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11 Homeopathic Remedies for Blepharospasm

Blepharospasm is a type of focal dystonia characterized by twitching/spasm/ involuntary contraction of the eyelid muscles causing closure of the lids. Blepharospasm begins as increased blinking of eyes, or mild twitches or just as eye irritation. In some cases, fatigue, sensitivity to bright light, dry eyes, blurred vision may also be present. Homeopathic remedies for Blepharospasm help relax the muscles of eyelids and gradually reduce the frequency and intensity of eyelid twitching and spasms.    homeopathic remedies for blepharospasm

With the progression of the condition, the eyelid muscles may spasm and make it difficult to open the eyes. The spasms are present when awake and disappear while sleeping. They may be reduced when concentrating on a specific task. In severe cases, the spasms can become so intense that it leads to closure/shutting of eyelids for long periods of time. Visual disturbance/periods of inability to see may arise due to an inability to open their eyelids.

Homeopathic Remedies for Blepharospasm

Homeopathy carries an excellent scope to treat twitching and spasms of eyelids. The top medicines to treat twitching, spasm of eyelids are Agaricus, Zincum Met, Physostigma, Euphrasia and Magnesia Phos.

1. Agaricus – Top Grade Medicine to Treat Blepharospasm

Agaricus tops the list of medicines for treating blepharospasm. Agaricus is indicated for twitching, jerking, quivering and spasms of the eyelids. The spasms are frequent where eyelids open and close numerous times a day. The twitching may be most worse while reading. Sensitivity to light may also be noted with above. Sometimes watering from eyes appears with spasms and twitching of eyelids.

2. Zincum Met – For Twitching of Eyelids

Zincum Met is a beneficial medicine for treating twitching of eyelids. Upper eyelids tend to feel heavy. Intense fatigue and weakness is a prominent attending feature. Zincum Met is a great nervous remedy and is also indicated for the treatment of facial twitches and tics in addition to twitching of eyelids.

3. Physostigma – For Twitching of Eyelids with Blurred Vision

Physostigma is prepared from the bean of a plant Physostigma venenosum commonly known as calabar bean of the natural order Leguminosae. Physostigma is helpful for cases of blepharospasm, twitching of eyelids attended with blurred vision. The contraction in lids makes it difficult to open the eyes. Pain in eyes from moving them may also appear in a few cases.

4. Euphrasia – For Photophobia attends Spasm of Lids

Euphrasia is prepared from a plant Euphrasia Officinalis commonly known by the name of eye-bright of the natural order Scrophulariaceae. Euphrasia is helpful for cases of blepharospasm when photophobia (sensitivity to light) attends spasm of lids. Euphrasia is also useful for twitching eyelids cases linked with pink eye/conjunctivitis. In such cases, redness, discharge, itching, grittiness in eyes is also prominent.

5. Magnesia Phos – Significant Medicine for Eyelid Spasm and Twitches

Magnesia Phos is another excellent medicine for treating eyelid spasm and twitches. Squinting may be present with this. Sensitivity to light, photophobia may also be present. Increased lachrymation, tired eyes and blurred vision are some other symptoms that may be present.

6. Codeinum – For Twitching Eyelids while Reading and Writing

Codeinum is a well-indicated medicine for eyelid twitching that appears while reading and writing. The twitching appears in both the eyelids in cases needing Codeinum. Rubbing eyelids may help to relieve the eye twitching.

7. Sulphur – For Blepharospasm Worse in Morning

Sulphur is a prominently indicated medicine for blepharospasm when it is worse in the morning time. The eyelids are drawn together from a spasm in morning hours. Attending blepharitis of chronic nature may be present where Sulphur is needed. In such cases itching, burning and a smarting in the eyelid margin with an inclination to rub it is marked.

8. Hepar Sulph – For Blepharospasm Worse in Evening and Night

Hepar Sulph is indicated for blepharospasm when it is worse in the evening and night. Eyelids are spasmodically closed. Eyelids may also be swollen and sensitive to touch. In day photophobia may be present.

9. Calcarea Carb – For Quivering, Twitching, Spasm of Eyelids

Calcarea Carb is a useful medicine for quivering, twitching, spasm of eyelids. The quivering and twitching is marked in the upper eyelid where Calcarea Carb is indicated. Heat or burning sensation in the eyelids may attend. Spasm of eyelid arises that may be attended with light sensitivity.

10. Merc Sol – For Severe Cases of Blepharospasm

Merc Sol is indicated for severe cases of blepharospasm. In cases requiring Merc Sol, the eyelids get into spasm and contracts intensely. The eyelids close and open with great difficulty. The eyelids may be sensitive to touch.

