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Homeopathic Treatment for Hiatus Hernia

A hiatus hernia in most cases does not display any symptoms. But when the symptoms arise, they usually include heartburn, acid reflux, eructations, water brash, pain in the chest or the abdomen, or a problem in swallowing. Other symptoms are heart palpitations and shortness of breath because of the pressure on the diaphragm. Homeopathy for hiatus hernia are prepared from naturally occurring substances. The medicines are free from any toxic side effects. The symptoms arising from a hiatus hernia are controlled very effectively with these natural remedies. Homeopathic Treatment for Hiatus Hernia is useful for managing symptoms with medicines like Robinia, Natrum Phos, Carbo Veg, Abies Nigra, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla and Nux Vomica.

What is Hiatus Hernia?

A hiatus hernia refers to the protrusion of a part of the stomach into the chest cavity through the esophageal hiatus of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle separating the chest cavity from the abdomen. Esophageal hiatus is a hole or the opening in the diaphragm through which esophagus and vagus nerve pass. In a hiatus hernia, a part of the stomach slips up into the chest through this opening. The weakening of the muscles surrounding the hiatal opening is a major reason behind a hiatus hernia. In most cases, no cause is found for a hiatus hernia. Various factors increase the risk of developing a hiatus hernia. These risk factors include – being overweight, being above 50 years of age, an increased pressure in the abdomen (as during pregnancy, from coughing, lifting heavy weights or violent vomiting).

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Hiatus Hernia

1. Robinia and Natrum Phos – For Heartburn and Very Sour Belching

Robinia and Natrum Phos are great medicines for hiatus hernia when there is highly acrid and sour belching. The symptoms that indicate the use of medicine Robinia are – intensely sour belching or vomiting, heartburn, regurgitation of acidic substances, and acidity that gets worse when lying down at night. A distended abdomen, pain in the stomach, and a burning sensation in the stomach, specially at night, are also symptoms. The symptoms indicative of using Natrum Phos are – sour belching, waterbrash, heartburn and sour vomiting, especially in the morning. Heaviness and pressure in the epigastrium and spitting of food in mouthfuls may also happen in such cases.

2. Carbo Veg – When Gastric Symptoms are Accompanied by Difficult Breathing

Carbo Veg is yet another excellent remedy for managing gastric complaints associated with hiatus hernia. Carbo Veg works well in cases where there is difficulty in breathing along with gastric symptoms. A patient needing Carbo Veg complains of rancid, sour belching, waterbrash and difficulty in breathing. Belching starts after eating or drinking anything. Eating even the simplest kind of food causes sour belching. Along with this, fullness in the stomach is also felt. There is a distressing sensation in the stomach around half an hour after eating. Other accompanying symptoms are a contractive pain in the chest with a heavy, full and distended abdomen.

3. Abies Nigra – To Manage Complaints Related to Hiatus Hernia

Abies Nigra is one of the most useful medicine for hiatus hernia management. The most characteristic feature to use Abies Nigra is a sensation of a lump or something hard lodged in the esophagus or cardiac end of the stomach. There is a feeling as if food is lying in the epigastrium. Waterbrash with a choked feeling in the throat is also present. Stomach pain after eating may also be felt. In some cases, a constricted sensation above the pit of the stomach can also occur.

4. Lycopodium, Pulsatilla and Nux Vomica – For Management of Hiatus Hernia Symptomatically

Lycopodium, Pulsatilla and Nux Vomica are other important remedies used in the treatment for hiatus hernia. They are very effective in dealing with gastric complaints related to the problem. Lycopodium offers help when the dyspepsia and heartburn worsens after eating food with starch like cabbage and beans. Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla works well when the complaint gets worse after eating greasy and fatty food. Eating such food leads to heartburn and a tight feeling in the stomach. Nux Vomica is a top grade homeopathic medicine for gastric complaints like heartburn, waterbrash, sour and bitter risings, nausea and vomiting arising after eating highly spicy food, coffee, and alcoholic drinks.

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  1. Rupinder Kaur says:

    Which medicine is for sliding hiatus hernia

  2. Sanjit Biswas says:

    My Mother age 72 year’s. She suffers Hiatus Hernia last 7 years. Homeopathic treatment is possible.

