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Homeopathic Treatment for Drug Addiction

What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a condition in which a person develops a compulsive habit of taking drugs. An addict is unable to control the use of drugs. He continues to have the drugs, despite being aware of the harm they cause. People become addicts because of various reasons. Initially, it may be voluntary, out of curiosity, to have a good time, or to ease problems such as stress and depression. Some people take drugs to improve athletic performance. Once a person starts having problems at a physical, mental, and social level due to drug intake, it is a clear indication of drug addiction. An addict does things to get the drug which he normally wouldn’t do, such as stealing. Drug addiction makes a person dull, lacking in energy and motivation. People are mostly addicted to alcohol, cocaine, morphine, heroin, marijuana, hallucinogens (LSD, PCP), and crystal meth. Homeopathy is an effective way to deal with drug addiction. Homeopathic treatment for drug addiction uses a three pronged approach to address the problem. Firstly, homeopathic medicines help in recovering from symptoms that a person is experiencing because of the drugs. Secondly, they help in curing withdrawal symptoms. Lastly, homeopathic medicines help a person to fight the compulsive habit of drug taking. Homeopathic medicines are very safe and effective and are free from any toxic effects. Homeopathic treatment along with proper counseling can help a person regain control of his life.

What are the Symptoms of Drug Addiction?

The common signs and symptoms of drug addiction are dullness, confusion, headache, vomiting, hallucinations, and insomnia. An addict has a sense of euphoria and an elevated mood. Indifference to, and a reduced sense of pain are also present. Red eyes, a dry mouth, and violent throbbing are seen in people who are addicted to drugs. Drug addiction is a severe problem, and patients experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop the use of drugs. These withdrawal symptoms are similar to the effects of drug addiction.

Recommended Homeopathic Treatment for Drug Addiction

Some top medicines in the homeopathic treatment for drug addiction are Avena Sativa, Nux Vomica, and Morphinum. Avena Sativa works well in cases of morphine or heroin addiction. Nux Vomica is a recommended homeopathic medicine for drug addiction in cases of alcohol. Morphinum is very useful for treating drug addiction accompanied by delusions or heart complaints. Homeopathic treatment for drug addiction is also beneficial while dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

Homeopathic Medicines for the Effects of Drug Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms

Avena Sativa: Best homeopathic medicine for drug addiction when dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

The effects of morphine or heroin, as well as of cocaine, tobacco, marijuana, and valium, are treated effectively with Avena Sativa. It is one of the best ways to overcome morphine addiction. Avena Sativa works very well in treating insomnia due to drugs or alcohol.

Nux Vomica: Homeopathic treatment for drug addiction with abdominal symptoms, nausea and vomiting.

Sour taste and nausea in the morning, accompanied by retching, is an indicator for the use of Nux Vomica. The stomach is very sensitive to pressure when applied externally. The patient feels Intoxicated; the feeling is worse in the morning. The patient may complain of vertigo with momentary loss of consciousness. Indigestion caused by alcohol, coffee, and other drugs is treated well with Nux Vomica.

Morphinum: Homeopathic medicine for drug addiction with heart symptoms.

In cases indicating the use of homeopathic medicine Morphinum, there is a violent throbbing in the heart along with a small and weak pulse. There may be a sudden alteration in the heart rate which is known as tachycardia or fast heart rate, and bradycardia or slow heart rate. The patient may be delirious and suffer from depression. Morphinum also works well for cases of drug addiction in which the patient is in a dream-like state and feels indifference.

Coffea: Homeopathic medicine for drug addiction with marked insomnia after a phase of excitement.

The patient experiences increased energy, ecstasy, sleeplessness on account of excess mental activity, and an increased flow of ideas. He is unable to sleep from an excessive intake of coffee. The patient experiences great loquacity, his brain feels clear, and he is extremely active. The patient also feels strong enough to do anything.

Hyoscyamus: Homeopathic treatment for drug addiction accompanied by hallucinations and delusions.

The patient experiences a confused mind and seems intoxicated, laughs, sings, recites poetry, and babbles deliriously. The patient does foolish things and does not behave normal. Hyoscyamus also helps patients with an addiction to alcohol and those who experience intoxicated rages. In such cases, there is involuntary urination along with hallucinations.

