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Homeopathic Treatment for Nausea

Nausea is a sensation of uneasiness where a person feels the urge to vomit. Nausea can appear with or without vomiting. Nausea is not a disease, but a symptom arising due to a number of causes. Primary causes of nausea are stomach infection, indigestion, food poisoning, morning sickness during pregnancy, migraine headaches and travel sickness which includes car sickness, air sickness, and sea sickness. Homeopathic treatment for nausea is safe, natural and effective. Natural medicines for nausea are capable of dealing with nausea arising from various causes. Nausea from a stomach infection, indigestion, or a migraine can be managed easily with remedies. Motion sickness is also very well treated with these remedies. This mode of treatment is a safe option for dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy.

Homeopathic Treatment for Nausea

Recommended remedies for nausea are Ipecac, Arsenic Album, Cocculus Indicus, and Sepia. Ipecac is a good medicine for nausea that is constant. Arsenic Album is used for nausea caused by a stomach infection or by food poisoning. Cocculus Indicus works well for treating car or air sickness. Sepia is a recommended treatment for nausea during pregnancy.

1. For Nausea from Stomach Infection or Food Poisoning

Top medicines for effective treatment for nausea arising from a stomach infection are Arsenic Album and Nux Vomica. These two remedies give excellent results when nausea appears due to food poisoning. Arsenic Album is used for nausea accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Nux Vomica is useful when nausea with ineffectual urging for ?? and abdomen pain are present.

2. For Nausea During Pregnancy or Morning Sickness

Natural remedies effectively manage nausea during pregnancy. Good remedies for morning sickness are Sepia and Symphoricarpus Racemosa. Sepia works well for nausea in the morning, or when nausea is aggravated by the smell or sight of food. Vomiting after eating may also occur. Symphoricarpus Racemosa is a good choice when nausea occurs along with an aversion to all kinds of food. In such cases, persistent vomiting is also a feature.

3. For Nausea During a Migraine

Remedies for nausea accompanied by a migraine are Iris Versicolor and Cocculus Indicus. Iris Versicolor is an excellent choice for treating a headache accompanied by nausea. A headache is felt in the frontal and temporal region. In such cases, acidity may also appear. Cocculus Indicus is useful when vertigo and headache accompany nausea. The headache is mainly centered in the back of the head. Loss of appetite, vomiting, and fainting may also occur.

4. For Nausea during Travelling or Motion Sickness

Motion sickness includes sickness caused while traveling by car, air or sea. Remedies for car sickness and air sickness are Petroleum and Cocculus Indicus. Tabacum is used to deal with sea sickness.

5. For Nausea with Indigestion

Remedies for nausea with indigestion are Nux Vomica and Pulsatilla. Nux Vomica works well when nausea and retching appear with indigestion. Pressure is felt in the abdomen after eating. The person considers vomiting to feel better. In such cases, constipation may also occur. Pulsatilla works well for nausea and indigestion arising from eating heavy food like fats, pastries, and cake. In such situations, there is an aversion to all food. Dyspepsia and flatulence may also appear along with nausea.

6. For Nausea Caused by the Smell or Sight of Food

Colchicum is a good homeopathic medicine for nausea caused by the smell or sight of food. Nausea in such cases is very intense and may lead the person to faint. Vomiting may also appear. Colchicum is very helpful when the very thought of food nauseates a person.

7. For Nausea Caused by Eating or Drinking

Effective medicine for nausea caused by eating or drinking are Cocculus Indicus and Pulsatilla. Along with nausea, vomiting may also occur. In such cases, acidity along with distress may be felt in the abdomen.

8. For Constant Nausea

Ipecac is a beneficial medicine for nausea that is constant. Nausea in such cases is very intense. Ipecac is the most frequently used remedy for persistent nausea, irrespective of the cause. Vomiting may also appear along with persistent nausea. The vomit is bilious or consisting of white, glairy, mucus. The patient does not feel any relief after vomiting. Profuse salivation may also accompany nausea.

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  1. Julieann Gillitt says:

    Hi I am suffering distinct hunger followed by nausea. I am also VERY tired. These symptoms came on following a tummy upset but I also suffer from silent reflux. The latter came one after 1-2 years of taking HRT (Estrodial gel x2/day Utrogen? (Progesterone tablet)), as did a worsening of my Raynaud’s.. I find it difficult to keep warm. I am a very active person, cycling, running, weights and work as an Osteopath. I eat well, mainly vegetarian, some chicken, lots of fish. I’m 5ft 3 1/2. ~48-50Kg. Any ideas for the nausea, reflux and Raynaud’s? Thank you. Julieann :))

  2. Charlotte Tong says:

    My PA has prescribed a Statin with CoQ10 as preventative for cardiac issues due to high cholesterol. I instantly have headaches and nausea when taking statins. I am afraid of medicines as well as strokes, so I feel kind of trapped here. I have long term GERD and started Omeprazole which works to keep the bile down. Antiemetics/Antinausea meds have so many negative indications and side effects. I would prefer a naturopathies or homeopathic remedy to treat the nausea and headaches.

    • Linda Brownstein says:

      I am on a chemo medicine called Enhertu. It’s number one side effect is nausea which I am experiencing. I am taking Zofran and have other medicines prescribed for the nausea. I am not vomiting nor do I have diarrhea. I would like to find a homeopathic remedy to supplement the nausea. Would Ipecac be a good choice to dispel the nausea in my case? I sometimes am also dizzy and lying down helps.

  3. Donna Howell says:

    I have been prescribed Progesterone at night. The next day I beco.e nauseous around noon for at least a couple of hours. What would your suggestion be?

