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Top Homeopathic Medicines that Treat Spasmodic Dysphonia

Spasmodic dysphonia is a neurological condition in which the muscles of the voice box go into spasms, and the vibration of vocal folds gets hindered. The vibration of vocal folds produces voice. When the vocal cords do not vibrate, the speech gets affected. Spasmodic dysphonia can be treated effectively with homeopathic medicines that work to treat the root cause of the problem.

Spasmodic Dysphonia homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic Remedies for Spasmodic Dysphonia.

The top homeopathic medicines used to treat spasmodic dysphonia include Stannum Met, Causticum, and Merc Sol.

Homeopathic Treatment of Spasmodic Dysphonia

Homeopathic remedies are selected as per the symptom presentation as well as the changing voice patterns in every individual case. Symptoms like hoarseness of voice, difficult speech, weak voice, shaky voice, brief vocal loss, interrupted voice, strained voice, etc., are treated very well with homeopathy.

Homeopathic Medicines for Spasmodic Dysphonia

Stannum Met – Natural Medicine for Weak Voice in Spasmodic Dysphonia

Stannum Met is an effective homeopathic medicine used to treat spasmodic dysphonia. It works well in cases where a person’s voice becomes weak, and the speech gets difficult. It is also used to treat hoarseness of voice. In some cases, Stannum Met is indicated where there are frequent episodes of loss of voice.

Causticum – Natural Remedy for Hoarse voice in Spasmodic Dysphonia

Causticum is an effective homeopathic medicine used to treat hoarseness of voice in cases of spasmodic dysphonia. The people needing Causticum mostly experience hoarseness that is prominent in the morning. Causticum is also helpful in cases where people find it hard to speak due to over-use of voice (like public speakers). It also indicated in people who experience brief periods of loss of voice due to muscle spasms.

Merc sol – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Spasmodic Dysphonia with a Shaky Voice

Merc Sol is a natural treatment for spasmodic dysphonia where the person develops a shaky voice. Speech in such cases is tremulous, difficult and impeded. Merc Sol is also indicated for broken or interrupted voice and momentary loss of voice as a result of over-straining.

Phosphorus – Homeopathic Medicine For Weak Voice in Spasmodic Dysphonia

Phosphorus works as a good treatment for spasmodic dysphonia in cases where a person has a weak voice. The person needing Phosphorus usually has a weak voice and speaks with difficulty. Other features that indicate the need for phosphorus include a hoarse voice as well as loss of voice due to prolonged speaking.

Stramonium – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Spasmodic Dysphonia with Strained Voice

Stramonium is a homeopathic remedy used to treat spasmodic dysphonia where a person has a strained voice. The straining in the voice occurs due to the exertion or strain a person puts to speak a single word. Sometimes the spasm can get so intense that the person is unable to speak at all. Stramonium is also indicated in cases where a person has an interrupted or unconnected voice.

Argentum Met – Effective Homeopathic Remedy for Spasmodic Dysphonia in cases with History of Overuse of Voice

Argentum Met is a natural medicine for spasmodic dysphonia where the person has a history of overuse of voice as in public speakers, professional singers, etc. The symptoms that indicate the use of Argentum Met in such cases is hoarseness of voice and aphonia (inability to produce voice sound). These symptoms worsen for speaking for long hours.

Types of Spasmodic Dysphonia

There are three types of spasmodic dysphonia:

Adductor spasmodic dysphonia – The muscle spasm causes the vocal cords to close and stiffen. It results in a tight/ strained / strangled voice full of effort or difficulty to start a sentence.

Abductor spasmodic dysphonia – The muscle spasm causes vocal cords to stay open, and they cannot vibrate because they are too far. In such cases, the voice sounds weak.

Mixed spasmodic dysphonia – Both the muscles that open and close the vocal folds fail to work properly. In such cases, symptoms of both adductor and abductor spasmodic dysphonia appear.

Symptoms of Spasmodic Dysphonia

The symptoms of spasmodic dysphonia mainly are reflected in the form of changed voice quality and difficulty with speech. Symptoms of spasmodic dysphonia may include a hoarse voice, strained/ strangled voice, weak voice, interruptions or breaks in voice and in some cases, brief loss of voice. Some people with spasmodic dysphonia may also have a vocal tremor that causes the voice to shake.

These symptoms may vary from mild to severe. Tiredness and stress tend to worsen the symptoms. The voice changes are present only when a person is speaking in a normal tone and not while laughing, crying, screaming, shouting or singing.