Opium: Suitable homeopathic medicine for drug addiction accompanied by drowsiness.

The patient falls into a heavy and deep sleep, he wants nothing, and says that nothing ails him. The patient is hot, sweaty, drowsy and has cold limbs. The complaints are accompanied by a heavy, deep sleep, and noisy, laboured breathing. Loss of consciousness and a coma from drug overdose is also treated well with Opium.

Sulphuricum Acidum: Homeopathic medicine for drug addiction with a craving for alcoholic stimulants.

The patient experiences hot flushes, trembling, and cold sweats, accompanied by humming and tickling in the ears. Sour vomiting and hiccoughs, along with nausea and shivering, is effectively treated with Sulphuricum Acidum.

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  1. Hello Dr Sharma my son is addicted to marijuana and is suffering from either bipolar or schizophrenia symptoms. I was wondering if you any medicine to treat first his addiction. He is not going to quit marijuana so I like to find out if I quietly put the drops in his food or drink will he stop using marijuana. Please reply. Thanks

  2. Sara Gricius says:

    My nephew is 40 years old and began smoking pot at the age of 13. He was addicted to Loritabs (pain medication) for years and crack cocaine. He used crack for probably 10-15 years. While in prison he began using meth by injection and now he hears thins sees things and can become violent. He is seeing a physician that gives him cymbasin(unsure of spelling) strips which he abuses. He will abuse xanax or any medication he can get high off . He needs psychactric help and addiction .withdrawal help. Please help me with suggestions to help him to quit his addictions. We live in the USA. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advace for your time and consideration in this matter. Please withhold name from public display. THANK YOU!

  3. Paula Wynburne says:

    I have a friend who is addicted to heroin. Currently she is on substitute and reducing her dosage. I gave her Nat Mur 1M as she has a history of abuse, deaths in the family (5 in last year). She described it as a miracle and is feeling much better. I then gave Staph 30 as she had been sexually abused. She feels able to cut her morphine. I want a support remedy to aid her with pain as she reduces further.

    Many years ago my boyfriend in India was given 2 remedies and he withdrew with little side effects and he stayed off long term. I can’t recall the names. Both began with C.

    Can you suggest remedies that might help.

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Dr, Sharma, how can I continue staying off my anti-depression without feeling a violent throbbing in the chest area, and what homeopathic can I use to deal with that’ depression from withdrawal.
    Thanks so much

  5. My brother is addicted

  6. Trilok rajput says:

    Sir mai tramadol tablate use karta hu servical pain k liye. Lekin cervical pain jad se khatm nahi huaa.or uski vajah se lagataar tablate lene k karan mujhe tramadol ki aadat ho gai.
    mai ise na lene par bechainy dard chidchidapan.neend na aana.bhookh na lagna.manobal me kami.kamjori.tanav.or thhakan.mahsoos karta hu.
    kripya homyppathik madicine bhejne ki kripa kare.

  7. Deborah S Gordon says:

    which potency and frequency of doses?

  8. Niranjan Ghosh says:


  9. Bimol sarker says:

    How to treatment of eyaba addicted person by homiopathiq

  10. Usha devi says:

    Hmara beta ganja Lene ka aadi ho gya hai.esko chudwane ki homeopathic medicine btaeyeviviv

  11. Need a family dr

  12. Kamaldeep kaur says:

    Hlo sir I’m taking opium from the last 2 year…now I want to get rid from this….so u r requested to please suggest me a medicine and from where I can get it

  13. Respected sir, how much time to releive from treatment of alcohal deaddiction?
    Please reply.

  14. my nephew is having ganja smoking since last few years. Every year his hb comes to around 4 or 5. then after having blood transfusion the same conditions after few months. what to do. please advise

  15. yogesh kumar says:

    dear sir,

    i am taking codeine syrup from last 2 years when i was suffered from cough i taken this syrup near by 20 days after that i was habitual of codeine syrup and when i want to leave this habbit i feel nervous also pain in by whole body and when i does not take lots of ubasi come once i was suggested naltima 50 and when i was taken 1 pill the medicine has been side effected on me.

    please suggest me homeopathy medicine for leave thjs bad habit

  16. surinder heer says:

    Hi my Surinder,

    I have a son who is 38 years old, he is addicted to drugs drink and smoking gambling since 15 years old, and suffering insomnia and anxiety depression. He will never admit he needs help. As his mother please can you provide me with homeopathy medicine to help him quit every thing.

