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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for High blood Pressure

What is high blood pressure?

Homeopathic Medicines for Blood Pressure

Homeopathic Medicines for Blood Pressure

The pressure exerted by blood upon the blood vessel wall while it flows through it (especially the arteries) is known as blood pressure. A blood pressure reading less than or equal to 120/80 mm Hg is considered as the normal blood pressure range.
Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure can be divided into three grades. A blood pressure reading varying between systolic (120-139 mmHg) or diastolic (80-89 mmHg) points towards the prehypertensive stage. A reading of systolic (140-159 mmHg) or diastolic (90-99 mmHg) is Grade 1 hypertension. Grade 2 hypertension refers to a reading of systolic (160-179 mmHg) or diastolic (100-109 mmHg). Grade 3 hypertension is equal to or more than 180/110 mmHg. Homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure works to naturally moderate the body’s functioning.

How can homeopathy help in treating high blood pressure?

The homeopathic system carries a good scope in managing high blood pressure. Homeopathic medicines work particularly well for those who have recently been diagnosed with hypertension and have not yet become dependent on any other medication for it. People with chronic high blood pressure and those who are using allopathic medicines for a long time can also use homeopathic medicines. Initially, it is advisable to continue allopathic medication along with homeopathic medicines, and slowly transition into homeopathy for holistic treatment.
Homeopathic medicines to treat high blood pressure are made of natural substances and can be used by people of all age groups without any side effects. For best results, proper lifestyle measures should be adopted along with homeopathic treatment for high blood pressure.

Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Aconitum Napellus – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure with Anxiety

Aconitum Napellus is a homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure along with anxiety and restlessness. The affected person often experiences a sudden fear of death. Other accompanying symptoms include palpitations, a pressure in the left side of the chest, sensation of weight under the breastbone and oppression of the chest. Pain in the heart extending to the left shoulder is also present.

Allium Sativum – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure with High Cholesterol

Allium Sativum is a homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure with high cholesterol levels. This medicine helps in reducing cholesterol levels as well as lowering the blood pressure. Other symptoms include a pain in the chest that prevents sleep and leads to palpitations.

Amylenum Nitrosum – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure with Constricted Sensation

Amylenum Nitrosum is a homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure when constricted sensation around the heart is the main symptom. Along with constriction, aching in the heart is also present. A sensation of swelling in the chest, fluttering in the heart and intensified beating of the heart are the other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Baryta Mur – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure with High Systolic/Low Diastolic

Baryta Mur is a homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure with high systolic reading and a low diastolic reading. The arteriosclerotic (abnormal thickening and hardening of artery walls) changes in the arteries are the main symptom, along with vertigo, irregular heartbeats and a heated sensation in the upper part of the chest.

Crataegus Oxyacantha – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure to Dissolve Calcareous Deposits

Crataegus Oxyacantha is a homeopathic medicine used to help lower the blood pressure by dissolving the calcareous deposits in the arteries. Symptoms indicative of this medicine include pain in the region of the heart, oppression of chest, accelerated pulse and irregular pulse. Other symptoms include anxiety and cardiac dyspnea.

Glonoinum – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure with Headaches

Glonoinum is a homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure accompanied by headaches. The headache feels intense, congestive, throbbing, and bursting in nature. Other symptoms include strong palpitations, dyspnoea, heat in the face and cardiac pains radiating to other parts. Exertion leading to rush of blood to the heart and fainting spells is another feature that indicates the need for this remedy. Glonoinum is also indicated for nephritis (kidney inflammation) with high blood pressure.

Kali Phos – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure with Stress

Kali Phos for high blood pressure is used when stress and worry are the main cause of high blood pressure. The symptoms include palpitations from slight motion, shortness of breath, and irregular pulse, along with both mental and physical fatigue.

Latrodectus Mactans – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure with Heart Pain

Latrodectus Mactans is a homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure with marked heart pains. The heart pain extends to the shoulder or arm and fingers. There may be numbness of the upper limb, suffocation, restlessness, and extreme weakness.

Nux Vomica – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure in Young People

Nux Vomica for high blood pressure is useful homeopathic medicine for young people who adopt sedentary modern lifestyle habits. These lifestyle habits include smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary routine, a lack of exercise, etc. These factors predispose a person towards blood pressure.

Tabacum Nicotiana – Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure in Tobacco Users

Tabacum Nicotiana is a homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure used in cases where the person has a habit of taking tobacco. Symptoms include palpitations (especially while lying on the left side), oppression in the chest and a rapid pulse. Other symptoms include pain between shoulders, inability to take a deep breath and twisting sensation around the heart.

Strophanthus Hispidus –Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure due to Arteriosclerosis

Strophanthus Hispidus is a homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure in elderly due to arteriosclerosis (hardening, thickening, and loss of elasticity of the arterial walls). Strong palpitations that get worse upon emotional release and exercise are noted. The symptoms include constriction behind breastbone, difficult breathing, alternating rapid and slow pulse.

Lachesis – Homeopathic Remedy for High Blood Pressure During Menopause                              

Homeopathic medicine Lachesis is perhaps one of the most leading homeopathic remedies in controlling high levels of blood pressure. Lachesis may be given when there is marked restlessness physically as well as mentally. Another striking feature for prescribing Lachesis is that, anything tight around the neck like closed collars, neck ties or tight necklaces are unbearable. Even tight clothes are unbearable. Feel better by loosening the belts or by wearing loose clothes. Lachesis may be given in high blood pressure in women who are in their menopausal age or post menopause.

Natrum Mur – Homeopathic Remedy for Those with Salty Tooth

The homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is one of the most indicated remedies in cases of high blood pressure which occur due to a prolonged intake of high levels of salty things. Due to this, there may be swelling of the feet in the mornings. Natrum Mur may be given in cases where there is an unusual fatigue specially in the mornings. Though there is a restriction for excess salt intake, it is seen that there is an unusual craving for salty things like pickles, papads etc. There may be a sense of tightness around the chest region and palpitations on slightest exertion. Natrum Mur may be given inn high blood pressure associated with hyperthyroidism and goiter. There is extreme sensitiveness to any external stimuli like sounds, smells or lights. Natrum Mur may also relieve the headaches due to high blood pressure.

Why does a person get high blood pressure?

High blood pressure may or may not have a cause. High blood pressure arises without any reason is called primary/essential hypertension. Primary hypertension usually develops gradually over a period of time.
When there is an underlying cause of high blood pressure, it is referred to as secondary hypertension. Secondary hypertension can be a result of kidney problems, thyroid problems, tumors in the adrenal glands and congenital defects in the blood vessels. Secondary hypertension tends to appear suddenly.

What factors put a person at risk of high blood pressure?

The factors that put a person at risk of high blood pressure include – a family history, increasing age, tobacco use, being overweight, excessive alcohol intake, stress, too much salt (sodium) intake, diabetes mellitus and a sedentary lifestyle.

How can I know if I have high blood pressure?

High blood pressure usually doesn’t cause any symptoms and is often detected during routine medical check-ups. High blood pressure is called the silent killer because it leads to a significant amount of damage to the blood vessels and heart, without any apparent symptoms.
However certain symptoms that appear as a result of high blood pressure include a headache, dizziness, chest pain, nose bleedings, blood spots in eyes and difficulty in breathing. However, these symptoms are not specific to high blood pressure and may appear as a result of other health conditions also.

What are systolic and diastolic readings of blood pressure?

Systolic readings refer to the pressure in the arteries when the heart muscle contracts. Diastolic reading corresponds to the phase when the heart relaxes/rest in between the beats.

 Among the systolic and diastolic blood pressure reading, which is more important?

Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings are important. But the significance of systolic/upper reading in blood pressure is greater after the age of 60 years since it can help identify the risk for a stroke or heart attack. In younger people, the diastolic reading carries more significance than the systolic reading.

My upper reading of blood pressure is high, and the lower reading is normal; should I be concerned?

An increase of only the upper reading of blood pressure is known as isolated systolic hypertension. The major reason behind it is stiffening of the aorta. Other underlying conditions that link with it include an overactive thyroid and diabetes. It is more common as a person gets older (especially over 60 years of age), but it may also appear at a younger age. Few serious problems that link with a long-term isolated systolic hypertension include heart disease, heart attack, chronic kidney disease and stroke. So, you should take medicines and follow dietary instructions to manage it and lower the risk of complications.

I have a high diastolic reading of B.P. while the systolic is normal, should I be worried?

High diastolic reading in the absence of any risk factors like diabetes, smoking, obesity, kidney disease, etc. is usually not serious. So monitoring the B.P., dietary changes (low sodium diet, fat) and lifestyle changes like regular exercise are needed to manage it. Management is necessary because elevated diastolic puts a person at risk to develop high systolic with advancing age. But if the risk factors are present, then medicine is additionally needed and should be started as recommended by a cardiologist.

Can any drugs cause high blood pressure?

Yes, certain drugs can lead to high blood pressure, and this condition is referred to as drug-induced hypertension. These include certain antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, birth control pills, etc.

Can stress lead to high blood pressure?

Yes, stressful situations can make the blood pressure shoot up temporarily due to the release of stress hormones. But the link between long-term high blood pressure due to chronic stress is poorly understood and is being researched.

I am a 27-year-old male with a family history of blood pressure. Am I at risk to develop the same?

Yes, family history of hypertension does put a person at risk as this condition run in families, but the risk factors vary from person to person.

What tests are recommended in case of high blood pressure?

The initial investigations recommended in cases of high blood pressure include lipid profile, sodium, potassium levels, ECG. In some instances, conduction of an echocardiogram is suggested to rule out heart disease.

 Is high blood pressure a serious condition?

High blood pressure that is not managed correctly carries the risk of serious conditions like stroke, heart attack, heart failure, retinopathy and kidney disease.

Will quitting smoking help me manage my high blood pressure?

Yes, quitting smoking will help in managing high blood pressure. Smoking causes hardening of the walls of the arteries and narrows the lumen of the artery that leads to high blood pressure. Stopping smoking can help reduce these changes in the arteries and thus brings the blood pressure down.

I am 30 years old age and have a blood pressure reading varying from 134 – 138 systolic and 82 to 86 diastolic mmHg on more than four occasions. Do I need medicines for this?

As per your blood pressure reading, you fall into a category of the prehypertensive stage. No treatment is usually needed if the blood pressure remains below 140/90 mmHg. Only dietary management and adopting an active lifestyle are required, along with regular monitoring of blood pressure. If any risk factors like smoking, diabetes, obesity, etc. are present then they also need to be rectified.

What is the relationship between high blood pressure and stroke?

Stroke refers to a condition with reduced blood flow to the brain resulting in cell death. High blood pressure tends to damage the arteries, making them prone to rupture or clogging. Any damage can lead to stroke. Stroke can be of two types –
1) ischemic stroke arising due to clogging of arteries of the brain
2) hemorrhagic stroke due to rupture of arteries in the brain.

 What is the link between high blood pressure and heart attack?

Coronary arteries supply blood to the heart. If the coronary arteries get narrowed from cholesterol deposits, the blood has to flow through arteries with higher pressure because of the resistance offered by cholesterol deposits. When the coronary arteries get significantly obstructed to the extent where they can no longer supply blood to heart muscles, it can lead to a heart attack (also known as myocardial infarction).

Does homeopathy help in immediately lowering down very high blood pressure?

Homeopathic medicine works well to manage high blood pressure in the long run. However, it has a very minimal role to bring an immediate reduction in blood pressure. In such cases, conventional emergency treatment is recommended.

I am taking allopathic medicine for high blood pressure from the last ten years. Can I transition to homeopathic medication and stop taking allopathic medicine?

It is not advisable to quit allopathic medicine all of sudden while you start taking homeopathic medicines for blood pressure. This is because the body gets dependent on allopathic medicines to function correctly. If you start taking homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure, initially you will have to continue taking the allopathic medicines alongside. Once the homeopathic medicines start working, then one can gradually transition entirely into homeopathy by reducing the dose of allopathic medications. Gelsemium and Aurum Metallicum for high blood pressure are some examples of homeopathic medicines for high blood pressure.

 What lifestyle changes can help me manage my high blood pressure?

Certain lifestyle changes can help manage high blood pressure effectively. These include:

  • cutting down your sodium and fat intake
  • eating fruits and vegetables
  • doing regular exercise
  • lowering excessive body weight in case of overweight people.

Apart from these, one must quit smoking and limit alcohol intake to prevent long-term complications of high blood pressure.



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  1. STChandrasekhar babu says:

    Dear sarma, Greetings from STChandra Sekhar Babu,India.Hyderabad. Present Telangana. I have a typical medical problem .I am hyper tensive (high Blood.P) . The peculiar problem is that as long as the day/night temperatures are 25/20, I am ok. Once the night temperature falls below. 20degrees ,my BP shoots up to 160. …170/ 80..95.Summer and other seasons just one tablet stamlo 5mg morning and Telma 40 in the night is ok.But once the night temperature falls below 20 ,even after taking 4 drugs (Stalin,Telma,meteprolol and prazosin/minipress)both morning and evening also ,my BP will be around 145/80.I think it is the result of constricted veins/attitudes because of temperature.please suggest me some homeo medication along with allopathy. Regards

  2. age 72 yrs. yr 2014 a stent to pulmonary artery. a chronic hypertensive on medication.recent measurements of heart rate 100 to 105.been using prolomet am 50 .doctor advised on trial basis prolomet xl also .pl advise Dr.any homopathy drug? thanks.

  3. Blutzucker messen says:

    Wow toller Artikel, so habe ich das noch garnicht gesehen! Viele Grüße aus Berlin!

  4. Dinesh W. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Can homeopathy help with Mitral valve prolapse and severe mitral regurgitation?

    Thanks n Regards,


  5. Dear. Dr Sharma,
    I am having BP since 2010. I have been taking Telma 40mg twice a day and CTD 12.5mg for hyper tension. I did walking, yoga etc regularly. When BP remained under control I reduced the dose to Telma 40mg once during last six months. Recently my food habits got slightly disturb, as I took excessive sweet, some egg intake, milk etc. Suddenly since last ten days, my BP shoot up to 90/140, 95/150 etc. I started taking my full dose of above medicine. But the BP remained in that range. Another thing I took Rhus 200 and Bryonia Alba 200 alternately twice daily during last week for my knee and back bone pain. Is is due to these medication . Please advice.

  6. claire sosna says:

    raised systolic pressure. Lachesis would suit me. I have isolated systolic pressure. What potency should I take and what strength do you recommend?

  7. Priyoranjan Das says:

    I am 36 years old and under medication for hypertension from last 7-8 months. Initially when I started medication the BP was under control however now my BP goes up to 160/90 even after medication. I take ‘Telma AMH 40’ everyday. Have done all test including ECG, 2D echo, total blood count and abdomen sonography and doctor says the reports are normal.
    I have changed my lifestyle with avoid salty and oily food. Jogging for 50-60 mins.
    I want to switch to homeopathy and cure it permanently. Please advise.

  8. I’m a 69 yr old female. High blood presure 140/81. I take Iberstatian 300 a day. Dr wants me to add another med but I want to take Homeopathic path. I do love salt. I’m overweight & have circulation problems in my legs…leg swelling. I also love salt & sweets. I take Rus Tox for my knees, arnica for leg pain, Tumeric combo for pain & Levothryoxin for under active thyroid.

    I don’t have heart palpitation, headaches, sweating, I am sometimes short of breath … but I’m really overweight. Can you advise a homeopathic to help lower my blood pressure. (I have started to use very little salt).

  9. wrishi hom choudhury says:

    Dear sir,

    I am 24 years old , recently it was obsetved that my BP is high i,e 170/100 and pulse rate 90 finally during medical test for service which was 134/75 and pulse rate of 72 initially. Later it was found 150/95.
    Now I am to appear in final medical test after 10 days in Delhi.
    Please advise me for the remedy.

    With regards

    Wrishi Hom Choudhury
    Mob no 8054428362

  10. Dear Sir
    I am 44 years old, doctor last month prescribed Tenormin 100 mg at night for High blood pressure, when i take medicine i feel sleepy all day, but not feel blood pressure or neck and muscles stiffness at all. but i want it alternative in homeopathy.
    kindly suggest medicine.

  11. Mohammad Moniruzzaman says:

    Hello…. I am from Bangladesh. I am 35 yrs old. 4 months ago I smoked canabis for first time. After smoking canabis my BP rise to 220/110. Now I am taking anti hypertensive drugs for 3 months. My BP fluctuate between 140/100 to 130/90 for maximum times. Often it becomes 120/80. I left salty, spicy and fatty foods. I have also irritable bowel syndrome. please give your valuable suggestion.

  12. My name is anwar my age is 40 I have bp I fell like iam falling down

  13. Mandeep Singla says:


    I am 33 years old…continuesly tracking. Bp reading from last 2 to3 years.. Dystolic is approx 90 to 100 and systolic from 130 to 140… Can it be treated with homoeopathic…. My lifestyle is healthy… Low salt intake… Walk routine… Avoiding oily food.. Taking fruits…

  14. Hello Dr..
    I’m looking medicine for my mother who has high Bp problem.. She has undergone angioplasty one stent. Coukd u please tell me which homeopathic medicine to control Bp will b suitable for her

  15. Khalid Usman says:

    Dear doctor,
    Salaam, kindly advise me some medicine. I am a teacher and work till till late night. I am 45 years old. Sometimes I have fast heart beat. Sometimes my B. P become 180/100. But I feel nothing. Sometimes I feel fast heart beat and pain in neck. Sometimes I feel fast blood beck side head and palm. My eyes became heavy and puffy. Kindly guide me with ur nice suggestions.
    With best wishes.
    Khalid Usman

  16. Hello Dr. ,
    I am having Telmisarten-40 from last 5-6 years. I was having problem of sinusitus, that had benn controlled. But after taking Telmisarten, this problem is aggravated. Can homeopathy be of any help ?

  17. Vanishree says:

    Sir, my husband age 36 is taking homeopathy medicine for a high BP. Can the homoeopathic medicine taken for high blood pressure be stopped after the BP level comes to control.does that cause any adverse effect?

    • Mam
      Can u Pls let me knw which homeopathic medicine is used by ur husband.i was having d bp problem.

    • Gopal bhaskar says:

      Dear sir I am 40 year old male suffering from high BP for last 4 month’s taking allopathic medicine.i am refom smoker and reform alloholhic. Can I switch to homeopathic with ease and what you should recomend me

  18. N.K.Gupta says:

    I am 59 . can raulfia be taken with gold drops. at one go.

  19. Cheryl Pratt says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am 60 yrs. old and post menopause. My pressure has been elevated slightly for awhile now. When I was 55 my husband had a stroke, and I have been a caregiver ever since. Now I need to lose about 30 lbs, and my sugar is also elevated, but not high enough to be on meds. My doctor is watching it and told me to lose weight. I walk and stretch, and try to watch what I eat, but nothing is working. Is there anything I can do homeopathically to help? I am starting to feel my heartbeat in my chest. I also take synthroid. My bp today was 130/87.


  20. Anju Agarwala says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Ian a 50 year old lady having high blood pressure for nearly about 10 years.Some years ago,I was operated for uterus removal,however my ovaries are intact.After this operation,I have become overweight too.I am a boarder line diabetic too.Now I want to take homeopathic medicine for the same.Is it possible for me to take this medicine along with my continuing allopathic medicine?Please suggest the appropriate medicine and the dosage.
    Thanking you

  21. Naveen Mathur says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma , I am 56 years old male having High BP for the last more then 15 years . I have been taking Allopathic medicine for that.I have read that taking Allopathic medicines for a long times damage other parts of the body like Liver, Kidney & Pancreases. I am also border line diabetic. I therefore , intend to switch over to Homeopathic medicine to control my high BP. Could you suggest a medicine for that and how to take it??

    • Anju Agarwala says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      Ian a 50 year old lady having high blood pressure for nearly about 10 years.Some years ago,I was operated for uterus removal,however my ovaries are intact.After this operation,I have become overweight too.I am a boarder line diabetic too.Now I want to take homeopathic medicine for the same.Is it possible for me to take this medicine along with my continuing allopathic medicine?Please suggest the appropriate medicine and the dosage.
      Thanking you

  22. Pauline Gilmer says:

    Hi Dr, urinating at night, swelling of the eyes, left hand & left knee. Blood pressure runs 137 over 85 to 70 I don’t swell doing the day just at night. I will be 65 in May & mile weight is 132 . I don’t like taking synthetic medication !!!!! I do have joint pain in my hands and my feet I’m taking Homeopathic ( NerveFix ) thank You Pauline Gilmer

  23. Sir
    I am 52 years aged male working as supervisory rank in defense. My ht is 164 cm wt 70 kg sugar and cholesterol with in limits food preference veg/non veg and no alcohol but some times due to small stress my BP shoots 110/170. At present i am taking Divya Mukta Vati I want to shift to homeopathy, Request advice.

  24. G.M,SRINIVAS says:

    Sir, I m suffering from bp since last 07 years,please suggest medicine, bp is not controlled used several medicine.

  25. Sabyasachi says:

    Sir, I am suffering from hypertension since past 6 years and am on allopathic drugs. I suffer from anxiety, overthinking and restlessness. Also from poor sleep. Kindly advise.

  26. Nghat Khan says:

    Dr, Sharma,

    My son is 27 years old and overweight , 200 lbs.

    He had respiratory distressed syndrome at birth and has slow motor and mental development .

    Recently it ha s been diagnosed that he has high blood pressure . He is not diabetic.

    Pleas suggest homeopathic remedies.


  27. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know whether to continue or discontinue the allopathic medicine for high blood pressure if I start taking homeopathy medicine for high blood pressure?

    Rishav Talukdar

  28. ajit kumar nandi ,BE.,MIE.,CEI. says:

    the suggestions/guidance are very nice for us(.0 Make it reach the common people(.)

    Money earnings can not be the only AIM in life.

    Can belodona30 reduce BP /keep steady?

  29. Anand Kumar Prasad says:

    After an accident 5 years ago in right hand last two fingers my weight is going on increasing and now suffering from high bp. My legs are swelling. Feel gas movement in left kidney and urge to urinate after drinking water. Headache is there in head and neck. My bp reading is 160/ 110. Kindly suggest me the needful as I live in remote village where humans die due to administration of wrong medicine.

  30. What dosage of Lachesis do you recommend? And where to purchase

  31. N.Viswanathan says:

    Dear doctor I have now blood pressure of 130/85 to 160/100(varying) for the past one and half month.
    I am taking allopathy medicine for this. .I have cholestrol also ie 229 mg/dl.
    I feel weakness/fatique all the time and nausea. I have no proper appetite also. can you please suggest some homeopathic medicine . I am a male (51 yrs old) frrom chennai

  32. GURJIT SINGH M 59 says:


  33. sivalingam.e says:

    I got stroke due to high bp and now I am not able to walk, speak or eat. Moreover saliva dribbles from my mouth. I am staunch believer of Homeopathy. Can I be cured by Homeopathy? I am administered Telmesartan40 mg daily in the morning, Clopidogeral 75mg one in the afternoon, Atrovastatin 10mg, Amlodipine 10mg both in the night along with Fish Oil. The said tablets are from 3.10.2015

  34. ALLIUM SATIVA :- Natural Homeopathic Remedy for High Blood Pressure With high Cholesterol
    This would best describe my symptoms. My questions….What potency should be used? and as with allopathic medicine is it something that has to be taken daily into the foreseeable future?

  35. Barun Kumar Roy says:

    I am suffering from high b.p 150/100. kindly suggest some homeo med.
    Age 68. I am also C.O.P.D. patient. taking derifiline 300.


  36. Richard Groseclose says:

    I have been on low dose allopathic blood pressure medicine for several years, currently taking Losartan 25 mg/day for the last year. My BP is slowly creeping up (currently 160-170/70) as if the BP med is loosing its effectiveness. I fear the doc will will increase the dose or, worse, start trying other meds (on a hit or miss procedure). I avoid the salt shaker, eat modest amount of meat, mostly chicken and some fish. I am 5′ 10″ and 195 pounds. Have no other health issues, age 75, walk 1 1/2 miles a day. I want to explore other medical modalities such as homepathic, Audriva, Traditional Chinese, etc.

