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Leaky gut syndrome making life miserable ? Homeopathic treatment is the best bet

What is leaky gut syndrome and the reason behind it?

Leaky gut syndrome is also known by the name of increased intestinal permeability. It refers to a condition that arises as a result of improper functioning of intestinal tight junctions in the small intestines. The tight junctions in the small intestine refer to a protein that lies in between the epithelial cell linings that makes the gut barrier. Over the cells, a layer of mucus is also present. The tight junction allows only selective transport of the nutrients, and electrolytes into the bloodstream. Alongside it acts as a barrier that protects the toxins, microbes and undigested food particles present in the lumen of intestine from entering the bloodstream. Any damage to these tight junctions leads the substances (toxins, microbes, and undigested food particles) to get into the bloodstream. As a result, an inflammatory and an autoimmune activity start in the body precipitated by reaction with these substances, leading to many disease conditions. These activities are started by our own immune system to counter these substances considering them to be as a foreign, harmful matter . Few conditions and medicines may lead to leaky gut is widely accepted, but the evidence to support that leaky gut may lead to a significant disease condition,s is very little.

 What are the causes and factors linked with triggering leaky gut syndrome?

There is no specific single cause that can damage the gut barrier thus causing leaky gut syndrome. However, there are many conditions that damage the gut barrier. These majorly include intake of NSAIDS/ antibiotics in excess, high alcohol consumption, radiotherapy, type 1 diabetes, infections (viral, fungal and bacterial), celiac disease, stress and food sensitivities. Other factors include a compromised immunity, chemotherapy medicines and overgrowth of yeast/bacteria in the bowel.


What are the symptoms and conditions that may arise from leaky gut syndrome?

 Leaky gut syndrome majorly leads to gastric symptoms like bloated abdomen, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, constipation, increased flatulence, skin allergies, joint pains, fatigue, migraine and food allergies.  Various medical conditions may arise in a person with leaky gut syndrome.  Few of them are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, eczema, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. But whether leaky gut syndrome causes these conditions or just triggers them is still a question to be answered. Apart from above it is also seen that many individuals having autism have leaky gut syndrome. However it is yet very unclear whether leaky gut syndrome is the cause or an effect of autism.


Homeopathic treatment of leaky gut syndrome

There is a great scope of treating leaky gut syndrome in homeopathy. The homeopathic system treats leaky gut syndrome effectively and in a very safe manner with natural medicines without any side effects. Homeopathic medicines aim to prevent further damage arising from the leaky gut as well as managing the symptoms of the leaky gut in an excellent manner. The homeopathic medicine selection for treating leaky gut syndrome entirely depends on the body system affected and the characteristic symptoms arising therefrom in every individual case. Few homeopathic medicines are given below that though not specific for leaky gut but indicated majorly as per the symptoms and the various conditions arising from leaky gut syndrome. The use of these medicines should be done under the consultation of homeopathic physician and self-medication should be avoided.


Homeopathic medicines for leaky gut treatment


1. Colocynthis – Homeopathic medicine for leaky gut syndrome with marked abdominal cramps

Colocynthis is a highly effective homeopathic medicine for treating abdominal cramps in cases of leaky gut syndrome. Slight eating or drinking worsens the abdominal cramps. The cramps may be better by bending double in most cases. In some cases, hard pressure on the abdomen makes the person better. Apart from cramping, this medicine is also helpful for cutting, gripping pains felt in the abdomen.


2. China Officinalis – Homeopathic medicine for leaky gut syndrome with abdominal bloating

China Officinalis is a wonderful homeopathic medicine for abdominal bloating arising in leaky gut syndrome. It is indicated when the whole abdomen is bloated. Rumbling or moving of flatus is felt in the abdomen. Motion tends to relieve the bloating. Along with bloatedness, there is heaviness and sensation of weight in the stomach after eating. There may be belching of bitter taste or tasting like that of food. China is also indicated when taking tea and fruits worsens the complaints.


3. Lycopodium Clavatum – Homeopathic medicine for leaky gut syndrome with increase of gas/flatulence

Lycopodium Clavatum is a significant homeopathic medicine for cases of leaky gut syndrome when increase of gas/flatulence is a marked symptom.  Lycopodium is indicated when – flatulence is felt soon after eating even a small quantity of food. Also when there is a sensation of something moving up and down in the abdomen. The flatus remains incarcerated i.e. obstructed most of the times. A bursting pain in the abdomen may arise from flatus. There are few food substances that tend to worsen the condition including cabbage, beans, and farinaceous substances.


