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Best Homeopathic Remedies for Dust Allergy

Dust allergy is an immediate allergic response caused by exposure to dust and dust mites. Dust mites are tiny microorganisms found mostly in bed linen, mattresses, and furniture. Dust allergy usually occurs in people who live in warm, humid and damp places. Symptoms of dust allergy range from mild to severe. The main symptoms of dust allergy are sneezing, a runny nose, and itching of the eyes and nose. The patient may also have difficulty in breathing, a cough, and itching on the roof of the mouth. Dust allergy which persists for a long time may result in chronic cases of asthma. Homeopathic treatment for dust allergy is a permanent, rapid and safe cure. It is made of natural substances which are not toxic and do not have any side effects. They are not habit forming and can be safely taken for extended periods of time. This treatment works to stimulate the weakened immune system. The benefit of using homeopathy is that it stops the recurrent episodes of disease. Homeopathy is effective in all age groups.  homeopathic treatment for dust allergy

Homeopathic Treatment for Dust Allergy

Top grade remedies for dust allergy are Allium Cepa, Arsenic Album, and Arundo. Allium Cepa is a beneficial medicine for dust allergy with red, watery eyes with intense itching. Arsenic Album works well for dust allergy with thin, watery, excoriating discharge from the nose accompanied by sneezing. Itching in the nostrils and the roof of the mouth is treated well with Arundo.

1. For Dust Allergy with Sneezing and Runny Nose

Sabadilla and Arsenic Album are very effective remedies for dust allergy with sneezing and a runny nose. Sabadilla is a good treatment for dust allergy with spasmodic sneezing and a runny nose. Copious, watery nasal discharge with over sensitivity to odors is treated well by Sabadilla. Arsenic Album is another beneficial medicine for dust allergy with sneezing and excoriating watery nasal discharge. Arsenic Album treats patients who suffer from sneezing without any relief and with a dryness of the nasal cavity.

2. For Dust Allergy with Red, Watery Eyes

The most effective medicines in the treatment for dust allergy with red, watery eyes are Allium Cepa and Euphrasia. Allium Cepa is a good medicine for dust allergy with intense itching, biting and burning in the eyes. The eyes are red and very sensitive to touch. Euphrasia is a beneficial treatment for dust allergy when the eyes water all the time. Euphrasia works well in persons who have a sensation of sand present in the eyes.

3. For Dust Allergy with Itching in the Nose and on the Roof of the Mouth

Top grade remedies for dust allergy with itching in the nose and on the roof of the mouth are Arum Triphyllum, Arundo, and Wyethia. Arum Triphyllum is a good medicine for dust allergy with a raw feeling on the roof of the mouth or on the palate. There is soreness of the nostrils accompanied by itching. Arum Triphyllum is very beneficial for constant picking of the nose until it bleeds. Intense itching on the roof of the mouth along with sneezing is treated effectively by Arundo. Wyethia is of great help in dust allergy with itching in the posterior sinuses and nose.

4. For Dust Allergy with Difficulty in Breathing

The most prescribed remedies for dust allergy with difficulty in breathing are Spongia and Pothos. Spongia acts well in cases of dust allergy where there is difficulty in breathing. The person feels as if he is breathing through a dry sponge. Pothos is an excellent medicine for dust allergy with dyspnoea and a sudden feeling of stress and anxiety. It is a perfect remedy for asthma that gets worse after inhaling dust.

5. For Dust Allergy with a Cough

Well indicated remedies for dust allergy with a cough are Bromium and Drosera. Bromium is a very useful medicine for dust allergy with complaints of a dry cough arising from exposure to dust. Dust allergy with a dry cough and hoarseness is treated well with Bromium. Drosera is a good treatment for dust allergy accompanied by a dry, spasmodic cough which gets worse after midnight.

