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Top 5 Homeopathic medicines for Tourette Syndrome

homeopathic remedies for tourette's syndromeTourette’s Syndrome is a condition which causes involuntary motor tics and vocal tics. Tics, the primary symptom of this syndrome, are quick, habitual, non-rhythmic, spasmodic contractions/movements of muscles or vocalization that occur repeatedly and are not caused by any other disease or drug abuse. Motor tics observed as a part of the syndrome include nose twitching, eye blinking, head shaking, shrugging of shoulders, and touching/ smelling objects. Homeopathy remedies for motor tics include medicines like Agaricus Muscaris. Vocal tics, on the other hand, include actions like throat clearing, grunting, sniffing, saying obscene words and repeating a word or phrase. Homeopathy remedies for vocal tics include medicines like Stramonium. Some tics are preceded by an uncomfortable sensation known as a premonitory urge. These sensations include itching, tingling, a build-up of tension, etc. that gets released once a particular movement or sound has been actively made. Homeopathic Remedies for Tourette’s Syndrome help reduce the severity and occurrence of the symptoms while treating the condition on a long-term basis.
Tics can be suppressed for a while but cannot be contained; the patient needs to express them eventually. The intensity of these tics varies from mild to severe and may become worse with factors like stress, anxiety, and fatigue. In some cases, headache and muscle strain or soreness may also occur along with the tics. Their occurrence follows a waning and waxing pattern and the type, frequency and severity tend to vary from person to person. The tics tend to be worse during the early teens and improve towards late teens.

Homeopathic Remedies for Tourette’s Syndrome

1. Agaricus Muscaris – For Tourette’s Syndrome with Motor Tics

Twitching and trembling are the main indicative features that indicate the use of Agaricus, a top remedy for motor tics. It is used in cases where there are marked motor tics like eye twitching, facial twitching, shaking of legs, jerking of the head, etc. The twitching typically stops during sleep. There is a trembling sensation in the lips and the lower jaw area. Twitching of hands gets better while doing manual work. The child tends to have quick and hurried movements of the upper limbs. There may be jerking motions of legs. It is a homeopathic treatment for twitching and is recommended to cure tics in kids who are hyperactive and clumsy without any fear of danger.

Key indications for using Agaricus Muscaris in Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Twitching and hurried movement
  • Trembling of the lower jaw area
  • Hyperactivity and clumsiness

2. Stramonium – For Tourette’s Syndrome with Vocal Tics

Stramonium is a medicine used to treat frequent vocal tics where the child tends to babble all the time. Irrelevant and endless talking, stammering, and spasmodic dysphonia (hoarseness of voice) are some symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine. Along with vocal tics, this medicine also works on muscles used for locomotion. Motor tics like twitching of hands, clapping hands overhead, shutting and an opening of hands also indicate the need for this medicine.

Key indications for using Stramonium

  • Frequent vocal tics (like babbling)
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Use of hands indicating motor tics

3. Hyoscyamus Niger – For Tourette’s Syndrome – Tics

Hyoscyamus Nigera is a medicine used in cases where the tics are in the form of facial grimaces, touching things, rubbing genitalia, and making obscene gestures. The child can think but is not able to answer questions appropriately. Muttering of absurd things to and a constant unintelligible chattering along with a desire to be naked are the main symptoms indicating the need for this medicine. The child may also show irrelevant and frequent outbursts of laughter.

Key indications for using Hyoscyamus Niger in Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Grimacing
  • Unintelligible Chattering
  • Nakedness

4. Zincum Metallicum – For Tourette’s Syndrome with Fidgeting

Zincum Metallicum is a medicine that plays an essential role in muscle control and coordination. Fidgeting of lower extremities, a restlessness of legs, keeping feet in constant motion, jerking of the body, and trembling of hands while writing are the symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine. Zincum is also used to treat Echolalia, where the child repeats everything said to him. It is also used to treat spasmodic twitching of the face, rolling of the head, and grinding of teeth.

Key indications to use Zincum Metallicum in Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Fidgeting
  • Grinding Teeth
  • Echolalia

5. Argentum Nitricum – For Tics due to Anxiety

Argentum is a medicine used to treat cases where the tics are typically worse when a person experiences anxiety. The medicine eases anxiousness and nervousness in kids and is helpful in cases where there is a loss of voluntary control of muscles, and trembling of body parts. Trembling of hands that makes writing difficult, trembling of legs and balance issues, unsteady walking when unobserved and impulsiveness in children are some symptoms. An extreme desire for sweets may also be present.