 4. Nux Vomica – Homeopathic medicine for constipation is leaky gut syndrome     

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic medicine for treating constipation in person with leaky gut syndrome. The characteristic symptom for using Nux Vomica is constipation with constant ineffectual urging for stool. The person needing Nux Vomica tends to go for stool several times a day. Every time he passes a small quantity of stool. The urge to stool renews soon after the last evacuation. An uneasy sensation in the rectum always persists. The stool is always insufficient, unsatisfactory and always a never get done feeling is present. Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen may assist above features.


5. Aloe Socotrina – Homeopathic medicine for leaky gut syndrome with prominent diarrhea

Aloe Socotrina is a major homeopathic medicine for treating diarrhea arising from leaky gut syndrome. For Aloes to be used these symptoms may be present – sudden urging for stool after eating. The stool is thin and undigested in most cases. Before and during stool ,cramping in the abdomen may be present. Sometimes much flatus passes with stool. The flatus tends to be offensive in nature. In few cases, mucus may pass in the stool. Aloe Socotrina is one of the high ranking homeopathic medicines for irritable bowel syndrome with predominating diarrhea.


6. Graphites Naturalis – Homeopathic medicine for skin complaints in leaky gut syndrome  

Graphites Naturalis is a helpful homeopathic medicine for treating skin complaints in leaky gut syndrome. It is indicated in both dry eruptions as well as discharging eruptions. The discharge from the eruptions is mostly sticky and glutinous in nature. It is also indicated for dry rash with itching. Rawness in the bends like the elbow, knee, groins, and behind ears are also indicating points to use Graphites Naturalis. The skin complaints like eczema and psoriasis are treated well with homeopathic medicine Graphites Naturalis.


7. Rhus Tox – Homeopathic medicine for joint pains in leaky gut syndrome  

Rhus Tox is an important homeopathic medicine for treating joint pains in leaky gut syndrome. Rhus Tox can be very beneficial in cases of rheumatoid arthritis is linked to leaky gut.for  Rhus tox to be used any of the body joints may be involved.  Person needing Rhus Tox may get relief in joint pains by warm applications. Massage over the affected joint may also relieve. Another characteristic feature for Rhus tox to be used is that there is marked worsening of the joint pains at rest and relief from motion.


8. Belladonna – Homeopathic medicine for headache/migraine in leaky gut syndrome 

Belladonna is a valuable homeopathic medicine for headache/migraine in persons with leaky gut syndrome. For Belladonna to be used the nature of a headache is most times throbbing in nature. Congestion and fullness sensation in the head is also noted. There are few worsening factors for headache when Belladonna is indicated. These include noise, cold air exposure, light and jarring. Pressure and tight binding are the major relieving factors for the headache.


9. Kali Phos – Homeopathic medicine for dealing with tiredness in leaky gut syndrome  

Kali Phos offers much help in treating tiredness in leaky gut syndrome, hence of great use in chronic fatigue syndrome. The individuals needing Kali Phos feel very weak, tired and prostrated. The prostration may be present on both mental and physical levels. There may be weight loss and emaciation along with the fatigue. Kali Phos is also very helpful in individuals where extreme stress and worries have been linked with leaky gut syndrome.  Such persons may also have some sort of depression with sadness and gloominess.


10. Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicine for Asthmatic condition from leaky gut syndrome  

Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is a well indicated for persons having asthma in leaky gut syndrome. For Arsenic Album to be used the symptoms are episodes of difficulty in breathing, constriction in air passages, wheezing, and suffocation. A cough attends above features. There may be expectoration – mainly frothy, yellow or green. Mostly expectoration is scanty and thick. The asthmatic attacks mainly are worse after midnight. The asthmatic spells are attended with fear of lying down due to suffocation. With respiratory troubles, a marked anxiety and restlessness may be present in a high degree.


11. Merc Sol – Homeopathic medicine for watery stool with blood and mucus in leaky gut syndrome  

Merc Sol is a top-level homeopathic medicine for a watery stool with blood and mucus. Hence its use can be made in ulcerative colitis in persons having leaky gut syndrome. For Merc sol to be used these symptoms may be present-  Along with watery stool containing blood and mucus, there is marked tenesmus of the rectum. The person always has a constant urge for stool. The stool is scanty, watery, and may have undigested food particles. While passing stool a cutting colicky pain may be felt in the abdomen.  The stool may also smell sour. Weakness may appear after passing stool. A never get done sensation for stool always remain.  A marked chilliness may assist the above-said symptoms.

