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Homeopathic Treatment for Eustachian Tube Blockage

The Eustachian tube is a tube about 35mm long that connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx. The function of Eustachian tubes is to equalize the pressure between the middle ear and the surrounding atmosphere. Another function of the Eustachian tube is to drain the mucus from the middle ear. Eustachian tubes may get blocked because of various infections. Homeopathic treatment for Eustachian tube blockage is safe, very effective and has no side effects.

Homeopathic treatment for Eustachian tube blockage works to correct the underlying cause of the problem. The prominent symptoms in every case need to be ascertained to help decide on the homeopathic treatment for Eustachian tube blockage. Among the top listed homeopathic medicines for Eustachian tube blockage is Kali Mur, Pulsatilla, Hydrastis, Merc Sol, Kali Bichrome, Silicea, and Gelsemium.

Causes and Symptoms of Eustachian Tube Blockage

Eustachian tubes may get blocked due to various infections. The infections may be those of the ear or upper respiratory tract. Cold, nasal allergies and sinusitis are other reasons for Eustachian tube blockage. The symptoms of Eustachian tube blockage include ear pain, difficulty or dullness in hearing, dizziness, fullness or a plugged sensation in the ear, and noises in the ear(Tinnitus).

Best Homeopathic Medicines for Eustachian Tube Blockage

1. Kali Mur – Excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Eustachian Tube Blockage Due to Chronic Ear Catarrh

Kali Mur is a highly effective homeopathic treatment for Eustachian tube blockage. Eustachian tube blockage due to chronic catarrh of the middle ear can be handled successfully with homeopathic medicine Kali Mur. In such cases, there is plugged sensation in the ears along with deafness. This sensation is accompanied by snapping and popping sounds in the ear.

2. Pulsatilla – Homeopathic Medicine for Eustachian Tube Blockage When Accompanied by a Severe Earache

Pulsatilla is a suitable homeopathic treatment for Eustachian tube blockage when accompanied by a severe earache. The earache may get worse at night. There is a blockage of the ear with difficulty in hearing. History of ear infection with the discharge of yellow, thick pus are other symptoms indicating the use of Pulsatilla. Other features are noises in the ear like wind or rushing water, and itching deep inside the ears.

3. Hydrastis – Homeopathic Medicine for Eustachian Tube Blockage With Marked Dullness of Hearing

Hydrastis is a well indicated homeopathic treatment for Eustachian tube blockage where dullness in hearing is a symptom. Thick, offensive, irritating discharge from the ear may also be noted. Another marked symptom is post nasal drip. There is also hawking of thick yellow mucus from the throat.

4. Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine For Eustachian Tube Blockage With Marked Tinnitus

Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol is mainly useful for blocked Eustachian tubes when tinnitus is prominent. The noises in the ear may be roaring, ringing or whistling in nature. Tearing pain in the ear may also be experienced. Otorrhea with offensive pus, often stained with blood, may be found. Difficulty in hearing gets temporarily better by blowing the nose or after swallowing.

5. Kali Bichrome And Silicea – Other Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Eustachian Tube Blockage

Kali Bichrome and Silicea are other very helpful homeopathic cures for Eustachian tube blockage. Kali Bichrome works well in cases of blocked Eustachian tube from chronic sinusitis. Thick, stringy post nasal discharge with blocked Eustachian tubes are indicative of using Kali Bichrome. Silicea is to be used in Eustachian tube blockage when a chronic history of pus filled ear discharge is present. The ear feels blocked, and hissing noises in the ear may also arise.

6. Gelsemium – Homeopathic Medicine for Eustachian Tube Blockage When Accompanied by Vertigo and Dizziness

When vertigo accompanies Eustachian tube blockage, then homeopathic medicine Gelsemium is a good choice. There is catarrh of the ear, earache, deafness and blocked Eustachian tubes. Vertigo, dizziness or a lightheaded feeling also occur in some cases. Vertigo is worse while walking. A sudden head movement may also trigger dizziness.

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  1. Firuj Alom says:

    Hello,sir I am 25years, I have hearing problems of my ear because a stesiscop practice of paramedical class but my friend loudly touch then some sound of my ear.and slowly lose hearing my right ear and coming to left. But I treatment Ent Dr. last one year no relief. CT scans is normal. Buzing sound, and human voice is not a clear, and own voice is echo .homeo medicine can effectiv. Sir,pleas help me,

  2. J.Sreenivasulu says:

    Good Afternoon, this is Sreenivasulu Advocate, Hyderabad. Due to mucus formed in between nose & ear, I have hearing problem in both the ears. Advice medicine

  3. Ashvini kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    I m suffering from Eustachian tube blockage.i feel fullness of ear every time.i took so many medication.still I m suffering from same condition .please sir help me.i m suffering last 8 months.

