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Top Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Wheat Allergy Naturally

Overreaction of a person’s immune system to certain substances (known as allergens) that are totally harmless to most people is referred to as an allergy. In a person who is allergic to wheat, consuming wheat, wheat-based products or even inhaling wheat particles can lead to an allergic reaction. Wheat allergy is common in babies who have immature immune and digestive systems. Homeopathic medicines help moderate the overactive immune system and reduce the severity of the symptoms. Allium Cepa, Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, China Officinalis, Colocynthis, Apis Mellifica, and Natrum Mur are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat wheat allergy.

wheat allergy homeopathy

Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Wheat Allergy.

Exposure to the allergen (for example wheat) in a person who is allergic causes an exaggerated immune response resulting in a set of symptoms. The most common known allergens include pollens, dust, animal danders, and food substances like eggs, shellfish, milk, peanuts, and wheat. Some of the food products that usually contain wheat include bread, semolina, soy sauce, pasta, cakes, and cookies. A person with a positive family history of any food allergy or other allergies is at risk to develop a wheat allergy.

Homeopathic Medicines for Wheat Allergy According to Symptoms

Homeopathic treatment has a good scope to treat wheat allergy. Homeopathic medicines offer help in controlling the intensity and severity of symptoms by moderating the overactive immune system that leads to an exaggerated reaction towards wheat. The most prominent symptoms presented by a person with wheat allergy serves as a guide to the appropriate homeopathic prescription.

Allium Cepa – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Wheat Allergy with Allergic Rhinitis

Allium Cepa is a homeopathic medicine used to treat wheat allergies where there are prominent symptoms of allergic rhinitis. The person needing Allium Cepa complains of a watery, burning nasal discharge along with sneezing. In some cases, a nasal blockage may also be present along with nasal discharge. In addition to this, watering from eyes is also well noted.

Carbo Veg and Lycopodium – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Bloating due to Wheat Allergy

Carbo Veg and Lycopodium are the majorly indicated homeopathic medicines used to treat a wheat allergy that causes bloating in the abdomen.
Carbo Veg is selected when bloating as a result of the wheat allergy is well marked. The flatus is obstructed and leads to abdominal colic. Lying down worsens the complaint. The stools need to be passed frequently and are foul-smelling.
Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is helpful in cases of wheat allergy where bloating appears in the lower abdomen. This is attended with a rumbling and croaking in the abdomen. Pain abdomen that gets better by rubbing may be present. Nausea, vomiting and constrictive pain in the abdomen may also be noticed.

China Officinalis – Natural Treatment for Wheat Allergy causing Diarhhea

China Officinalis is a homeopathic remedy used to treat a wheat allergy in cases where the person gets diarrhea upon consuming wheat, or a wheat-based product. The stool remains loose and undigested, and flatulent colic may be present. Bending double may offer some relief. There is abdominal bloating and weakness along with the given symptoms.

Colocynthis – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Abdominal Cramps due to Wheat Allergy

Homeopathic medicine Colocynthis is used to treat abdominal cramps that arise as a result of wheat intake. The person gets relief by bending over double and by applying hard pressure over the abdomen. Agonizing cutting pain in the abdomen, retching and vomiting may also be present. Watery, frothy diarrhea may also be present along with the above symptoms.

Apis Mellifica and Natrum Mur – Effective Homeopathic Treatment for Wheat Allergy causing Skin Problems

Apis Mellifica and Natrum Mur are suitable homeopathic medicines for a wheat allergy presented with skin complaints.
Apis Mellifica is useful when the person gets skin eruptions following the intake of wheat. The eruptions are attended with a marked burning and stinging sensation. A cold application may provide relief from these sensations. Heat worsens the stinging sensation.
Natrum Mur is used as a remedy used when there is a tendency to develop eczema due to the wheat allergy. The skin gets raw, red, dry, and inflammed and there may be violent itching. In some cases, the eczema is present specifically in the bend of the elbows.

Signs and Symptoms of Wheat Allergy

The symptoms of wheat allergy include urticaria, eczema, watery itchy eyes, nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea/vomiting, bloated abdomen, difficulty breathing, and asthma. A severe allergic reaction is referred to as anaphylaxis and needs to be treated as a medical emergency. Anaphylaxis includes symptoms like difficulty breathing, tightness in the throat, chest tightness, and dizziness. Acute treatment is such cases is necessary, and homeopathy can only offer a supportive role.

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  1. Supriya Bhattacharjee says:

    I have respiratory problems constriction of the airways and sinuses when I consume wheat product as well as bloating of the abdomen . Which medicine should be good for my in such emergency

  2. What time have been taken to treat wheat allergy .

  3. Mohsin ali says:

    My wife have a wheat allergy symptom is loose motion after taking wheat pain abdominal also vomit & headache blood in mose plz tel medincine &percussion

  4. Zeeshan Zaidi says:

    Hello Sir, I was fully recovered through homeopathic medicine for wheat allergy. But my wheat allergy has triggered again. After recovering I was eating all kind of wheat products for many years. I am again taking homeopathic medicines by the same doctor but it seems very difficult to control and less effective. My only problem right now is that my food is not getting digested properly and it comes as loose stool. Though I’m going gluten free. Please advise some medicine and appropriate diet.

