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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Glossitis

Inflammation of the tongue is called glossitis. Causes of glossitis include deficiencies in iron and vitamin B; bacterial, viral, fungal infections; a reaction to mouthwash or toothpaste; irritation from tobacco, spices or alcohol; or a dry mouth favouring the growth of bacteria and lichen planus. Glossitis can be treated very effectively with homeopathy. Homeopathic treatment for glossitis helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of the tongue. These medicines also help in relieving associated symptoms like pain and burning on the tongue. Homeopathic medicines for treating glossitis are very safe and don’t have any side effects. Among the list of homeopathic medicines for glossitis, the most prominent names are Apis Mellifica, Nitric Acid, Belladonna, Crotalus Horridus, Kali Chloricum, and Merc Sol.

Symptoms of Glossitis

The symptoms of glossitis include redness, swelling and pain in the tongue, a burning sensation on the tongue, and difficulty while eating or speaking.

Homeopathic Treatment for Glossitis

1. Apis Mellifica – Homeopathic Medicine for Glossitis with a Burning and Scalding Sensation

Apis Mellifica is an excellent homeopathic medicine for glossitis when it is accompanied by burning and scalding. In such cases, the tongue is swollen and shiny. There is an inability to swallow because of the inflamed tongue. Rawness and stinging on the tongue are also present. Ulcers or vesicles may also be noted on tongue. Along with this, dryness of tongue is also a symptom.

2. Nitric Acid – Homeopathic Medicine for Glossitis when Tongue is Highly Painful and Sensitive

Nitric Acid is a very effective homeopathic treatment for glossitis. Nitric Acid works well when the tongue is highly painful and delicate. The tongue is so sensitive that even soft foods lead to pain and smarting. Shooting pains are felt as the surface of the tongue is raw. There is a lot of saliva in the mouth. The saliva may have a foul odor. Blisters or ulcers on the tongue may also be present along with burning and pricking pains.

3. Belladonna – Homeopathic Medicine for Glossitis when the Tongue is Very Sore to Touch

Belladonna is another homeopathic medicine for glossitis when the tongue is extremely sore to touch. Along with an inflamed tongue, redness and inflammation may be present in the entire buccal cavity and pharynx. The tongue is very red and dry. In spite of this dryness, there is an absence of thirst. An offensive smell from the mouth, chiefly in the morning, may also be noted. Cracks on the tongue are also present in some cases.

4. Crotalus Horridus – Homeopathic Medicine for Glossitis when the Tongue is Fiery Red in Colour

Homeopathic medicine Crotalus Horridus is also a very effective homeopathic medicine for glossitis. The guiding feature for using Crotalus Horridus is an extremely swollen and fiery red tongue. The tongue is red and smooth and looks like it has been polished. Along with this, there is fetid breath or moldy smell in the mouth. Frothy saliva may also be noted. Crotalus Horridus is also a top grade homeopathic medicine for cancer of the tongue with hemorrhage.

5. Kali Chloricum – Homeopathic Medicine for Glossitis when Accompanied by a Salty, Sour or Bitter Taste

Kali Chloricum is a useful homeopathic medicine for glossitis. The characteristic feature to use Kali Chloricum is an inflamed tongue along with a salty, sour or bitter taste in the mouth. Burning pain on the tongue may also arise. In some cases, there is a smarting or sticking pain on the tongue. Acidic saliva is another accompanying symptom. Some patients may also experience coldness of the tongue.

6. Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine for Glossitis with Shooting Pain

Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol works well for an inflamed tongue when accompanied by shooting pains. Ulcers and vesicles may be present on the tongue. Pricking needle like pain, in particular on the tip of the tongue, may be present. The tongue is always moist and flabby, and there is an excessive production of saliva. An extremely offensive smell in the mouth may be present. Along with this, there is a metallic or coppery taste in the mouth. Due to an inflamed tongue, difficulty in eating is also felt.

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  1. Shahid mahmood says:

    Tongue Rt side burning

  2. Sudhir Parmar says:

    Hillo doctor, what u write is wrong.


    Since last one month, I feel bitter taste at right side of tongue. Comes sometimes at tip of tongue & throat. There is nothing visible symptoms at tongue. It is normal. There is no pain. I took Merc Sol 30, Sulphur 30, Arsenic 30 but no improvement. Taste feeling is normal but it irritates me. The symptom persist all times. Please suggest me best homeopathy medicine to cure at earliest.

  4. P. N. Kohli says:

    I am feeling burning sensation on tip of tongue and lips. I had been told after investigative Endoscopy that I am suffering from gastritis. There was not much imrovement after I was on anti-acid medicine. I am feeling better after I started taking nat. Phos 6x and gastropep digestive tonic butthe burning sensation on lips and tip of the tongue still remains. Kindly guide me.

  5. Hello,

    My tongue is swallon and there are cuts on both sides pf tongue.Also there is a deep gap in the middle of tongue.

    Somethere there is a lot of burning in the tongue and some time it goes.