  17. Heather Hughey says:

    I just want to acknowledge how interesting and appropriate for the current opiate/drug addiction epidemic. Thank you for devoting time and knowledge towards something that has the potential to make a difference.

    Now I would like to ask for your advice and help with the destructive, traumatic, and relentless addiction {DOC: IV heroin w/ meth=speedballs but if truth be told I have a problem with anything that can be IV used or be a head change, along with perfectionism and people pleasing to the extremes. I have been dependent on drugs (DOC in beginning was marijuana, pain pills, and cocaine but once I went IVing it I feel like it took any kind of hope from me and has been a struggle in its self aside from the actual drugs) since I was 15 years old, and I am now 30 years old and have not achieved a full year yet of sobriety, the longest I’ve been without drugs was 8 months last year then slipped up again for 4 months but had been clean7 months only to let myself be defeated AGAIN by this disease 2 days ago. Yes I am now looking into different approaches to recovery and seeking new solutions or treatments for the mix of psychological problems that accompany my poly drug addiction. I’ve tried to be very thorough and transparent so that you have all the areas and issues I require attention and healing.

    Also how would I go about finding a way or someone that would let me try a formula that is designed personally for the areas and problems specific to me. If I am not able to sample one what is the price range I am looking at and would it be counteracting with Methadone.

    Thank you for the work you do and the passion and empathy that is shown thru helping people find a more balanced and pure solution to problems that are such a threat to humanity. Perhaps people need to be enlightened on the approaches to combat addiction, OCD, trauma and all the baggage that accompanies them–new and effective ways that have been a part of eastern medicine for centuries—Our generation has to find different, more natural and safe ways to heal our bodies physically to emotionally then mentally also spiritually bc it allows for us to be centered with the universe and ultimately that will be a healthy place to be.

    If you could send me some more information on the holistic/homeopathic approach to addiction and trauma–also I am interested in anything there is to know about using holistic methods on children

  18. Namestey sir,
    My son 22 years, is showing signs of deep grief, crying, fighting and physical abuse at home. The intensity of fights and violence has become unbearable since last 3 years We discovered that he is into drinking and found some sort of weed, but no details of the substance. Please help as he doesn’t want to see a doctor neither we sre aware whether it is greif or addiction responsible for strong violent behavior. Please keep my identity hidden. Thanks.

  19. Plz don’t show my name. I feel very shameless. I am addict of buprophenine injection since 3 years. I want to leave this. Plz help me.

  20. Sir I am addicted of smack and buprenorphine please advise me some medicine thank you

  21. Sir,
    I am upset father, who realised cannabis patiend handeing, my son 22 years old inheld cannbis last 6 years but we known last 15 months ago. Already treat Dr. Joy Ranjan Ram. But now nobody treat him. He denied Doctor. He don’t attand any Doctor not any Councilor. What can I do? What medicine applied for my son. Please help me. He no attand any cultural function and college, daily inheld two to three times cannabis.

    • Sir my 18 years son is consuming marijuana and some times canbis since last 4to 5 years we allrady tried allopathic treatment and had taken the help of counciler but we don’t get any positive result now my son is denying to get allopathic treatment can homeopathy will help to treat my sis ano it will kindly tell me

  22. Zia UL Haq says:

    Hello sir!
    one of my friends is addicted to NALBIN, an allopathic pain killer of the Opoid family. He had history of multiple fractures for which he was given pain killer and then he got addiction . He now wants to quit Nalbin at any cost. Can you please tell me which homeo medicine is best for him and how to start treatment.