6. For Dust Allergy with Nasal Congestion

Effective remedies for dust allergy with nasal congestion are Nux Vomica and Ammonium Carbonicum. Nux Vomica acts especially well for a stuffed nose that occurs at night. Ammonium Carbonicum is very useful for dust allergy with nasal congestion. In such cases, the patient is unable to breathe through the nostrils. Ammonium Carbonicum works well in patients where the tip of the nose is congested.

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  1. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have all the symptoms above, including earache, headache, sore throat, and
    Should I take several remedies per symptom or is there one universal one that is the best for
    chronic dust allergy?
    Thank you very much

  2. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My allergy symptoms are a combination of # 1 and #6 but primarily leaning toward #6.Presently I have occasional sinus infection that is combined with pus ( complication of this allergy ) .I do experience more symptoms in the evening and while sleeping and waking up the following day.We know that there is a lot dust circulating in my bedroom due to air vents and external air pollution. I do also have some wheezing, not often, and sudden throat irritation. I use air purifiers and humidifiers( Dyson) which help but is just a “band aid”.I also have some food sensitivities like:the worst: all sorts of milk, egg white,barley, yeast, malt( beer ) and to lesser extent: peas, some beans ( red kidney, peanuts ), some nuts ).I know that the constitutional remedy will have better and longer-lasting effect, but this is, I assume, not possible to figure out without a thorough questionnaire and examination by you.However, even symptomatic homeopathic therapy would be of help in the mean time.
    Please, help me to resolve this problem, since it is getting worse.
    Thanks in advance!



  3. I am shetall I have dust allergy which leads to ichi throat

  4. Biju Joseph says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma .

    Thanks for reading my email. My allergic symptoms started when I was 20 years old and now I am 48 years old. I have this problem time to time . Is there any permanent cure for that ?

    Looking forward to hearing form you



  5. Shruti Singh says:

    Respected Sir, I’m Shruti Singh, i have running nose and difficulty in breathing. its just started last year during lockdown. There they said that it is dust allergy. Can I make it back to normal with homeopathic treatment ?????? Please reply, its urgent.

  6. Sibazi Hazra says:

    Hi sir,I am Sibazi Hazra My problem is that when I wake up in the morning, I often sneeze and run out of raw water through my nose.This is similar when it takes a little dust.There is also difficulty in breathing.There is also a sound inside the chest while sleeping at night.Besides, dry cough is always there.

  7. Mary McMahon says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma, I’m a 68 year old woman with dust mite allergy. My nose gets congested, eyes water, sneeze and I have such pains in my head. The allergy affects my balance and it’s hard to walk straight at times. I worked with my allergist to no avail. Medications made me sick. I am very sensitive to drugs and medications. I have a gluten sensitivity. I started allergy shots on Oct. 1 and only had 8 injections. My allergist and I decided to stop because I was getting so sick from them. I have a new HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, air purifier, new mattress, and encasings for it and pillows. Nothing I do is alleviating my suffering. I live in Nevada. Please advise, thank you.

  8. I’m 74yrs old and am severely asthmatic. I’m allergic to dust and when ever I dust my home even though I wear a mask and use a damp cloth, I still have asthma symptoms after dusting with wheezing and some breathlessness which keep me awake especially at night time when I need to sleep, but can’t because of asthma symptoms. I have to dust my place otherwise too much dust in my home also causes symptoms as described. What homeopathic remedy would you recommend for this? I live in Sydney and would like to order something from Newtown’s Pharmacy online but don’t know what I should order to help me with this.

  9. Aftab Arshad says:

    My name is aftab arshad and i’m 22 year old . i’m suffering in allergy from my childhood .i have dust allergy , smell allergy and weather allergy .i’m sneezing very badly with watery nose when there was dust around me or some one is using perfume or there was slightly change in weather . for example when i go outside from my home on a sunny day i start sneezing with watery nose and eyes. second thing is that my whole body is tremble(vibrating) from my childhood and it,s get increases when there was a decision taking moment . and some other issue with that like gum blood , instant headche some time and some time feeling constipation . so kindly guide me that which medicane is best for me

  10. Mahesh PATGAR says:

    I am MAHESH PATGAR from Karnataka I am in 6years old suffering from severe dust allergy running nose and snizing and cough and throat pain

  11. Pratibha Aniyan says:

    Doctor, I am of 65 years age, mother of two. suffering from dust allergy; sneesing, watery eyes, cough etc. are the problems. I prefer consuming Homeopathic medicine. kindly prescribe me a suitable medicine and the dosages too.

