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Homeopathic Treatment for Intertrigo

What is Intertrigo?

Intertrigo is an inflammatory skin condition in which there is a rash between the folds of the skin. The most common sites for intertrigo include the armpits, the inner thighs, the inframammary creases or the area under the breast, the groin area, behind the ears, spaces between the toes and the fingers, neck folds, and skin between the buttocks. Homeopathic treatment for intertrigo is very successful. Homeopathic medicines treat intertrigo in a very efficient manner. Medicines that are among the best homeopathic treatment for intertrigo are Causticum, Graphites, Petroleum, Sulphur, Silicea, and Merc Sol. The selection of homeopathic medicines should be made according to the individual symptoms in each case. These medicines are very safe and can be used for patients of any age group. They are free from side effects. These medicines also help in managing the symptoms of intertrigo like itching, burning, and soreness of the skin. Along with this, they assist in healing the rash on the skin in a very gentle and natural way.

Why does Intertrigo Occur and What are the Risk Factors that Lead to it?

Intertrigo occurs mainly because of the rubbing of the skin and the trapping of moisture between the folds, which leads to skin irritation. Obesity, diabetes mellitus, excessive sweating, improper air circulation in the folds of the skin, poor hygiene, heat, and use of diaper are the factors that predispose a person to intertrigo or worsen the intertrigo. The damaged skin provides an appropriate environment for the fungus, yeast, or bacteria to grow and flourish leading to secondary infections. Inverse psoriasis and dermatitis also make a person prone to intertrigo.

What are the Symptoms of Intertrigo?

The symptoms of intertrigo include redness, rash, rawness, and soreness in the affected skin. Itching and burning of varying intensity accompany the skin rash. In some cases, the skin may also show cracks and crusts. Along with the above symptoms, a foul smell or oozing of fluid may be present on the skin.

Homeopathic Medicines for Intertrigo

1. Causticum – Top Grade Homeopathic Medicine for Intertrigo

Causticum is a very good homeopathic treatment for intertrigo. The symptoms that point to its use are rash and soreness between the skin folds. The folds that are affected include the back of the ears and the area between the thighs. Sometimes cracks are also present in these regions. Causticum is also among the prominent homeopathic medicines for treating intertrigo in children which arise during the dentition period.

2. Graphites – Homeopathic Medicine for Intertrigo with Gluey, Sticky Discharge

Graphites is an excellent homeopathic treatment for intertrigo. It is beneficial when the rash or cracks between folds ooze a glutinous, honey-like, sticky discharge. The skin areas that are mainly involved include the crease of the neck, the groin, the bends of the limbs, the area between the toes, the area between the thighs and abdomen, and the skin behind the ears. The affected area becomes sore and raw and heals very slowly.

3. Petroleum – Homeopathic Medicine for Intertrigo with High Sensitivity of Skin

Petroleum is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for intertrigo in cases where the skin between the folds is raw and very sensitive. Even the touch of clothing on the affected area can be extremely painful. In some cases, there are cracks with bleeding; while in others, there are pus formation and crusts over the skin rash. In patients who have a rash in the armpits, there may be offensive sweat as well.

4. Sulphur – Homeopathic Medicine for Intertrigo with Intense Itching and Burning

Sulphur is an effective homeopathic medicine for intertrigo when it occurs with severe itching and burning of the skin. The itching is most severe in the evenings and at night. Even the warmth of the bed aggravates the itching. In some patients, itching is aggravated because of washing. Scratching leads to a burning sensation on the skin. Sulphur is also a good homeopathic medicine for the treatment of skin complaints that have a history of suppression due to prior application of ointments.

5. Silicea – Highly Suitable Homeopathic Medicine for Intertrigo Mainly Between the Toes

Silicea is a prominent homeopathic treatment for intertrigo which occurs between the toes. The skin between the toes shows cracks, fissures, and intense soreness. There is excessive sweat on the feet as well as an offensive odor. Silicea is also very beneficial for treating intertrigo when there is pus formation along with an infection between the toes.

6. Merc Sol – Excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Intertrigo with Offensive Sweating

Merc Sol is a well indicated homeopathic treatment for intertrigo which occurs with foul sweat on the skin. The skin remains moist through the day and night. In some cases, the sweat is sour smelling. The affected skin is raw, tender, and excoriated. Along with this, there is itching that gets worse with perspiration and the warmth of the bed.

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  1. Hy i am suffering from long does it takes to curable in homeopath y treatment??

    • Sarath Chandra sharma says:

      Dear dr sharma
      I have been suffering from chronic intertrigo in between thighs age:30
      Healthy person
      Skin become white at present after a scratch due to itch mainly at night , often red but it heals a patchy area is observed a kind of foul smell is also being experienced currently , a small area of same kind at the joining of testis i.e backside shaft of penis
      Suggest best topical and internal med for intertrigo along with potency no other complications on application of allopathic topical ointment lulicanozole it’s getting healed but repeatedly

  2. Sir i need to consult
    I am confusing that i have intertrigo or eczema
    Plz suggest medicine for both or i need consultation
    Plz give your number or address

  3. faridoon khan says:

    very good sir

  4. Seema Kumar says:

    I am suffering from the red tiny rashes under the breast areas and under the arms since last three years. For above problem,I am taking allopathic medicine continuously but it is recurring again and 3 after certain period
    Please advise from complete cure from this disease.

  5. Dear Dr. Sharma:
    I believe I have intertrigo on both armpits. There’s a rash, and the skin is very red and itchy. Also there is swelling and some hard areas, and in one area there was oozing pus. The armpits become moist after I have washed and dried them. I believe this came on after I started using a new deodorant. I was also at the time shaving with a dull razor.

    I have been taking Sulphur which eliminates the itch for a few hours but does not help the rash. Do you have a suggestion?

    Thanks for any insights you may have!!

  6. M Chatterjee says:

    Respected Doctor Sharma,

    For the past few days, we had very hot and humid weather in Kolkata leading to heavy sweating and physical discomfort. In this period I have developed under breast rashes which is very painful and itching.

    As I understand, Sulphur is effective for rashes under the breast.
    Please advice how the same needs to be taken for curing the rashes.

    M Chatterjee.

  7. firdaus Muhammad says:

    love you for the kind services in homeopathy

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