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Homeopathic Treatment for Blood in Urine

Blood in urine is known as Hematuria. Hematuria can occur in a person of any age group. Due to hematuria, the urine may appear smoky, pink, slightly reddish, dark red or brownish. Blood in the urine may arise from a problem in any part of the urinary tract, including kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra. There are various causes for blood in the urine. Causes for blood in the urine include infection in the urinary tract, cystitis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, renal calculus, prostatitis, prostate enlargement, instrumentation of urinary tract, trauma to the urinary tract, certain medications, vigorous exercise, and cancer. There are a significant number of medicines for the homeopathic treatment for blood in urine. Every case of blood in urine needs a proper evaluation to find the cause behind it and to finalize the medicine. The best Homeopathic medicines for blood in urine will aim at correcting the underlying cause for the condition thus ensuring effective and complete recovery.      homeopathic medicines for blood in urine

Homeopathic Medicines for Blood in Urine

Top listed medicines for blood in urine include Berberis Vulgaris, Lycopodium, Cantharis, Apis Mellifica, Nitric Acid, Uva Ursi and Terebinthina. The selection of medicine for blood in urine for every individual case should be made after a detailed case analysis. These medicines should be taken only after consulting a homeopathic physician, and self-medication should be avoided.

1. Berberis Vulgaris and Lycopodium – For Blood in Urine Because of Kidney Stones

Berberis Vulgaris is a very well known medicine for blood in urine as well as for renal complaints. It is the most frequently prescribed remedy in homeopathy for kidney stones. Berberis Vulgaris is a highly recommended medicine for blood in urine when it is accompanied by left sided kidney stones. Along with blood, jelly-like sediments or thick mucus may also appear in the urine. In such cases, sharp pain in the left kidney that extends down through the ureter into the bladder and urethra is also a symptom. Lycopodium is as effective a remedy as Berberis Vulgaris for hematuria with renal calculus. Lycopodium works well when blood in urine accompanies right-sided renal stones. Persons requiring Lycopodium have right sided kidney pain along with hematuria. Urination relives the pain for a while. The urine contains red sand, is scanty and passes with a burning sensation. The patient may also need to urinate frequently at night.

2. Cantharis and Apis Mellifica – For Blood in Urine Accompanied by Burning Urination

Highly useful remedies for hematuria accompanied by a burning sensation during urination are Cantharis and Apis Mellifica. Cantharis works well when a cutting burning in the urethra is present with bloody urine. The burning is present before, during and even after passing urine. Urine is passed drop by drop with blood, and there is a constant desire to pass urine. Strangury and bladder tenesmus also occur. Apis Mellifica is a good homeopathic medicine for blood in urine in cases where there is a burning and stinging pain in the urethra. Burning is most prominent when passing the last drops of urine. Urine is scanty, scalding, and bloody, and there is an inability to retain urine even for a moment when the urge appears.

3. Nitric Acid – For Blood in Urine Accompanied by Offensive Urine

Nitric Acid is a powerful medicine for blood in urine when the urine is offensive in nature. The smell of urine is strong and highly offensive. Along with blood, albumin may also pass in the urine. Urine is dark, bloody, scanty and foul. Urine may feel cold while passing. In a few patients, chilliness in the spine appears along with bloody, dirty urine.

4. Uva Ursi – For Blood in Urine Accompanied by Sticky Mucus

Uva Ursi is the best homeopathic treatment for blood in urine when the urine contains blood cells and a large quantity of sticky mucus. Pain in the bladder and urethra while passing urine appears along with hematuria. The nature of pain is tearing and spasmodic. The urge to pass urine is also frequent. Uva Ursi works well when kidney stone pain accompanies mucus and blood in urine.

5. Terebinthina – For Blood in Urine Accompanied by Coffee Ground Sediments

Terebinthina is an effective treatment for blood in urine where the urine has coffee ground sediments. The urine appears dark or black and is mixed with blood. Terebinthina is a useful remedy for hematuria caused by inflamed kidneys that follow an acute disease. Burning, cutting pain in the urethra with strangury and tenesmus are also marked with blood in urine in cases where Terebinthina is prescribed. Terebinthina also works well when albuminuria accompanies hematuria.

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  1. Charles Steiner says:

    Hi, Dr. Sharma,

    My doctor and urologist diagnosed me with BPH and a urinary tract infection, but I also have gross hematuria, too (caused by an enlarged prostate, I believe.). My urologist has prescribed a scary toxic drug called Ciprofoxacin, plus Finasteride and Tamsulosin, the latter two of which cause drowsiness.

