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Homeopathic Treatment for Gangrene

What is Gangrene?

Necrosis or death of body tissue is known as Gangrene. Lack of blood supply and infection are the major causes for gangrene. Health conditions that affect blood circulation may predispose a person to gangrene. The primary causes for gangrene are smoking, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, severe injuries, frostbite, peripheral arterial disease, and Raynaud’s phenomenon. Gangrene usually develops in the legs and feet. The types of gangrene include dry gangrene, wet gangrene, and gas gangrene. In dry gangrene, the skin shrivels and dries, and becomes brown, blue or black. Persons having atherosclerosis and peripheral artery disease are predisposed to dry gangrene. In wet gangrene, the affected body tissue is swollen, soft, emits a foul odor, and has blisters. Severe burns, frostbite, and injuries are predisposing factors for wet gangrene. In gas gangrene, the bacterial infection forms gas within the affected tissue. The most common bacteria leading to gas gangrene is Clostridium Perfringens. Wet and gas gangrene have a poor prognosis as compared to dry gangrene. Homeopathy can treat gangrene. Though the body tissues that have died cannot be revived, homeopathic treatment for gangrene can stop its progression. In dealing with a case of gangrene with homeopathy, a detailed case taking is required along with a precise analysis of the case for the final prescription. A well qualified homeopathic physician should be consulted to decide the most effective homeopathic medicine for gangrene, and self-medication must be avoided.

Top Grade Homeopathic Medicines for Gangrene

1. Secale Cor – An Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Dry Gangrene

Secale Cor is a top ranked homeopathic medicine for gangrene which is dry. The main symptoms for selecting Secale Cor as a treatment is dry, shriveled skin with a bluish appearance. The affected area is usually numb. If touched, it feels icy cold. In spite of the feeling of coldness; warmth or external heat over the damaged part is unbearable. Covering the affected area is also intolerable. Uncovering the affected part and cold application makes it feel better. Although the skin is cold externally, internally a burning sensation is felt in the troubled area.

2. Arsenic Album – An Excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Dry Gangrene

Arsenic Album is another homeopathic treatment for gangrene that is dry. Arsenic Album works well when there is a burning feeling in the affected area. The skin appears to be dry, dirty, blackish blue and shriveled, as a result of occluded blood supply. A very peculiar symptom for selecting Arsenic Album is if the patient gets relief with warm application over the distressed area, even if there is burning. Patients requiring Arsenic Album may also show anxiety and restlessness.

3. Anthracinum – Highly Beneficial Homeopathic Medicine for Wet Gangrene

Anthracinum is a significant and highly beneficial homeopathic medicine for gangrene. For selecting Anthracinum, the symptoms to look out for are blackish blue blisters with foul secretions. These secretions are very offensive. Along with these symptoms, there is an extreme burning in the affected area. There is noticeable sloughing of the skin, also known as gangrene ulcers. In cases where Anthracinum is prescribed, the patient feels very weak. Anthracinum is a prominently indicated homeopathic treatment for gangrene that follows burns or scalds. If given on time, the use of Anthracinum can prevent surgery.

4. Calendula – Valuable Homeopathic Medicine to Prevent Gangrene After an Injury

Homeopathic medicine Calendula is an excellent homeopathic medicine for gangrene that may arise following an injury. Treatment with Calendula should be started as soon as possible after the injury to prevent gangrene. Calendula is a good healing agent and ensures healthy granulation of the wounded skin. Using Calendula at the right time prevents pus formation and further superadded skin infection over the injured area can be avoided, reducing the chances of putrification of the skin. Calendula works well in cases of old, neglected wounds that may get infected with gangrene.

5. Silicea – Homeopathic Medicine for Gangrene with Blisters and Pus Discharge

Silicea is a frequently used homeopathic medicine for gangrene with blisters and pus. Silicea works well for cases where pus discharge occurs. It should be employed early on because of its ability to control the suppurative process. It is a very effective homeopathic remedy for skin complaints with pus discharge and foul odor. In gangrene, Silicea gives promising results in cases where blisters and pus discharge dominate.

6. Carbo Veg – Helpful Homeopathic Medicine for Senile Gangrene in the Toes

Carbo Veg is an important homeopathic medicine for senile gangrene of the toes. It is helpful for gangrene in aged people appearing as a consequence of insufficient blood supply due to occlusion of arteries. The indicating feature for the use of Carbo Veg in the treatment of senile gangrene is cold, bluish skin. In some cases, a putrid odor from the gangrenous area arises. Along with this, the person feels weak and lethargic and feels better in cold air.

7. Lachesis – Useful Homeopathic Remedy for Gangrene with Bluish Purple or Black Appearance

Lachesis is a good homeopathic medicine for gangrene when it occurs in a malignant, septic and gangrenous state. It works well when the skin has a bluish, purple or blackish appearance. The affected area is extremely sensitive to touch. The skin may also have dark blisters or gangrenous ulcers. These ulcers are painful and have a burning sensation. Hot flushes in various body parts may accompany the skin complaints. Wearing tight bands, especially around the neck and waist, are intolerable for these patients.

