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Homeopathic Remedies For Parkinson’s Disease

Muhammad Ali is probably the all-time greats of boxing, but his battle with Parkinson’s Disease has been no less extraordinary. The champion boxer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 42, and his brain injury may have been caused by the repeated blows to the head. In the majority of cases, however, there is no known reason for the appearance of Parkinson’s Disease. A disorder of the nervous system, it affects movement. Parkinson’s Disease manifests itself gradually, at times with a tremor in a hand that may even go unnoticed. The symptoms are usually stiffness or slowing of movement, with a slurred speech, and the condition worsens over time. There is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease as such, but the Homeopathic mode of treatment can bring about improvement in the symptoms. The Homeopathic Remedies for Parkinson’s Disease are made of natural substances and are completely safe, with no side effects.  homeopathic remedies for Parkinson's disease

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Parkinson’s Disease

1. Causticum: For Parkinson’s Disease with Excessive Rigidity

Causticum is the top natural medicine for treating Parkinson’s Disease. It is ideal for patients with excessive rigidity. The muscles get hardened, leading to extreme body stiffness. The muscles of lower limbs and back are very rigid too. Such patients have great difficulty in maintaining balance while walking. They walk slowly but have a tendency to fall easily. Another marked feature for the use of Causticum in patients of Parkinson’s Disease is great difficulty in getting up from a sitting or lying position. The patient may also experience pain in the limbs and get relief from warm applications. The trembling of hands is a very dominant symptom.

2. Gelsemium Sempervirens: For Shaking of Hands

Gelsemium Sempervirens can be considered as the top natural treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. It shows wonderful effects in treating diseases of nervous origin. Gelsemium Sempervirens is of great help for nervous and sensitive patients who get excited very easily from a sudden fear or emotions. The patients experience vigorous shaking of hands or the shaking of legs or tongue. This shaking is accompanied by excessive weakness and the condition gets worse by sudden mental excitement. The patient always feels tired, dull and drowsy. The coordination of muscles is diminished and the muscles do not work according to the person’s will. Such persons exhibit difficulty in maintaining balance while walking and the gait is very sluggish. Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium Sempervirens is also very beneficial for patients who complain of slurring of speech. The patient has no yearning for water.

3. Plumbum Metallicum: Where there is Slowness in Movement

Plumbum Metallicum is a very beneficial natural medicine for patients of Parkinson’s Disease with marked Bradykinesia or slowness in movement. In such patients, the body muscles work at a very slow pace and in a very sluggish manner. The patient does all the work at a very slow speed. The slowness is always accompanied by wasting or emaciation of the affected muscles. Slowness is also noted in the mind. The ability to perceive slows down and the comprehension power and memory of the affected person also get weak. There is instability while walking, leading to tottering. The hands too start trembling. The hands remain cold with trembling and withering of hand muscles. The face also gives a blank look, lacking expression.

4. Mercurius Solubilis: For Vigorous Trembling of Hands

Mercurius Solubilis is a natural medicine of great help for patients of Parkinson’s Disease with vigorous trembling of hands. The shaking of hands is present to an extreme degree. The drooling of saliva from the mouth in patients of Parkinson’s Disease can be wonderfully controlled with medicine Mercurius Solubilis. Trembling of the tongue with difficulty in talking may also be noticed. It is accompanied by an offensive odor emanating from the mouth. There is a general worsening of symptoms at night. All the patients requiring this medicine perspire a lot and the sweat has a very offensive odor. Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures is another marked feature for the use of Mercurius Solubilis in Parkinson’s Disease patients.

5. Zincum Metallicum: For Trembling of hands, Constant Shaking of Feet

Another natural medicine for treating Parkinson’s Disease is Zincum Metallicum. This medicine is recommended for treating the tremors of hand. It provides strength to the weakened nerves and one major indication for its use is the constant movement of feet.

6. Argentum Nitricum: For Lack of Control and Trembling of Hands

Argentum Nitricum is the top natural medicine for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease in patients who experience trembling of hands and lack of control and balance while walking. The patient keeps on falling due to impaired balance and has a very unsteady gait. The rigidity of calf muscles is also present where the muscles in the back of the lower leg get hardened and stiff, adding to more suffering while walking. An unusual craving for sweets is noticed in patients requiring medicineArgentum Nitricum.

Other Important Remedies

7. Where Patients Complains of Tremors

Zincum Metallicum and Stannum Metallicum are very effective natural remedies for Parkinson’s disease that can deal with tremors in Parkinson’s patients. The hands shake a lot while at the resting position. Silicea is another good medicine for trembling of hands that gets worse when the patient is sitting. Gelsemium Sempervirens is a natural medicine that is very beneficial for controlling the tremors that get worse from sudden emotional excitement.

