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Homeopathic Treatment for Amnesia

What is amnesia?

Amnesia refers to memory loss in which a person has either inability to recall past events, memories, experiences or have difficulty in learning new information and forming new memories. The memory loss may be partial or complete. Depending upon the cause it can either be temporary or permanent. The sufferer having amnesia does not forget his / her own identity.

What are the reasons behind it?

Amnesia can arise from damage to brain structures including thalamus and hippocampus that form the the limbic system that is meant to control emotions and memories.

It can arise from head injury. Other than physical trauma , the damage to brain that can lead to amnesia can arise from :

1. Inflammation of the brain medically known as encephalitis

2. Stroke – It is a medical condition arising from reduced / interrupted blood supply to a part of the brain  that deprives brain tissue of getting oxygen and nutrients

3. Oxygen Deprivation to brain eg, from heart attack, respiratory distress

4.  Seizure – It refers to sudden electrical disturbance in the brain that is uncontrolled and lead to changes in your behaviour, movements and in levels of consciousness


5.   Tumors in brain that locate in area which controls memory can also lead to memory loss

6. Use of alcohol for long periods of time that can cause Wernicke – Korsakoff syndrome (a brain disorder in which amnesia is one of the symptom and this disorder occurs due to lack of vitamin B-1, or thiamine , caused by long term alcohol use)

7. Some medications, like sleeping drug, Ambien and also benzodizepines

8. Alzheimer’s disease  (progressive brain disorder that gradually cause destruction of memory and thinking skills and lately the ability to carry out the simplest tasks) and other forms of dementia ( a term used to describe diseases and conditions in which there is a decline in memory and cognitive abilities)

9.Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)), or electroshock therapy can lead to temporary memory loss


What are its symptoms?

The major symptom  of amnesia is memory loss where a person has difficulty to remember and recall past memories, information, events, previously learned facts, places, recognize faces and/or there is inability to learn new information and form new memories. Short term memory is mostly impaired and a person forgets recent information, memories but remote memories are retained like that of childhood . The motor skills like ability to walk are are not forgotten.

Other symptom is occurrence of false memories . False memories refers to phenomenon in which a person invents a memory that did not actually happened or recall real memories misplaced in time.  There may also appear confused along with above symptoms.


What are different types of Amnesia ?

1. Anterograde amnesia

In this type of amnesia ,  a person can not learn / remember new information or is unable to form new memories but he remembers previous memories before the event.  This mostly arise from too much alcohol, brain damage from trauma / injury to  brain , stroke  or encephalitis. This type can be temporary or permanent depending upon the cause behind it.

2. Retrograde amnesia

In this type person have difficulty in remembering past events, information and have inability to recall previous memories

3.Transient global amnesia

In this a person experiences confusion or agitation that appears on and off for several hours. The person also loses memory of events in the hours before the attack. Symptoms mostly last for less than a day in this type. It is thought to occur from seizure, or blockage of the blood vessels supplying the brain for short period of time. It is a rare type and is most commonly seen in middle – aged and older adults.

4.Childhood / Infantile amnesia

In this type the person is unable to recall events from own’s early childhood from three to five years of age. This may be due to problem with language development or incomplete maturing of certain areas of the brain that are  linked with memory.

5. Post traumatic amnesia

This type arises from head injury / trauma like from a hard blow to the head. It is mostly temporary for a short time but may be permanent too.  It  depends upon the severity of the injury.

6. Psychogenic amnesia

It is rare type and  arises from emotional shock like from being a victim of sexual abuse or any violent crime etc.

Homeopathic Treatment of Amnesia

Homeopathic medicines play an effective role in managing cases of amnesia. These medicines aim to halt further progression of the condition and depending upon the case recovery. How much recovery is possible with them depends upon the severity of the condition as well as the reason behind it. One can use these medicines along with psychotherapy to help a person as much as possible. These homeopathic medicines are of natural origin so does not have any side effects.


Homeopathic medicines For Amnesia

1. Anacardium

This medicine is prepared from layer of nut between shell and kernel of a plant Anacardium Orientale commonly called as marking nut. This plant belongs to family anacardiaceae. It is a very beneficial medicine when there is marked loss of memory. The person needing it does not retain anything in his memory. He loses power of recollection completely. It may happen all of a sudden.   It is a well indicated for memory loss after stroke and after some sort of fright. It is also a top grade medicine to manage amnesia in alzheimer’s disease.

2. Cicuta

Homeopathic medicine Cicuta is prepared from root of plant Cicuta Virosa commonly known as water hemlock. This plant belongs to family umbelliferae. It is well indicated when a person fails to recognize anybody and is unable to remember what has happened recently. His memory goes blank for hours or days together. To him everything appears strange. He is confused and mixes up the present with the past. It is a useful medicine when memory loss follows seizure.

3.Nux Moschata

Nux Moschata is prepared from powdered seeds of a plant commonly known as nutmeg that belongs to family myristicaceae. It is given when there is loss of memory and a person doesn’t recognise surrounding, places and streets previously well known to him. He seems to be lost somewhere when spoken to. He gives answers which have no reference to questions asked to him. While speaking he is also unable to use appropriate words and stops many a times in between the lines  and changes the speech because of his inability to use right and accurate words. It is also indicated when there is entire loss of memory of  his past life.


This is next helpful medicine for loss of memory. Persons needing it are unable to recollect things. They have great confusion of mind. They make makes mistakes in speaking and writing. While speaking they use words not meant to be used. They also are incapable of following up an idea.


5. Agathis Americana

This medicine is prepared from ‘Kauri tree’. It is a great medicine to manage cases of memory loss. People who need it retain memory for past events but are forgetful for everyday things. They are also forgetful for words and mixes up words or use wrong letters. Forgetfulness about what they were about to do or say may also be there.

6. Absinthium Artemisia

This medicine is prepared from fresh young leaves and flowers of a plant commonly known by the name of common wormwood. This plant belongs to family compositae. Its use is mainly recommended for cases where memory loss arise after epileptic fit.It is indicated when there is forgetfulness about what has recently happened before and after fit .

7. Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is mostly used when there is sudden loss of memory and have poor short term memory. There is complete forgetfulness about recent thought, speech, ideas and action .

8. Some other important medicines

I) Arnica and Natrum Sulph

These are two top listed medicine to manage memory loss that follows head injury, trauma like from a fall or blow on head.

II) Plumbum Met and Anacardium

They are indicated for memory loss that follows stroke.

III) Zincum Met and Absinthium

These are prominent medicines for cases of memory loss after epileptic fits.


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