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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Orchitis

Orchitis refers to the inflammation of testicles. It can be one-sided (unilateral) or both sided (bilateral). In most cases, orchitis is caused by a bacterial infection or a viral infection. Homeopathic treatment for orchitis carries an excellent scope to treat the problem for long-term results. Homeopathic medicines for orchitis boost the body’s immune system to fight the infection causing orchitis and promote natural healing. They help reduce the inflammation in the testicles and manage the associated symptoms like pain in the testicles, heaviness in the testicles, groin pain, painful / burning urination, painful ejaculation, and discharge from the penis.

Homeopathic Remedies for Orchitis

Clematis Erecta – Homeopathic Remedy for Orchitis with Painful, Inflamed, Swollen Testicles

Clematis Erecta is a natural homeopathic medicine used to treat orchitis. It is prepared from the leaves and stem of a plant named ‘Virgin’s Bower’ that belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. A person needing Clematis Erecta has painful, inflamed, and swollen testicles. A bruised feeling in the testicles may be present, along with a drawing or shooting pain in the testes. The pain from testicles tends to extend to the groins and the thighs. Swelling in the groin on the same side as that of the inflamed testicles also appears. Sometimes, a pinching pain is felt in the testicles. The testicles are also painful to touch. Walking worsens the pain.
Clematis is also indicated for a burning pain that appears during ejaculation. The patient may have a history of gonorrhea.

Rhododendron Chrysanthum – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Orchitis when Testicles are Sore and Painful to Touch

Rhododendron Chrysanthum is a natural medicine prepared from fresh leaves of a plant commonly named ‘Yellow Snow Rose.’ The natural order of this plant is Ericaceae. Use of Rhododendron is considered when testicles are very sore and painful to touch. The soreness extends from the testicles to abdomen, thighs or perineum. The nature of pain in the testicles varies from drawing, sticking, bruised, pressing, pricking or tearing. The pain in testicles gets worse from sitting, and there is relief from motion or walking. A thin discharge from the urethra may be present. Fever may attend orchitis. There may be enlargement of testicles after chronic orchitis and swelling of testicles post gonorrhea.

Spongia Tosta – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Orchitis with Stitching, Shooting Pain in Testicles

Spongia Tosta is indicated for orchitis with stitching and shooting pain in the testicles. The pain from the testicles may extend to the groin and the spermatic cord. Pain in testicles can get worse from touch. In a few cases that call for the use of Spongia, a pinching or squeezing pain in the testicles is felt. Along with orchitis, the epididymis may be enlarged and hardened. A heated sensation in the scrotum, testicle and spermatic cord is usually present.

Conium Maculatum – Natural Homeopathic Cure for Orchitis with Painful Ejaculation

Conium Maculatum is a natural medicine for orchitis where the affected person experiences painful ejaculation. The testicles are swollen with cutting pains in testicles.
The pain from testicles extends to the root of the penis. Sometimes, pressing and tearing pains in testes may be present. It is also indicated for very severe pains in the testicles that appear during the night, often waking the person from sleep.

Pulsatilla Nigricans – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Orchitis following Mumps Infection

Pulsatilla Nigricans is a natural remedy for orchitis prepared from a plan called ‘Wind Flower.’ This plant belongs to the family Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla Nigricans offers natural homeopathic treatment for orchitis that follows a mumps infection. There is an aching, burning pain in the swollen testicles. The testes are also sore with tearing, lacerating or burning pains. Testicles are very tender to touch. Sometimes, there may be a severe, pressing pain in testicles. The pain may extend to the abdomen and loins. Standing and walking worsens the testicle pain. A deep-seated pain is felt in the groins too. Fever, nausea, and vomiting may arise with orchitis. Along with a swollen testicle, the epididymis is also swollen (a condition known as epididymitis). A thick yellow or yellow-green discharge from the penis may be present.

Nux Vomica – Homeopathic Medicine for Orchitis with Swelling and Hardness of Testicles

Nux Vomica is indicated when there is inflammation of testicles with swelling and hardness. The testes are sensitive and painful to touch. A pain of constrictive, and drawing nature is present in the testicles. Pressure and motion worsen the pain. Cramp-like pain and contraction in spermatic cord may be felt. A thin discharge from the penis may appear. Burning on urinating is also present.