8. Where there is Rigidity of Muscles

Causticum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Bryonia Alba and Ruta Graveolens can prove to be natural treatments for Parkinson’s and are of great help in reducing the stiffness in body due to stiff muscles. In patients requiring Causticum, the muscles get very tight and feel shortened. Rhus Toxicodendron is the ideal remedy for patients who complain of excessive rigidity in body while at rest, but comparatively less rigidity while walking. Such patients have difficulty in getting up after sitting for long and also in taking the first few steps initially, but the rigidity gradually lessens as the patient keeps on walking. Bryonia Alba, on the other hand, is a natural medicine that is recommended for patients where excessive rigidity gets worse while walking. The patients requiring Ruta Graveolans complain of rigidity and shortening of tendons mainly in the thigh region.

9. Top Homoeopathic remedies for Slowness in Movement

The natural medicines that are of great help in dealing with slowness in patients of Parkinson’s Disease are Calcarea Carbonica, Phosphorus and Plumbum Metallicum. All these are equally helpful but the selection of the best medicine out of these three for the patient is always made on the basis of the unique symptoms narrated by each individual.

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  1. Frank Smith says:

    I am interested in homeopathic support for early stage Parkinson’s disease. I have had it for about a year. My most dominant symptom at this time are tremors in my right hand. I am taking Carbidopa-Levodopa 25-100, 2 tablets 4 times per day. Please suggest natural therapies that may help. Thank you!

  2. Georgia Velissaropoulos says:

    My father has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and has terrible tremors, which make it hard to eat, saliva is uncontrollable, muscle stiffness, which make it hard for him to walk and loss of sleep. He can’t get up off the bed or walk to the bathroom without stalling or slowly getting there with aid of course. He’s on all the western medication but nothing is helping, he’s getting worse. What can he take that can help him?

  3. My father is suffering Parkinsons from 16 year , is their any treatment?

  4. Vidya Kudva says:

    I perhaps suffer from Parkinson disease or trembling due to anxiety. I would like to consult you…and you only based on my friend’s recommendation who has see your videos. Please inform me how could do this and the fees

  5. qureshi says:

    Hello Doctor,
    hoping and praying for your good health.
    My wife is 47 years of age. From the last 4 years, She was looking after her old aged mother( on bed) due to multiple medical problem with PARKINSON at the top. She use to help her mother in making every move. A year ago my wife complaint that her right arm develop pain. We took it light and associated it with muscular pain that may have developed due to lifting of heavy weight of her mother. 6 months back my mother-in law got expired ( May God rest the departed soul in eternal peace) but the problem of my wife did not normalize rather it got worsen with each passing day. She started feeling stiffness on right arm and leg, weak grip of right hand, slow movement and dragging of right leg while waking.

    It seems genetic disease and i feel very upset to see her in that condition. Please suggest some medicine.
    I will be obliged.

  6. Ekaterina Toshkina says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma
    My name is Ekaterina and I am writing to you in connection with my husband. He has been diagnosed with PD for 3 years now and he is taking Pramipexole 0,7 – one pill three times a day. Now his hand has started trembling more, his walk is stiffer so I have decided to ask you for some advice how to improve his condition by using homeopathy? What and how to combine it?
    Thank you very much in advance!

  7. mrs vera anthony says:

    dr sharma i’m a parkinsons patient. please help the short breathing problem i am facing due to the tightening of the chest muscles. i find it very difficult to breathe. medicine to relax the muscles so i can

  8. Hello Dr. Please I would like your help. I have had Parkinson’s for 1 year. The symptoms are tremor of the right leg in static. The hand trembles less, but I have difficulty when writing. Trembling gets stronger when I have anxiety, stress, worries. For more than a month I take Pulsatila 10M once a week
    and Pulsatila 12H every day. I do not see any improvement, Can you suggest me something? Thanks

  9. Asoke Kumar Mondal says:

    Hellow Dr.
    I am 60 yrs male suffering PD for last 1.5 year. Beside all common symptoms, I been mostly disturbing by severe leg pain intermittently. Please prescribe homeopathic medicine so that I can get relief. I am taking 4 syndopa plus daily. Sir I shall be ever grateful to you for such treatment.
    Thank You,
    Yourf faithfully,
    Asoke Kumar Mondal

  10. hi i am raxa vashi i am suffuring from oarkintions sinse 2017 i am taking this meditions SYNDOPA PLUS SYNDOPA CR 200+50PREUMIRolsr1.05,amentrex tritam syndopa plus i am taking every four hors meditions help for some time but i am looking for good homeopathy meditions please tell me can i come to see you or give me appoyment please help me need your help thanks RAXA VASHI

  11. John Block says:

    Shaking in the neck, head, and hands, especially when seated or when laying down.