  37. SAEEDA KHAN says:

    I was prescribed Beeper Aid Drops 10 drops two times a day .I have completed 5 bottles. But the result is there is rise & fall in bp. On Thursday my bp was200/100 so I consulted MD (Med) Doctor he asked me to take Tab. AMLAVAS-M 2.5/25 for 10 days.& Tab. LONAZEP .025 FOR 5 DAYS. WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER COMPLETING THIS COURSE. PL

  38. Thank you for listing remedies for high blood pressure. What strength you would recommend for ALLIUM SATIVA and how many times to be taken in a day. Are there other precautions to observe.

  39. What homeopathic medicine can be used to contrl high B.P. with acidity ,urea and creatinine are also high

  40. Alan Doering says:

    My cardiologist and nephrologist say that I have “resistive hypertension”. My BP measurements are up and down between 118/56 and 190/88; taken immediately after I wake up in the morning. Mr father was a Homeopathic physician for nearly 60 years. He left me with a kit of remedies.

    My alleopathic medicines cover the full span of A, B, C and D types. I.e.
    Amlodipine 5 mg o.i.d
    Furosimide 40mg o.i.d
    Losartan 100 mg o.i.d
    Hydralazine 50mg t.i.d
    Clonidine 0.2mg b.i.d
    Carvedilol 6.25mg b.i.d
    Spironolactone 25 mg o.i.d

    I also have Diabetes II and take meds for the:
    glipizide 5mg b.i.d
    Metformin 1000mg b.i.d

    Can you please suggest a course of Homeopathic therapy?

  41. Parninder Singh says:

    I parninder Singh suffering from high BP it is due to alcohol and non veg intake when I take both my BP increase to 180/110 suggest me some homeopathic medicine for permanent cure

  42. Manotosh Sarkar says:

    I am 65 yrs now .l am a diabetic .lhave high blood pressure taking allopathic medicine regularly. My pressure suddenly raise systolic become highit may170 diastolic how l can get out of this problem with homeopathic medicine

  43. Barbara A Steinmann says:

    when I first started on blood pressure medicine about 20 years ago, my blood pressure was not that high. I started getting sick with Pneumonia, often. I stopped the meds on my own at one point and everything cleared up, my blood pressure was normal. Being a teacher I would always get a stomach bug or bronchitis, that’s when they put me back on blood pressure medicine. I have been unhealthy ever since I have gained weight and always out of breath. what can I do to get rid of my high blood pressure? I am currently doing yoga at home and want to progress with it.

  44. puran singh says:

    I am suffering from high b.p 150/110. .kindly suggest some homeo med.
    Age 41

  45. Venecia Williams[Mrs] says:

    Had heart murmur at birth[1942]. Had cobalt toxicity from hip[rep’ 2008, b.p.began to rise, plus atrial arrhythmia. Pulmonary ablation 2014, successful ’til now.Am on Losartan 25mgs once daily. But chest feels tight and I’m short of breath.Everything makes me feel anxious.I have all I need and enjoy my various hobbies and am a very outgoing person.Have been told I have multiple gall-stones.Could you suggest a remedy that would help?. Have had homeopathy treatments many times with success.I do not take antibiotics[ unless for emergencies such as the hip surgery.and eat as much pure food as I can. Look forward to your reply when convenient.

  46. Devesh Kumar says:

    I have high bp 175/100 with no discomforts o f any sort pl advise

  47. bikash sahu says:

    I am suffering from high b.p 150/90 with slightly high chlorestrol.l am taking stamlo-5 regularly.kindly suggest some homeo med.with doses that I can take along with stamlo-5. Regards.

  48. ramakrishna k v says:

    I am suffering for igh blood pressue 160/1110 for the last 1 month,previously iam not having BP. Dr advised allopathy medicines to start.Iam not staerted yet. Is any best medicines for homeopathy.Should i use lifr long. I am not having sugar. first time iam having BP. Should i start allopathy or is any best medicines which is available in India. Please give advise sir
    Ramkrishna k v

  49. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 40 Years male 96 Kg height 5.7″ feet. I have been taking repace h in the morning and 5mg mloid in the evening for last month when I was diagnosed with high bp (160/120)

    After medication my bp is stable at 130/90 or sometimes 120/80. I want to start homeopathy medicine for bp. Can I start? Please advise.

    Arjun Rai

  50. Viswanaath VS says:

    Sir, I tried Aurum Metallicum 30 with good success. However, it remains 130-140 range. If I take sleeping pills (allopathy) my BP is very very normal. Can you pls suggest a medicine that can resolve my condition, so that sleep can settle down (without allopathic aid) and the BP might come down to norma as well

    Thanks in advance for your assistance Dr.

  51. Ashiq Hussain says:

    I am suffering in blood pressure 190 / 100 Please telling me homeopathic medicine
    Best Regards

  52. Have no of 150/70. I am 65 years old. Do I need medicine and if yes which

  53. Mohan saroop Dixit says:

    Dr Sahib mujhe 2 yr se chhti aant mein infatuation hsi please koi homeopathic medicine batye

  54. Pushpa Sharma says:

    Dr Sahib mujhe 2 yr se thyroid and high bp ki problem rahti hai please koi medicine batye

  55. Pranit More says:

    Hi Dr. I am pranit I have problem of high blood pressure it goes 150 and certain comes to normal, it’s not constant, my chest also paining some some times, plz advice me what to do.

  56. VIJAY PRASAD says:

    I am suffering from high blood pressure 140/90 ..give me remedies .i eat tobacco . Tobacco increase blood pressure suggest me clinic

  57. VIJAY PRASAD says:

    I am suffering from high blood pressure 140/90 ..give me remedies .i eat tobacco . Tobacco increase blood pressure

  58. VIJAY PRASAD says:

    I am suffering from high blood pressure 140/90 ..give me remedies .i eat tobacco

  59. sandeep singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Hypo throid . As i used medicine. I am suffering from Hyper tnsion. What shall I do.

  60. Ravindra kumar says:

    I am suffering with high bp,prostrate, breathlessness and also constipation. High bp is 167/106 . I am using Rauwolfia serpentine mother tincture mix vomica30CH and sabal. Even problem coming like dizziness,some time time face redness and walking

    • Shyamal kumar Kar says:

      I am suffering with high BP last three months 150/70. pulse 110. I am a sugar patient intake medicine for sugar not yet take any medicine for high BP

  61. Hello doctor
    My bp is 150/110
    Some times and 140/100 sometimes
    Some times below 135/85.
    My aymptons:
    Heaviness in head
    Neck pain
    Lower head pain
    Some times left shoulder irritation.
    My age is 28

  62. Hello
    I am with uncontrolled hypetention though I take medicine ,,I take time to time calcarea carbonic 1. M. Time to time at night ,and herbal valeian tablets as I have also problemsحin my sleep long time ,,Ian also obesse 25 kg mostly around the belly menopause science 4 years ,,I’m with family history ,of hypertension ,I started this from age of 27 ,,now I’m 55 ,my personality ,,is active ,,kind ,,I have alot of problems I’m stuck ,,sometimes I have fears of future ,,not secured ,,living day to day ,,social ,,,not showing anydepresin ,,help others ,,and posetive in life ,,broken Heart ,,,mom was devorced when i was 12…take responsiily on my younger sisters n brothers,,also broken heart second time ,,when called I. Love but ,separated ,, never married no children ,,scincene two days finished my medicine ,,iam planing only homeopathy ,,,whats your sugestion ,,thank u

  63. I hear my heart beat, the blood pressure rises to 175by 80, I just had Cretegus Q 15 drops, what should else I take to calm down the heart beat. Thanks

  64. Tapas Kumar Mandal 68 years old says:

    Sir, I am suffering from grade one left ventricular diastolic dysfunction for a couple of months. Actually I am the. Patient of enlarged prostate with hypothyroid since 1998. And I used to use one on a day urimax d .4 and thyronorm 50 till date . Help me and I seek your medical advise and I need homeopathic treatment.

  65. ravi chandran says:

    I am Ravichandran,52 yrs,my bp is 150/100,I have pain at back to neck and shoulder,dizziness, for the past one week,till date i did not take any medicine,suggest me suitable homeopathy medicine for me,thank you

  66. june Varghese says:

    Doc, im a chronic hypertensive had a second child 7 months ago and breastfeeding. I am on amlong 10mg. I’m on bp medication since 4 yrs.I’m sweet tooth. Could u pls suggest if I can switch to homeopathy. Thanks

  67. Babu Lal Kunwar says:

    My bp is high always

  68. Bruce Ritter says:

    Hi, I am 57 and I have typically lead an active life. I don’t eat salty food, or fast food, and I try to eat healthy in general. On the past I have seen stylistic practitioners, but my last ones retired and I haven’t found anyone I am satisfied with yet. My blood pressure was up a little up from my norm the past few years, but still within acceptable ranges. Then about a year ago I traveled to La Paz, Bolivia, which is at 12,000 ft altitude and my blood pressure skyrocketed to astound 180/120 and I had to go on an emergency high blood pressure regimine while I was there. But when I came home my blood pressure continued to go up too high and I have continued with high blood pressure medication, albeit less potent. I am sure if I can get my system back into balance it will stay down. Can you help? When my blood pressure is high, I get a headache that makes my head feel like it is going to burst.

  69. Krishjoshi says:

    I suffer from Carporal tunnel syndrome . Can u advise me any effective medicine?

  70. Pankaj joshi says:

    I haveat high bp cholesterol and diabetes. Pain in muscles just started. Age 47 live in uk. Weather is cold and damp. Any remedy? . My son got eczema always blocked nose snoring tiredness feeling. My daughter 17 years periods not yet started. My whatsapp number is 00447429407009. Thanks son age 16

  71. my age is 45 my bp is on 170 lower is on80 l am wotried plz help me

  72. DR Dost Mohammad says:

    thank u

  73. Sir please advise me, high BP in my eyes, left 23 and right 1 4,16, nerves damaged in left eye, glaucoma, I am using only drop in the eyes, please which homeopathic medicine I should take orly

  74. Vidya Gurbani says:

    Hello Dr Sharma , My name is Vidya Gurbani , I have blood pressure fir a few years now but not in any medication .I take a few natural stuff like hibiscus tea and rauwolfia serp to control it but I am not consistent, I have thyriod problem with hashimotto TSH 5.41 and antibodies around 800,
    I feel fatigued and stressed v easily my neck and shoulders get stiff feels v painful. My constitutional renedy is pulsatilla ,
    I have been taking homeopathy only, can you advice pls as to how I must take the above or any other advice ? Would really appreciate all your help I am 53 years , never had any problems not too many before suddently so much , my BP goes till 96/102 the highest today was 148/88/81 , my cholestrol is high too I do not eat red meat and v little non veg .grateful Vidya

  75. robert cohen says:

    hi i have been on blood preasure meds some with nbad side effects have very stressful job lately have been getting head aches i stopped all the meds doctors have put me on been off for awhile thicnk i should do something cause i know it wont fix itself need advice take homeopathic for gout and vita pulse for colesteral and both work very well can you sugesty something for blood preasure gout im taking advanced cherry extract and it has worked for years no gout attacks at all so if you will tell me what i should use id appreciate it rc.

  76. Jeeva Krishnamoorthy says:

    My son 32 years old is having idiopathic hypertension. All the tests show normal results. The doctors (Allopathic) says that this hypertension usually occurs with person at old. He is taking allopathic medicines regularly. If he fails to take it the BP increases to even 180/110. Kindly avise.


  77. I’m male 63 suffering from High BP 150-160 / 90-92 Also my Uric Acid is on higher side 7.3. Bad cholesterol is also slightly on higher side. Please suggest me some Homeopathy Medicine. I’m vegetation non smoker but casually take one large peg of whisky. Taking Allopathic medicine for the last 20 years but no relief.

    • Helen Grant-Johnston says:

      Firstly thank you for this support.
      I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and after seeing my Dr have been put on Perindopril Erbumine tab 4 mg. I have, until fairly recently, been drug free with the exception of thyroxin (100mg) some 5 years ago. When I lived in the UK I could readily obtain homeopathic remedies (Nelsons) so when I returned to South Australia 24 years ago found it much more difficult to find what was used to.
      Can I take the blood pressure remedy with the drug and gradually wean myself off the drug which I have only been taking for less than a week. My blood pressure was 210/110 so took my Dr’s advice (an enormous decision) to safeguard my health. I am 72 yrs old. I do suffer from anxiety and have been meditating for 30 years. I do look after my body with massage and alternative therapies but recently have lost my motivation to walk and excercise. I have also started losing my hair in the last year. No headaches. No issue with cholesterol. Non smoker all my life.
      What would you recommend for me at this moment.
      Many thanks Helen

  78. Dear sir, I have been suffering from itching problem in the whole body for two yrs.The itching beccome intense on going to bed with severe itching below knee.Itching disappear when I am in busy and in work place.Due to itching , the itching parts become slowen and redish.It is assumed that I am suffrring from allergic problem.Some homoeo medicine like Sulphur, apis mel, bell did not response.Allopathatic medicine like Allegra giving me temporary relief. So plz give me suggestion for this problem.

  79. Ajayraj Gupta says:

    i have severe pain & Stiffness in back, also have the problem in the neck, the condition is that i have not walk properly, sitting, sleeping continously so give the treatment thanks

  80. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am a 47 y.o. healthy and fit female but have a headache all over my head and especially on the temples the first 3 days of my very regular cycle. I also have tremendous swelling under my eyes and the skin turns red under the eyes especially near the nose side. I have severe breast tenderness and swelling before the cycle as well as a bit of a yellowish crusty discharge from the right nipple- sonogram has identified fibrocytic breasts only. I have also recently noticed cellulite for the first time in my life on my thighs and upper arms. I can be irritable and even weepy too. I don’t take any medications and would be happy to have some guidance with this please🌸

  81. I am suffering from low back pain for the past ​3​​ ​years

    The pain started after an injury​

    ​there ​are few small inflammation and pain in the lower back
    when sitting in front of a computer or when I am travelling by train or bus the inflammation increases​ ​​as​ ​​I have to sit for a long time​

    X-ray and MRI scan was done and no abnormality was found
    Doctors are saying that it is a third-degree damage to the muscles

    ​plz ​advice

  82. My pressure is 156/95…age 40 weight 69 pain in neck, stiffness slight headache heaviness, little dizziness is there have to take deep breathe sometimes for better comfort… Do 10 minutes breathing exercise in morning with 10 minutes free hand… Marketing job.. I travel in car throughout the day walking is less …stopped eating mutton for last 6 months… Generally avoid fast food.. Kindly help

  83. Sir
    Thank you for this post. Would like to learn a bit about dose and fir how long can these be given at a time

  84. Kailash Chandra Bharati says:

    Respected Sir,
    I come to know that i had a relative of mine, a doctor, checked my BP and informed me that it is on a higher side with 140-90 reading. I lead a normal life, practice yoga, walk a lot, avoid fatty food and even pickles. I do not suffer from headache and very rarely get into angry moods. I have been taking medicine Amlong 10 mg. which was suggested by Physician of Dr R M L Hospital since January, 2010.

    It is therefore requested that I may kindly be advised any Homeopathic medicine and also suggest me that what other exercises I should do.


  86. Sir, which homeopathic medicine is suitable for high BP due to stress, anxiety, restlessness and associated sleepdisorders.

  87. Vedula Hemalatha visakhapatnam says:

    Dr.Sharmaji namaste.Iam a teacher aged 57.Recently I observed red dots patches on my feet .Consulted 2Dermatologists they said nothing to worry b ecause of your profession this happens. Now is there any medicine for this ailment?please suggest .Thank you dr.

  88. Diastolic bp is high due restlessness and stress in surrounding

  89. My name is Robin age 56 there is a slight pain on top of the right eye lash when touching pressure 145 by 95 at present using rufolfia tincture
    A slight change is therw

  90. Kamal biswas says:

    Respectable sir
    Actually i am a patient of atopic dermatities with IGE normally 700 to 2000 having itching followed with scratching and an eczema around the junction of leg beside genital.
    My doctor prescribed me arsenic alba 200 and graphities 30 and antim crude 200
    After one month i found irresistable itching rashes annd wild gas in stomach with pressure 170/90
    Now please tell me what should i do.usually i have no blood pressure .my family also has no such antecedence.
    Kamal biswas

  91. I’m on antihypertensive meds but there r no changes, and now it has affected ma kidneys, worried

  92. Praveen Goyal says:

    My baby girl is suffering to VSD 3.8 mm . My question is whether VSD can be closed simontaniously

  93. S N RAMANATH says:

    Recently a relative of mine, a Homeo doctor, checked my BP and informed me that it is on a higherside with 160-110 reading. I lead a normal life, practise yogasanas and yoga mudra, walk a lot, avoid fatty food and even pickles. I dont suffer from headache and very rarely get into angry moods. I have been taking Homeo medicine (liquid)given by my relative for the last 15 days. What else should I take and what other exercises I should do.

  94. Sir Mujhe bp 150 /90 rahta hai .Anthony se dhundla dikhai deta hai. Sir heart aur jangh me dard rahta hai. 3 km race karta hoo exercise karta hoo. Sir 4 saal pahale testosterone ke injection laga liye the jisse nightfall hokar impotency ho gayi hai penish baccho jaisa ho gaya hai. SIR PHOTE (testis)latak gaye hai.Sir bahut dukhi hoo plz help me. MY AGE IS 30 WEIGHT 52

  95. Ramlal Banerjee says:

    I have a BP – 140/80. I am feeling off and on breathlessness. My age is 54. No Thyroid and Cholestrol problem. Blood Sugar is normal. Please reply what medicine I should take.
    I have weakness problem.

    Your early reply will be highly solicited.

  96. chanchal ghosh says:

    Respected Doctor Saab,
    I had swelling in my legs. I got blood test and found that my creatinine is at the level of 1.90/1.85. . After scan it was found that my right side kidney is working 25% and the left side kidney is working 75% and the right side kidney is contracted due to no reason. Is there any medicine in Hoemopathic to stop further contraction or can make my right side kidney to come to actual in size. Please prescribe. Presently, I am taking two medicines like Phostat Tab and Rokeltrol Cap for the last 8 years.

  97. Ria Bose says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma
    My mother’s age is around 45 and the last time she checked her pressure it was around 153/108 .Although she is not undergoing any medication right now as her blood pressure fluctuates but now more or less the pressure stays high a bit. She complains of having neck pain , breathlessness, lack of sleep along with gas formation. Can you please say if it is something serious and if so what kind of medications will work for her, also if there’s a need to change her diet.

  98. Satyanarayan Sahoo says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma.
    I am 63 years old Hypertensive for last more than 20 years. It was well controlled by allopathic medicines but now rises very high without responding to medicines. It rises upto 175/95. My symptoms as may be required for homeo treatment is
    I am 5 feet 2 inches of height, with allopacia and shortsighted eyes. Right eye is more afflicted. There is perspiration from head, face and upper part of body even at times in winters with dress. Perspiration of armpits smell bad at times sour. Face and scalp look oily. Very small warts are there on external throat and face (One or two) soft like skin and nodular. Mouth is full with saliva, at times saliva is ejected while talking. I am thirstless but in summer drink little cold water not chilled. Teeth decayed at the edge of gums, at times break from edges. My BP, I feel is linked with my digestive problem. I have poor digestion and gas in abdomen. I desire sweets and salty food. Whenever i eat chilly in curry or oily or fried food which I like much, my BP rises. I am very much sensual, sentimental and weep in pathetic scenes in movies.I had also developed Diabetes but it is normal now after taking raw food. recently developed little importency. I am hydrogenoid physically. Very much apprehensive and suddenly approaching any body for any important work my heart bit rises. Even when going to give a talk my voice trembles initially but later I give a good speech. I am timid . My foot nails are very rough, hard cracked and hand nails are very soft. Kindly diagnose my high BP reasons and suggest a remedy.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Hi my bp since child hood was 90/60 but when im anxious afraid i use to land in hospital 160/110 bp at agebof 18 years but never noticed that ihv anxiety pbm but since then bp was normal 110/70 always ..but since my 3 baby i was really anxious as i had complicated pregnancy bo was hi 140/85 but was normal after delivery n chekyps suddenly in 2011 i got anxious anxiety bp was 160/110 the doc scolded me n said uwill die n all n my bp went sky hi next day i went to my family doc bp was 106/90 no reason what happ that night now since then i have bp fearehenever my bp is cheked its always 140/95 to 170/100 always thenitook inderal and my bp use to be normal always whatever the situation would be it was always low ..but my pulse fell 50 so stopped inderal though i was only on 10 mg so kindly tell what to do im 39 years female all tests are normal

  100. DEBI Prasad Banerjee says:

    Hi Doctor, I’m 52 years old male. With family history of high blood pressure. Weight 67 kgs and height 169 CMS. I walk/jog 5 days a week for about 1 hour in the morning. Eat 5 meals a day with low salt and oil preparation. I avoid direct sugar intake in any form. Non-smoker and drink socially only. I drive average 12 kms mainly to office and back. I work for multi-national company in senior position with and travel about 10 days a month
    I used to have blood pressure 135/85 till recently. However last about a month BP has been 150/95.

    Please advise suitably.

  101. Regina Kruczynska says:

    76 yo female wt 174ib 160cm BP160 to 170 /77 to80 worse with stress exitment at rest BP 137/77.
    not on any Rx drugs active life get tired easly
    looking for homeopathy or natural healing

  102. Rachel muyangeni says:

    I need natrum mud and amyl nitrosum how can I get hold of them my e’mail is my mobile number is 0732012275 south Africa #code 0027 please I never used any medications for high blood and I don’t want but I need to treat it homeo pathic way.

  103. Jasdeep singh says:

    There is one patient with hih blood pressure 160/100 . Patient having two heart bypass surgery . First in1996. Second in 2007. What is suitabl homopathic remedy.

  104. Pushpendra says:

    I have problem Blood in stool due to taking medicine antibiotics for infection. I stop all medicine from last four months and eating khichari, chaaj, milk. Things are normal now. But now when I wake up in morning I feel dry blood in nose and if I take hard food then again problem in nose and stool with blood with high Bp. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine.


  105. Sabyasachi Nandi says:

    I am using allopathic amlidipine 5 medicine last 3 to 4 months for my high BP. After using this medicine my BP becomes normal or 125/85. Sir if I immediately stop this allopathic medicine and use homeopathic medicine alternative this please suggest me.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sabyasachi Nandi.

    • Sabyasachi Nandi says:

      I am using allopathic amlidipine 5 medicine last 3 to 4 months for my high BP. After using this medicine my BP becomes normal or 125/85. Sir if I immediately stop this allopathic medicine and use homeopathic medicine alternative this please suggest me.
      Thanks & Regards
      Sabyasachi Nandi.

  106. Rajpal Janjua says:


    My father has a Systolic 185 and Diastolic 70 which developed almost 1 year ago. He has sick sinus syndrome and bradycardia-HR 30 bps (resting). He is also 3rd stage kidney loss patient, diabetic since 2003 and has hepatitus C, now benign. He had a brain hemorrhage that led to 3 coils in his brain and left side paralysis of hand. He frequently has foot edema and suffers from breathlessness.

    Besides many other medications, I am giving him Eziday 25 mg with breakfast and Norvasc 5 mg 2 hour before dinner but his bp, the systolic one is not under control. Any medication that controls Bp also lowers the heart rate which in this case also very low.

    Plz advise.

  107. I am using allopathic medicine for 2 years. I am 33 yrs of my BP many times remain between 130/80 to 136/88. some time it measures around 140/92. Can I switch from allopathic to Homeopathic treatment? How it would be effective?

  108. Judith Pendergrass says:

    been sick have hurting in right ear i think due to bp its like a harsh throb

  109. Ashok S Peswani says:

    I have diabetes and controlled with medicine.
    Recently My BP is high 130-140 systolic and 80 -87 diastolic.
    My nose is always blocked. Get pressure and feel sad. No activity after retirement . Some feel breathing problem, suffocation, feeling too much heat. Can not sit without fan even for a while. My age is 61 yrs 11 months .

  110. M>B. Panikkar says:

    Iam 96 now and have hyper tension, my systolic pressure mostof the time is above 150 and diastolic is 80 or bellow. I have discontinued taking allopathic medicine for the last few years and started Rau wulfa serpantina 10 drops in the morning, but I fell that it is not solving the problem I do not have any health problem apart from this at present, please advise me what is suitable for me

  111. I am 55years old men,10years back I had byepass surgery,and three years back due to peranial absess I had major operation near anal,at present sugar level and BP level also 120-80 ,now my problem is my legs are paining and swelling may be creatinine salt level my be increase daily evening I had 99 fever also,what I will do next

  112. Subhash Sutradhar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am from India, living in Canada for the last 35 Years. I am 70 years old now (2017), and lately I am having problem with sudden spell of vertigo. Checked with my doctor, and he thinks that I have first stage if hypertension,, slight anemia. My BP reading varies: 135/75; 145/85 and some times 153/93. I took pressure measurements a few times, the pulse pressure, difference between higher and lower reading, is almost 60 all the time.
    Before the vertigo, I get feeling of heat on my forehead and slight headache on my left temple.
    Otherwise I am healthy.

