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Natural Homeopathic Treatment of Vocal Cord Nodules

Vocal cord nodules refer to painless, hard, callus growths that form on the vocal cords. These nodules are benign (i.e., non-cancerous). Vocal cord nodules usually appear in pairs, typically in the midline with one node forming on each of the vocal cords. Homeopathic medicines for vocal cord nodules provide symptomatic relief and help reduce the size of the nodules with time. Cuasticum, Phosphorous, and Belladonna are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat vocal cord nodules.

homeopathy vocal cord nodules

Homeopathic medicines for vocal cord nodules.

Vocal cords are a pair of band-like elastic muscle tissues. They lie within the larynx, i.e., the voice box at the top of the trachea. They function to regulate airflow into the lungs, protect the airway from choking and for voice production. They open (abduct) during air inhalation and close (adduct) during swallowing and voice production. In the initial stages, there appears redness and swelling of the vocal cords. With time the swelling turns into a hard lump or node over the vocal cords. They are also known as singers’ nodules. Formation of nodules on the vocal cords interferes with voice production and leads to variable changes in voice.

Homeopathic Treatment of Vocal Cord Nodules

The Homeopathic system of medicine carries a good scope to treat vocal cord nodules. They can help provide symptomatic relief, and also help reduce the size of these nodules gradually. Homeopathic medicines also aim to treat the underlying conditions like GERD, thyroid issues, chronic cough whenever present in a case of vocal cord nodules. The homeopathic medicines for treating vocal cord nodules are selected by symptom presentation. Numerous homeopathic medicines can be symptomatically used to treat cases of vocal cord nodules. The top grade medicines for vocal cord nodules include Causticum, Phosphorus, Belladonna, Argentum Met, Argentum Nitricum, and Arum Triphyllum. These homeopathic medicines help provide symptomatic relief from symptoms hoarseness of voice, rough voice, pain /discomfort in the throat, a lump-like sensation in the throat, and neck pain. The remedies are selected for every individual case of vocal cord nodules after a complete evaluation. These homeopathic are prepared from naturally occurring substances and hence can be used without any side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Vocal Cord Nodules

Causticum – For Hoarse Voice in Cases of Vocal Cord Nodules

Causticum is a natural homeopathic medicine for hoarse voice in cases of vocal cord nodules. Hoarseness is worse in the morning and evening time. A raw sensation in the larynx may be felt. There may also be a scraping sensation in the throat. A dry, tickling cough is another attending feature. This remedy is also indicated in cases where the person is unable to speak loudly.

Phosphorus – For Hoarse and Rough Voice Due to Vocal Cord Nodules

Phosphorus is a natural homeopathic medicine for cases of vocal cord nodules presenting with a hoarse or rough voice. Soreness, roughness, and dryness in larynx may also be present.

Belladonna – For Pain in the Throat in Cases of Vocal Cord Nodules

Belladonna offers a natural treatment for vocal cord nodules and is prepared from the plant called Deadly Nightshade. It belongs to the natural order Solanaceae. Belladonna helps treat discomfort and pain in the throat in cases of vocal cord nodules. The voice becomes hoarse, feeble and weak. A dry cough tends to appear with changes in the voice.

Argentum Met – For Vocal Cord Nodules Due to Overuse of Voice

Argentum Met is a natural homeopathic remedy for vocal cord nodules in people who overuse their voice, such as singers and public speakers. The voice quality gets changed, and there may be hoarseness of voice. In rare cases, there may be a loss of voice. There may be a tendency of hawking while speaking.

Argentum Nitricum – For Hoarseness of Voice with Clogged Feeling in Vocal Cords

Use of homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum is considered in cases where there is a peculiar symptom of hoarseness of voice with a feeling of having something clogged in the vocal cords. Sometimes there may be a loss of voice along with a tickling sensation and itching in the larynx.

Arum Triphyllum – For Hawking in Throat Due to Vocal Cord Nodules

Arum Triphyllum is a natural homeopathic medicine to treat vocal cord nodules where there is throat clearing (hawking) in cases of vocal cord nodules. The throat clearing is almost constant, and there is a constricted feeling in the throat. Sometimes a burning sensation in the throat along with hoarseness of voice may be present.

Cause of Vocal Cord Nodules

The main cause of nodules on the vocal cords is overuse of voice (as in the case of singers and teachers.) Apart from that, aggressive use of the voice, excessive yelling, screaming and talking too loudly also predispose a person to develop vocal cord nodules. In some cases, excessive throat clearing or a chronic cough may also lead to the formation of nodules on the vocal cords. Some other predisposing factors for the formation of vocal cord nodules are GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease ), thyroid problems, intake of alcohol in excess and smoking.

