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Homeopathic Treatment for Dysphagia

Dysphagia is a term used to describe the difficulty in swallowing. Sometimes the patient experiences pain while swallowing fluids, solid and semi foods. This painful swallowing is called odynophagia. Dysphagia usually arises from disorders of the esophagus. Another cause for dysphagia is the weakening of nerves and muscles involved in moving the food down the throat and esophagus. The causes of dysphagia also include esophageal stricture, esophageal tumor, and achalasia. Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or injury to the brain and spinal cord also cause dysphagia. Homeopathic treatment for dysphagia follows a symptomatic approach to help such patients. An indicative picture of the individual is the first step towards selecting the most appropriate homeopathic medicine for dysphagia. The chances of recovery in dysphagia vary from case to case. In cases with mild symptoms, improvement with homeopathic treatment for dysphagia is possible. In cases with severe symptoms, homeopathy provides supportive help.  homeopathic treatment for dysphagia

Symptoms of Dysphagia

Symptoms of dysphagia vary from mild to severe. The symptoms of dysphagia include the feeling of food being stuck in the throat or behind the sternum; gagging, choking or pain while swallowing; heartburn; or regurgitation of food. Dysphagia may be noted while consuming liquids, solids or both. Dysphagia may lead to respiratory problems like aspiration pneumonia and also malnutrition.

Homeopathic Treatment for Dysphagia

1. Lachesis and Hyoscyamus – When Swallowing Liquids is Difficult

Lachesis and Hyoscyamus are effective medicines for dysphagia. They are effective when dysphagia for liquids is present. Lachesis is used when the patient has difficulty in swallowing liquids or even saliva. Pain and swelling in the throat are also present. There is choking when drinking liquids. Hyoscyamus is useful when there is a constricted sensation in the throat along with an inability to swallow liquids. Fluids may go the wrong way down the larynx. Other symptoms include a burning sensation and shooting pain in the throat.

2. Kali Carb and Alumina – When Swallowing Solids is Difficult

Kali Carb works when there is difficulty in swallowing solids along with gagging and vomiting. Kali Carb may also work well in cases of dysphagia from the stricture of the esophagus. In such patients, food may also go into the windpipe. Alumina works well when swallowing of solid food is difficult, painful and there is extreme dryness in the throat. The throat feels plugged. A patient needing Alumina can consume warm drinks with ease.

3. Baptisia and Baryta Carb – When There is Inability to Swallow Solids

Baptisia and Baryta Carb are some of the best medicines for dysphagia. They are helpful in cases where a person can only consume liquids, and there is gagging at the introduction of solid food. A patient needing Baptisia cannot swallow any solid food because of a constrictive feeling in the throat. Consuming only liquids is easy. Constriction at the cardiac end of the esophagus may also be present. Baryta Carb helps in cases when the patient consumes only liquids. Not even a slight amount of solid seems to move down the esophagus. Stinging and burning in the throat may also be present. Empty swallowing leads to a smarting pain in the throat.

4. Belladonna and Cactus – When the Patient Has To Drink to Swallow

Belladonna and Cactus are both significant treatment for dysphagia where the patient has to drink water to help swallow food. Belladonna works well when a person having dysphagia has to drink water to help swallow food. There is also a tendency to choke easily while swallowing. The food may go down the wrong way.
Belladonna is a medicine for painless dysphagia. Cactus is highly indicated when a person has to drink a lot of water to make the food move down the esophagus. Heat and constriction in the throat may also be the symptoms indicating the use of the Homeopathic medicine Cactus. A feeling of suffocation may also arise from constriction in the throat.

5. Anacardium and Hyoscyamus – For Dysphagia with Choking

Medicines that are most suitable for dysphagia with choking while swallowing are Anacardium and Hyoscyamus. The characteristic feature to use Anacardium is easy choking while eating or drinking anything. Scraping and rawness in the throat are also important symptoms for selecting this remedy. Hyoscyamus is effective when there is choking while drinking liquids as the liquid goes down the larynx instead of the esophagus. The fluid may also regurgitate and come out through the nose in some cases.

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  1. S.C.JAIN says:

    My radiotherapy is completed since 1 month. I am not able to take food by mouth. I am fed by nasal tube. About 20 ml water or liquid can be taken at a time. though with difficulty/
    Taking food by mouth is absolutely essential for further recovery.
    Kindly suggesy\t.

