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7 Top Grade Homeopathic Remedies for Sebaceous Cysts 

Sebaceous cysts are non-cancerous (benign) bumps under the skin that are filled with semi – solid material. They are very common and mostly found on the scalp, face, neck and back, though can develop anywhere on skin except the palms of hands and the soles of feet. Homeopathic remedies for sebaceous cysts help in resolving cysts by discharging and clearing off the contents & gradually shrink and dissolve these cysts.sebaceous cyst

The term sebaceous cyst refers to either an epidermoid cyst which originates from the epidermis (top layer of the skin) or a pilar cyst that originate from the hair follicles.

As these cyst don’t originate from sebaceous glands and don’t contain sebum, So the term sebaceous cyst is inappropriate for them. The true sebaceous cysts are the ones that  originate from sebaceous glands (glands in the skin having an opening in the hair follicle gland where it secrete oily matter known as sebum). These cyst contain sebum (an oily matter produced by sebaceous glands that aid lubrication of the hair and skin). They are very rare and are known as steatocystoma simplex.


The epidermoid cysts develop from the skin. The surface of the skin, known as the epidermis consists of thin layers of cells. These cells are constantly shed off. The epidermoid cysts develop from inward movement and trapping of skin cells and multiplying there in spite of moving out on the skin surface and shedding outside. They can also develop from any damage that causes cells on top of the skin to be implanted in the lower layer. They can  follow irritation or injury to the skin too.

The true sebaceous cysts can form due to deformed, damage or blockage of the duct of the sebaceous gland (this duct act a passage from where the sebum / oil is able to leave). It can follow a trauma like a surgical wound or scratch on the skin.

Sometimes the cyst is linked to genetic conditions like Gardner’s syndrome (a rare genetic disorder in which there occurs multiple polyps in the colon i.e. large intestine along with some other tumours outside the colon. The other tumours outside the colon may include fibromas, epidermoid cyst, desmoid tumours, osteomas of skull). 

In many cases no cause can be ruled out behind the sebaceous cyst.


They are felt as a lump under the skin. They grow very slowly, are harmless and usually do not cause any problem but can be uncomfortable and cosmetically look bad. 

Though they can occur on any body part, they are more common on the scalp, face, neck, back, chest and ears. In males they commonly develop in scrotum and chest. They may contain fibrous tissue, fluids. They may also contain keratin (a strong protein present in the skin, nails and also teeth). Next they may be filled with somewhat viscous, serosanguineous fluid that contains pus and blood. The type of the contents of the cyst vary depending on if the cyst is infected or not.

The size can vary from a few mm to around 5 cm. These are round in shape and when touched these cyst feels smooth, mostly soft and movable. The small cyst are not painful and tender to touch. But when they are large they can be painful and cause pressure on the surrounding parts. They also become painful if they get infected, damaged or inflamed. When infected or inflamed the skin over the cyst becomes red, tender and sore.  A thick, yellow,  cheesy, bad smelling material may sometimes drain from the cyst. The cyst should not be scratched, pricked popped or squeezed to prevent chance of infection. These cysts are commonly found in the hairy areas of the body. In long standing cases the hair on the surface of skin above the cyst may be lost. Most times no complications occur in it. But sometimes few complications can arise. The first complication that can arise is its fixation if it extends deep in the body and connects to underlying tissue and forms a fixed lump that does not move. Next complication is infection (when bacteria gain entry in the cyst) resulting in abscess formation. Other complications include inflammation and rupture of the sebaceous cysts. Very rarely epidermoid cysts can lead to skin cancer.

Homeopathic Remedies for Sebaceous Cysts 

Homeopathy carries a good scope to treat these cysts. There are numerous homeopathic medicines that can help in dissolving, shrinking these cysts. These medicines halt further growth and increase the size of these cysts. The results vary from case to case depending upon the size and duration of the cyst. The medicines for its treatment are of natural origin so they treat them in a very safe, mild, gentle way without any side effects. These medicines are very effective and may even subside the need of surgical intervention in many cases of cyst. 

  1. Silicea 

Silicea is a very effective homeopathic medicine for treating cases of different types of cysts including sebaceous cyst. It possesses a great ability to shrink and dissolve the cysts. It is also indicated for cases where infection has occurred with abscess formation. In such cases pus discharge is present. The pus is scanty. It has a bad smell. Its use is also recommended for sebaceous cyst on the scalp. Such cyst are smooth and appear shiny where this medicine is required.

  1. Baryta Carb

This is the next very beneficial medicine for treatment of various kind of cysts and tumours. It is most prominently indicated for cyst on the scalp. Scalp may be sensitive to touch in cases needing it. Apart from this it offers help in case of fatty tumours, swollen and hard indurated glands. 

  1. Graphites

Graphites is yet another well-indicated medicine having a marked action on dissolving the cysts. Like Baryta Carb, it is also a significant medicine for treating sebaceous cyst on the scalp. For using it the cyst is large and smooth. Scalp is hairy. Itching and marked heat may be present on the scalp.

  1. Thuja 

It is natural medicine prepared from fresh green twigs of plant Thuja occidentalis commonly known as Arbor Vitae. This plant belongs to family Coniferae. It is the next medicine in the list to treat many sorts of cyst and tumours. Firstly it is useful to treat sebaceous cyst. Next it is helpful to treat cyst in the breast and ovaries. Other than these it is an important medicine for spongy and fatty tumours.

  1. Hepar Sulph

Like medicine Silicea, this medicine possesses a great power to manage cases where infection has occurred and abscess has formed. In such cases it works well when there is pus discharge that can be blood stained also. With this there is throbbing or splinter like pain present in the infected site. The abscess is also tender and sensitive to touch. The skin overlying the abscess is inflamed and appears warm to touch.  