Symptoms of Vocal Cord Nodules

The major symptom of vocal cord nodules includes changes in the voice. The changes in voice that are common are hoarseness of voice, husky voice, rough voice or breathy voice. Difficulty in voice initiation, reduced ability to change the pitch of the voice and voice breaks are also seen along with voice changes. Other symptoms include pain or discomfort in the throat, a sensation of a lump in the throat, neck pain, throat clearing and, coughing. Vocal fatigue is also noted along with the above symptoms in most of the cases. The intensity of the symptoms is seen to increase as the size of the nodules on the vocal cord increases with time.

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  1. Hi doctor.
    My husband is having cough for last 6 months now he is diagnosed with vocal nodules. Our family strongly believe in homoepathy and we have been taking homoepathy medicine after migrating to UK we cannot continue. But I found a place selling homoepathy medicine.
    His symptoms are breathy / hoarse voice.
    Shortness of breath specially in very cool conditions
    Always cough when speaking.
    Weight loss.
    How can you help him recover.
    Thank you.

  2. Awdhesh kumar says:

    Mari vocal card mai polyp hai mai kaun si dava lu I aur mai ek teacher hu

  3. Major Singh says:

    सर 2018 में जब में बोलना शुरू करता था तो मेरी आवाज में शुरू में वर्ड की मिसिंग होती थी। चेक करवाने पर पता चला की मेरी वोकल कोर्ड्स पर लेकोप्लाकिया जमा हुआ है। MLS सर्जरी करके बायोप्सी करवाई और रिपोर्ट नॉर्मल आई। लेकिन उस सर्जरी के बाद मेरी आवाज बिलकुल ही खतम हो गई। दो तीन महीने मेने एलोपैथी दवाई ली और voice therapy भी की। लेकिन आवाज में बहुत सुधार नहीं हुआ। फिर मैने nov.2018 से होम्योपैथी ईलाज शुरू किया जिस से कुश लेकोप्लाकिआ कम हुआ और आवाज में सुधार हुआ। लेकिन तब से लेकर मैं Fab.2023 तक लगातार होम्योपैथिक दवाई खा रहा था। Feburary में मैं कनाडा चला गया और वहां एक महीना दवाई खा के बंद कर दी लेकिन मेरी आवाज eighty percent ठीक हो गई। मुझे महसूस हुआ की कनाडा के साफ वातावरण की वीजा से ऐसा हुआ। मैं कनाडा अगस्त तक रहा और मेरी आवाज बिलकुल ठीक रही। लेकिन इंडिया वापिस आने के एक महीने बाद फिर मेरी आवाज में काफी होरेसनेस आ गई है जब मैं हर तीन चार महीने के इंटरवल में एंडोस्कोपी द्वारा चेक करवाता हूं। अब भी इसी महीने चेक करवाया है। वोकल कोर्ड्स का लुकोपलाकिया साफ नही हो रहा है जब की homeopathy Wale doctor ने कहा था की पांज छे महीने में खतम हो जायेगा। कृपा बताएं की किया होम्योपैथी में लेकोप्लाकिया खतम होना संभव है।

  4. Rajendra Das says:

    I am a tution teacher since 26 years. Since 2012 my voice became sour.when I am taking the sound is not clear. Which medicine is best for cure..

  5. Shivam yadav says:

    My father has growth in her neck the alothopy doctor say for operation but I go for hompatheic treatment

    • Partha Chakraborty says:

      Hi, I’m a part time singer & from 2018 I’m facing issues with my vocal. Last month that is on August 2023 I’ve an appointment with Dr. Major Rajesh Bhardwaj (Delhi) & after laryngoscopy, Dr. advised me for surgery, as there is 1 small nodule on the left side. Please advice me Homeopathy medicine, as I’m unable to sing now.
      Thank you.
      Partha Chakraborty
      Mob: 9654013902

  6. Amit srivastava says:

    Sir mere vocal card me polyps hy jo ke 7-8 saal se hy koi homeopathic dawa bataiye
    Apka bahot abhari rahunga

  7. Sapna gupta says:

    I had got voice box endoscopy done in which vocal nodule was seen I am having hoarse voice and unclear throat for the last 3 years I am acidic And cold I get frequently and I talk tóo much

  8. Girish Jain says:

    I have hoarseness in voice, but no associated cough or any pain etc. Laryngography revealed the presence of cyst/nodules in left TVC. Dr advised medicine to prevent acid efflux to throat (Pantocid BD, one empty stomach in the morning and one before sleep.

    To avoid surgical procedures, I would like to go for homeopathy treatment. Please suggest a suitable combinations of homeopathy medicines.