    • Kapil Sarna says:

      Dr. Sharma, my father is 89 years and suffering from Parkinson Disease. We have recently admitted in hospital in since he was unable to eat. He is being treated and administered with RT for feeding medicine and liquid diet. He has problem with swallowing food, may be due to weakening of muscles in throat. I assume it to be Dysphagia, hence looking out for homeopathy treatment for him so he can eat normally without RT. Appreciate, if you may advise, if there any effective homeopathy medicine to treat him. Appreciate to hear from you at the earliest pls.
      Regards Kapil

  2. sabiha musharraf says:

    helli sir
    i m from pakistean.I feel like choking in the lower part of food pipe while eating.dr has diagnosed me with anxiety leading to stomach more acidic and causing inflammation in food pipe.feeling so for the last one month.kindly guide me rightly.much worried and fearful as well.

  3. Joan Hutton says:

    I am 76 and have all these symptoms. I have had my esophagus stretched twice. Last time was not even 2 weeks ago and already symptoms are back
    Feels as if I am having spasms in my esophagus
    Keeps me awake at night. Hard to swallow even water. Can’t finish a meal. Reflux. I am at my wits end. I don’t know what else to do. Please inform

  4. Fareed Ahmad says:

    Mere dost koRight side paralysis 5 years back hua tha, ab bolne mein awaz saaf nahi nikalti hai aur bola hua samajh nahi aata ,gale mein kuch phansta hai,zaban akad jaati hai, sookha phanada din mein 1-2 baar lagta hai,munh mein laar bahut nikalti hai, ainthan aur dard kabhi haath aur kabhi leg mein hota hai

  5. Subir Dutta says:

    When I swallow solid food it dose not go down easily .but it dose not happen every time often it happens ,i had to drink a lot of water to push the food gown.Which medicine will be best for me.

  6. Devin Bower says:

    Sometimes when I swallow, I start coughing. Feels like some of the food goes down the wrong pipe. Even whe swallowing saliva

  7. मुश्ताक खान says:

    मेरी उम्र 58 साल है
    मुझे खाना निगलते समय पाणी पिते समय गले मे हमेशा खाना और पाणी अटकता है और बहोत बार गले मे सुजन आजाती है
    बहोत ईलाज लिये मगर कूछ भी फरक नही हुआ
    कूछ इलाज दवाई बताओ

  8. Sadaf Ashraf says:

    My mother age 75 is suffering from Parkinson since 6 years , now she has extreme swallowing problem only milk shake and liquids she can injest we are at moment giving him gelsimum, argentem nitricum and causticum in 30 potency, plz I need your help for suggesting other homeo medicines for this problem , iam extremely worried

  9. Abu Syed Mohammed Faisal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am from Bangladesh. My mother got brain stroke 20 days back from now on. Now she still in hospital. Left side of her body paralyzed. Feeding underway through NG tube. I am worried about when she would start eating. Doctor said the stroke is ischemic type as per ct scan report. Is there any remedy to have fooding orally. Early reply is utmost addressed from you.
    Thanking you.
    Dinajpur, Bangladesh

  10. Kriti Sinha says:

    Thank you so much, it was a great help

  11. Sophia says:

    Dear Dr sharma .. you have mentioned a number of medicines for dysphagia but I don’t know what exactly will suit my child.. my son is a patient of liccencephaly type 1 brain disorder… he has trouble in swallowing solids and he chokes while he drink water… he can take purees and semi solids easily… he suffers from aspiration all the time and we have to give him antibiotics all the time… please help me select the right medicine and right dosage so I can help him… he can not sit or stand on his own and he is 5 years old

  12. Rafi Ahmed says:

    Please suggest homeopathy remedy for pain in throat and difficulty in swallowing following cold and productive cough

    • Abu Syed Mohammed Faisal says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma
      I am from Bangladesh. My mother got brain stroke 20 days back from now on. Now she still in hospital. Left side of her body paralyzed. Feeding underway through NG tube. I am worried about when she would start eating. Doctor said the stroke is ischemic type as per ct scan report. Is there any remedy to have fooding orally. Early reply is utmost addressed from you.
      Thanking you.
      Dinajpur, Bangladesh

  13. Gail Fleming says:

    I can’t remember which remedy to use when sensation of something stuck on roof of mouth. Please advise.

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