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Best Homeopathic Treatment for Lack of Self Confidence

The faith in oneself and one’s abilities is known as confidence. A confident person has the courage to stand up for his or her beliefs and is ready to face challenges. Confident people don’t fear failure and are willing to learn new things and take risks. They also have a positive view about life and circumstances. On the other hand, a person who lacks self confidence doesn’t have faith in their abilities. They have a negative view of life and low self esteem. They also criticize their own self. Individuals who suffer from low self confidence feel that they are not good enough and won’t be able to perform. There is also a fear of failure. It is not as if the patient lacks the ability to perform a task; rather they lack faith in their abilities. Lack of self confidence may lead to anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, avoiding new challenges and facing new situations, and poor relationships. Such patients may also start taking drugs or alcohol. Lack of self confidence and low self esteem usually begins in childhood. Low confidence can arise from a number of factors. Some of these are a profound mental or physical insult in the past, being bullied, facing excessive criticism from others during childhood, being overprotected, having domineering or over demanding parents, and high expectations from others.Homeopathic treatment for lack of self confidence uses natural medicines that help a person build up confidence levels. These medicines can be taken along with psychotherapy to achieve the best results. They help change the patient’s perspective from negative to positive thoughts.

Homeopathic Medicines For Building Up Self Confidence

A homeopathic medicine for lack of self confidence is best selected after taking a complete case history in an individual case. While taking the case history, the emphasis should be on identifying the reason for low esteem and low self confidence; since the origin of the problem in such cases is deeply rooted. Homeopathic treatment for lack of self confidence helps in removing obstacles that hinder healthy psychological development leading to low esteem and its results like depression.The most prominent medicines for the homeopathic treatment for lack of self confidence are Aurum Met, Lycopodium, Staphysagria, Silicea, and Argentum Nitricum.

1. Aurum Met – Homeopathic Medicine to Boost Self Confidence in Persons with a Self Criticizing Nature

Aurum Met is a useful homeopathic medicine for lack of self confidence. This medicine is suitable for patients lacking in confidence and suffering from a self-criticising nature. They feel that they are worthless and have no value. They blame themselves for trivial things that go wrong and have difficulty dealing with contradiction from others. Aurum Met is also used for people with poor confidence levels who go into depression due to the loss of love. Hopelessness is another feature that accompanies the above symptoms. Some patients may get suicidal. Aurum Met also works well in individuals who have been burdened with a lot of responsibility at a very early stage in life.

2. Lycopodium – Homeopathic Medicine for Boosting Self Confidence in Persons who Avoid Undertaking New Tasks

Lycopodium is an important homeopathic medicine for lack of self confidence. It is used for individuals who lack self confidence and are averse to taking on new tasks. They fear failure and don’t like to face new situations. Lycopodium is also used when there is an aversion to take on responsibilities because of the fear of failure. Lycopodium also works well when a person has been dominated by parents during childhood.

3. Staphysagria – Homeopathic Medicine to Help Build Self Confidence in Persons with Low Self Esteem Due to a Deep Insult in the Past

Staphysagria is another prominent homeopathic medicine for lack of self confidence. Staphysagria works well in a patients with a history of humiliation; some mental, physical, or sexual abuse; a profound insult; or some shameful incident. Staphysagria is also used for children who feel unloved or uncared for, and end up with low confidence levels. Staphysagria helps raise self confidence in persons who are weak spirited and have low self esteem. Such patients are also extremely sensitive. They get hurt very easily, tend to get offended, feel insulted too often because of little things, and are very concerned about the opinions of others.

4. Silicea – Homeopathic Medicine for Lack of Self Confidence Levels in Persons Who are Timid and Suffer from Low Confidence

Silicea is an effective homeopathic treatment for lack of self confidence. It works well for raising the self confidence levels in individuals who are very timid and lack self-confidence. They are uncomfortable appearing in public and lack the courage to speak in front of a group of people. They are unable to express themselves properly and have a very mild, sensitive, nervous and yielding nature. Such people consider themselves incapable of doing any work because of the fear of failure.