  113. age 73 black male bp avg 87/155-90/174 no phym meds been trying diet exercise and herbs but cant get it lower. no other medical issues some pressure in chest when exercise stress test show no heart problems what do you recom. thank very much

  114. Age-57 years,Blood pressure in the morning 140/40 but during day times increases to 170/81,I tke one BP medicine Olmzest 20 mg, once a day. The BP increases after launch . Which is the best suitable homeopathic medicine to control BP.

  115. Yamuna Prasad says:

    I am 70 plus. My b.p.rises to 150-160. By 70-83 in the morning and evening. I take Telma 40 and cilacar 10.i become sensitive and uncomfortable when it rises. Allopath doctor asks me not to think of it. Pl suggest some medicines with little side effects.
    Y Prasad

  116. Gourishankar Rayaguru says:

    Age 47 high blood pressure since 2005 using allopathic medicines to control blood pressure at morning & evening in empty stomach . How it will be controlled by heameo medicine.

  117. Dr.Manohar Potdar says:

    I am 71 years old .My systolic blood is 140 and. Diastolic is 80
    Do I need any homoeopathic medicine?

  118. HI GREAT DR

  119. D C Bhargava says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 75 years old; weight 62 KG; I briskly walk 4 Km daily for years; do pranayam etc; work on computer for long time.
    I have been taking mild BP allopathic medicine (Tozar 25) and maintaining BP at 130/80. 3 months ago, my BP fell to 112/50. A month later, the BP rose and used to be 140 in the morning, and 150 in the evening. A second tablet was prescribed. Since 10 days, the morning BP is normal but evening (4 PM) BP is rising from 148 to 157 even 163 once.
    No symptoms as such, except when it was very low . I do like salty things, but do not take in excess.
    Kindly advise for high BP in the late afternoon/early evening.

    Kindly advise
    DC Bhargava

  120. Hi Doc I need your help I’m hypertension so the doc gave me amtas drug and I’m breastfeeding so is this good for my baby as it say is not proven yet please assist

  121. I suffer from chronic pain 24/7…blood pressure is high.. Tried a couple of meds, they aren’t working, the Las one metropopol succinate gave awful side effects… I’m nervous now scared to try anymore. What do U suggest?

  122. vishu chaudhary says:

    hello dr. sharma.
    my name is vishu. i am 25yrs old. sir i am suffering from piles disease. i come to know about this thing in early morning. firstly i thought it was normal. but when it repeats second time i was shocked. sir i am also getting treated for my acne problem n doc prescibes me medicine of 500 mg named azithromycin tablets in morning and resoten-20 of 2o mg in evening.
    sir i fon’t know what to do but can you please suggest me that opt to what extent a normal body can tolerate mg doses. please sir help me. its all about my life i am about to marry within 3 months . air please guide me and save my life

  123. Dear Dr Sharma. M name is Zafar Iqbal. I live in Rawalpindi. I am very hypertensive. Though most of my life i have been very active and stayed slim n trim yet I suffered a massive hear attack in 2000 when I was 48. I barely survived. My LAD was blocked. I was given one stent. In 10 years I was again ready for another stent. In 2013 the first stent was replaced. Now I am 65 and again having similar symptoms that send me down for stenting; chest constrictions, breathlessness; inability to walk for more than a few minutes. My brother in law is a very good homeopath doctor and I have been under his treatment without any improvement. Presently I am being treated by another well known homeopath Dr Mushtaq but again I am not improving. I don’t know what medicines he has prescribed but I have take these every 2 hours,low potency things. I also suffer from severe degenerative arthritis of Rt Femur and 5th vertebrae results of an injury I suffered when I was 21.Sometimes I take Essentia Aurea and it helps. Also the Hakeemi nuskha for heart ( mixture of honey, garlic, lemon, ginger, apple vinegar) does help and I have restarted taking it since this morning. I have certain extreme stresses on me; Divorced and single since 2 decades, home looted and occupied by force, a temporary off and on job, almost no company. I don’t drink, smoke, gamble or have sex outside marriage. etc etc. Please have a long look into this case and advise. Best Regards.

  124. dear dr sharma
    i am 72 yrs female suffering with essential hypertention, hypothyroid, hyoerlipidemia, .had total hysteractmy done as i was diagonosed ca of endometrium ,s tage one., given 25 sittings of r,t, and
    3sittings of bracy th, 13 yrs back .

    my not under controlled and was on atenelol, then then with depin ,now chaned to amlodepin 2.5 -to 5 mg –b.d , plus metalor. b.p still is not static and plus heart also. i am fed up with this and ant to shift to help.
    waiting for favourable reply. with thanks

  125. hello sir,

    to be on short as i am running out of time. my mother is suffering from hypothyroidsm , high blood pressure and diabetes … i am really very worried for her . kindly suggest me what to do now as she is already taking allopathy medicine for hypothyrodism and high b.p……… waiting eagly …

  126. sinku kumar Singh says:

    i am suffering from BP since last eight. ( i am 39 years young man) and i am taking allopathec medicine 9 Temsion 40 in the morning, Resuvas 20 in the afternoon andasomex 2.5 in rhe evening). is it possible Hemeophathic controll my BP

  127. Sir I have thyroid last 5 year and 8 month also bp can I try homeopathy for this illness

  128. Sanjay thapa says:

    Namastey sir, I am having hypertension past 4y was taking allopathic medicine TAZLOC AM 40mg my bp is 130/85 and i wanted to take Homeopathic sir can i take BEEPEE AID and discontienue allopathic please suggest me sir. thanks

  129. Ramesh chandra says:

    I have bs & bp my age is 42 my bp does not go down below 140 and maximum 170 please suggest medicine


  130. Hi Doctor Sharma,

    I am ailing due to HIGH BP and with 50% of artery blockage. I have both the symptoms as mentioned above in scenarios.
    AMYL NITROSUM :- Homeopathic medicine High blood Pressure with Breathlessness
    ALLIUM SATIVA :- Natural Homeopathic Remedy for High Blood Pressure With high Cholesterol

    as of now i am having Sartel 40 mg in morning and Rosucor ASP10 in night for past two years. I have a faith in Homeopathy .

    Please advise should i start taking both the above medicines AMYL NITROSUM AND ALLIUM SATIVA.


  131. Bhagyashree says:

    Complains from my uncle ………(Hyperacidity….I think from 5to6yrs….if I Hurd any bad news or any type of shocking new my blood pressure will raise….n vertigo will start it will b subjective vertigo….I’m about 45yrs… retired military man…n obese person….whenever tension will b there sleeplessness… indigestion..n constipation….with offensive smell will b there….need ur help….its very critical need ur advise….)

  132. makabbir ali says:


  133. Lynette Gillenwater says:

    My blood pressure has been 160-180/95-111. I have little stress in my life and am very even tempered and happy go lucky. I am a tad overweight 155 – 5’4″ and eat a whole food organic diet (80/20). I have cut way back my salt intake, stay away from grains and added a diuretic to my vitamin regimen. I am starting some daily cardio – brief bursts throughout the day.

  134. Sir my age is 42. Male,
    my b.p remains 140/100.

  135. satya narayan says:

    kindly inform you thats my wife is 42 years old and suffer from high bp and very weekness problem and joint pain with knee.some time no fooding thats very high pressure gas making.two time major opration for delivery.
    so kindly insure me and write important medicine for my wife.

    with regards

  136. Namaskar Sir, I am suffering from highpertentiom for last three years. Taking medicine such as olmesarton.olmebeta,etc. the symptoms initially were high pulse and púpitation.the drug seems to have caused sleeplessness and fearful dreams interruping sleep during night as well as during day. I wish to go for homeopathy. Kindly advise. R.A.Gupta.

  137. K C P Singh says:

    I am 74 suffering from high B P . I have been taking allopathic medicines for last six months. I don’t believe in allopathy and want to discontinue those medicines. The B P rises to 180/97 in the morning. It becomes almost normal around 10 A M. I incurred heavy loss in share market and have sedentary type of job . Earlier I used to walk a lot but for about four months I am not able to walk much since I am having pain in the heel joint. I have liking for both sweet and salt. I have strong faith in homeopathy.
    Kindly suggest a suitable medicine.

  138. Messy meyn says:

    Sir namaste. I m 62 years old lady. For the last 10 years in m having more than 180 HBP. I take Amlodopin tablet
    But not effective. My HBP is hereditary. I have LACHES symptoms(after going through different medicines) can I have it was a relief for hbp? Thanx.

  139. do you have recommendation for a 20 month old little baby who has NF1 and a cancerous brain tumor. he is receiving chemo to shrink the tumor for a total of 52 weeks. He has completed approx. 7 treatments, however he is experiencing blood pressure spikes. Previously the doctors thought the spikes were due to growth of new tumors on the kidney and in abdomen. However MRI proved this not to be the case. Doctors now want to put him on medication. Can you suggest homeopathic products or diet which would curb the blood pressure spikes ?

  140. Hemanta das says:

    Fatty liver grade 3 and high blood presure and 196 blood suger and anxity disordet ( panigetuk)

  141. Dear sir, i am rubel from bangladesh. I am 33 yrs amd have been suffering from high bp since 2010 with a partial rais of cholestrol. Sir, can i divert from allopathy medicine to homeopathy? If yes then which medicine and how. With regards

  142. Dharma S Kashyap says:

    Respected Dr.Sarma Good Day,
    I am S.Dharma Kashyap, (59) Previously, and now rarely used toget BP simptoms,like tightness of cest, vartigo, drowsy, eyes, forehead , total head pain. today BP measures 145/90. I used to take homeo . please advise the best homeo remidy without going to alopathy.

  143. Dear Dr.Sharma
    I am having hypertension past 3y was taking allopathy medicines like Concore 2.5mg at morning n Zestril 5mg at bp always 140/90
    10days before I met good homeopathy Dr in Pondy ,India n dr told to stop allopathy medicines n given bp med in homeopathy SBL DROPS no 4 30 drops 3times bef food n and Raueolfia serpentine 2tab 3 times in a day .

    Past 10days my bp was 150/ this level ok or ant danger?
    How many days need to bring bp under control?
    Kindly advice plz.
    Thanks lot.’

  144. i would like to try a natural tinture to lower blood pressure thanks

  145. High bp around140to160.bad habit of smoking.flatulence dizziness verigo.age 61

  146. High bp around140to160.bad habit of smoking.flatulence dizziness verigo.age 61

  147. My mother age 75 has high BP 150-75. Her systolic BP always high. Suggest homeopathic medicine.

  148. abdullatheef says:

    Hello sir, I have BP 165/100 and cretinine 1.4 in blood. I consult a allopathic doctor and he suggest me Repale 50 for reducing the BP. Please advice me the alternate homoeo medicine for controlling the BP

    • Gene Dittmer says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma,

      I read your article on high blood pressure; mine is around 145/75; I’m 74 years old. I have a fairly active life style but do not exercise much. From the description of symptoms in your article, I seem to be a Nat Mur candidate. I don’t have any of the symptoms like headache or breathlessness etc., but I do like salty foods. Please let me know if you think Nat Mur would be good for me to try (I already take it occasionally). Also, what strength would be good for my blood pressure?

  149. Sir, My son age is 15 years. He is suffering from allergic rinitis. I have treated him with allopathy. But it is reoccur then and there. He is sportsmen but due this problems he could concentrate his mind on studies or sports. Please help me out.

  150. My mother age 80 is having high bp 190/90 with hypothyroid and creatinine 1.61 .she is under treatment with alopathy which is not effective in controlling pressure. Kindly suggest if any homeopathy medicine along with ongoing tratment

  151. Bhabani Prasad Mohapatra says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am from a family with a hypertension family history. As my father and elder brother died in a early age. I am now 46 years old.I need your valuable advice regarding my hypertension. 7days back when with curiosity i check my bp with digital machine, I suprised and went to consult a homeopath doc and he said my bp is 180/100, after taking the medicine for 3 days it did not came down. Then i went to a allopathy hospital the doctor says my bp was 190/120 and advised me to take immidietly medicine. along with the bp i was asthmatic tendency with chest pain.He advise to take telmisartan and hydrochlothiazide tablet called TELMIKIND-H. After 2days when he look my pathology report he advised to take the cholestrol medicine called roseday (rosuvastin 10) as my bp was 170/100 on that day he advised to replace the previous bp medicine with telmikind -amh .Now my bp is normal 130/90. kiondly advise.

  152. Hello Dr Sharma, I have high blood pressure 225/83. I would like to take homeopathic remedy but which one please? I am post menopause, I am stressed in my workplace and my mind and body are restless. I do not sleep well. My mother also suffers from high blood pressure so it may be partly hereditary

  153. thirumoorthy.m says:

    Dr.iam thirumoorthy aged 60 years iam taking allopathic medicine for past 5years for high blood pressure with I want homeopathic treatment.indicae homeopathy medicine.thank you doctor

  154. amzad khan says:

    My sugar 150 at fasting and BP 98 /167. Please suggest me best homeo medicine for help to solve my problem

  155. Mahbubul Alam says:

    I have a high BP of 120/180…I used allopathic until last year for 13 years and then gave up as I was able to change my life style…(walking swimming, occasional Yoga and was able to keep it around 90/140 to 100/150…as my BP meter broke I was lazy nopt to buy a new one and ignores it for over a year …now I have this very high pressure again..and seems have impact on retina like exudation, etc…

    I have taken a dose of LAchsis… based on the three symptoms…Very high BP, feels the pulse elsewhere in the body.., I seem to talk a lot …etrc…

    Can yu advise..

  156. R.E.P. SHARMA says:


  157. V k chaudhry says:

    Doctor I am 66 years old male suffering from following ailments:-
    – Insomnia
    -chronic constipation
    -eye cataract
    -kidney stone
    -blood pressure
    -enlarged prostrate
    -poor appetite
    -30% heart blockage
    Can i be treated with homeopathy
    V k chaudhry
    Mob no 8375972079

    • naveen rastogi says:

      Respected Dr. Sharma, I am 60 years male suffering from High bp i.e.150/90 sugar fasting 126 Colostrol 230 hdl 80 ldl 160 alongwith enlarged protrate indigation pl let me know the medicine that i can take Regards

  158. Suvendu Dalai says:

    my first Question is- ghow to increase my hight

    • shantilal chopda says:

      Ihave high BP, sugar and high Lipid for over decades . Recently I have had protein in my urine and all the medicines were changed 10/12 days back. BP and Sugar have stabilised but I have not been taking any medicine for Lipids. I have just started on clopidegral and may be stanlip in a fortnight.

      Cholestrol bw 350/400 and Triglicirdes tween 400/700. I haave not been taking any medicines for them.

      Pl. advise . I am 73yrs old.


  159. kv rajyalakshmi says:

    I am writing you about the problem faced by my mother. She is of 70. She is suffering from high blood pressure since a long time. Presently her bp is fluctuating daily. By the evening she got 190/100 or 200/110 She is under allopathic medication along with homeo. We are using metxl 50 daily in the morning. Recently doctors declared that she was attacked by parkinsons. But the major problem is the bp. would you kindly suggest any medicine

  160. arvind bara says:

    hi dr.
    i am deaf in jalandhar, punjab.
    my name arvind bara. . i so problem bp 150/110 to 160/110.
    which name homeopathic medicine?

    thank you

  161. DUrgeswar Boruah says:

    Dr l am a heplegia paitent since 2009 may23rd. I am taking alopathic HB medicine. Now i want to leave this medicine too. Presently i am not fully recoverd from the disease. But the homeopathic medicine running on.May i request u for an advice.

  162. J.N. Somayajulu says:

    Sir, I am 56 yrs old man. I’m suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes and Increased Pulse Rate (120/mnt.). I’m under Allopathic treatment since 6 mts. Please suggest suitable homeopathic medicine to me.

  163. ABDUL-SALAM R. says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Thank you so much for the education on how homeopathy can help in treating blood pressure. I was diagnosed with hypertension in june 2015 and put on Lisinopril 5mg and Amlodipine 10mg. I want to visit the homepathic clinic for treatment, what advice do you have for me as to whether it will help me at my stage(1 year on medication) AND if i can go off the convetional medicine with time.

    Thank you Dr.

    • J.N. Somayajulu says:

      Sir, I am 56 yrs old man. I’m suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes and Increased Pulse Rate (120/mnt.). I’m under Allopathic treatment since 6 mts. Please suggest suitable homeopathic medicine to me.

  164. arjun goyal says:

    Dear sir
    My mom is faced stone in glad bladder of 5mm and also faced high bp for 3,to 4, days giving Dr treatment with medicine but not have any remides still age is 42 she is on the bed and in very uncomfortable please help me dear sir

  165. Shaheen Naqvi says:

    Hi. I have very heigh blood pressure taking three deferent medison but still heigh. My mom have heigh blood pressure and heigh sugar two weeks ago she had an stroke Ian warie.

  166. I am on allo med for bp since 1999.I am 46 now.I take 5 allo drugs to control my bp. My doc change these med every yr and at that time of change, I get into problem like Heart palpitations, giddiness, uncontrolled bp etc..I am taking Baksons BeePee Aid and SBL Tranquil since last 4 allo med is reduced to half.. Can I leave the allo med completely???

  167. Niloufer Bhesania says:

    I am 59years old with border line cholesterol and high bp 160/90. I feel slight dizziness at times. Can you please tell me what medication I can take and how much quantity. I would prefer homeopathy to allopathic medicine. Thanks

  168. VIKAS SHARMA says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I am writing you the problem faced by my mother aged 53 yrs. She is suffering from High BP (ranging from 180/110 to 200/110 continuously) and diabetes. She is on an allopathic treatment right now.
    Is continuous high HP indication of any blockage in arteries or heart ailment? Please advise and suggest medicines in homeopathy to cure both High BP and diabetes.
    Medicines prescribed by Doctor are: Galvus Met 50/1000, Amaryl 2 mg
    Losar Beta, Moxovas 0.3, Amloz 10 & Ecosprin 75

  169. Rameshwar gupta says:

    I have high bp 150/100
    I have gas problem too. plz tell me homeopathy medicines.

  170. manju bakshi says:

    I m feeling short breadthe n my pressure is 169/78. what is th preecaution fr this .can u please suggest me. i will b highly obligde
    . thank u docto

  171. mahboob khan says:

    sir me having hypertension since 2010 now allopathic medicine I took metoporolol since 5 years now I want leave these medicine because its having side effect please suggest me about homeopathy thanking you. I am the age of 43 years.

  172. I just started taking Lisinopril yesterday at 1:30 pm, just want to know if I can change the time and take it in the morning instead ?

    • I just started taking Lisinopril yesterday at 1:30 pm, just want to know if I can change the time and take it in the morning instead ?

  173. I am at the age of 64; I am having hypertension with cholesterol, taking medicine since 15 years; cozar 50mg for BP & Lipitor 10mg for cholesterol; last week I have taken a blood test; cholesterol and BP is almost control; but CPK is little high, the doctor told me to stop taking medicine for cholesterol for 2 weeks and do any heavy exercise during that time; also I am having little swelling on the ankles of both my feet. please advice what kind of medicines, it’s dozes in homeopathy.

  174. Can I take remedies while taking prescription medication for newly diagnosed hypertension? My BP reading are very high with a low heart rate 181/77 some times higher. but heart rate is low 47-48. In reading the descriptions two sound appropriate. Glononine describes how I have been feeling, but also Lachesis because I cannot have tightness at my neck. My ears feel pressure but maybe a very slight headache. Do you offer remedies to buy. I recently had grief at the loss of my mother and my young adult godson. I used a remedy combination with success in allowing me to get through.

  175. Muhammad ashfaq says:

    Hello sir
    I am heart patient vsd with pulmonary hypertension of lugs my age is 39 year old please suggest any homeo remedy for me.
    Thanks with regards

  176. Josie Duvall says:

    Good morning, I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Both, I think, hereditary. I was taking lisinopril 5mg and atorvastatin and quit taking them about 7 months ago because I didn’t like the side effects. I eat a vegetarian diet. I do find some shortness of breath and heaviness in my chest sometimes. I have sinus headaches occasionally. I’m not sure what other info you may need but I appreciate any suggestions

    Thank you!

  177. Excellent information tanks

  178. Dipak Saha says:

    I am 50+ now. My BP has increased from normal to high before one year. I have taken allopath medicine at beginning but had gave up the medicine when normal. My BP is now 150/105. My height is 6ft, wt. 93 kgs. I am doing regular exercise at early morning to maintain my weight till 2 HOURS. I am not taking any medicine for my high BP. Please prescribe me the proper medicine and dose for me to normalize my BP. I am expecting quick reply Sir.

    Dipak Saha

    • Ejaz Ahmed says:

      Hello sir I have hypertension (bp140/90) since years i already taking allopathic medication Meroal 50 & canrec plus as advice by dr but problem is that my cholesterol ,TG getting high, head ache & tried ness..plz advice

  179. Dinesh Basnet says:

    Hello sir I have hypertension (bp160/90) since 1 month n i started allopathic medication since 2 wks now its 140/80 what will b d bst method to lower bp ?can i start natutal homeopathy without leaving allopathic madicine? if so what are d natural medicines i can take to lower bp?i would b very much thankful to u sir if u reply me soon bcoz im just in my 20s . your kind suggestion will b a immence helo for me to live ahead.plz sir …. looking forward to seeing your kind suggestion thanking you

  180. Devadasan says:

    I am a diabetic since 1999 and find the symptoms of high BP & colestrol since 2010 on wards
    ,The diabetic medicines are prescribed by the doctor are BISTO 4 MF 1 nos each D S With P P G.03 And for colestrole asd BP Telzy Rs one at evening. At present I am facing problems on my body high scencietivity and it is very paining on wearing cloth due to the rubbing with skin on hair.since last two month .My physicians opinion it may be due to the BP & Colestrole medicines side effects or prolonged diabetic may affected the nerve systems, simultaniously I am suffering the muscle crimps on my stomach intermmitentey .These are all the complications may be due to the diabetic and alloppathey
    drugs.Last week following tests conducted for the functions of the organs like kidney, lever pancreas etc and found all are normal. I would like to use homeopathic medicine for my bp and colestrole inetialy then gradually will continue with homeo for my type 2 diabetic also.For your information I am daily consuming 15 drops of essenrtia aruea of homeopathy from last 5 years. If you can suggest some effective medicines from homeopathy to rid off from the side effect causing allopathy medicines I will be greatful to you always.
    Awaiting your advice

  181. Is homeopathy bp medicines as effective at allopathy

  182. 75 yo blood pressure 140/80 but when aggiteted go to 170/85 has palpitation Has mitral valve prolapse
    and mild lv hypertrophy get tired easly suggestion?

  183. Kunwar Raja Babu says:

    I am 67 years old. My BP remains 128 / 83, but in winters it rises up to 155 / 90. After taking allopathic medicine it becomes normal. There is no other problem like diabetes , cholesterol etc. Please suggest homeopathic medicine for me.
    Thank you.
    Kunwar Raja Babu.

  184. Hello sir

    I am Vimal Dubey From india 43 years old I am sufring high blood presher last 4 years I am tacking retell ch 40 mg but sir I don’t want to tack elopathic medicine if you suggest good homeopathy medicine for same

    Please sir

  185. Dr S K Singh says:

    My wife has 160/100 BP with headache. kindly suggest homoeo or biochemic medicine to bring back to normal state.

  186. sir my bp is 160/110 kindly suggest homoeo or biochemic medicine to bring back to normal

  187. akhilesh singh says:

    Respected sir,

    My age is 41 years .measured the BP found 93 and 155.what will i do for curing it.

  188. Res. Doctor ,my ecg tell me LEFT VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHY WITH HYPERTENTION. suggest medition.

  189. sukumaran nair says:

    I am 60 years. My BP is normally 90/140 but ocassionally will rise to 110/180.
    I am taking Telong-H 1 each morning & evening. My sugar level & cholestrol is below 200.
    Please advise me.