Key indications for using Argentum Nitricum in Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Tics worse during anxiety
  • Trembling of hands and legs
  • Desire for sweets

Management of Tourette’s Syndrome

Therapies to Manage Uncontrollable Tics

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This can help an individual identify the factors that trigger the tics. This can also be helpful for individuals who have difficulty with learning and socializing.

2. Habit Reversal Training: This therapy includes activities which help an individual reverse the action of the tics. For example, a person may choose to smile when a tic to frown is triggered.

Supplements to use for Tourette’s Syndrome 

Magnesium: Magnesium as an element works well for the central nervous system and improves the function of the muscular system. Low levels of magnesium also make an individual vulnerable to anxiety and depression (both are common triggering factors for tics). Therefore, a diet rich in magnesium can help manage Tourette’s syndrome.

A diet rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin B12 can also help control both motor and vocal tics in children.

Foods to Avoid in Tourette’s Syndrome

Avoiding food items one is allergic to can be of great help. Avoiding dairy products, especially if there is a sensitivity towards milk and dairy products can help reduce the recurrence of tics. The protein ‘casein’ found in milk and dairy products is found to be the main culprit for an increase in the occurrence of these tics. A casein-free diet can help control the tics.

Similarly, a gluten-free diet has also shown to reduce the motor tics and behavior issues associated with Tourette’s syndrome.

Lifestyle Management for Tourette’s Syndrome 

Exercise or indulging in relaxing activities (Yoga, meditation, etc.) can help soothe the child and reduce the intensity and frequency of tics. Environment and allergens play an important role in triggering tics. These should be identified and avoided as far as possible.

Types of TICS Disorders

As per the DSM – 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) classification of the tics disorders is as follows:

  • Tourette Syndrome
  • Persistent motor or vocal disorder
  • Provisional tics disorder
  • Other specified or unspecified tics disorder

Diagnostic Criteria for Tourette Syndrome

Tourette’s syndrome is diagnosed on the basis of three factors:

  • Presence of motor or vocal tics
  • Duration of tics
  • Age of onset
  • An absence of any other cause which can cause tics (any drug/substance/medical condition)

Tourette’s Syndrome is diagnosed through specific criteria.
There should be multiple motor tics (two or more than two motor tics) and at least one vocal tic. These both may happen at the same time or occur individually. The intensity and frequency of these tics can vary. But for a diagnosis, they should be present for at least one year. Another important factor for diagnosis is the age. The tics must be onset before the age of 18 years, and they most commonly occur between the age group of 4-6 years.

In a persistent motor or vocal disorder, or chronic tics disorder, there is a presence of either motor tics or vocal tics (single or multiple, there can be a presence of one or more than one motor or vocal tics). But unlike Tourette’s, there will be either of the tics present, not both vocal or motor tics. Again, the duration of symptoms has to be at least one year, and the age of onset should be before 18 years.

Under provisional tics disorder, there can be single or multiple, vocal or motor tics, or both. But, here the duration of tics lasts less than one year. The age of onset has to be less than 18 years.

Causes of Tourette’s Syndrome

The underlying causes of Tourette syndrome are still unknown. However, it is believed that a combination of genetic and environmental factors tend to play a role here. A child with a family history of Tourette syndrome or any other tic-related disorder is at an increased risk of developing the syndrome. In general, it affects more males than females.

Conditions associated with Tourette’s Syndrome:

  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Learning disabilities

Tourette’s Syndrome: Symptoms

Tics are the most common symptoms observed in Tourette’s. There can be motor tics, vocal tics or both. The tics are usually worse during the period of anxiety, excitement, sleeplessness or exhaustion. There can be a feeling specific feeling preceding the actual tic like the sensation of itching.
There are major two types of tics – simple or complex.

Simple tics are shorter in duration and may last for milliseconds.

Examples of simple motor tics include:

  • Eye Blinking
  • Eye darting
  • Head jerking
  • Twitching of lips
  • Facial Grimacing
  • Shoulder shrugging
  • Neck jerking

Examples of simple vocal tics:

  • Coughing
  • Sniffing
  • Throat Clearing
  • Grunting
  • Spitting
  • Whistling
  • Shouting

Complex tics usually last longer in duration, generally for more than a second. These can be a combination of two or more simple tics.

