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Lichen Sclerosus – Homeopathic Treatment and Remedies

Lichen sclerosus is a rare skin condition in which white patches appears on the skin mainly on genital and anal area, though skin on the other body areas can also be affected. In this condition the affected skin area appears thinner than the normal. Homeopathic remedies for lichen sclerosus help in reducing the white discolouration in these cases as well as halting the progression of disease and preventing scarring. Homeopathic remedies for lichen sclerosus

It does not spread by direct skin to skin contact or sexual intercourse. Another old name for lichen sclerosus is lichen sclerosus et atrophicus. In females this condition is also known as kraurosis vulvae and when it affects males this condition is known as balanitis xerotica obliterans. 

Homeopathic Remedies for Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus can be managed very well with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy works effectively to manage its symptoms including itching, pain in the affected part of genitals, painful intercourse and cracks, blisters / ulcers on the affected skin area. Homeopathic medicines are of natural origin, so they offer effective management in a very safe and gentle manner without any side effects. The top remedies are: 

X-Ray : Top Medicine for Managing Lichen Sclerosus

X-ray tops the list of homeopathic medicines to manage cases of lichen sclerosus. In cases needing it there is white discolouration of the skin. The affected skin is dry. It also appears wrinkled. In some cases blisters appear on the affected skin area along with itching.

Homeopathic Medicines for White Patches on Skin

Among various homeopathic medicines for white patches on skin the prominent ones include Arsenic Album, Calcarea Carb and Silicea. These medicines are indicated where white discoloured patches on skin is the only sign present without any symptoms. In such cases they help to reduce the discolouration and also helps to prevent its further progression. 

For Managing Lichen Sclerosus in Females

Sepia – For Intense Itching of Vulva

Sepia is very effective medicine for managing vulva itching. Females needing it have severe itching in vulva. They may also have blisters on the vulva. Redness and swelling on the inner labia may also be present. Painful intercourse is another symptom they mostly complain of. 

Kreosote – For Itching and Burning in Vulva

Kreosote is an excellent medicine for managing itching and burning in the vulva. The vulva is also sore. The external genital is swollen with heated sensation. There is also complaint of violent pain and burning during sex.  

Calcarea Carb – When Vulva Itching is Worse in Evening

This medicine is considered when the itching of the vulva gets worse in the evening. Along with this the vulva is also sore. Sometimes stitching pain is felt in the vulva. Burning in the genital area may also appear.

Melilotus – For Pain in Vulva

It is indicated when there is pain in the vulva, mainly the labia area. The pain may be severe, sharp or shooting in nature. The pain lasts for a little moment but appears frequently. In most cases needing it, the pain usually gets worse after menses.

Platina – When Vulva is Painful and Sensitive

Platina is an excellent medicine when vulva is painful and sensitive to touch. With this itching in vulva is also present. Tickling and tingling sensation in vulva may also be felt.

Sepia – For Painful Intercourse

Sepia is the top grade medicine for complaint of painful sex in females. Sexual intercourse is almost intolerable where it is indicated. Tenderness in sexual parts is also there. The vulva is also swollen, red and itchy.

Natrum Mur – For Painful Intercourse with Burning Pains

It is indicated when sex is painful in females along with burning and smarting pains in vagina. It is also sore. There is also itching in vulva with this.

Graphites  – For Blisters on Vulva

Graphites is a very beneficial medicine for cases where blisters form on vulva. The blisters are itchy. Pain and smarting sensation is also felt in the blisters. The blisters mainly are present on the labia where it is required.

Nitric Acid – For Painful Ulcers on Vulva

Nitric Acid is useful when there are ulcers on vulva which are sore and painful.  Cracks on labia minora may also be there. Itching and burning in vulva is also present.

Helonias – For Ulcers on Vulva with Heat and Redness

Helonias is a helpful medicine for ulcers on vulva mainly labia with heat and redness. Terrible Itching is also felt in vulva. Swelling and burning sensation in vulva are other attending symptoms. 

Graphites – For Cracks on Vulva 

It is also well-indicated for cracked skin on vulva. They may also have cracks around the anal region. Bleeding may arise from the cracked area of skin.

Homeopathic Medicines for Managing Lichen Sclerosus in Males

 Nitric Acid – For Itching on Glans and Foreskin

It is well indicated when there is itching on glans and foreskin. With this burning sensation may be present in this area. There may be reddish spots on glans. Small blisters may appear on the foreskin. It is also a top listed medicine for cases of phimosis.

Sulphur – For Itching on Glans Penis

It is very beneficial for managing itching on the glans penis. In cases requiring it the foreskin is red along with burning sensation. Stitching pain in penis may attend. An offensive sweat on genitals is present with these symptoms.

Cantharis – For Pain in Glans Penis

Cantharis is an excellent medicine when pain in glans penis is present. The pain is worse from external pressure. The glans is swollen in cases needing it. There may also be difficulty to urinate. The erection is painful with above symptoms in most the cases where it is needed. 

Argentum Nitricum – For Painful Erections

It is suitable medicine when erections are painful. Males needing it may also have small ulcers on the foreskin. They may also have complaints of difficult urination.