  190. Mrs Krishna sasi says:

    I am aged 55 and had menopause 5 years back.In the past i had the history of lumbar spondilosys and was undergoing treatment for it. Now some times,i have back pain on upper back which is also felt in right hand and neck.
    I am always stressed due to some life problems. I have blood pressure with 100/150 and last month my pressure shhoted up to 140/200 and gone to a cardic specialist. ECHO and TMT wre done and not problems were found. but as my pressure was much,he advised CILVS-M 10/50 once a day and my cholestrol is 285,with HDL 69,LDL 196,Triglicerides104 and this doctor has advised Roseday 10 mg/day,which i have not taken.Even though i informed him that i had tension headache earlier and stress problems,he is not bothered about it.Please advise me what to do and what medicines to be taken.
    Thanking you and anticipating your advise.

    • sukumaran nair says:

      I am 60 years. My BP is normally 90/140 but ocassionally will rise to 110/180.
      I am taking Telong-H 1 each morning & evening. My sugar level & cholestrol is below 200.
      Please advise me.

  191. sir, myself, age 64, no bad habits, suffering from high blood pressure, 140/90, using english medicines, under good control for the last four years, but for the last four months, numbness when going into sun or into a closed shed also where radiation is there, feeling of numbness of head, sensation of numbness near right side temple, suffering from numbness of head due to heat even in this cold season also when i go into sun or a shed…obstruction of nose is also another problem for me…have to breath through mouth…generally i like moderate temperature, i will take moderate temperature water for my bathing, generally fear, anger about trifles, imatience, excess sexual desire also…pl suggest me a homeo remedy

  192. Maryam Tanvir says:

    I want from u to suggest some good medicine for my husband who is having bp lwaya 130/90 140/100 150/100
    He get angry when he is having high blood pressure sometimes he is having headheache also
    which medicine u will suggest for him someone tild me “L”38 what do u say

  193. Pravesh choudhary says:

    Dear sir I have high blood pressure at this time it is 200/100 . And I m taking only homoeopathy medicine
    For last 3 month. ..I have headache also usually. ..pls give me any solution for this disease. ..

  194. Satish Ch Dubey says:

    My blood pressure is high , i dont feel much problem for this but sometimes i get Saviour headache, i become short tempet, do lots of tention. I want to take homeopathy medicine regular. Can you tell me the name of medicine. I dont want to take allopathy medicine.

  195. I am 24 years old plz take advice to control high bp . I measured last week bp 160/110.

  196. My name is Sekhar first time I checked my bp 150/100 getting some headache. It’s will cure in Homeo medicine at present we are not using any medicine. My age 36.

  197. Harjinder singh says:

    Harjinder singh from south Delhi iam pb and dibatic patent last 10 year my main problem my bp not control suddenly high I check all blood check report is normal and other check eco are also normal I am eat medicine bp. Telma an h80 and sugar medicine jonemat1000/500 pl suggestion me

  198. Blood pressure high. Diagnose w migraine headaches all started at the same time. Hospital report said pulmonary lung valve regurgitating. Bad cholesterol high. Good cholesterol good. Suffering from palpitation . pulse accelerated especially in the am. Not sleeping well wake up several times sometimes. White of eyes always red. Double vision constant comes and goes.

  199. Naresh Kumar says:

    i am suffering from high blood pressure with high triglisrides which usually leads to headache untill i get a medicine (alopathic) to get relief. i also feel some Wight arround my forehead and feel absent mind as i feel irrigated too pls suggests good homeopathic medicine

  200. hanumanth raju says:

    high BP

  201. Wasimul Haque says:


    I am 46 years old male. My weight is 97kg and my height is almost 5’8”, my BP remain between 160/90 or 160/80. last time I measured more than a week ago. My complexion is black. I am fond of meat, fish and egg. It means I am non-vegetarian.
    My problem is feeling of burning of ear sometimes specaially at night. pain in my left knee along. My cholosterol and uric acid both are high. Please suggest some medicine to me




  203. Hi dr,
    Kindly advise me.
    I have high bp around 180. My age is 35. Will allopathy or homeo can cure high bp with no side effects. I also have diabetes which is under control now. Please answer and offer your helping hands.

    Thank you!

  204. s m abdullah says:

    jai hind sir myself 50 yes of age , male , suffering FM hbp since last 3 yrs due to chol. b.p.FM 138to150/90 alopathy I don’t like alopathy wt 75 kg ht. 187 cm kly advise me can I take rowlfia 30 q and how? I am serving in force kly reply please jai hind sir


    My problems are as follows:
    1. Always BP 140/90 in normally thouugh out the day.In the evening it is increased by 160/100 or 150/100.
    2. Everyday in the evening after 9 O’clock I feel blank in my head
    3. Feel uneasy in the evening.
    4. Whenever taking food in lunch & dinner after that feel very heavy though always I am taking light food.
    5. My age is 50 years & having 71 kg weight.I am a male patient.
    Kindly advice.

  206. Saad Mahmooud says:

    Greetings of the day,

    I am 40 years old. I am suffering from hypertension for the two years. My hypertension increases during the cold season. I have a craving for non veg, salty, spicy foods.
    As my blood pressure was going 170/110 with heaviness around the chest, I have just started Allopathic medications.
    Please suggest some effective Homeopathic medications.
    With Regards

  207. My age is 19 and my blood pressure goes up to 160/100. Nd even in resting time my heart pulse rate goes high to 108 bpm. Constantly headache also goes on sometimes. Please consult me what should i do

  208. Hello Dr. Vikas,

    I have been diagnosed with High Blood pressure 140 systolic because of stress, , since this is first time my Doctor doesn’t prescribe any Blood pressure medication, but I am wondering if taking homeopathic medicine will help .My symptoms includes :

    shortness of breath
    buzzing in ears
    chest tightness and heaviness,
    flushing/warmness on face

  209. I am 65 yr have high BP 170/90 pl. suggest medicine.

  210. neeraj sony says:

    I am suffering due to high blood presure since last one year. I know posible cause that triggered my bp but I am not able to get rid of it.
    actually I had have an unsafe sex and after that I was afraid of getting HIV. so I was shocked and worried that my life had been meaningless. So I think it was a life threatening incident for me. I have used so many medicines except allopathic medicine. Actually I want to cure it. please help me. I am a vegeterian. I feel breathlessness and heavyness in my chest region when my bp increases.. plz help me..

  211. Sir ,
    I am 38 year old and before 20 days I come to know my bp is 100//150 l have no problem for that .l am not fatty and do work out daily now I started yoga too but my life is very stressfull. I don’t want to go with allopathy.
    Plz suggeste good medicine for that.

  212. Dear Doctor
    My age is 37 years and I am having headache twice a week. I got checked the bp was 150/100 but it somtimes comes 140/90. Due to headache I got CT scan but it was normal. Doctor wants to put me on allopathic medicine.but I want to have complete cure with ho.eopathy.
    My Question is:
    1. Is this bp related to stress?
    2. Can it be cure with homeopathy if yes pls suggsezt some good mmedicine that can improve my headache and diastolic bp.

  213. sir, age 63 years, suffering high blood pressure, aggravation from anxiety, fear, anger…salt…
    when bp comes, numbness in the back, head… aggravation from radiation of heat or summer heat,
    general mind symptoms fear , anger, sexual desire…always like moderate temperature, desire bath only with moderate temperature, cant bear both cold or heat temperatures…when excessive bp, the fingers of the hands and the fingers of the legs become cold…allergy from ghee, groundnuts, pl suggest a homeo remedy

  214. Ranbir Randhawa says:

    sir i am 53 year old i am taking amlodopine 5mg about 6 moth, i feel like pass out and neck stiff,eye side down my bp was 140/95 know 132/90

  215. Manas Chakaverty says:

    Sir ,

    I am 46 years completed an have vertigo and hypo thyroid problem . I am taking Elthroxin 75 evry day in the morning n for vertigo i am taking Sebellium 5 after dinner for last 1 month . Now my BP is also fluctuating between 130/ 70 to 150 / 105 . I am taking Telma 20 for last 2weeks . But still the BP fluctuation is there with high pulse/heartbeat rate 1000/min at times of day . Is there any homeopatic drug to regulate the BP n heartbeat . Please advice .

    Regards ,
    Manas Chakraverty ,
    Gwahati , Assam .
    Cell : 9707588675 .

  216. Dear Sir,
    I am 65 year old ,undergone bypass surgery in 1998( 17 years ago). Now my B p remains 140/90 after taking medicines please advise some homopathic medicine for same

  217. henry mitchell says:

    I have no energy no sex drive I lost my kidneys from high blood pressure. I have lost my wife and I caint keep a relationship can you help. Thank you.

  218. Anup Kumar Mohapatra says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 55 (Married male). Currently suffering from Diabetes since last 9 years. Since last One year I am an Insulin user. I do have High Blood Pressure and Benign Prostate.

    I am suffering from Frequent fluctuation in Blood Sugar

    Can you advice any Homeopathic medicine for me?

    With Warm regards

  219. muhammad saghir says:

    often my blood pressur increes 180/100 .i feel headeck/bacek side of neck pain and swillin of my eyes .pain in left hand.

  220. High bloodsugar says:

    I’v female patient of age 32. She once fell down from a certain height and then she has an epleptic tendency. Sensitive and covers almost al tendency of ignatia. Her bloodsugar is always above 350. I’v given her sizzyzium 0/10but the bloodsugar level is not coming down. Wot to give now?

  221. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta says:

    I was having my BP in the range of 140-90 since long but due to my acute stressful job and lifestyle I have been detected BP 164/121 yeterday. I have been given Angizaar-50 (Losatan Potassium salt). I do not want to depend upon allopathic medicines. I am 45 years Male. Kindly suggest me some suitable and effective homeopathic medicine.

  222. muzamil mehmood says:

    i m using loprin75 & zodip5mg daily (BP was 200/110) since 01 year
    plz recmend me homeo medicine

  223. RAUSHANI TIWARI says:

    I am Raushani 18 year old female.These days i have a new high blood pressure problem 80/150 with chest pain, headache and pulsations.After taking allopathic medication (inderal),it couldn’t be control.
    I want homeopathic treatment for the same and i want your advice too in order to be heal.Please consult me and advice me with name of medication and power of medication.I m not fatty

  224. RAUSHANI TIWARI says:

    I am Raushani 18 year old female.These days i have a new high blood pressure problem 80/150 with chest pain and headache.After taking allopathic medication (inderal),it couldn’t be control.
    I want homeopathic treatment for the same and i want your advice too in order to be heal.Please consult me and advice me with name of medication and power of medication.I m not fatty

  225. I am 63 now

  226. my bp is 135/90 when I m on my back one leg on other I began suffocating and when replace legs I begin feeling ok. please advice me. thanks

  227. nkechi chukwudi says:

    Dear Dr,
    am a woman of 40 years am sufferrig from high blood pressure with its pains all over my chest ,back and left hand with the same pain to my throat ,please i need a perfect remedy name for it .i wilk be glad if you do it for me ,Thanks .

  228. mohammed iabal abdulla says:

    respected dr. sharma i am 60 years old having high blood pressure 180/120 everyday chacking can u suggest me wich homeopathy medicine isgood formy health i dont haver sugar and also cholestrol dont have my blood is ok but pressure is high when i take steps for my house wich is on fourth floor my breath becomes high. please tell my the good medicine for me.urs fath fully iqbal

  229. I have diastolic b.p. 90-110 with headache, constipation, depression, lethargy, leucorrhea and insomnia. Please suggest me medicine.

  230. Rhonda Gentry says:

    I’m 49 years old and I have high blood problem is I don’t respond to my blood pressure medicine very well the doctor keep trying different ones I went to the hospital recently and my blood pressure was the highest I ever seen it 250/124 and they gave me a shot of medicine in my IV then they gave me several other pills it didn’t help .Its gotta worst since my hysterectomy i need help

  231. I am 32 years old. My bp is now 140/95. I had suffered from anxiety for few months in2003. I think this hbp arises from anxiety. I am also suffuring from sleep disorder.while i stand for namaj i think i should fall.

  232. Hi I am 44 years old and dignose high bp since 2013 but not taken any medicine and try to control with food . I visited my doctor yesterday and she prescribed me medicine bcz my numbers were 150/90. I dont wanna take medicine. What can I do? Plz

    • I am 47 years old. No previous Hypertension. A month back, when I was feeling weak, doctor found BP 140/90. Didnt precribe medicine. A month ago found it to be 150/90. Precribed cresar 20mg.
      didnot use any. I dont want to use allopathy medicine. On a friends advice used Beepeeaid by Baksons

      Is there any help to bring my BP to normal. My weight is 85 kgs.

    • s m abdullah says:

      sir self also suffering from hbp 140/90 please diagnose suitable homeopathy medicine my age 47yrs

  233. Abhijit upadhyay says:

    I am 31 years old few months ago i get to know that my blood pressure is quite high 140/90 pls tell me the remedy to cure it now i am not taking any medicine sir.

  234. Had cerebral stroke in Sept.2010. – Essential HTN ;residual spacticity. At the time BP 220/110.On release from hospital experienced Partial disability on my left hand & a left leg limp. and felt weekness. I was under phisiotheraphy for 2yrs but progress seemed to stop thereafter.However,I continued to do execercises in breathing and passive theraphy every morning on my own. At times I feel very fit and at times depressed.My emotions seem to break down often.
    I kept to prescription for two years- OLY AH-20 & Minipress 5mg. but soon I started having acute constipation. I decided to give up the prescription.Now my BP averages 160/90.I did not like to meet my Neurologist because he never ever bothered to explain the prescription nor encourage me to improve.I decided to go on short vacations with restricted movements. I decided to continue with my earlier homeopathy treatment.
    I had been taking Terminila Arjuna(liquid) for 20yrs which I continue. I take Arnica montana 6CH once a day & at times take Belladona 30c to get a peaceful night sleep but have been warned that it could effect my lungs;so have stopped.I know I am not doing the right thing. Your advise please

  235. hello Dr Shrama , I am 35 years old and have little stress at work an my BP when checking is 150/100.So I get very nervous, what natural or Homeopathic medicine would be the best for me and i have 2 mm stone in R. kidney. please suggest me some.

    • I am 32 years old. My bp is now 140/95. I had suffered from anxiety for few months in2003. I think this hbp arises from anxiety. I am also suffuring from sleep disorder.while i stand for namaj i think i should fall.

  236. Yogesh Baijal says:

    Hello Sir, I 65 years of age suffering with high blood pressure since last 25 years back . It is heredity of our family . I regularly used to take Allopathic medicine and homeopathy medicine . but remain totally fail to control the B P . It vary 160/90 to 180/96—100 Last three years I was taking Crataegus Q , Avena Sativa Q and Alfalfa Q Due to that colostral has come under limit but my abdoman has increase too much i.e. why I feel much difficulties in work and take fast breath in little work.
    At present I am taking Toni guard Q 30 drops and Raulfolia Q 20 drops B D but B P has still not come down from 160/90, since April 2015

  237. satale s a says:

    I m 48 yrs old male.I m suffering from blood pressure since 2001. From december 2014 my doctor prescribed me ctd t 6.25+20 mg single dose in the morning with cynocobalmin 400mg. My blood pressure remains ar 140/90 and hb remains at 9.00.I want to completely stop these alopathic medicines pls suggest me proper medicine

  238. stage 4 chronic kidney disease- suggestions on protocols, remedies?

  239. Hi…I’m looking for a homeopathic remedy for high blood pressure. Arg-N, seems to have the most connection with me. When someone takes my blood pressure…I start to panic and can feel the anxiety start to heighten. usually comes in around 160/95 though HB runs in family…I watch what I eat, walk a lot, and I do not smoke my stats are 5’9″, 195 and age 54.


    Tired at night when I come home from work…sometimes I will fall asleep watching TV.
    Crave Sugar
    Startles very easy
    Warm bodied…hands!
    Sleeps well…could sleep 10 hours if possible.

    Any insights would help!

    Thank you, Gail

  240. Ashrayii. Ram says:

    Dear Doc, I am a 48 ur old lady, unmarried, uterus removed 5 yrs ago, family history of CHF and Hugh BP. My BP ranges from 210/180 to 190/110 normally when not on medication. I was a sports person. Tests revealed no abnormalities of the heart. Quite obese, 67 KGS, height 5 ft. Was prescribed Envas, Ecosporin Gold, and Lasilactone to take everyday for past 15 days. Now, my BP is between 106/70s. In very low range. I feel very exhausted, sleepy, and have muscle weakness. I am seriously thinking about changing over to Homoeopathy. Kindly advise on this issue. Thank you.

  241. gurpreet rohewal says:

    Sir I am suffering from high blood pressure from last year November onwards I have started taking medicine of temistan 40 mg after consulting with doctor Sir please advice me homeopathic medicine to cure my high blood pressure I was having migraine also from last 12 years some painkillers help me to reduce the pain .I shall be thankfull to u

  242. sbanerjee says:

    i suffered from high bp and sugar and also mercurious poising kindly suggest me what medicine ican take thanku

  243. Margaret Brough says:

    Dear Dr Sharmas I have cramping of the legs with HBP taking herbal teas Hawthorn Mistletoe Lindenflowers and St Mary’s thistle as apparently the liver is challenged tho I have no symptoms. The cramps bother me most
    I have two stents and a right branch blockage and the resting blood pressure is always high.

    I would appreciate and opinion for remedies please.

  244. MLN Prasad says:

    Dear DR, I had MI in 2009. Using Allopath from that time. They told that heart muscle got dammaged and no use of by-pass and better to maintain on drugs. EF is about 40%. Due to drugs or impairment of my digestive system i get gas. When gas is severe i get BP and also pulsating sensation in feet and palms. Kindly suggest a remedy for curing the damaged heart muscle and gas. Also they diagnised two blocks in kidney region and treated one with stunt and other they told is not a major one. Even the arteries of they heart they told there are two blocks one 100% an other 60%. Kindly also suggest for dissolving heart blocks. I am a Diabetic and controlled the same by diet changes. I am also suffering from Thyroid.Kindly suggest a homeo medicine.

  245. M. Marie Charanza says:

    Good Day, I am looking for a homeopathic medication for my aunt that has high blood pressure and is diabetic, she is 75 years old. Her blood pressure is running from 150/70 to 160/70 it was never this high in the past. Her current doctor has her on 3 different pharmaceutical medications. She does not feel badly and has no pains of any kind, no headaches, etc. she takes very good care of her self and watches her diabetes very well. Her personality is that of someone that must be in control and in charge. She is a rather busy body and loves gossip if one does not stop her. But she can also be very sweet once she knows what her limit is with someone. What would be a good medication for her.

    She lives in a very large city in America and would never go out to find a homeopathic doctor on her own. I can not help her because I live overseas.

    Thank you so very much for your advise.

    M. Marie

  246. Rajashree says:

    Sir, I am 50 years old i am suffering from hbp from the past 6years. But first i took homeopathy medicine it was controlled, but in 2012 my mother expired, from that time if i heard any shoking news my heart beat increases, so in 2012 i am taking lozar h and also homeopathic medicine. But alopathy is half tablet in the morning and homeopathy medicine raufolina serpentine and one heart tonic three times of 20 drops. My bp varies from 140/90 to 150/100 kindly advice me

  247. vikas poonia says:

    Dear Doctor
    i am 42 years old suffering from High BP , hypertension , range 100/150 , suffers a nose bleeding , 2 to 3 times in last one year span.
    I am non smoker/ non drinker / no tobacco / no bad habits

    medical test conducted , no blockage in heart , closetrol level ok , no suger ( no diabetic)

    as i am taking allopathic medicine , can you suggest some homeopathic medics

  248. BBobby Burke says:

    I need to bring my blood pressure down,was prescribed Lisin,but I want to do it naturally,as to be honest,I really don’t like doctors,and the more I deal with them,the less I like,or trust them.Except for ER visits due to injury,including a collapsed lung in 2013,& a broken neck & 4ruptured discs in 96,I haven’t seen a Dr.since High school in the ’60s.What do you recommend? Thank you,BB B.

  249. ozirior siabalima says:


  250. MAIYAM NAZIR says:

    190/ 95 high blood prasure
    seene me tej tej dhadkan
    hafnee ka ana
    neck me siti ki awaz

    age 46
    weight 75
    urine ka na hona
    pressure dalne par urine ka hona

  251. Hi am 66 I went for BP test and it came back 150.80.66 so they put me on beta blockers. I took these for 4 days. Had sickness and sat on the loo all day. The 5th day my head was pounding I couldn’t breath. Thought I was going to pass out. They also gave me statins my chlo. Was 4. I took same as above. My BP shot up 120.110.50 after phoning doc. He said stop taking. Gave me Rampiril 1.25 mg. I am now having blood test Monday. My BP is still 190.80.66 and I feel so sick. My head pounds and my ears are ringing. Been on Rampiril 3 days. Please can you advise on a remedy. I still have hot flushes at night. Have never felt so ill
    Many thanks

  252. chandran m says:

    sir i have milde headache . this condion is past three years. now i got and rise heavy headache during i am in tension mude. this experience i got past 20 days
    i am veg and i am doing yogasana pranayama and treadmill and meditation daily.
    and my food habite also limite and methed.since i can not any medicine fo it.
    and i have alergy sneezing and runningnose this purpose i use momeflo nasal spray.
    no other diseas .my age is 69 years.

  253. Madhusudan mandal says:

    Respected sir, I have high BP last one year taking medicine amlovas-M continue per day one tablet morning.

  254. samiullah says:

    dr.sahiba i am a patient of blood pressure. my age is 30 years nd my blood pressure almost stand 160 to 110 since three year and i got treatment from quetta nd Karachi my all test reports were negative now i m taking one tablet norvasc of 5 mg daily,but my blood pressure is not coming down.please tell me best treatment . thanks

  255. I have extremely high bp. I just started to eat only fruits and veggies with oy 2 t peanut butter with a few peacans and drank only water. in One week I lost 9 pounds and my bp went from 200 to 180 over 79-90. I am adding a bit of protein now and in my second week. I was using a lot of different things but stop..I do ot want to ever use western only covers the problem and does not fix it. thank you for suggestions. we do not have any local homeopathics…

  256. bill cheshire says:

    dizziness blured vison ,nausa, work as a welder in 98% weather , not from heat, , drink plenty of water and gadoraid, need med to help with the above. this has only been the last month. help..

  257. gyan prakash roy says:

    sir I suffering b.P problem my b.P 150/90 so intake medicine roulfellia 1x next medicine ?

  258. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 59 years old . I am suffering from high blood pressure as well as high chlestroal , when it is high it is 180/100, chlestroal 232, now chelostroal is 170 & blood pressure is also under control. I am using concord 5 tablet once a day.

    My problem is – I am always irritated with small negative things happend around, I feel blood is rushing to head & moving around forehead & head. Headache is also there when things go against me.
    Mood become sad when things go against me. I am quite suspicious ( I first think negative ),
    afread of death.
    All relatives & friends are hurt due to direct true answering. can not control sad emotions & feel like crying. Other problems are constant leg pain since last 32 years.
    I need your help to overcome the problem with homeopathic remedy.


  259. capt. Mehdi says:

    hi, I am taking Diacard + Rauwolfia (10 drops each) morning and evening, my age is 40yrs, my BP
    normally after taking above medicines remains with in the range of 125/85, Previously it used to be
    145/95, kindly advise if above medicines are correct or need to change to other medicines. my cholesterol some times increases but its in the normal range now.

  260. Anthony mubanga says:

    hello am new to homoepathaic.I feel dizzy and headache almost every day.I went to the clinic and was diagnosed with hypertension and didn’t want to start any medication. I tried to control it but has worsened.sometimes I feel terrible like loosing my sight. am a man.,40 yrs old can I start homeopathic Med what abt Lachesis can it help me?

  261. Doctor namaskar with respect
    My mother is having giddiness age 85 i gave avena sativa pills one dose. Now she is in sound sleep. Please suggest.

  262. rajesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    actually my bp is suddenly high 120t0 180

    plz give me advice about bp.

  263. teofilo paulissen-dougan says:


  264. rajneesh sharma says:

    Dear sir i am 36 years old.i am suffring from high cholestrol level is normal heart is in good condition.sugger level is may be psycho problem ..some times bp is normal and second day it become 100/160.what should i do.i am so cunffused
    Pls suggest me a homeopathy medicine.