Cantharis, Anthracinum, and Arsenic Album for Gangrene from Burns

Cantharis, Anthracinum, and Arsenic Album are a very effective homeopathic treatment for gangrene arising as a result of burns. Cantharis should be used as soon as possible since it is a preventive remedy for gangrene that occurs after burns. Its immediate use following a burn helps prevent blisters and further complications including gangrene. Anthracinum works well when black and blue blisters appear on the skin. In such cases, there is a lot of burning in the affected skin. The discharge is very offensive. Along with skin symptoms, there is extreme exhaustion and weakness. Arsenic Album is a helpful homeopathic treatment for gangrene when the affected skin appears blackish blue and has a lot of burning. Patients are very restless and feel better with warm applications over the affected area.

Agaricus for Gangrene from Frostbite

Agaricus is the best homeopathic treatment for gangrene caused by frostbite. In such cases, patients have red and swollen skin accompanied by intolerable pain. Along with this, there is a pins and needles sensation and numbness. Agaricus is a very effective homeopathic medicine for gangrene from frostbite and must be used as soon as possible for best results.

Calendula, Anthracinum, and Silicea for Gangrene from Injuries

Calendula is a good homeopathic medicine for gangrene in cases of injury. It helps in the healthy healing of tissue through first intention after injury. Calendula works well as a preventive homeopathic treatment for gangrene that may appear after an injury. If Calendula is given without much delay, it reduces the chances of infection and gangrene. Anthracinum works well for gangrene after injuries where there is the formation of black and bluish blisters. These blisters burn intolerably and have a very offensive discharge. Silicea is suitable for gangrene following injuries where there is an excessive foul smelling pus discharge. Silicea is a highly effective homeopathic remedy to control the suppurative processes.

Secale Cor, Vipera and Carbo Veg for Gangrene of the Feet

Secale Cor, Vipera, and Carbo Veg are highly competent homeopathic medicines to treat gangrene of the feet. Secale Cor is selected when the affected part is dry, shriveled, and blue. Covering of the affected region and heat is intolerable, while cold applications are soothing. Vipera is considered in gangrene of the feet when there are unbearable pain and a bursting sensation in the gangrenous feet. Hanging the feet worsens the condition while elevation makes the person comfortable. Carbo Veg works best for senile gangrene of the toes. The affected part in these cases appears blue and cold, and the patient feels exhausted and weak.

Homeopathic Medicines for Dry and Wet Gangrene

Homeopathic medicines are highly competent remedies to deal with dry or wet gangrene. There are a group of homeopathic medicines that help to recover from dry and wet gangrene. The homeopathic medicines that are effective for dry gangrene are Secale Cor, Antimonium Crudum, and Bismuth. For wet gangrene, the best homeopathic medicines are Anthracinum, Silicea, Tarentula, and Vipera. The most appropriate medicine that fits the individual case should be selected after a detailed case taking.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    What would you recommend for a 91 year old female that has compromised capillary circulation in lower leg and foot with resulting wet gangrene. She is also bedridden and utilizes a feeding tube due to prior crisis. A vascular surgeon and infection disease doctor recommend amputation above the knee. Is there anything that can be applied externally to stop the wet gangrene and revert it to the dry gangrene that started in JAN23-April23. She does not want anything amputated, but may/will develop sepsis at anytime. Thank you for your time and recomendations(s).

  2. R K Agarwal says:

    My brother in law is suffering with gangrene of his foot deveoppedmbecause of uncontrolled diabetes.
    Surgery has been performed almost a year back but the wound is not healing. He requires regular scraping and bandage. Diabetes is under control with insulin.

    Please suggest proper treatment. If you require more details please let me know. He is being treated in Sir Gangaram Hospital Delhi.

  3. Portia Jean Hatfield says:

    my brother in law has foot ulcers nothing seems to work and my little old neighbor feet are turing black and blue. what can we to do make them better.

  4. Pratap Singh says:

    Due to accident my heel skin black after 15 days.
    I am suffering from 3months but not recovery

  5. Aravind Santosh says:

    Dear Sharma Sir,
    I am from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu (India).
    My mother is suffering from gangrene. First it was affected right leg fingers and now left leg fingers too.. Dr said the affected finger will be cut off. She is having diabetics and insulin not working better to reduce the diabetics level. She is facing pain and unable to sleep every night.

    Is there any solution besides amputation. Please guide me I am worried. She already did surgery for the broken leg and plates were placed 9 months ago.
    Is it possible to cure without cutoff the fingers.. by following homeopathic medicine.

    Aravind Santosh

  6. Jayanthi Chamdrasekhararao says:

    I am 73 years old and having Diabetes since 20 years and also suffering with foot burning last five years.

  7. Nancy Chicoine says:

    Hello, I’m Nancy. I love using the pillules to help all my family including myself and animals. My cat had injury with tail in door, no bleeding, just removal of fur and a break. I have seen a vet and dry gangrene has already set in, the tail is dead and black 3 inches from tip. My confusion with which pillules to use comes with the fact that surgery isn’t until next week and I’d like to try save as much tissue as possible between today and next week. Thank you ahead of time for your time and knowledge

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