  3. vasundhara says:

    my age 38 years I am I am suffering from gastric problem so many days present I am used allopathic medicine but not required the problem, hello doctor is referred a endoscope and scanning reports the endoscope report is a SLIDING HIATUS HERNIA EROSIVE ANTRAL GASTRITIS , PLEASE SOLVE THE PROBLEM AND please please type the h********** medicine

  4. How do you treat for hiatus hernia

  5. RAJESH WALE says:


  6. Does hiatus hernia cure permanently with homeopathy medicines? How much time will it take to cure completely?

  7. प्रदीप कुमार जैन says:

    आदरणीय डॉक्टर साहब सादर अभिवादन निवेदन यह है कि वर्ष 2004 में मेरे पेट का ऑपरेशन हुआ था समय पर पानी ना पीने से मेरी आंखें चिपक गई थी उसके चार पीस निकाले गए उसके उपरांत 1 वर्ष तक मैं ठीक रहा उसके बाद मुझे जांच करने पर बताया गया हायेटस हर्निया इसमें मुझे गैस पास होना बंद हो जाती है कुछ भी खाते ही जब तक ऊपर से वोमिटिंग होकर नहीं निकल जाता राहत नहीं मिलती जबकि हार दिया के लक्षण के मुताबिक मेरे पेट का कोई बाहर नहीं है प्रोस्टेट में मूत्र मार्ग संक्रमण होने से प्रोस्टेट से ग्रसित बूंद बूंद करके पेशाब आती है जलन पड़ती है लेकिन हायेटस हर्निया के कारण मेरा गला केस के कारण भर जाता रोजाना पेस्ट करते समय वो मीटिंग होती है वोमिटिंग निरंतर होती है जब तक पेट में जो होता है वह जब तक बाहर नहीं निकल जाता बंपिंग के उपरांत अपने आप को एकदम 88 महसूस करता हूं उचित बताने का कष्ट करें धन्यवाद निवेदक प्रदीप कुमार जैन शिवपुरी मध्य प्रदेश संपर्क सूत्र 95755 89 643( age— 58 years,)

  8. Dr Bindu K V says:

    Epigastric hernia

  9. Hi, having problem since April feels like something stucked in throat pain also n throat and chest pressure and heaviness lots of gurgling burps, endoscopy blood test ultrasound all done..

  10. iftikhar ahmed says:

    respected dr
    I m patient of hiatal since 2012 .I live in pakistan
    I feel pain in my abdomen nd uper side of abdomen(hital)
    some time when I eat much more ,spicy,late time
    then I suffer and bacame bed lying
    plz suggest me medicine
    I shall be thankful to u
    iftikhar ahmed


    • My only complaints are belching after eating and excessive mucus in the throat. Guessing I have GERD and have been on Nat Phos for 4 days now without improvement. Irritated throat now. Any suggestions? Thanks

      • I have been suffering from hiatus hernia more than 4years,burning sensation, sore throat,regurgitation etc are exist in mine,ppi don’t work always,can homeopathy cure myself?am from Bangladesh
        Am 25, 58 kg 5feet 6

  12. ASN MURTHY says:

    My mother is suffering with Haitus Hernia. Problem is she is anemic and having age of 75 years. We are presently using Nux.Vomica 200 drops on 3 times a day. She was advised by a allopath doctor take a tablet of ‘NexPro Fast 20’ each day. We do not want to wish to continue the drug long. If she not taken that drug on any day, that day, she is vomitting either after lunch or dinner. What is the best homeo medicine we can take ? Please advise.

  13. Ambrish Kumar Shukla says:

    Namaskar Sir… Mere pet ke upri bhag me lagbhag 6 month se kaphi Jalan Ho rahi hai and ghaw ki Tarah dard hota hai…gala burn Karta hair.. Dakar aati rahti hain and dakar ke saath khatta pani w khana muh tak aa jaata hai… Gala burn Karta hair.. Kabhi-kabhi pet me chunchunahat hone lagti hair.. Gas jyada ban rahi hai..meri age 41 year hai…weight- 79 kg.. Length-172 cm hai..