    • Arun Sarkar says:

      Hello Dr Sharma, My wife,55 years old, is suffering from Parkinson. She is under allopathic medication. She suffers severe tremors while walking or doing household cores,looses balance too. Even sometimes her head too shakes. She takes 6 synodopa plus 125,3 parkitin,2 clozapine a day . Can you suggest good homeopathy medicines ?
      Yours truly.
      Arun Sarkar

  12. pravin patel says:

    Dear Sharma saheb Namskar this is Pravin Patel humbly requests you advise me for Parkinson disease of my wife
    Age 69 no diabetes no BP
    Sympts shaking of Rt fingers when try to hold something . not constant shaking
    Sciatica pain at night cramps in thigh
    rigidity of legs better by walking
    pain in rt hand
    occasional stiffness of legs feel like wood log
    slow progression
    takes low dose of levo/carb 3 times a day

    • 7678638419 says:

      Namaskar Dr Sharma,

      My wife is 60 yrs suffering from PD for last 4-5 yrs, besides Thyroid (initially hyper but now hypothyroidism. She is also a patient of hyperacidity, Rheumatoid, high BP.

      Has been taking , Allopathic treatment.

      Her colour is fair, height 5’2″ weight 52kg fond of spicy stuff but equally loves sweets also.

      Kindly prescribe appropriate medicine for her.

      If u r in Delhi, we may visit you. Send us your contact number & address.

      K C SHARMA

  13. JAMES SELIGMAN says:


  14. Riitu Chanddra says:

    I am a 55 yr old female, diagnosed with PD at the age of 52 yrs.
    I am on allopathic medication and would like to add in Homeopathic medicine.

    Please give me a time for phone consultation.

  15. Dear Dr Sharma
    My wife 77 years old with high blood pressure controlled by medication .Reom the brain MRI doctor told us that she is suffering from Parkinson’s disease

    She has problem in getting up after sitting and weakness in her left hand and leg.Feeling weakness while walking.

    We just started alpathic medicine from today after visit to our doctor Buttdoctors say that there is no medicine to cure this type of disease

    May I request you to kindly. Sent me the homeo treatment for left hand leg and aram weakness as we prefer to have homeopathic medicine where I can have complementary treatment of homeopathic medicine

  16. Hi Dr. Sharma

    My mother has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She is having difficulty walking. Her left side meaning left leg and left hand are mainly impacted. Also,. she cannot move her left leg if she is sitting for long time. Also, she loses balance when turning with stick also. Her situation is getting worse. Is there some homeopathic medicine that you can prescribe for her. I think Plumbum Metallicum might be good choice as she is having difficulty moving/walking. She was walking a month back but not she can hardly walk.
    Would appreciate if you can provide some suggestion.

    Best Regards,

  17. Mr. Kharas says:

    Hello Mr. Sharma
    I have been diagnosed as early parkinson disease. I am having some symptoms, like slurred speech sometimes only, right hand trembling only when tired dong some physical work, my writing is like scribbling, balancing issues if I turn or walk backwards for the last 8 months only. I am still working though and my age is 58.
    Can you please tell me if parkinson is a curable disease with Homeopathic medicines,
    if I take religiously for 1 year. Just asking as I am taking homeopathy medicine from an MD doctor for the last 3 months but no difference yet.

  18. Saurabh Tiwari says:

    सर हमारे हाथ मे और पैर में सर कम्पन होती है पानी पीने और खाना खाने पर भी कम्पन होती है और अब हमारे शरीर मे भी कम्पन होती है सर जब हम गुस्से में बोलते है तो पूरी सरीर भी हिलती है यह रोग हमे 10 साल से है यह कम्पन दिन पर दिन बढ़ती जा रही है मेरी उम्र अभी 25 साल है यह बीमारी मेरे पापा और मेरी दादी को भी है सर जब भी हम कुछ लिखते है या कुछ काम करते है तो हाथ काँपने लगते है

  19. Tasneem says:

    Hello Dr. I am 40 years old man. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 2 years ago. I have difficulty in writing and coordination movement of my right hand. Now I feel difficulty in walking as well as I feel rigidity and dragging of right leg.

    Please advise

  20. Raushan Anand says:

    I want to know about the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

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