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Treat Anal Abscess Safely with Homeopathic Medicines

An anal abscess is a collection of pus near the anus which can become very painful. Also known as a perianal abscess, it usually develops as a result of a blocked and infected anal gland. Other reasons are an infected anal fissure and a sexually transmitted infection. Natural medicines are also helpful in treating the tendency to have recurrent abscess around the anus. Myristica, Silicea and Hepar Sulph top the list of homeopathic medicines for anal abscess.

homeopathic medicines for anal abscess

Some risk factors for anal abscess include diabetes, colitis, IBD – inflammatory bowel disease (including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), anal sex, using medicine like prednisone, weak immunity, diarrhea, constipation, and diverticulitis.

Homeopathic Medicines for Anal Abscess

Homeopathy has a very effective solution for cases of an anal abscess. With the use of these medicines, surgery can be entirely prevented to bring about effective recovery. Homeopathy medicines help relieve the pain of abscess and hasten the process of pus formation and its subsequent discharge.

1. Myristica – Effective Medicine for Anal abscess

Myristica is a natural medicine of plant origin. It is prepared from the gum extracted from the bark of a plant named Myristica Sebifera. The natural order of this plant is Myristicaceae. It is used to treat an anal abscess and is considered in the first line of treatment in homeopathy. Myristica helps bring about speedy recovery from an anal abscess due to its tendency to hasten the suppurative process. It helps shorten the recovery period and resolve the problem quickly. Apart from an anal abscess, Myristica is also a top listed medicine for the treatment of anal fistula.

2. Silicea – Effective Remedy for Pus Discharges

Silicea is a natural treatment for treating many suppurative (pus-forming) conditions including anal abscess. It is considered in cases where pus discharges are present in cases of an anal abscess. The pus may be highly offensive in nature. Silicea helps bring about quick discharge of pus and clears out the abscess. Silicea is also used to treat indurations (hardness) that are left behind following an anal abscess (in some cases). This remedy also helps in cases of anal fistula where there is an offensive pus discharge. In such cases, the area around fistula opening is hard, swollen and bluish red.

3. Hepar Sulph – Natural Medicine for Painful, Tender Anal Abscess

Hepar Sulph is an effective remedy for painful, tender anal abscess. The pain in the abscess may be throbbing, beating or stabbing in nature. In some cases, splinter-like pains may be present. The abscess is also very sensitive to slightest touch. Fever with chills may be present along with the above symptoms. Hepar Sulph helps reduce pain and speeds up the pus formation to encourage prompt recovery.

4. Calcarea Sulph – ForThick Yellow Pus Discharge

Calcarea Sulph is a natural medicine used to treat an anal abscess where there is thick, lumpy and yellow pus discharge. Sometimes the pus discharge may be tinged with blood. Calcarea Sulph is indicated in cases of both acute abscess as well as recurrent abscesses.

5. Belladonna – For Anal Abscess in Initial Stages

Belladonna is prepared from a plant named Deadly Nightshade. This plant belongs to the family Solanaceae. Use of Belladonna is considered in the very initial stage of abscess formed around the anus. The abscess is markedly red, hot with intense inflammation. Swelling around the abscess is present in a high degree. Throbbing, pulsating pains in the abscess are present in most cases. The abscess is also tender to touch. The person may also have a fever, along with the above symptoms.

6. Causticum – For Perianal Abscess that is Large and Painful

Causticum is indicated in cases of a large, painful boil near the anus. The boil discharges pus, blood, and serum. It may be highly sensitive to touch. Itching around the anus may also be present. It is also recommended in cases of anal fistula where there pain and pulsation is felt in the perineum.

7. Merc Sol – Where there is a Putrid Pus Discharge

Merc Sol is a natural remedy for treating an anal abscess. It is used in cases of anal abscess when the pus discharge is thin and green in color. The pus discharge may be streaked with blood, putrid and acrid in nature. History of inflammation of the colon (colitis) may be present in cases requiring Merc Sol.

8. Calcarea Phos – Where there is Pus and Blood Discharge from the abscess

Calcarea Phos is a natural medicine used to treat an anal abscess. It is used for abscess near the anus that discharges pus and blood. Shooting and stitching pain in the anus may attend. In some cases, throbbing and burning pains may be there. The anus feels sore, especially in the morning.

9. Paeonia – Treatment for Anal Abscess with Itching

Paeonia is a natural medicine for anal abscess prepared from the root of a plant named Paeonia Officinalis. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Paeonia works very effectively in cases of anal abscess attended with itching. There is a discharge of offensive fluid from the abscess. Along with discharge and itching, burning at anus is also felt. Pain that gets worse from sitting is also present, and it gets worse during and after passing stool. Anal fissures may also be present with excruciating pains that persists for a long duration after passing stool.

10. Sulphur – To Treat Tendency of Recurrent Anal Abscess

Sulphur is a natural medicine for an anal abscess that tends to be recurrent or develop again and again. The people needing Sulphur suffers from abscess around the anus and soon after its healing, another abscess forms. Itching and burning may be present in the abscess.

Symptoms of Anal Abscess

Anal abscess presents itself as a painful swelling or lump near the anus. The swollen area is red, warm and tender to touch. The pain is throbbing in nature. The pain tends to worsen while sitting or passing stool. A pus discharge may be present. Fever may be present due to infection. The person may also have constipation. There are chances of developing anal fistula in many (approx 50%) cases of an anal abscess.

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  1. debapriya bakshi says:

    Hi I am Debapriya Bakshi developed perianal abscess 3 weeks back now on Antibiotics MRI showed the abscess and surgeon told for surgery if this does not resolve by antibiotics.But I dont want surgery Please suggest

    • Hi, how is your problem now? I also have exactly same problem now. Pls suggest the treatment you have undergone. Thanks.

