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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Uterine Prolapse

The slipping out of the uterus — the womb or child-bearing organ — into the vagina is referred to as a prolapsed uterus. The reason behind Uterine Prolapse is weakened muscles and ligaments that keep the uterus in place. The muscles get weakened because of various reasons. It could be after vaginal delivery, after menopause, because of heavy weightlifting, obesity, chronic cough, chronic constipation or pelvic tumors. All these factors result in the uterus getting displaced from the normal position, leading to prolapse. A prolapsed uterus results in symptoms like heaviness in the pelvic region, bearing down in the pelvis, urine retention or involuntary passage of urine and bowel symptoms like constipation, or the frequent urge to pass stool or poop. Homeopathic remedies for uterine prolapse can provide complete cure for the condition and the remedies, which are totally safe with zero side effects, can be really beneficial for the treatment of Uterine Prolapse.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Uterine Prolapse

Homeopathic Remedies for Uterine Prolapse

Uterine Prolapse can be completely treated with the help of Homeopathy medicines. The medicines, which are made from natural substances, help in providing strength to the loose and weak muscular and ligament structure of the pelvis. As the muscles and ligaments regain strength, they tighten, pull back and hold the uterus at its proper place. Homeopathy remedies for Uterine prolapse can cure the early stages of Uterine Prolapse but in the last degree cases of Uterine Prolapse when the whole uterus comes out of the vagina, surgical intervention is the only way out. Sepia, Lilium Tigrinum, Murex, Lappa Articuma, Fraxinus Americana, Podophyllum, Helonias and Rhus Tox are the top remedies.

1. Sepia: Top Remedy for a Prolapsed Uterus

Sepia is a natural medicine that is highly efficient in treating Uterine Prolapse. Sepia is considered the best medicine for the cure of a prolapsed uterus. Go for this medicine if you experience a constant bearing down sensation in the pelvic region — that is, feeling the sensation as if the uterus is dragging in the downward direction and is about to come out. Crossing the lower limbs may prove slightly helpful to decrease the bearing down sensation. A few women with a prolapsed uterus also suffer from vaginal discharge with itching and such patients can also recover with the use of Sepia. This medicine yields excellent results in women at a menopausal age where the womb is in a relaxed condition with weak muscle support. Uterine Prolapse at menopause may be accompanied by hot flushes with excessive sweating.

2. Lilium Tigrinum: For Uterine Prolapse with Constant Urge to Pass Urine or Stool

Lilium Tigrinum is the second best medicine after Sepia that proves effective in the treatment of a prolapsed uterus. This remedy is very beneficial in women suffering from Uterine Prolapse who have the constant urge to pass urine or stool. This is most of the times accompanied by a distended feeling in the pelvis. Women requiring Lilium Tigrinum also feel a dragging sensation in the pelvis. Supporting the vulva or taking rest brings about a slight relief in the dragging sensation. Lilium Tigrinum can also be used where the muscle supporting the uterus lacks the required tonicity, resulting in a displaced (retroverted or uterus tilted backward) or a prolapsed uterus.

3. Murex: For Bulky, Enlarged Uterus, or Uterus pushed out of Pelvis

Murex is of great help where the uterus is bulky, enlarged and is pushed out of the pelvis. Women experience a bearing down feeling in the pelvis and need to tightly cross legs to prevent the bearing down sensation. Murex also proves useful in decreasing the pain during periods due to a displaced uterus. In case of an inflammatory condition of the uterus due to a prolapsed uterus, Lilium Tigrinum can be helpful. If the patient has an enhanced sexual desire, then it confirms the use of this medicine.

4. Lappa Arcticuma: Excellent Remedy for Uterine Prolapse

Lappa Arcticum is a rare and lesser known medicine but its use can work wonders in treating Uterine Prolapse. Lappa Arcticum can be used in all those cases where the muscles, ligaments and the tissues in pelvis lack tonicity and are relaxed to a greater extent, resulting in a displaced or prolapsed womb. Here, Lappa Arcticum is of great help in providing the tonicity in pelvic tissue. The woman may also feel soreness in the uterine region. The woman feels worsening of symptoms on walking and standing.

5. Fraxinus Americana: For Uterine Prolapse with Tumor

Fraxinus Americana is a rare medicine that can be used when tumors like fibroid uterus are associated with uterine prolapse. The uterus is also enlarged. Bearing down pains in the pelvis are always present.