  12. Kate Keller says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, we live in Sicily, Italy. Upon moving here 3 years ago we noticed our 11 year old son (then 8) having itchy eyes, sneezing and congestion. We didn’t know if it was the vegetation in Sicily ir something else.

    He was tested for allergies, dust mites and olive trees came up iin the test ( along w others) I did all I could to help….wash linens once a week, get rid of carpet, old pillows, stuffed animals…nothing seems to be helping.

    To talk to a homeopathic doctor, it will be 200.00 for a consultation and then 200.00 more for a conversation after 8 weeks. Do you have any advice for me?

  13. ritesh talan minz says:

    I am suffering from dust allergy, runny nose,red watery eyes,continous mucus formationin throat, astmatic from last five yrs, chest congestion.

  14. Ehsan elahi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I am suffering dust and damp allergy. Due to this difficulty in breathing attack asthma

  15. Praveen kumar sharma says:

    I am sffering from dust allergy influenza

  16. Amrat Teji says:

    For last three years I have been getting white foamy, frothy sticky septum at the back of my throat. As soon as I remove more is ready to be cleared. The septum is very thick, concentrated and sticky which cannot swallow, as it chokes me.
    ENT- have done 2 CT Scans, both showed no post nasal drip. Allergy test showed slight allergy to dust mites. I understand the CT Scan shows no postnasal drip, but I can feel the mucus in my sinuses and running down at the back of my throat. I feel the same texture and taste in my mouth, when I snort to unblock my sinuses, as. To feel comfortable, I have to suck up the thick, sticky mucus up from lower down in my throat or hawk it up and spit it out.
    ENT has diagnosed rhinitis – I have been prescribed many steroid nasal sprays, but the mucus becomes a very concentrated foam which is difficult remove and I am unable to get out of bed because it makes me feel unwell.
    Endscopy – show acid reflux
    Doctor at the A&E diagnosed it as catarrh.
    I breath through my mouth and the mucus dries and make my tongue and inside of my mouth very taught. The mucus emulsifies into froth, if I drink water when my mouth is dry and taught.
    I am constantly woken up with my mouth full of the foamy,frothy mucus.
    Please advise what is your diagnoses, if your can help, what medications you recommend and your fees.

    • Steephen Joy says:

      Dear Doctor,

      I was suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for the last 5 to 6 years , and now this is being developed to more of breathing difficulties , severe nasal congestion and sometimes wheezing. Took the chest x ray and it was perfectly ok. Then i did the blood test , all counts where normal except IGe , which was substantially high . So i did the allergy test also where we identified the cause as dust mite (dermatophaghoides farinae and pter levels were very high). I have also the IBS (Acidity issues) which can also be related to this allergy.

      Can you please suggest a treatment plan for my dust mite allergy and Asthma ( may be getting to that level now)


      • Rajesh Das says:

        Hello Doctor this Rajesh I am 40 years old I have dust allergy smoke and perfume also last 10 years. Can you please tell best homeopathic medicine for me. Some time I take allopathy medicine like L hint Mont and nasal Drom .
        Thank you so much Doctor

  17. RAMANDEEP singh says:

    Hello DR sharma ,

    My daughter is 18 months old , she got some allergy form dust or gargen soil , she put he hand in her mouth as habit , when she play outside , dry cough and sometimes wheez sound comes , with medical treatment we use salbutamol puffer when needed and she feels better after too puffs .

    I wanted to get hemopathy medicine for allergy please

    Thank you

  18. Abhishek Gond says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have problem with dust, mites and excessive watery nose. Sometime itching in eyes, and water coming out from eyes. It occurs in every three days. Please suggest me with valuable advices.

