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Homeopathic Remedies For Bunion

If it hurts while walking, and there’s a swelling on the thumb-side toe of the foot (big toe), it could mean a bunion formation. Bunion refers to a medical condition affecting the big toe of the foot in which a bony bump on the joint at base of great toe forms on the outer side. There occurs enlargement of joint of the big toe (joint between the big toe and the feet called metatarsophalangeal joint). It is accompanied by displacement or tilting of the affected big toe inwards. There may occur redness and soreness of skin over the bunion. Hallux Valgus is a term used for bunion deformity. At times, little bunions may form on the joint of little toe which are known as bunionettes.



Homeopathic Treatment for Bunion

Homeopathic treatment provides complete cure for the Bunions. With the help of natural homeopathic remedies, the pain, and swelling around the big toe is reduced, followed by complete cure of the bunion. The homeopathic medicines are selected on the basis of characteristic symptoms described by each individual. The Homeopathic remedies for bunion are made of natural substances, are totally safe and have zero side effects.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Bunion

The top listed homeopathic medicines to treat bunion are Benzoic Acid, Silicea and Hypericum,  Rhus Tox and Ruta, Antimonium Crudum, Ammonium Carb and Zincum Met

1. Benzoic Acid – Top Medicine for Bunion

Benzoic Acid has given great clinical results in bunion cases. It is a top remedy for treating bunions with acute swelling and pain. Those who need this medicine have marked swelling and redness over the big toe, with severe pain. The pain can be varying in character like stitching pain or tearing pain. At times, the burning is also felt in the toe. The pain and swelling gets reduced very quickly with the use of Benzoic Acid. This homeopathic medicine is also of great help when the pain in the great toe worsens at night. Those who need it suffer from the numbness in the toes.

2. Silicea – For Bunion with Blister Formation

For treating bunions where blisters have been formed on the big toe along with other features, Silicea is the most beneficial natural homeopathic medicine. In most cases, the blisters contain fluid or pus and Silicea is a good homeopathic remedy in both the cases. Along with blisters, pain can be felt in the toe or it can extend throughout the sole of the foot. The pain can be boring, tearing or shooting in nature. The pain is so violent that the sufferer is unable to step on his feet. A marked characteristic feature that adds weightage for selecting homeopathic remedy — Silicea — is excessive sweating on the feet. The sweat is most of the times offensive in nature.

3. Hypericum – To Manage Severe Pain In Big Toe Due To Bunion

It is of great help in all those cases of bunions where severe excruciating pain is felt in the big toe. The pain can at times be specifically described by the patient like that of a pricking needle. The severe pain shows involvement of nerves. The toe is also sore to touch accompanied by swelling. The patient can get rid of the severe pain in the toe with bunion by using homeopathic remedy — Hypericum — without any side effect.

4. Rhus Tox and Ruta – Homeopathic Remedies For Bunion With Swelling

Natural Homeopathic medicines Rhus Tox and Ruta are very beneficial remedies for bunion with swelling and thickening of bursa of great toe. The toe is also distorted in shape. Both Rhus Tox and Ruta are top homeopathic remedies for conditions involving bursa of the joint. Pain in the toe and the feet can be noticed. Rhus Tox is the best homeopathic remedy when the pain in the toe and the feet shoots while resting, and it gets better upon walking. Ruta is the ideal homeopathic medicine when the pain gets worse while standing, and walking.

5. Antimonium Crudum – To Manage Corns And Callus On Toes

In some cases of bunion, corns or callus may form where the first and second toe rub with each other. Here, Antimonium Crudum is the most beneficial. It helps in healing treat corns and calluses. It also helps to manage pain and tenderness in corns, if present.

6. Ammonium Carb – To Relieve Redness, Swelling And Pain Of Big Toe

This medicine is well indicated to reduce redness, swelling and pain in big toe. In cases needing it, these symptoms get worse in evening. Besides, marked heat or burning sensation is felt in big toe. Pressure on the toe from wearing shoes worsens burning and pain.

7. Zincum Met – For Bunion On Little Toe

This medicine is recommended when bunion is present on the little toe. Though it can be used for bunion on any side but is most helpful for left-sided bunion on little toe. In cases needing it, stinging pain is felt in the bunion. The pain is felt usually while walking.

Signs And Symptoms Of Bunion

1. Bump on outer side of big toe

2. Turning of big toe towards other toes of affected foot

3. Swelling, inflammation or redness of area over the affected great toe

4. Pain in feet on walking or otherwise

5. Numbness in big toe

6. Limited movement of big toe

7. Thickening of skin under the big toe

8. Corn or Callus formation on second toe where it rubs with the great toe. Corns and callus are thick, hard, rough areas on the skin caused by excessive friction or pressure

9. In a few cases, fluid-filled eruptions (blisters) appear on the skin of great toe.

Cause Behind Bunion

Though there is no one confirmed cause behind bunion but certain factors are linked with bunion formation.

