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Homeopathic Treatment for Claustrophobia

What are Phobia And Claustrophobia?

Phobia is an excessive and irrational fear of an object or a situation. It is considered to be an anxiety disorder. In persons who have a phobia, a fearful situation or object having little or no danger leads to anxiety, panic attacks or avoidance and escapism. Claustrophobia is one of the major phobias. It is an abnormal fear of closed, small, narrow spaces or rooms. A person suffering from claustrophobia, panics and gets anxious when placed in a closed or small area. They feel trapped. The exact cause behind claustrophobia is not yet clear. But some factors are thought to play a significant role in making a person claustrophobic. The predisposing factors for claustrophobia include a genetic predisposition towards it, a reduced size of the amygdala, or a previous experience of being trapped in a constricted place or closed room. The homeopathic system of medicine treats psychological complaints like fears very well and without any side effects. A well selected homeopathic medicine for claustrophobia may help to overcome the problem ultimately. Therefore, Homeopathic treatment for claustrophobia is very safe, natural and reliable.

What Are The Symptoms of Claustrophobia?

The symptoms of claustrophobia can be divided into two aspects – mental and physical. Symptoms relating to the mind include – extreme fear, terror, anxiety and panic attacks. Physical symptoms include trembling, hot flashes, sweating, increased heart rate, palpitations, choking, an inability to breathe properly, tightness in the chest and sometimes diarrhea.

What Are The Triggers For Claustrophobia?

In a person who has claustrophobia, symptoms arise when the person is in a small or closed place. Sometimes they are triggered even by the thought of small, closed and confined places. Apart from closed and small rooms, there are a few other triggers for claustrophobia. Some examples are – elevators, tunnels, cellars, cars, airplanes, crowded places, and tight necked clothing. Any of these situations lead to terror or heightened fear in claustrophobic persons because they feel trapped. These patients go to lengths to avoid being in a situation that increases their anxiety levels and trigger a panic attack.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Claustrophobia

There is an extensive list of medicines in homeopathy for treating claustrophobia. It is essential to take down the details and know the origin of the case when prescribing homeopathic medicine for claustrophobia. . The time period for which the medicines need to be used to see a significant result depends upon the duration, intensity, and frequency of the complaint. The top remedies used in the homeopathic treatment for claustrophobia are – Aconite, Arsenic Album, Pulsatilla, Lachesis and Argentum Nitricum.

Aconite is most helpful for acute panic attacks in claustrophobic people. The main fear in a person needing Aconite is of small places, crowded rooms and narrow streets. The person gets anxious, restless with marked palpitations, and fears collapse. The indications for using the homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album are quite similar to Aconite. In such cases too, fears, anxiety, and restlessness are the predominating symptoms. Pulsatilla works well as a homeopathic medicine for claustrophobia where the person has a fear of closed rooms and feels suffocated. It helps to open a window in the room. Lachesis is helpful for claustrophobic individuals who cannot bear tight clothing, collars or bands around the neck for fear of suffocation. Homeopathic medicine for claustrophobia Argentum Nitricum is an excellent choice for anticipatory anxiety in a claustrophobic person. In patients needing Argentum Nitricum, anxiety is triggered by thinking about the closed, narrow rooms or places in which they are yet to go.

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  1. Nisar Ali says:

    I m suffering from fear to be closed/ congested space since last about 9 years. Cant go in crowded space. Avoid traveling in crowded bus or train. I do go to these places but experience restless or suffocation and sometimes leaves that place. Actually I have undergone MRI text for my fractured backbone which was done without taking history or appropriate measures. Resultantly, on my request the test was stopped after just 10 minutes on severe palpitation and fear. Thereafter I have developed claustrophobia and panic attack on hearing bad news etc. I have been taking citanew and peroxa allopathy medicines but all in vain. Kindly guide me.

  2. Rajinder Kumar says:

    I m suffering from fear to be closed/ congested space since last about 25 years. Cant go in crowded space. Avoid traveling in crowded bus or train or even go to watch movie in a theatre. I do go to these places but experience restless or suffocation and sometimes leaves that place. I have not travelled by air since last 25 yrs. Now I m retired from my job and want to go for its treatment. Kindly suggest me some appropriate medicine with proper dose and time period for which I will have to take it. Yes I also fear sometime of sleeping alone in a room.

  3. dipankar bhaduri says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from hernia. It has growth in left side abdomen. It is not such big. But it increases while walking sometime. It vanishes when I lie. Please suggest me what homeopathy medicine can be applicable for me. You may contact me at Kolkata. My mobile No. is (91) 8334061644.

  4. Anand Kumar Richhariya says:

    Thanks Dr Sharma, I got fearful when I need to be examined in a MRI chamber.Fear is so intense I refuge to perform for examination. I am 67 having 72 kg wt, mild soft nature introvert shy one. Situation repeat when I walk through a crowded temple or walk through a railway bridge. Suggest something for me

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