    With Regards,
    Abhishek Gond

    • Roushan Jaiswal says:

      Hello Sir,

      I am having problem with Dust and Cold air and it occurs any time. There is not any specific weather in which it happens. I am suffering from last 4/5 years , so please suggest me medicine and dose of that medicine.

      • The same here with my son.. any advice? First year was just the running nose, this year is also sneezing. He is no 11 and all started when he was 6.

  19. Ritu Agarwal says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am allergic to dust,perfume,old clothes, mites,incense sticks
    flower pollens,mosquito repellents etc. When affected, I have incessant sneezing,itchy eyes & nose,at times blocked nose & at times runny nose, & cough since ten years.But more recently,I am also facing shortness of breath & difficulty in breathing.I have been taking homeopathic medicines from a local doctor & it has helped me to some extent but not completely.Moresoover, I would also like to inform you that I have vitiligo & I take arsenicum
    Sulflavum 3x,Hydrocotyle Asiatica -Q, as medicines.Pl advise & cure my ailment,Ishall be so very greatful.

  20. Ajeet Singh says:

    i have problem for dust allergy from 5 years and also being effect in cold and hot weather..
    i have tried many ways of treatment like immunity vaccine,many allopathic treatments but no little result.
    symptoms of my allergy are..
    1..nose nasal blockage mostly at sleep time.
    2..light flu whole the year..
    3..some time flu water fall on throat and cause cough

  21. Ajeet Singh says:

    i have problem for dust allergy from 5 years and also being effect in cold and hot weather..
    i have tried many ways of treatment like immunity vaccine,many allopathic treatments but no little result.
    symptoms of my allergy are..
    1..nose nasal blockage mostly at sleep time.
    2..light flu whole the year..
    3..some time flu water fall on throat and cause cough

  22. sir,
    i am victim of dust allergy from 4 to 5 years and also being effect by perfumes,cold and hot weather..
    i have tried many ways of treatment like immunity vaccine,many allopathic treatments but no little result.
    symptoms of my allergy are..
    1..nose nasal blockage mostly at sleep time.
    2..light flu whole the year..
    3..some time flu water fall on throat and cause cough

  23. Hi doctor ihave dust allergy problem for some years i have choose homeopatgy can u please give me prescription and medicines.

  24. Azhar Rahi says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My wife has a seasonal allergy during April and May when the wheat corp is harvested and its dust spread through the atmosphere, rest of the year she is almost fine with some mild attacks due to dust storms. We have visited many homeopathic doctors which could not understand her situation and their medicines did not work and she ultimately has to visit hospital where doctors prescribes steroids. It is an unacceptable situation for us and we want a pure homeopathic remedy to cure or overcome this disease.

    • SUMBUL ZEESHAN says:

      I have severe dust allergy and what happens in my case is that my eyes swell up and are red, then my skin becomes itchy.I have piriton and fexofinidine and it doesnt work. what homepeth medicine can you recommend?

      • Arwa abbas says:

        From last past three months I have got some allergy problem. I get cough attack and after some time it feels I don’t have any problem. X ray blood reports , breathing test all normal. Can u please suggest me homeopathy medicine which can cure me.

  25. hi sir, namasthe
    i am having dust allergy last 1 year may be
    presently i am facing this prblm
    Dust Allergy with Sneezing and Runny Nose and
    with Red, Watery Eyes itching in eyes also
    very hard sneezing with throat pain

  26. Petya Dobreva says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I hope you can help us and give some advice, please.
    Originally we are from Bulgaria. We moved to England 2010 when my son was 2 years old. Two years after we be started rubbing his eyes. At that time I thought it could be his visit so I took him to a eye test. The optician said maybe is a bad habit, he is ok. And year after year still the same when last year one optician said is allergy and he refer him to the GP. The doctor prescribed drops and antihistamines. Over an year now he is with blocked nose and runny eyes. When he takes antihistamines, eye drops and nose spray he is better but I hope there is another way then antihistamines for the rest of his life.
    He has been seen by paediatric allergist and after the tests the doctor prescribed therapy with Staloral (Immunotherapy for allergic rhinits). I bought the Staloral, it’s quiet expensive, but haven’t started to use it yet.
    With my daughter ( she has unknown urticaria and has been on antihistamines every day for the last two years) we had very promising results. She is taking Urtica urens since September and since then she had antihistamines only twice. So I hope is something that can help my son.
    I hope you will be able to advice us.
    Thank you very much indeed for your time.