    Maine in 6 mahino me apna bahut ilaj karaya…
    Bahut sari antacid medicine kha chuka hun…par sab beasar rahi hai

    Gale me hamesha kharash WA cough Bhi bana rhta hai… Waise to lagatar jalan ki problem bani rhti hai but lunch Khane ke baad pet ke upari bhag ki jalan aur bad jaati hai

    Kuchh bhi khane ke bad problem bad jaati hai.. Kabhi-
    kabhi ulti hone jaisa anubhaw hota hai par ulti hoti nhi hai… Yahan tak ki pani pine ke baad bhi problem hone lagi hai… Stool to soft hi hoti hai..
    Please batayen Mujhe kya hua hai.. Kaun si bimari hai..yah sahi kyon nhi ho rhi..?
    Mujhe hiatal hornia to nhi ho Gaya?

  14. A.K. SHARMA says:

    Patient female, 80+, had aortic valve replacement 15 years back. Regularly takes Allopathic medicines Clavilip 20/75 OD, Nicostar OD 10 mg OD, Dytor 10 mg OD. About one and half year back complained of severe burning sensation in food pipe with lack of desire to eat, Difficulty in eating fullness of stomach, regular constipation etc., had also developed trembling in hands and feet with associated weakness. On consultation the doctors diagnosed drug induced parkinsonism from long term intake of a medicine for gastric related problems for which treatment was given. Also, endoscopy was done and fungal infection was diagnosed for which antifungal medicines were given and patient felt relief after the treatment. F or last one year there is severe dryness of mouth which has extended to throat also. With another Endoscopy last year it was diagnosed as Hiatus Harnia for which no specific treatment has been given till date except Pentaprazole/Rabiprazole tablets for problem gas and fullness of stomach and liquid Antacids. Of late, It has become very difficult to eat and swallow any thing. There is always a feeling of food lying in the food pipe or the chest just above stomach. As patient doesn’t have jaws and suffers from dryness of mouth, semi slid food is given (chapati soaked in daal or rice with daal and subji mashed into paste) but still the patient is unable to eat. After one or two spoon of food the vomitting tendency starts. Gradually it has become difficult even to take liquid like tea, milk or juice. There is hardly any food intake and patient has become extremely thin and week in last one month. There is severe constipation. Often there is no bowel clearance for 10-15 days. Now a days We give 10-15 ml of castor oil every 10-12 days which leads to bowel clearance next day. Kindly suggest some remedy for immediate relief and food intake is improved.

  15. Dear Dr. Sharma

    For the last year or so I’m facing lot of acid reflux problem. I get frequently burps and have a feeling something struck in my oesophagus which is sour in taste. I have bloating also.

    When I met a homeopathy doctor in Hyd. He said it is hiatus hernia.

    Want to know from you if my problem can be permanently cured.


  16. It’s my personal experience sharing to all that please consider that there is no proper treatment in homeopathy it is only possible with Naturopathy and Ayurveda because of in naturopathy you can manage your diet and and make sure for fasting as well as in Ayurveda you can take such medications which can reduce the inflammation and swelling and further complications like hyperacidity heartburn etc.

  17. Madhavan V says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have acid reflux due to Hiatus hernia . For the last one week i have sour taste and smell.The acid reflux may have aggrevate the sinusitis.I have taken Bakson s Gastro aid syrup.
    Kindly help in dealing with this.Thanks

  18. Lakhan Kumar Sharma says:

    I have hiatus hernia since one year ,and treatment by hemopathic doctor ,but I am not feeling good ,sir kindly suggest me medicine in hemopathic for good results

    • pradeep sirohi says:

      I have hiatus hernia since 2 year ,and treatment by alopathic doctor ,but I am not feeling good ,sir kindly suggest me medicine in hemopathic for good results

  19. P .K .Ghosh. says:

    I am a hiatal hernia patient.So I suffer from GERD. Can I be cured from hiatal hernia by homeopathic medicine completely ? Kindly advise.

    P .K. Ghosh.

  20. Dear sir,
    I was diagnosed with GERD & hiatus harnia from last 2 years.
    kindly suggest me any medications or treatment to cure this.

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