Merc Sol – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Orchitis with Gonorrhea Infection

Merc Sol is a well-indicated natural remedy for orchitis linked to a gonorrhea infection. The person needing Merc Sol has swollen, hard testicles with a drawing pain that extends to the groins, abdomen, and legs. There is a yellowish-greenish discharge from the penis. The discharge may be worse at night. Other symptoms include painful erections, burning in the urethra while passing urine.

Cantharis Vesicatoria – Effective Homeopathic Treatment for Orchitis with Painful, Burning Urination

Cantharis Vesicatoria is recommended for orchitis treatment when the testes are swollen, inflamed, and painful. A predominating symptom that indicates the need for this medicine is painful, burning urination. A burning, smarting, pain is intensely felt while passing urine. Sometimes, cutting pain in the urethra is also present. Another attending symptom is burning pain in the urethra after coitus.

The Main Cause of Orchitis

A viral infection that mainly leads to orchitis is mumps. Bacterial orchitis primarily results from epididymitis (infection of epididymis – a coiled tube at the back of the testicle that stores sperm while they mature and transports sperms from testicles to vas deferens).
Bacteria mainly associated with orchitis are E.coli and staphylococcus.

Risk Factors Associated with Orchitis

The risk factors for orchitis from sexually transmitted infections include – having a partner with a sexually transmitted disease, having unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners, or himself having a history of any sexually transmitted infection.

Risk factors for orchitis other than from sexually transmitted infection are – repeated urinary tract infections (UTI’s), any surgery of urinary tract or genitals, congenital problems of the urinary tract, and not being vaccinated against mumps virus.

Signs and Symptoms of Orchitis

The signs and symptoms of orchitis may be present on one side, or on both sided. These symptoms include pain in the testicles, swelling in testicles, heaviness in the swollen testicles, pain in the groin, tenderness in testicles, painful and burning urination, painful ejaculation, blood in the semen, discharge, nausea, fever, vomiting, and swollen lymph nodes of the groin area.

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  1. Tariq javed says:

    Suffuring from pain and swelling in left testical. it is bacterial infection. what to do. urine flow not good. prostat glang increased in size.

  2. Hi Doctor Sharma

    I feel pain in the left testicle during ejaculation. Also sometime a server spike of pain is felt in the left testicle running to the cords when something strikes the testicles even very gently. There is no pain on pressing them. Left testicle is not swollen but rather slightly smaller than the right one. Ultrasound revealed only some water filled cyst that the doctor said were not objectionable. Nothing revealed in blood tests. Doctor has suggested a blood test for investigating the possibility of cancer. What do you suggest?

  3. Lagan Khatri says:

    My son is having biletal testicles pain from last 2 minths. No swelling. Normal urine and.normal stool. Also.pain in liwer back. Sime times heavynpain in testicles. Headache also. Urologist diagnosw 8t as Bileyeral Orchalefia.

    Kindly suggest us

  4. I have undergoing the condition of testical pain , mainly in left testical with slight touch and sometimes swallon ; it also some time to the base pennis , buttock, left leg and calf left size , groins. There is also shrinking of penis and difficulty in erection.
    Through tests, I am having prostities, colotis , Vericocele and hydrocele in left testical.
    Presntly, I am on antibiotics for last 20 days. I am also strated homeopathy medicine for last 7 -8 days.
    If I try to remember, this pain and swelling in left testical had happened 4 years back and doctor gave me antibiotics and advised me to wear loose underwears.Off and on I am taking antibiotics ,since then.
    Isit lack of proper blood flow in whole body.
    What is the permanent treatment for cure. Can you advise me in matter. My age is about 62 years.

  5. সুমন says:

    অমি সুমন আমেক এপিডিডেমো অর্কিটিস হোয়েচে / আমার 1 বছর থেক বেথা অণ্ডকোষ 2 সাইড ই বেথা হচ্চে

  6. Hello I have been feeling sharp pains in my right Testicles that comes and goes and it’s little swollen and sometimes squeezing feeling and heaviness, at time I feeling burning sensation when I go to the bathroom. The pain gets worse at night. Can you please help?