Cannabis Sativa – For Tensive Pain with Erections

Cannabis Sativa is used when there is tensive pain with erections. The glans and foreskin are red and swollen. The foreskin is sensitive to touch. There may also be complaints of difficult urination. It is also indicated for phimosis.

Rhus Tox – For Blisters on Glans

It is a significant medicine to treat cases where blisters are formed on glans. With this there is intense itching in the genitals. The glans and foreskin are swollen. The glans may be red and painful. Stinging pain may be present on the inner surface of foreskin.

Merc Sol – For Ulcers on Glans / Foreskin

It is a prominent medicine for cases where ulcers form on glans or foreskin. The ulcers may ooze yellow white fluid. They may also bleed on being touched. Ulcers are painful too. Swelling, redness, pain and itching on foreskin is also there.

Petroleum – For Cracks on Glans

It is an effective medicine for cases where cracks appear on the glans penis. Bleeding may also appear from these cracks. Other than this, eruptions can appear on glans with redness. 


The exact reason behind it is still unknown. However it is suggested that it can develop from an autoimmune process. Autoimmune means when the immune cells that are normally meant to fight with infectious agents begin to attack and damage the body’s own healthy tissue from a misdirected response. Genetics is also thought to play a role in its development. Other factors that are thought to play a role in it include hormonal imbalance (mainly low oestrogen), an infection (bacterial or viral) or an old damage / injury to the skin area specifically predisposed to develop it. Sometimes combination of any of the above factors collectively can lead to its development. Persons having it may have a personal or a family history of some other autoimmune disease also.

Risk Factors 

Mostly women after menopause are at most risk of developing it though it can also develop in men and children also. It is ten times more common in females as compared to males. Among males the uncircumcised ones (in whom there is presence of foreskin around the head of the penis)  are at more risk than the circumcised ones (in whom the foreskin around the penis head had been removed) because this condition mostly affects the foreskin. 

Signs and Symptoms

In this condition the signs and symptoms appear mostly appear on the skin of genitals and around the anal region. Among genitals the external genitalia is involved. It tends to involve vulva in females and foreskin, glans penis in males. The involvement of area around anus (perianal area) is more common in females and less frequent in males. Apart from genitalia it can also develop on the skin of upper arms, breast and upper body. In mild cases white, smooth, shiny patchy skin is there and there may not be any attending symptoms. The skin gets thin and may be wrinkled. In the rest of cases there appear symptoms along with white, smooth, shiny patches on skin. These includes itching varying from mild to severe, pain or discomfort in affected skin areas and sometimes there may also be redness / easy bruising (bluish, blackish discolouration on skin from bleeding under the skin due to trauma) because of the affected skin being thinner than the normal . Painful intercourse is another symptom that can appear. In severe cases, blisters, ulcers may form in the affected area. There may be easy cracking or tearing of skin. Rubbing or scratching may cause bleeding. The symptoms may come and go off and on. 


The complications arise from permanent scarring in the affected area of the skin and can lead to narrowing of vaginal opening, meatal stenosis (narrowing of opening of urethra) and an inability to retract the foreskin (phimosis). It can cause pain during sex, difficulty with urination, thin urinary stream, urinary retention, or problem with defecation (passing stool) / constipation. There is also a slight chance that it can turn into skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma of the affected area. 

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  1. Joy Penwarden says:

    Can you please advise what homeopathy treatment I can use for my lichen sclerosis.

    • I have white patches in my foreskin since long.shy to go to doctor. Sometime feel itching, cracks. Use cortisons but not improved. Kindly advice any homoeopathy treatment may cure it

      • Kalpataru says:

        I have white patches in my foreskin since long.shy to go to doctor. Sometime feel itching, cracks. Use cortisons but not improved. Kindly advice any homoeopathy treatment may cure it


  2. Sue R Carbone says:

    White ring at end of foreskin with less skin flexibility . 36 YO, otherwise healthy no issues or vaccines. Sulfur not helping
    Thank you

  3. Shera Maher says:

    Can you recommend aopotency for xray and dosing?

  4. Sunil Kumar Singh says:

    I have white patches in my inner skin of penis without iching since March 2020 . It is growing . I have used nitric acid, sepia , sulphur, silecea rhus tox , rododendrum but there is no improvement.Please advice me which medicine has taken to me.

  5. Krys Chandler says:

    I am a homeopath and have a female client with lichen sclerosis. However, she doesn’t suffer with itching, pain or burning. The main symptoms are soreness in the urethra and cystitis symptoms. She feels she wants to pass urine but very little comes when she visits the loo. She does have the white patches on the skin which are controlled by the hydrocortisone treatment plus moisturising cream but she would like homeopathic treatment if possible.

    I suspect the cystitis symptoms are a secondary set of symptoms and maybe should be treated separately with a remedy like Cantharis.

    I would be grateful for your thoughts.

  6. Hi I have Lichen Sclerosus and I’ve been reading your information of what homeopathic medicine to take it list several, is there a homeopathic medicine that’s a combination of them all can I take them all at the same time?

  7. sir i had white patches in head of my penis for last 9 years without any pain or itchy suggest me corticostiroids cream but my condition is not improving ..

  8. ANIL KUMAR 9811136371 says:

    Hello sir
    I feel discomfort when I sit at chair or at the time of sleep. I feel swelling I the area below stomach.. Sir when can I visit the clinic?

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