    I’m seeking a naturopathic alternative like a combination of saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, pygeum, and rye grass pollen extract, but I’m not sure if the combination of all these herbs is counterproductive and I’m not sure if any or all of these will also relieve bleeding in the urine.

    Can you advise?

    Thank you.

  2. shirley ellis says:

    j have hematuria and have had for years but now my right kidny has pain i cant seem to find a remedy that fits I have no urinatiuon burnng ior pain ni frequent ureges

    • M.B. ASHOK says:

      I am M.B. ASHOK aged 68 years. I am under dialysis since one year ( weekly 3 ). From last two days blood is coming while passing the urine.

      Please let me know the medicine I have to take.

  3. Waqas Bin Azhar says:

    Greetings from Pakistan
    Sir I am writing on behalf of father who has been the patient of UTI(urethral stricture) for the last 20 years. Amid this time he had 2 operations, one in 2011 and 2nd one was held on 24th Sept 2019
    My father is an mbbs Dr and practices homeo for the last 20 years

    Operation that took on 2011 was very successful and its effects lasted till Feb 2019, the problem rises again and my father tried to deal this issue with homeo and had good result but the intensity led us for operation again for urethral stricture but this time the operation is not that fruitfull

    My father is again taking homeopathic medicine
    Currently the small clots of bloods come thru urine and sensation before and after urine is also there

    The kidneys are good and the prostate report showing little very little enlargement

    I need your prestigious and professional opinion

  4. S. IQBAL AHMED says:

    A man with bleeding pile was treated with acidum nitrum and acidum hydrocloricum (15 drops with water) 3 times. Bleeding is stopped but now the patient complains urine with blood. Please advise treatment.

  5. Excellent work for homeopathy and related homeopathy peoples

  6. Jennifer Kealoha says:

    Good afternoon, I have been struggling with constant utis ( 16 in a year ) all of which had lots and lots of blood. Checked kidneys, bladder and urethra. All are in good condition considering the hard year I have had . I have done oil of oregano, goldenseal, garlic, dmannose , colloidal silver and bearberry for months with breaks in the silver and oil of oregano. I at a loss and hurt all the time . Antibiotics are not working. What do I do next

  7. Hello Sir,
    My son is 15 years old. He has gross hematuria for the past 4 months. He is passing cola color urine with RBC and protein. We did all the tests including kidney biopsy with the guidance of child nephrologist. All the test results are normal. Finally doctor told nothing to worry. No need for any medicines. Then why he is getting cola color urine? Is there any medicines in homeopathy? Can you pls suggest???

  8. Hi,
    My son is 15 years old. He has gross hematuria for the past 4 months. He is passing cola color urine with RBC and protein. We did all the tests including kidney biopsy with the guidance of child nephrologist. All the test results are normal. Finally doctor told nothing to worry. No need for any medicines. Then why he is getting cola color urine? Is there any medicines in homeopathy? Can you pls suggest???

  9. Val Okereh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I’m a cancer patient (prostate/bladder tomour). I’m 66 years. I started witnessing blood in my urine in 2018. Orthodox medicines could not proffer solution, rather surgery was advocated. In May 2019 I embraced homeopathic treatment. Initially the blood ceased slightly (ie not as frequent as before). But for the past two weeks the blood resumed flowing like before.

    Sir, I would highly appreciate your recommended remedies.

    Thanking you for your prompt response in this regard.

    Yours truly,
    Val Okereh.

  10. freny bulsara says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    we got mummys urine routine test done. When she passes urine the colour is light yellow.. But when we gave it for examining it shows blood ++ in chemical examination column..
    Please tell us what to do

  11. Joan Lowrance says:

    I am bleeding a lot tonight and also passing blood clots. I have had crystals oxalates and I stay on a low oxalate diet to keep the crystals down. I have bled this week as if it was my period for 6 days and then it stopped for one day and now it is bleeding a lot. I am 77 years old. How can I stop this bleeding. I have pain with the ureter tube on my right side and some pain in the bladder. I take D-mannose to keep the walls of my bladder slippery to prevent the crystals from sticking and staying in the bladder. Two weeks ago I tripped on our dogs leash in the patio and I fell straight forward face down on the slab up to the top of my ribs and from there to my head I fell on the grass.

    Please let me know asap. Thank you. Joan Lowrance


    doctorgee,I am a homoeopathy practitioner. to day I appear a patient who suffer for I recomended to test usg of urethra&kidney.
    if I have any question about medicinethen I ask u immideatly.please give me wattsapp no..9734694575.