  23. Hi age 30 male addiction of hashesh(charas) sleepy, aggressive,many ideas but nothing to do, married,2 children,10 years addiction please share medicine and how to use

  24. Sir
    I am taking alprazolam 0.25 mg daily one tablet for 10 years.i realized and stopped taking it from 50 days back along with homeo medicine from an experienced homeopath.i am fighting with my withdrawals. I addicted? many days it will take to come out from it any special treatment required
    4.please address me to live along with my family at least 15 years

  25. Sarita kumari says:


  26. Sk. Kamal uddin says:

    sir, my son is addicted to marijuana since college life later while he was posted at bengalore for service some of his hostel met probablyaddicted him to some new type of drug like coken w ( white crustal powder) and he was dismissed from his job and after returning from bangalore his condition got worse and he has been kept under treatment of a psychiatric sdince last one month. sir, though now some good sign is found but I apprehend that despite of taking medicine he still taking the marijuana sime time little interval and this is our great concern and problem so, if you be kind to give me some advice i shall be highly grateful.

  27. Vishal Sharma says:

    I am 34 years old. I am addicted of tramadol from 08 to 09 months. Now I want to leave it. And I want to leave it with homeopathic medicine. Please help me. And I don’t want to share this with anyone. So please suggest me which medicine can I use. My dose is 04 tablets of 100mg in a day. When i don’t take this dose then I feel too much negative and I feel a little pain in my heart and problem in heart beats it goes up and down and pain in my body. Please suggest me a best medicine.

  28. Nityanand Kanchugar says:

    Mobile addiction cure

  29. Sarab chodni h…mobile no 9911663165

  30. Sarab chodni h…

  31. Deaddiction
    from Restil (alpralazam) for woman aged 58 years .pl help.since 5 years suffering he’ll in house.

  32. Suheb siddiqui says:

    Hi sir my name is suheb ,I m in depression from last 9 years . I m addicted of ganja and pan masala..I want to quit it as soon as possible..

  33. DrRitwika Bera says:

    Hi dr., One of my patient is suffering from brown sugar addiction…. Wants to withdraw it but can’t making it possible… Withdrawal symptoms are nausea with vomiting and pain in extremities.. how can I treat him…

  34. Piyush Srivastava says:

    My son has taken to cannabis abuse for last 4 years. He has left his engineering studies midway. Even as child he never liked studies and always had problem in concentrating. He likes listening to English songs using his earphones. He does like any kind of criticism and gyan. Avoids relatives and family members. Does not sleep in the night and watches content on his mobile.
    Of late he has also stated shouting and also raising his hands if things do not go his way. Does not go to psychiatrist and doctors

  35. ADNAN AHMAD says:

    hello doctor
    I want to ask something that what is the homeopathy medicine for a drug addict that hundred person works

  36. ADNAN AHMAD says:


  37. Piyush Srivastava says:

    My son has been consuming cannabis for last 4 years. He has given up his studies. He is of late showing some psychotic behaviour. Gets angry if anyone insults his self esteem. He will have delusions or false believe that some staring at him did so with wrong intention. Does not sleep in the night. Does not want to meet anyone especially the relatives. Also has addiction for mobile , Internet browsing and listening to western music. Sometimes gets violent if his demands are not met. Likes non vegetarian food and junk food. His ability to concentrate on any subject is low. He is 22 years now. Did well up to class 12 but left his engineering and is now not motivated to do anything. Does not even do his routine jobs.

  38. Sangita Sharma says:

    Sir plz help me .I am a heroin addict abusing 10 years. Tried very hard to leave the stuff.i get relapsed again n again don’t have any desire to take drugs losing my hope dont want to live ne all types of relationships are down rotten.much depressed. Plz treat me sir.need to do certain rectification of my brain. Hopefully u understood my scenario n am hoping for u.
    Thank you
    Dhiraj….Ph no..86382-95567/98540-58388

  39. Prince Kapoor says:

    If someone is using afeem or bhukhi (posat) regularly from 1 year but want to quit than what treatment can v take to quit drugs permanently without any problem like withdrawl symptomps loke no sleep,drossiness,pain in legs and joint,diarrahoea,vomiting,numbness,water in eyes,etc plz suggest treatment with homeo med and doses and how much time it will take to quit

  40. Andy lama says:

    Sir please recommend me a medicine to overcome from brown sugar addiction easily..please sir help me..

