातात यासाठी औषध सुचवा

  38. Priyanka Paul says:

    Hi dr i am having left shoulder pain while sleeping..colar bone and hand too

    • Rajbir singh says:

      I have pain in my right shoulder for the last four months…we have shifted our residence this pain could have been by my lifting some heavy items …pain shifts at time but is generally outside upper arm …pain gets worse during night ..and am unable to sleep peacefully. I am 60 year old male height 6 ft weight 80 kg

  39. Hi Dr,

    Can you prescribe me for my left shoulder being painful especially while sleeping I feel pain, I also have pain in my left knee and hip.


    Madam, Good evening!! I have supraspinatus tendonitis is there any homeopathic treatment for the same..or as mentioned above the medicine Ruta Graveolens will work in this case what should be the power and medicine dose

  41. Mrs Meera Singh says:

    fell on slippery floor due to spillage of water on floor about three four months back hitting right side of body slightly hip then elbow finally Rt shoulder there is slight pain in bigining on every involved parts but after one week except shoulder all are vanised
    Rt shoulder jont still not ok its all arround movement of joint is not carried out at all, extreme pain is there while lifting arm front sideways and above shoulder height. Xray & MRI done no any abnormality found. Alopathic medcines physiotherpy excercises session taken but all in vein. Kindly suggest

  42. Hello Dr . Sharma

    I have pain in my left shoulder. I did the MRI. As per doctor i have infection in my left shoulder . Just he is treating me through phisio therophy. But I didn’t improve . Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine for my shoulder.

    • Age 65,house wife, no sugar but taking allopathy medicines for BP and cholesterol.Right shoulder has severe pain since 2 months and now swelling on the shoulder joint and neck & also knee pain and varicose on right side The situation aggravates after taking bath .can you suggest some medicines for me

  43. My right shoulder hurts alot. It seems to hurt more when it’s resting any suggestions?

  44. Seetharama says:

    Suffering from arthritis of left shoulder joint along with cervical spondylitis (from past 44 years) involving c5, c6, c7 and c8 vertebra. Suggest homeopathic treatment. Thanks.

  45. Varalakshmi n says:

    Hello doctor
    I have been using homeo medicines from last 25yrs.i believe fully in the effectiveness of homeo medicines.
    I have been suffering with the left side shoulder pain which extends sometimes till hip.
    What medicines can I use for the total relief
    Thank you

  46. BABULAL BISWAS says:

    Dear Mam,

    I suffering right shoulder pain since 2 month , also I have got stiffness and pain right neck before shoulder pain . Few days (15) i have taken Arnica 200 and got relief to some extent . After stopping Arnica again increases both the pain . Specially shoulder pain becomes more effecting me,

    Please suggest the right medicine for me.

    Regards ,

    Babulal Biswas.

  47. Subhash Chandra Roy says:

    Dear Doctor I feel pain in joint of left shoulder since last four years either in rest or movement. I also am diabetic since last two months and hyper tension since last 12 years

  48. Hi
    Doctor good morning

    I have problem with right solder pain and neck pain also from last 15 days

    From last two days I am getting the pain in right leg also

  49. S N MOHANTY . Mob.8249211328/ 9439205968 says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma. I am suffering pain with my left arm since last 5 days. Please advice in this respect for homeopathy medicine.Okay thanks.

  50. Dear Sir,
    i am age of 48 and having pain in my left shoilder to elbow , shifitng … took alopath treatment and gone for all test found normal.
    further advised for phyisiotherapy.. which was almost benefitted but not fully cure, still left hand action in few direction having pain in vain as feels. please advised the medecin.

  51. sabita Chakrabarti says:

    Age 65,house wife, no sugar or BP or urea. Left shoulder has pain on movement & hand cannot be taken to back side(specialist says no frozen shoulder). X Ray normal. MRI shows tear in rotar cuff tendron. Suggest a medicine & an ointment(allopath opines that surgery (stitching ) is must). She has also problem(pain ) in right shoulder & knees! Intake of food is poor, very hard working , has tension ,constipation, urine burning(slight relief with intake of water/cantharis/alkasol). Regards. Dr. B.K. Chakrabarti(science worker)

  52. shyamal kumar Roy says:

    Not just in shoulder but just below the shoulder in left hand in left face . during ups and downs not so pain but in the muscle and and at the time of movement there is pain in surroundings. l feel pain when arm is folding and support with folding arm , pain is felt when folding arm moves. sometimes feel pain in neck side and lying time when hand is moving.
    First time I feel it when I place my mobile in left hand with folding arm and work with right hand. At the time of stretches my arm in straight I felt pain just below the elbow now it is changed.

  53. My mother who is 68 years old has fallen on ground and there is filull thickness tear in sueraspinatus . ithere is gap of 20 mm. Is there any teatment in homeopathy.

  54. prakash kumar says:

    good morning sir,
    i am prakash kumar and i am currently going training in armed force.
    but from last 6 months i am having shin pain and my lower leg gets stiff after a small run and the posterior part of shin bone starts paining.
    and also my shoulders are making some kind of pop sounds everytime i do some exercise or strecth my arm.
    may i please know what should i do to cure it.
    i have 30 days leave where should i go for treatment

  55. Subhas Chandra mistry says:

    Shoulders pains starting on and from last week and some time its turns from up to lower level of the back bone of my 25 daughter.

  56. Left shoulder pain, due to working out and weights. Pushing down on weights and heard and felt a snap in left shoulder. From that moment, 2 months ago, the pain was bearable, but hold arm at should length and pushing it back, hurts now. Range of motion has diminished. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. thank you

  57. Arun Jalota says:

    I have extreme sharp pain on my left shoulder blade radiating to the top of the arm. There is slight neck pain as well. The pain gets better when I hold my arm up.

  58. ghulam abbass says:

    dear sir , i m medical doc age 59 , almost 3 months back i started pain in right shoulder , same as u said even to shake hand i take help of left hand taken allopathic mediciens . a little relief later taken bryoheam of german schawabe ,, pain in right almost gone and now shifted to left even more severe , some cracking sound also there on left now pain on left shoulder is more than right though there is pain in right but pain on left shoulder forgot left in fact both now ,, i was reading ur above medicine for left , right and shifting ,, now in fact i have in both more on left ,earerlier before bryoheam only on right , what medicine u sugges plz mail me thank usually difficult to find same page again thanks if u reply thanks

  59. sp chaurasia says:

    right shoulder pain

  60. Nurhayati says:

    Good day dr sharma. My daughter has an intermitent shoulder pain . Right shoulder to be exact. She said her shoulder felt weak and aching when doing movement. Hope to hear from you. Thank you in advance

  61. Ram Saroj says:

    Sleeping is the worst activity for me because it leads to complete dryness of my mouth,a vacuum sensation in the whole mouth with the tongue firmly stuck to the’taalu’.
    About me: age 49 , male , like cold open air .
    Chronic cough : allergic < dust,fume,cold weather/air
    hot humid air, perspiration

  62. Daniel Lenzi says:

    What do you recommend for COPD/shortness of breath

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