  1. Kali Bromatum

It is also an important medicine for treating sebaceous cyst. Not only these cysts it also have a marked affinity to treat many other types of cyst and tumours. Among them ovarian cyst, fibroids and fatty tumours are the ones well treated with this medicine.

  1. Lobelia Inflata

It is prepared from plant puke weed either with fresh plant when in flower and seed or its dried leaves. This plant belongs to the family lobeliaceae. This medicine has a tendency to resolve most obstinate cysts on the scalp. It either makes the cyst dissolve gradually or resolves it by aiding the discharge of its contents.

Some Other Valuable Medicines

In addition to above some of the other important medicines indicated for treating sebaceous cysts include Conium, Phytolacca, Calcarea Carb, Agaricus and Spongia.

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  1. Rajeshwari says:

    Hello doctor, i have a sebaceous cyst under my nose after accidental injury since 20 years from now. Its under the skin size of peanut , i want to drain the cyst. It causing problems with the smile. I have consulted many doctors but no use. Please help me

  2. Tarina jahan says:

    Hello Doctor,
    It will be very helpful to me if you give me the answer of my question. Suddenly my mother have seen a small cyst on her cheek.She feel uncomfortable and fall on anxiety . How can she get rid of this problem? I am from Bangladesh.

  3. Good day Doctor

    My baby has been born with a cyst on her nose Bridge.

    I don’t want to have it removed surgically.

    I am from South Africa, can doctor help?

  4. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My two year old daughter was diagnosed with a cyst on the left side of her chest wall. The cyst is about the size of a small marble. She was born with a very small dimple right where the cyst formed. What remedy would you recommend, as I hope we do not have to resort to surgery on my sweet little girl. Thank you in advance for you help.

  5. Mridul Kanti Nath says:

    Sir, few days ago I found cyst in my right tonsil. It is look like a white little ball and too small size. Sir, any medicine for this to completely abolish from tonsil.

  6. Hi Dr. Sharma. I have a sebaceous cyst on the back of my neck and was told by a dermatologist that lancing it would not help because it would keep coming back and was recommended to have it surgically removed which I thought was a bit invasive since it is very small. I would like to try using Silicea to dissolve it. Where can I find Silicea, what brand and strength is recommended?

  7. Hi doctor I have oral cyst in my mouth actually inner cheek per hai koi pain nahi hota iska treatment kya ho sakta hai I don’t want surgery

  8. Hi I have sebaceous cyst on the back of my neck.this complication has been last six years. It was small in size but six days before ,it began to grow and developed in large size or is painful to touch,hard and swollen.please prescriber me effective medicine.

  9. Hi I have sebaceous cyst on my cheek and there is a mole on the cyst .
    How do I get rid of it?

  10. Hi Dr. Sharma, I have a sebaceous cyst on my neck that is quite large. Do you take these medicines in pellet form or topically? Thank you

  11. I have sebaceous cyst on my scalp. Few years ago it was one now they occur frequently on scalp with pain and very soft like there is puss in it. I take a lot of treatment and from different doctor. Please guide me about medicine to cure it

  12. Aswini sahu says:

    My sebacious cyst is developed under arm . I am trating for last 1and half year. It is going and comming from left underarm to right. Now i am under elopathic treatment antibiotic. Doctors not able to locate and remove by sergery.
    I like homeopathic tratment. My son is 13years 80 kg weight.

    • Surajit Das says:

      I have Sebaceous cyst below the left ear . It was 1 cm in the year 2017 . Now , extended to 3/4cm . Should I take Silicia or which medicine do you prescribe for immediate disolve ?

  13. Karuna Sharma says:

    I have a sebaceous cyst on my face near left eye I am taking homoeopathic treatment I want to know how long would it take to recover my cyst is now having some mouth type apperance and red with some pus inside… presently I am having calcarea fluorica 12 x and calcarea calcinata 3 x

  14. Hi
    I am 48 years old and have Epidermoid cysts on my scalp for last 15 years. Initially it was just one which become quite big but fro last 4 years number is increasing. Now I have 5 on scalp. My hair has also reduced a lot due to this. Pl.advise

  15. Vigneswaran Balachandran says:

    I have steatocystoma in scrotum. Is it curable by homoeopathy?

  16. Hi I have a pinions like cyst that is soft to the touch and seems like it is a lump. It is located underneath the eyebrow in the corner of the eye (right above it). What is the best treatment for it?

  17. Dr Sharma,

    Since almost 20 years I am getting sebaceous cysts on my face, so far 3 surgeries I have gone through to remove these, Could you please provide me with any permanent homoeopathy medicine for this, now again I got this, Please suggest.

    Thanks & Regards
    sankar g

  18. Jyoti Agrawal says:

    I have a lump on my right thigh region.
    I have cystic tendency in my body but this lump is elongated in shape not round.
    Not much tender to touch but I have pain around thigh region which radiate Upto knee or groin region

  19. Sanjiv Naidu says:

    Good Morning Doctor,
    My Daughter is has the following problem
    Sebaceous gland infection in the abdomen region.
    Slight oozing of pus
    Request homeopathic medicines

    Sanjiv Naidu

  20. Abby Kaitani says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    Just wondering the dosage and method of taking homeopathy for a long term problem like sebaceous cysts please?

    Thank you

    • Aswini sahu says:

      My sebacious cyst is developed under arm . I am trating for last 1and half year. It is going and comming from left underarm to right. Now i am under elopathic treatment antibiotic. Doctors not able to locate and remove by sergery.
      I like homeopathic tratment. My son is 13years 80 kg weight.

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