  27. ADITI BANERJEE says:

    I am Aditi and i am suffering form dust allergy since 6 years.It is genetic.My mother also has the same problem.
    Symtopms are-
    1.running nose with thin white discharge
    2.continuous sneezing
    3.dry throat and nasal congestion with breathing problems
    4.watery eyes and itching in eyes
    5.eyes and nose become red
    6..sometimes itching in nose. weighting for your kind selection of medicine.

  28. Ashutosh gupta says:

    Hello mam
    I am Ashutosh and i am suffering form dust allergy since 6 years.It is genetic.My father also has the same problem.
    Symtopms are-
    1.running nose with thin white discharge
    2.continuous sneezing
    3.sore throat and nasal congestion
    4.watery eyes and itching in eyes
    5.eyes and nose become red
    6..sometimes itching in nose

  29. Suraj ghonge says:

    I am Suraj Ghonge from Ghugus.I am in 13 Years old suffering from severe dust allergy , running nose and sneezing and cough

  30. Dileepkumar says:

    I am dileep Kumar from Ahmedabad. suffering from severe dust allergy , running nose and sneezing give more truble, night and morning breathing problem with visiling sound. red eye and eiching in nose. fealing are very fast. face having dry skin. sleeplessness .

    • VIKRAMA SINGH says:

      Namaste, I am working in a shop of cattle food items since 28years.There are all time dust are running in godown. Now I am suffering from sneezing nose and asthma. Please advise me a good Medicine to cure my disease.

  31. Lavanya B says:

    Hello sir, I am suffering from dust allergy with runny nose, lots of sneezing and cough. And I have runny nose regularly atleast twice a weak and early morning and when it rains.

  32. Iftikhar Hussain says:

    Good noon Dr.Sharma;

    I am suffering from Dust Allergy as per my test in NIC Islamabad due to which my Throat is also effected and my voice use to down while speaking and feel a pain in my chest and throat while speaking.

    My nose is stuffy and bilateral nasals are closed due to which I feel pressure in my forehead and ears.
    Please suggest my a medicine.

    Thanks and best regards,

  33. Nazir ahmad faraz says:

    My wife is 28 years old she has allergy problem. Itching on body and also got red rashes on body whats the solution. Currently she is taking anti allergy medicine citrazine

  34. Are those rmedies good for children and toddlers?

  35. Sir/mam
    I have sinusitis,tonsities from 2 yrs,difficult to breath when I walk.feel weekness.when I walk my heartbeat is high.sometimes cough is there.blood comes from nose also.

  36. Rangesh Sharma says:

    Doctor I am allergic to dust beside other common problems i have small balls on the tip of nose so my nose is generally red. Age 51 male white complexion,

  37. Hi Doctor, My name is Biswajit and I am from Bangalore. For the last one year I am suffering from dust allergy. Usually early morning I would get 20-25 sneezes. It is always accompanied by itching on the roof of the mouth. Situation is relieved by having MONTEC LC, a allopathic medicine.

    I do not smoke or drink. kindly help me in this situation

  38. I think dust mites are causing my colitis. What can I do

  39. Jayanta Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from nasal polyp(left side). I am taking lemina minor 200,ticurium 200 and cal carb.
    I also have problems from Dust. In dust my nose start running and itching((left one).
    Please prescribe me best medicine for dust allergy

    Thanking you


    Sir I am suffering with dust allergy and running nose since 7years ,for which I am facing acute like breathlessness, pls give suggestion how it can eradicate for ever

  41. My name is arunadevi. I am suffering from dust allergy. I am taking medicine from homeopatic nearly nine months still i am having problem but i feel littlte better.when it will fully cure?

