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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Dysuria

Painful urination or passing of urine with a burning sensation is called Dysuria. The pain is in the urethra or the urinary bladder. It may be accompanied by a frequent urge to urinate. Some patients suffering from dysuria may also complain of itching or stinging in the urethra. A patient can experience pain during urination. Whereas, In some cases patient may complain of pain at the end of urination. Flank pain may also appear along with painful urination. Urine may also be cloudy, purulent, turbid, bloody, or loaded with casts and sediments. Homeopathic medicines for Dysuria are very effective and safe. Individual symptoms help in the proper selection of a suitable medicine for Dysuria.   homeopathic medicines for dysuria

These help with the complete recovery of acute as well as chronic Dysuria. The duration taken for full recovery in dysuria varies from case to case.

Causes of Dysuria

There are various causes of dysuria. Among them, the major one is a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection refers to an infection that appears in the kidneys, ureter, bladder or urethra. The factors that make a person prone to urinary tract infection are diabetes mellitus, catheterization, pregnancy, and prostate enlargement. Other causes of dysuria include urethral stricture, prostatitis, kidney stones, gonorrhea, and vaginitis.

Homeopathic Medicines for Dysuria

Homeopathy aims at treating the cause behind dysuria to ensure complete cure. Medicines that are highly useful in treating dysuria are Cantharis, Sarsaparilla, Apis Mellifica, Petroselinum, and Borax.

1. Cantharis – For Burning and Scalding Pains in the Urethra

Cantharis is a very effective treatment for dysuria. The main symptoms for using Cantharis in dysuria are a violent burning, scalding, and cutting pain in urethra experienced before, during and after urination. The burning is so intense that the patient cries and screams in pain. There is also a constant urge to urinate. Cantharis is one of the most recommended medicines for dysuria arising from urinary tract infection. Cantharis works well in cases where there is intense burning as the urine passes in drops.

2. Apis Mellifica – For Stinging Pain in the Urethra

Apis Mellifica is another useful medicine for dysuria. Apis Mellifica is recommended for cases where stinging pain in the urethra is a prominent symptom. The urine passed is scanty and may include casts. Apis Mellifica should also be used when the last drops of urine passed cause excessive burning and smarting. There is also irritation in the neck of the bladder along with the above symptoms. Tenesmus during and after urination may also be present.

3. Sarsaparilla – For Pain at the End of Urination

Sarsaparilla is an extremely effective medicine for dysuria when there is severe pain in the urethra at the end of urination. This pain from the urethra may extend to the abdomen. The stream of the urine is feeble and thin. There are gravel and red or gray sand present in the urine. Sarsaparilla is also one of the best medicines for dysuria from renal calculus.

4. Petroselinum – For Dysuria with a Sudden and Irresistible Desire to Urinate

Petroselinum is one of the most suitable medicines for dysuria. It works well in cases where there is a sudden and overwhelming urge to urinate. There is burning and tingling in the urethra with a sudden and constant urge to pass urine. Intense biting and itching deep in the urethra are also major indications to use Petroselinum. Petroselinum treats dysuria arising from cystitis and urethritis. It is also one of the top grade medicines for dysuria in patients suffering from gonorrhea. In gonorrhea cases, a milky, yellow discharge from the urethra may also occur along with burning.

5. Chimaphila – For Ropy, Mucopurulent Sediments in the Urine

Chimaphila is a very effective medicine for dysuria when accompanied by stringy, mucopurulent sediments in the urine. In these cases, the urine is turbid and offensive. A patient who needs Chimaphila has to strain before the urine starts to flow. There is a burning sensation while urinating. Fullness in the bladder is an accompanying feature, and there is a constant desire to pass urine.

6. Uva Ursi – When the Urine Contains Pus and Blood

Uva Ursi is a highly recommended medicine for painful urination when the urine contains pus and blood. There is burning and tearing pain in the urethra. Frequent urination is also a symptom. Urine may also be green colored and emit a strong, pungent odor. Uva Ursi treats dysuria from pyelitis very effectively.

7. Borax and Sarsaparilla – For Dysuria in Children

Borax and Sarsaparilla are top listed medicines for dysuria in children. A patient in need of Borax screams in pain before urinating. There may be red sand in the urine. Sarsaparilla works well in cases where the child cries before and while passing urine.

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  1. My age is 31 year .I have small pain and burning inside tips of penis after urinatin from last 2 year .I used many madicene but not find salution ..I check up 4 month ago by Urologist doctors and test urethrograpy xrays and urine culture test ..but not found any infection in these test .as per tests i am OK ..but I have small pain and burning ..and yet I have not found any salution of this problem ……..

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