  4. Hi,
    Where can I find Ipecac? My health food store said it is to make one throw up. I am desperate!
    Thank you

  5. Hello,
    My 21 year old son (college student) is nauseated every morning until about noon. He has some sleep issues too, but, regardless of sleep, he is nauseated upon waking and it doesn’t seem to go away with sips of water or crackers. The only thing that seems to help is time.

    He is working on his sleep and eating schedules, which have not been ideal.
    Any thoughts are welcome.
    Thank you,

  6. Maam I am feeling weak , and dry nuasea without vomiting every time and and sometime vomites after drinking tea , food aversion take only little and tongue gets bitter and dry , throat is soued and horsen, stool is inconsistent with smell , like to drink glucon D in water , and vomits whenever brushing teeth , also feeling tongue coated when rub folded tongue in mouth , and momently feel shivering usually at evening and night , always want to be in bed ….this problem is started from last week

    • Vatsala sharma says:

      My husband has lung cancer.. he is suffering from nausea and throws up after eating… what is homeopathic remedy?

  7. Linda Kramer says:


    I am suffering from daily nausea due to being exposed to toxic mold. I am no longer being actively exposed but I still have the toxic mold in my body, and I feel nausea most days for most of the days. Do you think Ipecac is the best homeopathic remedy for me? I dont ever feel like I will vomit. I also have very low appetite, food is not at all appealing.

    Thanks very much,


  8. Amjad Malik says:

    Dear Sir , My sister has suffering from Pancreatic Cancer with sever nausea and vomiting which occurs even two or one day as she eats or drink some thing. greenish and brown vomiting stuff has offensive smell with bitter and sour taste. please prescribe some Homoeopathic remedies. Thankyou

  9. Elaine Arnoldy says:

    My sister has nausea related to drainage from allergies and acid reflux

  10. Nurul Amin Chowdhury says:

    Hello, my son is 16 years old and is suffering from nausea and headache for a few months. Which medicine do you prescribe for him.

  11. Have been sick since late Nov.Gnawing abdominal pain every few hours relived by eating .Nausea with retching not vomiting except once vomited phlegm. Post nasal drip.belching flatulence.Got better after a few days..took some slippery elm powder and tried lycopodium abdominal pain /epigastric pain comes that is relieved by eating…5 days ago started up again..very nauseous cant even put toothbrush in mouth without nausea..unable to eat much..some soup
    crackers I get nauseous eating..lycopodium did not seem to help this time
    Lots of runny nose and post nasal drip..loosing weight..need something for nausea so I can eat
    Also feel emotional ..tearful..worried.
    Last month went to er where they prescribed anti nausea med that was dangerous to use with the sotalol I take for a fib..c.t. Scan done nothing indicated.

  12. D.N.Sharma says:

    My brother I law who is in Jaipur is having problem of vomiting since last 25 days. He is not able to take even water orally. All allopathic medicines are ineffective.
    Kindly suggest any line of treatment which can cure him.

  13. Asok dutta says:

    Having high fever with loose stool motion.unable to decrease fever with crosin.already three years gone .pl give medicine homeo for atleast decrease fever.ipecac given to him when he has a slight sence of nausea. His age is 44 years,male ,having work in education system.

    • Asok dutta says:

      Having high fever with loose stool motion.unable to decrease fever with crosin.already three days gone .pl give medicine homeo for atleast decrease fever.ipecac given to him when he has a slight sence of nausea. His age is 44 years,male ,having work in education system.

  14. VK ARORA says:

    My wife suffers from chronic nausea for more than 3 yrs. It starts early morning & continues. Allopathy has not helped. Pl.advise an effective medicine in homeopathy.

    • Julie Shoemaker says:

      My daughter-in-law has severe nausea and vomiting 24/7. She has been to the hospital so many times and they just give her meds and send her home. It usually doesn’t help at all. Now her specialist is telling her to stop all of her nausea meds because it is damaging her heart. She has suffered from this for quite some time now. Nothing so far has helped. We are desperate for anything that would help her.

  15. Mehvish ayaz says:

    I’m looking for a homeopathy remedy for nausea , I’ve anxiety problem also due to anxiety I suffer from nausea , I want to get rid out of it pls help, thanks.

  16. Im looking for a homeopathic remedy for a teenage boy , who has had cancer , he has been chemo free for 2 years . Has bouts of nausea, possibly linked with emotions , strong possibility of i.b.s .

  17. Yogesh Chandarana says:

    please suggest homeopathy medicine for nausea after eating persists ocassionally and how to administer the drugs.

  18. Pradip Das says:

    Sir, my wife 48 yrs old, face severe vomiting with frontal headache and after vomiting she feels very sour and can’t contact teeth with teeth because of the sour taste. Undigested food come out but vomiting feeling stays long. Often she requires injections of ondem 2ml and ranitidine 2ml and after that she requires alprasolum .5 to sleep. In this situation she suffers from bright light, and sound. But I want a homeo solution, would you please help? She is a teacher in a high school. In case she takes too strain this problem occurs frequently. As she grows older the frequency of her problem increases. Allopath does not help. Please help.

    • Heres what you need to do;

      Immediately stop all commercial food products, any packaged food items, milk, butter everything, no soda pops even. No bakery items. Only Consume home cooked food, whole wheat roti (bread). No cold water, icecream etc,

      Take homeopathic medicine, Nat Phos 6X. Take two tabs ten minutes after every meal.

      Nothing to be taken right after meals, no water, no fruits vegetables, no tea atleast for 45 minutes.

      She will be cured in no time.

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