  4. Rajesh singh says:

    Si his eustachian tube is blocked and he is 12year old and from his left ear he is un ablr to lisition and he have cough problem and more sliva come from his mouth so sir i request u that tell medicen among in this and how to give doses i will so much thanks full to u

  5. Divya Goswami says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I have been having muffled hearing and popping in my left ear for the last six months. Feel pressure and blocked in the ears. GP gave me antihistamine tablets and steroid spray but doesn’t work. Please help to get rid of this condition.
    Many thanks

  6. Carl Anthony says:

    Step A positive for onset of throat pain now left ear Ottis Media. 10 days ongoing No ear drainag, loss of hearing constant pulse in left ear. Pain reduced with medication and active treatment with antibiotics. emergency room visit for extreme pain on onset. Was under treatment with HBOT therapy and developed a cold. Stopped HBOT went to ER. Suggestions please for opening of Estation tube and create drainage Thank you

  7. Ashok Chamraj says:

    Dear sir,what is the dose for gelusmium?

  8. Hi dr. Sharma,
    would appreciate any advise. My ears (eustachian tubes) have been blocked for almost 2 months following a sinus infection in january and a mild flu at begining of february. MY ears (left mostly) feels blocked, can’t pop my ears at all, fullness and pressure which I feel in my head also and lightheadness/dizziness. there was also hearing loss 3 weeks ago which slightly improved. Specialist said there is not fluid behind ears, no infection anymore in sinuses/ears. but my ears won’t open or equalize the pressure and feeling is horrible. no tinitus or ache. i am 36 old womanwith no history of allergies, sinus infections or ear problems. steam, prescription drugs, valsalva maneuver don’t work.
    Been taking Mercurius dulcis 6x and kali muraticum 6x twice per day for 10 days. ears still blocked with fullness/presure although feel better some days.
    should i stop kali muraticum and try gelsemium. also have pulsatilla and Kali sulph at home but never took those.
    Please. Could you be so kind and give me some advice. i am desperate.
    Thank you so much

  9. Bonnie flynn says:

    Can you take Merc Sol and Gelsemium? I have both the symptoms of the pain, really bad tinnitus and the dizziness

  10. My right ear is blocked for almost six months. I have tried antibiotics but didnt work.

  11. Tapas Kumar Basu says:

    I am gettimg a blocked sensation and dullness in my right ear for a few days. I am using Kali Mur 6X for four days, but no improvement is noticed. Please suggest me.

  12. LAXMIKANT SAHU says:

    Feels fullness and Muffled hearing in my left ear from last 3 months almost in every 6-7 days for 3 -4 days.
    Also feels dizziness

  13. sir, My ear is plugged from 4/2/18.Doctor said that your ear is plugged due to Eustachian tube infection.i m feeling tinnitus in ear also. Ear wax is not problem.Is there any medicine in homeopathy that my ear will cure. Plz tell cure in homeopathy.

  14. Anne Bishonden says:

    Hi Dr could you recommend a medicine or medicines for high pitched crackling in one ear made worse by outside noise can be constant high pitched, seems like a blocked Eustachian tube. Have chronic catarrh all year round.It effects sleep and is worse at night.

    A constant noise in your head wears you down,

    Would Merc Dulcis or Kali Muraticum be of any use?

    Thank you for any help Anne

  15. Well I read all the above I have what seems to be all the above listed at once, this is horrible. So then I could use one for one thing at a time but now how would this be if I have all? i know you can not always combined natural and or medicine together with out some negitve results. So what would be suggeted for aome one in this case ?

  16. M.SURYA NARAYANA says:

    Respected sir
    My boy 6 years old/39 kgs body weight, suffering from adenoids and middle ear infection/pain.
    At present using antibiotic, ENT doctor suggested to insert tube at ear drum to drain out the fluid from middle ear.
    Kindly advise is there any medicine /treatment available in homeopathy.

  17. Ghulam sabar says:

    Dear sir
    I went to a allopathic doctor for check up of my ears due to feeling of ear blockage as a result of catarah.
    He told me that both of the ears are blocked due eustachian tube infection. He suugested the surgery. But I can’t afford it. Please tell me the appropriate remedy for eustachian tube infection
    Sincerely Ghulam sabar

  18. mrs. Sudershan khare says:

    hello Dr sharma
    i am feeling pain in my right year while chewing.dr was saying its due to lockd jaw but i have no pain in jaw for last one month. i cannot sleep on right side .l am on liquid diet. pl suggest some homopathic medicine.

    • mrs. Sudershan khare says:

      hello Dr sharma
      i am feeling pain in my right year while chewing.dr was saying its due to lockd jaw but i have no pain in jaw for last one month. i cannot sleep on right side .l am on liquid diet. pl suggest some homopathic medicine.

  19. Rashida Davies says:

    Where do I purchase these medications. I have been having eustachian tube problems due to T. M.J since 2015. Where can I purchase these pellets??

  20. Rita Chopra says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I have tinnitus in my right year for a few years following a severe cold
    I would appreciate your advice as to the best homeopathic medicine to take

  21. I have popping in my ears as well as tittnus constantly, a plugged feeling and pain at night. Would Kali Mur or Merc Sol be my best bet?