    Please suggest a medicine. Also pls suggest how can i share the tongue image.


  6. I had some work done on my teeth, they added material to the front teeth. I feel like I have cutting knives, edgy, super sensitive tongue. I keep touching my teeth because I am feeling this. When I touch it with my finger it is smooth. So, it is a super sensitized tongue. I can’t stop feeling and touching my teeth. Of course my tongue gets inflammed from rubbing it and sometimes has little cuts, small white dots.

  7. Hi

    • dick Ronalter says:

      Hi Dr.
      I’ve been diagnosed with geogrphic tongue by my dentist two years ago. My tongue is very sore and my food tastes very salty. I’ve tried mouth washes and biotene. My pharmacists and doctor know of no meds to offer any help. Any suggestions?

  8. Helo

  9. Gud afternun

  10. Gud afternun mam

  11. i am 50 years old Male and have recurring ring like patches on tongue which spread and make difficult to eat hot foods there is change in colour as well and is only in front part of heals in a week and come again after that since 6 months. i had tried every alopathic treatments but no remidy…can i try hompathic

  12. Shakti Bhasin says:

    On 19th September After noon 1PM noticed sudden swelling on tounge
    Mouth was blocked
    Problem in breathing
    Unable to speak
    Unable to swelling
    Contacted Dr at 6 PM by the time position improved
    Some antibiotics were given for three days
    Problem again repeated after 6weeks 29th October
    Blood urinr reports are normal recent report

    I am taking medicine for sugar for last 2years
    GLiSEN MF 1 half tab morning evening
    Nurobion plus
    Zintec for acidic conditions occasionally
    Cod liver oil cap 1
    Age 65
    Request for suggesting line of treatment to prevent recurrence
    Shakti Bhasin

  13. Suresh Wadhwa says:

    Burning sensation on left side or front of toungue

    • Dipti Ranjan De says:

      I am feeling burning sensation since one year. Though alopathic medicines are taken, it has not given any fruitful result. Other than burning sensation I do not have any complaint. I request you to please suggest me which homoeo medicine can I take for the same.

  14. Hello, I am a self-taught lay homeopath. – I have been studying and using homeopathy since 1993. I thought I would share with you a discovery I made. I had a recurring pain in the left side of my tongue towards the back of the tongue. It was very painful (about 7-8 out of 10 level) and would make my tongue feel stiff and consequently slur my speech too. No apparent swelling or inflammation. Just stiffness and a deep, steady pain.

    One day, having no immediate access to my homeopathic pharmacy, I did have some homeopathic Calendula cream (Boericke’s) on hand and, out of desperation, decided to give it a try. I smoothed a tiny bit of it on the painful part of my tongue and waited. Within 20 minutes the pain had subsided by more than half! By a couple of hours later, it was completely gone. It did not return for months. When it did, I reapplied the cream and it worked again. The pain does return occasionally, but less and less often. And treating it with a single application of the calendula cream works every time – for many months at a time. Amazing!

    The taste of the cream is not wonderful, but it is also not bad. Very tolerable. And definitely worth it.

    I have found the Calendula cream and even a homemade Calendula preparation (10 drops of Calendula extract to 2 oz of spring water or distilled water) to be a quick and effective remedy for a number of surprising situations. For instance: vaginal itching, anal itching, small boils and ulcers, pain from varicose veins, and even fungal situations of the skin. I also used the Calendula liquid above described to heal some very deep decubitus ulcers on a very old dog.

    Thanks for your ideas, which I like to peruse. I hope mine are helpful to you too.

    Wishing you the very best,


  15. Nandan Basu says:

    Sore tongue with burning sensation when taking even mildly spiced foods and smoking

  16. Harjit Kaur says:

    My name is Harjit. I have ulcers few months ago in mouth especially on tongue. But since then my tongue especially 1/4 of it mostly on the tip I can see redness and cracks. It’s not getting fixed. I thought it’s ulcers it will go with time. But now it’s more than 3months, it’s not going away. Whenever I eat I feel like spicy on that part. I have lots of saliva in mouth coming and i can feel like tingling in that part even I am not eating. I feel like I have lost taste buds or too much aggravated taste buds on that part of tongue.
    Pls help me with medical advice

  17. How would someone get a diagnosis for glossitis, please?

  18. Linda Woods says:

    How would someone get a diagnosis for glossitis, please?

  19. Ansu Reddy says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    i am a 52 year old woman of Indian descent suffering from the skin version of Lichen Planus. i have had this now fr two months and have all the symptoms described in your site. It has spread across my whole body, limbs, neck, back, abdomen, and chest. The itch has become unbearable.

    I am applying tumeric cream with ghee. On your site you mention sulphur.

    Can you suggest something for me, either to ingest or apply.

    Thank you,
    Kind regards
    Anasuya Reddy

  20. What is the dosage of medicine in case of Acidum Nitricum and Apis Mellifica. Can I take Mother tincture for these. also can I take both these medicines simultaneously.

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