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Homeopathic Treatment for Meralgia Paresthetica

Meralgia paresthetica is a condition that causes numbness, tingling, burning and pain in the outer area of thigh. It is also known as Bernhardt – Roth syndrome. Homeopathic treatment for meralgia paresthetica includes using natural medicines that effectively help manage symptoms like burning, numbness, tingling, and pain. This condition occurs when there is compression, pinching or damage to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  

Homeopathic treatment for meralgia paresthetica        

Homeopathic Treatment for Meralgia Paresthetica

Homeopathic medicines hold a great promise in treating cases of meralgia paresthetica. The medicines used in these cases are of natural origin and bring excellent and safe recovery. With the use of well selected medicine as per the individual prominent symptoms, one experiences relief in both intensity and frequency of the symptoms. One also needs to follow some lifestyle modification along with use of these medicines like avoiding wearing tight clothes, losing weight if are overweight, avoiding standing / walking for long periods of time.

For Numbness in Thigh

  1. Lac Defloratum 

It is a well-indicated medicine for cases where numbness over the outer side of thighs is prominent. Along with this pain is present in thighs. The pain appears soon on stepping on the floor in the morning. 

  1. Conium

Conium is another excellent medicine for managing numbness in thighs. Thigh pain of pressing, drawing nature usually attends numbness in cases needing it.

  1. Spongia

Spongia is the next medicine in the list to manage thigh numbness. In most cases needing it, a stitching pain in thighs especially on walking appears. With this there is sensation as if muscles of the upper end of thigh are short. Other than this tickling sensation especially in the left thigh may be felt sometimes. 

  1. Carbo Veg

Last medicine prominently indicated to manage thigh numbness is Carbo Veg. In addition to this people needing it also complain of thigh pain that may be tearing, drawing, constrictive or stitching in nature. They may also have pain in the outer side of the left thigh when going upstairs or on lifting the thigh. They also frequently complain of burning sensation in thighs. Numbness in thighs when walking is yet another symptom.

For Tingling Sensation

  1. Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid is a very helpful medicine to manage tingling, pricking sensation in the  thighs. Most people needing it also have numbness in thighs along with above complaint 

  1. Sabadilla

It is a natural medicine prepared from seeds of plant Sabadilla officinarum commonly known as Cebadilla or Cevadilla. This plant belongs to the family Melanthiaceae. It is highly useful medicine when there is marked stinging sensation in thighs. This is accompanied by pain in the thigh. The thigh pain is most time boring or tearing in nature for using this medicine.

  1. Silicea

Silicea works well in cases with peculiar pricking sensation in the thighs. Persons who require it also experience thigh pain with this. The pain is explained as shooting or stitching in nature by them.

For Burning Sensation 

  1. Zincum Met

Zincum Met is very effective medicine to manage burning sensation on the outside of the thigh. For using it other symptoms may attend to it. These include drawing, stitching, tearing or sore pain in the thigh and heaviness in thigh while walking. In some cases the pain from the thigh can extend downward to the knee. This mostly happens while standing and gets better by sitting in most of the cases.

  1. Agaricus

This medicine is the next significant medicine to manage burning sensation in thighs. People requiring it also have pressing pain in thighs or drawing pain in thigh, extending to knee. They usually complain that crossing legs cause violent pain in thighs. Walking also worsens thigh pain in them. They also have soreness in thighs.

  1. Berberis Vulgaris

This medicine is prepared from the bark of the root of a plant named barberry that belongs to family Berberidaceae. It is also very valuable medicine to manage burning sensation in thighs. Other complaints that a person needing it may have along with this includes thigh pain and sensitivity. The thigh pain they usually have varies from tearing, stretching, throbbing to shooting type. The thigh is sensitive and is painful to the slightest of touch. 

For Thigh Pain

  1. Rhus Tox

It is a very effective medicine to manage thigh pain. The main symptom to use it is pain in the outer portion of thigh that worsens while sitting and gets better by walking. The pain is usually tearing in nature. It is top listed medicine to treat cases where over activity / over exertion or injury has brought on the complaint.

  1. Colocynth

Homeopathic medicine Colocynth is prepared from pulp of fruit of a plant Citrullus colocynthis commonly known as bitter apple. This plant belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. It is a very effective medicine to manage thigh pain. For using it the pain may be drawing or tearing in nature. The intensity of pain is very high and standing is difficult due to pain. Walking is also painful from thigh pain. In many cases the pain can radiate from thigh to knee especially right side where it is indicated.

  1. Guaiacum 

Guaiacum is prepared from gum resin of tree Guaiacum officinale. It is a large tree growing in the West Indies. It belongs to the family Zygophyllaceae. It is a very useful medicine for thigh pain when attended with crawling or tingling sensation. The pains are  pressing. Tension in thighs may accompany this. These symptoms are worse when walking and are better when sitting. Another key feature is pain from the middle of the thigh extending to the knee.