    Thanks, and regards.
    Dr GK Jain
    Chief Scientist
    Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow

  9. Raees ahmad says:

    Hello mam my profession is teaching and i am suffering from vocal cord nodule , although i m taking allopathy but i got to know homeopathy has very good treatment plz help me ,how can i contact

  10. Rameshwer Lovevanshi says:

    मेरे वोकल कोड पर गांठ है डाक्टर ऑपरेशन कराने को बोल रहे है
    आपकी होमियोपैथी दवाई का नाम बताए कौनसी दवाई लूं

  11. Idalia garcia says:

    Hi Dr .Sharma. I came upon your hemopathic medicine. My hubby was diagnosed with a growth on one of his vocal cord. He has been hoarse for almost a year. He Has had mucus, coughing and hoarseness for this whole time. Specialist won’t be able to work on him till Medicare is approved. That will be a couple weeks if not 3 weeks. I see that you are offering treating with hemopathic medice. I would appreciate if you could respond back to see if it’s possible that my husband can start on some of this hemopathic help. Thank you.

  12. Suggest homeopathy medicine

  13. Hi I have vocal cord nordules. Please suggest

  14. Hello ma’am. I was diagnosed with Vocal Nodules in my Vocal Cords a month before. Since then with medication both allopath and homeopathy, the symptoms have improved but I still feel breathy and heavy voice when I speak towards the end of my talking.
    I too feel pressure towards both the sides of the upper nose bone and the middle area under the chin.

  15. Sandeep Khare says:

    Good morning Doctor.
    I am suffering from hoarseness since last 10 months. ENT doctor has diagnosed growth on Vocal Cord in the last July’202 after laryngoscopy and suggested for surgery but I am afraid of surgery. I have not even consulted any oncologist because of fear of Biopsy.
    In the mean time I have undergone a cow urine therapy from Indore for this growth suspected of TB.
    My Mantoux test and TB Gold both were positive 4-5 months ago. This test was done for Skin allergy treatment in last June by a Dermatologist. Although I have no symptom of TB from outside in my body. Even I did not take ATT treatment of very high dose prescribed by Dermatologist.
    But I have no releif in throat problem. No swallowing difficulty but only Voice problem and sometimes pain after over exertion or singing bhajan etc for long time or due to Cold or other reasons.
    what should I do Doctor, Kindly suggest me. I am getting nervous. I am 54 yrs old and educated person.

  16. PraveshAnand gupta says:

    Hello please help me, homeopathy for nodules in left aryepiglottic fold..
    Problems- i can’t speak louder and can’t speak continously.. The nodules hurts me alot.. I have taken many antibiotics but still not cureddd.. Plz suggest me homeopathy..

  17. Mahendra Kumar says:

    मेरे वोकल कोड पर गांठ है डाक्टर ऑपरेशन कराने को बोल रहे है
    आपकी होमियोपैथी दवाई का नाम बताए कौनसी दवाई लूं

  18. Dipankar Bagchi says:

    I am Dipankar Bagchi, from coochbehar , West Bengal.
    Give me suggestion for mother’s vocal problem. My mother has difficulty speaking. If she talk too much, she get a headache. The throat trembles when my mother speaks.

  19. Protocol for gi sluggishness
    Symptoms: chronic constipation , bloating , pain.
    Inability to remove a wastes especially after carbs like bread and pasta.
    Had abdominal scar tissue adhesion removed a year and a half ago
    Small intestinal blockage?
    At the time I didn’t try to eat carefully with juices and purées or it wouldn’t have goten to extent of needing surgery .
    Have been using many remedies
    Lycopodium 200c two times a day or more
    Using Nux vomica 30c with it
    Along with asrenicum album at same time with lycopodium .
    Need to try plumbum 200 , I do have in a 30c
    However I have not really taken much of that
    Using calc carb 200 c every other day.
    Also Nat carb 30c or 200cevery other day

  20. Vinod Kaushik says:

    Hello sir,
    Which is the homeopathic medicine for vocal cord polyps

    • TPN Singh says:

      Hi doctor.
      I have a nodule in my voice box and my voice has become hoarse.
      The ent specialist had done a laryngoscopy and node was revealed.
      One homeopath had given me Arun try. sometime back.
      Can you suggest a good medicine.

      • Anuj kumar goel says:

        Hi doctor.
        I have a nodule in my voice box and my voice has become hoarse.
        The ent specialist had done a laryngoscopy and swelling / polyp was revealed.
        I have not started medicine yet. Problem is since 1 month.

    • Wg Cdr TPN Singh says:

      Hi doctor.
      I have a nodule in my voice box and my voice has become hoarse.
      The ent specialist had done a laryngoscopy and node was revealed.
      One homeopath had given me Arun try. sometime back.
      Can you suggest a good medicine.

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