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Homeopathic Remedies for Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome

Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome (SRUS) is an uncommon rectal disorder that arises when sores / ulcers develop in the rectum. Rectum is the terminal section of the large intestine where faeces are stored before they pass out of the body via anus. It is an uncommon disorder and people having long standing constipation usually develop it. Homeopathic remedies for solitary rectal ulcer syndrome help in effective management of its symptoms including constipation, bleeding from rectum,  mucus passage from rectum, straining during defecation, feeling of incomplete evacuation of stool, rectal pain and involuntary passage of stool. 
Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome

The term solitary rectal ulcer syndrome is a misnomer means is an inappropriate term for this disorder. This is because in this disorder either one (solitary) or multiple ulcers can develop in the rectum and also lesions range from patchy mucosal erythema means redness of mucosa to ulcers or to polypoid lesion  in the rectum. In this condition the lesions are usually located in the anterior rectal wall and it lies around 3 to 10 cm distance from the anal margin.

Homeopathic Remedies for Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome

There is excellent treatment of solitary rectal ulcer syndrome in homeopathy. They help to heal the lesions in the rectum and prevent its further progression by targeting the root cause behind it. The homeopathic medicines for treating this condition are selected individually for every case based on the prominent symptoms.

1. Nux Vomica – For constipation with ineffectual urge for stool which is unsatisfactory

Nux Vomica is a top listed medicine to manage cases of solitary rectal ulcer syndrome. The main indication to use it is constipation with frequent, ineffectual urging for stool. The person needing it has to go for stool many times a day. Stool is scanty, hard, dry, insufficient and unsatisfactory. A feeling of incomplete evacuation of stool is always present. There is always a sensation as if some stool still remained in the rectum even after going to stool a number of times in a day. Blood may also pass with the stool. Sometimes sharp pain in rectum is felt after passing the stool. In some cases prolapse of rectum may be present along with above symptoms.

2. Alumina – For constipation and straining during defecation

Alumina is a leading medicine to manage cases where constipation is present and stool is passed with great straining efforts. The stool can be dry, hard or soft but always passes with much straining. The stool can be covered with mucus. Blood can also pass after stool. Sometimes cutting pains in anus appear during stool. In many cases needing it there is no desire for stool for many days together until there is a large accumulation.  

3. Bryonia – For constipation with very dry, hard stool

Homeopathic medicine Bryonia is prepared from the root of plant Bryonia alba also known as white bryony or wild hops. This plant belongs to the family cucurbitaceae. It is a very suitable medicine for cases having constipation with very dry, hard, large stool. It appears as if burnt. It passes with much difficulty and straining. Sometimes the prolapse of rectum attends to stool passage. After stool burning sensation is felt in the rectum.

4. Alumen – For hard stool followed by long lasting pains in rectum

This medicine is very effective for persons having complaints of constipation with hard stool followed by pain in rectum that lasts for too long. The stool is dry, hard, large or passes in small pieces. In some cases, the first part of the stool is hard followed by soft stool.

5. Silicea – when stool is passed with much straining and pain in rectum

This medicine is beneficial when stool is passed with much straining and pain in rectum. For using this medicine the stool is very hard and passes with difficulty. The stool often slips back into rectum after coming to the verge of anus. The straining efforts required to pass it is extreme and causes soreness of abdominal muscles. During passage of stool rectal pain is felt. The pain can be burning, stinging or cutting in nature.

6. Hamamelis – To manage rectal bleeding

It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Hamamelis Virginiana commonly known as witch – hazel. This plant belongs to the family hamamelidaceae. It is a great medicine to manage bleeding from rectum. The bleeding can be profuse in cases needing it. Along with this stool is hard, dry and often coated with mucus. 

7. Phosphorus – For rectal bleeding and pain in rectum

It is another well indicated medicine for cases having rectal bleeding and rectal pain. The pain can be burning, needle-like stitching or smarting in nature. The bowel movements are sluggish and stool is dry, hard which is voided with difficulty. Sometimes pus from rectum also passes along with blood in these cases where it is required. 

8. Aloe – When mucus passes from rectum

This medicine is prepared from gum of the leaves of plant Aloe Socotrina that belongs to the family liliaceae. It offers help in cases with passage of mucus from rectum. With this pain in rectum after stool is felt. Constipation along with heavy pressure in the lower abdomen is present with this. Fullness and heavy weight sensation in the pelvis is another attending symptom. Burning sensation in the rectum may also appear along with above. Apart from above it is also prominently indicated for cases having involuntary passage of stool. Stool may also pass along with gas without any notice.

9. Merc Cor – For mucus passage and bleeding from rectum

Merc Cor is a very valuable medicine for managing mucus passage and bleeding from rectum. With this constipation is present. A feeling of incomplete defecation means sensation as if the bowels didn’t emptied completely and stool is still left behind in the rectum is prominently felt with this. It’s a never ending feeling even after passing stool, which smells offensive. 

10. Nitric Acid – For rectal pain

It is a very helpful medicine for managing rectal pain. It is indicated when there is sharp, splinter like or cutting pain in the rectum. This is felt while passing stool. With this constipation with dry, hard, scanty stool is present. The person who requires it has ineffectual urging to stool but passes little stool. A sensation as if stool still stayed back in rectum after defecation is present. With stool, blood or mucous discharges from rectum may occur.

11. Hydrastis – For burning and smarting pain in rectum

This medicine is prepared from the fresh root of plant Hydrastis Canadensis having the common name golden seal and orange-root. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. Its use is considered when there is burning and smarting pain in rectum during and after stool. Additionally long standing constipation is present with this. The stool is hard and is not passed daily.

12. Paeonia – For multiple ulcers in rectum with pain

This medicine is prepared from fresh root dug in spring of the plant Paeonia Officinalis commonly known as peony. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is very beneficial medicine when there are multiple ulcers in rectum with marked pain. The pain is felt during passing stool. Constipation can also be present with this.

13. Causticum – For involuntary passage of stool (faecal incontinence)

Causticum is a major medicine like medicine Aloe, to manage cases with involuntary passage of stool. In cases needing it the stool can be hard or its first part is hard and the last part is soft. White mucus can also be passed along with stool. Sometimes blood passes along with mucus.

14. Sulphur – Another medicine for involuntary stool

It is another suitable medicine to manage cases of involuntary stool. The stool is soft, thin. In many cases mucus passed with stool. The mucus can be greenish, white, brownish mucus or bloody. The stool is offensive. 

15. Ruta – For prolapse of rectum

This medicine works well in cases with prolapse of rectum. Along with this frequent urging for stool is there. The stool can be soft or hard and discharged with difficulty. It is unsatisfactory. Rectum protrudes while passing stool. With stool mucus or blood can pass. Sometimes stool passes involuntarily. 


The exact reason behind it is not clearly understood yet. However it is believed that injury to the rectum can lead to ulcer formation there. Injury can result from long term constipation, hard stool, putting strain to pass stool, removing hard stool from rectum manually and dis coordinated tightening of pelvic floor muscles causing reduced blood flow to rectum). Other than this medical conditions that are related with this include rectal prolapse ( a condition in which the rectum comes out of the anus) and intussusception (a condition in which one part of intestine slides in the another immediately adjacent part of intestine that causes reduced blood flow to the part of intestine affected).  


Its signs and symptoms include constipation, bleeding from rectum, passage of mucus from rectum, straining during defecation and a feeling of incomplete evacuation of stool. It can be attended with fullness sensation / pain in pelvis and pain in rectum. Lastly involuntary passage of stool (faecal incontinence) may arise. In some of its cases no symptoms can appear.

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