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Homeopathic remedies for yellow mucus in nose, throat and lungs

Mucus is a normal slippery secretion produced by mucous membranes in the body. It is produced by membranes of the nose, sinuses, throat, respiratory tract and also digestive tract, urinary system, genitals, eyes and ears. Some amount of mucus produced naturally in the nose and throat is important as it functions to trap germs (like bacteria, viruses, dust, dirt) and prevents their entry into the lungs. But in case of some infection or allergy, mucus production tends to increase, it gets thick and also changes in color.

In case of infection, white blood cells are produced in excess and move to the airways to fight infection. The neutrophils present in white blood cells give the mucus yellow or green color. Yellow mucus in the nose, throat and lungs can be caused due to various reasons. Some of the main reasons include common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. The mucus (phlegm) expelled via coughing is called sputum. Depending on the cause behind yellow mucus several other symptoms can attend. These include sneezing, nasal blockage, PND (post nasal drip means dripping of mucus from back of the nose into the throat), headache, cough, difficult breathing, chest pain, fever and fatigue.

Homeopathic Treatment For Yellow Mucus

Homeopathy is of great help in managing cases of yellow mucus in the nose, throat and lungs. Homeopathic medicines work naturally in reducing mucus discharge by targeting the root cause behind it. Homeopathic medicines also manage the attending symptoms like nasal blockage, cough, sneezing, and headache quite effectively wherever present. The most suitable homeopathic medicine is selected individually for every case after detailed case analysis. Homeopathic medicines are safe and effective for persons of all age groups with zero side effects.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Relieving Yellow Mucus 

1. Pulsatilla – Top Most Medicine

Pulsatilla is the leading homeopathic medicine to manage yellow discharge from nose, throat and lungs. It can be used when one is suffering from cold with thick yellow discharge from the nose. The discharge may have a fetid smell. The discharge is prominent in the morning and while a person is indoors. It gets better in the open. In the evening, blockage of the nose may be present. There may be loss of smell and taste as well in cases needing it. There may be sneezing, itching in the nose may be felt in the evening. Pulsatilla is also considered in cases of cough with thick yellow lumpy expectoration. It may have a bitter taste and gets worse in the morning.


2. Kali Bichrome – For Thick, Yellow, Sticky, Ropy Discharge

Kali Bichrome is the best medicine for cases of thick, yellow, sticky and ropy discharges. It is very effective for treating cold and sinusitis with this type of nasal discharge. Along with this, pressure or pain at the root of the nose is well marked. Nasal blockage can attend with difficulty breathing through the nose. An offensive smell may be felt in the nose from retained nasal secretions. Excessive sneezing in the morning can occur. This medicine is also most prominent to deal with yellow ropy post-nasal discharge. This medicine is the next best medicine for cough with yellow and sticky mucus expectoration. It comes out in long strings like a thread.

3. Hepar Sulph – For Rattling Cough With Yellow Expectoration

This medicine is helpful when there is rattling cough with yellow expectoration. The sputum expectorated is thick, yellow and sticky. It smells bad. Cough gets worse from exposure to cold air. There is wheezing in the chest. Hepar Sulph Next also benefits in cases of yellow nasal discharge. Yellow sticky discharge comes out from one nostril. There is blockage of nose when a person is out in cold air along with sneezing. Pain at the root of the nose is quite prominent. Heat and burning in the nose may also be felt.

4. Hydrastis – For thick yellow discharges

Hydrastis is recommended for cases of thick yellow discharges. The discharge occurs from nose and is sticky in nature. Burning and smarting in the nose is felt. Sneezing also occurs along with pressure above the eyes. Nose feels stuffed up. Pain may be felt in the front of the head. It is also an important medicine for thick yellow post-nasal discharge. Hydrastis also works well for loose cough with thick, yellow expectoration.

5. Calcarea Carb – For Yellow Discharge With Nasal Blockage

It is a suitable medicine for yellow nasal discharge with nasal blockage. There is great difficulty in breathing through the nose. Blockage gets worse at night time. There is alteration between yellow nasal discharge and nasal dryness. There is loss of smell. The root of the nose may be swollen. There is a tendency to catch cold whenever there is change of weather. Besides, it is also useful in case of thick yellow expectoration which is sour in taste and stinks badly. The expectoration occurs during the day only.

6. Silicea – For Thick, Yellow Offensive Mucus Discharge

It is a highly important medicine for managing cases of thick, yellow offensive mucus discharge. The discharge is mostly prominent in the morning. In cases needing it, sinusitis may be present with mainly frontal sinus involvement. In the morning, there is sneezing with drawing pain at the root of the nose. Nasal blockage may be present. Silicea is well indicated for excessive cough with thick, yellow expectoration especially while lying down. Silicea is also given in cases of hawking of yellow offensive mucus from the throat in the form of balls.

7. Lycopodium – For Thick, Yellow Discharge

This medicine is highly valuable for thick yellow discharge. In cases requiring it, along with discharge there is swelling of the nose. Besides, pain in the forehead is quite marked along with blockage of nose. It is significant medicine for cases of cough with thick, yellowish green expectoration. It has a salty taste. It also has a very offensive smell. The mucus may be blood streaked in some cases.

8. Calcarea Sulph – For Yellow Pus Like Discharge Tinged With Blood

This medicine is frequently indicated for managing yellow pus like discharge tinged with blood. The discharge occurs from the nose and may be one from one side of the nose only. Sneezing may attend it. Such discharge may also occur as post nasal discharge (PND). It is also indicated for thick lumpy yellow expectoration streaked with blood.

9. Kali Sulph – For Yellow Sticky Discharge

For yellow sticky discharges, this medicine can be used. It may alternate with watery discharge. Nose feels obstructed. Kali Sulph is also considered when there is cough with difficult expectoration of yellow mucus.

What causes yellow mucus?

1. Common cold: It is a viral infection of the nose and throat. It can arise from various viruses among which the most common is rhinoviruses. It causes nasal discharge and other symptoms including sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat, PND and cough. Additionally, headache, fatigue, body aches and fever can also occur.

2. Sinusitis: It refers to inflammation of paranasal sinuses i.e. air-filled cavities inside the skull bone. It causes nasal discharge, PND, headache, pain in head or face, stuffy nose, and ear fullness.

3. Bronchitis: It refers to inflamed bronchial tubes that carry air to and from lungs. It leads to cough with mucus production, breathing difficulty, fever, chest pain, wheezing from chest and weakness.

4. Pneumonia: Inflammation of air sacs of lungs from an infection is termed as pneumonia. It causes productive cough (means along with mucus production), chest pain on taking deep breath, shortness of breath, fever and chills.

5. Tuberculosis: It is an infection of the lungs caused by bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis. The symptoms include cough with phlegm, fever, night sweats, breathing difficulty, chest pain, appetite loss, weight loss and fatigue.

6. Bronchiectasis: It is one of the types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in which there occurs damage and widening of the bronchi. Symptoms include cough with excessive amount of offensive expectoration, chest pain, wheezing, weight loss and fatigue.



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