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10 Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth (medically known as xerostomia) is a condition that arises when the salivary glands in the mouth don’t make an adequate amount of saliva to keep the mouth moist. There are multiple reasons that can lead to dry mouth; many medicines like those used to treat high BP, depression, anxiety and chemotherapy drugs can cause dryness in the mouth. Radiation therapy to head and neck can damage salivary glands and result in decrease salivation. Dry mouth can arise in elderly people, in diabetics and also in people who drink too much alcohol, chew tobacco, smoke, or use marijuana. Dehydration and breathing with an open mouth can also result in dry mouth. Homeopathic remedies for dry mouth bring excellent results by addressing the root cause behind the dryness. Homeopathic Remedies for Dry Mouth

Homeopathic Remedies for Dry Mouth

Natural medicines are highly effective to treat cases of dry mouth. The top grade medicines for treating dry mouth are Bryonia, Nux Moschata, Natrum Mur, Kali Bichrome, and Belladonna. The characteristic features in every case of dry mouth decides the most suitable medicine needed among them for wonderful results.

1. Bryonia – Top Grade Medicine for Dry Mouth

Bryonia is prepared from the root of the plant Bryonia Alba commonly known as White Bryony or Wild Hops of the natural order Cucurbitaceae. Bryonia is a top listed medicine for treating cases of dry mouth. Along with dryness of mouth, lips are also markedly dry and parched. Throat and tongue are also dry. Tongue feels rough and cracked and may be coated white or yellow. It is attended with increased thirst for water. Drinking momentarily offers relief in dryness. Bad, offensive odour from mouth is also present. The saliva is frothy. Everything tastes bitter.

2. Nux Moschata – When Tongue Sticks to Roof of Mouth

Nux Moschata is prepared from powdered seeds of the plant Nutmeg of the natural order Myristicaceae. Nux Moschata is suitable for treating intensely dry mouth with sticking of tongue to roof of mouth/palate. The throat is also dry. The dryness of mouth and throat is very troublesome while sleeping. Saliva is decreased and feels like cotton in the mouth. Bad smell from the mouth and a foul, bitter or sour taste persists.

3. Natrum Mur – For Dryness of Mouth, Lips, Tongue

Natrum Mur is very beneficial for cases of dryness of mouth, lips and tongue. All food tastes bitter. The tongue has a clean, shiny appearance. Burning sensation at tip of tongue may be felt. Apthae on tongue and cheeks may also be present. It is attended with great smarting and burning sensation.

4. Kali Bichrome – For Sticky or Stringy Saliva

Kali Bichrome is a well-indicated medicine for dry mouth with sticky/stringy saliva. Saliva may be bitter or salty to taste. The lips are also dry. The dryness gets better by drinking cold water. There may be a coppery taste in mouth. The tongue is also dry, red and cracked. And may have a yellow-white coating. There may be stinging and pricking pains in tongue.

5. Belladonna – For Dryness of Mouth and Throat

Belladonna is prepared from the plant named as Deadly Nightshade belonging to natural order Solanaceae. Belladonna is helpful for treating cases of dryness of mouth, inner cheeks, fauces and throat. The dryness of throat is excessive and can cause difficulty in swallowing. Burning, scraping and a constricted sensation is felt in the throat along with dryness. Dryness of tongue is also marked. Tongue is cracked and this may interfere with speaking. A foul odour from the mouth is also present.

6. Pulsatilla – For Dry Mouth with Bad Breath

Pulsatilla is prepared from a plant Pulsatilla Nigricans having common name Pasque flower or Wind Flower. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Use of Pulsatilla is considered in cases of dry mouth attended with bad or putrid breath. This is mostly noted in the morning time. Along with mouth the tongue and pharynx are also dry. Tongue has a coating of a grey, white or yellow colour

7. Borax – For Ulcers in Mouth

Borax is a very useful medicine for dry mouth attended with apthae/ulcers in the mouth. The apthae are mostly present on inner surface of cheek and tongue. The apthae are painful, tender and may bleed too. Tongue is also cracked. Dry heat in the mouth is present and there is increased thirst. Borax is also a well indicated medicine for treating thrush or fungal infection of mouth.