  13. says:

    Doctor goof morning, i feel like urinating in shot span, blood is coming while passing urine and some white discharge also. Burning sensation is there. Kindly suggest some good medicine

  14. Dr. Ashim Baran De says:

    I’m 71 yrs old. I have recurrent blood urine , sometimes with burning sensation. USG report says enlarged prostate. No cyst / stone in urinary bladder / kidney. I’m taking Adel Co. medicine for enlarged prostate. Did almost 2 months course of allopathy medicine. Again blood urine has started. Can u suggest a medicine? Regards

  15. Hello sir …im problem for urin discharge pink with burn area & lower abdomen sticking pain …..plzz give homoeo ….medicine

  16. U.sengupta says:

    I am 78 yrs old. I have .I have blood coloure urine initially for few ml. Then rest of the urine is clear. I feel burning sensation in urinating. Blood clots come out some times.not regularly. Please suggest treatment. U.sengupta.

  17. john perrett says:

    Dear Dr sharma.. I am 78 yrs and have diabetes since 2003. My diabetes is monitored by my GP every 3/6 months. Over the last three years my HBA1C has risen from 58 to 78.
    I take Metformin from the GP.
    Also protein in urine has risen from 3 to 39. Over the last three years I have been taking a herbal remedy containing Berberine 500mg
    about twice a day. The capsules also contain chromium, cinnamon, benfotiamine and naringin.
    Do you think the Berberine could be raising the protein in urine?
    Thank You John Perrett.

  18. Taposh Kumar Ghosh says:

    Am 78 yrs n getting blood drops mark on my pajama time to time. My penis ball some time irritates n when rubbed it get rashes and blood drops just two or three in 24 hrs, and learn it in morning Only. No pain nothing. I am applying cream on my penis ball Candid B and it subsides.
    What medicine I must use to stop irritations and rashes to take place.
    Well , fact is I am presuming that blood drop is from Rash, which it dose, but not sure it come from urine or not.
    Request Advice

    Shall be obliged.

  19. My father 88 year old is suffering from hematuria.pleases what medicine is suitable for him.

  20. Dilshad Anwar says:

    There is a stone in my right kidney of 7 mm in size and from last seven days my irine became brown and pain in my right side of the kidney and also in my right leg.
    Please recommend me the best medicine.

  21. maheshwer dutt sharma says:

    i am 46 year old male
    for last 15 days there is blood and thick mucus in the urine
    the ultrasound test shows a cyst in urinary bladder i do not want to go for cystoscopy.
    kindly prescribe homeopathic medicine if any

  22. hallo dr
    i ve been diagnosed with hematuria and uti. already xray and ultrasound but no stone found only my right kidney is smaller thn the other left. historically had polyps and adenomyicst 11 years ago treated with laser and surgery. now has cervical spondylosis and pain along the spine lower waist and stiff legs . pale,weak tired easily stress unfocus oreger to be alone and anaemic. menopause at age 45 . im 51 now. please advice what medicine shall i take thank you dr.

  23. Hi Dr,
    Last year I have kidney stone which fleshed out through urine.
    Now from yesterday urine infection, blood is coming in urine, burning sensation in the end of passing urine and continue till the next passing urine.

  24. Arshad Javed says:

    Hi Dr sharma

    My father, 65 yrs old, had prostrate cancer and had surgery, kemo treatment in 2013-14. He had infrequent bleeding with urine since then until last year, when we started Dr. B S Bhandari’s recommendation of bio chemic
    CP 12x
    KP 3x
    NM 3x

    KP KM KS 3X
    NP NM NS 3X
    FP 12X
    CF 12X

    This stopped the bleeding and clotting till couple of months back where it again started.. in between the year, we also gave cantharisis 30(2 months) and Hamamelis 30(last 4 months).

    Nothing is working right now. Problem is clot formation inside, which causes severe pain and clot (1″ inch) will come out with urine. There will be slighg stomach pain for couple of days before the clots come out.

    Can you please advice us on this.

    Arshad Javed

  25. satnam singh says:

    Respected I had blood in urien LST 3 yes had stone in kidney and it was pass out by urien can u suggest some med.f. or my treatment .

  26. Sadaqat Hussain says:

    Hello Sir. mera naam sadaqat hay. aur main kafi time se seenay (ghaza ki naali main)ki jalan ka patient hun. baaz time yeh itni shadeed hoti hay k pani peenay se bhi takleef hoti hay. Meri test reports main ALT 47 hay aur liver fatty hay. Please es disease ka koi solution ho tou batain. thanks

  27. O dr u R great. Keep helping.

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