  22. Hello Dr. Sharam,

    I am female, 47 years old, relatively healthy and am suddenly having issues with muffled hearing in the left ear. It is fine for one day then clogged for two days. I do not have allergies or a cold. I have a history of bruxism (clenching teeth at night). Jaw feels sore on the left side and I have a little bit of neck and back stiffness on left side. I do have mild tinnitus in both ears but now the left ear feels pressure and a roaring sound. Worse in the morning when I wake up. No dizziness, pain or vertigo. The left side of my face feels pressure but I do not have a cold. When I bend down and get up, I feel light headed. I’ve tried Sudafed, ibuprofen and allergy pills. I have two young sons that need me. Would you have any recommendations? Do let me know if you require any further information.


  23. Jane Wright says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please tell me how much and how often should I take gelsemium to help clear my eustation tubes and improve my balance.

    Thank you.

  24. I have blocked Eustachian tubes: no discharge, no crackling, no pain, no noises of any kind. I can hear but there is a plugged sensation like you get in an airplane, but I can hear. Sometimes the hearing seems muffled if there is ambient noise, for example, but generally I am able to hear OK. I saw ENT doctor who said there was a buildup of mucus behind my eardrums.
    I have been having what I suppose are allergies – lots of random sneezing and sometimes nose running, itchy nose. Inside my nose is dry and swollen – crusty bleeding in the right nostril as it gets irritated. I have a post nasal drip. Not thick at all.
    I recently had the flu, which affected upper respiratory, had a cough (not a deep one but a rolling one) and I thought the post nasal drip was a remnant from that, but the fullness in the ears started before the actual flu.

  25. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    3 years ago, I had external ear infection because of swimming. I used the ear drops and the fungal infection subsided. Few days after that my lymph node connected with Eustachian tube swelled and I massaged it externally. The lymph node drained and was OK. After that I went to ENT and he said I had refracted ear drum. He gave me antibiotics and asked me to inhale steam twice a day. After medication ,I didn’t have pain in my left ear but always had feeling of fullness in my ear and blocjked Eustachian tube. I hear ringing sounds also while lying on bed.

    Please let me know If there is any homeopathic medicine for such condition.


  26. Akshay Kaul says:


    Since August 6, after a bout of rhinitis in the right nostril (which has a deviated septum) my Eustachian tube of that side got clogged. Perhaps, it was the allergic reaction to an attempt at clean a dysfunctional keyboard from the inside. Gradually, the left ET also got affected.

    Incidentally, it remained open throughout.

    After taking several courses of antibiotics, antihistamines et. al. the right ET improved a bit, but, not entirely. Some days, it seems pretty close to normalcy, and on others, the stuffiness resurfaces. Inhaling steam is now a routine. Forayed into alternative medicine options namely, Homeopathy & Ayurveda, which furthered the wellness a tad.

    However, the sudden relapses of the Right ET problem, still occur. This issue is a bane of my existence, and happens with annual regularity, except in 2015, 2016. I beseech the innate kindness in you to give a lasting solution to my Eustachian tube quandary. I haven’t slept a wink in the last forty days, merely sit through the night in a perpendicular position.

    Dairy products are completely black-listed, and even, lemon, which we drank in the form of tea in the evenings has lost favor. After exerting suction pressure a stringy transparent mucous resembling saliva drops into the mouth. Occasionally, and perhaps, due to the force, an ear stone (otonica) also drops into the mouth.

    However, the Right Et is quite open during the daytime, and post-sunset, it feels clogged, thereby giving me immense claustrophobia and anxiety. In 2012, a similar thing happened which continued for over six months. Back then, Mercurius Dulcis 30 C drained the mucus, instantly.

    In the present scenario, I have tried Kali Mur 6x and Kali sulphuricum 30C drops, but to no avail.

    Please, help me get rid of this Right ET issue.
    God bless you.

  27. Esa Abrahams says:


    I have been suffering with this problem for almost two years and is only now learning what it’s about. I have great trust in the use of homeopathic medication and will use Kali Mur and Gelsemium as my symptoms are more in that line. I do not have pain or any kind of discharge. I only have the vertigo light headedNess and the hissing and funny noises in the right ear only.

    Please tell me if there are any specific dosage that I need to use for my problem.

    Thanks so much, you have already helped by just identifying my problem and where it comes from.

  28. Sue Carey says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I have post nasal drip, deafness in my left ear on waking and ringing/high pitched tinnitus. The deafness/sensation of fullnesss came on in June when the pollen count was high. I have no pain, no cough, no sore throat, no runny nose or eyes. PND is worse after drinking cold water or eating chocolate for example or taking supplements. I have stringy saliva and need to clear my throat a fair amount sometimes but not all day. My head feels ‘swimmy’ after using a cordless phone and a mobile phone makes m’y throat hoarse after a while. Which homeopathic remedy would help do you think?

    Kind regards

    Sue Carey

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