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  1. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I need your help to treat Eczema (AD) My daughter was admitted in the hospital to treat her Eczema (AD) She is 24 years old. Her face was very dry and weeping two weeks ago. I am very worried for her skin condition.
    She has constipation and allergy. She easily get fatigue.
    Is there any treatment to help her condition.
    Thank you and Regards

  2. Moazzam Mansoor says:

    Fiber rich foods causes me constipation probiotics are helpful but they produced ear fungus

    • Hello Dr. Sharma,
      My 3yo son has pretty severe eczema and I have determined his gut is compromised and he has leaky gut due to what we believe is bacterial infections. He is quite irritable often. He says his skin is hot. He rips his arms, legs, and tops of feet open all night long. We do our absolute best to avoid all known food sensitivities but it’s so hard because we have had several tests done and they show conflicting allergies/sensitivities. Is there a protocol you may be able to recommend for me to try for him? No constipation usually. His skin is raw and irritated. He does not complain of abdominal discomfort often but it does occur at times.

  3. Jeannie Ray says:

    Do you believe that chronic allergies are due to your gut

    • Meena Shama says:

      What is the homeopathic treatment of Anosmia ..complete loss off smell due to chronic rhinitis with thin stringy flow from nose & burning ,watery eyes?

  4. Aneeq khan says:

    I was covid positive two months before . My test came negative just after two months. But I still facing symptoms like Lecky gut syndrome, abdominal cramping .migraine and tinnitus . What medicine should I take for these symptoms.

  5. Sabahat Ghauri says:

    My son is 9 years old and have autism after reading all the things about I think he had same problem leaky gut he has constipation, seviour pain in tummy, headache, join pain and breathing issues. Plz help me out from last three years we are doing treatment.

  6. Hi
    So I have many things I would like to ask about.
    I’ve had very enlarged varicose veins forever, left ankle is endemic and gets purplish. Not painful though.
    I retain water constantly, weight fluctuates and I always have very puffy eyes, worse in the morning but always have bags under my eyes that never go away. Chronic pain , restless hips, burning mouth, metallic taste in mouth and bumps in mouth, no bleeding. I could go on but I’m sure this is too much already. Thank you!!!!!

  7. Vivek Rajpal says:

    Hello Dr. Mujhe kafi time se pet ki problems hai jaise constipation and gas lekin kuch mahino se mujhe khana digest nhi ho raha hai jabki main fruit and vegetables kafi khata hu. Exercise bhi krta hu lekin pet ki problem thk nhi ho rahi hai. Kuch time pehle maine gym me protein supplement liya tha uske kuch time baad sehi mujhe ye problem bd gyi hai. Uske baad maine protein lena band kr diya tha lekin problem thk nhi hui. Mujhe pet k upper part me jalan feel hoti hai aur khana b bilkul b digest nhi ho raha hai jisse weakness aa gyi hai kafi , sir me dard aur kuch krne ka man nhi krta hai. Stool b watery ,chip chipa aur food partical b jaise khaya hora hai waise hi bahar aa jata hai. Anus me b stool k baad jalan hoti hai halki si. Aur pet k upper part me vibration si hoti rehti hai hr time. Bhook b nhi lagti khana khane ka man nhi krta hai. Kuch b khao pet bhari ho jata hai. Jb se ye problem shuru hui hai skin pe rashes bhi hone lage hai pitti k. Kindly give me treatment for this . Thank u

  8. Mary McCarthy says:

    For 6-7 years now I have had a gut that has been growing in size and pain that has got worse over that time.
    I have now the belief that I have an ulcer, (my Mother also had one) and so I tried many remedies but finally when I tried Arg Nit the pain immediately reduced. Now I am left with the swollen belly that increases as the day goes on and about 4pm it is really quite bad pressure.
    I am now wondering what to do next to calm the inflammation from the ulcer. I of course have constipation

    Thank you so much

  9. Early years upto 17/18 heart burning , dispepsia , later heat/ burning in abdomen for almost 8/10 years cured by Ars 30.
    Now 1. Gas in abdomen and 2. tendency of taking cold , even exposure to open air makes sick , loss of sleep , fatigue . Without Coryza ( membranes dried up) . Taking of cold , Chills started while in a city of Rajasthan , repeated prescription of Tinda zole for amobiasis . Even unable to do Pranayam .
    3. Sleep , waking up after around 3 AM .
    Few years back got endoscopy done , finding – Erosion of intestine lines .
    Natrum Mur seems my constitutional remedy (victim of Narcisstic parent)
    In seventies now.
    Into Homeopathy for lastvabout 15 years.