  265. Rajendra Upadhyay says:

    I am 62 years old. My BP remains constant at 140:90 sometime goes up but normally it is at 140:90.
    I experience mild headache mostly in the morning, compression at chest, breathlessness at a time heart rate going up suddenly, sweating too much after even some exercise.always feel tired and not fresh even in the morning. When I take tea or something hot feel much better. do not get enthuse to do exercise. Getting up in the morning is a challenge I feel fresh if i get up late. do not get sleep before 11 pm and no sound sleep I am awake most of the time. focusing on work sometimes if problem.
    if i take any medicine by BP goes down even below 120:80
    Please advice me which homeopathic medicine I should take or do you need any more details.
    RB Upadhyay

  266. The doctor wants me to take medication for high blood pressure. I have been meditating for 47 years and am retired so I don’t have stress. There must be something natural I can do besides take prescription drugs.
    I have been to India a few times and the natural herbal and homeopathic remedies are very effective.

  267. P. VENUGOPAL says:

    For diabetes and blood pressure

  268. vipin gupta says:

    i am 50 yrs male,high bp. naval disorder head ache ,under weight. short tempered ..pls guide me

  269. RASHID HASHMI says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Rashid from Pakistan, Age 43 ys. my blood pressure is too high 140 – 120, from few month

    I have loss heavy amount of my in my business about 20Lacs in last year 6 months before, causing BP

    Height 5.5″, Weight 67Kgs

    I also feeling difficulty in breathing.

    You are requesting to suggest effective SCHWABEE homoeopathic medicine and about my dies plan.

  270. Sir I m 66 yrs. Mostay vegitarian. I take allopathy medicin for high cholesterol m high triglyceride. Now very recently I find my bp goes from 85-90/150-140. One homeo doc prescribed me Crataegus or Rouwlfig.kindly advice should I go with Crataegus.

  271. My husband has just had a triple A surgery about 2 weeks ago and he is a smoker for all of his adult life and never had high blood pressure now his blood pressure is between 197/107 to 160/103 he does not like the side effects of the prescription meds that we have read.


    i was kidney transplanted patatient in 2009, suffering from high blood pressure from few day, bp not controlled by allopathic medicines, is there any treatment to me for my problem with out effecting my transplanted kidney, and i was also having constipation problem

  273. Keith Warden says:

    My husband Keith, is now 80, has had high blood pressure for few years. I have treated him homeopathically with several remedies ie, Nat.Mur, Ignatia, Strophanthus, Rauwolfia, Stront carb,
    nothing reduces his BP. He is a Cold person especially feet and knees are icy cold. He always feels well on Silica. His temperament is erratic and restless, has to walk about when we watch TV. He changes mood quickly and becomes very argumentative and can be very spiteful in an argument saying nasty things to me. Because of his coldness,(has to wear warm things) I didn’t think he was Lachesis, until I see it has cold feet and knees. He has no symptoms of constriction or tightness anywhere, likes to sit in the sun. Has a poor memory esp. for names. Repeats same mistakes over and over again. So I gave him Baryta carb 1M, his ankles and feet swelled up and were blue and purple as a result of this. Do you think he could be Lachesis constitution please reply.

  274. sikha das says:

    My bp is 160/100 and I am a diabetic patient fasting 170 and pp 237 which medicine should b gud for me

  275. Ananta Ramchiary says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have a blood pressure which fluctuates from 130/90 to 140/100. I taking aurvedic medicines but cannot bring down the pressure to 120/80 for last 1 year. All tests have been carried out for high BP and found all are ok clinically. Perhaps high intake of salt might be the reason of high BP. I find similar to treatment with NATRUM MUR or AMYL NITROSUM but cannot confirm.
    May you kindly advice what should I do for the treatment?

  276. sudhir prabhudesai says:

    Please suggest me Homeopathy medicine for BP and sugar and palpitatio
    I take olmesarAv for BP
    Jaumet for sugar

    Please sugset

  277. T.A.RANA says:

    SharmaG i am 71 Years old and never have BP & Sugar. A bad loss Put me in this problem. WHEN I GET HIGH BP, THEN HEADACHE AND DENSE DISTRESS. NOW MY BP IF I DONT TAKE MEDICINE IS 160-180/ 90-101(WITHOUT MEDICINE).
    Medicines give me a lot more Fatigue, ear sounds and soñé time low heartbeat.

  278. Dharam Raj Mali says:

    Sir, I m 27years old person. from sometimes i have BP high problem 140/100. This problem is from last 7-8 months and i m not taking any medicines now. cai i redune it by taking homyopathic medicines.

  279. Yogesh gupta says:

    I have just started with pre hyper tension. my blood pressure is currently 88/ 138. I have started yoga and prayanam to help me . for a short while it had shot up to 100/ 150. how can take to homeopathy?

  280. sarmin bintay jalal says:

    Dear doctor,
    Doctor said that i m a CKD patiant..all doctor given me 7 dialisys my blood presher continuing high ..110/180..also take continiously allopethik treatmet..but i cant reduce my blood presher..have any treatment about blood presher..pls advice me to controll

  281. Dr. Sharma,
    I have BP since last 10 years and with consultancy of dr. i am taking small dose of bp medicine a combination of amlodipin 5 mg and nebilole 5 mg -OD(After Breakfast) , it was working but now a day my bp is not lowering from 150/90. I contacted my dr and after examination he introduced one more medicine TEMIKIND 40-OD(NIGHT), but i did not want to use 2nd medicine and try some altenative medicines. i have faith in homeopathy, i want to take some homeo medicines instead off. pls suggest me some homeo pathic medicines.

  282. Dipak mistri says:

    sir my bp is 135/100 what kind of medicin should I take pls write me soon

  283. ERNIE BANKS says:

    I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Meds are not working and my doctor keeps increasing
    the dosage. What dyou recommend?

    Ernie Banks

  284. Mr.Arunabha Majumdar says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma ,
    Sir, About a year ago felt some uneasiness, so I got my blood test of lipid prophile, etc.and saw a7physician ( an allopath ) who prescribed Xto F tabs @ 1 tab daily for 10days. That blood test report showed triglycerides cholesterol remarkably high.I took the tabs regularly and the got the same test again after the course of Xtor F, the report showed normal.Now a days my bp rises upt 170/90.
    Plz.advise Homoeo medicine that can keep my bp normal. ? ( I am now 62+)

    Thanks & regards,
    Arunabha Majumdar

  285. A L MALLICK says:



  286. pawan kumar mehta says:

    My bp is 110/160 & cholesterol level is 250. I feel eyes heavy inspire of sleeping
    & dullness. Kindly advise some good homeopath in Jaipur or medicine. Articles provided me good knowledge about bp.

  287. M.A.Ansari says:

    I am suffering from osteoarhtritis(my right side inner knee pad(cartiledge) is damaged so I bent right side slightly and feel pain during walking. kindly advice medicine.

  288. Muhammad Ajmal says:

    I have Lift Bundle Branch Block (LBBB). Blood pressure usually remain 140-100. Age 43. Ejection Fraction of heart is 60%. Is any homeo drug for LBBB?

  289. S. bhaskar says:

    Dear Dr i am a type2 diabeytic patient from the last 8yrs i am on allopathy medication i was managing my disorder moderatley & as my profession is business & i travel & thereby i had to forgo my meals & i had passed a very indisiplined life style i smoke but i dont drink recently that is last year i was diagonised with BP which was on the higher i was given OLMY 50& AMLONG 25mg by muy doctor i do my lipids regularly every three months & from the last 6 months my creatine which was 1.3 had gonre up 1.5 & recently 1.8 & my PROTIEN WAS +++ in urine analysis now i am worried some suggesting to see a NEPhrologist MY HBAIC WAS ALSO BAD AROUND 10 i cannot afford rest because of my responsibilites i feel fatigue & depressed please advice what ids to be done i am 52yrs old, await your valuable opinion /Advice
    Thanking you
    Best Regards

  290. dear sir I’m from Bangladesh. my name is shemeem age 38 height 5feet 7 inch. weight 74kg. I hv a great problem of hypertention. I am taking allopathic medicine ( cardo plus 50, intedeve 10. and lacicard 4) my bp always stay 125/90 or some times 100. so dear sir what can I do ? plz sir help me

  291. Jaspreet singh says:

    sir am suffering from high b.p and I cannot work or walk in sunlight
    my age is 21 years,

  292. Carolynn Ross says:

    Recently I’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, about 140/69 and my doctor wants me to take blood pressure medication. I’m 77 years old not on any medications currently, or have ever been, blood tests show that my oxygen levels are good, my iron levels in my blood are low so I’m taking iron supplements. My cholesterol numbers are good and my EKG was also good. What kind of homeopathy can I take to lower my blood pressure so I do not have to take conventional medical blood pressure medication.

  293. muhammad riaz shahid says:

    my wife is patient of hepatitis -c and his LGPT remains 46. A course of injection has been completed but in vein. after completion of injection, his body feeling burning and did not use warm things please tell me any medicine please.

  294. Mazhar Hussain says:

    Dear Dr Sb

    AA May god bless you I am 47 years old and I have had high blood pressure for years. I have been on different blood pressure medications over the years that did very little to relieve it. Eventually I went off of all of it. Now it runs in the 180’s/90’s. I am currently taking a rather high dose of Zafnool TENROMEN BISCARD CORRACE again which can get it down to 150/80,

    Two to three month past but my BP was no high when BP started one month two three time a month BP HIGH Kindly suggested me the Homeopath medicine Regards

  295. Sabyasachi Bose says:

    I do get headache starting from morning throughout the day, everyday, on right side of my head. It is not very painful, it is mild. But it seems alerming as it is happening everyday. Pressure is normal 117/84. Saridon type medicine giving me temporary relief. Belledona 6, Sang Cand 200, Gels 6 did not work. tried them couple of time. Need your suggestion.

  296. Vijay Srivastava says:

    Doctor im suffering from hig blood pressure since few yearsmy pressure remains around 150/100 i am 55 yrs of age and have strong palpitation and heaviness on left side of chest since last 2 years im taking olmy H 20 in morning and cilacar 10 in evening and my blood pressure is under controlkindly guide me for homeopathic medicine.

  297. Dr. my left hand pain .after taking Toni card (homeo medicine )pain decreases.during stress pain increases.

  298. Dr. my left hand pain .after taking Toni card pain decreases.during stress pain increases.

  299. My bp is140/110please give best medicine and valuable suggestions thank s.

  300. BABU K.J. says:

    My name is Babu K J .,aged 58 years ,male,retired from state government service, 168 cm high,70 kg weight,body colour-black,taking all types of food,normal sleep,prefer warm climate.
    I am suffering from high BP & High cholesterol for more than 10 years and taking allopathic medicine – telmesartan 20mg+amlodepine 5 mg daily once.Of course the BP is in control with the medicines. But I wish to curtail the use of allopathic medicine as it seems to reduce my vital power.
    Please be kind enough to help me with your valuable advice.
    Thanking you
    with regards
    babu K J

  301. Davinder Sehmi says:

    My Bp went 195/114 paules 90 I am taking Norvasc 5mg and also taking Lachesis and Ars-alb-30sinse march 8 2015 how I can manage my breathing and stress level that makings my lungs very weak. Thanks

  302. Ayan Pal says:

    Sir my blood pressure had 150/100 Eight days ago but now 120/80 , I have taken Homeopathy medicine roulfia. So how many days I have to take this medicine for my health care.

  303. P S Sethi says:

    Dear Doctor, I have presently been taking allopathic medicine, Cilaheart-5 for a few months. Earlier I had been taking Envas 2.5. I take the medicine in the morning empty stomach. Yesterday, I measured my BP and found it as 160/103 though I had taken the medicine that day. The same was the result in the evening. I now want to additionally start homoeopathic medicine for high blood pressure so that it remains in control. I have slight higher cholestrol level as well. I would like to point out that even with 160/103 pressure, there was no headache or any other symptom. High blood pressure does not bring out headache in my case. Shall be grateful if you advise me a homoeopathic medicine for the ailment.

  304. BP remains normal in morning till noon, it give rise in the evening and remain 140/90 with the use of valtec 80 mg. Without alopathic medicines it rises rapidly to 160/9- to 180/100. Alopathic Medicines are being used by me for the last 4 years and cholestrol remains 200. I want to use homoeopathic medicines. Uric Acid is also there, it remain 6-7 with medcicine. Without medcine it rises till 9 with feeling of fingers pain. I have studued Alliaum Sativa, Natrum Mure and Glonine. Please suggest me single remedy and oblige

  305. shyamsunder ashtikar says:

    my bp is very high , iam diabetic bp is 180/110 shuger 350
    Age 58 & weight 60 kgs

  306. Saikat nandi says:

    I had a haemorragic stroke 11 months back whick left me paralysis in lower left side. I was diagnosed with arterial hypertension.I have high B.P . I want to control it with homeopathic medicine.

  307. Hello dr.sharma I am also age is 31. I have high bp 140/90 since last 5 years but I did not taken any treatment.but now I feel problem like insomnia and headache.I am very anxious anger very soon.short tempered .I am not willing to take allopathic medicine for my bp is 150/ bhms friend prescribed me baryta muriatica 3x. is it sufficient drug.can it completely cure my hypertension .or I have to take any other lipid profile is within normal range.Please suggest me.thanks…

  308. Kathryn Cronkrite says:

    Hello, Really, really want to get off Vasotec – taking 20 mg twice a day . I am 60 years old. Before menopause I weighted 140 lbs , now weight 180lbs. I am a reserved, responsible type, quiet and is totally ok with being alone. Socially conscious and get very angry at the injustices of the world. Love salt and sweets. All my labs are within normal limits. When I was 20 years old, I got a viral infection that left me with a severe lack of energy – for 1 1/2 years I had only energy enough to shower, then return to bed. Slowly recovered and to this day I take high doses of ginseng to get through the day. Drink black/orange pekoe tea for caffeine. Exercise in spurts – mostly yoga and gentle cardio. PLEASE help. Thank you

  309. Mahesh kumar says:

    High bp with severe headache.heat waves in the body comes out.fatigueness in body and eyes.

  310. Linu kolothodi says:

    This is linu..
    I’m a 22yr old girl.i hav complaint of black ring around the eyes ;which covers the entire orbital cavity..
    It was first noticed when I was small kid studying in 5 standard . Starting it was milder gradually it
    Became darker..please suggest a good remedy for
    This complaint..
    Waiting for your reply

  311. Sir my bp is 140/90 mmgh regulary, age 43/M.Plese give corect homeo remdiy with dose. Thanks.

  312. dear sir

    my mother has blood pressure last 25 years ,her blood pressure increase when she face any digestion problem or stomach gas pressure at heart increase heart beat and blood pressure its mostly happen in during sleeping. kindly suggest your expert opinion. she is 55 year old.


  313. Muhammad jaleel says:

    Sir I face high blood pressure last two month pls recommend for me medicine

  314. Please guide me how to start homeopathy medicines for high blood pressure, diabetes, LDL & triglycroides
    along with allopathy medicines .

  315. Dear Dr. Sharma

    Thank you for your website. I would appreciate if you can prescribe homeopathic remedy for my high blood pressure I have been having since 2002. For long time I am also having constant headache of different types- mostly congestive, heavyness, burning, fullness, from inside pressure outward, headaches changes with time. I also have indigestion problem with slightest irregularity in food or drink(like cokes, cofee, soft drinks, fatty food etc not tolerable).

    Most of the time when in happy mood blood pressure seems to be normal (120- 75) even without medication. But with slightest tension, fear, bad news and insecurity, it rises sharply and can be very high 150-170/90-100. Then I feel very bad and cannot concentrate to academic work. I am a senior professor of Physics in a University.

    Blood pressure tablet Atenol 50 mg a day and even 25 mg a day works very well. Belladona 30 reduces headache but can come back after 10-12 hrs.

    I am looking for homeopathic medicine that can give me lasting/prolonged relief from these two problems.

    I would be grateful if you can help. I would definitely make arrangement for payment of fees to you.

    I am staying in Nigeria.

  316. Rebati Ramana panda says:

    Dear Sir,

    My BP level is constant to 140/90 since two months. I had Typhoid of 1.32 and for which I administered the allopathic medicine. Now I feel gastritis in Stomach basically after I take food and I feel my stomach is full and also sometimes I do not feel hungry. I also fell pain in right and left side of my belly. As far as my BP is concern, I feel also anxiety and fear. Sometimes I also feel nervous and I feel somethings can happen to my body. Kindly, advise the remedy.

    Sincerely yours,

    R. R. Panda

  317. Shoab Rana says:

    I have been running high blood pressure (170/98 range) for the last 2-3 months. I usually do not take any alopathic medicines and have been treating this exclusively with homeopathic remedies given by a well respected homeopathic practitioner, however, there has not been much improvement. Sometime, however, it goes down to the 150/90 range. I do not usually eat meat or dairy products. I exercise regularly and am not over weight (BMI 23). I am getting concerned and wondering if I should start taking allopathic blood control medicine although that is the last thing I would like to do. Please advise.

    Thank you.

  318. shyam sunder verma says:

    Dr saheb, I have suffering from nervousness accompanied with very high blood pressure some times going as high as 215/108 esp after getting up from nights sleep since last 15 years. I do get nervousness in the day time also. Mouth and tongue has dryness after getting up.also I have a feeling of constriction in right kidney area. Would appreciate your advice on the ailment.

  319. how i stop blood pressure &cholestral

  320. MRS BASANTI ROY says:

    Dear Dr. Sherma,
    My bp is high , my bp is 162/90 ( bp checked on 08/01/2015 ). I am a blood pressure patient from few days. Age now i am 85 years old woman. Now i am feeling very week, i have no sugar, my heart is normal. please give me your valuable suggestion for me which medicine i would take and how i take , suggest my medicine and which food i eat and avoid which food.

  321. My husband has BP 150/90 , now he does not start medicine . Is it any treatment in homeopathy for blood pressure and how it is ?

  322. DR.prashant johri says:

    Dear Sir i am suffering from High blood pressure and diabetes from last three months
    please suggest good medicine


  323. samsuddin ahsan says:

    Good Day Sir
    My wife is suffering with high b.p.she is around 40-42 years of age from last six to eight months she is suffering with hypertension her weight is around 65-68 kgs. having two children. From last five to six years she is restless due to extra care of her children she complaints many times that she could not sleep more than two consecutive hours since her first child born in 2009. But other than all these the main reason is myself as she has been betrayed by my twice, the girl involved in recent affair kept on teasing her a lot over mobile phone for a prolonged period 4-6 months and after suffering from all these mental trauma she looks very upset irritating short temper most of the time, due lack of sleep her mind never take rest even whilst she sleeps her mind always thinking about her husband betrayal she is very responsible and caring by nature kind hearted and emotional. she has already taken few dozes of Calceria Carb 200 and presently she is taking Belladona under a homoeopathic practitioner kindly advise me some good homoeopathic medicines according to her symptoms

  324. mrs.shinymolmathai says:

    I am under treatment of homeopathy. I having high bp likes200/120; my dr given me LACHESIS1M. Bp will come down and again incrsse. 50years old cholesterol 280, sugar level is 116, always having itching,100kgs wt.every month my wt increasing. Itching ears and sounds coming from ear like running train.

  325. Hi Dr,

    Thi is sree, I neeed your help my mom is having hgh blood pessure it is

    200/95, she is taking medicatons but it is not coming down, she got her all blood work and heart checkup, says nothing…can you please advice me.


  326. warangal

  327. I m 41 year of age. I have normal hdl and ldl levels. Boichemistry reports suggest no problems but my blood pressure ranges from 160/110 to 140/100. What may be the problem and what remedy you suggest? ?

  328. I have high blood pressure and taking alopathic medecine but it is not being controlled. Sometimes it is 14 and another time 200. I am also diabetic type 1 taking insuline Lantus. Please advise if some homeopathic medecine can help. I also feel heavy head and sometimes giddiness.
    Thank you.

  329. Karanjuneja says:

    Hi doctor I m Karan recently before 5 days I hve dignosed my Bp 160/100 I m only 30 year old and I wanna go with homeopathy I wanna know that homeopathy is capable to fight with Bp it can be a complete treatment

  330. Santosh dixit says:

    Dear sit my bp high bp110/150 Crem cratinine2-3 uric acid 10.9 Pl advice homopathi

  331. Hello Doctor,
    I am a patient of heart disease and hypertension. There is pain and constriction in chest, left shoulder, arm and straight back of chest and my HBP is 120-180. There is numbness in left thigh. Digestion is not good. Undigest particles remains in stool and stool looks oily. Heavy gas problem.
    I have taken allopathic – Roshuva -10, Replet-75, Cardigem-90 for 6 months
    homeo pathy:
    ConiumQ for 15 days, Lachesis Q for 15 days, Cactus Grandiflorus Q for 2 and 1/2 month, Rhus tox Q for 7 days, Causticum Q for 10 days and now taking Crataegus Q for 10 days and continuing. When i have taken Cactus there was reduction in left sided problems but some right sided problems were seen like numbness in finger and in right hand and some pain in right sight of chest and heavy pain in back of head. Now when I am taking Crataegus Q 10 drops two times and Allopatghic med Replet 75 there is again left sided problems and very high blood pressure. Heavy pain in back side of head at 3-5 PM ie. near about morning. If you please suggest me something.

  332. Debendra Kishore Panda alias Doosri Radha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    This body is 67 + years old. Male. Spiritual. Yesterday BP was 190/90. Earlier, it has never been so high. Kindly advise about few good homoeopathic medicines for HBP.

  333. dear Dr. I was recently diagnosed with elevated Ldl and low hdl iam menopausal feel heat flashes .also mildly high bp.though I eat healthy and not overweight.iam 47 yrs old pl.suggest

  334. Doctor I am hypertensive from past 12 years .I want to switch to homeopathy . Kindly if u can help me wth the dose n let me pressure is always on the higher side 140/90.

  335. my problem is melasma on my face due to use of medicine plz suggest any, remedy



    Hello sir…..i’m a dental surgeon. My mom has been recently diagnosed witth high B.P levels. 2mnths ago she was perfectly normal. she is 50 yrs old. She has been prescribed to take AMLOPINE, but she prefers homeopathic treatment over allopathy…….please suggest & help…..thank you…

  338. DrShram I have been suffering from high blood pressure for the last 2 years and am taking 5mg Rampril. One a day. I am 52 yrs of age. I am also pre menspause and am taking 10 drops of Sepia 200 c Homepathy. I want to take homepathy medicine ease advice which one I should take.

    Thank you
    Kind Regards

  339. My blood pressure enhances with anxiety and tension. I feel nervous and restlessness after eating

  340. Ratnakar babu says:

    Respected Sir!
    I went to see a Docter with symptoms of head reeling continuosly for two days. After testing me B.P is at 190/140. Docter kept a tablet under my tongue and asked me to take rest. After one hour he asked my age and i replied 36years. And checkec again then it was 150/120. He then asked me to go for dengue test. The result was Dengue Igg reactive. Treatment was given to me. My weight is 88kgs.waist size is 46 and i am leading sedentry life. He then asked me reduce usage of salt and oily foods along with walking for one hour a day. He refused to start treatment for B.P as my age is 36. But It oscilates between 140/110 and 140/90. Please suggest me a homeo medicine.

  341. Sir,
    I am inderjeet aged 44 years working on computer 8-9 hrs having less physical excercise bp remains 90/130 in morning and 100/145in evening…Which is the best homeo medicine for this ..once i took medicine from homeopath doctor it suited me very well and my bp remaind 90/12o with that medicine..but doctor did not disclose the name of that medicine…he told that its a mixture (not single medicine)..its taste was like neem taste …. 15 drops in one cup of water 3 times in a day……..

    Please suggest the homeo medicine sir..

    with regards

  342. :-Humayun Khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am a 56 yrs male, active but under a little stress, a homeopathic enthusias. Once every week or so I get these high blood pressure spells which goes upto 170/110, this has been going on for 3 yrs now though I am taking inderal 40mg in devided doses with Xanax & low dose aspirin nitely, what would you recommend as I get very breathless & dizzy with faintness feeling, I would greatly appreciate ur kind help… Must mention that I am a smoker…. The only bad habit!

  343. Dr Saheb Good Evening!
    I have secondary hypertension for over 8 years. My parents also have it. I am also a smoker, though switched to mini cigars instead of cigarettes to reduce cigarette paper ill effects. Smoking for over 30 yrs but now reduced the frequecy to about 5 per day. I also got my kidneys checked just for evaluating. The cretinine is normal but on higher side within normal. GFR two yrs before was about 68. For High BP, I take Co-Easy Day and Norvasc 5mg 1tab morning and Concor 5 mg 1 tab evening. Still my BP remains high and sometimes 150/100 towards late evening. I also try to take less salt but still BP rises whenever some normal salt meal is taken. Also note that I am type A personality. I am trying to now a days walk daily for about 35-40 mins.
    Pl advise me some good homeopathic medicine. Also
    Also give me your findings and suggestions.