  41. Kamayani sharma says:

    My husband drinking alcohol alot which medicine is use to stop this consumption

  42. Avnish sharma says:

    Hello Dr. sharma
    I have addiction of marijuana for last 3 years ,tried to stop this but again within 20 days started want to Leave this for my life time (24 Years)
    Please help me out

  43. FIROZ AHMED says:

    Madam I am sleeping addiction patient I am eating sleeping pill from 10 years ago but now I am very physically and mentally weak ness.
    Please advise me my mob no.09635538194

  44. My nephew is taking ghanja since last few years every year his hb comes to around 4 and tlc is 3500.

  45. Hello doctor
    I am 40 years old. My case is that i was using spasmo Proxivon capsules (blue colour) for the last 7-8 years.
    I am taking treatment through addnok-N for the last one year, and now as I have less craving for addiction of spasmo but it feels like I am getting Depending on addnok-N tabs as it is also a drug. I have to place it under my toung and let it melt.
    I have seen many stories of getting very good results from homeopathy medicines. Kindly suggest some for me to as now I want to be fit and healthy.

  46. Crystal says:

    Where can I get these medications? Please this is my last chance before I loose everythjng.

  47. Thank you for your information…I really like your articles!

  48. Reena Wilson says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I have a very close friend who is a severe drug addict mainly smack but does all other stuff as well if he gets a chance. He stops for few days but then starts again. Now he has symptoms of staying irritated and frustrated all the time. He is jobless wants to do something and even tries for a while but the addiction takes him back. I asked him what he feels when he does not do drugs he says he feels a cringing sensation in his stomach which forces him to do smack. Now he stays dull but aggressive when try to talk . He is a 27 year old beautiful soul needs a saving. Please suggest what can be done.

  49. Siddhant phukan says:

    Dr my son is addicted to marijuana please suggest me which homephatic medicine help him for deaddiction

  50. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I’m a long time user of cocaine. Started at 13yrs and now I am 42yrs. For the past 13 yrs, I’ve been on and off. Take a 1-2yrs off and lapse for a night and then do that for a couple of months. I need to stop completely. Could you recommend something for me to try please. Antidepressants or anxiety prescription pills just make things worse over the years and then I’m stuck addicted to them trying to come off them. I’m not currently on anything right now. I want to live my life right. I’m thinking the Morophinim would work best?? Any thoughts? Maybe I should call??

  51. Hi sir my son is drug and marijuana addict .what medicine should he take he is 27 yrs old.

  52. NIRANJAN GHOSH says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My son is is a regular user of smack – smoking and injections.He also takes Ganja.

    He has been doing these drugs for over 15 years.

    Kindly suggest the right medicines first to control the acute withdrawals and detox him and thereafter to curb his cravings.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    • Dear Dr.,
      my relative is on marijuana and sometimes alcohol.
      most of the time stays in the room n play online games. could not sleep at night but usually sleep during the day. always goes out at night.
      usually sleep for quite long time n difficult to wake even if u shot at him.
      dont like to meet people.
      easily annoyed if say something he dont like. He goes very violent for small things , breaks things and harm himself too.
      Pl suggest.

  53. Hello,
    My son suffers from drug addiction to heroin, cocaine, marijuana. He started self medicating due to anxiety and depression and became addictedp
    What medicine do you recommend for this condition?

    Pls help.

    Thank you y

  54. GhAzali Saad says:

    dear dr.,
    my relative is on marijuana. h
    most of the time stays in the room n play online games.
    coukd not sleep at night but usually sleep during the day. always goes out at night.
    usually sleep for quite long time n difficult to wake even if u shot at him.
    dont like to meet people.
    easily annoyed if say something he dont like.
    lost interest in his job n hobby. before this he work as freelance photographer n videographer n he enjoyed hill climbing n hiking. he started having this proble after many times cheated by his clients. they dont fully paid him.
    very thank you for your assistance.

  55. My bother drink alcohal alot which medicine is best to stop alcohal consumption

  56. Ashok Sharma says:

    Sir,my son is 22,having a habit of cannabis {ganja}smoking, please suggest homeopathic remedy.

