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Homeopathic Treatment for Grief

Grief is an emotional response. It is mental suffering that follows the loss of someone or something. The loss can be anything from the death of a loved one to the losing of a job, the parting of a relationship, or even ill health. The period of grief varies from person to person. Everyone reacts differently to grief. Some people go into a phase of deep sorrow but as time passes they accept the loss and move on with their lives. Other people are unable to move forward and accept reality. When grief lasts too long, and symptoms do not fade with time, it is known as complicated grief. Homeopathic treatment for grief and sadness works very efficiently to help recover from such cases of depression.

Homeopathy is a highly successful mode of treating psychological issues including grief and depression. They are highly suitable and give excellent results in treating both acute and chronic grief. These medicines are non-habit forming and do not have any side effects.

Symptoms of Grief

A person in grief displays many symptoms. Symptoms include crying, a feeling of sadness and bitterness towards life. Patients also feel detachment from others, a desire for loneliness, numbness and suicidal thoughts. Other symptoms are a loss of appetite, sleeping problems, nightmares, weakness, headaches, and body aches.

Homeopathic Medicines for Grief and Sadness

1. Ignatia – A Top-Listed Homeopathic Medicine for Grief and Sadness

Ignatia lists amongst top grade homeopathic cure for treating grief and sadness. It offers a lot of help in handling grief and is usually the first choice in cases where the patient is in sorrow. Grief arising from the death of loved ones and disappointments in love is dealt with very well with the use of Ignatia. Noticeable symptoms of a person needing Ignatia are crying, sighing, sobbing, sleeplessness and a desire to stay by themselves. The patient is in a constant state of deep thought. Thoughts of the past incident dominate the mind.

2. Natrum Mur – Another Very Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Grief and Sadness

Natrum Mur is another very suitable homeopathic treatment for grief and sadness. This medicine works well in cases that turn chronic or complicated. A patient requiring Natrum Mur will usually be inconsolable and have prolonged weeping spells. Sympathy from others only worsens the symptoms. The patient seeks solitude and weeps in loneliness. Anxiety and an indifference to life accompany these symptoms. The mind is occupied by thoughts of the unpleasant episode that triggered the grief.

3. Aurum Met – Homeopathic Medicine for Grief and Sadness when accompanied by Suicidal Thoughts

Aurum Met is a very effective homeopathic treatment for grief and sadness accompanied by suicidal thoughts. It works for patients so consumed with grief that they want to end their life. A person in need of this treatment suffers from complete hopelessness and lacks the ability to face up to the unpleasant circumstances. He feels that suicide is the only way out.

4. Phosphoric Acid – Excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Grief and Sadness Accompanied by Weakness

In cases of grief which are accompanied by weakness, homeopathic medicine Phosphoric Acid works wonders. Phosphoric acid is a well indicated homeopathic treatment for grief and sadness when attended with tiredness. Extreme loss of weight is another symptom, as well as complete indifference to everything. There is no interest in life or the outside world. The patient does not wish to go out, remains inside the house, and does not feel like speaking with others.

5. Ambra Grisea and Kali Bromatum – Homeopathic Medicines for Grief and Sadness After Business Failure

Ambra Grisea and Kali Bromatum are useful homeopathic remedies for treating depression that arises from failure in business. These medicines should be in cases where the patient cries a lot and is unable to sleep as a result.

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  1. Sir is there any deffrence between natrium chloratum And nat mur?

  2. Melanie Beyba says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I am heartbroken, I did not know this guy for long but physically be has affected me, we had a brief encounter and it is making me ill, day and night my thoughts are consumed with him, I cannot rest of sleep, I have no interest in anything, I feel my heart is damagec, I need help, please advise me what to take, I want relief, I keep wishing for him back, I became obsessed with him.

    Please advise


  3. Monica Smith says:

    I was bereaved for the second time in ten years last October .we were married for twelve months and very happy and I spent seven months looking after him . Harry had six children who gave me and Harry a hard time . I am nine months into the bereavement and better than I was especially now I am taking cod oil . The anxiety however is still affecting me and I feel it is still stopping me moving on . I am also awaiting return of my driving licence which was stopped because of medication . My confidence to go places on my own is affected now and everything is still hard work .I still cry but not as much . Please help .
    Monica Hill -King .

  4. My 33 yr old son passed away FIVE years ago. I’m still grieving the same as the day of the funeral. I’m 66 yr old, raising my two grandsons. I still cry every day, feel guilt, can’t sleep, can’t find joy in anything. It doesn’t help that my 40 yr old twin sons disowned me after the funeral.
    I lost my three sons, have 2 grandsons and my only granddaughter whom I’ve never been allowed to see, not even a picture. I’m being punished for my son’s death.
    My husband passed in 2003 so I have no one but a 10 yr old and 12 yr old. I’ve not been to grief counseling. Don’t have time or energy for that.
    I haven’t been able to find the Ignatia online for grief?? I’m using one for nervousness and stress, not working so far

  5. Hello Dr. Homeo

    I am a 71-yr-old woman with some lung issues and I am interested in homeopathy to help get in touch with unresolved grief, which was mentioned by a respected ayurvedic physician. I don’t have a specific incident or situation that has awareness in my everyday consciousness. I felt like I had a sad demeanor for many years but am now much happier. I would like to delve deeper into healing for my lungs.
    Thank You.

  6. My friend has lost her suddenly. He passed away in his sleep. Its been a month n few days…My friend is unable to cope with the situation…she always dreaded separation…and now she has to face it day n night.
    She is 47+, but cries like a baby…feels suffocated…
    Pleasw Advise

  7. i habe been deswrted by a former husband and married a man secondky who seems to care more about his children than me. i am a constant atate pf feeling unloved and am grieving. i have had a headache almost everyday for 2 years. i jave great fears for my little girl who is 2 and i never let her out of my sight. when i was little someone tried to kidnap my little brother and sister and me so i habe deadly fear for my little brooklyn. i am despwrate for help
    the pain in my head travels from place to place but never ends

  8. mr sharma says:

    sir can u please advise some medicines for alcoholism and liver diseases thanks and regards mr mridul sharma

  9. Surabhi says:

    I really appreciate your posts.
    Thanks a ton.

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