5. Argentum Nitricum – Homeopathic Treatment for Lack of  Self Confidence when Accompanied by Marked Anxiety

Argentum Nitricum is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for lack of self confidence in cases where it is accompanied by anxiety. These individuals do everything in a great hurry and are very impatient. They also suffer from marked anticipatory anxiety. If they have to go to a new place, do something new, or appear somewhere, the anxiety levels shoot up. Diarrhea may also accompany anxiety. Such patients fear crowds, a mishappening, an impending evil, and even high buildings.

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  1. shabnam hoseini says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    Thank you so much for this grat and helpful article.
    I have a question, is it okay if we take two or three of these medications together for improving selfconfidence?
    For example, I am interested in taking Aurum Met, Lycopodium and Silicea. So is it fine if I take all of them together?


  2. Hello Doctor
    Good evening.
    I am 38 years old and I have problem of nervousness and concentration problem. I have lack the courage to speak in front of a group of people, speak with my boss. Also during any exam/interview due to nervousness I forget everything. I can’t concentrate properly during any work or study. In that case which one should I choose and doses please.

  3. Shatrughna Vyas says:

    I have depressions can’t take any new task in hand very low self-esteem thinking it’s unworthy living always tense no interest or pleasure in any activity can’t even get sexual arousal and no interest in sex can’t have erection without whiskey or bhaang always overburdened please suggest me medicines, dosage and period of time

  4. Aoa sir, i have been facing problems, for many years, like lack of confidence, feeling very much uncomfortableness and disturbance to go to gatherings particularly speaking in front of people though my colleagues or strangers, facing anxiety, frustration and fear to speake before them. I manage to convey by any way finally but cannot as i planned to do in my mind bec just a moment before speaking, forgot all that due to fear, as sudden attack of fear even makes my body language exposed to sime extent in front of other whether it is a small gathering or otherwise. So sir kindly i need your kind treatment whatever it is.

  5. rajinder prakash says:

    I am running from problems i can not fight for my rights

  6. Anandamayii says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I’m trying to help a 19 year old male who has locked himself up (shut-in) in his family home for one whole year. He stopped all his academic education and all he does is sleep during the day and play interactive computer games at night. He is now weighing 130 kilos because all he does is eat, sleep and sit. He refuses all professional help so I was thinking that homeopathy might help this individual.

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    kind regards

  7. Rahul maharana says:

    Sir my whole father’s family has marked depression and nerve weakness even my father has feeds . I have also anxiety of many things specially in case of study.iam very impatient lack of courage and fearful. Please advice me iam 18 year old .

  8. This is very interesting.

    My five year old daughter is very friendly and confident however at school she tries incredibly hard to get other kids to like her and be her friend. Any suggestions?


  9. Hi I have a son 28 years old graduaged in International Business Strategy and speaks 4 languages but still does not beleive in himself and is not able to work
    He think very low of himself got very much anxiety and all that is due to the fact that we left our country when he was 12…he never felt happy in UK as been treated very bad from school mates and even more because of a very abusive father…the situation is very difficult …I do not know how to help him anymore as he treats me like is worst enemy…
    I do really beleive in homeopatypical but in Cambridge I could not find a very good pratictioner..
    Would you be so kind to help please?
    Many thanks

  10. Prof. Dhruva Kumar Jha says:

    My son will appear at class 12 exams. He has developed exam fear. He studies well but lacks confidence and gets stressed very soon. He is very emotional and introvert. I will be extremely grateful to you if you can kindly suggest some medicines.

  11. Alfred chinyere says:

    Dr please i need your help am suffering from anxiety disorder and high blood presure and heart perptaion aslo am having hphylori infection please i need your treatment from you thanks am from Nigeria

  12. sensation of falling, head dizziness and low self confidence

    • Sumit Sharma says:

      What is lycopodium 30 ch dose for folowing symptom and for how long it need to be taken-
      1. Urge to go toilet after eating spicy and sometime simple food too. I drink Alchohal to be mentioned here.
      2. Hair loss and thin hair.
      3. Unable to speak properly on stage.
      4. Have work avoiding nature.
      5. Decision confusion.Angry with family nature.

  13. Silicea – Homeopathic Medicine for Lack of Self Confidence Levels in Persons Who are Timid and Suffer from Low Confidence==
    what is dose & frequency

  14. Henry Chimeremeze says:

    Greetings Dr, I would like you to attend to my symptoms. They are shying away from looking at peoples faces especially women, anxiety. Mistakenly if our eyes meet, I tend to lower my face immediately. What’s your advice?

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