Causes of Spasmodic Dysphonia

The reason behind spasmodic dysphonia is not clearly understood. However, it is believed that abnormal functioning of a part of the nervous system (known as basal ganglia) is responsible for coordinating muscle movements is involved. Women are more affected by spasmodic dysphonia than men.
Some associated risk factors include overuse of the voice, injury to the voice box (larynx), URTI (upper respiratory tract infections), autoimmune disorders and emotional stress.

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  1. FAIZAN AHMED says:

    Hi – Namaskar & Namastae & Salam
    Dear and Respected Dr. Sharma ,

    My father had a stroke 03-04 years back and lost his speech power, it was very bad at first but slowly it is coming back with a tortoise speed. He is a very knowledgeable personality and always talking and addressing to the people , giving lectures etc. but now he lost all that power. Very hard to understand sometimes, not able to complete the sentence sometimes. Seems like he is whispering or hoarse voice . Doctors say that there is a little clot in his head due to the stroke he got a while ago, so they are hesitant to do even his heart operation. Someone suggested to do Hijama on the head and one of the impacted shoulders which he moves with hard effort. What do you think and suggest the medicine?
    My father is also a homeopathic doctor (not doing practice anymore) but your suggestions will help us a lot. He is in depression mode, a person always talking and addressing the community. He bitterly needs his voice back, Can you suggest something ?

  2. Dr.B.Sarala says:

    I am suffering from abductor Spasmodic Dysphonia. Taking Botoxin injections with minor dose. Not improving my voice. How to improve my voice?. Doctor says both vocal cards are paralyzed and also suffering from Spasmodic Dysphonia. How I contact to you? Give me best treatment for getting my original voice.
    Thanking you.

  3. Honey kansal says:

    Hlo sir
    meri 2 month se awaaz nhi nikal pa rhi db jaati ha,kbhi kbhi niklti ho nhi,hwa bahar ati hai ,agar bolne ki koshish krta hu toh pet se leke gle ka jor lgta hai
    check up krvaya tha dr se dysphonia bta rhe hai , vocal cord kaam nhi kr rha ek bta rhe hai
    toh sir plzz help me

  4. I have spasmodic dysphonia and muscle tension dysphonia for about 1 yr. I started to have speech after a Botox injection and speech therapy but still struggle to speak…what can I do to get my full voice back?

  5. Sylvia Cheek says:

    Do you have a nutrient complex for mixed SD? I’ve exhausted my options after coping with SD for over
    50 yrs. Problem has severely limited my life. Years of speech therapy, botox and alternates
    haven’t cured or fixed it. I’m a very attractive 78 yo who has worked in the shadows because of
    this curse. Botox worked for awhile but now only get a result one out of 5 treatments, and it’s minor. What would you suggest?

  6. Sanjit das says:

    Hello dr sharma

    I am a patient of spasmodic dysphonia since last 24years I have visited so many doctors but there is no accurate result currently I am consuming stannum 30 and stramonium 30 since 45days but still also there is no good result please suggest me some medicine of your’s

  7. Susan Dimonte says:

    What is the best treatment for spasmodic dysphonia?

  8. Daubert Vermeulen says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia last year, but have been having the symptoms for many years now. I am based in South Africa and was wondering how homeopathy might be able to assist with SD.

    Thank you

    • Dear Dr,I have been diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia recently.Actually I am having the symptoms from last 3 years.But now only get to know the real prob.I took Botox injection too (last month)…But I have no changes still.Plz help me with your suggestion 🙏🏻

  9. Joy Cristal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma! I am from the Philippines and I was recently diagnosed to have Spasmodic Dysphonia. Based on the information I’ve found here, I have mixed Spasmodic Dysphonia. My symptoms started last summer of 2021 and due to the pandemic I was unable to have a medical check- up. From my conversation with my doctor, there is no cure for Spasmodic Dysphonia although management is possible and temporary treatment may be available. I am continuing to search for better possibilities. How can homeopathy trat my condition? Thank you so much!

  10. Mary AnnBailey says:

    I’ve been taking Botox injections for over two years every two months. There is some improvement. Not much to me. I’m tired of these injections. Can I find these natural herbs in health food stores. Which is best. HELP

  11. smita poddar says:

    My husband has a stoke 3 months ago after which his voice was hoarse and weak but speech was ok. A week back his voice came back to full strength and now has gone again to a complete whisper. What should he do? And why did his voice that recovered go back to this state?

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