  57. Doctor which medicine to be taken to stop addiction of regular consumption of heroine from last six years. Please help . My family member is in emergency kind of situation.

  58. Maninder Singh says:

    Hi sir
    My name is maninder m from
    I m addicted to kaamni (contains opium) and calvidol
    For last 2-3 years
    Whenever i try to quit i feel boring,laziness irritation
    Pain in my legs and back. I want to quit. Plzz help mw to quit these things.
    What homoepathic medicine should i take?

  59. homeopathic dr Ghulam Murtaza Qadri says:

    dear dr sharma
    i am very happy to see your web sight i i am running 2 drug addiction center in Pakistan there is totally treatment is homeopathy .this treatment is very good for drug addict.please send me name of more homeopathy medicine for addict person of inj kinz,inj avil.
    very very thanks

  60. Miriam Tapia says:

    My daughter is addicted to crystal meth and is bipolar as well, she gets really violent and breaks objects when in manic rage, her blood platelets are chronicly low 3-20 k, please help us find a remedy or treatment that could help her, she is loosing her battle to drugs.

  61. Sandeep monga says:

    Respected sir
    I am eating 10 or 15 tablets of calvidol sr i want to left the drug medicine pls help me

  62. Dear sir i am in addiction from 17 years opium ,poppy raws (bhuki) ..but from some days i quit all with slowly solwly .all majer problem i could handle gently but i have suffer from insomia ..i take many alopethic medicine like etizolam.clonozam .alprazolm ..with heavy dose 4 and 5 pilrs but it is not effctive on me…plz plz i rqsted to u prisicribe me best homopethic medicine for insomia..thank u very much

  63. Sir M of 25 years..M addict of afeem..from last 4 years…i want leave this bad addiction.please recomend me homeopathy medicen.please.. Thanks.

  64. My husband is a alcoholic.. his weight is reducing and he faces insomnia when he drinks less.. he is a heavy smoker too . Pls guide me about the homeopathy treatment that he should follow as he will never to doctor for his treatment

  65. Aveek Chattopadhyay says:

    I’m addicted to alcohol, marijuana(regularly) & brown sugar (frequently). I wanna know which homeo medicine I hv to tk as I can be free from all these bloody stuffs.

    Looking for ur sharp reply.

  66. Harunur Rashid says:

    Dr.Sharma,One patient regularly take a smell of menthol & nepthaline. He is addicted to this chemicals . pls give me a prescription of Homoeopathic medicine for his treatment. With thanks.

  67. subir dutta says:

    my son aged 23 is addicted to drugs such as brown sugar,ganja and sometimes alcohol.
    whenever he takes (generally afer he gets the salary) it continues for about 2-3 days and then stops for a week and again.
    please help me with some homeopathic medicines which can be given to him without his knowledge.

  68. Raman Ji Srivastava says:

    My son is addicted to smack pl tell which hmeopathy medicine &what potency one should take

  69. Can you send me treatment through homeopathic tablets for heroin addiction?tell me tablets name

  70. Badal Dewanjee says:

    My 20 year child having drugs like merijiona. Heroine last one year
    What homeopathic medicine I can use for

    • Kristin Bromme says:


      I am reading this link because I have a 27 year old son trying to detox off of T a from of meth. I have given him Nux Vomica for initial coming down but wondering if there would be another one for the up coming week of symptoms? Mostly anxiety and nervousness.


  71. Hi l am 56 years of age and l am addicted to painkillers
    I take Tramadol and pethadine. And codine. I also buy pain killers from the pharmacy. I had an operation to remove my pancreatitis 20 years ago. That was damaged through alcoholism. Had operation in 1996 and cannot stop taking painkillers.
    I want my brain to say stop.dont take pain killers.
    I need help. I sleep all day and wasting my life.
    Please tell me what remedy l need and l will buy it


  72. Dear Sir
    one of my dearest friend’s daughter aged 35 has been having vodka for the past so many years,was a patient of enxiety and deppression.then gone through a horrific experience of an armed decoity at home .tried different doctors and taken medicine too but not regularly .last year she got married but it did not workout and ended in more deppression.and started taking more vodka .what do you suggest? she refuses to see a doctor.
    would be grateful
    Ayza khan

    • Hi sir my name isUmer ‘29year old’ I am relapse from 8month I used heroine. I have a treatment in rehab for 40days earlier the release of 4month now I want to myself treatment at home plz help me. I am afraid if I quit the heroine then it’s withdrawal symptoms can show me in my family plz help me what I do?

