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10 Effective Homeopathic Remedies For Croup

Croup which is also known as “Laryngotracheobronchitis” is an infection of the upper airway that occurs in younger children. It is usually caused by a virus that causes inflammation and swelling of the larynx (voice box), trachea (windpipe) and bronchial tubes (that carry air to and from the lungs). This swelling leads to cough and other signs and symptoms of this condition. There is also an obstruction of the airway, a typical barking cough, difficulty in breathing and hoarseness of voice. Homeopathic remedies for Croup are of natural origin and hence are very safe to use for children and have no side effects.

It is a very common condition. It mostly occurs in younger children. The age group most affected with this is from 6 months to 5 yrs of age. But in rare cases it can even occur in children up to 15 yrs of age. It affects boys more commonly than girls. 

TypesHomeopathic Remedies For Croup

  1. Viral Croup

It usually results from a viral infection. The most common virus that causes it is parainfluenza virus (types 1 and 2). This virus is responsible for causing infection in around 80 % of these cases.  Apart from this other viruses that can cause it includes adenovirus, influenza virus A & B, metapneumovirus and respiratory syncytial virus. A child may get this infection directly from breathing the air droplets infected with cough or sneeze by an infected child. Other than this it can also spread indirectly. In this case it can occur in a child after touching any object (like toys) / any other surface (which is contaminated with the virus from droplets of cough / sneeze of an infected child) and afterwards touching his / her nose, eyes or mouth without washing and cleaning them properly.  

  1. Bacterial Croup

Other than viruses, croup can also be caused by a bacterial infection which is rarer but more severe than the viral one. Most times initially viral infection occurs that causes croup and is followed by secondary bacterial infection in these cases. The bacteria involved includes Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Moraxella catarrhalis and Haemophilus influenzae.

  1. Spasmodic Croup

This type is believed  to arise from allergies like from pollens or from reflux (in which the stomach contents back flow in the food pipe). It occurs all of sudden mostly in the middle of night. Fever doesn’t occur commonly in this type.


It usually begins as a cold. Initially there occurs runny nose, sore throat and mild fever. If the inflammation and this condition progresses, then there occurs the next set of symptoms. It mainly includes barking coughs that sound like dog bark or a seal. The cough tends to get worse from crying, anxiety and agitation. Next symptoms are hoarseness of voice, noisy breathing or a high – pitched sound while breathing produced from obstructed air flow (stridor), labored breathing and difficulty in breathing. The symptoms of croup are often worse at night time. Mostly croups are mild and self limiting that lasts less than a week. One must seek immediate medical help if there occurs bluish or grayish skin around the nose, mouth or fingernails pointing towards cyanosis;  noisy / high – pitched breathing sounds during inhaling as well as exhaling; difficult breathing; has difficulty in swallowing; is anxious, listless,  delirious, agitated or restless.

Some of the uncommon complications include bacterial tracheitis (inflammation of trachea that is caused by a bacteria), pulmonary edema (accumulation of fluid in the tissue and air spaces of the lungs) and pneumonia ( an infection which causes inflammation of the air sacs in one or both lungs)

Homeopathic Remedies For Croup

Homeopathy carries a great scope to manage cases of croup. The homeopathic medicines for treating it are of natural origin and hence are very safe to use for children and have no side effects. These medicines aim to boost the self healing mechanism of the body that will help to fight with the infectious agent and aid natural recovery. These medicines reduce the inflammation, swelling present in the larynx, trachea, bronchial tubes and provide relief in the symptoms. These help to manage barking cough, hoarseness of voice, noisy breathing and difficult breathing when in mild to moderate intensity. But in cases where the symptoms are severe, breathing difficulty is very intense or there is bluish or grayish skin around the nose, mouth or fingernails due to cyanosis, in that case urgent help from conventional mode of treatment is advised. 

  1. Spongia – Top Grade Medicine

It is a leading medicine to treat cases of croup. The cases needing it present with dry, rough and barking coughs. It is a short and irritating type.  Cough is present day and night but may worsen at night time. Child needing it may wake up at night with a violent harsh cough and quick respiration. With the above symptoms, difficulty in breathing is there. Next attending feature is sharp whistling in the chest. Noisy breathing is also there. A sensation of roughness or burning may be felt in the larynx. Hoarseness of voice is present along with above symptoms. In these cases constriction in the larynx  during sleep may also be felt. Additionally there is fever with dry skin, red face and excessive thirst. There may be cold preceding the cough.