6. For Uterine Prolapse after delivery

After a vaginal delivery, the uterus can prolapse due to trauma and overstretching of muscle support in the pelvis, that holds the womb in an accurate position. Such cases of Uterine Prolapse following vaginal delivery can be treated with medicines Podophyllum, Sepia, Helonias and Rhus Tox. The choice of medicine out of these is made only after a complete case study of the patient.

7. For Prolapse Resulting from Lifting Heavy Weights

Rhus Tox and Calcarea Carb are equally good medicines for Uterine Prolapse after lifting heavy weights. Again, the selection of medicines is solely made as per the individual case.

8. For Bladder and Bowel Complaints with Uterine Prolapse

A prolapsed and displaced uterus can result in bladder and bowel symptoms. The bowel symptoms include a constant urge to pass stool or constipation. The bladder symptom is mainly the involuntary passage of urine. To cure the constant urge to go to the toilet and pass stool, Nux Vomica is of great help. For treating constipation due to a prolapsed uterus, Stannum is very beneficial. For treating the involuntary passage of urine due to Uterine Prolapse, Ferrum Lodatum is an ideal medicine.

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  1. Pregnancy ke dayi ne maalish ki thi , jiski vajah se bachchedani apni jagah se alag ho gayi thi ur aksar neeche ki taraf khisak jati , jis se pet me gas ki problem ur kamar ur pairo me bahut dard rahta hai, saath hi physical relation banate time bhi kaafi dard hota hai jis se relation bhi bana hi nahi paati hu. Please mujhe advice de ki kya meri bachchedani fir se apni jagah par fix ho jayegi ur iske liye kaun si homeopathic medicine mai use karu

  2. Donna Canchola says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma,

    I am a healthy 69 year old woman with no medical conditions. I have 2 bouts of a stomach virus the last one I had a lot of diarrhea. I had some minor blood discharge which I thought was from my hemorrhoids (got after giving birth) I started having mild pain like I was having menstrual cramps. I examined my vagina and felt a bulge. It is about 2-3 inches from the opening. I am very active working out classes at the Y 3 times a week. Barre class with 3lbs weight and Zumba toning class 3lbs weights. After reviewing the article about I am thinking of using Silica and going to start doing some pelvic floor exercises. I haven’t been to any GYNO because I moved and don’t have a dr plus I don’t want to have surgery if at all possible.

    Would you recommend any other homeopathic medicine I could use?

    Thanks so much
    Donna Canchola

  3. Vibhakar Chaturvedi says:

    Hi Doc
    My wife has the problem of uterine prolapse. She is 71 yrs old.
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  4. Shweta kumari says:

    I am 36 years old mother of one year months old baby. I had vaginal delivery. Later i have developed uterine prolapse.. Pkease guide. I am working in bank.

  5. Neela Sonu says:

    I am suffering from utrinal prolapse .My age is 61.My period closes for the last 9 years But since last 3years I am having spotting at any time Sometimes in a week or in day also Doctor suggested me to go for a surgery And they will repair my protakinglapse also. I am taking homeopathy medicine since last 2years but no improvement.Kidly suggest should I go for a surgery or not?

  6. Shyam narayan giri says:

    बचा दानी से हमेशा मोटा सारा होना एक दो बार.

  7. Shyam narayan giri says:

    बचा दानी से हमेशा मोटा सारा होना एक दो बार

    • Hey. I want to know. I am of 26 age . I have 3rd degree prolapse and I am suffering constipation a. I experience delivery before 6weeks before. Kindly Tell me medicine for this purpose

  8. Rabia RAzzaq says:

    Hye i want to know i am of 26 years and i have 3rd degree prolapse and i am suffering from constipation for long
    Please subsribe me a medicine

  9. Hello, I just had a vaginal delivery and it feels like something is going to fall out of my pelvis or vagina, my tailbone aches, and my pelvis bone aches / there is a sharp pain when I’m walking / standing. If I put pressure on my pelvis bone, the pain subsides.

  10. Sakina Najmuddin says:

    Hello doctor Sharma.
    I am 30 years old and currently 4 months pregnant.
    I am facing labour like contractions in and spotting.
    Last pregnancy I lost my baby at 20 weeks due to such contractions. Can you please help what to do to save my pregnancy.
    Thank you so much.

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