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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Discharge

Any fluid coming or draining from the ear is called ear discharge. In medical terms, ear discharge is called Otorrhea. The liquid discharge from the ear varies in nature. It may be thin, thick, sticky, clear, white, yellow, green, brownish, full of pus, or bloodstained. In some cases, the fluid is offensive in nature. The accompanying symptoms of ear discharge are ear pain, itching in the ear, difficulty in hearing, vertigo and noises in the ear. The character of ear discharge and additional symptoms like an earache, deafness, and noises, are also to be taken into consideration while deciding on homeopathic treatment for ear discharge. Even the hardest, most long-standing cases of ear discharge have a good scope of being treated under the homeopathic system of medicine.  homeopathic treatment for ear discharge

Causes of Ear Discharge

There are three major causes of ear discharge. They include trauma to the ear canal or rupture of the eardrum; an ear infection that may be bacterial or viral; and swimmer’s ear, also known as Otitis Externa.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Ear Discharge

Homeopathy is very successful in treating the complaint of ear discharge. There is a long list of medicines for ear discharge. When medicines are selected and used as per the individual set of symptoms, it leads to excellent results. Following are some best remedies for treating the condition:-

1. Kali Mur – Top Grade Medicine for Ear Discharge

Kali Mur is a top listed medicine for ear discharge. It proves highly useful in treating chronic ear discharge. In such cases, along with ear discharge, deafness and noises in the ear may also occur. These noises worsen on blowing the nose or on swallowing. Kali Mur also treats swelling or blockage of the Eustachian tube and is an excellent  medicine for chronic Catarrhal conditions of the middle ear.

2. Silicea – For Ear Discharge with Pus

Silicea is a highly recommended treatment for ear discharge with pus. The discharge may also have an offensive or fetid odor. Silicea also works well in cases of bone destruction from ear discharge with a long history. In these cases, there may also be a dullness of hearing and different kinds of noises in the ears. The noises may be roaring, tinkling or fluttering in nature. Sometimes, throbbing pain in the ear may also occur. Caries of mastoid cells caused by ear discharge is also treated well with Silicea.

3. Psorinum and Tellurium – For Foul Smelling Ear Discharge

Psorinum and Tellurium offer a lot of help in case the ear discharge is offensive in nature. Psorinum works well in cases of ear discharge which is offensive, fetid and putrid in nature. The discharge may be brownish in colour and purulent in nature. An intolerable itching in the ears may also accompany the discharge. Tellurium is prescribed when the ear discharge is thin, watery and smells offensive, like fish brine. Another accompanying feature for using Tellurium is intense acridity and excoriating nature of the ear discharge.

4. Merc Sol – For Ear Discharge Accompanied by Pain in the Ear

Merc Sol works well in cases of ear discharge that are accompanied by an earache. The pain is tearing and shooting in nature. The pain in the ear is worse at night. The discharge from the ear is offensive and mainly yellow in colour. It may also be blood stained. Roaring, ringing and buzzing noises are other accompanying symptoms. Merc Sol is also a top listed medicine for swimmers’ ear infection.

5. For Ear Discharge that is White, Yellow or Green in Colour, and Blood Stained

Natrum Mur and Kali Mur work wonders for white coloured ear discharge. For yellow coloured ear discharge, Merc Sol and Kali Sulph are highly recommended medicines. In cases of green coloured ear discharge, the most effective homeopathic medicines are Pulsatilla and Lycopodium. The most important homeopathic medicines for blood-stained ear discharge are Calcarea Sulph and Merc Sol.

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  1. रविन्द्र सिंह says:

    डॉ साहब नमस्कार मेरे कान के परदे छेद है और बहता है डॉ साहब कान पर्दा ठीक जाए और कान बहना बंद जाए इसका कोई उपचार बताये ओर साथ मे झींगुर के आबाज आती है

  2. डॉ. साहब मेरा right वाले कान में छेद है और हल्का पस भी आता है और टिन टिन की और जैसे तारे टिमटिमाते है उसी तरह से आवाज आते है और left वाले से एकदम सुनाई नहीं देता है

  3. Thanks for this list. I have ear discharge at night when in bed. It’s irritating and feels good to sop up and rub with a q-tip.

    During the day I also notice there’s always a bit that’s dried up at the top of my ear canal. When I pick it off it’s hard, white, thin, and flat.

    I also have persistent tinnitus, like the whine of fluorescent lights in both ears. It began the day I started taking HRT for intolerable menopause symptoms.

    Thanks for any advice!

  4. Rajeswari says:

    My husband 49 yrs, diabetic, suffering from ear pain watery discharge, and a hole is present in left ear .Docter prescribed CIPLOX D 5drops 2 times aday ×3week. What to do mam plse guide us

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