  10. Heather says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My son has leaky gut from premature birth and antibiotics as a baby. He is 10 now and we have done extensive gut healing because of his food allergies. He has recently ingested pop corn which I know can promote gut permiability. He is irratable and having dark circles under the eyes. He is also having anger outbursts that are out of character for him. Is there a homeopathic remedy you could recommend?

    He also has cerebral palsy and hypoglycemia.

    Thank you so much!

  11. Kashfullah Amaluddin says:

    Hi there,

    I contacting u from Malaysia

    Im diabetic and suffering from Psoriasis since 6 years ago.

    I read that Psoriasis is due to Leaky Gut and Homeopathy offers the cure for this and for diabetis as well.

    Please assist and advice.

    Thank you

  12. hello mam, thanks for your post.i am 32 and have leaky gut with ankylosing spodylites.what medicine i need to take.

  13. Respected,

    Dr sharma i am too much sattisfied to read that all but.. Dr sharma mujhay aik lambay arsay say skin problem ha jo sai ni ho rai or ma chahta hun k sai diagnose ho lekin aik doctor iqbal hain un k mutabiq ye sebboriec dermittitis ha or ma uske lie use kr rha graphites medicine ye mujay dr iqbal homeo dr hain unho nay d sath me echinacea is dwai ko jb mainay start kia to lga k ma thk ho gya hun lekin again phir ye masla hogya

    Dr sharma meri skin me red sa ho jata or jesay danay se us red red me or phir un mein pani sa hota jb khujli ho to to dr sharma kia ye leaky gut desease b ho skti ha?

    Kia dr sharma mje pta chal skta k mje akhir ha kia i mean asal bimari kia ha kia koi test ha esay kindly kuch help kr dain….

  14. Dr Sharma . Main leaky Gut marz main mubtla hun ab taklef barh gae hy agar ap in homoepathic medice ka tariqa mukhay bta dain to mehrbani ho ge.

  15. Amit muranjan says:


    I have scalp psoriasis since last 34 years.

    My weight is 54 kg.

    Age 44.

    I have always acidity.

    I hace to take triphala, amla churna for bowel movement.

    Is this because of leaky gut. ?

    Kindly Suggest a medicine.

    Amit muranjan

  16. Jayanti jogani says:

    Hello my name is jayanti 34 year old ,I’m suffering from IBS problem since last 7 year .
    What is the best medicine for this problem in homoeopathic plz suggest me.

  17. hi Dr. Sharma:

    I feel something is leaking on the right side of my stomach just below where Rib ends. Is it leaky syndrome there? i have lot of gas formation, pain in that area which is a constant pain through out the day pnly sibsides when i take medicine. Motions are not very clear and is very different all the time in color and state. Also i get head and eye ache and feels to urinate quite frequently. the other thing is that the pain moves here and there in the abdomen area. i feel good if i am able to pass gas but sometimes it does not happen so i feel pinching sensation inside. I also feel very thirsty during the night.

    Please let me know if it sounds like that

  18. Hi Dr Sharma,

    What blood test or urine test can confirm that you have a leaky gut.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  19. K K Sarkar says:

    I am 67 year old. Lots of Gas problem, indigestion, improper bowl movement. A non vegetarian, but no red meat, only fish and chicken. Feeling very tired quite often, pain in leg cuff due to this I could not sleep properly in the night. Most of the time I get irritated on others very first. I Feel it is due to my leaky guts.
    Requesting you to provide remedies for My above mentioned problems.

    • Hi I have Lupus,Syjrogens, Fibromyalgia I cant tolerate steroids, medications, antibiotics, for more than few days, they cause me more problems with rashes breathing terrible stomach pains, im not on any medication for my Lupus because of this. Will this mean i will have constant inflammation in my body 24/7 ?. I am thinking about avoiding foods. when i have flare flare I cant eat but my stomach problems ease, could i give my system a rest from certain foods, then introduce them ? also have hyploria but cant last on the meds, Any advice where to start ? thank you

  20. Inder Pal Gupta says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I’m IP Gupta, aged 55 years, suffering most of the symptoms you stated above in point 11 ( Merc Sol – Homeopathic medicine for watery stool with blood and mucus in leaky gut syndrome ) for leaky gut syndrome.
    In my younger times, I used to run and exercise intensively without taking any kind of supplements.
    I’m facing these symptoms since then.
    Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with Diabeties with no family history in the same.
    The symptoms were felt whenever I used to exercise.
    Now, since last one year I’m suffering with bloating, loose and watery,dark and tarry stool with the frequency of 3-4 times per day.
    I’ve tried allopathic but no improvements were seen.
    Also, do you have any clinics in Delhi?
    Hoping for your quick response.
    Thanks and regards

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