Examples of complex motor tics include:

  • Touching the nose
  • Touching people
  • Jumping
  • Head shaking
  • Echopraxia (Involuntary repetition of another person’s action)

Examples of complex vocal tics include:

  • Stuttering
  • Involuntary Swearing
  • Palilalia(Repeating own words/phrases
  • Echolalia (Repeating others sentences)
  • Speaking obscene words or phrases

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  1. Barbara Bullen says:

    My granddaughter aged 15 has Tourettes, head jerking, face grimaces, shouting out inappropriate things but recently when she tics she falls to the ground which has meant whilst at school she is in a wheelchair for most of the day

  2. My grandson has started in with severe throat clearing tics. Where can I find these treatments and how should they be given?

    Thank you for listening.

  3. My 9 years old daughter is experiencing tics

  4. MaryMottram says:

    I’m in the uk. My 16 year old has

    Ehlers danlos syndrome
    Anxiety and depression
    Transgender (non binary)

    Born female, Theo has developed tics around June 9then aged 15). Theo was on atomoxetine for the treatment of ADHD (their choice) and a couple of months in the severe (probably Tourette’s) tics developed. Initially we thought that the tics were a result of the medication, however, following the instant removal of it, Theo’s tics have not subsided or stopped. They have a referral to the neurologist to investigate both Tourette’s and epilepsy but we are still waiting to her from them.

    Theo has always had tics, but given the amount of things they have been dealing with, I didn’t think they were significant enough to worry about. I was also of the opinion that many children do have tics (and adults).
    Theo’s tics are both complex and simple. Motor tics involving the neck, shoulder, head and arm (no tics thus far in the lower body). Theo exhibits jerking and twisting and hitting themselves in the face and chest. They are painful and when they occur (30-40 mis duration or more); Theo is incapacitated and unable to do anything other than letting the tics run their course. The complex tics result in tic attacks every two to three days.

    Theo also has daily tics ongoing thought out the day: these tics include swearing, rude hand gestures, popping sounds, repeating phrases, siren/ kettle boiling noises, pointing in faces, clicking, throwing and so on.

    Theo has vitamins B12, fish oils, and magnesium as well as other supplements. I don’t believe these have made any difference to the Tourette’s (however, they have made a difference to the EDS).

    I would be grateful for any homeopathic advice and dosages as I am willing to try all avenues

  5. Margaret Chiosi says:

    My son has horrendous tourettes which include include tapping other people’s heads and severe copralia when with the family especially.

  6. Shanthini Prakash says:

    Hello dr !! This is shanthini Prakash from India . My son has got Tourette syndrome since 4 years . He is 10 1/2 years old . We have been taking Homeopathy treatment for the past 3 years . The effect is highly variable . Sometimes the tic would be reduced to 10% and after few months it would go back to 95% . This is what was happening last 3 years . other than this he is perfectly a normal child with high IQ level . Pls help with me with this situation.

    Shanthini Prakash

  7. My son has a nose scrunching tic. What do you recommend? Thanks so much!

  8. Simple tics are shorter in duration and may last for milliseconds.
    dear sir.i believe in homeopathy so plz you suggest me which medicine will work …
    my son s problem he is 37 years …old
    nd problem is increaseing day by day
    Examples of simple motor tics include:

    Eye Blinking
    Eye darting
    Head jerking
    Twitching of lips
    Facial Grimacing
    Shoulder shrugging
    Neck jerking

  9. Suraya Adam says:

    Hi Dr Sharma I’ve had tourettes since I was 4 and I think it was due to watching TV at an early age as I grew older it progressed from tics to grinding teeth head jerking swearing shouting practically almost everything associated with tourettes. I had been to a doctor in 1984 when I was 8 and he said due to the flashing changes on the TV screen it caused me to react negatively. My dad also has tourettes but it started a couple of years after I was born.
    I had been to a doctor when I was in my 20s but he couldn’t diagnose what I had and I don’t think he knew about tourettes neither did I as I had only found out about this syndrome 8 yrs ago. This doctor I went to made me feel very uncomfortable and it was embarrassing and I have not been to a doctor since. I have managed to control my tics but as I’m getting older it’s becoming harder. I did take bio strath for a while and my tics stopped for about 2 weeks. Is there a herbal remedy that can help lessen my symptoms please help, and note I am now 44 yrs old thank u

  10. Hi Dr Sharma, I am wondering if you could recommend any remedies for my 14hr old daughter . When she was 6 she started with what was diagnosed then as Tourette’s . It came on after she got several vaccines at once. Around 10 it all went away. We have not in that time vaccinated her. In our state the meningitis vaccine is supposed to be given at 14. My pediatrician really pushed this one. We had my daughter receive menactra last October and she has been ticcing since then 🙁 mostly upper body tics. Teeth slamming, head nodding and shoulder jerks. Any help would be appreciated .