  1. Sambucus – When Fluent Coryza Is Followed By Cough

It is the next prominent medicine for treating cases of croup. It is prepared from fresh leaves and flowers of plant Sambucus Nigra commonly known as elder. This plant belongs to the family caprifoliaceae. It is indicated when fluent coryza is followed by cough. For using it the cough is dry, rough, hollow, deep, suffocative. The child needing it cries with every cough.  He also has whistling respiration with an open mouth. It worsens during rest, at midnight and from cold air. The child wakes suddenly at night and sits up from suffocation. There is also voice hoarseness with sticky mucus in the larynx.

  1. Drosera – For Deep, Hoarse, Barking Cough

This medicine is prepared from plant Drosera Rotundifolia commonly known as round leaved sundew. It belongs to the family droseraceae. It is well indicated for deep, hoarse, barking coughs. It is a dry, irritative type. The spells of cough follow each other quickly. Cough worsens from talking. In children requiring it the cough usually begins particularly at night soon the head touches the pillow. A tickling sensation or dryness in the larynx is also felt.

  1. Hepar Sulph – For Loud, Barking Cough, Noisy Respiration

This medicine is well indicated for loud, barking cough and noisy respiration. Cough is also harsh, deep, rough and scraping. Some mucus rattling may attend the cough. Hoarseness of voice also appears. The hoarseness is almost continuous. At times there is loss of voice. Difficulty breathing also occurs. Fever is there along with above symptoms. A great sensitivity to cold air accompanies.  In most cases the symptoms worsens after midnight or towards morning. It is also indicated for attack of croups after influenza.

  1. Arsenic Album – For Croup With Hoarseness, Difficult Breathing

This medicine is recommended for hoarseness and difficult breathing in these cases. For using it hoarseness is present during the day. Difficult breathing is present at night. It is attended with suffocation. Larynx is inflamed and sensitive to pressure. Dry cough, short and hacking cough appears with above symptoms.

  1. Aconite – When Cough Awakens The Child From Sleep

This medicine is prepared from plant Aconitum Napellus commonly known as monkshood. It belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is beneficial when cough awakens the child from sleep. Cough is dry, short, barking, whistling and suffocating. It is also indicated for loud croaking coughs that worsens during expiration. The child grasps his throat during coughing. It worsens from exposure to cold air. Voice is husky. The larynx is inflamed, sensitive to touch.

  1. Antimonium Tart – For Rattling Cough And Difficulty In Breathing

This medicine offers great help when there is a rattling cough and difficulty in breathing. Cough occurs in attacks with hoarseness. Air is expelled with a barking sound. Breathing noise is sharp, rough, whistling type.

  1. Phosphorus – For Barking Cough Day And Night

Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is valuable to treat cases in which barking cough continues day and night. Cough is also dry, short, tickling, hacking or loose. Expectation may occur which is stringy in nature and has a salty taste. Continuous irritation may be felt in the larynx and trachea. There is also pain, roughness, dryness and burning in the larynx. Hoarseness of voice also occurs. Fever is present along with above symptoms.

  1. Bromium – For Rough, Barking, Suffocative Cough

This medicine is useful when there is rough, barking, suffocative cough. With this there is marked hoarseness. Larynx is painful with this.  There is much rattling in the larynx when coughing. Whistling, croupy sounds with breathing are present.

  1. Kali Bichrome – For Croupy Cough With Yellow Expectoration

This medicine is helpful for croupy cough with expectoration of yellow phlegm. It is stringy, tenacious in nature. Difficult breathing also attends. Another accompanying symptom is pain and soreness in the larynx.  Fever and a runny nose may be present with a cough. Most times the cough is worse in the morning time.


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  1. Hello. My 1 year old son has a barking cough. Worse when lying down. Doesn’t have an appetite. Had a fever before the cough. But fever is now gone. The doctor says his lungs are clear. The cough is persistent. What remedy would you suggest and how do I dose it for my 1 year old son ?

  2. Pat O Connor says:

    My 17 month old daughter has croup, very high temperature 39 degrees, she looks very sick and is not her usual self, she is very unsettled at night and cries a lot. Is there a homeopathic remedy that you can recomend

  3. Hello Doctor. My 5 .5 yr daughter got croup. She has history of it 3 years ago. But afterwards , she has never presented same barking cough , hoarseness of voice. But this time she is showing symptoms and get awaken with bouts of cough in early morning like 5-6 AM. What should I give to her to treat this cough ??

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