    Thanks a lot
    Best regards

  344. muradh ali says:

    i am safariing for b p so give me homeopathi Madison

  345. ABDUSSATTAR TAI says:

    From last 10 years I am asthma patient presently using elopathic tab. Mpnticop A. Daily at night And foracot pump 2 times a week some times I homeopath blatta and also a small patch of ezema history but now it is cured suggest.thank uou

  346. dolly arora says:

    High blood pressure problem with cooling in head and high headache

  347. Sir,
    My age is 33 yrs I am suffering from High bp 170/110 , because I have tension and anxiety.can homeaopathi cure
    My problem.

  348. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am suffering from lichen plenus for last few years. I get rashes on the back, abdomen area, ankle, wrist, palms etc. The rashes look more like pimples, some dark in colour.
    I have tried allopathic but of no relief. From last 2 months, I have started homeopathic. I am taking below prescription,
    Psorinum 1M, 5drops once monthly, empty stomach.
    Graphite 200, 5 drops weekly, empty stomach
    Acid nitr 30, twice daily, 5 drops
    Merc. sol. 30, 5drops, twice daily
    Echinacea, 20drops, twice daily
    Urtica urens, 20drops twice daily.

    So far there is not any relief. Can you suggest any better treatment or above is ok.

  349. nasser mahmud says:

    need medicinal advice for partially blocked b. vessels.

  350. Mary Catherine DAndrea says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I have had high blood pressure, and continual elevated pulse my whole adult life. Was diagnosed with a Pituitary tumor back in 1993 when I was 3 months pregnant. Long story short years ago was also diagnosed with tachardia fast pulse in the 80’s. Was on Verapamil for 2 to 3 years, then off for 3 years. In the last year and a half the Doctor put me on propopal, for a month, switched me to Dilitezem 240 mg once a day, and metaprol was told by the nurse to stop taking the metaprol completely not told to wean myself off of it well needless to say I though I was going to die, the Clinic where I go to in Idaho left me two voice mails telling me to go to the hospital right now saying my white blood count was highly elevated. By this point not having a choice but to go by ambulance. Paramedics said that I was b fribrilating my blood pressure at this point was 183/136.Oh and also one pill of the generaic for of cymblata. thought I was going to die literally my inside of my body was on fire, tremors it was a night mare personally I would rather deal with anxiety than go through what I have. I have had 5 close family member die in the last 2 years. I do not drink alcohol,and I do alot of praying to God, deep breathing exercises, and alot of cognitive behavioral exercises. Just want to live a normal healthy life and it seems that everytime I see a Doctor and do as he says I feels worse than before I went to see him and her. I would much rather take natural homepathic methods any day of the week. I will be 52 on Feburary 12 th Lincolns Birthday. Must be why I am so honest : ) That is a brief synopsis of my situation. Thank you for taking the time to give me some advice. Mary Catherine

  351. I have high bp in first stage. And kidney deases and i have tention. Which homeo medicine will be suitable for Bp. Please give ur advice

  352. amrit varindani says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from hypertension and I have lost two babies during pregnancy and this time she is also suffering from hypertension and jaundice what will I do and which medicine she cantake to live healthy this time she is also pregnant.

  353. muhammad arif says:

    good evening. I have blood pressure from 2007 to 2009 I use medicine for it. then slowly I reduce my medicine & after 4 to 6 month I stop the medicine up to now I am not using any medicine some time my BP normal sys not above fron 140 & dis below 90 mostly 130/85 reading now a days my FBS reading below 120. can u suggest a homeopathic medicine that I can control BP & sugar both on border line


  354. Mostak Ahmed says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have been suffering high BP for long time . My age is 40 Years. weight 75Kg. Now i am in under treatment but BP not control (140/110) sometimes. now i am getting following medicine:
    1. Olmecar 20mg
    2. Navecard 5mg
    3. Larcadip 10mg
    4. Angitor 10mg
    5. Paricel 20mg

    Please give me a suggestion to control my high BP.

    Thanks and BR\\


  355. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am sensing warmthness on face and heating on the both feets for last 8-10 days. I checked my BP which ranges between 90-130 and some time even little higher.
    I used to take alcohal for past 25 years contineously 2-3 peg in evening. Could you please share me suggested medicine to have control.

    Thanks & Regards,


  356. Angie Arnold says:

    Last year it was discovered I have a multi nodular goiter. All tests came back normal. I really hav no symptoms . I also started to have spikes with my blood pressure. I can get systolic in good range but my diastolic runs 84 to 90. When I questioned 3 different Drs if this could be from my goiter —they all said no! Amazing but I hav read different!
    Please give me your advice. Also if there’s a natural treatment to shrink a goiter.
    Thanks! Angie

  357. Homeopathic way to chelate iron out of blood.My brother has too much iron in blood.

  358. pankaj saini says:

    dear sir..
    I pankaj saini and am suffering from high BP. my high bp is due to fear and anxiety. I feel heavyness around my chest region and feel short breath… I diagnosed with high bp in june 2014. my age is 32 year. I also want to know why homyopathy responds too late. Now I am taking allopathic medicine atenolol 25mg. I am intersted in homeopathy but doughtful its responds as it take a long time to choose a correct remedy..
    so you are requested please guide me about my disease and homyopathic treatment.. thank you in advance..

  359. Ranjan Chakrabarti says:

    I am suffering white collar hypertension. My average BP is 150/92. But during measurement it goes to 200/110. Please advice the medicine.

  360. my wife is 42 years old. she is 80 killos with high pressure ( lower 90 / upper 140) like to eat food and sleep she is not lazy along with spondelitis

  361. Dear Dr!
    my mother is having very high sugar. its too high and reaches to a degree that glucometer can,t identify it.
    she is using insulin but still no improvement. due to the use of high dose medicines she developed other problem.her belly swelled up. she feel irritation in belly. some type of tumors developed in her belly and legs. she also feels pain in legs and back due to which she is unable to walk.
    she is also having problem of high b.p.
    please suggest some medicine for my mother.

  362. D.A.Chowdhary says:

    I am working on computer about 12 hours a day. I am 74 years. Nowadays My eyes are getting strained. I feel dryness in eyes. Then my B/P is raising to 160/110. Then my vision is getting down. I request you kindly suggest a suitable remedy.

  363. My age is 67,wt is 69 kg,height is 5′ 10″ no fats no Choleysterol.I take 3 km walk walk followed by Yog like Anulom vilom for 30 min,kapalbhati,bahya pranayama
    My current bp is 150/90 this bp is mostly related due to high intake of salt & high working stress.
    I am looking for homeopathic cure.

    Kindly suggest medicine.

  364. Dear Dr Sharma,
    1. I am hypertensive since 1999.I am 44 Yrs now and have been taking allopathic drugs to control my BP for the last 15 yrs. However my BP has been rising with time.It remains about 150/100 with medicines.
    2. Please advice some good homeopathic medicine which I can take along with my allopathic doses…

  365. kailash awasthi says:


    I am suffer from High Blood Pressure my age is 47 years, now a days BP is 140/100, please give me advise.

    Kailash Awasthi

  366. My creatinine is 1.9 from 2009. Due to regular bp medicine my antinuclear antibodies have increased to 135 from 70. I v sjorgan syndrome.
    I m 42 yrs old female. Kindly help to control bp with homeopathy.

  367. Past 6 yrs iam.having high bp taking Prolomet Xl 25. Serlift 25mg. Bt bp has been triggered up to 150/90 past one month.. And iam having severe headache long through the day.past 3 years. My age 47 and I have undergone hystrctomy at age 26. Now iam suffering with sweating and cold. Past 4 yrs iam gone to fat my weight is 67kg. Height 5.1feet.

    Please suggest me to stop from headpain high bp sweating obesity

  368. I am doing dyaliysis for past 1 year. mY creatinine is 12 mg/dl. For past 15 days I a having suffication, harness in breathing. for past two days my left eye vision is blurred. how to cure

  369. sundipan bhowmick says:

    my father died last year December suffering from all of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. even now i couldn’t accept it. previous i used to be very much passive kind of person, now a days I becoming very aggressive.. thiis is affecting my health. I can’t sleep at night, i can’t take decisions properly, physically i m also very weak. I am very much afraid to part in any thing… even i have fluctuating pressure… sir please help me, suggest me some good med,

  370. i am having BP 140/90 TO 130/90. I am using BP medicine for the last 2 months. I am also suffering from the gas related problems. i use pen-top tab early morning for this. I feel head heaviness and sense of tiredness. kindly suggest the suitable homeo medicine for the same.

  371. chander Kanta says:

    Bakson’s Beepee Aid compound has failed to bring down BP, is at 170/104, though it gives great relief to pain in occiput.neck & shoulders. Amlosafe, an amlodipine 5 mg brings it down to normal with 4 doses only, but BP keeps falling; had to stop when it was lowered to 100/70. took Crategous, Cactus and Arnica to bring it up. It shot up to 170/104, resumed Amlosafe 2.5 mg. Thoroughly con fused about medication. Am diabetic too PP being 265. Keep dietry control and am regular at 1/2 hour brisk walk daily. As soon as BP rises mouth becomes intolerably salty. Berick’s materia medica does not have profile of Rauvolfia Serpentina, one of the constituents of Baksons’ Beepee Aid. Help

  372. Rajendra kumar says:

    Sir , I am suffering from high b.p range 140/100 and trygilsride level 180, sugar 105. Doctor advised me to take metocard 50 mg per there any treatment in homeopathy.

  373. komalnadeem says:

    My grand mother take diacard gold drops as doctor advice. Can u tell us that how much blood pressure increase that she take this drops. She is a 64 year lady

  374. Ajay Kumar says:

    Please help me my average blood pressure is 150/90

  375. sudhir kulshrestha says:

    sir, my basic symptoms are similar for GLONOINE AND NATRUM MUR. age 53 eeight 52 hight 5.3 slim, 1 son no wife , i cook clean house etc. now takingTELMA 40 AND METXL AM 25.5. since last 4yrs. these daysanother symptom occurd, iwalke like a drunk ed manwhile i do not drink at all,imean i m not stable while walking please suggest some remadie.

  376. swap[an kumar som says:

    I am an old man odf 67 yrs of age . I have recently developed high blood pressure 160/95 . I like additional salt in my meal . Apart from chronic ailment like repiratory cough troubles and constipation there is no apparently problem with me .
    please suggest one homoeopath remedy .


    I stay in RAJAHMUNDRY,E.G.DT,ANDHRA PRADESH,INDIA. Presently I am in USA came to see my children. I am suffering from B.P. from 1988 and using Allopathic medicines from 1989 different medicines. Though B.P was reducing and raising I had the side effect in the form of OSTEO ARTHRITIS. I underwent operation of knee replacement in 2013 ..So far I could not recover from the defect I am still not able to walk normally, Still there is pain in left knee which was operated. Please advise what should I do now? Should I stop English medicine for B.P and start using Homeo medicines for post operation recovery of Arthrities operation? please advise me what to do and if i have to use homeo medicines what medicine at what potency should I use ?
    Thank you

  378. Hello Dr

    I have been on prescribed amlodac 2.5mg (Amlodipine) for nearly five years for treating hypertension. Would I be able to give up this drug and shift to homeopathic medicines? I am nearing 50 , height 5.8′ weight 63kg, pure vegetarian. Please advise.


  379. Brenda Schultz says:

    Dr. Sharma my husband suffers from very high blood pressure He has been on medication but all the medication irritate and activate his Gout. Yes he is over weight but that doesn’t seem to change soon. He also only experiences headaches when his blood pressure comes down. He also has elevated cholesterol levels.

  380. ahsanaziz says:

    sir i am a high pressure patient of 140/90 . My age is 50 years . I used a lot of salty food in past .My cholestrol level is a little higher (10 point higher than the normal) l . All other items in Lipid Profile is normal. Please re-command me the best Homeopathic medicine .thanks

  381. HI Dr Sharma,I am trying to switch high blood pressure medication to homeopathy medicine such as garlic pearl n blood pressure support natural supplement.Is is safe to do so?As I have seensome people doing it and still in having 119/80 blood pressure readings.Is it safe?

  382. Sir,I m 36 years old. My bp is 100/160 now. Doctor prescibe me tablet telesar-A. But i m confuse if i start this tablet it continous for a long time in whole life. Can u suggest me the hemopathy medicine . I m very thankful to u. My all medical report is negitave.

  383. narendra singh miyan says:

    I have high blood pressure like 150/90 and high chelostrol

  384. avgurraju says:

    Sir, I had high BP 160/100 using medicine of alopathy Triolsar20hs from 10days. now it is normal. could you please advise me any medicine in homeopathy for this.

  385. I have hyperadrenergic POTs, a form of dysautonomia. BP goes high and low, mostly high. On multiple meds including clonidine patch. Have been told it is not progressive but definitely has worsened. NOw experiencing mild sweat followed by cold chills w/ any spike in BP. On thyroid meds and compounded hormones, levels good. No other major health issues.
    Do you have any experience w/ using homoeopathy for dysautonomia? Do you think it might help?
    No local practitioner that I’m aware of. I did use homoeopathy 30 some years ago for other issues for my children and me would good results but MD moved.

  386. Ritesh Nagar says:

    sir, my mother is 58 years of age. she is a patient of HBP. I dont know but may be due t its effect she has an itching problem in the body as well. we consulted to the cardiologist, he gave 2 tablets of HBP . at the time of taking the tablets she feels well & after that she stops taking the medicine.
    we had also consulted the skin doctor as well but it seems that its not a problem of skin disease.
    she had tried homeopathy medicine as well specially for itch & she get reliefs while taking it but after its actions problem starts again.
    sir, i want to know what is the symptoms behind it & what will be the Actual cure to it.
    who would be the best consultant for her ?
    what should be the proper nutrition for her ?

  387. Ritesh Nagar says:

    sir, my mother is 58 years of age. she is a patient of HBP. I dont know but may be due t its effect she has an itching problem in the body as well. we consulted to the cardiologist, he gave 2 tablets of HBP . at the time of taking the tablets she feels well & after that she stops taking the medicine.
    we had also consulted the skin doctor as well but it seems that its not a problem of skin disease.
    she had tried homoeopathy medicine as well specially for itch & she get reliefs while taking it but after its actions problem starts again.
    sir, i want to know what is the symptoms behind it & what will be the Actual cure to it.
    who would be the best consultant for her ?
    what should be the proper nutrition for her ?

  388. S K Sharma says:

    I am 47 years of age.My BP has been on a higher side in the range of 140/90 to 170/105. normally i dont feel any problem, but at times while attending any high level meeting my heart suddenly increases. I am taking amlopress 2.5 since last month or so but Bp is still not getting controlled. My diet is mostly veg only but i do take 150 ml of liquour 4-5 days a week.Pl advice if homeopathy can help.

  389. ravindra saxena says:

    May I take regularly tonicard of sbl. My age is 42 years and I feel so much tierdness and pulpitations after wake up. Kindly advice

  390. How is diacard gold,secondly what is best for diabetics..regards

  391. mohinder singh says:

    I am mohinder singh 54 year old. my High bLOOD pressure with high cholestorol. PLEASE advise me.

  392. Mrs Sarbjit K Cheema says:

    My Bp problem started 6 years ago after i contacted pneumonia Prior to it it was normal during treatment it went high and since then i am having High BP Normally it is 145 /90 Now on starting the medication with Losarton 50 in morning and 25 in the evening it is at 124 / 78 i have also cut on salt . Stress is not visible but family members say i think a lot normally i am a quiet person when my BP rises there is a flush on my face which is easily read by family members of late iam taking Crateagus
    kindly advise treatment

  393. Bikash Kalita says:

    Dear Sir,

    at the outset would like to offer my sincere regards for the wonderful service that you are providing through your blog. am a regular reader of your blog. i am 33 years old and have been suffering from high bp since last 5 months around 100/125. my pulse is very high at 85 -90 per minute. my doctor has advised my me Revelol Xl- the active component being metropryl succicinate. please suggest if i can take homeopathic medicine and what… i had gone through Dr. Reckeweg’s website and found one medicine Dr. Reckeweg R2 composition (Allium sativum, Citrus medica limonum,Cor,Kalium jodatum,Kalium phosphoricum,
    Mesencephalon, Ren, Tartarus depuratus,Valeriana)
    please suggest if i can take this medicine.

  394. Dr.Mahesh Vishwakarma says:

    Dr. Good After noon I an Taking about HTN / High Blood Pressure i Women in age 30to35.


  395. swapanlal chaudhuri says:

    I was infected with high blood pressure in 2007 due to very high mental pressure connected with office environment and started taking medicines to keep control. Also Chlostral and trigliceride levels increased considerably. Subsequently situation changed in 2008 and the doses were reduced to minimum. But as per Allopath doctor I can’t stop the medicines totally. This baffled me that where people addicted with drug can leave the same why medicines for blood pr and cholostral can’ t be dropped when situations causing the same changed.
    So now I have thought of leaving allopath medicines with the help of Homeo medicines on which I have high faith.
    I’ am 61 and having reasonable health. I want to leave the allopath medicines for High blood pr and chlostral being taken with minm dose daily.
    Request your kind advice.

  396. homopath dr.mohammad nawaz says:

    dear dr.sharma. i am hypertensive since 20 years. now since 7 months my blood pressure is stable at 190 /110……115. i used all homoeopathic meds in single and com pounds but useless. i also used elopathic meds but also useless. even ginger made no sounds effects. i am 65 + and spent all my age through high stress. my all symptoms are completly normal. and also having loose motions once or twice a day with no pain or any thing else. i will be grateful to plz advise me ….thanking you ….your,s faithfully mohammad nawaz ,mardan,kpk,pakistan,e.mail

  397. safiuddin says:

    Hope you will be fine. My BP is 190/100. I am using alopathic medicines, but no avail. Can you please prescribed best homeopathic medicine for HBP, easily available in Pakistan.


  398. RITAM BANERJEE says:

    I am suffering. from gas problem. and my nasal polypus is increase. and my nasal bone is band my nasal. hole is small. and I am suffering. from anxiety. , fear and nervosness , headache. pain in stomach. suddenly. increase. my sistolic or diastolic pressure, chest pain. but I have no any heart deases I cheak up doctor. cardiovascular department. they chek my ECG. it is normal. sir please help me

  399. chakresh jain says:

    I am patient of high bp since 1994 pls advice me the correct homeopathic med my contact no is 9827016102

  400. belal haider says:

    my age 25, i am suffer from high b.p ( today 151/95) with migraine and shortness of breath and heaviness in the chest region from last 1 year but still i dint have any medicine for b.p and all.
    Today i see your homoeo combination and i am very impressed.
    thanks and kindly suggest me any medicine for my symptom.

  401. Doctor,

    In homoeopathic there is permanent cure for high blood pressure. If so how much time I need to take medicine.

    When i check the BP , morning timings it will be 120/80 , after coming from Office it will be 140/84 (Average), again morning it will be Ok . The local doctor said it is Ok , as my parents has the BP history , better to start medicine. so i have started from last 15 days Aten 25 mg.

    Pls suggest how to proceed on this.

    Rajesh K

  402. Sanjay Kumar Sinha says:

    I’m only 47 years old, with 1 children. I’m very active in exercise and eating healthy with out extra salt. i am suffering from bp and cholesterol since 15 days and for that i am consuming Espin 5mg for Bp and x tor-F for cholestrol.Now i would like to take homeopathic medicines. So please advice me.Thanks!

    Sanjay Kumar Sinha

  403. Arun kumar k says:

    Hai doctor, I am Arun. My age is 38. My blood pressure was rated 150/75 and fluctuating time to time, and cholesterol 260. I am not using any medication for BP. Before one month I had 15*10mg atorvastatin for cholesterol. Shall I start any medication for controlling BP? Is it a lifelong medication?

  404. Razak KP says:

    sir, iam controling my BP by medicine losrtan pottasium since three years. but now iam suffering
    from its side effects.So please prescribe me a homeo medicine to substitute it.

    iam geting uncontrolable angry when talking any body without cause, and restless and absent minded.and fever like experience with no high temberatur.

    my cholostro is above 245. and i was a chain smoker of twenty years.and after stoping smoking i started chewing tobaco since three years.and my BP is started three years ago .
    count is 160\100 .

    thanking you with awaitiong your positive reply. razak.

  405. Santosh Kumar Panasa says:


    I am 37 years old and my parents are not BP patient however because of my personal problem and due to software job i am now BP patient.I take olmigest 20 since last two years and i would like to take homeo pathy from now on.Request you to pleasae advise if this is ok to take.

  406. sumanth sanyal says:

    sir i am having bp for past one year my bp is always 150/90 or 140/90 it does not come down my body weight is 90kgs at first i use ravaufila homeo medicine for the last one year but it is not comming down more over my head is paninig form top to lower back of my neck it is lasting all the day it is iratting for me i have also spondylitis problem for that i am using spondycare tablets from homeo as i am not getting any results i started using allopathy medicine at apresent i am using vinicor 25xl there is some relief for me but i feel that homeopathy is good please suggest me some better medcine so that i can again go for homeo medcine , can i use along with my normal medicine please suggest me Thanking you sir

  407. Prakash Shrivastava says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 71 years old, vegetarian, regular exerciser, meditator but I cannot make my blood pressure go down (it’s about 170/90). I feel it mostly as drowsiness at all times of the day. Is there any homeopathic remedy for this? Thanks.

  408. Muhammed Siddique says:

    i have high blood pressure since 4 years pls recomend me any medicine which bring down my high blood pressure thans

  409. g.rajagopal reddy says:

    i am 60 years old. my problems – acidity, dust allergy, bp
    – acidity also causes aggravation of pain & headache
    – bp problem is very less (12.5 mg)

    I use to take lemon juice + honey+ warm water on empty stomach, but due to acidity now lemon juice discontinued. I also take alovera juice, garlic & sonti powder now & then
    Pl. suggest homeo medicine for my problems either collectively or individually .Thank u DR


    I am 54 years and a patient of high bp (150/95-100).

    Please suggest any homoeopathic medicine.

  411. Arunachalam Arjunan says:

    I am hypertension blood pressure 140/100 taking medician spoken Xl 25, amlozaar and xtor 10 mg each one per day. It takes more than ten years. Please tell me homeopathy medician for the same.

  412. bela parikh says:

    I am 49 years working women from Gujarat. I am having problem of high BP since last three years which remains in the range of 85 -140 since last two years. Recently since last two months it has increased to 98-150. I Am not taking any medicines of BP.
    Since last 3 years i am taking homeo medicine for allergic asthma. (By homeopath doctor)
    You are kindly requested to advise what to do for increasing BP.

  413. Hello doctor,
    My mom is 48 years old and around two years back she had a full hysterectomy(because of uterine fibroids which weighed 4 kilos in weight). Before the hysterectomy, her pressure, sugar level were normal except for hemoglobin level which was very low, probably because of the fibroids. Now, her hemoglobin is normal. Immediately after the operation she had UTI for a few months. After the operation nothing was normal. She had very high SGPT(which after a long 1 year battle seems a little normal), then her sugar went up and we cut down on her food and we have been successful in controlling her sugar level without any meds. It’s been 5 months since she started going for a morning walk. And the worst of all, her blood pressure increased a lot, to the point that sometimes we had to take her to the hospital. She is currently on repace 25. We have replaced a lot of medicines and increased the dose too. She has cut down on meat, fried food, salt and eats quite a healthy diet(except occasionally). About 2 months back when I realized her pressure would never go down from 140/100 even when she was on her prescribed allopathic meds, I decided to look out for ayurvedic meds and since then she started taking divya mukta vati( baba ramdev’s meds from patanjali)twice a day(2 tabs 2 times a day before meal) and jamun karela juice after meals. Additionally, she takes garlic cloves, papaya, green tea, aloe vera, fenugreek water, watermelons, lots of veggies, ginger tea, divya arjun kwath, divya hridayaamrit vati(from patanjali),roasted watermelon seeds, hibiscus tea, and milk+turmeric+saffron before bed. After taking mukta vati for the first few days her pressure went down significantly to 130/90.We were very happy with the results but after 2/3 days, her pressure again increased. 3 days back it was 190/110. Her pressure always fluctuates around 190-150/110-90. I got very scared and bought sarpagandha tablets from ayurvedic shop yesterday. Since yesterday, she’s taking sarpagandha 2 tabs twice a day before meal. Yesterday her pressure was 150/100 and today it is 145/105. Earlier when her BP would go up, she used to complain of extreme headache to the point of not being able to move her neck. But, lately strangely she does not have such headaches but she always feels drowsy and lethargic and says she feels sleepy all day and her eyes feels very heavy. She forgets a lot these days. I fear she’s suffering from memory loss as well. She used to be very good at remembering things till few months back. She does not have thyroid problem. Why si mukta vati not working? Am I giving her something that I should not? Should I stop ayurvedic meds and increase her allopathic meds after consulting with the doctor? Is her pressure not decreasing because of ayurvedic medicines slow reaction? I am very worried and feel very helpless. I was told that brahmi(Indian pennywort), keshraj/bhringraj(trailing eclipta), sankhapushpi, cow’s urine, jatamashi, wheatgrass juice are good in reducing blood pressure so I brought all of those but I do not want to experiment anything that could harm her on my mom without proper guidance. Different people say different things but nothing seems to work. I need a proper guidance from an experienced person so I am writing to you with a heavy heart hoping that I get some proper guidance and suggestion. I am very worried and cannot see my mom in such pain. Please help me:(

    Kind Regards,

  414. m a khan says:

    Dear doctor, im 42 years old man suffers from high blood presure im taking amzart 10mg daily but now for 3 to 4 days getting headaches more often daily please doctor can you assist me on this matter your co opetation will be highly appriciated.