  2. Shelley Robichaux says:

    I’m a female 47 years old. I eat well and exercise regularly. Last November I had an perinatal Abscess surgery and it was packed. After removal of the packing, this has no healed at all and is now giving me more problems. It routinely covers over and within days opens and drains again. Currently it feels rae and a bit soar but is again draining. I’ve taken silicea but that is all. I’ve used tumeric, coconut oil, and few types of essential oils. All only work temporarily.

  3. Hai sir,
    I am using myristica medicine for peri anal abcess there is a good recovery but the problem is it was been repetiting again and again can you solve this problem for me
    thanking you

  4. Amin Shroff says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have developed a cyst like pus formation outside the anus. It was small earlier but now it has grown bigger. Please advise a homeopathic treatment. Thank you

  5. David Skr... says:

    Hi, I suffer from a bleeding anal abscess. I had spotting and lite bleeding for months. Finally developed an abscess. Had a rectal surgery to drain and repair. Took two antibiotics for 10 days. Got infected again……with covid-19 I’m scarf to go out. I as m4th stage cancer patient and had immunotherapy and got pneumonitis 3 times in one year …very scary. Technically scared of covid-19 big time. Well the analysis surgery I had failed and doctor wants to re-operate on me. It is soar and I believe getting infected again. If I could fix te problem naturally at home I will. Tell me what to buy, how to use and where can I buy it fast as hell. Help me please!!!!

    • David Skr,
      Not sure if you received a reply here but as listed in this article there are several medications in Homeopathy to treat abscesses and fistula. Please go see a Homeopathy doctor instead of expecting free advice here. Good Luck.

  6. Jitumoni Borah says:

    My son’s age is 11 years, 2 years back he was suffering from pain in nearby anal area. After consultation with Dr. I know that he is suffering from anal abscess, as per Dr. advice he has to be operation as a treatment. Also it had done successfully.
    But now again he has pain in that area. It has been seen that there is a white coloured pimple in the area where the operation was held before 2 years. So what should i do? Kindly advice me.l

  7. Debarato Nath says:

    I’m suffering from perianal abscess since first week of Feb 2020. I&D also carried out around 15th February With regular antibiotic medicine. But still now also pus is coming out on daily basis. Please help me.

  8. Ramesh ch majhi says:

    Perineum infection ka treatment homeopathy me hai kiya

  9. Hello!
    Sorry for disturbing you!
    My husband just had a surgical procedure for perianal abces.
    Can you, please, suggest me any homeopathic treatment/ remedy during the recovery and after?

    Thank you!! 🙂

    • B K Geetha says:

      I m ving perianal abscess n on allopathic treatment… The abcsess is hard
      . Can I get a suggestion for supressing it please

  10. Rajendra Singh Naruka says:

    I’m 63 year old, I am suffering from Anal abscess since November 2015, I Can’t afford surgery
    May I cure from this disease with homeopathic treatment. please help and guide me

  11. Manisha Sharma says:

    Hello mam, I have anal abcess. I have operated 2 months ago. But I have abcess. And now I m felling new abcess. In normal days I feel better but at the time of periods the area swelled and very painful. There is no draining of pushing or blood. Please mam help me. Tell any homopethy medition. So that I can control new abcess and get rid of it.

    • A N kapoor says:


  12. Manish Saha says:

    Dear sir,I am 29 year old guy.I am experiencing abscess near my anus since 6days.I had taken -hep sulph,beladona,and soaked 3times day with marc sol.But it is worsening and very much painful to move 2 steps ,sleeping posture change causes severe pain which i cant handle sir even camt stand sir.
    Tell me sir,please help me to drain it out quickly & get rid of this out of the world type pain.
    Help me please sir.


    Respected Doctor,
    I am 40 yrs. old. A boil has been developed in my rectum with pus. It is a bit tender and itching. It is a recurring problem to me with a gap of six to eight months. I have a little bit of constipation. I am slightly obese.
    Will you please suggest me a medicine and power.
    Bijan Kumar Banerjee

  14. Respected Doctor
    I have developed a boil in my anus with slight itching and pain.
    I have noticed it yesterday , this has never happed before.
    Please advise which medicine to take

  15. I am suffering from ano fistula for about 10 months. More worried for pus formation and to dry the abscess. Pl advise medicines.


    sir ,
    i have perianal abscess for about 2 months..i had an MRI scan.
    after MRI i got to know that there is a fistula track inside …i had that abscess in my left side of my anus area…….i consulted a doctor..he told me that after there would be a visible clear fistula track outside i have to have an operation…sir i do not want that…help me with telling me the names of homeopathy medicines for my perianal abscess..

  17. Dear sir I am suffering from anal abscess from last twenty days and I feel so much pain in my surrounding area of anal mostly in left side, I am taking some allopathic medicines like ceftam, ornidazole, diclosp from last 12 days but I have no relief,.
    Dr. Told me for the minor operation to remove/drain the abscess but I don’t want to do this.
    Sir please suggest me the effective medicine of homeopathic to prevent the operation and treatment

  18. Shahid rja says:

    dear sir ye jo 10 remedy hai kis potency me lena hai aur 10 ek sath hi combination kar ke khana hai,
    is me kuch batane ki kripa pardan kare.

  19. Krutika Vanjare says:

    Mam I feel a small lump near anal region is it abscess can it be treated with homeopathy

  20. Hi,
    If once i have taken treatment as operation of perianal abscess before 5 months. Can it be done again because i feel same problem as i used to feel before operation. So what homeopathic medicine should i take.


    • lav Singh says:

      hello sir,
      i have been sufering from abcess in perinal area and i am taking homeopathy medecine from last seven months but i think no benefit because it is recurring time to time and my doctor is telling it will come down slowly slowly, please tell me your contact detail.

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