8. Apis Mellifica – For Painful/Inflamed Tongue

Apis Mellifica is a significant medicine for dry mouth attended with painful/inflamed tongue. The tongue is dry, swollen and inflamed with an inability to swallow. The tongue is fiery red with burning, or shooting pains. Sometimes prickling sensation is felt on the tongue. Dryness may also be felt in throat with burning and stinging sensation. The saliva is viscid and tough. Scalded feeling in mouth attends.

9. Sulphur – For Dryness of Mouth especially in Morning

Sulphur is indicated for dryness of mouth mainly during the morning. A sticky sensation in the mouth is also felt with dryness. Palate is also very dry. Tongue is coated white, yellow or brown and is rough and dry too. Burning pain on tongue is also marked.  Mouth dryness after eating is also indicative to use Sulphur. It is also valuable to treat mouth inflammation and apthae in mouth, tongue and on lips along with dryness of mouth.

10. Cocculus Indicus – For marked Dryness at Night

Cocculus Indicus is prepared from seeds of a plant named Indian Cockle of the natural order Menispermaceae. Cocculus Indicus is valuable to treat dryness of mouth present prominently during the night. The throat also feels dry. A burning sensation in the mouth and throat accompanies dryness. Saliva is frothy. Taste of mouth may be bitter, sour, metallic, coppery where Cocculus is indicated. There is marked thirst for water with above features.

Signs and symptoms attending dry mouth

Dry mouth may be attended with bad breath, sticky/stringy saliva, painful inflamed tongue, cracks in the mouth / inner cheeks, increased thirst for water, trouble speaking, problem in swallowing, sticking of tongue to palate and dry throat. Cracks may also appear on lips and corners of mouth. Dry mouth also predisposes a person to fungal infections / thrush in the mouth and tongue ulcers, taste disorders, tooth decay, plaque formation on teeth, gum disease, sore throat and infection of salivary glands.

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  1. Deepa Rodricks says:

    Dry mouth with parched skin, stickiness, burning sensation ,dry lip and corners. Dont feel thirsty, mucous formation which is of great agony

  2. S c Mahajan says:

    I scmahajsn,having a peroblem of saliva , difficulty in swallowing also have rihinits resulting sleep apnea
    Dr has also diagnosed cardic asthma, and also dignosed COPD.aldo cad
    I hardly sleep for 3_4 hours sleep ,or from 10.30 to 3to4am innight. After that not comfortable sleep
    Kindly advise me the medicine in homeopathic treatment to routout the problem
    Also advise as to how I can discuss in person so as to have best treatment
    Thanking you and looking forward to hearing back from you a Mahajan Delhi ROHINI Delhi 110086

  3. Trudie I Goff says:

    Hi there,
    I have Sjogrens Disease. I need help with severe dry mouth. Can you recommend some homeopathic remedies?

  4. I am taking Medicines for BP & Prostrate and normally around 2am I used to feel dry mouth and younger Which homeopathy medicine I should take

  5. I am taking Medicines for BP & Prostrate and normally around 2am I used to feel dry mouth and younger Which homeopathy medicine I should take I do not take alcohol

  6. Veena khera says:

    Iam diabetic and have Sjogren Syndrome. I have extremely fry mouth. Sometimes I cannot even speak. Even after taking water, it is not so effective. Because of the dryness, i get fungus on inside my cheeks and tongue. I have difficulty sleeping in the night with dry mouth. Sometimes i apply coconut oil in my mouth. Currently the fungus is almost cured. If you can help me with somemedicine that helps in producing saliva.

  7. Mirza mahmud says:

    Tong and above it dry at night. I am diabetic with oral medication.

  8. Denise Della Gala says:

    I deal with chronic insomnia. I think part of my issue is constant dry mouth since sleep I sleep my mouth open so I have constant dry mouth. I use a dehumidifier in the apartment I sleep in. At night I use a humidifier. This does not help. I wake up after a few hours and never go back to sleep. I maybe get 4 hours of sleep a night. In the morning until I brush my teeth my mouth feels like I swallowed paste. Thank you.


    J MANI

  10. Dear Dr Sharma
    I had CA of tongue and got radiotherapy four years back since then I am suffering with xerostomia. I have to take water continuously and even at night too and difficult to eat dry food. So could you please help me to prescribe the homeo medicine to get rid off my pain.