  42. Zohaib waheed says:

    Hi. How r u.
    I have top of the mouth cough.
    Very dificulties in breathing.
    Wisel voice from the chest.
    Runing nose and one side of nose is closed.
    Very pain in all body.

  43. I have dust aellaryge 3year before will start. Because present is more but please most important best treatment I need please help me your suggestion please let me sir

  44. Dhananjay Singh says:

    Sir—I m patient of dust prblm running nose,cough,etc. so plz medicine name nd usase. Of of medicine nd details….plz preffer homoupathic

  45. Sir, regards, I’m diabetic and under alopathic medication, age 59 years. My both testicals itching severely, no other part of my body has this problem. After cold water wash or bath I get relief. Kindly advise

  46. Rahul Sahkya says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    Whenever I am contacted in dusty environment I got nasal infection with runny Nose and sneezing with itching in eyes and cough. I am very sensitive and highly got infection in dusty environment.
    Please suggest Homeopathy Medicine which is easily available in HomeoStore.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rahul Sahkya

  47. Anupam bhatia says:

    My child 7.4 yrs old. Suffering from dust mite allergy as told by doctor with test. He is suffering from last 4 yrs Aprox. What to do sir. He always suffered from cough and cold and dry throght. Plz help to save from allopathic

  48. Sajjad hussain says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have lower back pain for around three years.

    My MRI says:
    Loss of normal lordotic curvature seen likely due to muscle spasm.
    Disk dessiccation at L5/S1 level.
    Mild disc bulge at L5/S1 level causing indentation over the thecal sac without evidence of obvious canal stenosis or radicular compression.


  49. Hello, This is regarding to my daughter who is suffering from cold on and off for the past 3 years. She went through allergy test and was diagnosed with dust mite allergies. Mainly her allergies starts in the october and lasts the whole winter. She is fine in the warmer climate. Where we live is normally very cold and and lots of trees. Last year we had adenoids surgery for her but no use. She get nasal discharge all day clear and at with she is always blowing her nose with persistent cough. Her cold is stuck and not going away. I have tried Kali bichromium but its not working. Please suggest with to do. She is 10 1/2 yr old.

  50. Dear sir I am suffering with dust allergy.First it starts with sneezing,watering of nose for two days then it travels towards throat and 4th,5th day starts coughing.after that starts breathing problem. Upper side of palate starts itching v intensely.Then it goes for months is a recurrent problem since I was child 12 year I m 52 yrs. Can you pls suggest some medicine.

  51. Hi sir .
    I am having house dust allergy > 100 I have taken pothos and spogia medivine. When to take these medicines and till when to take it ?

  52. Ashim Kumar saha says:


  53. Hello sir
    My son having allergies from tree pollen mix-3, European ash tree-3, house dust mites-6 to 10, positive-3
    He having cetirizine and nasal spray since 5 years.
    He is 8 year old and cauz of allergies he gets runny nose, coughing, nose block, ear block.
    Please advice what medication can cure him

  54. Rajesh Mani Tiwari says:

    Fast and laboured breathing after sleeping either day or night, nose congestion, snoring. Chest sound hears. Age 13 years. Almost itcomes in seasonal changes. Antiallergic allopathic medicene Montina L works for a day not finalised. Please help.

  55. Sir abdul qadir here same i have posted already now I am writting the whole problem sir i have used the herb last year in december its name is mango steen it weakend my stomach and also weakend my digestive system, lack of need of meal this situation is now onward.sir when ever I eat meal there is inside ralease of secretion in throat or from nose.

  56. Sir I have been suffering in dust allergy since 2013 onward.sir i have tried lot of alopathy medicines but it pevented me for time bieng other wise no such permnant sir kindly help me out.

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