  415. sudhakar says:

    one can become optimistic by going through article really informativ

  416. My age is 59 yrs. I am using allopathic BP medicines since 14 years. From the beginning I am using RamcorH2.5mg and Atten 25.Recently 3-4months back allergy problem was developed and doctors say it is austhamatic condition. Due to this I am feeling restless and plum. Now the doctor changed the BP drug to telma 40mg morning and 40 mg evening. After using this medicine I am getting swelling in the palm and lot of irritation is there in my mind.I am unable to work continuously even for hour hour and irritating on others . constipation problem is there. Gastric problem is existing. I am Ayasam (short breathings) since one week. I am getting slight pain also in the abdomen. Frequently I used to go urine and I pass small quantity of urine with long duration. I feel dry even after taking water.
    These are my problems kindly advise me a suitable medicine and relieve me from these problems. Thanking you.

  417. My systolic used to vary from 130 to 160. & dystolic from 80 to 90 . Pulse rate 65 to 72. History high triglycerides around 350 for five six years. Now taking fenofibrate 200mg on alternative days for last six months .Triglycerides level is now 130 to 190.For BP I am Yakin amlodipine 5mg &Tenolol 12.5 mg daily. sleep is not very sound.
    Now,I want to start homeopathic medicine to maintain a healthy BP. Kindlly suggest cost effective medicine & dose

  418. jayanta sen says:

    I m a patient of CKD with high blood prassure. I have cratinine level 6.8 and presure most of the time shows almos 170/110range. Elopathy medicines have been failed to cure now I want homeopathy treatment. And I m from Kolkata,west Bengal. How can I get good homeopathy treatment?

  419. RETNAKUMAR says:


  420. I have high bp with anxiety fear& palpatation I hearing bad news and also in my menopausal stage

  421. Jeri Epps says:

    My doctor has just prescribed cepia for my high chloresterol. What do you think about this
    medicine. Is it a statin? Thanks

  422. I am having pain in my head from last 10 days. It’s on forehead and around eyes .eyes seems to be closed. Taking bryonia 200. Two times a day. But still not much relief. Drink a lot of water.

  423. raavi rangaraoa says:

    suffering with high blood pressure, will be increased by eating fat food like coconut, groundnut, ghee and groundnut oil… unable to bear either in hot room or in sun…likes moderate temperature always, increased by slightest mental dissatisfaction or stress…taking cold often, nose obstruction…pl suggest a remedy…

  424. raavi rangaraoa says:

    suffering with high blood pressure, will be increased by eating fat food like coconut, groundnut, ghee and groundnut oil… unable to bear either in hot room or in sun…likes moderate temperature always, increased by slightest mental dissatisfaction or stress…pl suggest a remedy…

  425. Shashi Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma:

    I have a high BP since last 14 years and tried many things, aurvadic, and even some homeopathy, but nothing worked. Is there any hope?
    age 47.


  426. S. M. Arshad Ali says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    Hope you are well. I am a recently diagnose case of Diabetic, use Uranioum Nit 8x 4tablets BID, with 30 mints workout and diet control. Previously I was a known case of Hypertension, taking Amlodipine 5mg in the morning daily. My BP is control with this dose. Now I am high Cholesterol 212 and high Triglyceroids 292.

    Kindly suggest me control the above conditions with Homeopathic medicine. As I am a strong believer of Homeopathic Remedies. Please help me and prescribe me proper remedies, I will be great full to you.

    Best Regards,

  427. Lubna MIAN says:

    I m Suffering With high blood pressure Please recommend any medicine I am 38 years old And my Weight 149 pound

  428. Fay Bagnato says:

    I would like to know how to lower blood pressure caused from kidney damage when non-hodgkin’s lymphoma blocked kidney function causing lack of blood flow and oxygen to kidneys.
    Chemotherapy treatment has reduced the lymphoma and one kidney is beginning to function again.
    Now off dialysis, but blood pressure very high.
    Many blood pressure tablets are not good for residual kidney function as they can worsen residual function.
    Can homeopathy help?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  429. Dr Saji Abraham says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am a 45 year old male, with a height of 178 cm; and weight of 108 Kg. My job requires long sitting, frequent travel, irregular food; and less sleep. I exercise very rarely. Since some time I have headaches and breathlessness while taking steps.
    My BP is read yesterday (in intervals of 15 minutes after reaching hospital) as 120- 170; and later 90- 150.
    Can I have a proper cure in Homeopathy?
    Kindly advice.

  430. P.P.Manojkumar says:

    I have blood pressure in the range of 150-100. Pl advice homeo medicines.

  431. ali hussain bohra says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am suffereing high blood pressure since 9 yrs iwas taking Losar H medicne almost 8.5 yrs. i blood pressure was controlled but sir, last six month bp is going up very high after taking several medicine. I need to start homeopathy treatment , could me provide proper guidence so i can control my bp

    ali hussain bohra

  432. niyaz ahmad says:

    Dear sir..
    I am 37 years old man with height and weight 5.10 inch / 105 kg, suffering from high blood pressure not all the time but suddenly raised in evening time and some time in mid of the noon…
    I was taking amlokind at 1 tablet daily but from last two month I shifted myself on raolfia q and crataegus 20 droops each two time in a day…but after taking these medicine sometime its increasing.
    Yesterday night it was 105 / 155 so I took amlokind …
    Plz suggest proper medicine and plz also reply is taking above both medicine for long time will lead any side effect…
    Niyaz ahmad

  433. Dsagarwal says:

    Article informative, I have high bp since last 35 years. I get severe headache, I have also undergone bypass surgery 3yrs back .,suggest me homeo medicine with potency and duration .

  434. homopath dr.mohammad nawaz says:

    dear dr.sharma,i am patiant of h.b.p since 20 years. and useing both systems of medicines .alopathic and homopathic. but never got good known sypmtoms are generaly . mild head ach of left side but never in each increasing period of h.b.p….anger.depression and diet is 95 % saltless. do,not useing oil etc since 1983. may you please advise me some suitable homoeo medicine.thanking you. your,s truly dr.mohammad nawaz.homoeo

  435. surinder says:

    i am suffering from left hand tremor since last 2 years i have normal bp @ suger can it be cured

  436. Hi I am 62yrs old with high blood pressure. Im on medication Ramapril 10gm and yet when I am stressed my blood pressure still rises very high. I started to take anxiety attacks about my blood pressure thinking I was going to die. However I am trying to easy my stress and am taking alternative meds to help with the blood pressure. My last reading was 154 over 88 and I was delighted with that,.It had gone down the first reading when i was stressed being 169 over 98 and believe it has gone higher when i take an anxiety attack over it when i am getting my blood pressure taken. I have read a few articles that arnica 6c is good for high blood pressure but then again I have read that it can actually put your blood pressure up. I, am confused, and maybe you can help me, thanking you Margaret

  437. i am having high cholestrole and asthama.Cholestrol total 360. pl advise

  438. Shambhu Paul says:

    Is virat is a medicine of hypertension in homeopathy.

  439. SUHAS S BAGAIT says:



    UREA 40.00


  440. Mohd Asim says:

    I am 44 years old, from last one year facing blood pressure around 150/100. I am doing weight training from last 20 years. The main problem is stress and negative thoughts in my mind. From last 03 years there were some tragedies in my family. Can I get relief from homoeopathy. From last one month I usind ‘Rauvolfia Seprentiana’ But results are not so positive.

  441. I have hypertension for the last 41/2 years. I am on Telmisartan medicine. I am also having Dilzem to reduce my heartrate. Can I switch over to homeopathy to control my health

  442. Gabrielle Latka says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    please let me know where I can purchase Lachesis, which is what I think I might need. I am 52 and experiencing severe menopausal symptoms, including panic attacks with severely raised blood pressure. My regular BP has gone up to 150/90 most days, where I used to be regular 120/80 person.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



  443. my blood pressure is 155/88 sugust what to take

  444. Dear Sir,

    My mother is the patient of hypertension (Her B.P reading is 90+ and 140+) her heart rate also found 100+ she is taking Adalat 60La (Alophatic medicine). But now some homeopathic Doctor suggest her to take diacard homeopathic drop (Madusa). She is also the patient of diabatic. Please advise.


    Kamran Jan

  445. syed mashood ahmed says:

    sir mujh ko mustaqil high blood pressure hai tablet lata ho lakin phir bhi normal nahi hota koi homeo path medicene bata daiu

  446. Anamika Jain says:

    Hello sir
    my BP used to be normal before but it shoot up in eight month of pregnancy. it used to be 150/90 then and its the same post delivery. .its been one year and m taking amlopress AT. ..I want to leave the medicine. …can I do that …..I m also a thyroid patient m taking altroxine 50mcg.
    please help

  447. Arjun Dhawan says:

    I am a senior citizen in Mumbai, aged 76 , in good health. I take one tablet of CTD.6.25 every morning.
    High BP is under control, but has given me continuous dry coughing spells, every hour. Very disturbing . Please help.

  448. Repect sir,My father age 53 year. 5 year to gas problem. All doctor take medicines but no advantage.and report are no heavy. Stomuch is blank therefor gas. And gas every day.and once time blood pressure high because problem of gas.but if slip therefore gas is out but sitdown he huge of gas. why problem? And stand up to move when gas upper side and head to gas there bloodpressure high. Why reason ? And gas protection of homeopathic.. .. And recovery?

  449. sir ,
    my wife 37 years , having complain of high blood pressure for last oneyear . H D r gave her RAUWOLFIA Q 7 DROPSTHREE TIMES. after using one month blood pressure was in control . she became pregnent and stopped pregnency is 6 months.blood pressure again started increasing up to 93/ 145. please suggest me remedybiochemic medicine for PB. OR HOMEO PATHIC MEDICINE.
    SAJID .

  450. Pallavi Bhedi says:

    HELLO doctor,
    I want to medicine over controlling high b.p. The symtopms are:
    Restessless,unable to sleep,and wish to have alcohol,quick anger

  451. Dear Sir,
    I am monir from bangladesh , I have been suffering from hyperacidity,’ Thyroid problem like my Tsh is high and also i have diabetic, hypertension and my triglyceride is too high. So how can I can be cure these disease. Please advise best medicine and dose. Thanks, Monir

  452. Sir
    Would you please tell me if Homeopathic medicine be used along with allopathy for treating minor HTN.
    After repace 25 mg dose( less than two months now) for high BP its now 120/80 .is it necessary to take Homeopathy medicine life long or only for some duration to cure HTN. generally how long Homeopathy take to cure HTN.

    thank you

  453. maqsood ul hassan says:

    hi doc
    my echo report is as below
    normal LV size and fair systolic function LV diastolic dysfuntion I EF 70%
    moderate LHV Trace MR
    hight blood presssure, uric acid 6.7, hbsAg -ve, anti hcv -ve, abdominal ultrsound
    minimal bilateral renal parenchymal change,right renal cycst ,left nephrocalcinois,mild liver, Gastric problem when gas riases up to head then also blood pressure increae i mean jaab dahkar nahi atay tu B.P effect hota haaaur Air release nahi hoti tab bi asa`hota haa plz reply me`

  454. T.Lakshmana Rao says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 43 year old male and I am looking for your advise.
    I have the following symptoms:

    high blood pressure 153/106 (with a bit of ups and downs)
    pressure in the chest
    pain between ribs
    feeling hard/difficult to breath
    stress & anxiety
    moving pain through bones: eg: shoulders
    Muscles pain – shoulders, nec
    dizziness, foggy head, pulsating head,
    tingling in the ears
    Tired, exhausted, aversion to work (I worked very hard, lots of involvement)
    Fear of death because of too much work
    Difficult to relax
    Busy mind
    feeling of sinuses when breathing
    cravings for sweets, juicy, salty (pickles), meats
    working all day sitting in front of computer
    please suggest
    Best regards
    T.Lakshmana rao

  455. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 42 year old female and I am looking for your advise.
    I have the following symptoms:

    high blood pressure 130/95 (with a bit of ups and downs)
    pressure in the chest
    pain between ribs
    feeling hard/difficult to breath
    stress & anxiety
    moving pain through bones: eg: shoulders
    Muscles pain – shoulders, nec
    dizziness, foggy head, pulsating head,
    tingling in the ears
    Tired, exhausted, aversion to work (I worked very hard, lots of involvement)
    Fear of death because of too much work
    Difficult to relax
    Busy mind
    feeling of sinuses when breathing
    High cholesterol
    low iron
    cravings for sweets, juicy, salty (pickles), meats
    working all day sitting in front of computer

    Please let me know if any of the following are good for me:
    Natrium Muraticum
    Calc CArbonica
    Phosphorous Acid

    Now I am taking Reishi MAshroom Extract and Ferrum Phos

    Thank you very much,

    Best Regards,

  456. Gd evening Dr I am 47yrs female under pre menopausal period having hypothyroidism taking thyronorm 50 /4days and75/3days everyday having nausea palpitations dizziness low feeling andenergy emptiness in chest /stomach shortness of breath/strained brething does not feel good at all taking antacid /ivabrad5mg for palpitations numlo -d forbp and calcoum suppliment miss my periods of andon donotfeel stable while walking feling of sufocaton is there taking ho, eopathic for 4months so, etimes it helps but not asingle symtom has fully gone pls help me and let me under stand why these things rhappening every day

    • saja puri says:

      Already list of symptoms were send to use on December 10-2013 symptoms r persisting is there any remedy in homeopathy

  457. Grishma Haryan says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, My husband is 38 yrs old & is having high blood pressure for couple of years. he is not on medication. All reports related to the same is been done which is normal.
    So will request you to help me with the homeopathy medicine for the same.

    Awaiting your revert in regards so that can take the needful precautions for the same before its too serious..


  458. sir, I am having hypertension for last 20 years & taking allopathic medicines.
    3 tablets in morning & 3 in the evening.
    despite this, i am having high BP . Sometimes going upto 175/100.
    This problem only for last 2 days
    Medicines are
    a) ARKAMIN b) PROLOMET 50 c) Moxolong 0.2 morning & again evening.
    Now having Headache but no other symptoms pl.
    My age 71 yrs

  459. tarnya porter says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,My husband lives in Egypt and suffers from high blood pressure,manly brought on when he gets stressed.The Dr.has put him exforge twice a day.but he is getting very bad side i said i see if there is anythink else that would help.I use homeopathic medicine,for my asthma and find it a lot better,then inhalers ect,so i thought there might be somethink for my husband,I would be grateful for ur help Yours tarnya

  460. 150/130 is my reading,extream headech,drying of mouth,constipation.can you help me out.i am 45 yrs old.

  461. Sanjay singh Thakur says:

    my blood pressure is high it was today 170 and 113 kindly advice me which medicine in homeopathy will suit me, i am a businessman, stress is not much, kindli please advice me.

  462. Dear Doc,

    I am suffering from many a troubles simultaneously. The ones that really haunt me these days is chronic indigestion and a discomfort here and there in the chest. There is slight continuing pain in chest and back, especially when I tend to expand my chest and move the torso side-ways. Though I fear it to be some sort of problem related to heart, but, it appears to be muscular (superficial) as I do not experience any spasm or sweating (excessive or otherwise and unexplained). Kindly give me your thoughts about it.
    I am having fatty liver, high cholesterol levels as well. Kindly suggest remedial medicines.
    Many Thanks

  463. Zeauddin Khan says:

    Hi Sir

    My name is Zeauddin Khan and i have a problem to share with you..I am Suffering from the high blood pressure problem and it ranges at 130/90..Few months back it went to 150/90..After that it have maintained a proper diet and do exercise regularly but it remains at 130/90..I don’t consume any oil and Spicy foods or any Fast foods, no smoking and drinking..I am 28 years old and i have this problem from last 3 years..Sometimes it comes to the normal at 120/80..

    Please advice me whether any Homeopathy medicine is helpful to Control my blood pressure at normal range along with Normal diet and exercises.

  464. mark bulvanoski says:

    I am a fit 60 year old carpenter. My pressure has been 122 over 90 for about a 8 months now, it was normal before that . Its the low number I am concerned with. My blood tests show all things good cholesterol etc. are fine are fine. Where do you suggest I research further as i realize it is best for me to be more knowledgable on the subject of homeopathy related to this subject of slightly high blood pressure.
    I do not want to take medications in the distant future as there is a history of conjestive heart related ailments in my family and medications do have side effects, etc.

  465. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I have question regarding HOCM treatment with homeopathy.Can it be treated ?
    please give your view. Have you taken such case in past?



  466. uday shukla says:

    Dr sharma

    I am 50 years old male ,I have mildly enlarged prostrate ( 3.8cm/3.4/3.4cm) weight 21.9 gms have been taking urimax .2 for past I month ,consulted urologist he said to discontinue urimax and take silofast8 but I ex[erience lot of side affects and my condition not improving pl help me if there is homeopathy medicine to treat my condition

  467. Inayat Hakro says:

    respected Sharma jee pleas give me a advice for reduce the high blood pressure , i am taking tablet normitab (atenolol) 25mg twice aday. because of High BP i am feeling chest pain. I am not smoker, not drinker, not using salt, only over weight . kidneys are ok,

  468. My Blood Pressure varies from 140 to 160. I have severe neck pain also,I think pain is due to high bp. Suggest me some remedy

    • you did not mentioned your life style and diet which are major area to work on. see i am 55 wt = 57 kg, H 5.4 I hv brought down my BP from 180/100 t0 122/82 , by minimum medician and life style.

  469. altaf Hussain says:


  470. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am a 41 y/o female and average weight.I have been suffering from headaches for 3 days especially when trying to focus while reading. The headaches are right sided always. Also, I took my blood pressure today and it was 148/70. I have been excessively thirsty lately ( I avoid tea and coffee) but drink lots of water.
    Also, in the past week I am experiencing severe repulsion to food where I look at food and feel nauseous.

    Could you help suggest a diagnosis and possibly a homeopathic remedy?

    Thank you,

  471. sir,
    I AM SUFFERING FROM HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AROUND 90/150 IN SPITE OF TAKING THE ENGLISH MEDICINE CARDAC-H,AMLONG.MY WEIGNT IS AROUND 95 KG AGE 37 YEARS HEAVY MUSCLES.Cholestrol slightly high.Family history of blood pressure no other ailment detected.suggest

  472. i suffeered from high bp and high sugar i am a syiphillict my also suffering tell me the remedy

  473. Dear Mr Sharma,

    I am taking Crestor 2.5mg once daily with excellent results,but i suffer from pain in my thigh muscles all the time, kindly recommend a homeo remedy for my problem as i want to tapper off this drug. I am 50 yrs old and i have stunts in my arteries although i have not suffered a heart attack.My weight is 83 k.g approx and i walk daily for an hr.

  474. roopanarayanan says:

    hello dr this is roopa.homeopathy curable in sugar patient.

  475. i have 3.8 mm stone in kidney.please suggest mesome remeady.

  476. I have BP from 90/150with out medicine with medicine remain in limits. Taking elopath. medicine from the last 13 years and facing many side effects. can some homeo. medicine be useful
    for me to control the BP , how the existing medicine will be dis-continued . Kindly guide me.

    With Regards.


    MY AGE IS 45.

  478. My blood pressure goes up by 165/105, diastolic does not goes down much, please suggest homeopathy remedy. I am taking allopathic medicine too.

  479. jaya nambiar says:

    Dear doctor,
    My son in law aged 25 years has a BP of 140/84. Is it very high for his age? He is 5ft 7inch and weighs87 kg .Is there any homeo medicine which he can take .

  480. Uttam Basak (Age:30) says:

    I did the ultrasonography of shaft of penis there calcification seen around the urethral tract.I have gone too many urologist but they did not know the treatment about my disease .So a huge pain is appear around the urethral tract .Please give me the solution.

  481. DURGESH YADAV says:

    Sir, i m 36 yrs old suffering from high BP (around 180/100) , having Severe LV – Hypertrophy & moderate pericardial effusion. pls suggest.

  482. Hello Doctor,

    I’m a 30 years old male and I’m in the teaching profession. I suffer from high BP since 3-4 years, high pulse rate, hypertension and sometimes weakness/sinking of the heart feeling.

    I was advised to take Diacard Gold Drops (by Madaus) and Tonicard by a family doctor. But, I’ve recently heard that Diacard must not be taken in case of high BP.

    Is this true, doctor? Is yes, which homeopathic medicine would help me to control my BP and make my heart work stronger?

    A speedy reply would be highly appreciated.

    Thank You.


    • Sanjeev Narula says:

      Hi doctor, I am great believer in homeopathy. Over the years, I have controlled my allergic bronchitis with homeopathy. I have been a nervous person generally and before any big event, my heart beat goes up. But I never realised that this can be problematic as age progresses. I am 45 years old marketing professional with lot of travel and alcohal as well. Recently, I had an episode of higher heart beat rate at around 150 beats, which remained for almost 4-5 hours. It settled on its own. Thereafter I have been on beta blockers from last 2 months.
      I want to depend upon some good heart tonic. I preferred R2 or Schwabe Gold drops, however wish to know whether Diacard (Madaus) or Tonicard (SBL) is better than these being taken. I generally believe German products more than Indian. I am also taking Lycopodium for anxiety. Pl help with your suggestions.

  483. Doctor Saheb,
    I take homeopathic medicines for heart on a regular / daily basis. Will taking two crushed cloves of garlic every morning with water nullify the positive effects of homeopathic medicines that I am taking ?
    I will be thankful if you could reply to this.
    Best Regards,

  484. sir,
    i am a high blood pressure patient since 15 yrs. i am 56 yrs old. my younger son who is 25 yrs old has also developed highblood pressur. we ve had so many tests which are normal , the tests were prescribed by the doctor, we have shown to to two cardiologists . the problem is that they want to start midicienes but the problem is that these life long drugs have their own sideeffect. plz suggest some homeopathic mediciene for him. his bp shoots from 150 to 110.i am quite worried so plz if u want more details i can send them too.waiting for a reply.

  485. sir,
    i am a high blood pressure patient since 15 yrs. i am 56 yrs old. my younger son who is 25 yrs old has also developed highblood pressur. we ve had so many tests which are normal , the tests were prescribed by the doctor, we have shown to to two cardiologists . the problem is that they want to start midicienes but the problem is that these life long drugs have their own sideeffect. plz suggest some homeopathic mediciene for him. his bp shoots from 150 to 110.i am quite worried so plz if u want more details i can send them too.waiting for a reply.
    asma yunus

    • Payel Samaddar says:

      I am 26 years old, bp is 135/92..i consulted cardiology doctor and he suggested me some tests..the tests reports are okay…pls suggest me homeopathy medicines to normal blood pressure..

  486. Suvankar Das says:

    My blood pressure regularly 90/130. Symtome headaches,chest pain,weakness. I want to prevent homeopathy medicine. thanks

  487. I had a coarctation of the aorta corrected when I was 35 I am now 58 and resisted going on to blood pressure tablets till just recently, 2 weeks ago, to be precise and only then as I wanted to join the gym at work and they would not let me without a note from my GP.
    My blood pressure was taken and was found to 196 over 90 so I have now been put on the low dose my Consultant cardiologist sujested 2 years ago 4mg of Candesarten.
    Having used raw garlic and celery in the past to maintain my blood pressure over the intervening years I would love to reduce my drug dependancy before it gets started can you give me a herbal remedy that will augment and retain the low dosage.
    Kindest Regards

    • I would really appreciate to be able to contact this person who had coarctation repaired at 35 and is now 58.