11. Belladonna – For Twitching Eyelids with Dry Eyes

Belladonna is prepared from the plant Deadly Nightshade of the natural order Solanaceae. Belladonna offers help for twitching eyelids attended with dry eyes. Heat in the eyes is also felt. Irritation and a gritty sensation in the eyes also appear.

Cause of Blepharospasm

The cause behind blepharospasm is still not clear. However, it is thought to arise due to the abnormal functioning of the basal ganglia. Genetics and heredity are also thought to play a role in the development of blepharospasm. Some of the risk factors for blepharospasm are head or facial trauma, family history of dystonia and medication used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Women are more likely to get blepharospasm as compared to men. Fatigue, bright light, stress, anxiety, wind, and air pollution tend to worsen the blepharospasm. Minor twitching of eyelids is frequently related to stress, fatigue, use of caffeine/tobacco and lack of sleep. But in certain cases, it can be related to blepharitis, dry eyes and conjunctivitis also. It can also be related to certain conditions that include Tourette’s syndrome, Bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cervical dystonia.

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  1. Muzaffar Husain says:

    i am diagnosed ideipathic blepherospasm september2016
    previous both eyelids shutdown now laay 18 month left eye mostly shut down some better at evening & night

  2. Rajesh Soni says:

    i am suffering blepharospasm write some medicine

  3. Sir,

    My father aged 78 has been experiencing involuntary closing of eyez from 2019. Doctor said its,blepharospasm anthr said hemifacial spasm but medicine they both gave was same. 1 Oxetol 150mg twice a day and half baclof 10mg twice a day.

    Have done CT Scan of brain as well.

    However, there is not much relief from medicines.

    Could you pls suggest remedy?

  4. Rajesh Birjuka says:

    Blepharospasm in both eyes

  5. RAVINDRA JAIN says:

    eyelid twetching [ Blepharospasm]

  6. Dhiresh M Malaviya says:

    last 12-13 years. I have consulted several doctors and taken Botox injections number of times. But it hardly works. Also taken various types of medicines as prescribed by doctors without any results.Shall be grateful if you suggest some permanent homeopathic solution.
    I am 71 years old,suffering from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol etc.

  7. M N Ghosh says:

    I am suffering from blepharospasm for the last 12-13 years. I have consulted several doctors and taken Botox injections number of times. But it hardly works. Also taken various types of medicines as prescribed by doctors without any results.Shall be grateful if you suggest some permanent homeopathic solution.
    I am 71 years old,suffering from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol etc.

  8. SHUBHAM umale says:

    Sir calf and leg muscle twitching regular 1 year

  9. Nasir iqbal says:

    Thanks for information

  10. I am having issues with Blepharospasm. I am on my third treatment with Botox, but being a VA Doctor, My Neurologist doesn’t recommend anything to assist with helping either ease the spasms or help figure out a non-surgical solution. After reading through this article, I was wondering if you could recommend any of the above remedies? I just had to take three days off of work due to not being able to open my eyes long enough to drive to work. I am a 51 year old Male that this hit me about 8 months ago.

  11. can I get appointment.. ekta jain.. age 43.. problem opening eye.. approx 1yr..

  12. Althea Riley says:

    Hi Doc my husband has a severe case of blepharospasm and we have tried everything I am curious about trying the homeopathy way
    Please help us

  13. Shubhi Johar says:

    My mother is having severe condition of blepharospasm … kindly help… Regards

  14. R M Aggarwal says:

    My wife is suffering from blepharospasm and has a lot of difficulty in keeping her eyes open. She has taken Botox injections twice but it has not helped. Kindly advise.

  15. renee allen says:

    Hi I need some help. I need to return to work and my eye has been twitching and is very sensitive to light. I fear I may not be able to ever work at computer again.

  16. Himalaya Garg says:

    My mother is facing the problem of Blepharospasm, she is patient of diabetes, hypertension. I am from Bathinda , if possible please provide online consultation

  17. GAGAN HAMEED says:


  18. Atta awan says:

    I get blephrospasm and spasm of the facial muscles on concentration like in driving and watching tv. It is the same in the morning and night. I am both farsighted and shortsighted. Diabetic and hypertensive. Had acute kidney injury four years ago. Heart beat is generally fast after I suffered from Covid two months ago. Blephrospasm is there for at least three months and it is getting severe now after corona. Please recommend an appropriate remedy. Thank you

    • Meral Baykal says:

      I get blephrospasm on concentration like in driving and watching tv. It is the same in the morning and night. I am both farsighted and shortsighted. All my problems started after an insect bite. I have all the sypmtoms of Lyme and Please recommend an appropriate remedy. Thank you

    • Bidishs Roy says:

      Hi I have Blepharospasm . I have blepharitis, allergic conjunctivitis and dry eyes. My Blepharospasm is preventing me from driving.How can homeopathy help me

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