  7. abu jafar sadek says:

    orchitis i have ..but when i do some hardwork then i feel pain. but swelling no,,,,tenderness present… i also feel penis burning sudden ,, so now what can i do now?

  8. Dear Dr. Sharma
    i am long term sufferer of chronic orchitis with atrophy and pain. Problems started after using finasteride a drug for my hair loss which altered both my hormonal and immune status. My body since using finateride for a few months produces less testosterone and less cortisol. I have tested for both of them in several clinics abroad. Slowly after stopping finastedide i developed chlamydial prostatitis epidydimitis and chronic orchitis. I didn’t even have active sexual life at that time. So it was probably lurking in my prostate and finasteride triggered the infection from changing size of prostate and testicles to start with. I tried many therapies years ago to stop the condition, first of all hormones, then antibiotics some of which worked along with prostate massages for years. But still condition is lingering and i experience slow but ongoing atrophy in my testicles. Now my testicles are very small. Prostate is much better now. Still testicles are the basic problem. I reckno now that it is some immune issue left over attacking my testicles since no matter what hormones or antibiotics i use they don’t work.
    Which homeopathic remedies to use?

  9. Ketan kumr says:

    Mam mughe orchits ki samsya hai jo pahale dono testis ke sparmatic cord main pain tha per ab testis main pain rahata hai pahale but ab sirf right testis our right thai (leg) main pain rahata hsi

  10. Algeria King says:

    I have been diagnosed with Chronic Orchitis. I also have cyst on the left testicle. I would like to explore alternative treatment other than anti inflammatory options.

  11. Nurul Amin says:

    Andkosh Mein Dard Hai Aur full bhi jata hai aur Hamesha Latke Hue rahte hain

  12. Jayasankaran Dr says:

    I am Jayasankar 75 year old man suffering from left testicular pain with funiculitis swelling of spermatic chord pain radiating to left inguinal region. Problem exits for40 years. Epidectomy was done with no tangible benefits. I am diabetic and grade one enlargement of prostrate. Generally E. coli and Steptococus grown in culture. All antibiotics tried. Can you suggest a homeopathic medicine for relief.

  13. Doctor my son is 18 years old and was treated for orchitis but yet there is swelling on his testicle is this a normal sign

  14. Ithink I have Orchitis with pain when I am sitting and burning at urination
    what should I use
    Cantharis Vesicatoria?

  15. SK MISHRA says:

    What are the best medicines for epididymitis orchitis?

  16. Amrik Singh says:

    Dr.Sharna Ji

    I am suffering for enlarged testical on both side. Some times the right side becomes that hard and painful that it becomes difficult to sit. My food habit is Veg. and non drinker. This problen is for the last two t o three months.

  17. k ashok kumar says:

    Dr. Sharma Ji
    I have swelling in one of my testicles(I am also taking treatment for C L D/Chronic Liver Disease
    There is no pain in testicles and there are no lumps but the swelling is hard and makes it difficult for me to walk freely but the swelling subcides in the mornings and again becomes hard after sometime. I have taken allopathy medicines mostly anti biotic but there is not much relief and Dr. is suggesting surgery. I do not intend to go for surgery in view of my liver disease. Is there any effective homeopathy medicine for this. I am 61 years old.

  18. K ASHOK KUMAR says:

    Dr. Sharma Ji
    I have swelling in one of my testicles(I am also taking treatment for C L D/Chronic Liver Disease
    There is no pain in testicles and there are no lumps but the swelling is hard and makes it difficult for me to walk freely but the swelling subcides in the mornings and again becomes hard after sometime. I have taken allopathy medicines mostly anti biotic but there is not much relief and Dr. is suggesting surgery. I do not intend to go for surgery in view of my liver disease. Is there any effective homeopathy medicine for this. I am 61 years old.

  19. viswanathan says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have slight pain in left spermatic cord and slight swelling. for last one month.kindly suggest some good homeopathic medicines.I am 52 yrs old

  20. I have a minor pain in my right testis since 4 months..i was little bit injured while riding a bike..i thought it will gone but still there is a pain in my kindly tell me some homeopathic medicine for having a relief..Thankyou

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