      This is very important for me.

      Please contact me. Thank you.

  488. Hello doctor, my mom is suffering from high blood pressure but she refuses to take allopathic medicines, her other symptoms include headaches, hot flashes, breathlessness and vision is also affected. So can you please suggest any remedy in homeopathy without side effects and ya her age is 52

  489. ajay kumar singh says:

    dear sir, i am 44 years old, 5 feet 6inch tall,weight around 88 blood pressure level is 93/137 since last one year. i feel anxiety because of nature of my work in stock market.i read your article wherein you have prescribed few names of homeopathic medicine. i need your advise to choose exact name of medicine.
    ajay kumar singh
    patna bihar


    Please let me know about symbolic high pressure the remedy

  491. s jasimuddin says:

    i have very much tension recently for the 1st time my bp level is 130/90 with headache whereas it was always 120/80 . pl help.

  492. veena vazalwar says:

    I am 45 years old working lady. from last 7 years i am suffering from High B.P.
    & taking lodos 2.5 in morning and amtas-E 5-5 mg in evening. but now a days i have seen some problems that is my feet and face has swelling in the morning and tightness around chest and palpitation on slight walking / upstair. my kidney report is ok and Chelestol is high that is more than 264. can you suggest medicine.

  493. sanjoy das says:

    my self suffering wih high bloodpressure since five years.medicine staeted wtth homoeo,but no control.then started allopathic.preddure become normal but since six months diastollic very often showing 90 to 100.what to do pls help me.
    with regards
    sanjoy das

  494. dear sir,
    whatever i eat soon i compel to go toilt please advice any readmy

  495. Prashant Kulkarni says:

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please suggest medicine for lower back pain and neck jam.

  496. Elisha Jenkins says:

    I am a 32 year old female. I eat very healthfully. I juice daily. I am 3 weeks post partum and my blood pressure sky rocketed to very high levels 6 days post partum. I am currently on labetalol 200mg 3X daily. The numbers are more controlled now, but they drop low right after I take the meds and then start creeping back up until it’s time to take them again.
    This happened 6 years ago after I had my daughter as well. I was on meds for almost a year.
    I am currently breastfeeding.
    I am trying to find someone to help me.
    Thank you for reading

  497. zaida m. colon says:

    Dr. Sharma, the pass two months i started with vertigo , i went to the hospital they told me my symtoms look like is meniers disiese.that day my pressure was at 145/100 well they gave meds that i havent take because of their side i went to my allergy dr. because of my allegies, my pressure was high again,i never had hi blood pressure before, but i been feeling alot of palpitation at night ,which i can not sleep.

  498. I have lost my mother in june.I am still in the shock.after that I have no periods and recently i came to know that i have b.p 90/150.age 47. how honeopathy can help me.

  499. ANIL TIWARI says:

    2;paseena bahut aata hai
    3;stomac&back mai jalan
    5;pain in left side of chest

  500. sir, I have been detected for high BP 143/92. I feel drowzy and slight headache. My age is 42 years, weight is 76 kg, height 169 cm. Please advice me

  501. George Chandy says:

    I have high cholesterol and occasional high blood pressure. I live in the U.S. In 2011, for about 6 months, I took statin, but I stopped. But the cholesterol level went up to 311 after a year. By taking garlic in the morning and taking Homeo medicine, I lowered it to 238 within a month.

    But since I stopped Homeo and missed garlic in the morning, the level went up to 270 in Aug 2013.

    I would like to get Homeo medicine for cholesterol treatment, including blood pressure. In fact, my blood pressure went down in March 2013 and was normal until August 2013. For some reason, when the doctor tested, it was 150, but the next day, it was normal.

  502. Dr Ram prasad mishra says:

    a 55 yrs old female got severe headace of bursting type 4 yrs ago. after clinically evalution it was found that she is hypertensive and due to which she developed optic nerve atrophy with pappiloedema with lower visuality. she has taken treatment and got relieved. but now she want to avoid allopathic treatment. plz tell us what to do.

  503. Viveka Nand Singh says:

    I am having high blood pressue and under treatment also. But since allopathic medicines are having side effects so I want homeopathic medicine for lowering my BP. I don’t have any other proble all tests are normal, taking medicine regularly but not getting results. Still blood pressure lower limit is not in control. It varies from 120 to 100, while it has to be around 80.
    Kindly suggest.

  504. arif sohail says:

    dear doctor,
    allmost two years ago i got high blood pressure,like 180\100,before this time i was used to heavily drink everday,now it is all boold pressure is normal like 130..140 \90 like do u think i should take some homeopathic medicines for the biood pressure.
    thanking you very much.

  505. lalithramrajesh says:

    Dear Sir, My Name Lalithramrajesh, Age -40, One week before, Morning 4Am, my mind confuse,anxiety,head ache, vertigo, i check blood pressure, 90/140,i belive homeopathy pls tell me, what medicine i take, pls help, Thank u

  506. For high BP

  507. Prashant Mehta says:

    Dr. Sharma
    About a month and a half back I started experiencing dizziness and heart palpitations. This was accompanied by high blood pressure ( 150 /100 ) . I have been put on Olmezest 10 mg and a Beta blocker ( half 5 mg tablet ) since then. As my lipid test showed borderline high cholesterol I’m also taking cholesterol reducing medicine.
    Since the start I’ve been experiencing scary side-effects of these medicines ( numbness in limbs, vertigo etc ) and I’m hoping that homeopathy can help me.
    I’ve been on extremely low salt and oil food ever since and am also doing mild exercises.
    Pls help…

  508. I am 45 and have been taking Telma 20 (half tablet) in the mornings for almost an year. Recently my BP increased to 140/90 and I had dizzyness. Now I am asked to take 1 tab in the morning and half of it in the night. Since I didnt want to increase the dose I consulted a homeo doctor last saturday . He has given me some drops and medicines and asked to continue taking the telma tablets as well for 15 days. Have to meet the doctor after two weeks. Is it okay to switch over to homeo for high BP. I have hot fushes sometimes and am experiencing severe hair loss. pL suggest

  509. Susan Tippel says:

    I am 61 years old and I have had high blood pressure for years. I have been on different blood pressure medications over the years that did very little to relieve it. Eventually I went off of all of it. Now it runs in the 190’s/100’s. I am currently taking a rather high dose of Diovan again which can get it down to 150/80, but it spikes up throughout the day.

    I also have hot flashes, which I have had for years, but they seem to be getting worse. I drip sweat throughout the day and night.

    Can you offer me some homeopathic suggestions?

  510. md azeem says:


  511. Respected sir my wife (32)is suffering from hair loss and cholasma .Please suggest remedy for her.

  512. Sir,

    I am about 33 years unmarried male from kolkata suffering from high blood pressure. Recently I visited elopathic doctor where BP readed high every time and slight high in Cholesterol. I have observed few symptoms in me like :

    i. constant pain in back side of neck

    ii. feeling bad happening during night

    iii. rarely short breathing problems.

    iv. feeling tiredness while mounting stair cases

    v. feeling exhaust while carrying even slightly heavy luggage

    I very soon will get marry. please help me so that I may lead better family life with my partner without any complications and hesitation

    Thank U

    with warm regards,



  513. Dr Sharma
    What type of homeopathic medicine is good for high blood pressure caused by long term steriod use? Steriods are used for skin condition
    Prurigo nodularis

    Thank you

  514. Srikant Kumar says:

    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure. I am having uric avid problem. So Now a days I am taking the homeopathic medicine URTICA URENS. I am a vegetarian and do not smoke or drink alcohol. my age is 58 years. The blood pressure measure few days back was 90/140. I am not taking any medicine. I only take 2 to 3 cloves of garlic daily in the morning and also go for a walk every day for one hour.

  515. I am suffering from BP at about 140/100
    i take 20mg lisinipril daily
    Cholesterol is 235.
    Please help

  516. Amar Sinha says:

    Hello, I am 44 yr old and suffering from High Blood presure 150-160 and 100-110 since last 6 months. Presently using the Alopathic Medicine but want to switching with Homeopath and simptoms are matching with Natrum Mur. So, Pls. let us know the power and doses.
    Secondly may I take the both medicine (Alopath+Homeo)simulteniously for time being for safety purpose.

    Thanks in Advance and awaited for your valuable suggestion.

    Best Regards

    Amar Sinha

  517. My wife has been suffering from IgA Nephropathy from 2003. She was on prednisone for almost an year and half. Last 10 months her protenuria is very high and for the last few weeks her BP is also high. Her blood work is fine with bun creatinine and egfr . I am concerned with her high BP and protenuria. Can you please advise on the problem and guide sir.

  518. ANTHONY Paul Bernard says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Am 62 years old suffering from severe ulcerlative colitis for the past 10 – 12 years. Having BP for the last few months. BP varies around 100 to 150. What medicines would you advise ?

  519. sajal puri says:

    I am 46 yr old having shortness of breat palpitations dizziness nervousness anxiety hypothyroid hyper tense panic attack low confidence low energy having allopathic med for the above but veryless result sometimes head ache feeling of suffocation around the chest pls suggest some homeopathic treatment started feeling depressed pls help

    • Gd evening Dr I am 47yrs female under pre menopausal period having hypothyroidism taking thyronorm 50 /4days and75/3days everyday having nausea palpitations dizziness low feeling andenergy emptiness in chest /stomach shortness of breath/strained brething does not feel good at all taking antacid /ivabrad5mg for palpitations numlo -d forbp and calcoum suppliment miss my periods of andon donotfeel stable while walking feling of sufocaton is there taking ho, eopathic for 4months so, etimes it helps but not asingle symtom has fully gone pls help me and let me under stand why these things rhappening every day

  520. harjinder pal singh says:

    my age 50 and i m suffering from blood pressure n sugar . My doctor has prescribed me telma AMH 40 for blood pressure( twice a day) and janumet 50+1000mg , glycinorm 90mg (per day) .
    the main problem is that my blood pressure is used to increase very often and due to high pressure sometimes head nerve use to pain and suddenly bp increase .for ex-100/180 *115

    • harjinder singh says:

      hi how are yu mr dr my main problem high blood pressure and blood sugar pl advice medicine bp 95/170 and sugar 200 after lunch

  521. Mohan Lal Verma says:

    Dr. Namaskar, One of my colleagur was filling water in the inverter battery, which exploded and acid filled in his eyes.Now he is totally blind. This is about one year back. He went under treatment, the doctors say that there is light in side, but due to excessive pressure he can not see. He can see a bit once he sees extreme right or left, but not generally. He dips his eyes in the water for some time daily. Outwardly his eyes look all right. I am going to give him Caust. 200, three doses today and will follow ur advice. Thanks and regards, Mohan
    PS I generally read ur advice given on various topics. Mohan



    THIS IS TO INFORM YOU THAT ON 21ST APRIL MORNING AT 5O CLOCK I HAVE VOMITING 5 TIME ONLY LAST NIGH UN DIGESTIVE FOOD AFTER THAT 4 TO 5 TIME S AGAIN VOMITING ONLY CAFFY COLOUR BLOOD . AFTER THAT I WAS ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL FOR TREATMENT, NOW I AM RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL. BUT NOW IAM FACING NEW PROBLEM IS BLLOD PRESSURE WITH GAS . IAM EATING ONLY RICE AND DAL , BUT IAM SUFFERING FROM INTESTINE GAS PROBLEM. HOW TO REDUCE MY BLOOD PRESSURE AND GAS PROBLEM . On 21st april my pressure is 190/110 and after that it reduce and reading is 136/92 now continued , my age is 44 and previously I have no pressure problem and blood sugar problem, but my late mother have high blood pressure , but not in my father. I need your help from your end .

    Thanking you
    Rajesh Mukherjee

  523. Rubin Mathew says:

    I am 47 years. My bp is 150/100 and cholesterol is 227. From the last month i’m taking medicines for both. But i would like to start homeopathy medicine for that could you please let me know which medicine is suit for me.


  524. P. SESHA TALPA SAI says:


    • Benu Kumar Bose says:

      Dear Sharma, My wife’s pressure is 150/75 for some time. She is taking english medicines.Do you suggest any homeo?

  525. Sachin Amat says:

    Dr Sharma- I did a CT scan and these are the results. I wanted to know can these be cured with your Homeo medicine.



    Contiguous axial slices are performed from the top of the kidneys to the pelvic floor. The Examination is performed without intravenous oral contrast for the purpose of renal stone identification. Coronal reconstruction images are also obtained.

    A moderate left hydronephrosis is present. There is dilatation of the left ureter to the distal left ureter where a 1.3 X 0.9 X 0.6 cm calcification is present . The calcification lies less than 1cm proximal to the left ureterovesiculat junction. Mild left perinephric stranding is identified. A staghorn calculus is present at the lower pole of the left kidney measuring 1.7 X 1 X 1.6 cm. The right Kidney demonstrates no evidence of hydronephrosis. A 1 mm calcification is present at the midpole .The right ureter is normal in size.

    The examination of the abdominal viscera is limited secondary to lack of IV contrast. The patient has a nonobstructive bowel gas pattern. The appendix has a normal appearance No significant mesenteric stranding is identified. No free fluid or free air is seen. There are prostatic calcifications. The aorta has a normal caliber. No focally aggressive osseous lesion is seen.

    Moderate left hrdronephrosis secondary to a calcification at the distal left ureter measuring 1.3 X 0.9X0.6 cam .Staghorn calcification is lower pole to the left kidney.

    1mm non obstructing calcification at the midpole of the right kidney

    No free fluid.

  526. Vijai Kapoor says:

    I am suffering from bad pain in my left neck,the muscle are stiff and turn too bad when turning my head towards left,is affecting the vision also,pain radiates to left shoulder because the seat of pain is the joint intersection of spine-shoulder and neck.I can not sit wihout back support for even an hour.
    I have been prescribed Cimcifuga and after that GHL,s Anti Trumatic tablets twice daily by a homeopath but it is not improving.I am smoking,no alchol,nohabits feel tired all the time

    I will appreciate if you can consider my case—-Vijai

  527. Sameer Sikka says:

    Dear Sir,

    MRI report says Grade 2 myxoid degenerative changes in the posterior horn of medial meniscus with minimal joint effusion,what does this mean and what is the treatment.

  528. Pritpal Singh says:

    My son is suffering from epilepsey and resultant mental deficiency Please advise

  529. baljit s. hooda says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a radiologist and need you opinion whether anxiety disorder can be managed with homeopathy as my son who is around 30 has been suffering from the same for quite sometime now.
    thanks and regards!

    • i have 3.8 mm stone in kidney.please suggest me some remedy.

      • Dear sir, I am suffering from severe allergic sinus for the past 15 years. For that i am taking allopathic medicine levocetrizine regularly and if the problem is severe then i take antibiotics that are prescribed by doctors.Moreover i am suffering from bp and cholestrol and for that i am consuming nebicord 5mg and olmesar 40 mg for Bp and astor 40 mg for cholestrol.Now i would like to take homeopathic medicines. So please advice me.Thanks!

  530. baljit s. hooda says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a radiologist and need you opinion whether anxiety disorder can be managed with homeopathy as my son who is around 30 has been suffering from the same for quite sometime now.

  531. Dr Avinash says:

    I am suffering from osteoporosis resulting little curve in upper part of my spine and formation of excessive gas in my stomach which becomes very tight and painful in upper portion of stomach.recently I have eaching and hive in face and other part of body at night around in between 1-3 am I have taken Apis M /china and some other homeopathic medicine but without re leaf Please advise Thanks

  532. My son has been running a blood pressure of 153/105 on an off for a while and low thyroid function. He is on a program but it is not doing anything. I was going to try Aurumn it seems to fit his profile. The Dr has him on Sulph 200c and a combo of motherwort, linden, dandelion, chrys, olive leaf and hawthorn. He is also on some supportives. Thank you

  533. Michael Niedzwiadek says:

    hello Dr Shrama , I am 37 years old and have little stress at work an my BP when checking is 144/98 but I think I have white coat syndrome because I get very nervous when the doc is checking my BP
    what natural medicine would be the best for me please I need your help

  534. Dr Sharma, I have had High blood pressure for about 17 years though lately it is getting out of control as high as 210/125. I have had my heart checked, artieries and so on and am told everything is in good order. My Kidneys are also fine no scar tissue which I attribute to Ashwagandha that I have been taking for 20 year now and it does get rid of scar tissue at least scars that are visible to the eye so I am assuming it has also prevented me from scar tissue in my kidneys. I have tried herbs for years and had good success but lately nothing is working and I am unable to take traditional pharmacuetical medicines as they only increase the
    BP and I get no benefits only the worst of side affects. I have been trying to find a homeopathy remedy to help me before I have a major stroke which is going to happen if I don’t get my BP down. I have always had problems with conventional medications and my daughter has the same problem. My vision has been getting worse lately and came on sudden, I get headaches when my BP is high sometimes a little vertigo though not often until the past few days. My BP was low until I had a complete hysterectomy after a dr. lied to me even though he knew I had problems with medications. I am desperate at this time. Do you have any helpful advice?

    • Dear Mr Sharma,

      I am taking Crestor 2.5mg once daily with excellent results,but i suffer from pain in my thigh muscles all the time, kindly recommend a homeo remedy for my problem as i want to tapper off this drug. I am 50 yrs old and i have stunts in my arteries although i have not suffered a heart attack.My weight is 83 k.g approx and i walk daily for an hr.kindly e mail yr reply on

    • Asif Nasim says:

      Sir,I am also suffering high blood pressure particularly at evening.Doctors prescribed me every type of blood pressure lowering medicines but these all did not work.however when i take Xanax or this type of medicines,my blood pressure drops.Now i begin to use homeopathic medicines which are Dr Reckeweg R 85 and Rauwolfia.The results are very good.Moreover,when your blood pressure increase,inhale steam with deep breathing.30 minutes brisk walk is also very beneficial.Please try

      • Dear sir,
        I have high Blood pressure, about 8 years back started medication. Age is 55, weight 90 KG hight 5-11. No diabities. I had my BP controlled with Co-Easyday 50 mg in the morning and Easy day 50 mg evening (Easyday = LOsatan Potassium). Now recently BP is out of Control, it rises 160/12 and do not lower even with Capotien. Kindly suggest some Homeopathic Remedy.

  535. rahul sharma says:

    sir ,
    please suggest me remedy medicine for calcarea spur in my booth foot heels , it pains very very much i am unable to stand & walk.
    Raj Sharma

  536. Dear sir,
    I am sufferring from neck and back pain, I have continuous pain in my right soulder, a phisiotherepist advised me to use soft coller, and I am using it. Is there any treatment of this in homeopathi. Another problem I am facing is I have seviour weekness in my legs, as I am unable to run even 50 mtrs. There are no muscels around my knees. can You suggest me that, which homeopathi treatment should I use? I am in a office job and use computer more than 6 hours a day.

    • EJAZ LATIF says:

      chack your back bone (morry) joint chane from any desi person i hope your problem will be solve

    • Maruf Sattar says:

      Dear Doctor

      I am a high blood pressure patient from my earlier age. now i am 48 years old. i am failure with all of osteopath medicine. So many doctor i have seen and take several type of medicine but nothing get good result. my pressure always remain naturally 140/110. my cholesterol level S.Cholesterol (total) 210 mg/dl , HDL- 39 mg/dl LDL- 136, Triglyceride 173 mg/dl, S.Creatinine 1.31 mg/dl. Traditionally my mother also high blood pressure patient. She take pathological medicine and she is alright from that medicine. her pressure remain 120/80 after take medicine. I have also suffer from allergic and swelling problem. And I don’t wear tight and fitting dress. Its make me suffocate. When i would take medicine i feel back pain, sometime i could not awake from my bed. Till 1 (one) week i could not work and walk properly. So doctor your kindness could you please give me your valuable suggestion for me which medicine i would take and how i take.

      Thanking you
      Mr. Maruf

      • Razak KP says:

        sir, iam controling my BP by medicine losrtan pottasium since three years. but now iam suffering
        from its side effects.So please prescribe me a homeo medicine to substitute it.

        iam geting uncontrolable angry when talking any body without cause, and restless and absent minded.and fever like experience with no high temberatur.

        my cholostro is above 245. and i was a chain smoker of twenty years.and after stoping smoking i started chewing tobaco since three years.and my BP is started three years ago .
        count is 160\100 .

        thanking you with awaitiong your positive reply. razak.

      • D.A.Chowdhary says:

        I am working on computer about 12 hours a day. I am 74 years. Nowadays My eyes are getting strained. I feel dryness in eyes. Then my B/P is raising to 160/110. Then my vision is getting down. I request you kindly suggest a suitable remedy.

  537. Stage 4 chronic kidney disease (severe, essential hypertension; benign, secondary hyperparathroidism (of renal origin) protenuria.

    Can I improve the kidney gfr function from 24 to 30 which would make it a stage 3 situation with homeopathy? Would bringing the b.p. down raise the kidney function over time?

  538. Sheikhahaq says:

    Dr Sharif was known Boerika TAfel of pakistan.once he remarked homeo medicines are like catching a black cat in a dark room.ibelieve for lay man TOtka. Homeopathy.ihave collected about 20 Totkas.they never failed for vomiting.aconite ,bell and are combo in colds works wonder.swollen gums even gum boil.F phosphor and silicate 6x gives wonder full results
    I have seen novice home Dr losing their children with their obsolete faith in medicine in the books.I am 87 and like Jonny Walker still going strong.modern medicines for ecezema cure immediately all sorts of skin troubles, than to catch the black cat.self proclaimed homeopathy are dangerous.Of coarse us made medicines are effective.Now silica lifts me like a leaf and istart flying in the air and make my grades among the old people of my age.I can be useless for others.It is specific for cough after cold etc.The patient wants relief, can come from Mitti of some Mazari, homeo. Allopathy or guard,booty. or my TOtka homeo medicines.Provide and love humanity.God will love you.

  539. Hello I’m new to Homeopathic however I’m very interested in it. The Doctors have told me I have Hypertension- I did try and get it down without medication however it didn’t work. Now I’m on medication and I don’t like the idea of it. By reading what is written I would say I would need AMYL NITROSUM. What is this and how would it help; can I take it with my Avpro which the doctor has put me on. I’m only 29 years old, with 2 children. I’m very active in exercise and eating healthy with out extra salt.

    • :-Humayun Khan says:

      Dear Dr. Sherma
      Need ur great advise on following; a h/doc prescribed me the med below for overall male health…
      Panax ginseng Q
      Cydonia 30
      Avena sat Q
      Tribilus Q
      Sabal Q
      Alfalfa Q
      Agnus cast Q
      Argentum nit 30
      Is this right combination? As I have not felt much gain except a little weight gain!
      I have taking these for a year now, can advise some additions or subtractions?
      Thank you.

  540. Dr. Sayeed Ahmad says:

    It is an informative and helpful article.

    • my bp is very high , iam diabetic bp is 180/110

      • Brother plz use masood hr1 to control ur diabetes it is very effective for type 2 diabetes and control ur b. P with relaxnt ur mind and better diet plan try to increase your sleeping time and take any elopathic medicine which is suitable to you for bp. Masood hr1 will show its effects within 2 weeks. When hr1 shows its effects you can decrease slightly your elopathic treatment for bo as well as diabetes

      • Respected Sir,
        Iam 42 years male having high Blood pressure 140/90 to 160/100 and i am taking ayurvedic medicine from patanjali divya mukta vati and i dont know whether i should go for allopathy or homeopathy please guide me sir

        • I don’t know why anyone asks questions here, no one ever answers.

          I have tried the Ivy’s Mukta Vati for some time now with no results at all. Maybe I am taking the wrong amounts but I have no way of knowing that, especially when no one answers the questions here.

          My doctor recently started me on losartan 25 mg twice daily even though I was very resistant to the idea of Rx drugs. I have been on a beta blocker (atenolol) for almost 30 years because I developed a prolapsed mitral valve during my last pregnancy in 1987 and they thought it was just a murmur of pregnancy and would go away. It didn’t. Now I have developed pretty high BP over the past couple of years (anywhere from 150 to 200 systolic, the bottom number is always good) and I don’t know what that’s an indication of but it’s unnerving and now I’ve developed anxiety. Without the atenolol I had terrible pounding heart issues.

          I don’t know what on earth to try next, I’ve experimented with all the herbs I know of (olive leaf capsules, hawthorn & hibiscus teas, etc.) and nothing seems to help. The losartan isn’t helping either and now my doc wants to increase the dose. I really don’t want to do that if I can find something natural to use. Suggestions?

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