1.Genetics play a role, it is because of an anomaly in the foot structure that predisposes a person to bunion formation.

2. Flat foot or other foot deformities present at birth

3. Injury to feet

4. Wearing of tight shoes or pointed shoes or high-heeled shoes

5. Some types of arthritis (joint inflammation) especially rheumatoid arthritis

6. Standing continuously for prolonged period of time

Types Of Bunion

Most of the times, bunions form on the big toe. Rest of the types are:

1. Juvenile/adolescent hallux valgus: It develops between age of 10 to 15 years

2. Congenital Hallux Valgus: When a baby is born with bunion

3. Bunionette (Tailor’s bunion): It forms on the outer side of the base of little toe. Bunionette is called tailor’s bunion because tailors used to sit with cross legs for long durations of time that put pressure on the side of feet and consequent bunion formation on the little toe.

Complications Of Bunion

The complications that can arise in cases of bunion are:

1. Bursitis: Bursa is a small fluid-filled sac (bursa) that surrounds bones near the  joint. Bursa contains synovial fluid that helps to reduce friction of bone with other structures like ligaments, muscles and tendons during joint movement. It can get swollen and inflamed (called bursitis) when big toe joint gets bigger due to bunion formation.

2. Metatarsalgia: In this condition, the ball of feet becomes painful and swollen.

3. Hammertoe: Bending of middle joint of a toe especially the toe adjacent to big toe

Diagnosis Of Bunion

A doctor can diagnose bunion just by having a look at the big toe. An X-ray can however be recommended to look for joint damage.

Prevention Of Bunion

1. Select the shoes carefully. Avoid tight and narrow pointed toe shoes and choose wide toe box shoes.

2. Wear right fitting shoes. The shoes you wear should not squeeze any part of the foot

3. Avoid wearing high heeled footwear as it puts pressure in the front of the feet

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  1. Rajyalakshmi says:

    Hello I want to be treated for bunions on both my big toes.I never really wear tight fitting shoes.If my shoes for any reason become a bit tighter the bunion seems to have gone sore and seems to be red and transparent.Can this be treated please.Generally I wear comfortable shoes.

  2. Hello,
    My 9 year old granddaughter has developed bunion on both of her big toes..I recently noticed it,it’s slight but there is discomfort and pain.Pain is not too much but it hurts sometimes. What should I do?

  3. Deborah Ani says:

    Hi thank you for the information you post on bunions. Do any of the remedies help reduce the size of the bony lump or is that only through surgery? Many thanks Debi Ani

  4. Jamshed Khan says:

    Contact me for treatment homiopath consultant physician Dr Jamshed khan MD from allahabad. Contact 9839715758 only Indian patients

  5. Hello Sir, I’m from Lucknow and currently I’m suffering with the initial stage of Bunion. So consult with my allopathic Doctor they suggest me it is only cure by surgery.
    So Sir it is my confusion is “is really homeopathic cures bunion totally or not”.
    Pls Sir reply soon as well as possible…
    Thank You

  6. Jayashankar says:

    I have bunion and half vegus ,please suggest good medinas homeopathy I am using Benzoic acid 30 and silce30 ,calcareaflouricm 6x but still not much cure.
    Thanks jaya

  7. Samir Kumar Sarkar says:

    The characteristics of my bunion emphasizes the use of Benzoic Acid. Please tell me what should be dose.


    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I faced a typical problem for last 12 years. I have faced Gout in big toe and for this bone of big toe get inflamated and deformed. It’s look like hammer. I faced very problem for wearing shoe.
    Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine for cure up this problem. Thanking You.
    From, Serampore (West Bengal)

  9. madhu kumar says:

    Hi, this is Madhu Kumar. I have developed bunions in my feet. It’s like a protruding bone with no pain.
    I want to know if this can be reduced by homeopathy.

    • I have a bunion in the form of a protruding bone at the base of my right big toe. Only recently is this causing me pain. It feels like there may be a small blister but I don’t see it. It just feels like it. What should I do for it?

      • 🙏सर हमारा पैर जन्म से ही खराब है और उसी पैर के तलवे गांठ हो जाती है और मैं उसका दो बार ओप्रेशन भी करवा चुके हैं लेकिन बार-बार वही प्रोब्लम हो जाती हैं और उस गांठ से पस और पानी जैसा निकलता रहता है और मैं पिछले दो साल से परेशान हूं सर मैं विकलांग हूं मेरी उम्र 40 वर्ष है सर कृपया करके आप हमारी सहायता करें तो महान दया होगी

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