    Hoping the positive response ASAP
    Thanking you and Regards


  11. Hi Dr Sharma, I am hoping you may be able to assist me. I am sixty eighty years of age, and over past couple of years suffer with a dry mouth including white tongue with sometimes a patch of red like a strip in the middle length of tongue, my lips stick and my tongue sticks to the top of my mouth. Do you have any recommendations for me.
    Kind regards, Marnie

  12. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have been experiencing a very dry mouth, worse at night and find myself licking and sucking on my teeth in the day time?

  13. Muhammad Nasim Akhtar Siddiqui says:

    Dear Sir
    I am suffering f bad /bitter / salty taste in mouth whole day. specially in the morning liquid in reddish color like blood and whole day there is nothing like that.
    I am using Robinia 30c for last couple of months
    Please advice me the best remedy.

  14. V K Chakraverty says:

    Dr. Sharma ji
    I am facing accute problem of burning on the tounge, dryness in the mouth, roughness on tounge, and irritation on the roof of mouth with the result very unesyness throughout the day
    I am chronic daiabitic,hypertensive and taking medicine from the last 30 years also on insulin
    Kindly guide me and give appointment as early as possible
    With regaerds
    V k Chakraverty
    Mob 9811744642🙏🏼

  15. Arup Nandi says:

    I am suffering from dry moth during night sleep. Saiva in mouthis complete absent and get a waked from sleep and goes to urinate every time though not much urge to do so. Purhaps due this dry mouth I am suffering from acute gum problem associated ulcers in side mouth surrounding teeth.
    Please suggest any homeopathy treatment for it.

  16. I have this problem

    Sulphur – For Dryness of Mouth especially in Morning..Even wholeday

  17. Ravikumar U B says:


    My daughter 18 years of age, is having problem with dry lips along with scaling at the lip corners, any remedy ?

  18. Satyanarayan agarwal says:

    My wife 63has both kneepain allopath drs advised for
    replacement of knees.that is wery costly.and patient
    does not agree for that.So will you please suggest me any homeopathy medicine to get ride of the painful diseases.thanks

  19. Tell something for rheumatoid arthritis

  20. Dr Sharma,
    What is the best remedy for very dry mouth, nose, eyes and throat. To also mention that the mouth opens too little. Many thanks

  21. Muhamma Nasim Akhtar Siddiqui says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I am 47 years . Having problem of dryness in mouth with bitter taste in throat (Balghami/mucus like feeling but no mucus)
    Please tell the best homeopathic remedies for my problem. Some times in the morning i have very light blood in saliva but not regular. But now dryness irritating me.
    I want to use homeopathic remedy because I got cured from Ano Fistola by using home remedy (Myristica 30 c). So I am asking you to tell me the best remedy.

    Waiting for your earliest reply.

    Muhamma Nasim Akhtar Siddiqui


  22. Avay Kumar Dash says:

    Male, 56 years, teacher, 5ft. 8 inch, wheatish, very quick tempered and motioned. Prefers moderate temperature, loneliness, sleeps with both the feet and hands outside the bedcover, can’t tolerate full shoes on.
    1. Childhood eczema in calves. 2. Chronic colds, hard sneezes between 10 and 27th year, 3. Chafing of upper skin of both feet > hot water application. Consumption of a lot of Actified Tabs and Quadriderm ointment to itching/eczema between thigh and scrotum. 4. Breathlessness between 2-4am in city later every where in winter later in all seasons, > Summer, every year.
    Use of asthalin inhalers from 1993 till now. Silicea 200x taken for 2-3 years. No more colds, sneezes but skin itching, scratching always there.
    Now inveterate fungal affliction both sides of both thighs, scrotum, left sheen bone, left scapula, undersides of both the arms.
    Taken a lot of homeo dilutions to no effect. Much severe itching, application of hot, very hot water. My self confidence as an amateur homeopath is on the brink.
    Please help.

  23. Pradeep Kumar Singh says:

    Hi Dr Kaur
    When I speak my mouth got dry and chippy lips on both corner of the mouth and white coloured spot on lips. Lips and surroundings skins get very dried.

  24. Hadiya Ibrahim says:

    I have severe Hip joint pains on both hips. It’s always worse when walking and in morning hours. It’s about six months now

  25. I have a very painful sore cracked and swollen tongue. It gets extremely dry at night, no saliva at all. What would be the best remedy for me to take? I am currently taking Cocculus Indicus 30C 2 X a day but not much help. Thank you.

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