  1. Causticum

Its use is indicated when the thigh pain is worse at night time. The pain is usually described as tearing, bruised and drawing type in persons who require this medicine. With this a characteristic feature to use it is soreness of thigh upon which there is body weight, forcing him to turn over frequently. 

  1. Arnica

It is prepared from the root of the plant Arnica Montana commonly known as Leopard’s – bane or fallkraut. The family of this plant is Compositae. It is one of the best medicines to manage cases that follow a blow, trauma or injury. Most people needing it have thigh pain that arises when walking. They also have excessive soreness of thighs. This medicine helps to heal the injury and reduce thigh soreness and pain.

  1. Ledum Pal

This medicine is prepared from dried small twigs and leaves collected after flowering begins of plant Ledum Palustre. This plant is commonly named as Wild Rosemary, Marsh Cistus and Marsh Tea. This plant belongs to the family Ericaceae. This medicine is used when the pain in the thigh is worse from standing or walking. A feeling of pressure in the thigh accompanies. Worsening of thigh pain from touch is another symptom suggestive of its use.

  1. Gelsemium

Gelsemium is prepared from the bark of the root of the plant Gelsemium Sempervirens, commonly named as Yellow Jasmine. This plant belongs to the family Loganiaceae. It works well when the thighs are very sore and sensitive to touch. Violent lancinating pain in thigh is present. Person can move their thigh very slightly. 

  1. Dulcamara

This medicine is prepared from  fresh green stems and leaves, gathered just before flowering of plant Solanum dulcamara commonly named as Woody Nightshade and Bitter-sweet. It belongs to the family Solanaceae. It is indicated when a person has thigh pain while sitting. The pain can be drawing, tearing or pinching type and he finds relief in the pain by walking.


This nerve is a sensory nerve and supplies sensation to the skin surface of the outer thigh. Normally this nerve after originating in the lower spine smoothly passes through the groin to the upper thigh. But in cases of meralgia paresthetica this nerve gets trapped in its pathway (usually under inguinal ligament) leading to its symptoms. The compression of this nerve can arise from various reasons like wearing tight – fitting clothes or tight belts, weight gain, obesity and pregnancy. The damage to nerves can result from diabetes (it can damage the nerves) or trauma like from seat belt injury during a car accident.

People who are overweight, diabetic people, pregnant women and people of age group between 30 yrs to 60 yrs are at risk to develop this condition. Standing or walking, cycling for a long time also predisposes a person towards this condition. In some cases it can follow some surgery or trauma to the hip or back.


Symptoms include numbness, tingling, pain and burning sensation in the outer side of thigh. The pain sometimes can extend to the outer side of the knee. Bee sting sensation may be felt in the outer side of thigh in some cases. The outer side of thigh may also be sensitive to light touch and hypersensitive to heat. The symptoms mostly occur on one side of the body. Walking and standing might worsen the symptoms. Initially the symptoms are mild but with time when the condition gets worse, the pain intensifies and becomes sharp and shooting in nature. 

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  1. Rishabh rupela says:

    Numbness pain and like burning in left thigh,

    Type 2 diabetes patient
    Age 36
    Weight 78
    High 5.10

  2. G subbarao says:

    My name is subbarao age 37 I got sick with fever on august 25 th 2020 after that my leg thighs and shoulders more painful my leg thighs pain heavy in night like someone hit on my legs and needles pin to my thighs irritation and burning sensation i can not walk 1 km i consult so many doctors in allopathy not cure. I consult homeopathy doctor they gave me rhus tox 200 pulsatilla 200 mag phos 200 but not cure please help me sir.. I suffer from six months iam not going to sleep with pain.

  3. Jonah polsky says:

    I had laparoscopic hernia mesh that folded and balled up and became rock hard. It did lots of damage and mist of either nicked the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve or scar tissue must have formed compressing this nerve.
    I had the mesh removed in a difficult surgery
    The doctor said the main area of the balled up mesh
    Was around the ASIS.
    I’ve been taking Gabapentin for 3 years now and although it helps a little it’s a awful drug and I don’t want to take it forever .
    Sitting for me is want sets off the Merlagia Paresthetica
    I get burning in the front and side of my leg all the way to the knee. Wearing shorts helps.
    But I also get the burning pain in my outer groin
    I’m hesitant to get another surgery after what I’ve been through with my mesh removal surgery
    I’d like to get off the Gabapentin and find other treatments or ointments
    Anything you can do or rx would be greatly appreciated

  4. Priyadarshini Sinha says:

    Burning sensation and numbness in thighs

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