  5. Clare Midgley says:

    Hello. I have been allergy tested by NHS and have wheat (not gluten) , hens egg, cows milk, soya, cod and peanut allergy. I suffer with nausea, bloating, loose urgent motions,persistent bladder ache , frequent UTI, joint and muscle pain, ‘burnt ‘ pain in tongue,acid reflux, weariness I lose words sometimes and have to just wait for the word to come. I have eliminated cod soya peanuts a d cows milk. Having trouble with wheat and eggs. Can you help

  6. Sabu Rai says:

    Dear madam..i got allergies full body redness and itchiness while eating gluten products….please suggest

  7. Rizwana Iqbal says:

    Hi I have a severe wheat and gluten allergy. I am lookong for a remedy, can u help?

  8. Imran Ali says:

    During this medication a patient needs to stop all gluten based grain ? Or he/she can continue wheat eating
    as normal ..
    Please reply

  9. My son is 23 years old he is suffering from wheat allergy due to which he suffers from loose motion hair loss dandruff back ache. Kindly advise some medicine

  10. Buddhadevchakrabarty says:

    Hi sir, my kids old is 6.4 year he suffering from gluten allergy at age of 7 month. I do not understand what happened he repeatedly face stomach crat, omitting, loose motion. Last 6 month age my kids doctor said he was suffering from gluten allergy. So i can stop to give him all wheat products like cake, biscuits. Plz tell me gluten allergy can cure. And plz tell me what can i do.

  11. Rajinder Kaur says:

    My daughter is gluten intolerant. She is suffering from loose motions, deep cuts and eruptions in soles and palms. She has lost weight. Can you suggest some medicine. Will homeopathy cure gluten intolerance.

    • Hi,

      My husband has gluten allergy his body starts scaling skin which also itches and irritates him. very badly on the head as well.he is also having dairy, eggs and tomato.

      he is 36 yrs old and all this started 3 years back.

      Can u tell if it can be treated.

  12. V S AMARNATH says:

    In my case gluten allergy results in loose motion two or three times in the morning, and after two to three days feel exhausted by afternoon as if i have over worked.
    I hav shifted to rice, avoid all for of wheat product, And that is restricting my movement

  13. Emily Hancock says:

    sudden onset of gluten intolerance. severe cramping several hours after even a tiny amount of gluten. Eventually diarrhea – with some black content – but not immediately. I am shocked by this and as a long user of homeopathy for other problems, would dearly love to find a remedy for this.

  14. Dr n mujh bhi wheat allergy btai h… Jisme meri biopsy bhi hui h… Usme value…. 180. Aai h. ..OR meko sinus ki bhi prob h. Koi dr khta h ki y sinus ki vja s h ki jo cough gle s pet m jata h usse allergy h to kya treatment kre iska growth bhi ruki h… M bhut ptla sa hu kya kru m

  15. Indresh Kumar says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, my son is 8 years old and suffering from wheat allergy since he was 2 years old.. Would like to know your opinion regarding cures of this decease possible in homeopathy.. If yes, please suggest medicine name..

    • Buddhadevchakrabarty says:

      Hi sir, my kids old is 6.4 year he suffering from gluten allergy at age of 7 month. I do not understand what happened he repeatedly face stomach crat, omitting, loose motion. Last 6 month age my kids doctor said he was suffering from gluten allergy. So i can stop to give him all wheat products like cake, biscuits. Plz tell me gluten allergy can cure. And plz tell me what can i do.

  16. Fahad Hameed says:

    Wheat alergi with voming while eating any thing

  17. Anjan Mallick says:

    Hello sir,
    My son of 29 years of age have been suffering from stomach disorder for last 4 years or more. unformed stool ,frequent urge, bloating of abdomen, flatulence , belching, discomfort in
    In stomach sometimes with pain. Allopathic medicine could not prove fruitful. Because the problem is recurring. Can’t tolerate wheat. Milk?
    Can homeopathy cure him parmanently?
    Please suggest.
    Thanks and regards
    Yours sincerely,
    Anjan Mallick

  18. Hello sir, my daughter’s age is 5year’s old.Her TTg test is positive. Now doctor said she is not eating wheat products. If homeopathy medicine will help us plz suggest me what to do

  19. Sandeep sidhu says:

    My daughter 4.5 years old have wheat allergy from past 3 years. I have now started homeopathy medicine. Plz send me diet for her and is I will give her milk or not.


    Dr sir .. my son now 22 years old and he is suffering from Blood sugar for last 20 years . Now in 2015 he we came to know that he was suffering from Wheat allergy also with level 126. My causes of this is when he eat meal he went to bathroom for potty and as he avoiding wheat he grow fast. Kindly tell if any medicine to cure wheat allergy. Thanks

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