  73. Arvind Kumar Vidyarthi says:

    Dear sir, I am a 38Yr.,Old, MALE, Ma rried,Graduate civil engg.Sir i was taken Codien(cough syrup)from our coll.time near about last 08Yr.But Slowly -Slowly now i am completely addict of codien.In a day min.3-4 bottle{100ml.},so due to all our bad habbits i am compl -etley,destroyed our self either Financial,Socially, Friends & Family ,lost our reputeded Job ,everything.
    Sir i am kindly requesting you to please assure me can it’s possible to leave or /quit our this codien addict -ion with the help of home. -opathic medicines.
    Now i have not any other option for protecting ourself & family too.
    So sir prior to start/taken treatment, please send me a short detail description about the Treatment Procedure ,duration and a lump sum amount {expencess} required for all those thing involved in Treatment as soon as possible.
    Mo.No.-08528038175 or 07348546502

  74. Ruth Farrugia says:

    i suffer from severe anxiety, which manifests mostly with chest tightness and difficulty in breathing. i am working on past emotional traumas and have been doing so for a while, however this chest tightness rarely leaves. i had several panic attacks which freaked me out completely and I though i was going crazy. for the past 3 months or so the doctor prescribed ativan 1mg daily and it eased the symptoms for a while. however after some time I realized that just 1mg was not enough and occasionally i took another half a tablet. however now i realize that I created another problem, having withdrawal symptoms of ativan plus my anxiety. I really feel at a loss. can you please help me.

  75. dear sir i read your artical its really so useful a light of hope for me i am a boy of 29 years i was given alprazolam 0.25 for 6 monti for feas and anexity once i quit and took agn also do less more after withdral i felt sezuries sleepy fogy mind nosiea memory weekness deprsn sex nrvns evn 8 month hv pasd it reduce but comes agn it adectv withdrawl prblm pls help me and get rid of it u will be god for me pls sugest medcine thnking you anup sharma

  76. Sir pls help me…….I have taken marijuana for 2 year but I have just quit smoking from last one week …at once……… I am not able to take my sleep properly and now I am getting blank many times in a day and not able to do anything properly ……..and I have started to much also … ……..pls help me I don’t want to start my habits back…..

    • Kristin Bromme says:


      I am reading this link because I have a 27 year old son trying to detox off of T a from of meth. I have given him Nux Vomica for initial coming down but wondering if there would be another one for the up coming week of symptoms? Mostly anxiety and nervousness.


  77. Hello sir,
    I m Aman a colg student. Lives in delhi.before six months I take drugs with my freinds….. recently I m full addicted now.i wanna quit this drugs.when I not take it I am feel so tierd,pain in my body,beep sound in my ears…….I m in a big problem.plzzzz sir help me what can I do?.
    Plzzzz sir advice me for medicine. Which medicine I take for my pain,beep, tierd…..

  78. Hi sir,
    One of my dearest is badly addicted from smack
    from last one year can YOU please help me
    in this case

    • Shavneet grewal says:

      Hello ,
      Me too having a same problem with my cousin.please tell me if you if your patient gets any better with
      any of the medicines.


  79. treatment for alcholism and smoking i need very badly ls help

    • Hello sir,
      My son is 24 years old and had been marijuana and alcohol addict for few years. He is not even willing to kick this habit, and I am helplessly watching him through his life out.
      What medicine do you recommend for him to be addiction free.

      • Hello sir,
        This website really helpful.
        My son is 26 years old and had been cannabis/injection/marijuana for 5 years. How long it takes to control this addiction.
        What medicine do you recommend for him to be addiction free. please suggest medicine so that we can mix it in food material to help him de-addiction.

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