  11. Hello Dr I am. Writing on behalf of a 28 yr old patient who suffers from severe headaches and muscle aches which can only be directly linked with tics. He has objections to medications helping the disorder and refuses even OTC pain medication.
    I have read your brilliant article on your homeopathic remedies and would like to know if there is anything moving forward that would help eliminate his discomfort
    Thank you for your time

  12. Sir
    I am 24 year old I am having tics for past 3 years symptoms like like Grunting, Shoulder shrugging. Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment for this symptoms.

    Rajath Jain
    e mail:

  13. Sarah D Ravotto says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I just came across this page while looking for homeopathic remedies for my husband. About a year ago he started exhibiting Tourette’s like symptoms- making a grunt/yell type of noise randomly, it has progressed to a neck twitch and sometimes a shoulder/left arm jerk with the noise. He suffers from ADHD, Anxiety disorder, PTSD, and night terrors. We are expecting a baby girl in a few weeks and he wants to put the night terrors and panicked as well as tics behind him without using medication. Do you have any advice?

    Thank you Sincerely,

  14. rose favell says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma

    My son is 12 years old and was diagnosed with tics and tourettes when he was 7. It started with motor tics which could mainly be controlled with avoiding sugar, colours, gluten and limiting dairy and screens.
    Nowadays he has vocal tics/coprolalia whenever something (mainly me) annoys him/gets on his nerves and explosive anger. He is intense and often talks incessantly. He can still manage to suppress his behaviour with others, which means it all comes out at home. When calm, he is great! A big problem is ocd. This comes and goes. He carries out a lot of rituals before cleaning teeth, getting dressed, leaving the house etc. He fears that if he doesn’t do it then something bad will happen.
    Please could you help?

  15. Nadeem Khalid wathra says:

    Dear doctor, my child is jerking his neck from last two weeks, last month he started to blink his eyes , now jerking neck,he is aggressive in behaviour, please guide us & tell about medicine to treat him,
    We will be very thankful to you,
    Nadeem khalid

  16. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I wonder if you could help me my 13 year old daughter has been diagnosed with severe tic disorder from the age of 4 she has simple motor tics , blinking squinting and a slight twitch in her head and vocal tic were she constantly clears her throat I know she also talks very fast too I was wondering if there was a homeopathic medicine that can help alleviate her symptoms as I don’t want to go down the root of chemical medication, she also has issues with her anger too kindest regards Nicola Young.

    • Sia Kupfer says:

      My son is 8 years old and has non stop head jerking and twitching. He’s had this tic for over 8 months. What is the homeopathic remedy for this and what’s your success rate?

      • Sandhya Singh says:

        daughter is9 and 1/2 year old and has head jerking .l am very worried about her.she had this last one week.what is the homeopathic remedy for this and what’s your success rate.

    • Hello Dr Sharma
      My 13 year old son has had tics on and off since he was about 4. They would come and go. However he now has full blown Tourette’s which were diagnosed 6 months ago. His main tic at the moment is throat clearing which is relentless and causing him real distress at times. He also has a stretching/rolling his eye tic and makes peeping noises. Any remedies and advise to help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

  17. Hello.from Greece.Please listen our problem .my son is 21 years old a very intelligent boy .very good boy he has a tic with his neck two years now it start for one .two months stop and again his therapy last year it was phosphorous it stopped and again now IDo you think he needs another medicine?

  18. julie dunn says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    my son has had Tourette’s since the age of 10 and is now 21. he has tried drugs from gp 6 years ago and didn’t like the feeling. lately he meditates and has tried cbd oil hypnotherapy and suppliments from the b family. non of which makes much difference. I am about to buy a heavy metal detox supplement to try. could you suggest anything from the above list also? he has vocal tics like coughing and sniffing or humming. not shouting words at all. he also kicks and stretches his neck and face.

    • Hi dr Sharma
      My name is Jasmeet i am suffering from Tourette syndrome when i was 10 years old now i m 30 and i have tried a lots of Ayurveda also along with my other medications now it’s getting worst with no improvement but somebody recommended Homeopathic treatment so i checked online i found ur webpage ow i want to know that can you cure my problem please let me know first because i am tired of trying lots of things thanks waiting for your answer i have hearda lot about homepathy that it can cure anything

  19. Good post my weight is increasing

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